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\shdear launchpad-devs, I'm trying to setup a daily pkg build recipe for a project. One recipe is working just fine...but the second one not...https://launchpadlibrarian.net/92739547/buildlog.txt.gz and I don't understand why09:44
popeyLP looks a bit ill10:04
wgrantpopey: 10:00-10:05 is an outage window.10:05
popeyah okay ☺10:05
wgrantWe generally go down for 90s somewhere in there once or so a week.10:05
wgrantFor DB updates.10:05
popeysorry to bother you then ☺10:05
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Adri2000to anyone who has extra powers on buildds: I'd appreciate if my opencv sync in ubuntu precise (2.3.1-7) gets built soon (ideally, in the next couple of hours) on armel and powerpc, because I need it to be built everywhere before I can upload a bunch of other packages15:36
Adri2000forget about it for armel, it's actually building now - but it'd still be cool for powerpc, as it says "Start in 7 hours" :)15:40
* Adri2000 wonders if czajkowski, as help contact, could help me :p15:55
Adri2000uh :o the armel build has stopped :|15:58
czajkowskibigjools: you about?15:58
Adri2000it's back to needs building status15:58
* Adri2000 afk for a moment, on his way back home16:01
czajkowskiAdri2000: if you just keep an eye on in here for a bit and we'll get back to you16:01
micahgczajkowski: needs a LOSA or a TB member16:07
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djfroofyohayou everyone.16:13
djfroofyis it possible to change the email associated with my lp account?16:13
djfroofybounced around in settings and couldn't find anything for this.16:13
mgzyou hit the yellow warning symbol next to your current email address16:14
djfroofymgz: thanks16:14
mgztakes you to /~djfroofy/+editemails16:14
djfroofyawesome! i'm there now. thanks16:15
djfroofywow. pretty powerful how you can have multiple email addresses and subscribe to different groups with different addresses. i like.16:18
czajkowskimicahg: thanks16:18
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zookolifeless, et al.: see this ticket? https://bugs.launchpad.net/pycryptopp/+bug/93154217:15
ubot5`Launchpad bug 931542 in gcc "using the gcc-4.7.0 prerelease as packaged by Fedora Rawhide, there is a segfault in the program that results from compiling sha512-hash.c" [Medium,New]17:15
zookoIt is about a bug that involves at least Fedora, GCC, pycryptopp, and djb's "nacl" crypto library.17:15
zookoI'd like to link that lp ticket to this redhat bugzilla ticket about Fedora Rawhide: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=79011417:15
ubot5`bugzilla.redhat.com bug 790114 in gcc "segfault in program that results from compiling sha512-hash.c" [High,New]17:15
zookoHow do I do that?17:15
zookoI tried adding "this affects project" and searching for Fedora, and I tried adding "this affects distribution" and searching for Fedora, and neither one had a  match.17:16
micahgalso affects distribution should have Fedora and does for me17:17
* zooko looks for the third time17:17
zookoYup, there it is right in front of my eyes.17:18
zookoThanks, micahg.17:18
zookoSend me a new pair of eyes.17:18
czajkowskizooko: did you find it17:18
czajkowskior I can change it here for you to effects Fedora also ?17:18
zookoI did it, thanks.17:19
lifelesszooko: also you can usually just comment with the url and it gets picked up when there is an external tracker registered for the url17:37
zookolifeless, ah, neat! :-)17:38
Adri2000czajkowski: I'm back. it says 4 hours before building; any chance something can be done before that?17:42
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czajkowskiAdri2000: let me ask and see17:50
czajkowskiAdri2000: is there any particular reason why you need it done sooner?17:51
Adri2000I need it before uploading other packages that should get in before FF. then it's just it'd be better if I could do that tonight, because otherwise I'm not sure of how much free time I'll have for this before Thursday...17:57
Adri2000not sure if it's a valid reason :)17:57
lifelessAdri2000: you can just upload the other packages17:58
lifelessAdri2000: they will go into missing-dep state and wait for this one to build17:59
Adri2000the other packages don't strictly depend on that version17:59
lifelessAdri2000: if they won't build correctly without it, that sounds like a dep failure.18:00
Adri2000they will build correctly, but with an older lib18:00
lifelessAdri2000: and... if that matters, you have a versioned dependency18:01
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lifelessAdri2000: (curious) whats the package - can you link to the upload ?18:02
Adri2000opencv : https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/opencv/2.3.1-718:03
Adri2000tests done there: https://launchpad.net/~adri2000/+archive/opencv2.3-transition/+packages18:05
Adri2000most of the packages just need a rebuild, so I don't think it'd be a good idea to add the strict dependency change, just for a buildd timing issue18:05
infinityAdri2000: PPC build bumped.18:06
infinityAdri2000: I suspect your bottleneck will be armel anyway, it's not the fastest hardware around.18:07
Adri2000eh, ok :)18:07
zookoOh hey that reminds me, I recently got autobuilds working for my pycryptopp project. Very good!18:12
zookoBut now I want ARM builds too. There's no accomodation for this on the lp UI.18:12
zookoCan you hook me up?18:12
infinityzooko: We don't (currently) allow arm builds for non-trusted (ie: most public) PPAs.18:13
lifelessso last I heard the ARM builds are not virtualised18:13
infinityzooko: There's work in progress on a virtualised solution that will allow this.18:13
lifelessso we can't trust arbitrary builds on them18:13
infinityAnd I don't mean "forward-thinking, Q32015" WIP, I mean, it's going to happen "soonish", for some hand-wavy definition of "soon".18:13
lifelesswhen davidm gets his black hole generator running ? :)18:14
infinitylifeless: Heh.  This one's all Spads, and I imagine the virtual ARM PPAs will be fuelled by nothing but baldness and sarcasm.18:15
zookoSo you're using the virtualization as a security barrier.18:15
zookoAlthough maybe it is more of barrier against people accidentally screwing stuff up for other people.18:16
lifelessbit from column A, bit from column B18:16
* zooko nods18:16
infinityzooko: Yeah, all the x86 PPAs are in disposable Xen instances.  We scrub them clean after every build.18:16
zookoOkay, thanks!18:16
lifelesswe assume that without resetting to a known-good-state, anything running on bare metal could seed a compromise for the next build18:16
lifelesswhile we would, in principle, have a complete audit trail, it seems unwise to take the risk18:17
lifelesszooko: FWIW, if you need this, our commercial users get put into that trusted bucket18:18
lifelesszooko: or you can wait a $few months or so while the ARM virtualisation thingy is brought live18:18
zookoThere's no money in this, yet, for me.18:19
zookoI was just wondering how much you rely on the virtualization to resist subversion.18:20
zookoMy security expert pals tell me that virtualization is widely perceived as being stronger for that purpose than it actually is.18:20
zookoI.e., the rootkit could perhaps install itself into the host OS even though you ran it in the guest OS.18:20
lifelessyou can certainly examine stuff outside the virtual environment quite reliably18:20
lifelesswriting to it is AFAWK -much- harder18:21
* zooko nods18:21
lifelesschroots are worthless18:21
zookoThat's my intuition too.18:21
zookoI think it ought to help.18:21
lifelesswe audit builds on separate machines18:21
zookoBut, as far as I know, nobody really claims or supports or backs-up their claim that it will help, other than the Qubes project.18:21
lifelessthe buildds are firewalled from -everything- except the Ubuntu archive (and PPA archives)18:21
* zooko nods.18:21
zookoThat ought to help too!18:21
lifelessincluding from other buildds18:21
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lifelessonly the build master can talk to the buildd guest; and a separate system doesn't the wipe-clean process18:22
infinityzooko: Your security expert pals are probably talking about KVM, FWIW.18:22
infinityzooko: Not that I want to get into THAT discussion, but I don't know of any current Xen exploits in the wild.  (Not that it's not concievably possible)18:23
lifelessso we know what bits were shipped to the buildd disk, and we keep those bits for a while even if someone clicks 'delete the package' -> so that we can tell what was up18:23
zookolifeless: nice! I'm pretty interested in auditing as a complement to prevention.18:26
lifelessall the code is in (or referenced by - subordinate projects) lp:launchpad, if you're interested18:26
lifelesswell, I say all, the xen scripts aren't, they are an abstraction layer though so not really relevant18:27
balloonsis this the place to ask questions about using the launchpad api? I'm trying to use the python bindings..18:33
zookoDo I get a prize for opening six issue tickets against launchpad itself this morning?18:42
zookoI know, I know.18:42
zookoYou're going to say I get the prize if I attach a patch to each one that fixes it.18:42
lifelesszooko: bingo!18:46
zookoHeh heh heh.18:46
balloonsok, I'm looking at the launchpadlib docs, and I can't figure out how to get grab all the bugs for a specific project or package18:52
balloonswhat I want to do is grab all of the bugs with a specific tag on them, and the do some data gathering on them.. But I want to limit the bugs I'm looking at to specific package(s)18:53
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Ampelbeinballoons: You mean like lp.distributions["ubuntu"].getSourcePackage(name="seahorse").searchTasks(tags="apport-bug")19:15
balloonsAmpelbein, that reads like what I am attempting to do yes19:15
balloonsI'll try it, thank you19:15
balloonshmm AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'searchTasks'19:17
Ampelbeinballoons: The sourcepackage name you are using is wrong.19:17
balloons:-) that did the trick19:18
balloonssaw the typo19:18
MTecknologyis it possible to 'undelete' a ppa?20:03
EvilResistanceMTecknology, what did you do now :P20:03
MTecknologyI found out that one that I thought had nobody using it apparently had a whole lot of people using it.20:04
MTecknologyEvilResistance: the ppa:nginx/php5 one20:04
EvilResistanceTHAT one20:05
EvilResistanceyou realize i was also using that?20:05
MTecknologyya... a lot of people apparently were20:05
EvilResistancei just havent booted into ubuntu lately xD20:05
EvilResistanceMTecknology, i'm not sure it can be "undeleted" but i'll let an admin of LP answer that20:06
MTecknologyYou know it also had a version of php that had a security vulnerablity in it? I never bothered to update since it's been turning into a pain and someone else was going to take it20:07
MTecknologyturns out the person that took it was going after getting money by having people donate to him for his ppa and it doesn't work for lucid20:07
MTecknologywgrant: you happen to be awake?20:08
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MTecknologyah... i guess the code makes it possible, but they've decided not to let it happen20:10
MTecknologyI'll just have to make a php5.3 instead of php520:10
lamalexcan i make an launchpadlib object out of a link returned from the api easily?20:26
Ampelbeinlamalex: lp.load()?20:30
lamalexnice. thanks Ampelbein20:31
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cody-somervilleIf you're subscribed to a vcs import, will you get e-mails on new commits if you configure the subscription as such?20:40
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andi3_i'm looking for help with packaging cmake application22:14
andi3_not really launchpad topic, but not sure where to go...22:15
abentleysinzui: I think there are probably some branches on Launchpad that contain user data such as passwords.23:55

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