pangolinkick me you fools00:02
pangolinthank you00:06
vandal-whats the best browser for pc with Pentium IV 1,7 GHz and 512 MB RAM wiht lubuntu? chrome or firefox  hang up for several seconds rather often00:49
Vimanvandal: try seamonkey00:50
Vimanyes, seamonkey. Unless you wanna go skinny, then Midori/Dillo00:53
stlsaintor even iceweasel00:53
vandal-testing seamonkey :)00:53
Unit193Arora isn't bad, but not really worked on.00:54
Unit193stlsaint: That's firefox. :P00:54
stlsaintUnit193: yes but its also less resource hoggish from ff00:54
Unit193Hmmm.... All that's changed should be the branding, unless you're using Debian Testing.00:57
Vimanand I thought Arora was Firefox's Alpha Channel?00:57
Unit193There's firefox beta, Aurora, and minefield.00:58
Vimanvandal-: what you think about Seamonkey?01:00
Unit193It's a suite, it's heavy. :P01:01
vandal-all i can say after 5 min is that it works way better than chrome/ff. i'll try other browsers too.01:03
Unit193Arora isn't being worked on right now, but it's not too bad.01:03
vandal-i love midoris extremely simple interface01:06
vandal-but it displays pretty weird fonts - some wide, others thin01:07
vandal-i'll stay with midori for a while, thanks for help :)01:12
guessstis this channel right for questions about lubuntu 12.04?01:35
Unit193Support? No, that'd be #ubuntu+101:36
guessstUnit193: ok, thank you01:37
stlsaintUnit193: hrm, would #ubuntu+1 really be the best place for support of a os that uses a different environment02:04
Unit193stlsaint: Yes, Kubuntu and Xubuntu also feed pangolin into there.02:05
stlsaintstrange. Doesnt make much sense. I want to know about kubuntu so i go to a ubuntu chat??02:10
Unit193No, that's the dev version.02:12
hometow1i have a old computer,512RAM,celeon 2.1G,can it run lubuntu?02:12
Unit193Should be, just don't expect a brand new computer speed.02:13
hometow1yesterday,i just install ubuntu11.10,too slowly,haha.02:17
hometow1sorry for my broken english.02:18
Unit193Is there a language you know better? They may have a local help channel.02:20
hometow1_I just installed ubuntu11.10,but it looks slowly.Can i change unity to xfce? how? thx.05:14
holsteinhometow1_: this is for lubuntu... LXDE + ubuntu... you can install XFCE though however you manage packages05:15
holsteinyou can install LXDE... you could go with xubuntu-desktop or lubuntu-desktop... its up to you :)05:16
hometow1_Is lubuntu use LXDE to control the windows? sorry,i think i want to say change to LXDE...05:18
holsteinhometow1_: yup05:19
holsteinsudo apt-get install lubuntu or lubuntu-desktop05:19
holsteinor just search for LXDE and/or lubuntu where ever you manage packages :)05:19
hometow1_thank you.05:20
hometow1_i will try.05:20
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sacardeis possible to install firefox10 on lubuntu10.04 ?10:34
sacardeis possible to install firefox10 on lubuntu10.04 ?11:02
CXIVLubuntu 11.10 is great!11:21
head_victimsacarde: yes it's possible it's just a matter of how easy it is11:28
head_victimCXIV: we like it :)11:29
CXIVEarlier versions was quite unpolished11:31
CXIVWere :D11:31
Myrttisacarde: as far as I know, 10.04 has firefox 1011:32
head_victimMyrtti: mine is on 9.0.111:32
Myrtti!info firefox lucid11:33
ubottufirefox (source: firefox): Safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 10.0+build1-0ubuntu0.10.04.2 (lucid), package size 17002 kB, installed size 32336 kB (Only available for any all)11:33
head_victimI must fail11:33
* head_victim apt-gets an update11:33
CXIVFirefox lags with 512 ram.11:34
Myrttiwith the caveat that I don't have a lucid system with me here :-|11:34
MyrttiI can't check myself11:34
head_victimMy main machine tracks LTS's, my VM tracks +111:34
head_victimHm I did have the old firefox-stable ppa that i just disabled and still no 1011:35
* head_victim digs some mroe11:35
head_victimsacarde: if you have problems getting firefox 10 then I'd suggest using the ppa available here - https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-mozilla-security/+archive/ppa11:42
head_victimThat gave me 1011:42
head_victimDespite it meant to be defautl11:43
Myrttithat's a bit offtopic for the channel and I'd rather not see that kind of language in the channel either...12:07
CXIVMyritti Sorry.12:09
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pmatulisis there a way to link a keystroke to popping up the calendar (residing in the panel)?13:11
MrChrisDruifpmatulis; I think it should be possible13:13
MrChrisDruifpmatulis; https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/FAQ/Guides#I_want_to_bind_a_key_to_lock_my_screen.2C_how_do_I_do_it.3F13:17
MrChrisDruifIt tells you how to bind a key to lock the screen, but you could convert it to your request13:17
pmatulisMrChrisDruif: i don't think there is a command to pop up the calender (actually called the 'clock' afaik)13:18
MrChrisDruifpmatulis; why do you think that?13:18
pmatulisMrChrisDruif: b/c it's already running13:18
MrChrisDruifWhen you click it a certain command is cast to the program to pop it up13:19
MrChrisDruifIf you can find that command, you can bind a key to perform the same13:20
MrChrisDruifSo the main problem would be to find the command necessary to pop up the calendar13:21
ace-compaq-nx902how do I make my pidgin work?17:20
smile4everhow do you mean? :)17:21
smile4everace-compaq-nx902: you could try to join #pidgin17:22
ace-compaq-nx902i am new to lubuntu. i am connected to this site though chromium, can't unerstand how to do it though pidgin17:23
kanliottry xchat-gnome17:25
ace-compaq-nx902what's xchat-gnome. i'm new to ubuntu an linux too)17:27
kanliotit's an irc client for chatting in irc channels17:27
kanliotuse synaptic package manager to install it17:27
ace-compaq-nx902is it like pidgin? do you use xchat-gnome instead?17:28
pcroqueace-compaq-nx902: I would also recommend xchat (great program), but if you want to use pidgin for IRC, here's a tutorial: http://eclug.homelinux.org/content/view/192/59/17:28
ace-compaq-nx902thanks for the link. I'll give a try to both of these17:30
freerouteis it just me or are the speeds of rsyncing an .iso file from one external USB HDD to another just only 12MB/s ?17:54
freerouteboth are 2.5" 5400RPM drives btw17:55
freeroutealso, SATA17:55
vandal-hey, i am using curently lubuntu on old pc (Pentium IV 1,7GHz, 512 MB RAM). i like lubuntu but it sometimes crashes and i would like to try some other distributions. what would you recommend for such weak pc? i've heard something about puppy, pappermint, damn small linux and some other distributions but i am not sure which choice would be best and whats the difference between them. Can you help me choose one?18:22
pcroquevandal-: I've tried both puppy and DSL. They were nice and light, but both had package management systems I couldn't get used to. Maybe they've changed though in the last 2 years.18:28
SentynelI dunno if they've fixed it - I can't find any indication thereof on google - but last time I looked at Puppy it insisted on running everything as root, which seems to me an utterly baffling design decision and completely put me off the whole distro18:47
Sentyneldsl is nice, though18:48
freeroutepcroque & vandal-: you might want to check lupu, it's basically puppy linux with access to the whole Ubuntu repo - http://distro.ibiblio.org/puppylinux/puppy-5.2.8/release-Lucid-528.htm19:30
vandal-freeroute, just downloaded lupu 5 min ago :)19:31
freeroutevandal-: awesome timing then :p19:33
freeroutehttp://ubuntu-answers.blogspot.com/2011/11/rootunroot-android-under-ubuntu-with.html - this site gets chromium-browser worked up to 100% CPU usage and then crashes. Can some one confirm?19:55
holsteinfreeroute: anything trigger it? im looking at it in chrome19:57
pcroquefreeroute: seems to work fine on my system in chromium 16.0.912.77 (Developer Build 118311 Linux) Ubuntu 11.10. No crashes or heavy cpu use.20:13
pcroqueRunning Lubuntu 11.10 and updating chromium from the repos.20:14
anarchomarxi search for composite-manager in lubuntu (lxde-openbox), any ideas?20:29
Unit193We don't ship one by default as they aren't lightweight at all, but xcompmgr is one.20:30
anarchomarxok, thx20:30
Vimanyou can activate some lightweight effects by running `xcompmgr -cf`20:34
Vimanalthough that makes my windows dark for some reason in my box20:35
pcroqueanarchomarx: there's also cairo-compmgr (http://cairo-compmgr.tuxfamily.org/). Worked OK on my system, but I decided I didn't need it.20:38
anarchomarxpcroque: i need it for ardesia at work :/20:40
Vimana compositing manager? for work?20:41
Vimandeffly get xcompmgr20:41
Unit193Finally looked it up, and there were a few requests for xcompmgr, here's one with some config http://pastebin.com/xM0jjH9D21:12
chorgox_googd night everyone21:25
pAt_good night chorgox_21:25
chorgox_I been using lubuntu in my netbook running 11.04 but now i reinstaled 10.04 is it possible run lubuntu in that one?21:25
Unit193chorgox_: Specs?21:28
chorgox_is a "normal" netbook samsung n130 atom 270 1.6 mhz 1GB ram21:29
Unit193I've run 11.10 on worse, so I wouldn't see why not.21:30
chorgox_i do have a old pIII 1ghz 512ram in the kitchen "running" if you can say that lol but is about wich version of lubuntu would perform better?21:31
chorgox_I mean in winlol you know that xp would perform better than vista or w7 but in ubuntu i m not sure yet21:32
Unit193Well, Lubuntu doesn't have LTS's in the normal sense, LXDE doesn't get backported as it has a very low amount of devs.21:33
* Unit193 Celeron 500MHz, 512M ram21:33
anarchomarxUnit193: special thx. xcompmgr works fine and i can activate this, when i need it.21:35
Unit193[16:12:32] < Unit193> Finally looked it up, and there were a few requests for xcompmgr, here's one with some config  http://pastebin.com/xM0jjH9D21:35
pAt__I run lubuntu on a dual core 2.8 Ghz with 4gb ram :D21:35
Unit193anarchomarx: Glad it helped.21:35
Unit193pAt__: Shhh, you're mean. ;)21:36
pAt__Its not only for old hardware :)21:37
chorgox_i kind of like unity in my dual-core but in my netbook is a bit overkill me thinks21:39
pAt__My netbook runs with lmde with xfce like hell :)21:40
chorgox_sorry for being a noob but what is lmde ?21:41
Unit193It's "Linux Mint Debian Edition", not quite a support issue here.21:42
pAt__No prob chorgox. Lmde is linux mint debian edition21:42
pAt__Yes you are right unit193. Forgot we are in a support channel.21:43
chorgox_never tried mint, even though lot's of people recomend it.21:44
chorgox_ what I like of netbook remix is that with a crappy touchpad big icons make sense, but at the same time the performance of xfce is great21:44
Flazeri looked at it, as well as fedora briefly, but lubuntu fit my tastes better21:44
phillwwxl: ping.21:45
pAt__Lubuntu also runs well on a netbook21:46
chorgox_never mint if is ubuntu / puppy  or fedora. linux was the best thingh that happen in my netbook21:47
chorgox_just sometimes wifi work "funny" and i need to restart my computer until it works21:47
chorgox_shame sometimes does that when im showing off "linux" to my friends :S21:48
chorgox_I guess one day i would understand how linux loads drivers and stuff and i will solve21:49
chorgox_or get a acer primus lol21:50
Flazeryeah i'm using my netbook now21:50
chorgox_or ehatever is called the one w/keyboard21:50
Flazerlubuntu worked the best on it21:50
Flazerbetter than xubuntu21:51
pAt__I am on my android right now :D21:51
chorgox_I agree with flazer xubuntu did not make any difference21:52
Flazeryeah, it was too clunky, just like vanilla ubuntu or kubuntu21:52
Flazerthe gui was too heavy i guess21:52
Flazerat least for my particluar machine21:52
chorgox_pAt__  are you running lubuntu in your G1?21:52
chorgox_android g1 that relic21:52
pAt__Nah. I am running android on my samsung smartphone. There i am using an irc client now21:54
Flazeri wonder if anyone has put Lubuntu on a cr-4821:55
Unit193Might want to wander over to #lubuntu-offtopic though.21:57
Flazeryeah, just realized we've drifted21:59
chorgox_does lubuntu would have an impact on battery life comapred with vainilla ubuntu ?21:59
Flazernot sure, as my experience with portables has been limited to just lubuntu22:00
Flazerbut i would expect, since it's geared to use less resources, it should have slightly better battery life than vanilla ubuntu22:01
chorgox_when i running xp (hardly ever) on my netbook there is like different "modes" that would give me more battery there is any aplication or somenthing simillar in lubuntu ?22:03
Unit193Well, you should be able to dim the screen and the lower usage of LXDE when you compare to Unity should save on the battery a little.22:04
Flazerwhen i right click on the power information in the system tray in lubuntu, i can change power "modes" also22:07
chorgox_there is a way to tell the procesor to slow down or i don't know stop some services to save some clock cycles?22:07
chorgox_<Flazer> when i right click on the power information in the system tray in lubuntu, i can change power "modes" also [ HOW?]22:08
Flazerin your system tray, do you have the battery icon? I'm assuming you're on a notebook of some kind?22:09
Flazerif you right click on the icon...what are your options?22:09
chorgox_let me turn that on22:09
Flazerwere you getting that strange bug when waking from sleep with the taksbars? which was related to the battery icon?22:10
chorgox_well im running netbook 10.04 (not lubuntu yet) does make a difference ?22:10
Flazeri'm on 11.1022:11
Flazeryou're running vanilla?22:11
chorgox_yeah kind of is the netbook remix but is vainilla ubuntu i guess22:13
chorgox_im going to try to add lubuntu22:13
Flazeryeah, i'm looking but don't see the same kind of preferences for that version22:14
Flazeri can only speak to 11.10 lubuntu, since i'm currently running that22:14
Flazeri would probably suggest doing a clean install if you can, rather than "adding" lubuntu to your current distro, unless you're going to make a separate boot partition22:14
Flazerjust make the live usb, and choose "replace ubuntu" when you have the option22:15
Flazerless chance for bugs I think22:15
chorgox_^-- why ???22:15
Flazerfor a cleaner install, you can try to just "upgrade" or add lubuntu22:17
Flazerbut if you run into problems, it may just be a corrupt installation, you can always go back and do the step i suggested anyway22:17
Flazermatter of preference more than anything really22:18
Flazerothers may have different advice22:18
chorgox_well im a noob and i like to do my own t5hingh until i get in problems and i run to forums asking for help22:18
Flazerthat's the great part about this place22:20
chorgox_installing now, so get ready lol22:20
chorgox_default display manager (gdm) (lxdm)22:22
chorgox_i guess is lxdm the best one22:22
chorgox_yeahh is working22:34
chorgox_ok now atm i don't have any "battery indicator"  i guess I need to add the thinghy "applets" or somenthing like that ?22:38
awkisopenHello friends! I'm trying to install Lubuntu on my netbook, but the font size is so ENORMOUS that I can't see the buttons at the bottom of the second dialogue!22:49
awkisopenThe netbook's resolution is 1280x768 or something to that effect, so believe me when I say the fonts are huuuuuuge.22:49
awkisopensame thing when I try to run it off the LiveCD, but the funny thing is, when I go to Preferences -> Configure OpenBox, it tells me the font is 11px! 11px? it looks at least 30!22:50
chorgox_well i guess somenthing need to get "weird" if you don't get a "fresh instalation" lol , how i can tell lubuntu that i want "lubuntu" as my default desktop etc etc..23:00
awkisopenyou mean you want it to be the default setting in your boot manager?23:05
chorgox_thnx awkisopen i found it .. !!!23:06
chorgox_wow i have the weidest thingh happening  right now my menu bar is changing colours like "blinking" lol23:09
chorgox_is like if someone would click to focus in the windows and click outside of the windows . like 100 times per second.23:11
awkisopenapparently most people have the opposite problem I'm having - the fonts are too small23:13
awkisopenI attempted the xrandr DPI solution I found in some of the forums, but running the command failed23:30
awkisopenwhy does Ubuntu get my font sizes right, but Lubuntu does not?23:30

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