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TheMusoWhat directory is one supposed to upload to on revu? I am using dput in precise, and the default revu config doesn't seem to be working.06:13
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dholbachgood morning07:47
dupondjeHi, a depend on "mysql-client-5.1 | mysql-client" should just be fine in precise ?08:02
dupondjeas mysql-client is meta package for mysql-client-5.5 ?08:02
micahgbinary depends or build depends?08:06
micahgbinary depends is fine08:07
* micahg wonders why he thinks there would be binary depends on mysql-client08:08
dupondjemicahg: its binary depends08:26
dupondjeso https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/automysqlbackup/+bug/931123 should be just fine no ?08:27
ubottuUbuntu bug 931123 in automysqlbackup (Ubuntu) "Sync automysqlbackup 2.6+debian-1 (universe) from Debian testing (main)" [Wishlist,Incomplete]08:27
micahgdupondje: yes, that's fine08:30
TheMusoWhat directory is one supposed to upload to on revu? I am using dput in precise, and the default revu config doesn't seem to be working.08:45
TheMusoIt seems /incoming doesn't exist, and the dput precise config for review uses /cinoming for uploads...08:52
cancercan any one help me in contributing to Ubuntu08:55
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bkerensaAnyone around for a quick question on low priority values in debian/control?10:19
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geserbkerensa: just ask your question12:17
Rhonda"It would be nice to update the ubuntu software center with an new high resolution icon, a new description and the latest version of wesnoth."13:38
Rhonda… if only I know what's the issue with the current icon or description is in there, and whether wesnoth-1.10 does appear (on precise) in the software center …13:38
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mr_pouitRhonda: http://imagebin.org/19869114:04
Rhondathats french (and 1.8 …)14:08
Rhondathanks :)14:08
mr_pouityeah, it's in French sorry, but at least you can see the icon ;>14:08
Rhondayep :)14:09
Rhondabut not understand the issue with the description14:09
mr_pouitI guess something in app-install-data is wrongly generated14:14
mr_pouitthe icon for 1.10 /usr/share/app-install/icons/wesnoth-1.10-icon doesn't have a (.png) extension14:15
Rhondai think i was told to drop the .png part from the desktop file14:17
Rhondamight that be the reason?14:18
Rhondahmm, no, that seems to have been dropped from 1.8, too14:20
Rhondabut png doesn't scale14:20
Rhondaand I fear I don't have any high resolution icon, I'll ask upstream14:21
Rhondawhat resolution would be needed?  it's 64x64 currently14:22
Rhondaand in your screenshot it looks way smaller than that, mr_pouit14:22
mr_pouityou should probably ask mvo about that14:24
rajuajmitch: hello14:54
dupondjeIs there a way to see reverse build depends ?14:58
micahgdupondje: reverse-depends -b14:59
dupondjemicahg: in what package is reverse-depends ?15:02
micahgerr.2 o's15:02
Rhondagrep-dctrl -FBuild-Depends,Indep-Build-Depends $package -sPackage /var/lib/apt/lists/*_Sources15:02
Rhondadctrl-tools is quite helpful :)15:03
micahgyes, but we have a tool that does that and makes it pretty15:04
dupondjereverse-build-depends it is no ? :)15:05
dupondjegetting reverse-build-depends: unable to find sources files.15:05
Rhondadctrl-tools is pretty useful for other stuff too  :P15:05
Rhondadupondje: you need to add deb-src lines to your sources.list file15:05
dupondjeRhonda: they are added ... :)15:06
dupondjebut it looks for precise deb-src's prolly ...15:06
dupondjeand dev machine is on oneiric ... so sources.list only contains oneiric shizzle15:06
Rhonda> grep deb-src /etc/apt/sources.list | wc -l15:07
RhondaDon't let your current chosen distribution limit your deb-src entries. :)15:07
Rhondagrep -c15:08
* Rhonda hides for useless use of wc :)15:08
dupondjeadded precise deb-src's in sources.list15:12
dupondjemain/universe and multiverse15:12
dupondjebut it doesn't seem to find universe with reverse-build-depends15:12
micahgdupondje: reverse-depends isn't dependent on anything on your local system (aside from the ubuntu-dev-tools from precise)15:13
dupondjemicahg: it does look at entries in sources.list ?15:14
micahgdupondje: no, it uses a service (either LP or something from Debian), not so sure on the implementation details15:15
geserdoesn't it use a "web-service" on ubuntuwire?15:15
geseror do I mix it with an other script?15:16
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micahgI think it does, but I didn't want to say for sure15:20
Rhondadef query_rdepends(package, release, arch,15:20
Rhonda                   server='http://qa.ubuntuwire.org/rdepends'):15:20
Rhonda    """Look up a packages reverse-dependencies on the Ubuntuwire15:20
Rhonda    Reverse- webservice15:20
Rhonda    """15:20
Rhondalooking at the code it does :)15:21
tumbleweeddupondje: reverse-build-depends is the old tool. revese-depends is the new one15:21
Rhondareverse-depends -b :)15:22
dupondjefound now :) added ubuntu-dev-tools ppa :D15:23
Rhondaany backporters around? what's the proper suffix for the version string for backporting from precise to e.g. lucid?15:23
tumbleweedRhonda: backportpackage should do the right thing (and the suffix will be ~lucid1 IIRC)15:24
Rhondasource change needed, so that tool is out of scope15:24
micahgRhonda: yes, ~lucid1 is appropriate, but I think we (backporters) still need a debdiff15:25
tumbleweedbroder: ^ your backports documentation doesn't mention this15:25
Rhondamicahg: sure, but that debdiff has to contain the version in the changelog already :)15:26
micahgRhonda: indeed, I appreciate you trying to do it right the first time :)15:27
tumbleweedlol: https://lwn.net/Articles/477096/15:27
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brodertumbleweed: patches welcome! :)16:41
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broderi'll take a look at some point16:41
tumbleweedbroder: thought you might say that :)16:48
broderit *is* a wiki16:48
tumbleweedI'm also not a backporter. but yes, I should have just fixde it16:49
PatrickNLGoodday! Sorry for bothering, but I really need some help with a package. The upstream tarball contains a debian/patches/x.diff file which I want to get rid of (actually, I want to get rid of the whole upstream debian/*). Currently, an older version of the package tries to achieve this in the "get-orig-source" target, but this approach doesn't seem to work. If I upload my results to Launchpad Buildserver (my PPA) the packages fails18:08
PatrickNLto build because of the upstream patch file. Any hint is appreciated :)18:08
jtaylor3.0 packages should remove upstream debian/ packages on repack18:09
jtaylorbut that has other issues, you should repack the orig source18:09
PatrickNLit's a 1.0 package :S18:10
jtaylorand hit upstream with a large stick18:10
jtaylorwhy do they patch their own source?18:11
PatrickNLunfortunate, we don't live in an ideal world :(18:11
PatrickNLBut, your suggestion would be to migrate it to a 3.0 package, and implement a "repack" target in the rules file?18:13
jtaylorrepacking is not done during the build but before18:13
jtayloryou take the orig tarball, remove the debian/ and then consider that your new orig tarball18:14
jtaylorwith a version suffix like +dsX or  +dfsgX18:14
PatrickNLok, thanks18:16
Rhondamicahg: Actually I still wonder whether going through with a source-change upload for wesnoth-1.10 instead of *also* backporting fonts-droid to avoid the source change is really the better path …18:37
dupondjecould somebody check https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/automysqlbackup/+bug/93112318:47
ubottuUbuntu bug 931123 in automysqlbackup (Ubuntu) "Sync automysqlbackup 2.6+debian-1 (universe) from Debian testing (main)" [Wishlist,Incomplete]18:47
dupondjeno idea why it would fail to install18:48
dupondjeanyone ?18:58
Ampelbeindupondje: No idea, works fine when put in an apt repository.19:08
Ampelbeindpkg -i .... && apt-get -f install wants to remove the package, as the report says. But that shouldn't matter for installability checks.19:09
AmpelbeinI would say it's a bug/oversight in apt, it's definitely not a problem with your package.19:10
dupondjejtaylor: there ?19:14
jtaylordupondje: yes19:14
dupondjeyou have a log when you tried to install automysqlbakup ?19:15
jtaylorno it just says cannot install or removes it again depending on what tool you use19:16
dupondjethats odd, as it should just install correctly when you have 'mysql-client' installed ?19:16
AmpelbeinIt works in a apt-archive, so those tools need to get fixed imho.19:17
jtaylormaybe but the fix is trivial19:18
dupondjeits indeed easy to fix, but still it should not be needed19:19
jtaylorfile a bug against the tools then19:20
jtaylorbarry: numpy 1.6 merge https://code.launchpad.net/~jtaylor/ubuntu/precise/python-numpy/merge-1.6/+merge/9267119:21
jtaylorcomments welcome19:21
dupondjeAmpelbein: jtaylor: any debug output of the installation of automysqlbackup? don't have a native precise system here :)19:22
barryjtaylor: putting it on the list19:22
Ampelbeindupondje: http://paste.ubuntu.com/840800/19:23
jtaylorgdebi log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/840803/19:24
jtayloror Cannot install 'mysql-client-5.1'19:25
RhondaAmpelbein: why would apt-get -f install get the package removed?19:25
jtaylorbecause it can't satisfy the dependency, it probably does not check the or19:26
Rhondathen its a bug in the package19:26
AmpelbeinDepends: mysql-client-5.1 | mysql-client19:27
Rhondaif its dependencies cant be satisfied, how is that NOT a bug in the package?19:27
AmpelbeinIt's a OR dependency.19:27
jtaylorits a bug in the package, its using features not generally supported19:27
Rhondais either possible to get satisfied?19:27
Rhondaor dependencies are generally supported19:27
AmpelbeinYes, rhonda, the latter is satisfieable.19:27
jtaylorapparently not if one of the or's does nto exist19:28
Rhondathen why claim it cant be satisfied? :)19:28
dupondjemysql-client is metapackage for mysql-client-5.5 so :)19:28
dupondjeRhonda: see http://paste.ubuntu.com/840800/19:28
AmpelbeinYou'd have to ask apt why it thinks it can't be satisfied when using "apt-get -f install". It works perfectly fine when downloading from a repository.19:29
dupondjeand if you install mysql-client, you can install it with dpkg ?19:29
dupondjeSo guess it can be synced then ... :) only need to get the apt-get bug fixed, but thats quite minor no ?19:31
jtaylorI'm not going to sync it, I like stuff gdebi installable19:32
jtaylorI also get Could not open required defaults file: /etc/mysql/debian.cnf19:34
jtayloris that a chroot issue?19:34
tumbleweedAdri2000: here you go: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/transitions/opencv.html19:43
jtayloropencv is such a small transition? :O19:45
tumbleweedvtk5.4 was smaller, and much harder :)19:45
tumbleweedoh, actually about the same size19:45
tumbleweedthose science packages...19:46
* ajmitch is really glad that debian transitioned to boost1.48 after DIF19:47
highvoltagetumbleweed: crap. I forgot to give you your power supply last week :(19:47
Adri2000tumbleweed: oh, great, didn't know we had that in ubuntu as well19:48
broderis there any way to tell sponsor-patch that it should sync from testing?19:48
tumbleweedhighvoltage: oops. Are you back in canada yet?19:49
tumbleweedbroder: doesn't look like it. It just uses -V19:51
broderok. i'll file a bug19:51
tumbleweedbdrung: I suppose we should do a final u-d-t upload for precise some time soon19:51
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TheMusoIs anybody else unable to upload to review? Seems the /incoming directory doesn't exist...22:50
broderajmitch: ^22:51
jtaylorsomeone else had that problem a while ago too22:52
jtaylorseems to a general issue22:52
bdrungtumbleweed: feel free to do the final u-d-t upload22:53
ajmitchTheMuso: I can take a look23:05
micahgRhonda: I would tend to say a source name change is worth a sourceful backport upload23:09
TheMusoajmitch: Thanks. When I use lftp to look at ftp://revu.ubuntuwire.com, I see no incoming directory, as required by precise's revu dput config.23:14
ajmitchTheMuso: right, I'm just trying to figure out what changed, this appears to have happened when it rebooted last23:15
tumbleweeddupondje: your merge request bugs aren't very descriptive23:15
ajmitchTheMuso: can you retry?23:16
ajmitchno, looks like it won't like the symlink there..23:16
dupondjetumbleweed: none are really changing alot, could you give me the one23:21
ajmitchTheMuso: ok, incoming/ is a directory now, I was just trying to hide the parent directory contents properly :)23:22
tumbleweeddupondje: you mean I need to read the patch before I can see how much work its going to be?23:23
dupondjeyou are talking of what merge now ?23:24
tumbleweedthe ones that say "Merge!"23:24
dupondjewell both merges (pdns & snort) are quite small ...23:25
tumbleweedyou know that, I don't23:25
tumbleweedI also can't see how important they are (compared to all the other last-minute-before-FF things in the queue)23:25
brodertumbleweed: thanks for grabbing the u-d-t patch23:25
tumbleweedbroder: np23:26
dupondjei'll put some info (changelog + description) in them23:26
tumbleweeddupondje: thanks23:27
dupondjehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pdns/+bug/931133 something like this ?23:28
ubottuUbuntu bug 931133 in pdns (Ubuntu) "Please merge pdns 3.0-1.1 from debian testing" [Undecided,New]23:28
tumbleweedmuch better (although I can't help you with that one, it's main)23:29
micahgpdns needs to get in, I can take a look later tonight23:29
dupondjemicahg: its quite (extremely small) patch ;)23:29
dupondjeonly had to fix the multiarch libmysql23:29
micahgdupondje: sorry for the bad advice about automysqlbackup, I'm not quite sure why it behaves that way (as in it doesn't install)23:29
dupondjeno problem! got some info in -devel23:30
micahgbut if switching the arguments makes it installable, then let's just do that23:30
dupondjewell 1 can be dropped23:30
dupondjedoesn't need to depend on mysql-client or mysql-client-xx23:30
dupondjejust mysql-client is ok23:30
TheMusoajmitch: Thanks, will try now.23:31
dupondjegoing to try to catch the debian maintainer if possible, else i'll put a merge on LP23:31
dupondjetumbleweed: pdns is universe?23:31
dupondjerelease (universe)23:31
tumbleweeddupondje: ah. it must have once been main23:32
tumbleweedlp lists it as main in some places23:32
dupondjeyea indeed23:33
dupondjebut for precise its universe ... :)23:33
tumbleweedok, having a look23:36
dupondjeupdated https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/snort/+bug/93145423:36
ubottuUbuntu bug 931454 in snort (Ubuntu) "Please merge snort 2.9.2-3 (universe) from debian unstable" [Undecided,New]23:36
dupondjethis one is most important :)23:36
l3ondupondje, your bug got a comment :)23:57

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