pangolinagain again!00:00
Garyshall we pretend I was not that immature?00:00
elkyWait, gary's alive?00:00
pangolinI now have a new goal of recieving a kick from each person in this channel00:00
elkyLTNS bro00:00
elky! o p s  ^ :D00:00
ubottuelky: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:00
Garyyeah, I'm too busy with life at the mo :'( but also :-)00:01
AlanBellit is better to give than to recieve, they should have told you that at school00:01
elkywiggly eyebrows busy, or boring busy?00:01
pangolinkick me you fools00:01
Garyboring most;y00:01
Garypangolin: I almost used the wrong command then, and klined you!00:02
elkygo go go00:02
pangolinGary: i would have deserved it00:02
pangolinGary: just make it a short kline if you do, please :)00:02
Garypangolin: did you mean to say that in #defocus ?00:03
pangolinGary: I did /amsg thinking it was going to PM all you in here00:03
elkysomeone accidentally discovered amsg00:03
pangolinI knew of it, just not the right way00:04
AlanBellwow, that is a bad command00:04
elkyyes, and if you start greeting with it, i will ban you from everywhere i can.00:04
pangolinnope I will unbind it00:05
* pangolin doesn't want to upset elky more then what she already is :P00:05
Unit193pangolin: I can't kick, no privs, but I'd gladly go to a channel where I can ;)00:07
pangolingo for it00:07
h00kpangolin: why do you want to be kicked in #ubuntu-offtopic?00:24
pangolinh00k: you want me to repeat my explanation of my fail huh00:25
h00kpangolin: no, I'll read up later00:25
h00kI'm too lazy to care :)00:25
pangolink, just kick me!00:25
h00kpangolin: kick or remove.00:26
pangolinlet's have a vote00:26
h00kI win the vote!00:26
ubottuuse @login00:30
ubottuThe operation succeeded.00:30
ubottuIn #ubuntu, ibmthinkpad said: ubottu: that is not my problem. at all. I can't even install ubuntu.02:15
stlsaintah crap do we have to reside in #ubuntu also??02:18
Flannelstlsaint: Where are you an operator?02:19
stlsaintofficial channels just in lubuntu channels and maybe ubuntu-beginners (i think)02:20
Flannelstlsaint: then no, you wouldn't need to be in #ubuntu02:20
stlsaintkk, cool02:20
stlsainti dont know if it has gotten better but when i first joined that channel (few years ago) it was mixed with extreme chaos and lack of manners02:21
h00kit's roughly the same02:21
h00k!away > MRB[away]02:58
bazhangtrolls reporting trolls05:06
ubottuescott called the ops in #ubuntu ()05:15
ubottusuperdave321 called the ops in #ubuntu (Olya)05:38
bazhangwell have OLya in PM but he/she refuses to listen. just "ok read link help me now!"05:46
pangolinhis files are gone.05:48
=== Corey_ is now known as Corey
bazhangand his language skills are suddenly improving a lot05:49
=== Amaranthus is now known as Amaranth
bazhangthats a new variation on Ubuntu07:01
MyrttiMorning \(^_____^)/07:11
bazhangsomeone with access in #kubuntu may want to have a look see07:15
ubottubazhang called the ops in #kubuntu (wowan stugurik)07:16
ubottuFloodBotK1 called the ops in #kubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from wowan)07:16
=== head_v is now known as head_victim
bazhangand foul abusive PMs07:20
Tm_Tjust when you're moment away07:41
Myrttidid we forget +c from #ubuntu-offtopic?08:17
Myrttishould I re-enable it?08:17
Tm_Tthat factoid should just be dropped08:18
Myrttithe problem isn't the factoid, really08:20
Myrttido we want people to use colours in -offtopic?08:20
Flannelcolors have been enabled for over a week, no one has exploded.  I'd say it's a non-issue.08:20
knomeunless it's an issue :)08:21
Tm_TI'm ok having the capability available, not ok abusing it08:21
knomeerrr, until08:21
Tm_Tand I call that factoid abusing it08:21
FlannelTm_T: I'd call you a stick in the mud08:21
Tm_TFlannel: <308:21
knomeat least not the mud with a stick08:23
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (repeated abuse from olya)09:40
MyrttiI'm not sure that was an exploit11:41
Myrttiah, but the message they posted was offensive11:41
ikoniano but "CIA friends fuck lamas" wasn't in line :)11:41
Myrttinevermind me, selective eyesight11:41
MyrttiI'm so happy I switched to tmux from screen, it does show the UTF better11:43
AlanBellit does, apparently there is code in an irssi branch somewhere to do extended UTF properly, but I couldn't be bothered to compile it11:44
ikoniaI don't think anyone could11:44
ikoniamaybe that will be this weeks interesting task11:44
Myrttiif the only benefit you hope to gain is the UTF support, don't bother and just use tmux over screen11:46
Myrttiit's not that difficult and I know the magic line to get rid of the statusbar on the bottom :-)11:46
ikoniaI don't really care about UTF support11:46
ikoniaI just thought I'd package up irssi for fun11:46
AlanBellI would do it if byobu wasn't switching to tmux anyway12:20
ikoniabyoby ?12:23
AlanBell!info byobu12:23
ubottubyobu (source: byobu): powerful, text based window manager and shell multiplexer. In component main, is optional. Version 4.37-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 74 kB, installed size 700 kB12:23
AlanBellmakes screen more cuddly12:23
Myrtti!dmb-ping ~= s/ persia,//14:10
ubottuI'll remember that Myrtti14:10
MrChrisDruifMyrtti; added persia to the dmb ping?14:16
MrChrisDruifAh, okay14:16
Myrttihiya guys, anything we can help you with?16:34
mneptokMyrtti: something i'm dealing with16:35
mneptokOK folks.16:35
shadowe989Hey hey :)16:35
mneptokfirst, i read some /lastlog. Free Software ideology discussions are !ot for a support channel.16:36
zykotick9mneptok: i have to agree with shadow989, my origional comment was disrespectiful and not in line with Ubuntu's Code of Conduct.  I'm sorry for creating an issue, it was my fault.16:36
shadowe989I agree16:36
zykotick9shadowe989: i'm sorry.16:36
mneptokzykotick9: and yes, i sat down after you made a questionable comment.16:36
zykotick9and yes, FSF discussion is certainly OT16:37
shadowe989zykotick9, No worries, I'm sorry for the tone of my responses to you.16:37
zykotick9shadowe989: it was my fault, sorry man.16:37
mneptokshadowe989: just be sorry for responding at all. ;)16:38
zykotick9shadowe989: are we good?16:38
shadowe989Its not a big deal guys16:38
mneptokshadowe989: next time, /join #ubuntu-ops and spend some time typing that lengthy "zykotick9 #u WTF?" inputline. 'k?16:38
shadowe989Yeah everything is good. zykotick9 a mod?16:39
zykotick9shadowe989: no16:39
shadowe989Oh okay, not use to the way Ubuntu operates on freenode. :)16:39
mneptokshadowe989: nope, but people in this channel are, and volunteered to deal with such stuff. take advantage of the free concierge service.16:40
mneptokmake us do the dirty work.16:40
mneptokdon't respond, inform ops, keep the channel clear. makes everyone happy. i'm happy. you happy?16:40
shadowe989yeah I'm happy with that.16:41
zykotick9shadowe989: take care.16:41
shadowe989Same to you :)16:41
zykotick9mneptok: thanks, sorry for causing this issue.  It really was my fault.16:41
mneptokexcellent. thank you for the time, folks. i'm runiing to get moar coffee. please note the no-idling plicy in the /topic.16:42
shadowe989take care all16:42
mneptokthat was easy.16:42
jussimneptok: well done!16:42
* mneptok likes sane users16:42
Myrttiwjlafrance: you ok?16:43
wjlafranceYeah, I just joined for no good reason :P16:43
mneptokwjlafrance: well, there is no-idling. go look into the Kawasaki KLX250SF and i'll ttyl. :P16:43
wjlafranceah, just saw that :P16:43
* oCean pats mneptok on the back16:44
mneptokdealing with the pre-contrite is a cakewalk.16:44
ubottuFloodBotK1 called the ops in #kubuntu-ops-monitor (designbybeck appears to be flooding, but emergency mode is on)17:23
ubottuFloodBotK1 called the ops in #kubuntu-ops-monitor (BluesKaj appears to be flooding, but emergency mode is on)17:23
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (swmiller6 appears to be abusive and has been muted, will need to be UNMUTED MANUALLY)19:00
pangolinLjL: false positive ^19:01
MyrttiI wonder what on earth triggered that19:01
pangolinnot sure19:01
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (LjL appears to be flooding, but emergency mode is on)19:08
oCeandon't be shy19:14
LjLi've investigated a bit about the false positive. now i've tweaked things a little so it's less likely to happen again.20:13

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