beckI can't login to my clean install00:18
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designbybeckfrogonwheels: have you heard of or seen this problem00:20
designbybecki'm using the username and password i had previously00:20
designbybecka google search shows that this can be a problem00:20
designbybecki'm on my netbook00:22
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designbybeckI found this bug:http://ati.cchtml.com/show_bug.cgi?id=300 But I have a ATI Radon 4000+ seris not the 500000:25
ubottuati.cchtml.com bug 300 in X11 Driver "Can't log into Kubuntu after installing ATI drivers" [Normal,New]00:25
designbybeckvery frustratinng :(00:29
ray1clawhello, i have a problem and need help: i installed kubuntu-full onto my ubuntu laptop (asus k53ta - llano a6, radeon 6650m), i reboot, and now i have no display.. it all goes black, and i can hear the login sounds though. Anyone?00:43
lolcatray1claw: Can you get a terminal up?00:44
designbybeckray1claw: can you press CTRL + ALT + F200:44
designbybecki can't login after a new clean install00:45
ray1clawnot on normal boot.. but i can do it in recovery mode00:45
ray1clawlolcat, designbybeck ^00:45
designbybeckis yours 64bit ray1claw?00:46
ray1clawdesignbybeck, yep00:47
designbybeckalthough come to think of it i had ubuntu 64 bit and added kubuntu-desktop00:47
designbybeckcould go log into either desktop environment00:48
ray1clawdesignbybeck, i think you can get through 'cuz you got a fresh install, just go into terminal from recovery, remove the commenting on the partner repos in sources.list, and then instal fglrx.. its worked for me before00:48
ray1clawits the same with ubuntu..00:48
designbybecklet me try that ray00:49
ray1clawlolcat, any ideas?00:49
designbybeckit will not let me login anyway  ray1claw00:50
designbybecki can pull up a terminal but it doesn' take my install00:50
ray1claware you on wifi?00:50
lolcatray1claw: Just choose gdm as your login manager again?00:51
ray1clawlolcat, i think i only have lightdm and kdm installed.. and lightdm is default i think00:51
ray1clawdesignbybeck, if ur on wifi.. i dont think it'll let u access the net.. you gotta push a cable in00:52
designbybecki am on cable00:52
designbybeckbut this is the first restart from installing00:52
ray1clawdesignbybeck, you gotta first open up /etc/apt/sources.list in nano or something.. then uncomment the partner part.. then install fglrx00:53
designbybecki can't log in any way00:53
ray1clawdesignbybeck, last comment http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1859289.html00:53
designbybeckgui or cli00:53
ray1clawdesignbybeck, not even though recovery mode?00:53
ray1clawbooting into recovery and going into netroot?00:54
ray1clawlolcat, i have the cli in recovery open, help me if you can please00:54
designbybeckhow do i get to recovery mode?00:54
ray1clawdesignbybeck, reboot, then keep shift pressed.. grub menu will pop up, choose reovery there00:55
designbybeckray1claw: i had recovery mode with ubuntu00:55
designbybeckray1claw: i got to recovery menu00:58
ray1clawdesignbybeck, read what i wrote above00:59
designbybecki am going through it00:59
designbybeckwell i still can login with sudo or anything therefore i don't have root and i can't ediut that file ray1claw01:03
designbybeckit recovery mode it shows i'm root01:03
designbybeckooh wait a sec01:04
designbybecki might be on to soemthing01:05
designbybeck*face palm*01:05
designbybecki normally don't use my first name whne doing an install... this time it looks like i did, and it defaulted to that as my username01:05
designbybeck:) well i solved my problem thatnks ray1claw... now let's figure yours out01:06
ray1clawdesignbybeck, nice01:09
designbybeckray1claw: your problems seems to be along the same lines01:13
designbybeckor at least whatwe thought mine was.... the ati drivers01:13
ray1clawdesignbybeck, yep they are, the only kicker is, i already got fglrx installed fine and running for me for a couple of days01:20
designbybeckmaybe an update? or rollback?01:21
ray1clawdesignbybeck, installed kubuntu-full and rebooted just before all hell broke loose01:24
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designbybeckdoes anyone else have problems with Muon? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/kde-workspace/+bug/85579301:58
ubottuUbuntu bug 840306 in qapt (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #855793 Muon hangs when using etckeeper" [High,Fix released]01:58
Roge152Is there a program I can install to get more control over desktop effects ?02:11
frogonwheelsdesignbybeck: yeah, it keeps on crapping out on the search.  once the search stops working I just restart :|02:22
frogonwheelsdesignbybeck: and 'cause aptitude is broken for multiarch, it kinda sucks02:22
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arshinatorhi can anyone tell me if there is someway i can transfer files between two laptops running kubuntu using ethernet05:32
nafgarshinator: What kind of network are they on?05:34
arshinatornafg: there is no network as such.....i have just connected both of them using an ethernet (crossover) cable05:35
nafgSo I think you have to (a) give both of them a static ip05:36
arshinatorand then?05:37
nafgThen (b) I think one should have an ssh or ftp server installed05:37
arshinatorwell i just have some movies in my desktop which i want to transfer to my laptop05:37
nafgI can't guarantee there isn't a better way, but try sudo apt-get install openssh-server on one, then open fish:<ip address> in dolphin.05:38
arshinatorhi can anyone helo in setting up NFS06:13
arshinatorhi can anyone help me in setting up NFS06:14
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wowanиди на хуй07:04
FloodBotK1wowan: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:04
wowanиди на хуй америкос07:04
wowanсосн хуйца07:04
FloodBotK1wowan: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:05
wowan fuck off07:06
wowanktd nbuh07:07
wowanлев тигр07:07
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.07:07
stugurikка ты??07:12
FloodBotK1stugurik: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:13
bazhangstugurik, wowan english here07:13
bazhang!ru | wowan stugurik07:13
ubottuwowan stugurik: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.07:13
wowanамерикосы сосут07:14
wowanгурик лох07:14
FloodBotK1wowan: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:14
FloodBotK1wowan: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:14
bazhangwowan, stop it07:14
bazhangstugurik, you too07:15
stugurikidi on penis]07:15
bazhang!ops | wowan stugurik07:16
ubottuwowan stugurik: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) Hobbsee, Tm_T, Nalioth, Riddell, seth, imbrandon, gnomefreak, nixternal, ryanakca, mneptok, PriceChild, tsimpson, jussi, Pici, ikonia, genii, Mamarok, claydoh, maco, apachelogger, seele, Nightrose, JontheEnchidna, rgreening, or txwikinger07:16
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stugurikwhot is you name&07:18
synrusiwoman kill yourself)))07:18
stugurikpishi po russki07:18
synrusiJa jestem polyak07:19
synrusiPishi po polsku07:19
apacheloggerbazhang: what is the deal at this ungodly hour Oo07:22
stugurikche nado07:24
apacheloggersynrusi: so, what is up with your language then?07:29
synrusiAll is ok with my language.07:36
synrusiI just hate russian commie scum07:37
Tm_Tsynrusi: no excuse for bad behaviour, so I kindly ask you to be nice whoever other here might be07:53
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burazrock_hi all, i have problems with my nvidia graphic card09:03
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kbroulikthat Synaptics aka Touchpad KCM in Kubuntu is a third party thing and not maintained/hosted by KDE itself?11:57
yofelkbroulik: it's from http://kde-apps.org/content/show.php/synaptiks?content=11427012:00
kbroulikah, thanks, yofel12:00
floownon a fresch Oneric install I have installed Firefox 10 too. What is now the best way to read Silverlight embded in a html page like in this link http://documentaires.france5.fr/documentaires/empreintes/hubert-reeves-la-belle-histoire ?  I prefer the lightest way and I KDE solution of course :)12:06
floownin Rekonq the video doesn't work too12:07
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designbybeckcan I ask a "what software launcher" do people use in kubuntu?12:29
designbybeckkrunner? is the default in Kubuntu?12:29
designbybeckI was use to the super/meta key in ubuntu unity to open its launcher12:30
designbybeckbut I can't set just the metaa key to luanch, it wants at least 2 keystrokes12:30
Tm_Tdesignbybeck: yup, KDE shortcuts are like that, accelerator + key (and combination of multiple of both)12:31
designbybeckhmmm, no way to change that Tm_T?12:31
Tm_Tdesignbybeck: no sensible way, no as far as I know12:32
designbybecki put it at meta+spacebar, like GnomeDO and Synapse12:32
designbybeckthank your for your feedback Tm_T12:32
designbybeckI'm new to Kubuntu12:32
Tm_Tnp (:12:32
hateballby default, if you're on the plasma desktop, ESC will bring up krunner12:32
designbybeckbut finally divingi into all the advanced configurations12:32
hateballbut... then you'd have to minimize all windows before, requiring a two-key shortcut :p12:33
Tm_TI use super+r12:33
designbybeckTm_T and hateball do you use a chat client?12:44
designbybeckI was using Empathy in Ubuntu, do you recommend the Kubuntu default12:45
designbybecki liked being connected to my older YahooIM and my Facebook chat12:45
Tm_Tdesignbybeck: Kopete is the way to go in Kubuntu12:49
designbybeckThanks, I'll stat setting that up :)12:49
designbybeckoh and I have an ATI Radon Mobile 4000 seris video card12:50
designbybeckI hvaen't done the install yet of the proprietary drivers, Things are working well without it, don't know if i should install it right now12:50
designbybeckrecommendations there?12:50
hateballdesignbybeck: I also use Kopete when I use an IM client. And Quassel for IRC when I dont use irssi :)12:52
designbybeckwhat is irssi?12:53
ubottuirssi is a terminal based IRC client. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Irssi for help. See also !screen12:53
designbybecki'm blown away by Quassel! I was using XChat in ubuntu12:53
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BluesKajHi all12:58
designbybeckI'm trying to find where to turn off Kopete's notifications, I don't want it to pop up every time someone comes on or offline, where might that be13:37
designbybeckI adjusted a few other settings, but couldn't find notifications? Is it located soemwhere else?13:37
hateballdesignbybeck: it's inside kopete alright13:57
hateballdesignbybeck: "settings -> customize messages" the blue exclamation mark icon thingy13:58
hateballI run swedish locale so.. may not be proper translation13:58
designbybeckahhhh found it! thanks hateball i was looking in the wrong place13:59
hateballdesignbybeck: :)13:59
designbybeckare you from Switzerland hateball?14:01
designbybeckwest central Texas here14:01
BluesKajNortheast Ontario , here14:05
Kurdistanthis is a bug thats make me made :).14:05
BluesKajangry ?14:06
Kurdistanpossible reason: 1. kernel 2. graphical drivers 3. bluedevil14:06
KurdistanBluesKaj, yeah, this most be at least 5 restart this computer have had14:07
Kurdistanit feels running windows and have virus :).14:07
designbybeckuh oh Kurdistan14:07
BluesKajKurdistan,  dual gpus , intel & nvidia ?14:07
KurdistanBluesKaj, no, only nvidia. geforce go 7400.14:08
Kurdistanold card14:08
BluesKajok, I thought it wasa laptop14:08
KurdistanBluesKaj, it is a laptop.14:08
designbybeckwhat is it doing when it reboots?14:09
BluesKajok ,geforce 7000 series ona laptop , interesting14:09
designbybeckjust a complete crash without warning?14:09
BluesKajwhy 2 graphics drivers ?14:10
KurdistanBluesKaj, I only have one :).14:10
Kurdistandesignbybeck, the laptop freezes14:10
Kurdistan:) once I connected bluetooth usb and it restarted14:11
Kurdistancrazy stuffs :P14:11
Kurdistan:) this was the reason I hated windows :P14:11
designbybeckon your laptop do you have a "bluetooth wireless on off switch"14:11
BluesKajoh sorry misunderstood your post above...I suggest using letters like a, b.c instead of numbers14:12
Kurdistandesignbybeck, no my friend. I buyed this bluetooth usb.14:12
designbybeckso the laptop doesn't have one built in, you are using an external USB bluetooth adapter14:12
Kurdistandesignbybeck, exactly.14:12
BluesKajKurdistan,  what's the device ?14:13
Kurdistan:) only ones i have this day been ably to transfer file from laptop to phone14:13
KurdistanBluesKaj, Bus 002 Device 003: ID 0a12:0001 Cambridge Silicon Radio, Ltd Bluetooth Dongle (HCI mode)14:14
designbybecki've never had much luck doing the bluetooth file transfer with my phone and laptop14:15
designbybeckbut i hvaen't tried with my new Kubuntu setup14:15
BluesKajno Kurdistan , what is it , a mouse , a keyboard ?14:15
designbybecknot sure it was workign on my phone I have HTC EVO with Cyanogen mod14:15
Kurdistanit is bluetooth usb that I use to transfer files from laptop-phone14:16
BluesKajok, that's anew device to me , but I'm not up to date on the new phone tecnology , I just my cell for travelling etc , or a photo once in a while14:18
KurdistanBluesKaj, this is a old phone.14:20
Kurdistannot any smartphone :)14:21
designbybeckKurdistan: but that phone does support bluetooth file transfer?14:21
designbybeckhave you had it working before14:22
BluesKajI just use a usb for transferring files , but I haven't been able to make the moto app work on kubuntu , so i have to do it on windows14:22
Kurdistandesignbybeck, yes it worked before.14:22
oratedIs firewall disabled in Kubuntu by default?! I see sudo ufw status giving inactive status ...14:23
Kurdistanshould I try gnome bluetooth?14:25
designbybecksorry I don't have any suggestions for you Kurdistan14:26
BluesKajorated,  , yes , seems so ..I haven't used ufw , and mine is inactive14:28
oratedThen what is the default firewall application?14:28
KurdistanI managed finally send a image14:29
Kurdistanbut second time does not work14:29
oratedBluesKaj: I'd like to secure ssh, nfs and other networking tools with the help of firewall14:29
BluesKajorated,   you can use firestarter for one , or ufw whic appears to be the default14:30
oratedfirestarter and gufw are on GTK. I don't find Guarddog nowadays which used to be for KDE14:31
BluesKajorated,  just typeman ufw in the terminal , to check the commands etc14:31
BluesKajerr man ufw14:32
oratedYes,  I'm on man ufw14:32
BluesKajorated,  http://kde-apps.org/content/search.php14:39
meNthahey guys14:39
meNthai need a java, for enter to my netbank14:40
meNthawich package i have to install?14:40
BluesKajorated,  type firewall in the searchbox on the left , for some reason the right url doesn't show in the addressbar14:42
oratedBluesKaj: Yes, thanks14:43
BluesKajmeNtha,  look for open-jdk in your package manager14:45
meNthait works14:46
hamLUCEnick faLUCE14:48
=== hamLUCE is now known as faLUCE
KurdistanBluesKaj, hi. good news I can send files.15:09
Kurdistanbut only 1 at time, after the file transfer finishes laptop freezes.15:09
Kurdistanso to send second file I need to restart laptop15:09
qw-RussianBluesKaj, hello15:10
Kurdistanhttp://imgur.com/vK4bT  <<--- one of the error message15:10
KurdistanI managed to take screenshot15:10
qw-RussianBluesKaj, reinstall Linux by Spark15:10
jimmy51_is there a command i can run to see if a package were uninstalled at some point in the past?15:10
jimmy51_(i think during an update it uninstalled something i actually need)15:11
Kurdistanjimmy51_, yes there is.15:11
Kurdistango to var/log/apt and there you have history15:12
=== k0s is now known as qw-Russian
jimmy51_cat /var/log/apt | grep "packagename" ?15:13
jimmy51_oh.. apt is a dir15:13
jimmy51_full of tar.gz files.15:13
Kurdistanjimmy51_, cat /var/log/apt/history.log15:14
jimmy51_Kurdistan: it's blank... it looks like it compresses to a tar.gz and starts fresh periodically.15:18
jimmy51_i guess i'll have to decompress and cat them one by one15:18
Kurdistanjimmy51_, np. my is not tar.gz :)15:18
* BluesKaj checks , not compression here either15:23
qw-Russiani am used Spark by Linux15:26
KurdistanBluesKaj, any idea about my problem? :)15:28
Kurdistanhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/840525/ <<--dmesg output15:48
BluesKajKurdistan,  sudo update-usbids15:52
=== k0s is now known as qw-Russian
KurdistanBluesKaj, it downloaded something15:53
Kurdistanshould it do that?15:53
jimmy51_i see in my package management UI i installed an app on 09/23/11... no record of uninstall, but it is gone.16:04
jimmy51_i'm baffled.  where did it go!?!16:04
designbybeckI'm back at work for the first time with my new Kubuntu install. My main system is a Dell 17 Studio, that I plug into a Dell Monitor with a Display Port. I was hoping it would be plug and play16:06
designbybeckBut the display port isn't displaying. In the Display Settings it shows it is connected16:06
designbybeckand lets me select size and such. I want it on the left side of my laptop display, I select that and nothing save/apply and nothing seems to push to the displayport16:07
designbybeckI have an ATI Radon Moblity 4000 Series graphics card. Do i need to install the ATI drivers  before it will work? Also does ATI screw up how nice my Kubuntu install is running now? :(16:08
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  lspci -nn | grep VGA , should tell us which graphics card then we can determine which driver is required16:17
designbybeck02:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: ATI Technologies Inc M96 [Mobility Radeon HD 4650]16:18
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  ok , do you have the ati catalyst installed ?16:19
designbybeckno i do not BluesKaj, this is a clean install of Kubuntu16:23
designbybeckI had it installed when I was using Ubuntu 11.10 64bit16:23
designbybeckthis is Kubuntu 11.10 64bit16:23
designbybeckdo I just install it the same way? I always had oddities with ATI in Ubuntu Gnome/Unity. I hope I don't with Kubuntu, It is running so purdy' right now16:24
BluesKajI'm not totally up on the latest ati  ctl apps , buy i thought the catalyst gave you a gui control interface with switching options16:24
designbybeckAlso I used StartUp Disk Creator in Ubuntu to make Bootable USB Drives , what should I use in Kubntu for that16:24
designbybeckIt does have that BluesKaj, I was just worried it make make things clunky or something under Kubuntu, But I guess I have to give it a try16:25
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  it's just a gui , not a daemon16:25
designbybeckSo I should just download the drivers that are for Ubuntu 11.10 and that should work with Kubuntu 11.1016:26
KurdistanBluesKaj, lets see I am building bluez obexd latest for kubuntu 11.1016:27
Kurdistanmaybe that will fix it16:27
Kurdistanif not it is not kde related16:27
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BluesKajdesignbybeck, install the recommended driver in systen settings > additional drivers if any are listed16:28
ubuntuvisit http://www.hacktree.in16:31
KurdistanBluesKaj, also obexd update.16:31
designbybeck_There are BluesKaj, one says post release update16:32
designbybeck_do I do them both?16:32
dwbearis there another irc channel for ubuntu server?16:33
designbybeck_BluesKaj: do I need to install both drivers? they are the same, just one says (post-release updates)16:33
designbybeck_neither says "recommended"16:34
designbybeck_dwbear: the only one I've used is #ubuntu-server16:34
BluesKajpostrelease-updates would be the one to use , since it's an updated version of the default driver , designbybeck_16:36
designbybeck_gotcha, and that is recommended vs. getting it off amd's website?16:36
qw-Russianhelp me please16:37
BluesKajdwbear,  yes just type /join ubuntu-server16:37
BluesKajqw-Russian,  help with ?16:37
qw-Russiani am install Linux - Spark, but my keyboard does not obey16:38
qw-Russianbut when write in Vkontakte - nothing, not write16:40
BluesKajqw-Russian, sorry , i know nothing about Spark16:44
dwbearBluesKaj: many thanks16:44
Ddpbfqw-Russian: wich layout?16:47
Ddpbfi presume you tried russian on16:47
qw-Russiannot understand you16:48
DdpbfWich keyboard layout16:49
Ddpbfyou were using when you tried16:49
Ddpbfto type16:49
Ddpbfin Vkontakte16:49
qw-RussianDdpbf, do you speak russian ?16:52
Ddpbfnot much16:53
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.16:53
DarthFrogqw-Russian:  You might get better help in #ubuntu-ru16:53
designbybeck_BluesKaj: The Addtional Drives fail16:54
designbybeck_Here is the Jocky.Log http://www.pasteall.org/2911916:54
BluesKajDarthFrog,  I already recommended he join the Russian chat , he insists on asking in here16:55
BluesKajdesignbybeck_, reboot16:55
BluesKajBBL ...stuff to do.17:09
designbybeckOk BluesKaj, I now have both displays working. But all desktop effects and display rendering is torn and choppy and ugly :(17:17
BluesKajdesignbybeck, is your graphics onboard or pci ?17:19
designbybeckDell 17 Studio17:19
BluesKajusing VGA output17:19
designbybeckATI Mobliity Radeon HD 465017:19
BluesKajsorry dunno displayport17:20
designbybeckthis is kinda what it does with Ubuntu Gnome/Unity, it just draws the windows ugly and harsh, I don't have desktop effects anymore17:20
designbybeckIts when I install the ATI drivers17:20
BluesKajok, but without the ati drivers , you have displyport out put at all ?17:21
BluesKajno displayport output , that is17:21
designbybeckwell it seems i had to install the ATI drivers before I can get the display port working17:21
designbybeckbut that is when i lost all the pretty stuff17:21
BluesKajis there way to turn the laptop display off while still displaying thru the port ?17:23
=== mgagne is now known as wftl
designbybeckmaybe, but i use it as  my 2nd monitor17:23
BluesKajare they cloned or ?17:24
designbybeckno i finally got them off cloned17:25
designbybeckso they are handeling correctly as far as side by side and i can move windows from one desktop to the other BluesKaj17:26
designbybeckI'm on Dells tech support to see if I can get an NVIDIA card for this laptop!17:28
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  ok , open system settings>app appearance>style>graphical effects , choose whatever works , probly hi res and hi cpu , dunno if that will work , but it's worth a try17:30
designbybeckok Thanks for your help BluesKaj17:31
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  the higher graphics/cpu settings will of course drain your battery power pretty quickly17:33
designbybeckBluesKaj: I hardly EVER run this sucker on battery17:33
designbybeck4gb of ram, Intel i7, 17" display17:34
designbybeck1GB video card17:34
BluesKajyeah , hi ngraphics pretty weel requires the ac dongle17:34
BluesKaj.I have an entry level acer laptop that my daughter is supposed to return to me sometime this spring ... handy when we're outside in the summer .. I miss it17:36
BluesKajtthat's a nice laptop , designbybeck , by the look of the hardware it should handle your graphics requirements without any problem17:38
designbybeckright as far as the specs go17:38
designbybeckbut ATI on Linux has always caused me pain!!17:38
designbybecki have desktop computers with onboard intel cards that run GREAT!17:39
BluesKajyeah agreed , I went nvidia , even a couple of elcheapo cards are worth it17:39
BluesKaji have 2 linux desktops with 7600gt and 8400gs cards17:40
designbybeckthose are NVIDIA right?17:40
designbybeckmaybe i'll have to gjust get my own personal laptop and use it for work as well17:41
designbybeckDell Tech support said they didn't have an NVIDIA card for my laptop17:42
BluesKajI bought the 7600 from a friend and the 8400 from an online seller...the 7600 altho it's a bit old is working very well , better then 8400 IMO17:42
designbybeckhow much ram do they have?17:43
BluesKajlemme check17:43
designbybeckBluesKaj:  it looks like some kind of error between ATI and OpenGL I'm guessing17:47
designbybeckHmmm from this one post i read, Going to  System Settings >Desktop Effects and Advanced : Unchecking VSync and it clean things up17:50
designbybeckWell this made me a happy camper!!! :D17:53
designbybeck*fingers crossed!*17:54
BluesKaj7600gt has 256 RAM, the 8400 refuses to give ,,think it floats up to 51217:54
BluesKajthe 8400 was only 40 bucks online , and it's a pcie17:55
BluesKajthe command is , sudo lspci -v | less ... there may be a more effewctive command , but I forgot to add it to my cli commands list17:57
yvjhow to register???17:58
yvjplease help anyone!!17:58
BluesKaj!register | yvj18:00
ubottuyvj: Information about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode18:00
yvjThanks a ton ubottu... can u advice on one more thing..18:01
yvjI am a bioinformatician... and I was wondering if there are any other chatrooms or groups that support the cause18:02
designbybeckwhat does that mean yvj?18:02
yvjMy initials!!18:03
designbybecklol no18:03
designbybeckthe bioinformatician18:03
yvji get it..18:03
yvjsorry. my bad.. i was looking for some help regarding the ongoing projects in the area of bioinformatics...18:04
yvjand therefore wanted to ask if chat rooms exist in that particula area18:04
designbybeckwhat does that do? or for?18:04
DarthFroga bioinformatician is a statistican specialising in biology.18:04
yvjwell.. also protein design, protein engineering and many other aspects of biology that need some computation18:05
designbybecki take it you are using Kubuntu yvj? Do you use all OSS for bioinformatician?18:06
designbybeckor in the field of biology18:06
yvjdo you mean open sound... then no18:06
designbybeckOpen Source Software = OSS18:06
yvjwell.. there are open source softwares available..18:07
yvjtheir numbers are increasing day by day..18:07
yvjmany pple use their own perl, python and java program..18:07
yvjalong with R for statistical analysis18:07
designbybeckdo you use any? The reason I'm asking, is I work for a university doing faculty development. I am always looking for more OSS to teach and showcase to faculty18:07
designbybeckWe hvae a few using R, we are hoping to do a workshop on that soon18:08
yvjwell.. i know perl and python applications in the area of bioinformatics...18:08
yvjthats cool..18:08
yvji am kinda dabbling in R right now18:08
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designbybeckthe bad thing about what i do is just the research on finding some of the software, I don't know all the "biology" or stats side and what they need or could do with it18:09
yvjoh.. i could lend u a hand in that..18:10
designbybeckthat would be great18:10
designbybeckwhere are you from yvj?18:10
yvjif you could give me the details of the package.. then i could go through it and get back to you..18:10
yvjas far as the biology is concerned18:10
yvji am in virginia, usa18:10
yvjwhat ab u?18:11
designbybeckNice, I'm in west central Texas18:11
yvjwhen are u online.. generally.. and this is my first time with IRC.. so what other channels can u suggest..18:12
designbybeckmost of the time from 8-5pm CST18:14
designbybeckand randomly after that in the evenings18:14
designbybeckhere are some of the channels I am in: #bigbluebutton, #gimp, #blender, #inkscape, #kaltura, #kdenlive, #kubuntu, #moodle, #mypaint, #opensoureecology, #mahara, #opensourcemusicians, #vinux, #wordpress18:15
yvjok.. thanks.. will check those out.. the open source biology looks interesting18:16
designbybeckOpen Source Ecology18:17
designbybeckthey might be getting into Biology now that I think about it18:17
designbybeckthey'll be doing things like planting and growing crops18:18
yvjso what kinda softwares do u work with18:18
designbybecki do design work mostly18:18
designbybeckso Blender, Inkscape, GIMP, MyPaint18:18
yvjya.. that explains the gimp and inkscape18:19
yvjtell me.. how close do these softwares get to final cut pro anf photoshop and all those tools made by mac18:20
designbybeckwell all the ones i just listed run on all platforms18:20
designbybecki taught photoshop for years, so i already knew the skill set, just had to learn a little different way of doing things18:20
yvjya.. but speaking in terms of performance.. are they at par with eachother18:21
designbybeckI love Blender and Inkscape, they have great communities behind them and are moving along nicely!18:21
designbybeckbe back in about 15mins yvj18:23
ubottu#kubuntu is the official Kubuntu support channel, for all Kubuntu-related support questions. Please use #kubuntu-offtopic for general chatter. Thanks!18:23
yvjdo u do film shooting as well.. because my fiancee is a documentary film maker18:23
DarthFrogyvj: Take it to #kubuntu-offtopic please.18:23
yvjohh.. ok.. didnt know that.. my first time here18:23
DarthFrogNo problem.18:24
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bogdan_chello ... is there a way to repair the libgdk_pixbuf-2.0.so.0: undefined symbol: g_bytes_unref18:24
DarthFrogbogdan_c: Have you done a system update?18:25
DarthFrogTry it again.18:25
bogdan_cthe problem was mine ... i wanted to test gimp devel so was necessary to update the pixbuf ...18:26
DarthFrogAh, then you'll likely get more help from the GIMP folks as they've likely encountered the problem themselves.18:27
=== boofman is now known as GhOsTFaCe
bogdan_cthank you ! i guess i'll have to wait a bit ... strange that gimp works but firefox, inkscape and mypaint is broken now18:29
bogdan_cmy bad ...18:29
DarthFrogPersonally, I'd suggest backing out of the changes and running the gimp devel in a virtual machine.18:30
yvjsee you around designbybeck... thanks for the startup tips18:30
DarthFrogActually, I'd suggest running all alphas and betas in virtual machines.18:30
bogdan_ci agree ... sadly i have a slow machine as native, a virtual will just not work i guess ... will be a good lesson for the future :)18:31
azmodeushi all...18:54
BluesKajBBL, ..errands18:54
azmodeusI've got a problem with my hp 6735s and the wifi... kubuntu doesn't recognize it... why could it be?18:55
azmodeus'till this morning it was ok now i've reinstalled the system and this is the result....18:56
lethuazmodeus, have you tried launching the Additional Drivers in the System menu?18:56
azmodeushmmm... not yet...18:56
lethuazmodeus, your wifi driver might be there18:57
azmodeusok... so I must search the additional drivers in the system menu18:57
lethuazmodeus, also have you updated your kernel before wifi stopped working?18:57
azmodeusno... well, Ill try to explain better what happened...18:58
azmodeusuhmmm... I've installed kubuntu succesfully saturday... and this morning I've got a problem with \dos recognizing at the start of the system (dont know what it means) and reinstalled the system in the same partition... till this morning wifi was working...18:59
lethu \dos?19:00
azmodeusnow the led of "power" that indicates that wifi is on is turned off... and with linux I cant use that, because I can just turn off with that switch... (even the same problem with this board...)19:00
lethuazmodeus, do an $ lspci19:01
azmodeusyep, I think it is something of the win installation ... I've formatted a partition that I mean to use as data... but It seems there was something after the kubuntu installation...19:01
lethuand look for your wifi hardware in the list19:01
lethuyou might have to do $ lspci | less19:01
lethuif the list is too long19:01
lethuazmodeus, have you installed kubuntu without formating the hd?19:02
azmodeusBroadcom Corporation BCM4312 802.11b/g LP-PHY (rev 01)19:02
azmodeusthat's the hw19:02
peaceazmodeus: iwconfig19:02
azmodeuslethu, uhmmm... nope... i've formatted but this is the third system installed... ^^19:03
azmodeuspeace ok, do you want the output?19:03
lethuazmodeus, have you tried the Additional Drivers window?19:03
peaceazmodeus: yes19:03
azmodeusas said before not yet... I must do it later...19:04
azmodeuslo        no wireless extensions.19:04
azmodeuseth0      no wireless extensions.19:04
azmodeuswlan0     IEEE 802.11bg  ESSID:"NETGEAR"19:04
azmodeus          Mode:Managed  Frequency:2.462 GHz  Access Point: 00:22:3F:55:59:4E19:04
azmodeus          Bit Rate=36 Mb/s   Tx-Power=20 dBm19:04
FloodBotK1azmodeus: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.19:04
lethuazmodeus, you may find your driver there19:04
azmodeussorry for flood... =( ok, I will search there... if not, I'll be back ok? thanks a lot! ^^19:05
lethuazmodeus, np19:05
azmodeussee ya later...19:05
lethuazmodeus, later19:05
designbybeckyvj: you still around19:15
azmodeusI'm back... nothing to do... I cant download the additional drivers since I haven't the connection...19:16
azmodeusmmm... I'll try later... at the moment I'm not able to... btw, I would like to understand why in the last installation I didn't need to do all that... :D it has installed all by itself...19:17
peaceazmodeus: your wifi is a broadcom19:18
azmodeusyep... and sucks... >.<19:18
peaceso they can work with firmware + open driver19:18
peaceor ... ndiswrapper19:18
azmodeusuhmmm.... what does it means??? (sorry)19:18
peaceopensource driver + firmware19:19
peaceclosed source driver + ndiswarpper19:19
lethupeace, the opensource driver isn't a long term viable solution19:19
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx19:19
lethupeace, azmodeus, https://sites.google.com/site/vslashlog/home/fixes/wifibroadcomdriverkernelerrmsgs19:20
azmodeusI've ever got the same problem with kde... and it was surprising that saturday it worked by itself...19:20
azmodeuslethu, should I try this add???19:21
lethuazmodeus, the blacklisting?19:21
peace1 test the wifi via terminal19:22
azmodeusuhmmm... didn't read that name... =) isn't good?19:22
lethunot until you have installed the driver from Additional Drivers19:22
peaceiwconfig => get the name of your wifi19:22
peacesudo iwlist STUFF scan19:22
peacestuff is gotten with iwconfig19:22
lethupeace, peace19:23
azmodeushmmm.... ok... listen... I've to go now... but I'll be back soon... and hope you'll be there too! :P so we can still try to solve this problem... btw I'll try also the ethernet connection...19:24
peacelethu: what?19:24
azmodeussee you later guys....19:25
qw-Russianhelp me by Delphi from Linux19:28
qw-Russiani am install Lazarus but that there activation not all functions and possibilities19:30
designbybeckJust realzied you can MMB click on the desktop to paste a note of what is in memory19:39
andrew__есть русские ?19:41
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designbybeckis there a Pandora widget for KDE?20:00
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qw-Russianthanks people if are help me20:18
qw-Russiangood bay20:19
emI installed the Catalyst 12.1 diver from the AMD webpage and then things got slow when i would move a window it would not move smoothly. Any ideas why that would happen or how to fix that?20:36
em12.1 is the latest driver for amd cards like mine.20:36
designbybeckem do you have desktop effects turned on?20:38
designbybeckwere things running smooth before then?20:38
DarthFrogem:  What card?20:42
emdesignbybeck: probably. How can I tell? Should I have them turned off?20:46
emDarthFrog: the card is HD 687020:46
emRadeon HD 687020:46
emdesignbybeck: yes things run pretty smoothly with the default open source driver I guess. But I want to install the proprietary one for other reasons.20:46
designbybeckem System Settings>Desktop Effects20:47
designbybecksee if they are turned on em20:47
DarthFrogem:  Did you try the distro's fglrx driver?20:47
emdesignbybeck: okay Im checking.20:50
emDarthFrog: Im woried to try fglrx because my purpose is to ultimately do bitcoin mining with this.20:51
DarthFrogThe fglrx driver is from AMD.  It might not be the latest & greatest (which isn't working for you) but is tweaked to run in Kubuntu.20:52
emdesignbybeck: yes desktop effects are enabled.20:52
emDarthFrog: yeah that doesn't sound so bad. I think I will give it a try if need be. I just hope it might not overwrite other stuff.20:52
emDarthFrog: does the flgrx give you some version of the catalyst driver?20:53
DasKreechem: I suppose if you wanted to be more specific catalyst gives you some version of fglrx20:54
BentFranklinMy apt-gets and updates are failing.  This is on intrepid.  Is it too far gone to expect updates, are the servers ossacionally down, or am I doing it wrong?21:19
rorkBentFranklin: Intrepid's end of life was april 30th 2010: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases21:27
BentFranklinAre the repos gone or just no longer updated?21:29
ubottuUbuntu 8.10 (Intrepid Ibex) was the ninth release of Ubuntu. End Of Life: April 30th, 2010. See !eol and !upgrade for more details.21:33
EvilResistanceBentFranklin:  ^21:33
EvilResistanceits past end of life21:33
BentFranklinOkay I guess that means eol == sol.  Thanks.21:42
jessieBentFranklin: Why is this machine running such an old version?21:43
BentFranklinI use it for an internal Wiki and its so mission critical I fear updates.21:43
BentFranklinI'll just learn how to move the Wiki.  Shouldn't be TOO hard.21:44
jessieBentFranklin: You may want to go with Debian, then. Its life cycles tend to be much longer.21:44
yofelthe repository for EOL releases are on old-releases.ubuntu.com21:45
yofelstill usable, but no security or bugfix updates21:45
BentFranklinyofel: That's what I was lookiong for!  Thanks!21:45
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BentFranklinyofel: sources.list is my new best friend22:12
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DasKreechBentFranklin: :-)22:50
DasKreechBentFranklin: Though if you are looking for many year stabilty you may want to do Debian/ RHEL or CentOS22:51
macrami have a problem with apt-get23:01
macrami tried to install hddtemp via apt-get23:01
macramand... http://pastebin.com/1EfhbVnf23:01
macramthe point is: google-chrome-stable is not installed in this computer (chromium-browser)23:02
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sean__try sudo apt-get update then install hddtemp23:06
macramsean__ first thing i tried, doesn't work23:06
macramupdate works fine, install doesn't run23:06
sean__have you tryed the software centre ?23:06
macramalso fails23:08
sean__what happended if you try to install google chrome ?23:09
macrami don't want to install google chrome23:09
sean__well if you install it you can allways remove it after23:10
sean__just need to see if it can find the archive23:10
sean__do you use the chromium web browser23:11
sean__try removing chromium and install hddtemp23:14
sean__or reinstall chromium23:14
macramok, sean__, thanks for your help23:15
sean__no problem23:15
macrambut i'm not looking for a "try and mistake" solution23:15
macrami would like to know WHY i'm getting that error message and HOW can i get rid of it23:15
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DasKreechmacram: apt-cache policy google-chrome-stable23:30
macramDasKreech: this things says i have installed google-chrome-stable23:31
macramDasKreech: google-chrome-stable:23:31
macram  Instalados: 16.0.912.63-r11333723:31
macram  Candidato:  16.0.912.63-r11333723:31
macram  Tabla de versión:23:31
macram *** 16.0.912.63-r113337 023:31
FloodBotK1macram: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.23:31
macram        100 /var/lib/dpkg/status23:31
DasKreechFrom which repo ?23:31
macramDasKreech: dunno, I didn't install this thing.23:32
DasKreechmacram: doesn't mean that it wasn't installed23:32
macramDasKreech: i know23:33
macram/var/lib/dpkg/status said it was incomplete23:33
macramthis is going to hurt: i'll try to comment the google-chrome thing in that file23:34
macramand then update && install23:34
DasKreechmacram: may want to check your logs to see when it first mentions that package23:34
macramdon't try this: it fails xd23:35
DasKreechI would expect that23:35
macramDasKreech: Ok, failing is another way of learning23:35
macramWhat logs should I check?23:35
DasKreechwell /var/log should be instructive23:36
DasKreechdpkg logs I would hope23:36
macramDasKreech: 2012-02-05 21:12:05 status half-installed google-chrome-stable 16.0.912.63-r11333723:37
macramDasKreech: seconds before the installing of google-talkplugin23:38
DasKreechWell there you go23:38
Torchmacram: try apt-get install -f google-chrome-stable, that should finish installing it, then you can remove it23:39
macramTorch: File not found.23:39
Torchmacram: what?23:39
macramI have spanish locale23:40
macramSo i can't paste you the error23:40
Torchmacram: surely you can run apt-get23:40
macrambut i think adding the google-chrome-repo would do the trick23:40
xouriiis this the help area too?23:42
macramadding the google chrome repo doesn't do the trickç23:43
DasKreechxourii: Yes it is23:45
DasKreechmacram: does the apt-cache policy show which repo it came from?23:46
macramI can't install google-chrome-stable: apt-cache finds it (without description)23:46
macrambut apt-get -f install google-chrome-stable still fails23:46
verone9zfrench ?23:46
macramDasKreech: nope23:46
DasKreechmacram: Ah cute23:46
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.23:46
ubottuCanadian Ubuntu users can be found in #ubuntu-ca aussi #ubuntu-qc23:46
DasKreechAh. oui23:47
macramDasKreech: http://paste.ubuntu.com/841095/23:47
verone9zje tape sa ou ?23:47
macramDasKreech: the line starting with 7.0.517 (blah blah blah) and after it didn't appear until i added the repo23:48
DasKreechmacram: So someone tried to install it and removed the repo23:49
DasKreechverone9z: ?23:49
macramDasKreech: I told you, I think the google-talkplugin messed this up23:50
DasKreech!fr |Désolé. Lisez ce verone9z23:50
ubottuDésolé. Lisez ce verone9z: Ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.23:50
macramDasKreech: but that plugin works fine23:51
DasKreechmacram: possibly. I haven't seen the logs so I can't say23:51
macramDasKreech: I checked them before23:51
macramI pasted the first line with a mention of google-chrome-stable23:51
DasKreechbut if you find the repo then it should have an update23:51
macrami found and added the repo23:51
DasKreechok and then tried to remove the google-talkplugin ?23:52
macramthe message still appears (after apt-get update)23:52
macrami'll try this23:52
macramsame message23:52
macrami'll just try to install chrome from the .debç23:54
DasKreechverone9z: vous êtes les bienvenus23:55
DasKreechSo it's from the official chrome repos?23:56
macramDasKreech: yep23:56
FloodBotK1macram: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.23:56
ubottuPlease watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.23:56
DasKreechcan you remove google-chrome-stable now?23:56
macramnope. same error.23:57
DasKreechapt-get -f install google-chrome-stable ?23:59
macramDasKreech: and apt-cache policy dumps the same output23:59

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