coolstar-pcDoes Qt come with Ubuntu? I'm on Kubuntu myself, but I'm just wondering, as I'm going to start developing an app for Linux, and Ubuntu is the most popular distro...04:02
JanCcoolstar-pc: Qt is installed by default in Ubuntu Desktop since 11.10, for older versions it can be installed easily (and if you have a .deb that depends on it, it will be installed automatically if it wasn't yet)14:31
achuni_notbook overheated, and just powered down :(17:14
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achunizematynnad: could I ask you for a quick code review for https://code.launchpad.net/~elachuni/software-center-agent/929830-arbify/+merge/92804?17:15
zematynnadsure thing17:15
jo-erlendhow come Ubuntu doesn't use gtk 3.2 yet? I thought I'd play with the broadway backend (to render desktop apps using HTML), but it isn't supported.20:42
jo-erlendI'm talking about Precise now.20:43
davidpitkinjo-erlend, I would guess there are dependencies broken in a few applications...20:45
davidpitkinIf I read that right GTK 3.3 is in Precise20:47
jo-erlendI looked at it. I didn't really understand it. To me, it looked as if it was version 3.3 of Gtk 3.0 or something. :)20:49
jo-erlendslightly confusing. But I think gtk has to be compiled to support the broadway backend. Perhaps it just isn't?20:51
davidpitkinjo-erlend, that could be true, but you are pushing my gtk knowledge...20:56
jo-erlenddavidpitkin, yes, my own as well. But then that's the point. :)20:58
davidpitkinah well you could compile your own replacement...20:58
davidpitkinjo-erlend, this is the file you would want to change to build the package with the broadway backend21:07
davidpitkinthanks to james_w21:07
jo-erlendthanks :)21:07

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