jonohey everyone00:21
popey /45/00:22
popey /78/ was the correct response00:23
* popey goes to bed00:23
bkerensaakgraner: Do we know who works on the Ubuntu Friendly team?03:48
cprofittAra I think03:49
akgranerbkerensa, yes we do -03:50
cprofittnot sure of any others03:50
cprofitthey akgraner03:50
akgranerbkerensa, what do you need to know that's Victor's team - what's up?03:50
akgranercprofitt, hey03:50
bkerensaakgraner: Were considering doing some Ubuntu Friendly testing at our Global Jam in addition to Ubuntu and Debian bug fixing03:51
bkerensaso we wanted a list of stuff we will need03:51
akgraneroh cool  - it's easy03:51
akgranerlook in the dash at system testing03:52
cprofittI think you can do the testing with a CD or flashdrive boot03:52
akgranerand that's all you need to do03:52
cprofittif I remember the con call03:52
akgraneryep you can03:52
cprofittalright... I gotta get some sleep03:53
akgranernight cprofitt03:53
cprofitthave a great night all03:53
akgranerbkerensa, I have a slide deck somewhere about Ubuntu Friendly - as I demo'd it for a LUG meeting03:53
akgranerI'll send it to you this week03:53
akgranerbut basically if you just go through the 'system testing' you'll know what to do - but if you have questions about it - join #ubuntu-testing or shoot me an email and I'll help you out as well03:54
akgranerbkerensa, give me til Friday to get you the slidedeck - I have a couple things I need to do this week but bug me if I don't have it to you by Friday ( I need to send it to Victor as well :-/)03:56
nigelbIts an akgraner! :)04:28
akgranernigelb, hey you!04:29
nigelbHow was LC?04:29
akgranerawesome and busy04:32
akgranerand I can flash SD drives and install all kinds of things on our member boards now - woot woot :-)04:32
nigelbso do we call you ARM geek now?04:33
akgranernigelb, haha04:33
akgranerwe also demo's Ubuntu TV on ARM  (PandaBoard) and that was popular as well as an XBMC demo on Snowball. Was pretty cool - video will be out over the next few weeks of all our demos04:34
mhall119akgraner: how was the performance of the TV on the pandaboard?04:35
akgranerawesome :-)04:35
akgranergotta luv those boxee remotes too :-)04:36
* mhall119 gotta get one to love04:36
akgranerour android team had 10 demos on 5 boards04:36
akgranerthey demo's various games running on ICS04:37
akgranerdang it - demo'd04:37
mhall119I saw someone post an image of a quad-core A904:37
akgranerI'll be posting pics tonight hopefully04:37
mhall119some nice hardware starting to come out04:37
akgranertotally - I'm excited04:38
mhall119I'm jealous04:38
mhall119because I don't have any :(04:38
mhall119I wish I had more time for hardware-hacking04:38
nigelbmhall119: me too.04:40
nigelbI really want to hack on ARM or arduino.04:40
cjohnstonI learned how to use my Beagle enough to know I want a newer board too04:50
akgranercjohnston,  :-)04:51
akgranercjohnston, nooo - I got a plan for you and that BeagleBoard :-P (just kidding)04:51
cjohnstonuh oh04:52
cjohnstonfor some reason, i dont think your actually kidding04:52
cjohnstonakgraner: if it was running ICS it would be cooler.. I think I have alot of work to get it to ICS04:52
akgranerare you running the Ubuntu LEB on it now?04:53
cjohnstonit was ok04:54
cjohnstonvery slow sd card04:54
akgranercjohnston, gotcha - let me send you some info tomorrow - see what we can do about that04:55
cjohnstonI'm gonna try to work with Ash on ICS04:55
pleia2ICS even on production devices is a bit special sometimes :\04:56
akgranerpleia2, you are so nice using the word "special" painful is what I would use :-)04:56
pleia2it's actually not /that/ bad on my phone now that 4.0.3 is out04:57
pleia2was pretty battery draining and crashy earlier04:57
cjohnstonI want ICS on my phone04:57
akgranerwhat do you have on it now04:58
akgraneryeah people teased me b/c I don't have it on my phone either - but whatever, I said I have it on an SD card...05:00
cjohnstoni would put it on my phone if it was in the neighborhood of easy05:00
pleia2mine isn't due to any geek cred, I have a Nexus S that got it OTA05:01
cjohnstonblah blah blah05:01
akgranercjohnston, have you recovered from Connect05:04
pleia2cjohnston: home yet, or enjoying LA still?05:04
akgranerI have a cold now - I slept for half the day today...05:04
cjohnstonakgraner: im in cali still05:04
akgranerpleia2, ^^05:05
cjohnstonill be home at 410est tomorrow05:05
akgranerI wanted to stay for ELC and ABS but sadly I didn't get to this year05:06
akgranerPete accused me of being an event junkie :-/ and in need of intervention05:06
pleia2I had to get over events really quick living out here, there is so much all the time05:07
pleia2end up with event hangover :)05:07
pleia2it stops being fun05:07
akgranerI can see how that happens05:09
nigelbpleia2: event hangovers - I go through that every month :(05:16
nigelbPerils of working as a conference organizers.05:16
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dholbachgood morning07:46
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bkerensaakgraner: You have to go to OSCON sometime... Its the Grammy's of FOSS08:26
nigelbplanned maintenance11:03
mhall119thanks dholbach12:54
jcastrohey mhall11913:54
jcastrodon't we want the Loco IRC to point to #locoteams?13:55
mhall119jcastro: global jam is community-wide13:55
jcastroI get that13:56
mhall119jono and I thought it would be better to point it here13:56
jcastroI was under the impression that this was a team channel13:57
jcastrobut whatever. :)13:57
mhall119jcastro: yeah, jono mentioned that we should drop the -team from the channel name13:58
czajkowskimhall119: but we've always said go to #ububntu-locoteams13:58
czajkowskiwhy the change?13:58
mhall119czajkowski: this is a new feature for global events, we've never pointed anything anywhere before13:59
jcastro@mhall119 well, I thought this channel was the team channel13:59
meetingologyjcastro: Error: "mhall119" is not a valid command.13:59
jcastronot a hangout channel13:59
czajkowskimhall119: on blog posts and mails we have always directed them to the locoteams channel13:59
jcastroI'm just concerned it will turn into #ubunty13:59
mhall119czajkowski: for general chatter?13:59
MrChrisDruifjcastro; indeed, I thought we had #ubuntu-offtopic for that?13:59
jcastroer, #ubuntu13:59
czajkowskimhall119: always14:00
czajkowskigeneral chatter went there14:00
czajkowskip[us fot teams wanting to show off what they were doing14:00
czajkowskiduring the day, or ask where they should go, they went there first14:00
mhall119czajkowski: well the LC has the ability to edit that, if you guys wanted it pointed somewhere else14:00
czajkowskiwell not if ye've made the decision to put them in here...14:01
mhall119czajkowski: it's just a field in the database, easy enough to change14:01
* jcastro doesn't feel strongly either way, was just pointing out that it was different14:01
mhall119I don't have a preference either, I just needed to put *something* in the field14:04
jcastromy only concern is monday after the jam that this channel becomes a mess14:07
jcastromhall119: can you help me with my wireless?14:08
mhall119and you'd rather that happens to -locoteams, or you don't think it will happen to -locoteams?14:09
mhall119if we want to setup a separate channel specifically for globaljam chatter, I'm cool with that too14:09
mhall119again, it's just a field in the database14:09
* mhall119 needs to remove status.net form the microblog feed14:10
jcastrowell, we always did it in locoteams in the past14:10
jcastroshrug, like I said, I'm not too opinionated about it14:10
MrChrisDruifmhall119; that might even be a good idea14:11
mhall119MrChrisDruif: that'll be windows #71 for me :(14:11
MrChrisDruifmhall119; just for the UGJ ;-)14:11
MrChrisDruifAfter that you can close it again ^_^14:11
mhall119close an irc window????14:12
mhall119jcastro: are you enjoying watching everyone in Florida complain about 40F temperatures?14:13
jcastrowe went to the garlic fest over the weekend14:16
jcastroand people were wearing coats and gloves and hats14:16
jcastroI was like "what?"14:16
jcastroI did wear a pullover yesterday though, it was a tad chilly14:17
MrChrisDruifjcastro; and the temperature was?14:18
MrChrisDruif(In Celsius if possible ^_^)14:18
jcastro50s iirc14:18
jcastrooh, no clue in C14:18
jcastroit was light jacket weather, but not like, coats and gloves and stuff14:18
MrChrisDruifAh, 10+ C14:19
MrChrisDruifLast week it was -13 C in Holland O_O14:19
MrChrisDruif8.6 F14:19
mhall119MrChrisDruif: Floridians are weenies when it comes to cold14:20
mhall119but we'll make fun of everyone else in the summer14:20
mhall119we're all "Oh, you're on fire?  Well we have humidity! take that!"14:22
MrChrisDruifAfternoon cjohnston ^_^14:55
cjohnstonit will be afternoon once I get on the plane14:56
mhall119cjohnston: you're not back yet?15:05
mhall119cjohnston: stop vacationing and get back to work15:11
jcastrohey guys15:16
jcastroso, with this loco page15:16
jcastrowhere are we putting tasks and stuff for people15:16
dpmjcastro, I haven't been doing it myself yet, but I thought it was https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuGlobalJam15:20
dpmor the one on the loco directory15:21
dpmfor the event15:21
jcastroyeah I am just confused, with the new page we'll probably remove a bunch of stuff from this page right?15:21
dpmI thought the idea was just to modify the front page and leave the subpages as they were15:22
jcastros-fox: yo.15:23
jcastros-fox: did someone with admin access link up with lamont?15:24
mhall119dpm: the dashboard on the loco directory is for interaction/participation, the wiki is still better for detailed information15:29
dpmmhall119, ok, cool15:30
s-foxjcastro,  I sent some contact details through. Not heard anything since15:35
czajkowskinever again shall I torture dholbach or jcastro for email addresses whoooooooo :D15:42
Pendulumczajkowski: now your real motive comes clear :P15:43
czajkowskial I wanted was email addresses15:44
dholbachhey jono15:56
jonohey dholbach15:57
jonodholbach, all set?16:01
jonodpm, going to be a bit late16:29
dpmjono, no worries16:29
jonodpm, all set?16:45
dpmjono, yep, let me grab a drink, I need 30 sec16:45
jonodpm, np, will set up the hangout16:46
* dholbach could do with a drink too16:46
jonodpm, hangout sent16:47
jonodholbach, jaegerbombs! :-)16:47
mhall119one of those Mondays is it?16:47
dholbachjono, that'd be a bit drastic :)16:48
jonoain't nothing drastic about a jaegerbomb?16:48
jcastrodid someone say shots?16:48
jonoshot shot shot shot shot shots shots16:49
dholbachI love you all16:49
czajkowskiohhh nyommy jaegaerbombs!16:54
czajkowskior baby guinness :D16:54
jcastro<-- lunching17:01
jcastro(though I might just go to a bar and get some jaegerbombs)17:02
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mhall119jono: are we still on in 5?17:25
dholbachalright my friends - I call it a day - there's a one-year anniversary to celebrate17:26
dholbachsee you all tomorrow17:26
mhall119bye dholbach17:27
mhall119happy $anniversary17:27
dholbachthanks :)17:28
jonomhall119, all set?17:30
dpmjcastro, you've got an awesome about page on your new blog17:30
jcastroyeah that's about.me17:31
jcastrodpm: http://castrojo.tumblr.com/post/11360873455/lets-make-it-personal17:31
mhall119jono: yup17:33
jonomhall119, creating hangout17:33
dpmok, calling it a day...17:39
dpmhave a nice rest of the day everyone, and see you tomorrow!17:39
jcastromhall119: andrewsomething has fixes for CCSM in the queue17:42
jcastrosee ubuntu-desktop17:42
jcastroyou might have to ping smspillaz to look at them17:42
mhall119jcastro: link to the fixes?18:06
jcastrothey're from like 3 days ago18:06
mhall119jcastro: looks like didrocks is already on the case18:07
jcastrooh awesome. <318:07
jcastrolooks like he must have read the same mail, heh18:08
jonojcastro, all set?19:00
jcastrojono: yep19:02
jcastrosorry I was in the restoorm19:02
jonojcastro, damn you!19:03
jcastroplugin crashed19:03
jcastroone sec19:03
snap-ljcastro: Introduce Jono to Signals. :)19:11
snap-lDigital Man. :)19:11
koolhead17hi all19:12
balloonsjono, skaggs live in 10?19:21
jonoballoons, yup19:24
jonojcastro, http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/1443/detail/19:24
jonoballoons, want to start early?19:26
balloonsohh yea.. 4 mins early!19:26
balloonsso good19:26
jonointo my fourth hour of calls19:26
jonoMondays are always intense19:26
jonoinvite sent19:27
jcastroDaviey: ping19:28
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jonopopey, ping?21:36
jonopopey, are you running the business remix team?21:36
jonopopey, who is?21:37
popeyGary Ekker is21:37
jonook cool21:37
jonoI need to get some content for Wired21:37
jonowill mail him21:37
balloonsthe plot thickens...21:39
balloonsda da da dum...21:39
jcastroINBOX 321:48
* mhall119 inbox (500)21:49
jcastroInbox 0 would be an awesome achievement in ubuntu21:51
jcastrofor the trophies21:51
jcastroman where did the day go21:52
czajkowskiI've no idea. but so in dire need of sleep21:53
jo-erlendjcastro, I actually manage that most of the time, though I really do get insane amounts of mail at times. :)21:56
jo-erlendheh, it really requires quite an effort. :)21:56
pleia2I give myself a gold star when I can keep it under 50 :)21:56
pleia2(44 right now, woo gold star!)21:56
jo-erlendI deleted all emails in my mailbox at new years eve, and now it's about 6500 emails. 0 unread.21:57
mhall119czajkowski: how was your first day?21:59
* balloons inbox(4)22:01
balloonsbut that's not counting all the other items in folders that are unread.. sometimes the key to winning is to use a better metric :-)22:01
jo-erlendall folders and all accounts (0) :)22:02
jo-erlendone thing that annoys me, though, is that gmail exposes some messages twice, so I have to mark them as read twice in tbird.22:03
jo-erlendI'm very close to dropping the whole google thing once and for all.22:03
czajkowskimhall119: inbox 0 :)22:05
czajkowskiam pooped22:05
jonojcastro, 20% day...you should write some Juju and Server accomplishments ;-)22:10
jcastrook so like while I love the 20% idea22:11
jcastroit doesn't actually add 20% time to my workday22:11
jonomhall119, did you figure out the problem with the number of UGJ events on l.u.c?22:13
jcastrojono: oh dude22:13
jcastroon the other hand22:13
jcastrotrophies are perfect for UCJ22:13
jcastroer, UGJ22:13
jonojcastro, indeed22:13
jcastroa loco team, one whiteboard, 2 hours22:14
jcastrocould totally make a ton22:14
jonojcastro, you wanna write them?22:14
jcastroI'll have to see how close my tasks are to the black line that weekend22:14
jcastrocall me "plateau guy"22:14
jonoalways the ideas...never the commitment...22:15
jcastroi know right22:15
jcastroI'll get my few in there22:15
jonothis week I hope to show it working so people can test it22:15
jonofor existing U1 users it is basically about there22:16
jcastrojono: hey so, gustavo totally future proofed himself22:16
jcastrowhen the store lands22:16
jcastrothe existing clients will just work22:16
jo-erlendheh... Has the software center gone on strike in Precise? :)22:16
jcastrothat means that when the backend goes live, everyone with juju will just get the backend22:17
jcastrothey won't be like totally broken22:17
jcastroit's totally awesome22:17
jcastroeven on 11.1022:17
jonojcastro, sweet22:19
jonojo-erlend, they are getting synced over soon22:19
jo-erlendjono, it's not just me then. Thanks :)22:19
jcastrohmm, is this local menu thing omg running real?22:20
jonojo-erlend, :-)22:20
jcastroI thought they were just putting them in the window title area, not making them vertical22:20
jonojcastro, Trevinho is working on it22:20
jononot sure what the final design will be22:20
jonoI suspect this will get some user testing22:20
jonoand be adjusted22:20
jonoit can work in a few different modes22:21
jcastrooh I am just wondering if this was a result of the last batch of user testing22:21
jonoit was a result of a merge proposal22:21
jcastroit looks awesome22:22
jcastrono more disappearing menu!22:22
jo-erlendbut shouldn't it have a button like close, minimize and maximize?22:24
jcastroit does in the title bar thing22:25
jcastro(from the screenshot I am looking at, I haven't tried it)22:25
jo-erlendI'm looking at that screenshot too. I'm thinking that doesn't look like an actionable widget.22:25
jo-erlendmight be difficult to discover.22:25
jcastrooh I see what you mean22:25
jcastroassuming the final one makes that discoverable, shrug22:28
jcastroI didn't like the disappearing menu that much22:28
jcastroI suspect I will be heavily using the hud for the few times I use the  menu anyway22:28
jcastrojo-erlend: this will be excellent22:35
jcastronow the people who hate the global menu will like this22:35
jcastroand now we'll get flamed by the people who liked the global menu22:35
jcastrowe need to cover all the bases!22:35
jo-erlendI really _love_ the fact that the menubar is hidden. This seems to be mostly perfect. When maximized, it should be hidden until the window controls are displayed on hover. On non-maximized windows, it should be visible all the time, since the window controls are anyway. One more button won't add much clutter.22:36
jo-erlendjcastro, "So many clicks! Horizontal is better!" :)22:37
jcastroyeah I thought LIM would just be the menu showing up on the titlebar when the app is unmaximized.22:41
jcastrobut whatever, this looks better I think22:41
jonoback soon, heading to the coffee shop22:49
mhall119jo-erlend: https://code.launchpad.net/~mhall119/loco-team-portal/fix-globalevent-count/+register-merge22:50
mhall119whoops, was for jono22:50
mhall119but he's already left, so tab-fail22:50
jo-erlendyes, I got a little confused there, for a moment. :)22:50
jcastrohey mhall11922:50
jcastrois that local menu thing in the unity queue?22:50
* jcastro debates switching back to the staging ppa22:50
mhall119depends, what do yu mean by 'local menu thing'?22:50
mhall119jcastro: the thing OMG had up?22:51
mhall119I don't think those branches have landed yet22:51
mhall119I don't know if staging ppa builds from trunk or some other branch though22:52
jcastroI think it's trunk22:53
jcastrowell, I notice the PPA fires off when new stuff hits trunk22:53
jcastrobut that just might be coincidence for all I know22:53
AlanBellsurprised global menu and lim thing don't look like launcher quicklists22:57
AlanBellI wonder if launcher quicklists could *be* the menu, they are just dbusmenuitems22:58
AlanBellno, they are not hierarchical. Shame.23:01
mhall119AlanBell: they are also per-app, not per-window23:07
mhall119they might work for the new Gnome AppMenu though23:08
AlanBellmhall119: yeah, but the active window is the only one of an app-group with a useful menu23:16
AlanBellif the quicklists were hierachical and exposed the menu of the top-most window of the application they would be quite interesting23:17
AlanBelldid you try my window quicklists?23:18
mhall119AlanBell: the new Gnome Application Menu is going to let app developers define one menu for the application itself, not just per-window23:19
mhall119I think that's coming in Gnome 3.423:19
mhall119AlanBell: http://live.gnome.org/ThreePointThree/Features/ApplicationMenu23:20
AlanBellinteresting, would be nice to pin that to the launcher on a per-application basis23:21
AlanBellthen you could operate the menus of all your applications, without changing window focus if you don't want to23:21
AlanBellthis might be a feature that the design team won't approve of23:22
AlanBellanyhow, window quicklists are nice. http://people.ubuntu.com/~alanbell/quicklists.py23:23
jo-erlendwhere is this implemented? I mean, will it have to be hardcoded into Unity or something, or can it be implemented using plugins? It would be very nice, I think, if you could install different menu styles. That way, people could experiment much more with different styles, which might make it easier to find something awesome that really works well.23:26
mhall119jo-erlend: Gnome exports it over dbus, iirc23:49
mhall119not exactly like Unity does, but similar idea23:49

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