mhall119paultag: hey yourself00:08
mhall119what's up?00:08
paultagmhall119: it's not baked at all (due to a number of bugs) but I've got some codes working00:12
paultagmhall119: http://me.anized.org/paultag/ <- might want the browser bigger width-wise then height-wise00:12
mhall119for the practically.me, or politics lens?00:12
paultagmhall119: practically.me - I think I'm going to keep it's use as an ubuntu utility in mind when I polish this up00:12
maminaCan anibody help me with this http://alturl.com/n53kn ?00:14
paultagmhall119: if y'all community types want it, I'll put the time into making it ubuntu-ey with ease00:15
mhall119paultag: sounds interesting, we'd have to see if there's a desire in the community for an ubuntu-centric site like that00:49
mhall119maybe can integrate it with other things like launchpad teams, askubuntu achievements, etc00:50
paultagI'm thinking of integration, but the idea is miminalism00:50
paultagI don't much mind one way or the other, this is a fun side-hack on learning django well enough to use00:50
mhall119bbl, gotta try and fix the hinges on my laptop00:53
h00kmhall119: oi, good luck. That's never fun.01:24
mhall119yay, I can move my laptop lid again!01:50
mhall119h00k: it wasn't too bad01:50
* mhall119 loves his D63001:51
mhall119I've been putting it off for a month now, expecting it to be terrible01:51
mhall119only took an hour01:51
h00kmhall119: congrats01:52
* h00k looks for an image01:52
h00kOh yeah, I've had those apart. not too bad01:52
mhall119I've been trying not to break the plastic for the last month02:03
mhall119sure did a number on those hinges though, even the one that wasn't in 2 pieces was cracked almostly all the way through02:04
mhall119gotta love any hardware fix that costs less than $20 USD though02:04
mhall119paultag: this practically.me, what all does it do?02:05
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dholbachgood morning07:47
xdatap1morning Laura08:18
czajkowskixdatap1: hey there 08:18
YoBoYxdatap1: hi, do you have 5 minutes ?09:47
xdatap1YoBoY, hi! sure09:48
YoBoYit's about the twining bug 89418109:49
YoBoYwhat plan are your refering to with Charles ? ^^"09:49
xdatap1YoBoY, nothing on our side. The thing is that Christophe said that it could be easily done since they speak french as well and you could share with them some CD09:51
xdatap1YoBoY, so the "plan" is that you guys try to twin and starting from your experience maybe we can get some take outs for other teams09:51
YoBoYtwin with which team ? we have to pick one ourselves ?09:52
xdatap1YoBoY, so, since the bug was still opened I just commented for giving you my +109:52
YoBoYok, so to make it clear, we have to find a non approved team who want to be mentored by us, and help them to start or improve their activities. I think we were waiting the part "find the non approved team..." coming from LC. I'll talk to Christophe to see how we can do that on our side.10:01
czajkowskiYoBoY: huats specifically already stated he had a team in mind 10:03
huatsczajkowski: I had10:03
huatsit was mali10:03
xdatap1here he is10:03
xdatap1hello huats :)10:04
* czajkowski hugs huats 10:04
huatshello everyone10:04
czajkowskihuats: the french caused much grief to the irish again at the weekend ! 10:04
huatsactually hello from my bed with throat infection10:05
xdatap1huats, oh, poor you. Take care of you. Is it snowing in France?10:05
* dholbach hugs huats10:06
huatsit was snowing a lot :)10:06
dholbachI heope you feel better soon again10:06
YoBoYxdatap1: not in Paris10:06
huatsdholbach: I am already better than the end of last week :)10:06
huatsczajkowski: actually I have called the ref to cancel the game because I wasn't able to look at the game :)10:07
dholbachfrom December on I had a cold 3 times, or well, maybe it never left me until a week ago10:07
dholbachbut it's all good now10:07
huatsI'll take you as a model again then10:07
paultagmhall119: right now, nothing other then the basics. I have plans for integration with other f/oss communities (such as launchpad and github) and digesting it into fun little tidbits on their pages14:40
paultagmhall119: perhaps some widget-ey things, but nothing fancy. I just want it to be simple and friendly14:40
paultagmhall119: the whole point is if you *want* an in depth set of data - go to launchpad or github14:40
mhall119paultag: I was wondering, is it something that we can just sftp to people.ubuntu.com?14:44
paultagmhall119: in it's current form - no question, but eventually, it'd have to update it on a cron or something14:45
paultagmhall119: it also excludes a good chunk of non-member contributors14:45
mhall119true, it's just an ideal hostname for it14:45
paultagit'd be easy enough to turn into a cronjob14:46
mhall119maybe we can separate the user-profile stuff from the file-upload stuff14:46
paultagmhall119: yeah, I mean, that's not hard14:47
mhall119so that everyone can have a profile, but still limit upload to members14:47
paultagit's just having to convert it to a not-django project14:47
mhall119or use Apache configs to redirect the requests14:47
paultagmhall119: and get rid of people.ubuntu storage?14:47
mhall119no, keep the storage, but say "If the request is to /, send it to django, otherwise see if it points to a file to serve"14:48
paultagmhall119: that could get mighty messy - it'd be easy to convert it to a jinja2 template, and ditch web front-ends and just generate static html to copy over14:49
paultagbut then someone would need a cron-job to upload their stuff14:49
paultagbecause eventually I want to add more dynamic support14:49
mhall119true, if it's going to be mostly static that would be easy14:49
mhall119we can have one cron to update everyone14:50
paultagyeah, that'd be rad14:50
mhall119paultag: you should make a blueprint for uds-q so we can talk about it more14:51
paultagmhall119: I'm willing to maintain and develop the upstream software, but I don't really want to deal with politicking with the Ubuntu community14:52
mhall119czajkowski: btw, you now have Markdown support in the global event details field if you want to add formatting16:47
mhall119same for team events, meetings, venues, etc16:47
mhall119for global events you can add uncensored HTML as well16:47
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