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_mup_juju/trunk r454 committed by kapil.thangavelu@canonical.com16:24
_mup_merge local-respect-series, local provider now respects environment series [r=bcsaller,jimbaker][f=914392]16:24
jcastrohazmat: huh weird, I should have double checked that proposal before sending it to you16:33
jcastroI'll redo it16:33
bacWhen running against a local environment, 'juju ssh' requests the ubuntu user's password as the authorized_keys haven't been copied over.  This doesn't occur when running against ec2.  Any ideas?17:00
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bachazmat, SpamapS: i'm having trouble with juju on lxc not setting up the ubuntu user properly.  it looks like the ubuntu users already exists when 'setup_users' is called, so it returns without populating the .ssh directory.  is this a known problem?20:18
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m_3_SpamapS: what time is the daily juju package built?  looking at the recipes, but it's just "daily"... but they don't seem to be built at midnight UTC or midnight Boston20:36
SpamapSm_3_: you'd have to ask the launchpad guys .. I believe it is guaranteed to build at least once per day that has a delta though.20:36
m_3_(trying to sync up testing updates)20:36
SpamapSm_3_: you probably just have to poll the ppa to see when the binaries are updated20:37
m_3_well I guess it's ok for the tests to be 24hrs behind20:37
m_3_hmmmm... ok20:37
bacSpamapS: hey clint did you see my question above?20:37
m_3_bac: haven't seen that problem, but the lxc charm tests aren't run on the latest juju20:39
m_3_bac:  all was working fine wrt jujussh/lxc as of version... (looking)20:39
bacm_3_: interesting.  btw, i've tried today with the PPA version and the precise distro version.20:39
bacm_3_: someone appears to be unexpectedly setting up the ubuntu user before setup_users is called.  perhaps it needs to check for the existence of ~ubuntu/.ssh before deciding to bail.20:40
bacm_3_: thanks20:41
m_3_bac: I'll try to reproduce locally in a bit... usually lxc problems turn out to be network-related20:43
m_3_pls verify your `virsh net-list --all` shows default active, and that `ip addr show` shjows virbr0 using, dnsmasq has, lxc guest can resolve names, etc20:45
hazmatbac, why would the ubuntu user existing in the container beforehand?20:51
hazmatits just a debootstrap20:51
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SpamapSm_3_: are you running your tests on precise btw? we should set that up so we can detect when the OS breaks juju20:59
SpamapSm_3_: may be harder than it sounds though.. as spawning a different AMI in a juju cluster is, I think, fairly difficult right now21:00
m_3_SpamapS: that prompted the line of questioning above21:15
m_3_SpamapS: sort of set up the charm expecting to run a set of testing services _per_ series21:16
m_3_unfortunately that means an environment per series right now21:16
m_3_but they'll be rolling up to '<series> charms' tabs in jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com21:17
m_3_so it shouldn't be a problem21:17
m_3_bac: oneiric checks out fine... precise should work tomorrow morning22:31
m_3_^^ (wrt juju lxc)22:31
SpamapSm_3_: what I really want is for a precise slave to join to the oneiric master testing box.23:03
m_3_SpamapS: gotcha23:07
SpamapSm_3_: to do that one would have to reach into zk and tweak the series or image id23:13
SpamapSmight even have to restart the provisioning agent.. I haven't looked close enough23:13
m_3_SpamapS: opinion... is it better to have oneiric-{lxc,ec2}-charm-bitlbee or just have all providers contribute to an overall oneiric-charm-bitlbee test status?23:13
SpamapSwe really need a juju setenv or something23:14
SpamapSm_3_: I like having more separate tests, because it becomes more scalable23:14
m_3_SpamapS: since we're rolling up to a common external dashboard anyways... not sure the point of spending too much time trying to get oneiric n precise talking23:15
m_3_the build publisher plugin can push results up to the mother ship (jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com) from separate envs23:17
m_3_each env might have master and slaves... but all for a single series23:17
m_3_kicking off tests doesn't have to be centralized.. especially if we're gonna base it on lp changeset info23:18
* m_3_ really wished we had instance-type per service23:29
bacm_3_: i just returned and am reading your previous comments.  thanks for following up.23:29
bachazmat: i don't know why the ubuntu user already exists before getting to setup_users.  just reporting what i discovered.23:30
m_3_bac: np23:31

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