kmcorbettI haven't figured out my problem with live tv, backend error is "SignalMonitor: channel change failed". Reproduced it after fresh install MythBuntu 11.10, updates, latest 0.24 fixes. I've seen this now with my new HDHomeRun Prime and I think the same problem a while back with a dual-tuner model. (different server)02:13
kmcorbettI would be very grateful if someone could look at my log files. here:  http://pastebin.com/fJ5mDuaM02:13
Zinn[pastebin.com] Gathered following logs === Mythbuntu Version === === Syslog === === Mythbackend - Pastebin.com02:13
kmcorbettAlso I get errors from vlc and no audio, vlc output here: http://pastebin.com/Dr2PgGGf  *but* I don't think these are germane, I saw the same problem with my previous fresh install from Ubuntu 11.10 live cd; there I resolved the ALS problems by installing some ALS preferences package and fooling around with output sound channels.02:15
Zinn[pastebin.com] vlc errors - Pastebin.com02:15
kmcorbettMuch thanks in advance to anyone who might have a suggestion!02:15
mersaultI recently did a fresh install of ubuntu 11.10, and VDPAU is failing consistently in MythTV. This same hardware worked fine with 11.04. Anyone else epxeriencing anything similar?03:21
qwebirc73173evening all, I recently installed mythbuntu on an Acer revo RL100-U1002 with intigrated Nvidia Ion graphics, sound from HDMI works with VLC if I select the correct output but I have no way to select for any other application. I know it works, but I can't make it work for everything.06:39
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dekarlI guess the mythbuntu packaging patches need some TLC again: Patch configure_mythplugins_without_mythtv_installed.patch does not remove cleanly (refresh it or enforce with -f)19:49
dekarland a build dep on libcdio-cdda-dev seems to be missing somewhere19:50
dekarlsuperm1 / tgm4883 -^19:50
superm1dekarl: cool i'll take a look19:50
superm1dekarl: could you help get the ABI updated in mythtv/settings.pro?19:50
dekarlthanks, might be an idea to push onfigure_mythplugins_without_mythtv_installed.patch upstream as I'd guess other builders can use it, too. (been looking at the freebsd-multimedia list wrt linking against  the new libs instead of installed ones)19:52
dekarlwhat do I have to do to update the ABI?19:52
superm1dekarl: under mythtv/settings.pro there is a library version and version declaration19:52
superm1they need to be updated to 0.2519:53
superm1if you don't have right i can ask someone else though19:53
superm1i'd like to push that patch upstream, but in it's current state i dont' think it would be acceptable19:53
dekarlahh, I was always wondering why its 0.24 for master :)   (I have no commit bit anywhere MythTV)19:53
superm1oh i thought you did for some reason19:53
dekarlthat would be over in xmltv/nonametv land19:54
superm1ah i see19:54
superm1dekarl: hum it seems to apply and remove cleanly for me19:57
superm1wonder what's up with your checkout19:57
dekarlhmm, the build aborted... maybe the cleanup isnt doing its job?19:57
superm1the build aborted part way through19:58
superm1or before it started?19:58
dekarlI wanted to compile with a patch but was missing the dependency (failed when trying to compile mythmusic plugin), so I apt-getted it manually but then was presented with the message about the patch not applying cleanly19:58
superm1that's weird that it failed trying to compile mythmusic because of that, but yeah it sounds like in that instance it didnt' clean up properly19:59
superm1i'll add the build depend19:59
dekarlI'll try again with more cleanup20:00
dekarlhmm, git stashed and bzr shelved everything, still no joy20:04
Zinn[paste.ubuntu.com] Ubuntu Pastebin20:05
superm1did you still have a .pc directory with it applied maybe?20:08
dekarlthere is a .pc directory around http://paste.ubuntu.com/840860/ can I remove the whole .pc?20:10
Zinn[paste.ubuntu.com] Ubuntu Pastebin20:10
superm1yeah if you git stashed/bzr shelved you should20:13
superm1that gets things pretty confused otherwise20:13
dekarlalready running and got past the error20:14
dekarlhaving never used bzr or quilt before doesnt make it easier ;)20:14
superm1yeah neither does having 3 VCS competing for that directory20:16
dekarlhmm, which reminds me to ask when xmltv will move from cvs to git so I can stop remembering cvs commands20:17
dekarlmeh: cddecoder.h:15:28: fatal error: cdio/paranoia.h: No such file or directory20:31
skd5anerdekarl: this might help - http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/Release_Notes_-_0.25#Prerequisite_Changes20:34
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] Release Notes - 0.25 - MythTV Official Wiki20:34
dekarlsuperm1: can you add a dependency on  libcdio-paranoia-dev, too?20:34
skd5anersuperm1: ^ and you too20:35
dekarlskd5aner: thanks, but that page doesn't compare the prereqs to what was added to the packaging repo already20:35
dekarland both of the ones that I fell over aren't on the page either :)20:36
skd5anerdekarl: yea, no clue about that... I just trying and maintain a list of what prereqs change between releases20:36
skd5anerlibcdio - optional for mythmusic for ripping/playing CDs20:36
dekarlbut not cdio-paranioa and cdio-cdda20:36
dekarlwhatever that means (maybe the cdio-dev doesn't pull in dependencies or something)20:37
skd5anerfigured they were part of libcdio automatically, but maybe not20:37
dekarlbtw, no harm intended your work on the release notes is much appreciated. Its just a bit much for testing a one line code change and getting on my nerves ;)20:38
superm1dekarl: oh doh.  hopefully that doesn't cause a build failure for the 0.25 upload i just did to precise20:42
superm1but yeah i'll add it20:42
dekarljust booted a frontend to look, it does have a music menu option, so it seems to have been build lately20:46
dekarlmind the bump... looks like I've got half an ABI update now: make[4]: *** No rule to make target `/home/user/debbuild.tmp/git/debian/tmp/usr/lib/libmyth-0.24.so', needed by `libmytharchive.so'.  Stop.20:53
skd5anerdekarl: none taken, just thought that section might at least help packagers a little bit in determining where to start when it comes to adding and removing dependencies - obviously, what is needed for ubuntu versus any other distro is too specific for me to be able to note :)21:01
skd5anerwasn't sure if you were aware it existed or not21:02
skd5anerdekarl: also, that dependency is optional - only necessary for cd playback/rip - so you can build mythmusic without it21:02
superm1dekarl: oh that ABI patch needs bumping in one more place it looks like21:03
superm1i'll fix that21:03
dekarlI had heard of the list of dependencies but didn't look at it as I expected whatever comes out of the repositories to build without me looking into the details :)21:03
skd5anerheh - wouldn't that be nice ;)21:03
dekarlone can always dream21:03
skd5anerwell - just keep in mind that they're there... I call them out explicitly - figured you and people who build from source would benefit the most.  Also, describes if they're mandatory or optional and what functionally the optional ones are needed for21:04
superm1dekarl: it was a local patch21:08
superm1was waiting for someone upstream to do it, but in the interim so i could get this in the archive i added it  there21:08
superm1it's there now it looks like21:09
dekarloh, ok21:09
dekarlsuperm1: does it make sense like this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/840925/21:13
Zinn[paste.ubuntu.com] Ubuntu Pastebin21:13
superm1dekarl: not necesarrily  does it make sense to me21:15
superm1because there will always be a mythtv directory, so what happens if git stash is called when nothing is to be stashed?21:15
dekarlit just says "nothing to stash" (untested) but isn't the initial checkout/update pull just below that? I'm trying to not fail when there is nothing yet, but clean up before the pull21:16
superm1well i think the problem with doing it that way is that what if you have a delta that's applied and you just remove .pc?  then it stays applied and gets stashed21:18
superm1which i guess works, but it should have been able to apply cleanly21:18
superm1so maybe the better thing is quilt pop -a || rm -rf .pc21:18
superm1and then a git command to test if there is a delta (git diff or git status or something) and if there is one, then git stash21:19
dekarlsounds good21:19
dekarlthe patch was "good enough" to get the buld going without manual cleanup21:20
superm1dekarl: http://paste.ubuntu.com/840940/21:26
Zinn[paste.ubuntu.com] Ubuntu Pastebin21:26
superm1see how that handles21:26
dekarlsoo, the build succeeded, I applied your patch => http://paste.ubuntu.com/840952/21:34
Zinn[paste.ubuntu.com] Ubuntu Pastebin21:34
superm1that's after the build succeeded while it's trying to clean?21:35
dekarlits on the next build21:35
superm1because it hasn't cleaned the tree yet i guess?21:36
dekarlI built with my patch, that worked. then I changed it to your patch and restarted it21:36
superm1debian/rules clean should have been called at the end of the build from yours21:36
superm1which should have resolved that21:37
superm1hmm my patch might also cause problems on an unchecked out tree21:38
superm1will need to think about this some more21:38
dekarllooks good to me http://paste.ubuntu.com/840961/21:38
Zinn[paste.ubuntu.com] Ubuntu Pastebin21:38
superm1yeah looks like it cleaned to me too21:41
superm1i'm pretty confused then21:41
dekarlhmm, I'm on the phone and got the a build with patch, I'll look into the packaing again after testing21:45
dekarllooks like the ABI bump needs to be done at some more places http://paste.ubuntu.com/840993/22:04
Zinn[paste.ubuntu.com] Ubuntu Pastebin22:04
superm1that might be a sign that those libraries shouldn't have been in libmyth in the first place22:19
superm1libmyth is supposed to be co-installable, eg if there is a libmyth-0.24 and a libmyth-0.25 both can be installed22:19
superm1allowing external applications to link22:19
superm1for now you should be able to just remove libmyth-0.24 and install 0.25 and that will get you by22:20
superm1looks like we also hit it coming 0.23->0.24 because there are conflicts/replaces for libmyth-#ABI#-0 in debian/control.n22:23
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dekarlsooo, removed all packages and reinstalled. looks good but this was missing from the packages http://paste.ubuntu.com/840993/22:44
Zinn[paste.ubuntu.com] Ubuntu Pastebin22:44
dekarlmy little patch worked, now trying a build with the variant from stu artm22:46
dekarlI'll continue tomorrow/wednesday (past midnight over here) next step, looking at your variant of the cleanup23:05

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