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dholbachgood morning07:46
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etneg_kenvandine: ping19:26
kenvandineetneg_, pong19:26
etneg_kenvandine: hey, got my mail?19:27
etneg_i didnt post it to the wiki, thought i'd see what you thought before i did19:27
etneg_also in the ombgbuntu articlecomments section few people asked where to post concepts, i had given them a link to the wiki19:28
etneg_thought i'd ask you first but you werent around then and figured you could use more concepts19:30
kenvandineah, sorry thought i had replied to that19:31
etneg_in the mail, there's one with a metallic G look logo i did, it doesnt obey any of the rules you mentioned but i thought you could still take a peek19:31
etneg_na i didnt get any mail from you19:31
kenvandineetneg_, my reply window is still open :)19:32
kenvandinei kind of like gwibber8.png19:32
kenvandineeven though it doesn't really have anything social about it :)19:32
etneg_ye  that one i tried ot keep quite simple and to the point19:33
kenvandinejust feels kind of fun19:33
etneg_oh the social part was the letters throw about in colors19:33
kenvandinethe quotes around it19:33
etneg_i think colors define socialism?19:33
etneg_the colors are still kinda ubuntu-centric19:33
kenvandinei didn't really get that feel from it, but i did really like it19:33
etneg_the quotes + _ was just something i thought clearly tells its something like a twitter app19:34
etneg_i asked a bunch of people about it19:34
etneg_without telling them what this logo was for19:34
kenvandineit does19:34
etneg_and all of them replied it was a logof or a twitter like app19:34
etneg_so i thought it came out ok19:34
kenvandineyou should post that one on the wiki see what people say19:34
etneg_what aobut the rest?19:34
kenvandinenot sure what you would do for an icon with it though19:34
etneg_for the icon i can simplify it19:34
etneg_its got the two Gs making a face19:35
kenvandinethe others really didn't catch my eye19:35
etneg_i could use that for the icon or something19:35
kenvandineoh, i didn't even notice that :)19:35
etneg_thats another social part i added19:35
kenvandinecool, yeah so that one really caught my attention19:35
kenvandineeven though it wasn't really what i thought i wanted19:35
kenvandinethanks for that :)19:35
etneg_you want the scattered letters in 3d?19:36
etneg_i was tring to keep it simple19:36
kenvandinesimple is better19:36
kenvandine3d might over do it19:36
etneg_want some gloss on the two Gs?19:36
etneg_like a bit of shine19:36
kenvandinethat might be nice19:37
etneg_as for -wibber i would keep it in black unless you wanna change it19:37
etneg_the black gives it a sort of typing text feel to it19:37
etneg_kenvandine: btw what about the pen concept?19:39
kenvandinei didn't really like the computer image19:42
kenvandineso many different form factors now, laptops, tablet, phone, etc...19:42
etneg_the computer image was a rough19:47
etneg_a quick hack19:47
etneg_i'll see what i can do, let me modify gwibber819:47
etneg_kenvandine: updated the wiki with gwibber820:52
kenvandineetneg_, thx20:52
etneg_i added a bit of shine to the Gg20:53
etneg_let me know if that looks fine20:53
etneg_there re no blurs or any of that in them so, would be safe to shrink it down for an icon size too, just the two Gg's and the bracket for the lip20:54
etneg_or even just have one G as the icon20:55

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