micahgpitti: would it be better for me to release Firefox 10.0.1 in the next few hours, sometime later today, or does it not make a lot of difference?05:38
pittimicahg: it's all the same to me,  so whatever fits you best05:39
micahgpitti: was wondering specifically WRT 10.04.405:40
pittimicahg: the earlier the better, I'd say05:40
pittibut a few hours don't matter much05:40
pittiI'll rebuild images after it's in05:41
pittiwith that we still have plenty of time for testing them05:41
micahgpitti: well, it'll either be ~09:00 UTC or ~19:00 UTC05:41
micahgi.e. I can stay up tonight if it'll help05:42
pittioh -- then 9 UTC please05:42
pitti1900 UTC is essentially "tomorrow" for Daviey, QA, and me05:42
micahgok, thanks, will endeavor to accommodate then barring system issues05:43
micahgthat's why I asked :)05:43
pittithanks muchly05:43
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micahgpitti: still working, probably another 30-45 minutes until I'm ready to release Firefox08:57
pittimicahg: thanks09:00
micahgpitti: done, could you please copy ā€¸firefox/{lucid-oneiric} from ubuntu-mozilla-security to $RELEASE-{security,updates}09:42
pittimicahg: i. e. lucid maverick natty oneiric?09:46
micahgpitti: yes, please09:46
pittimicahg: should be all done now10:00
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micahgpitti: thanks10:05
* ogra_ wonders why his manual ubuntu-core build doesnt return, i see it in the processlist and it doesnt seem to have failed, but i cant imagine it can take 1h 13:08
ogra_s/1h/more than 1h/13:09
ogra_http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/cd-build-logs/ubuntu-core/precise/ doesnt seem to have a 13.1 log either13:11
* ogra_ checks nusakan13:11
ogra_hmm, nothng there either13:12
cjwatsonyou need to look on the builder13:12
ogra_oh, hmm13:13
cjwatsonhowever it was probably waiting for the kubuntu-mobile build to finish13:13
ogra_well, the livefs build was done in a few mins, i'm actually waiting for the second part13:13
ogra_but yeah, might be13:13
cjwatsonthe livefs build is still in progress13:14
cjwatson 9117 pts/8    S+     0:00          \_ ssh -t -o StrictHostKeyChecking no -o BatchMode yes buildd@annonaceae.buildd /home/buildd/bin/BuildLiveCD -l -f plain -d precise ubuntu-core13:14
ogra_funny, i have feedback from all builders in my terminal13:14
cjwatsonI can see progress in http://annonaceae.buildd/~buildd/LiveCD/precise/ubuntu-core/latest/livecd-20120213.1-armel.out13:14
cjwatsonso just wait13:14
ogra_yeah, will do13:14
cjwatsonI bet you don't have feedback from all *builds*13:15
ogra_essentially i just want to see if my changes to make-web-indicies worked13:15
cjwatsonthen why did you do a buildlive run?13:15
ogra_oh, right, 3 out of 413:15
ogra_because i was lazy and just copy/pasted from crontab without proper thinking13:15
cjwatson'build-livecd-base ubuntu-core daily' would have been sufficient - there's a reason those are separate commands :)13:15
cjwatsontoo late now of course13:15
ogra_well, i'm not in a hurry13:16
ogra_(was just wondering why it took so long, and didnt take kubuntu into account)13:16
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Riddellwhat will it take to make a kubuntu-active?15:21
Riddellwe now have a late addition of working packages I want to upload15:22
Riddellkubuntu-active is the replacement for kubuntu-mobile15:22
Riddellso it'll take adapting the seeds15:22
Riddelladapting the livefs build script15:22
Riddelladapting the cd build script15:22
Riddellother things?15:23
cjwatsonprobably a bunch of bits and bobs, do it well clear of a milestone so we can remember them all :)15:24
skaetRiddell,  it there someone lined up to test it?   also,  will it be armhf or armel?15:35
Riddellskaet: there is probably someone lined up to test it, I need to work out what arm machines we can test on but I have a pandaboard needing set up here15:44
Riddellskaet: it would also have large labels saying "technology preview" or similar all over it15:44
cjwatsondo we get to stop building kubuntu-mobile at the same time?15:45
* ogra_ hopes so ... else we would need more live builders at some point15:47
ogra_they already are close to build images back to back 24/715:48
ogra_(yes, i know that we will start using the package builders for that at some point, but until thats ready we're stuck with what we have)15:50
cjwatsondo you know how that project is going, incidentally15:51
ogra_nope, all adams baby ....15:51
ogra_and he was at linaro connect last week so we didnt talk much15:51
ogra_(and i guess he didnt get much done for it alongside)15:51
Riddellcjwatson: yes kubuntu-mobile will be replaced16:29
cjwatsonthen can we just transfer over all the existing testers?16:31
skaetcjwatson, RIddell - it was built and not tested all through Oneiric, so not sure how many testers there really are for it.   :/16:58
Riddellcjwatson: yes17:00
Riddellskaet: depends on how much of a mood rbelem has for rounding up volunteers it but this release at least has me as backup17:00
Riddellskaet: he wouldn't have been in a mood for it during oneiric because upstream for -mobile had moved on to -active17:01
Riddellit would be good if we can keep up17:01
Riddellwe'd be the first distro to have a community made tablet UI if we can do it17:02
skaetRiddell, what I'm weighing it against is that we don't have adequate resources for the other arm image builds right now during respins.17:02
Riddellskaet: maybe best if we just start on i386 only then17:02
cjwatsonskaet: I think that concern is removed by replacing the existing kubuntu-mobile build17:02
cjwatsonskaet: if it's a one-for-one swap we shouldn't have build time concerned17:02
Riddelllike -mobile it'll need only testing live image running, not installs17:03
skaetcjwaton,  arm builds are main slow down right now on the respins, so since the kubuntu-mobile ones weren't being tested they weren't built for the last 2 releases.17:04
skaetRiddell, restricting it to just i386 might be a solution if there are testers.17:04
cjwatsonskaet: fine, but that isn't changed by renaming it to something else :-)17:05
skaetcjwatson,  :)  true.   The concern over the arm builder bottleneck is still there,  just less if there are fewer images to build. ;)17:07
Riddellwe'll start off with i386 then and exand to arm if we know we have testers and builders17:09
skaetRiddell,  ok.17:10
skaetRiddell,  so I'll add i386 Kubuntu active to the manifest,  no support (tech preview only) - that suit?17:11
Riddell(a blocker might still turn up, we've only just got the packages working)17:13
* skaet nods17:15
* tumbleweed adds an opencv transition tracker (I see it started)17:19
jaustincan someone please clarify what the process for getting packages synced from Debian before FeatureFreeze?18:59
jaustinIs it as simple as raising a bug (that's what cjwatson said last year[1], but I can't see an equivalent message for 2012)19:03
jaustin[1] https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-devel-announce/2011-January/thread.html19:03
cjwatsonbest to use requestsync19:03
cjwatsonjaustin: ^-19:04
jaustincjwatson: Thanks. I presume for the actual package maintainer, using the (new?) syncpackage tool is adequate?19:06
cjwatsonif the package maintainer has upload privileges to that package in Ubuntu, yes19:06
cjwatsonthat isn't necessarily the case for the package maintainer in Debian19:07
jaustincjwatson: great, thanks.19:07
cjwatsonand yes, syncpackage will need to be fairly current19:07
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