thumperI added a command to allow setting append only in a plugin00:36
thumperI have a locations.conf that automatically sets the push branch00:37
thumperso used "bzr append-only :push"00:37
thumperbzr: ERROR: Unsupported protocol for url "lp:~thumper/unity/test"00:37
thumper$ bzr append-only lp:~thumper/unity/test00:37
thumperHPSS calls: 54 (30 vfs) SmartSSHClientMedium(bzr+ssh://thumper@bazaar.launchpad.net/)00:37
pooliehm, strange00:37
thumperso it just seems that we need another deref thing00:37
poolieseems like it00:38
pooliethere is another bug like that00:38
thumper$ bzr revno :push00:39
thumperbzr: ERROR: Unsupported protocol for url "lp:~thumper/unity/test"00:39
thumpersame issue elsewhere00:39
jelmerthumper: bzrlib.directory_service.directories.dereference()00:40
thumperand another problem00:40
thumperjelmer: revno isn't mine :)00:40
thumperI was testing my append_only tweak00:40
thumperpushed branch00:40
thumperset remote append only00:40
thumperuncommitted locally, followed by revert00:40
thumperthen pushed00:40
thumper$ bzr push00:41
thumperUsing saved push location: lp:~thumper/unity/test00:41
thumperNo new revisions or tags to push.00:41
thumperhowever the revno of the LP one is one higher than locally00:41
thumpershouldn't it complain?00:41
jelmerthumper: it'll only complain if the branches have actually diverged00:41
jelmerso if you do a commit locally and then try to push, it should error out00:42
* thumper does an unchnaged commit00:43
thumperyep got diverged00:43
thumperbut you get that with diverged branches anyway00:43
* thumper tries --overwrite00:43
thumper$ bzr push --overwrite00:44
thumperUsing saved push location: lp:~thumper/unity/test00:44
thumperbzr: ERROR: Server sent an unexpected error: ('error', 'RevisionNotPresent', 'Revision {tarmac-20120212192717-9jmrqx6we7yd8bl7} not present in "Graph(StackedParentsProvider(bzrlib.repository._LazyListJoin(([CachingParentsProvider(CallableToParentsProviderAdapter(<bound method CHKInventoryRepository._get_parent_map_no_fallbacks of CHKInventoryRepository(\'chroot-95047632:///~thumper/unity/test/.bzr/repository/\')>))], []))))".')00:44
thumperHPSS calls: 18 (0 vfs) SmartSSHClientMedium(bzr+ssh://thumper@bazaar.launchpad.net/)00:44
thumperwe should have a "you can only append" message right?00:44
jelmeror at the very least, not an error of this kind00:44
jelmerif you can file a bug about this, perhaps with a way to reproduce it that would be really great00:45
jelmerI think I've seen this error before, but never in a way that was reproducable00:45
thumperjelmer: https://bugs.launchpad.net/bzr/+bug/93120900:49
ubot5Launchpad bug 931209 in Bazaar "error on pushing a diverged branch to append_only target" [Undecided,New]00:49
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vilagood morning bazaar07:27
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vilamgzorning !09:02
bialixhi all09:25
bialixmgz,wgz: I'm going to release current state of bzr-explorer trunk as 1.2.2 this weekend09:25
mgzbialix: okay.09:29
mgzwill see if I have an evening free to fix a few things before then.09:30
mgzthanks bialix.09:30
bialixwe have a couple of fixes in trunk already. more fixes will be good, but Ben Finney reminded me that we need a proper release before 2.5 final09:31
edlindehow do I get the files in http://igraph.bzr.sourceforge.net/bzr/igraph/0.6-main/files ?12:43
edlindedo I need to have bzr installed on my machine?12:43
jelmeredlinde: yes, that's probably the easiest way to do so12:45
LarstiQedlinde: though bzr can run from source if installing is difficult (though it will be slower if you can't compile the c extensions)12:57
gnomefreakwhat bzr package contains bzr-notify?14:07
mgzgnomefreak: bzr-gtk though you may want to check recently fixed bugs before filing a new one14:17
gnomefreakmgz: this is not a new one. i filed a bug on this a while ago. IIRC it was marked a duplicate but dont recall the bug number14:19
gnomefreakmgz: thanks14:19
gnomefreakthats odd. i cant find it at all. doesnt matter since it is a bzr PPA14:21
mgzgnomefreak: bug 90369614:24
ubot5`Launchpad bug 903696 in bzr-gtk (Ubuntu) "bzr-notify crashed with SIGSEGV in g_return_if_fail_warning()" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90369614:24
gnomefreakthat looks like the one14:24
gnomefreakmgz: ok i commented on it rather than report a new one. thanks14:25
mgzit looks from the bug that testing with tip bzr-gtk would be useful to confirm the issue is resolved14:27
gnomefreakversion 0.103.0+bzr769-1 it is still broken. I removfed the package a little while ago but i will make a note to reinstall it in a few days maybe eraly next week14:30
jelmerI guess we'll just need to release and upload 0.10414:33
gypsymaurothere is a way to convert a project from darcs to bzr?14:35
jelmergypsymauro: it should be possible to do so with bzr-fastimport14:35
gypsymauroany example somewhere jelmer ?14:36
gypsymauroI'm googling but a lot of false positives :D14:36
jelmergypsymauro: I'm not sure, I've never used it myself14:37
jelmergypsymauro: 'bzr fast-export-from-darcs' should generate a fastimport stream for you from the darcs repo14:37
jelmergypsymauro: you can then use 'bzr fast-import' to create a bzr repository from that14:37
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zygajml: ping16:42
jmlzyga: yes?16:43
zygajml: hi16:43
zygajml: I'm an avid user of testtools/testscenarios16:43
zygajml: it seems that the only thing that keeps me back in python2.7 now is testtools/setup.py16:43
jmlzyga: what about it?16:44
zygait seems it wants to use bzrlib to figure out the revision and things like that16:44
jmlzyga: only if you're using a checkout.16:44
zygajml: so, since I wrote something that resolves this exactl problem once and for all16:44
jmlzyga: shouldn't do that for released versions16:44
zygajml: (hmm, I recall seeing similar issues with venv/tox16:44
zygajml: anyway, I was wondering if you would consider using versiontools16:44
jmlzyga: I'll take a look.16:45
zygajml: it's a tiny library that understnads how to do what you do in setup.py, works with all python versions and most sensible VCS systems (and has plugin support to add more via 3rd party packages)16:45
zygajml: I'll push a MP to let you know how it looks like16:45
zygajml: if you are curious: versiontools.rtfd.org16:46
zygajml: I've got a MP hanging that removes the need to use setup_requires if you are scared of things like that (some people found it allergic)16:46
jmlzyga: thanks.16:47
zygajml: is there any reason you are using distutils as opposed to setuptools/distribute16:48
mgzwhat I do is just hack the test script to fall back to no version if an ImportError gets thrown from bzr16:48
zygamgz: consider using versiontools16:49
mgzI swear I put up an mp that did this, but now can't see it16:49
zygamgz: it's a bit more clever than that16:49
mgzit's yet another annoying dependency16:49
zygamgz: it's implemented right, unlike most one-off copy/paste solutions16:49
zygamgz: works across various vcs'es16:49
zygamgz: it is only a build-time dependency if you use it (your users won't have to)16:49
mgzwell, it's still something I'd be commenting out before running setup.py like I do with setuptools16:50
zygamgz: it's a dependency but one that is cheerful to work with16:50
zygamgz: nope16:50
zygamgz: why ?16:50
mgzbuild time is what I care about when I'm downloading a branch tip to quickly test16:50
zygamgz: then you don't have to comment anything out16:50
mgzI'm not dealing with prettily packaged branches16:50
mgzif it's quiet when it's not there then I can live with it16:51
zygamgz: it's not only silent but actually works correctly in such cases16:51
mgzhistorically the junk people use in setup.py isn't very good at falling back to basics16:51
zygamgz: my problem exactly, I had ugly code in each setup.py I wrote16:52
zygamgz: then I decided that I can do better and made a project out of that16:52
bdmurrayIs there any chance I could get the lucid-updates branch of update-manager updated?17:02
james_wbdmurray, something looks broken with one of the update-manager branches unfortunately: http://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/update-manager.html17:05
bdmurrayjames_w: okay, so is there anything I can do?17:07
james_wbdmurray, I don't think we can get the importer past that, so it would be a case of tracking down the bug and fixing it17:08
quicksilverif I've got a shared report into which I've pulled a toxic revision (accidentally committed large file) is there some way to "garbage collect" the repo and get rid of it, if no actual branch uses it?17:17
mgznot an easy one.17:17
mgzwith a little scripting, you can just create a new shared repo, then branch everything under the current one into that, then replace the old location with the new one17:18
* quicksilver nods17:20
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quicksilveris there a tool to extract a commit message from a revision?18:05
jelmerquicksilver: bzr log ?18:05
jelmerquicksilver: can you perhaps expand a bit on what you're trying to do ?18:06
quicksilverlong story :)18:06
quicksilverreapply a bunch of commits, preserving commit message18:06
mgzthat's the kind of thing the rebase plugin *should* make easy18:07
quicksilverI can extract a patch for the commit with bzr diff18:07
mgzbut whether in fact it does may be another issue18:07
quicksilverI can probably hack something up with bzr log | sed18:07
quicksilverjust wondered if there were tools for "field-by-field" access to parts of revisions18:08
mgzwell, yes, bzrlib.18:08
jelmerquicksilver: if you have a XML parser ready, 'bzr cat-revision' could be useful18:08
quicksilverjelmer: aha18:21
quicksilvermgz: fair enough.18:21
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quicksilverjelmer: doesn't look like XML to me, looks like colon-separated text18:23
jelmerquicksilver: yeah, it's just the repository-internal data18:25
jelmerquicksilver: in older versions that was in XML, in newer versions it's bencode18:26
jelmeranother option would be bzr-xmloutput, it has a command that can spit out the data in XML for you18:26
zygajml: https://code.launchpad.net/~zkrynicki/testtools/use-versiontools/+register-merge18:43
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quicksilverjelmer: so many possibilities, so many tools to look at. I may stick with perl + sed and a quick hack job :P19:40
jelmerheh, that works too :)19:41
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thomiHi - how does 'bzr lp-open' pick which browser to use?20:28
thomiMy default browser is firefox, but ever since I installed chromium it's started using that instead...20:28
LarstiQthomi: it uses webbrowser.open20:50
LarstiQthomi: http://docs.python.org/library/webbrowser20:50
thomiLarstiQ: thanks, I'll look there for a solution.20:51

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