dholbachgood morning07:46
zoopstermhall119: did we rectify the scope dep issues?16:02
wendarstgraber: I notice that none of the ARB apps are showing their icons in the Software Centre, is this expected?16:02
stgraberwendar: well, at least here if I click on them, then go back to the list, I get the icons16:03
stgraberwendar: that looks like a SC bug, hopefully will resolve itself with the switch to MyApps API16:03
wendarstgraber: I'm a little behind in updates, maybe I've got an older version of SC16:03
wendarI'm looking for a next app to pick off16:13
wendarbut, not sure what ajmitch/highvoltage were working on16:14
mhall119zoopster: no, it was sent to the TB over a week ago for discussion, no resolution yet or even much feedback that I've seen16:24
mhall119zoopster: I have submitted my first package throuogh the developer portal though16:26
wendarmhall119: the TB ran out of time, the business remix conversation took most of the hour16:26
mhall119wendar: yeah, I was lurking16:27
mhall119hopefully they'll have time to discuss it in the ML and bring it up in the next meeting16:27
wendarmhall119: cool16:27
mhall119I have a long list of lenses/scopes to get packaged and submitted to the ARB, but how they get packaged will depend on the outcome of that meeting16:28
wendaryeah, it's a bit of a tricky one16:29
wendarseems like we've got a workable solution either way16:29
wendar(separate source packages, or treat each source package as a "mini distro" with all contributed scopes)16:30
mhall119yeah, but it's process-tricky, not technical-tricky, so I unfortunately I can't just code up a solution16:30
wendarstgraber: is it safe to click "Approve" on the ARB MyApps review page?16:43
wendarstgraber: that just takes it to the "Pending QA" status, right?16:44
stgraberwendar: yeah, the first Approve is safe, the second one (from Pending QA) isn't16:44
wendarstgraber: what did you do when the Approve button complained about things that aren't relevant to extras?16:47
wendar(like archive id and PPA signing key)16:47
stgraberI simply entered some garbage in those fields ;)16:48
stgraberand complained about it to achuni16:48
wendar:) sounds good, I'll do the same16:49
wendarokay, sent the framingham dev information about the changes we made to the package17:50
wendarrequested a real source tarball for Leds17:50
wendarworking on Guallet next, unless anyone claims it17:50
ajmitchwendar: top of my list was tagplayer, I was just touching up the patches for that & checking it before I push for voting18:33
wendarajmitch: sweet!18:33
wendarguallet seems to be another one that's packaged well, but needs a few touchups for /opt install and eliminating the deprecated python-support dependency18:34
ajmitchyeah, I was going to do that after harmonyseq but please take it :)18:35
wendarcool, will do18:35
* ajmitch has picked a few of the changes to tagplayer from framingham, since they're both quickly apps18:36
wendargreat, glad to have the work generally useful18:37
wendarI'm talking with the Quickly devs to see if we can get some of these changes upstream18:37
ajmitchyeah, though I think they were created with different versions of quickly18:37
wendarmay not make it in time for Precise feature freeze18:37
wendaryeah, that's the thing, it really depends on what version of Ubuntu they're running, and what version of Quickly was included18:38
wendarsome of the fixes did make it into Precise, so that's good18:38
ajmitchtransitions dj is new?19:15
wendarstgraber: so, 'bzr builddeb' won't build a 3.0(native) format package with an '-0extras11.10.1' version number19:15
ajmitchor I guess it could be mail leaking in from the commercial queue again19:15
wendarstgraber: and, I notice all the unity lenses launched without the extras bit in their version numbers19:15
wendarstgraber: is this an exception to the version number policy?19:15
stgraberwendar: nope, that was me messing up the version numbers ;)19:16
stgraberand apparently nobody noticing ;)19:16
wendarajmitch: I don't see it in the ARB queue, so must be a leaking message19:16
ajmitchstgraber: we're bad people for not noticing that :)19:17
wendarstgraber: well, technically the extras version number is wrong with a native format package19:17
wendarstgraber: I wonder if I can find a way to make bzr builddeb ignore that fact...19:17
wendarstgraber: I suppose I can just switch it over to 3.0(quilt) format19:18
ajmitchyou could get it to create an orig.tar.gz, but I don't know if that needs some information in the branch for that19:19
ajmitchshould I set a priority on https://bugs.launchpad.net/developer-portal/+bug/915902 ?19:20
ajmitchit's a little frustrating not being able to see the needs info submissions19:21
stgraberajmitch: can you?19:30
stgraber(as in, set a priority)19:30
ajmitchnow that you mention it, no, it's not editable to me :)19:30
stgraberajmitch: please feel free to post a comment every time it annoys you though19:32
ajmitchstgraber: have you filed bugs for needing junk info in some fields before approving an app?19:33
stgraberI don't think so, there might be one somewhere though. I only remember complaining about it in person to achuni and mvo ;)19:34
* ajmitch wants to have all the bugs in LP19:34
ajmitchif you don't have time to do it, I'll try & remember to put it in when tagplayer gets approved19:35
ajmitchI understand that you may be a little busy this week with feature freeze :)19:35
stgraberbah, not that bad, I only have around 8 new packages to upload today, then work items for the rest of the week and another batch of upload on Thursday ;)19:35
stgraberand I spent all morning debugging upstart ;)19:36
ajmitchsuddenly, the allure of working for the foundations team is slipping away ;)19:37
ajmitchwendar: thank you for updating the Review/Guidelines page19:46
wendarajmitch: welcome19:47
wendarajmitch: jumping around to all those scattered pages to remember all the requirements has been driving me nuts :)19:47
wendarajmitch: I still need to add the security guidelines19:48
* ajmitch isn't sure how vague we're keeping those19:51
wendarsome are pretty specific19:51
ajmitchsince vague is good for giving us some leeway, but not great for developers19:51
wendarlike sudo, su, sg, gksudo, gksu, pkexec are not allowed, ever19:51
wendarno cron jobs19:52
ajmitchright, nor writing files outside of /home, which can cut out quite a few apps19:52
wendarno adding to apt sources, or adding ppas, or adding to keyrings19:52
wendarso, definitely worth listing the hard guidelines19:52
wendarand we could add an item something to the effect that we may find security problems not listed during review19:53
ajmitcha package can't install other packages, can it? I'm thinking of the case of a music player using the codec installer19:54
wendarI recall a policy to that effect, but can't find it19:55
wendarmaybe it's on the original post release apps page instead of the security page?19:56
* wendar looks19:56
wendaroh, it is on the security guidelines, just not clearly worded "cannot install/upgrade software with this software "19:56
wendarThat's https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PostReleaseApps/SecurityChecklist19:57
ajmitchyeah, the security guidelines were written early on, I think we have some flexibility with that19:57
wendarbut, on the whole, I'd say we stick with it19:58
wendarunless there's a really good reason not to19:58
ajmitchfair enough19:58
wendarthe security checklist wasn't part of the reviewed/approved TB policy, so we use our own judgement19:59

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