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TLEdpm: hey, sorry for not answering you on friday, I was teaching all afternoon08:46
TLEand goodmorning08:46
TLEI just made the change to put the key in a seperate file and made the directory structure change that I wanted, I'll write you an email on both08:47
TLEpretty cool btw to update the docs source over the weekend and notice that a few new screenshots showed up in the webpage for serbian :)08:48
dpmTLE, cool08:48
TLEdpm: sent09:56
TLEdpm: wierd, do you remember that I complained about the wikipages not breaking lines when inderting IRC? Now it seems to do it12:04
TLEI wonder if someone has been changing settings for the wiki12:04
dpmTLE, yeah, I remember that. I think it probably has to do with the theme. Prehaps there has been a recent wiki theme update that fixes that12:05
TLEyeah maybe, anyway it's good that it works now, the IRC transcripts were next to useless before12:07
TLEdpm: hey15:43
TLEahh ups, have to go now, will ping you tomorrow15:45

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