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urfr332g0whts up.01:07
stampede_dudenot much01:08
stampede_dudetrying to get this IRC client working, looks like it does.01:08
urfr332g0we see you that is for sure01:08
stampede_dudealright, thanks.01:09
davkbod-ldwhat does the "/n" referr to in ip-addresses?01:14
stampede_dudegive an example01:14
davkbod-ldas in
stampede_dudethat is a representation of the subnet mask i believe01:15
stampede_dudehold on and i will find a site that can better explain01:15
stampede_dudeif it was a port it would be
escottdavkbod-ld, /16 means that the last two blocks of digits dont matter01:15
holsteinyeah... : is for ports.. like
davkbod-ldso the last octet is disregarded01:16
davkbod-ldor last two octcts (da** this keyboard!)01:17
stampede_dudemeans it has subnet mask does it not?01:18
escottdavkbod-ld, yes. if this were a filter you would only match on the first two octets01:19
davkbod-ldcul, thx...back to the other window...<grin>01:20
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CuliforgeIs there anyone familiar with this.. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/plymouth/+bug/52632103:10
ubot2`Launchpad bug 526321 in plymouth "System does not booth with last plymouth. SAK needed to unlock it." [Undecided,Fix released]03:10
CuliforgeI seem to be having this problem and can't boot my 10.04 install03:11
Culiforgeor something similar03:11
holsteinCuliforge: have you tried an earlier kernel?03:11
Culiforgeholstein: how do I go about doing that.. I can't boot into the os03:11
Culiforgeholstein: with either normal or rescue mode from grub03:12
holsteinCuliforge: that would be in grub03:16
holsteinan older kernel03:16
holsteinif you dont have one, you dont have one03:16
Culiforgeholstein: nope, pretty sure I dont' have one.. it's not in the grub menu03:16
holsteinCuliforge: i keep a few around03:17
holsteini keep the last one that worked, and the current one that is being updated03:17
Culiforgeholstein: outta luck then? I don't remember updating the kernel so it would have been whichever was most current when I installed about 2 months ago from ubuntu03:18
holsteinCuliforge: its an LTS... it gets updates03:18
holsteini would boot with a live CD and scan and try and repair the disk03:19
holsteinits modular, so depending on what hardware that installation is configured to use, you can take the hard drive to another machine03:20
Culiforgeholstein: I can only assume the nvidia driver install messed it up somehow... I was just trying to take it one problem at a time03:21
Culiforgeholstein: at least get to a recovery startup..03:22
CuliforgeI've already backed up my home dir.. I may just reinstall..03:23
Culiforgeholstein: everyone here was very helpful with trying to get me straightened out after my nvidia installation... but to no avail. I installed 11.04 on another partition so I could get back to work03:25
philipballewno need to reinstall03:25
philipballewuntill you try to repair03:25
Culiforgephilipballew: how so?03:26
philipballewi would avoid reinstalling if you have a problem untill the system is compromised so a reinstall is the only way. you can also attempt to boot with a liveusb and fix from there03:27
philipballewI wonder if chrooting into the machine from a live usb then installing a updated kernal ppa is possible03:27
holsteinyeah, at least you can learn from it too03:28
holsteini mean, it cant get any more broken :)03:28
Culiforgephilipballew: holstein: I'm all for it if you wanna help me out03:28
Culiforgeholstein: oh yes It can03:28
holsteinwell, i would do what i said first03:28
holsteini would run some tests on the hard drive from a live CD.. then test the file system03:29
Culiforgeholstein: live cd and repair?03:29
holsteinCuliforge: yup03:29
Culiforgeholstein:  I've done that several times... clean as a whistle03:29
Culiforgeholstein: posted the boot script output and everyone had a look at it03:30
holsteinwith just the one kernel, it can be something simple with it, and you are just locked out03:31
urfr332g0Culiforge, you still have the script?03:31
Culiforgeholstein: well, the link I first posted is the error I get03:31
Culiforgeurfr332g0: just ran another.. was expecting someone to ask... :)   http://paste.ubuntu.com/839967/03:32
urfr332g0Culiforge, which is the broken one by hd and partition?03:33
urfr332g0and the latest install03:33
Culiforgeurfr332g0: sdb1 on the WD8003:34
urfr332g0Culiforge, the broken one?03:34
Culiforgeurfr332g0: yes03:34
Culiforgeurfr332g0: I hope that's what you wanted to know03:35
Culiforgeurfr332g0: it's a 10.04 install03:35
urfr332g0yeah you have run a updte-grub from the latest install and have that HD as first in the bios03:35
Culiforgeurfr332g0: "that HD" as in the os I'm currently running or the broken one?03:36
urfr332g0Culiforge, the latest install03:37
holsteinyeah, tahts a good idea. cant hurt03:37
urfr332g0you said you had a new install to get back to work.03:37
Culiforgeurfr332g0: that's been done recently as well03:37
Culiforgeurfr332g0: yes, I'm currently in 11.1003:37
Culiforgeurfr332g0: 11.10 first in the grub menu03:38
urfr332g0Culiforge, is that HD first in the bios though you have 3 hd's with grub bootloaders in their mbr's03:39
urfr332g0also what happens if you chhose the broken one from the grub menu?03:40
Culiforgeurfr332g0: hrmmm, I'd have to drop out and check... choose broken one... hangs with a pid error and I get a "loading , please wait" msg.03:40
urfr332g0Culiforge, personally I would make sure your booting the HD that is the 11.10, and then boot to that and run a suddo updte-gerub and see if the broken boots.03:41
urfr332g0sudo update-grub  opps sorry03:42
Culiforgeurfr332g0: ok, I'll try that.. bbiab03:42
urfr332g0Culiforge, you could also try a supergrub disc and see if it gets you into the broken one.03:42
Culiforgeurfr332g0: ok, I'll try that as well03:43
urfr332g0holstein, quite the conundrum for sure. :)03:43
urfr332g0I just have some basic tools in this situation.03:44
Culiforgeurfr332g0: updating grub...03:53
Culiforgeback out03:54
Culiforgeurfr332g0: same old same old on the grub update... now I'm getting error: ata time out.. .. disk problems?04:01
urfr332g0Culiforge, could it be a broken disc?04:02
urfr332g0Culiforge, not sure beyond just checking all the regular boot stuff really04:02
urfr332g0as you did04:02
Culiforgeurfr332g0: how can I be currently running 11.10 from a broken disk?...04:02
urfr332g0Culiforge, I thought you meant the broken OS choice gave you errors.04:08
urfr332g0the sdc is the 11.04 the sdb is the broken sdc would be first in the bios if tat is what you did.04:10
Culiforgeurfr332g0: yes, the broken 10.04 gives some pid error to do with plymouth04:11
Culiforgesdc is first in bios04:11
urfr332g0Culiforge, beyond me have you tried a nomodeset in the sdb1 kernel?04:12
Culiforgeurfr332g0: yes I have04:12
urfr332g0Culiforge, not sure beyond that the other user holstein is much more exsperienced I just saw the bootscript refrence and was interested.04:13
Culiforgeurfr332g0: thanks for the assist tho04:14
urfr332g0soory if I interrupted. ;(04:14
Culiforgebbiab, gonna try supergrubdisk04:14
urfr332g0Culiforge, usually it is just for broken boots it sounds like your getting in.04:15
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Nu-NewbieHi. Can someone tell me where to learn to be as secure in Ubuntu as "possible"?13:28
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rajus-fox:  heya , howz the day ?14:44
s-foxPretty busy, what about you raju  ?14:45
rajus-fox:  not yet started but work is there (in forums )14:45
duanedesign'lo you two15:09
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chorgoxgood night everyone21:15
chorgoxI been using ubuntu remix 10.04 on my netbook and after a while I swap to ubuntu 11.04 and now Im not sure wich one would give me better performance or better battery life? what is your opinion ?21:16
chorgoxI think that ubuntu 11.04 seems a bit slower but i get better battery life?21:17
Unit193Should be using 11.10 rather than 11.0421:17
chorgoxgood point, but in older slower machines is not better to use older versions ?21:18
Unit193I think they worked on battery stuff, but Unity isn't as light.21:18
Unit193In that case, you can use either Xubuntu, Lubuntu, or maybe Kubuntu. Not as good to stay on releases between LTS's when there's a newer one, IMO.21:20
chorgoxyeah, by the time i used 11.04 I was on Lubuntu, however I remeber 10.04 to perform better (or is just that i can't remeber)21:22
Unit193The core is the same, so it could be the core being slower.21:28
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