pangolinkick me you fools00:01
AlanBellsilly pangolin fail00:04
pangolinsheesh, one network wode fail and I get all this flack :(00:04
popeyah, /amsg00:04
popeyyou plum00:05
exobuzzpopey, i recently discovered, you can iron scrambled egg, directly on a plate.. i was just thinking next time you are on your trampoline..00:05
exobuzzmy new non stick iron - i had to test it etc00:05
exobuzznot tried steaming veg on the plate yet.. worth a go00:07
popeysorry, what?00:14
popeyeggs between baking paper or something?00:14
exobuzzgood flat plate.. egg. iron.. mess. fun etc00:15
exobuzznot as much "fun" as when my other half set fire to my microwave though00:17
exobuzznaan bread bag. metal got hot. paper caught wire. door of microwave caught fire.. and its the 2nd! time she put metal in it.. heh..00:18
Garyban her!00:18
exobuzzshe is banned for sure00:19
exobuzzi got a new microwave now.. i love it.. anyone who destroys it, gets all meals cooked by iron for the rest of the year as punishment00:19
exobuzzs/wire/fire just noticed that00:20
popeyi removed the door from the oven today00:20
popeywhich was a minor diy achievement00:20
popey(I hate diy)00:20
exobuzzjust for fun ? :)00:21
popeyno, handle broke00:21
popeywell, came loose, then undone00:21
exobuzzhandles are overrated00:21
popeyscrew head is on the inside00:21
exobuzzmake sure your dog doesnt climb in!00:21
popeyand so.. bed00:22
exobuzzin the oven ?00:22
exobuzzi dont think removing the door is sufficient to make it acceptable as a bed00:22
popeyits a big oven, but it aint that big00:22
exobuzzbut then.. it is you ;-)00:22
popeynice and warm though00:22
exobuzzpopey wins on the big factorness ?00:22
exobuzzim in your club00:22
exobuzzsleep well00:23
exobuzzdont go over 100c00:23
Garynight night popey, i'll be thinking of you00:23
exobuzzis that "mwahha" laugh or "mwah" juicy kiss00:26
exobuzzmust be a juicy kiss..00:26
exobuzznew ubuntu uk podcast soon. hurray!00:27
exobuzz<3 xfce recently..00:38
exobuzzproductivity as it should be without wondering why my window manager has done something weird00:38
exobuzz(not trying to bring up the whole unity debate. just saying)00:39
exobuzz2 machines on xfce now.. one left on an old mint which is going to xubuntu also00:39
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DJonesMorning all08:12
BigRedSgood morning!08:27
* popey taps his watch and looks at czajkowski 08:38
czajkowskipopey: morning08:39
daubersSo I've decided that the internet is a scam to raise the price of tomatoes08:42
BigRedSI don't think I've ever done anything tomato related on the internet08:45
daubersExactley! And that's how they get you08:47
BigRedSOh, I see08:47
daubersIt's a huge distraction so you don't notice the massive price hikes08:47
* daubers may not have had any coffee this morning and may be suffering08:48
czajkowskiAlanBell: ello08:53
diploMorning all08:54
czajkowskipopey: ping09:02
JamesTaitMorning all!09:13
popeyczajkowski: pong09:18
czajkowskisee pm09:18
TheOpenSourcererMorning all, Anyone postgres savvy?09:19
TheOpenSourcererI inadvertantly dropped the "postgres" database. How can I restore it from a backup?09:19
daubersTheOpenSourcerer: Delorian?09:26
TheOpenSourcerer Yes, I have thouse.09:32
AlanBellfilesystem level backups or database dumps?09:46
TheOpenSourcererInteresting problem that. sudo purge postgres*, delete /var/lib/postgres /usr/share/postgres then re-install. There is a pg_createcluster which is supposed to do it but it was quicker to do the above.09:48
TheOpenSourcererBetter modify my script before it does that again ;-)09:49
BigRedSI keep meaning to use postgres again. I've not used it since Perl type bullied me into it. But that only lasted a couple of months before laziness turned me back to mysql09:50
DJonesIs ppa:unity-team/hud the recommended way of installing & testing HUD? A couple fo comments I've just read suggest that the ppa is dead10:00
gordDJones, no, its not, hud's in trunk so the daily unity ppa10:04
DJonesgord: Thanks, I'll give that a go when I get home tonight10:07
cliftontsmorning all10:10
cliftontsdoes anyone here know much about diagnosing laptop hardware faults?10:11
dauberscliftonts: Depends on the fault :)10:12
dauberscliftonts: what are the symptoms?10:13
cliftontsdaubers: as soon as you plug it in it turns on, no need to touch the power switch10:13
cliftontsthe hard drive accesses briefly then nothing, no picture, no response to key presses10:13
cliftontstry to turn it off and it ignores you, you have to pull the plug10:14
directhexshort circuit. possibly a power supply fault.10:14
cliftontsscrambled bios maybe?10:14
directhexnot convinced.10:14
cliftontsthat's a shame, it's a damn expensive laptop and I don't rate my chances at being able to fault find at component level on the board10:15
dauberscliftonts: Can always bring it up to a Hackspace and ask nicely :)10:16
directhexi reckon it's a short.10:17
cliftontsdaubers: I'm in business selling these things, would they have any issue with someone exploiting them for profit?10:17
gordonjcpcliftonts: power supply failure? possibly stuck power button?10:17
dauberscliftonts: If you go up there and ask for help identifying these kind of problems and maybe offered a small donation (even of old kit) they'd probably be ok with it10:18
cliftontsgordonjcp: the power button is on a removable board so I've eliminated that10:18
gordonjcpcliftonts: fucked, basically10:18
cliftontsdaubers: Although I'm in business I'm pretty new to it and in extreme poverty lol. I do however have shed loads of old kit!10:19
bigcalm!ohmy | gordonjcp10:19
lubotu3gordonjcp: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.10:19
cliftontsgordonjcp: Please refrain from using technical terms in here. hehe10:19
cliftontsdaubers: I know nothing about hackspace except that it has been mentioned by a few people at the local LUG, I'm having a browse now10:21
cliftontsI have found a local one with the most user un-friendly page in the universe. Now all I need to do is knock on every single door in reading until I find them because they don't seem to have any addresses, meeting dates or contact details.10:24
dauberscliftonts: Who is your local one?10:24
daubersOh! Reading! Hang on10:24
daubershttp://readingmakerspace.co.uk/wiki/Main_Page <- Is it that page?10:25
daubers(or readinghackspace.co.uk)10:25
cliftontsI'd got this10:25
cliftontsbrilliant! The how to find us page on that address shows which bus to catch but doesn't tell you the address10:26
dauberscliftonts: Give me 10 minutes and I'll give you some better directions (I'm building those pages)10:27
dauberscliftonts: It's here http://maps.google.co.uk/maps/ms?msid=214476086285871945372.0004b5b4aca8db41322dd&msa=0&ll=51.454455,-0.895804&spn=0.002079,0.00360510:27
cliftontsfair enough10:27
daubersheadley park 910:27
daubersin woodley10:27
cliftontsdo you have a postcode for it?10:27
daubersUmm.. somewhere10:28
daubersUnit 5, Headley Park NINE, Headley Road, Woodley, RG5 4SQ10:29
cliftontsI'm just trying to think logically here, the power enters the board at one spot, the switch is in another, at some point along the path something will react to the switch by shorting out and that has obviously gone dud10:29
brobostigongood morning everyone.10:29
cliftontsbut what is that something?10:29
cliftontsdaubers: Thanks10:30
cliftontsdaubers: Wednesday evenings, right?10:34
cliftontsI'll stop by and see if anyone has any ideas then.10:39
daubersCool :) Usually people there around 7ish10:40
daubers(I should be there, but depends on getting out of london on time(10:40
cliftontsIt strikes me though that it must be a component with more than 3 pins though, because it's essentially brain dead. Fans leds etc come on but nothing more. So it's only powering up part of the board10:40
cliftontstrouble is some of these things are so small I can't even identify them!10:41
* AlanBell has tickets to London Irish10:46
bigcalmSounds like a pub10:47
cliftontsdaubers: Are you still there?10:47
KrisDouglasHey Gareth, how are the computer fairs coming along?10:52
* BigRedS realises where he recognises the name "cliftonts" from10:53
cliftontsgo on BigRedS...10:53
cliftontsKrisDouglas: It's going quite nicely, profits are a bit low but I'm half way through transferring to laptops rather than desktops so I don't have much in the way of highly profitable items right now10:54
BigRedSoh, ubuntu-uk list10:55
KrisDouglascliftonts, yeah, too many people can build desktops too-easily.10:55
KrisDouglasThey're like Lego nowadays.10:55
BigRedSPlugging in's easy, it's the speccing that's hard10:56
BigRedSwell, substantially more tedious than I can ever bring myself to do10:56
KrisDouglasBigRedS, yeah, but it's not nearly as hard as it used to be.10:56
KrisDouglasThe only difficulty I find is brands, etc.10:56
BigRedSNo, that's one benefit of competition mostly disappearing :/10:56
cliftontsKrisDouglas: I understand that but you try finding laptops for sale at a good enough price to turn a profit on. I'm having to invent my own solutions10:57
BigRedSbut even so, I always need to say "I have £X. What should I buy?" to knowledgable people10:57
KrisDouglascliftonts, you could start buying OEM shells and installing the parts yourself10:58
KrisDouglasif you find the right supplier it could be viable.10:58
* AlanBell might be in the market for some bits of desktop kit10:58
cliftontsKrisDouglas: OEM shells?10:59
davmor2morning all11:00
KrisDouglascliftonts, yes, a laptop with just a board, no LCD (usually) or hard drive or anything11:00
KrisDouglasYou then fill it with bits, much like a PC.11:01
KrisDouglaswww.pcspecialist.co.uk do it.11:01
davmor2czajkowski: prod11:01
cliftontsNever heard of that before11:01
cliftontsI've chosen to focus on broken laptops, that way I can get them for as little as £10 a piece11:02
cliftontsmy latest is an Acer Aspire with a HD 18.4" screen but it's got a very stubborn power fault11:02
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cliftontsAnyway, I suppose I really should get on and do some work!11:05
oimon_does anyone have experience of capacitive stylus for tablets?11:06
oimon_would like to do handwriting on android tablet with a stylus11:07
bigcalmAdoit Jot Pro11:07
oimon_bigcalm: how long you had it?11:07
oimon_i was looking at the jot11:07
bigcalmSince Wednesday last week11:08
bigcalmI did research and asked around11:08
oimon_do they seem durable? (btw what did you pay?)11:09
bigcalmI wanted the blue, but I'm a cheap skate11:10
oimon_bigcalm: which note taking app are you using?11:10
bigcalmI'm not yet11:11
oimon_i'm more cheap skate as the jot classic will suffice for moi11:11
bigcalmI bought it for drawing with11:11
oimon_but handwriting is ok?11:11
bigcalmYes, it's pleasing on my Xoom11:11
oimon_i want it for freenote (ideally i'd love asus supernote that is on the transformer prime)11:11
oimon_does it do anything magic (bluetooth etc), or just pick up and write?11:12
bigcalmIt's just a stylus, nothing clever going on11:12
oimon_no lag?11:12
bigcalmThat'll be down to the app/hardware11:13
oimon_ok last question, thanks for humouring me :D11:13
oimon_what do you think of the people on the amazon reviews who are saying it scratches your screen?11:13
bigcalmI haven't experienced this. If you push too hard with anything you might break something and start scratching11:14
bigcalmThe point of the clear pad is to prevent this11:15
oimon_it's always hard to judge the amazonian reviewers. they could be a trained chimp and you wouldn't know it11:15
davmor2popey: PS3 remotes rock ask bigcalm and gord I did a demo11:15
bigcalmpopey: davmor2 likes things that vibrate lots11:16
oimon_i'm amazed that gorilla glass would scratch if this stylus is used without a protector11:16
directhexi wrote a ps3 remote driver once11:16
directhexin my yoof11:16
bigcalmdirecthex: how old are you now?11:16
directhexhang on...11:17
directhexcarry the three...11:17
directhextwenty... seven?11:17
bigcalmThe ps3 hasn't been around that long surely?11:17
bigcalmYouth is relative :)11:17
oimon_bigcalm: do you use a screen protector?11:20
bigcalmNor is there one on my phone11:23
oimon_you risk taker you ...11:24
bigcalmI've had my Nexus One since they were available from Google11:25
directhexcookies! http://apebox.org/wordpress/wp-content/gallery/miscellaneous-junk/IMG_0551.JPG11:25
oimon_bought a nice valentines card for the missis and the postie bent it ..big crease :(11:25
bigcalmBacon cookies?11:25
directhexbigcalm, yeah. haven't made any for a few years11:26
bigcalmI'm not sure what to think!11:27
directhex"mmm, bacon!" ?11:27
bigcalmThere is that thought11:28
directhexmy sister ate most of them, but insisted on closing her eyes so she could pretend they weren't some kind of twisted combination of meat and sweet11:29
* bigcalm longs for his bed11:31
bigcalmReally shouldn't be this tired on a Monday morning11:31
* directhex longs for delicious cake11:33
daubersI could do with some cake11:34
daubersstupid trade shows, stupid mondays11:34
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oimon_just noticed that hotot responds to vim-like directional commands..11:39
* BigRedS just ate too many biscuits11:53
* brobostigon gets bigcalm a sickbag.11:56
brobostigonsorry bigcalm11:56
brobostigonmorning Myrtti11:57
* bigcalm lunches12:03
daubersTheOpenSourcerer: Did you ever find an open source door thing?12:08
TheOpenSourcererdaubers: No - I was only looking briefly as a mate at HP had asked, but from what I found it doesn't look like anything is really available12:09
daubersTheOpenSourcerer: Interesting....12:09
palnjHey guys!12:19
palnjIt's been a while :D12:19
palnjAlanBell: you'll be getting that letter about the free CD + RAM soon...my PostOffice for some reason don't sell 2nd class large stamps…hmph12:21
AlanBellhow odd!12:21
palnjYup, ikr12:21
AlanBellthey are really strict on postage now, I got one last week where someone thought that a first class stamp would do, they sent an A4 envelope with a 1st class stamp on it and because the envelope was too big I had to go to the post office and spend £1.12 to collect essentially an empty envelope12:22
AlanBellfolding the thing over and taping it up would have been fine12:23
palnjHaha god that's dumb12:23
palnjI think I'll put in a little picture of me with the jewel case...just 'cause i can12:24
directhexi wish the post office charged more.12:24
palnjdirecthex: why? You work at one?12:24
czajkowskiAlanBell: danfish tickets arrived12:25
directhexpalnj, i'm sick of the post office constantly being in financial straights, when they charge a fraction of what all other comparable post offices globally charge12:25
AlanBellczajkowski: yes, got them :)12:25
palnjdirecthex: true, I guess12:25
AlanBelldirecthex: yes, with you on that, I would be fine with them putting the price of a stamp up and ditching second class12:26
directhexpalnj, it ends up with a broken business model where their main skill - taking an item from A to B for pennies overnight - makes little to no money, so they need to supplement it with every unrelated service ever, and bulk-rate carriage for spammers12:26
directhexyou think La Poste needs to sell DSL?12:27
BigRedSI s12:27
BigRedStill don't understand 2nd class12:27
palnjAlanBell: true, seeing as no-one really sends post that much anymore now anyways12:27
czajkowskiAlanBell: I forgot who else got them12:27
palnjWhat with the miracle of email12:27
directhexCorreos doesn't issue credit cards12:27
palnj(and IRC, of course)12:27
directhexPalaPad, yeah! they haven't touched their business model to handle the realities of modern delivery12:27
directhexin 2012, the post is used for bills, birthday cards, spam, and play.com shipments12:28
AlanBellczajkowski: I can probably pick you and jon up from Reading station if you like12:30
BigRedSyeah, and they've basically been forced into competition only in all the possibly profitable bits of their service12:30
BigRedSso they're a bit stumped when it comes to covering the costs of delviering a letter to anywhere in the uk for 30p or however much a stamp costs12:30
popeygord: with a guest account I have added some files to Documents but they dont show up in the files lens.. is there some way to trigger a search?12:31
palnjdirecthex: and for sending me my Rubik's cubes from China12:32
palnjpopey: isn't the guest account "guest" temporary? i.e. on logout the users home folder and user account are deleted?12:33
gordpopey, its Zeitgeist, until you open them with something, it doesn't know about them12:33
palnjgord: then does that mean if I download a document from somewhere12:34
palnjOnline, it won't index it until I open it?12:34
gordit should do, we have special code for that12:35
palnjAh alright12:35
gordpopey, you might want to bug mh3r in #u-unity about it12:35
palnjAnd it's gone quiet again here12:51
Myrttiit happens12:51
* KrisDouglas achoo12:51
Myrttilunch hour or whatever in UK I believe12:51
palnjYeah I know but I'm12:52
KrisDouglasNobody in my office eats till about 1pm12:52
palnjNot hugely hungry12:52
directhexsecond breakfast.12:52
* popey just had chilli made in the slow cooker12:52
palnjKrisDouglas: exactly and at school we eat at like 1.1512:52
palnjAnd yay, it's half-term12:52
Myrttiin Finland the lunch is usually between 10.30 and 12.3012:52
palnjAnyone despising valentines day tomorrow?12:52
* brobostigon is sad, he just marked a tv prog called charmed on the tv,12:53
palnj• brobostigon: I'm here for you, man12:53
palnjAnyways, I guess I am hungry12:53
brobostigonpalnj: and i didnt mean unhappy kind of sad.12:54
* palnj ditches everyone for sausages and toast12:54
Myrttiaw, BF just got tomorrow off (he has to use the few remaining days off of last years annual leaves before March) - we don't have any idea what to do.12:54
palnjbrobostigon: lol, I see what you mean12:54
brobostigonpalnj: :)12:54
palnjI'm still here for you though :)12:54
palnjIs pretty funny though12:55
palnjAt times12:55
palnjMy sister used to be an addict12:55
christelbrobostigon: sok, i used to watch charmed, im a saddo too!12:56
brobostigonchristel: loads of good looking men in it, from what i have been told.12:57
christelmmm it has julian mcmahon in it, he's pretty fit -- and should you swing the other way there's also alyssa milano.. she is mightily hot! :D12:58
brobostigonchristel: and as you said, good looking women also.12:59
brobostigonchristel: i am a man, i will point out here.13:00
brobostigonchristel: i prefer rose mcgowan, who comes in in season 4.13:03
* brobostigon shuts up now.13:04
* tugrik wanders off into his special place for a bit13:05
popeygord: do you know what the HDMI ish port is called on the x220? I think I need an adapter13:06
christelah yes, the ginger girl, she's pretty good looking :)13:06
* popey googles13:07
jpdspopey: DisplayPort?13:07
popeyjpds: dunno, its not the same as the displayport on my mac13:07
popeywhich I guess is mini displayport?13:07
davmor2popey: is it like a hdmi mini or something?13:08
davmor2ps popey you could always look in the manual that came with the laptop ;)13:09
popeyhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wVeNdSN41Tg says its displayport13:10
brobostigonchristel: :)13:10
gordpopey, yeah its display port, does the little display port logo over the top not give that away? ;)13:11
* popey looks for converters13:11
gordits the good kind that does passive conversion to hdmi, so a converter should be cheep13:12
popeythey all seem to be a tenner or more13:12
oimon_why do people rush out and buy albums when singers die? do you think they say "hmm i used to own this on tape..time to buy it again", or "who is this singer i've never heard of, maybe i'll buy the best of..."?13:18
davmor2oimon_: no it's cause they'll never make music again so you must race out and buy all their music all over again13:19
oimon_davmor2: i'm not sure WH was in danger of making another record13:21
davmor2oimon_: I didn't say she was, it's just that people suddenly think about it where as they didn't till she dies13:21
popeyhmm, rhythmbox u1 music store broken in 12.04?13:22
popeyI can't play/preview any tracks13:22
oimon_popey is trying to buy amy winehouse, MJ and whitney records13:22
gordoh the u1 store is in rb now?13:22
gordbye bye banshee!13:22
gordyou won't be missed13:22
popeywell, i activateed the plugin13:22
oimon_i keep banshee for the amazon purchases13:22
gordyeah preview doesn't seem to work right now13:24
davmor2popey: annoy aquarius and it will magically work fairly soonish after :)13:24
czajkowskioh no more banshee!13:24
czajkowskithats made my day13:24
davmor2czajkowski: you're on precise right?13:25
czajkowskionly used banshee as I buy music from U113:25
popeyubuntu-bug rhythmbox13:25
popeyclick the button that says it's a u1ms issue13:26
popey"Package rhythmbox does not exist"13:26
popeyii  rhythmbox      2.95-0ubuntu2  music player and organizer for GNOME13:26
* popey pokes aquarius with a stick13:26
popeyun  rhythmbox-ubuntuone-music-stor <none>                         (no description available)13:27
popeyyet the plugin exists in rb13:27
davmor2popey: the webkit breakage may of knocked off all the plugings13:29
* aquarius is poked13:31
aquariuspopey, person to talk to about that is dobey, who isn't awake yet13:31
aquariuspopey, he will be soon, though13:31
czajkowskihe does tend to just fix things13:31
czajkowskivery easily13:31
aquariusis upgrading safe today?13:32
czajkowskiI've not broken anything yet13:32
czajkowskiaquarius: could you pick a less flame bait topic on G+ I tried to follow it and it was a bit long winded !13:32
aquariusczajkowski, I was looking for advice; that means casting the net wide!13:33
* gord 100+ comments this morning, decided it was too early for google plus13:34
czajkowskithat was a wide discussion so13:34
popeyi didnt see many flames on that one13:36
popeywas pretty normal discussion13:36
aquarius*nod* agreed that it was unflamey :)13:40
czajkowskihttp://www.independent.ie/world-news/americas/video-angry-dad-who-read-daughters-facebook-is-viral-hit-after-shooting-her-laptop-3017945.html  impressive.13:40
diploheh watched that the other day czajkowski13:41
diploPeople I chatted to about it all think he missed hdd bay :)13:41
oimon_fallback mode in precise is borken atm :(13:41
Myrttidid anyone mention N9?13:43
aquariusno, but I looked at it.13:43
Myrttinot that I care anymore, but just out of interest13:44
aquariushardware seems pretty (which is why it got reused for the lumia :)) Little concerned about platform abandonment.13:44
Myrttifor all I care Nokia can go die in a fire13:44
gordthat seems a little harsh ;)13:45
gordif the nokia HQ goes up in flames, i'll know where to look13:45
aquariusI'm not worried about lack of apps; I am worried that the n9 OS looks suspiciously like an iOS ripoff, that it may not have a very good browser at all, that the primary audience is techie people who think that being able to compile a kernel for a phone is a good thing,and that there's no ongoing development which means that if I have problems I'll be SOL.13:45
popeythe n9 outsold nokias identical windows phone the lumia13:46
popeydespite the n9 not being very easy to get hold of13:46
Myrttiaquarius: that's why I've not even considered it myself13:46
gordonjcpgord: are you now picturing Myrtti wearing thick glasses and going "and - i could - i could - i could burn this building down, you know - and i - i ..."13:46
MyrttiI have a passionate point of view at things that have made my life miserable13:47
aquariusMyrtti, but at the moment it's roughly equivalent in terms of "I could use it but there are the following problems" with all the other competitors.13:47
gordi find it suspicious that when the new android revision comes out, suddenly my android phone starts sucking big time13:47
aquariusevery phone on the market seems to have some sort of issue I really don't like about it. I hate being a community of one.13:47
gordlast night it couldn't even do wifi properly13:48
czajkowskiaquarius: what about a bolt on battery on an android phone ? like an external battery or seomthing13:48
czajkowskiI know I've seen something like it for an iphone13:48
aquariusczajkowski, then I'd have a phone which is an inch thick, which'd piss me off, and that still wouldn't fix how I find Android annoying ;)13:49
MyrttiI just installed JuiceDefender on my Nexus One and it has made a significant difference13:49
aquariusoops, sorry.13:49
aquariusMyrtti, I had JD; either it didn't help, or it did help and it would have been *even worse* without it.13:49
czajkowskiaquarius: perhaps you over use your phone!13:49
aquariusLast night, however, I broke the rule of a lifetime and installed a custom ROM on my phone, so we'll see if that helps.13:49
aquariusczajkowski, no such thing. That's how I want to use it; therefore I want a phone which can manage it :)13:50
daubersaquarius: Nah, all smart phones suck in some manner :)13:50
hamitronnot as smart as they like to "think" they are :/13:50
Myrttiour little household is pondering between Galaxy Note and Galaxy Nexus, it seems13:50
daubersIt's more a case of finding one which sucks least for you13:51
aquariusdaubers, hence me asking the question and the 100 messages on google+ :)13:51
diploaquarius, I just moved to Cyagenmod on my phone, Improved battery life no end13:51
aquariusdiplo, which is exactly what I've done, so maybe it'll help :P13:52
daubersI find battery life ok on my GS II13:52
daubersuntil I sit playing games all day13:52
diploDid it last weekend, this weekend I left wireless/mobile on from Friday lunch till the 10% warning came up on Sunday early evening!13:52
diplothat's with twitter/g+/fb usage + calls and texts13:52
diploSo overall a huge improvement13:52
AlanBellanyone come across cas before for single sign on http://www.jasig.org/cas13:53
diploIt seems to bit the wireless/mobilenet in a type of standby13:53
aquariusbiggest problem with the N9 is that I don't even know who to ask questions like "does it support offline web apps" of13:53
* hamitron wants a smart phone without facebook, twitter and email plastered all over it.... cheap13:53
diploAlanBell, Nope sorry13:53
Myrttiaquarius: #harmattan apparently13:54
diploI don't tweet/g+ much myself tbh hamitron13:54
aquariusMyrtti, that's abotu creating native n9 apps, isn't it?13:54
diploBut it's good for loo reading :)13:54
Myrttiyeah, but they know a bit or two about the device itself too... or ask twitterverse13:54
hamitrondiplo, I use real paper stuff at the loo ;/13:55
aquariusAlanBell, you know about jsgf and pocketsphinx?13:55
Myrtti#N9club/#N950club tags seem to catch some of the people13:55
AlanBellaquarius: an incy wincy bit13:55
aquariusAlanBell, you and I need to have a conversation, then, so I can get quentin working :)13:56
AlanBellaquarius: what is that then?13:56
aquariusAlanBell, voice control for my machine13:56
aquariusAlanBell, primarily for media playing, not desktop control13:56
AlanBellsimon-listens is quite effective13:57
AlanBellthe HUD stuff looks almost made for it13:57
* directhex has an n9 on his desk13:58
directhexalso a pre 313:58
aquariusAlanBell, my biggest problem is that I don't know how to influence it so that words stay together. So, if I tell it: here is some grammar, "Top Gear", "The IT Crowd", I never want it to consider "Top Crowd" to be a legitimate utterance. And I don't know how :)13:58
aquariusdirecthex, pre's no good for me, purely 'cos I don't like hardware keyboards, which is a shame13:58
aquariusdirecthex, do you know things about the n9?13:58
directhexaquarius, i know it's blue13:58
* aquarius laughs13:59
AlanBellaquarius: http://cmusphinx.sourceforge.net/sphinx4/javadoc/edu/cmu/sphinx/jsgf/JSGFGrammar.html13:59
AlanBell<sil> means silence, which I find amusing13:59
directhexaquarius, it's not the device for me, tbh. it's now my mp3 player and sip phone, but not my all-purpose mobile14:00
aquariusdirecthex, I'd be interested in hearing your reasons for that14:00
aquariusAlanBell, yeah, I read some docs; part of what made me stop playing with it is that the speech stuff wasn't packaged ;(14:00
AlanBellwhich part?14:00
directhexaquarius, a few major major problems with the default apps, combined with a lack of third party apps (compared even to webos)14:01
AlanBell!info python-pocketsphinx14:01
lubotu3python-pocketsphinx (source: pocketsphinx): lightweight speech recognition - Python module. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.5.1+dfsg1-0ubuntu2 (oneiric), package size 32 kB, installed size 172 kB14:01
aquariusAlanBell, last time I played with this stuff (which was probably 18 months ago, I admit), the packaged versions were broken and old14:01
directhexaquarius, the main ones are the stress of using it in the car for music & calls, and the twitter app being junk14:01
aquariusdirecthex, interesting. I'm not too worried about third-party apps; I have learned that I use about ten apps and that's it. What's stressful about the car?14:02
aquariushow much does an N9 cost these days? I'll port U1 to it if I get one, so that'll cover most of my needs ;)14:03
AlanBellaquarius: the julius engine isn't packaged (some doubt about licensing from the japanese university behind it) which is keeping simon-listens out of debian last time I checked, but the cmusphinx and pocketsphinx engines are there (might be old)14:03
directhexaquarius, let me describe the scene. i play music via the headphone socket on my phone, and when a call comes in, the car switches into bluetooth headset mode & takes the call via the integrated microphone under the dashboard. make sense? this is how i did things with the pre and the htc hero in my android youth14:03
directhexaquarius, the car absolutely cannot do music via bluetooth, it does not advertise support for the "stereo headphone" profile, only the "headset", "car kit" and "address book" profiles14:04
directhexaquarius, so the hero was okay with this setup, except after a call i had to unpause the music. the pre3 did everything right.14:05
aquariusdirecthex, interesting. That specific point doesn't worry me right at this moment, because I play music in the car by plugging a wire into the headphone socket, but I take your point!14:05
directhexaquarius, the n9 will only output audio via the most recently connected audio device, full stop. so if i start playback, hit the ignition, then i get about three seconds of audio through the car - until the bluetooth connects, and the phone declares "bluetooth! output all music via bluetooth!"14:06
* aquarius laughs14:06
aquariusthat seems unideal.14:06
AlanBellhack the car14:06
directhexaquarius, the fix is to unplug and replug the headphone cable. howEVER, now, if i receive a call, i get silence, because the n9 has declared "headphone! all headset audio via headphone!" instead of bluetooth14:06
directhexandroid and webos could handle the mixed scenario. harmattan can not14:07
aquariusright. That seems a bit broken, indeed; that's what worries me about the N9, not that there are these problems, but that these problems will never ever ever be fixed14:07
Neotihi all been a while...14:08
andylockranit has14:10
andylockranwelcome bck14:10
Neotiim on the look out for a new job, i know windows stuff, linux stuff, voip stuff/asterisk..... based in nottingham... lolz.14:12
andylockranNeoti: send your CV to www.medoc.co.uk14:13
Neotiandylockran - www.phillipcooper.co.uk14:13
Neotiandylockran - http://phillipcooper.co.uk/about-me/my-cv/14:14
Neotibut i will also email them14:14
Neotithanks andylockran14:14
directhexaquarius, the 1.2 update is due soon. it may fix some retardation14:16
directhexaquarius, the other painful one is that the design specs say your app should prompt for internet access if needed - but the twitter app takes it to extremes, and spams "connect to internet" popups if you're offline (e.g. on a eurostar)14:17
aquariusooh, http://www.developer.nokia.com/Resources/Library/Web/nokia-browsers/nokia-browser-85-for-meego-12-harmattan/html5-support/offline-storage/application-cache.html implies that the n9 supports offline web apps.14:23
aquariussuddenly I am leaning towards an n9.14:23
Neotiandylockran email sent thanks!14:23
Myrttioh no14:25
MyrttiI should have kept quiet about N914:25
aquariusMyrtti, this seems... promising.14:25
Myrttiyou're giving money to the devil :-|14:25
* Myrtti goes to sacrifice her old 3310 on the altar14:25
Myrttifortunately I can't keep angry for long14:26
aquariusMyrtti, buying a competent smartphone is merely deciding which devil to give money to.14:26
Myrttiwell atleast if you get one assembled in Finland you know that labourwise you've given your money to the marginally lesser evils14:28
Myrttiie. not Foxconn14:28
directhexdidn't nokia close their salo factory?#14:29
Myrttinot yet14:30
Myrttiit was just announced last week, it's not an instant process14:30
Myrttiand the whole factory isn't going to go apparently14:31
jonsainthi all, need some help! all my pcs are now running ubuntu but thing is, how can i block websites?? im asking this because of my kids.14:37
directhexjonsaint, OS-agnostic solution is http://www.opendns.com/14:37
hamitronjonsaint, I like opendns14:38
hamitron^ beat me to it :/14:38
dogmatic69jonsaint: easy way is hosts file14:38
jonsainthow does it actually work?14:38
dogmatic69just add site.com14:38
dogmatic69redirects site.com to
jpdsdogmatic69: Sounds like a large hosts file is coming up.14:38
aquariusjonsaint, is your plan to (a) prevent access to certain named sites, or (b) allow access only to certain named sites and block all the others, or (c) have someone else decide on a list of all sites that should be blocked and use that list?14:39
directhexjonsaint, a DNS server is like an internet phonebook which turns an address (like www.ubuntu.com) into an actual network address (like - if you replace your ISP's DNS server with opendns, then you can use their service to filter out certain classes of site from their name resolution14:40
jonsaintaquarius,  its to stop my kids going on sites i dont want them on, i want to choose what sites to block14:40
hamitronopendns is certainly easiest14:40
gordonjcpjonsaint: you could look at the site filtering options in something like OpenWRT14:40
dogmatic69opendns sounds like a good one, you can just block sites like ...14:41
directhexthe advantage to using opendns for this is you admin it from one place - i.e. you set your router to use opendns, then all computers on your network get opendns-filtered results14:41
aquariusjonsaint, then the hosts file approach is the low-budget super-techie way to do it, but it doesn't require any additional software; as mentioned, edit the file /etc/hosts with superuser privileges, and then add "siteiwanttoblock.com" on a new line.14:41
gordonjcpjonsaint: the best method is parental oversight ;-)14:41
hamitronbut that wouldn't block gb.siteiwanttoblock.com14:41
jonsaintso all in all, whats the best, free way of blocking sites i want to block??14:42
dogmatic69hamitron: or ninjaproxy.com/siteiwantotblock.com etc14:42
directhexoh, free. i guess hosts hacking.14:42
jonsaintaint opendns free?14:43
ikoniaha ha14:43
hamitronopendns free package is all i need14:43
gordonjcpdirecthex: or OpenWRT14:43
gordonjcpjonsaint: how old are your children?14:43
directhexjonsaint, $20 per year for the configurable option14:43
jonsaint10 plus one bit older14:43
gordonjcpjonsaint: this has a bearing on whether or not you want to whitelist or blacklist14:43
hamitronbut then you need to also set a firewall and other stuff on your router, if you think users will try work their way around :/14:43
gordonjcpjonsaint: okay, you do realise that anything you do to filter their Internet connection will last about ten minutes?14:44
directhexgordonjcp, yeah, as soon as he gets an advanced degree in wrtology14:44
jonsainti got a bt hub which is a router and modem all in one14:44
directhexheh, yeah. i started surfing for porn at, i dunno, eleven?14:44
directhexbloody dialup14:44
gordonjcpkids these days with your high speed internet pr0n14:44
hamitrondirecthex, trained you to "wait longer"? ;/14:45
gordonjcpjonsaint: I'm not sure if the BT Homehub has filtering14:45
gordonjcpjonsaint: it might do14:45
ikoniadirecthex: as in 11.am today ?14:45
jonsaintno it dont, you have to download their net protect software but its only for crappy windows14:45
gordonjcphm, okay14:46
directhexikonia, yes, but also when i was 11 years old14:46
jonsaintanyway folks il give it a go. many thanks for the help and info :-)14:46
hamitronI'd use opendns, with a firewall to stop outgoing connections, and then run a local proxy14:47
gordonjcphamitron: not sure if that'll work14:47
gordonjcphamitron: the BT Homehub is pretty locked down14:47
ikoniadirecthex: late starter then huh14:47
hamitronoh, you'd need another device probably14:47
gordonjcphamitron: yea14:47
gordonjcptbh the best bet would be to just stick a cacheing proxy in14:47
hamitronsure it can handle opendns and firewall?14:47
gordonjcpor, you know, watch what your children are doing on the Internet14:48
gordonjcpand, radical as this idea might sound14:48
hamitronit is the best14:48
gordonjcptry actually doing parent-y things14:48
gordonjcpinstead of expecting a magic box to fix it all for you and bring up your children14:48
hamitronas with many things, tech can't fully replace human input14:48
* gordonjcp <- cynical, has no children14:49
gordonjcpI was at one point a child though, and I do still have one parent14:49
ikoniagordonjcp: it's true, bring them up so they are not idiot/scum/liars and can be trusted to surf and take in stuff properly14:49
hamitronbut all kids break rules14:50
gordonjcpikonia: what we did for a mate of mine about ten years ago was set up a cacheing proxy14:50
hamitronif given the chance14:50
gordonjcpcaching? cacheing?14:50
gordonjcpthe house rules were, don't go poking about in stuff your parents wouldn't want you looking at14:50
gordonjcpif you click on something by accident, well these things happen14:50
gordonjcpbut it's all logged and porn popups look very different to a concerted effort to find boobies14:51
gordonjcpso, play fair14:51
ikoniagordonjcp: to be honest, my parents trusted me to do what I wanted with most things (interenet wasn't really a big deal at that time) but no matter what I saw, I was sane enough to not send naked picturs of myself on chat rooms etc14:51
gordonjcpof course if they rooted the proxy and wiped the logs, destroying all the evidence of their deviant pr0n habits, then that just shows initiative, doesn't it?14:51
gordonjcpikonia: exactly14:52
hamitronso does robbing a bank and not getting caught14:52
hamitrondoesn't make it right ;/14:52
directhexlooks like homehub 3 dns cannot be changed, full stop14:52
gordonjcpdirecthex: yup14:52
directhexgotta change dns server on every client pc14:52
ikoniathis stuff about "we need a panic button on facebook" - no your kids need to not send naked photos of themselves to strangers, and you need a slap for bringing them up bad14:52
gordonjcpikonia: bingo14:52
directhexikonia, can i send naked photos of myself to people i know?14:53
gordonjcpikonia: someone I follow on Facebook posted about some rape trial in Ireland14:53
ikoniadirecthex: if I'm on the list, sure, I'd hate to miss out14:53
hamitronI still think it is easy for a child to be misled14:53
AlanBellikonia: that panic button thing is a big fat PR scam14:53
hamitronnot all the parents fault14:53
gordonjcpikonia: where the outrage is that the judge has said that the rape victim may have, by wandering around town late at night wearing not much, may just have some responsibility herself for what happened14:53
ikoniaAlanBell: thank you for lifting the wool from my eyes, ;)14:54
ikoniagordonjcp: insanity14:54
AlanBellikonia: I actually am registered as an official somethingorother to do with that14:54
ikoniaAlanBell: I look forward to chatting to you when I hit the panic button as directhex has sent me his naked pictures14:54
AlanBellI filled out the form and said I would like to implement a panic button for Ubuntu, so I wanted access to their sekrit resources14:55
directhexyou prefer the shots in leather or latex?14:55
gordonjcpto which I'm tempted to reply saying that if you wander around with a fat roll of 20s in your pocket and you get robbed walking around drunk in a bad area at midnight, who is really to blame?14:55
hamitronpoor ikonia? o.O14:55
AlanBellwhich turned out to be one .gif file14:55
ikoniadirecthex: surprise me.14:55
directhexsteel it is!14:55
hamitrongordonjcp, you, for not kicking their butt ;)14:55
ikoniadirecthex: cold steel ?14:55
gordonjcpikonia: or the girl who came into the noodle bar on Saturday with an equally pissed-up group of her friends14:56
ikoniagordonjcp: I bet 20+ morons hit "like" on that link14:56
directhexikonia, how else?14:56
ikoniadirecthex: just checking14:56
gordonjcpikonia: wearing what looked like half an Ann Summers-style outfit14:56
ikoniaclearly I need to frequent noodle bars14:56
gordonjcpikonia: and then started giving some random guy a lapdance while her friends cheered her on14:57
gordonjcpstay classy14:57
ikoniacan't wait to take her home to meet the family14:57
AlanBellI am delighted to tell you that your registration to access our Digital Asset Library for an Ubuntu Linux desktop application has been accepted and you have now joined literally thousands of professionals from across the UK working with us to make the internet a safer place for young users.14:57
ikoniaAlanBell: I'm sleeping easy tonight14:57
gordonjcpikonia: indeed14:57
AlanBellceop is a marketing scam14:58
oimon_hamitron: opendns went crazy on me the other day and haven't changed back yet - did you have the same probs?15:05
oimon_started blocking search engines as a disallowed site15:05
BigRedSHm. Finding packages for Etch is rather harder than I'd imagined15:15
aquariusBigRedS, that's because it's been out of support for about a hundred years :P15:17
BigRedSaquarius: pffft. details! :)15:20
hamitronoimon_, didn't notice15:28
oimon_hamitron: hmm. could access most sites, almost missed my train changing the dns on the router before leaving for work so mrs could do stuff15:29
hamitronsorry for delay, disadvantage of using loads of machines at once15:29
oimon_s/could/could not15:29
hamitronit let me open a site it should have had blocked a while ago15:29
hamitronbut was a one off15:30
oimon_which one ? ilovesheep.com?15:32
zleapwha command shows processes running15:33
zleapwhat is the otherone15:33
oimon_ps -ef15:33
zleapthats it15:33
zleapok according to that i have openssh server running15:34
zleapwhich is good15:34
hamitronoimon_, some facebook page15:38
oimon_mmm after-eight sweets..best things out there16:01
oimon_AKA mintoes?16:02
christelafter eights <316:05
oimon_sending off 4 delay repay forms to my train company :(16:06
BigRedSyou have a train company?16:09
oimon_i pay so much i feel that i'm a part owner.16:15
oimon_conveniently they changed franchise last week so the previous delays probably won't be honoured (even though the addresses of the offices are all the same etc)16:16
dwatkinsafter eights are minty choclatey things, I don't think they're the same as mintoes16:21
KrisDouglasDoes anyone here follow the elementary project, and if so, what are your thoughts on the user interface guidelines?16:22
oimon_dwatkins: mint munchies?16:28
oimon_ah, mintola!16:28
oimon_In 1995, the confectionery formerly known as Mintola (near-identical in appearance to Munchies, but consisting of plain chocolate with a mint fondant centre) was renamed Mint Munchies.[2] In 2006, Mint Munchies were again renamed, this time as After Eight Bitesize.[3]16:28
oimon_so sooooo good16:29
dwatkins'After Eight Thin Mints (After Eights) are a confectionery product described as "mint enrobed in dark chocolate"'16:29
bigcalmI miss the pirimint (that nobody else remembers)16:29
oimon_i also have love hearts, but they make my tummy bloty16:30
KrimZon_2what were pirimint?16:30
davmor2dwatkins: Come on sir one wafffffffer thin mint16:31
oimon_just had 2 manic hours where i shaved 4 tedious items off the to-do list..one more to do before hometime :D16:31
* dwatkins ponders clcling in tomorrow16:32
dwatkinsalso, cycling, perhaps16:32
oimon_what todo list management can you guys recommend? i use google stuff a lot if it helps16:40
dwatkinsI tend to keep a list of stuff on springpad, oimon_ - not quite a todo list, but it syncs nicely between devices most of the time16:41
oimon_dwatkins: sounds similar to my existing arrangement of a TODO note on tomboy16:41
daubersoimon_: Post it notes, a pen and a bin :)16:42
oimon_i am also looking forward to getting a stylus for my touchpad though...16:42
oimon_post it notes don't sync very well16:42
oimon_found a brilliant app for my 2yr old..called drumkit16:44
dwatkinspost-it notes are difficult to transport.16:44
oimon_also good for the 2yr old in me...16:44
oimon_finally remembered to download the free copy of linux journal for the train journey16:46
oimon_if i use disk utility to encrpy a drive, what method is it using? cryptoluks? something else?16:49
oimon_looks like luks16:52
daubersProbably is luks using cryptsetup16:54
DJonesHmmh, just been asked by one of the directors at work, if they get rid of our IT support contract, would I be happy taking over the admin of a couple of server.....Let's think.... Windows server (very old version), Obsolete hardware held together with glue & rubber bands, hard drives stuffed full & nothing can be deleted, no backups.......Er No thanks17:07
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: did you want to come to the rugby meet up?17:08
popeyhah DJones17:08
DJonespopey: They were the up-sides to it :)17:09
gordcool, nabbed bug 670000 in gnome17:10
lubotu3Launchpad bug 670000 in IUS Community Project "MySQL 5.1.52 Source Update" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/67000017:10
gordround numbers \o/17:10
gordshut up ubutu17:10
popeygnome bug 67000017:13
lubotu3Gnome bug 670000 in libgnome-desktop "gnome_bg SIGSEGV if g_settings_get_string (settings, BG_KEY_PICTURE_URI) returns NULL" [Normal,Unconfirmed] http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=67000017:13
zleapwill gwibber have support for google+18:24
davmor2zleap: from the twitter-sphere I see that there is a provisional branch which for now just authenticates and not much else so WIP18:26
MartijnVdSg+ has an api now?18:28
zleapok thanks18:29
zleapjust got gwibber face book and facebook chat working18:29
gordfew months ago i heard that google would api up the hangouts stuff, would be awesome18:29
MyrttiMartijnVdS: afaik it has had a read-only API for some time now18:30
zleapsounds good18:31
* popey pokes marxjohnson 18:44
* marxjohnson knows, and will sort it out in a minute18:44
marxjohnsonit should be good to go, if you copy podpress.css and podpress_theme.css and put them back in after the update that should work18:49
marxjohnsonIf not, I'll make sure I fix it before Ep0 is out18:49
marxjohnsonsorry, podpress_theme.php18:50
popeywill have a go later, ta18:53
jaustinjoin /ubuntu-release18:57
MartijnVdSit's not April yet ;)18:57
=== siamese is now known as solakola
* zleap is reading linux magazine19:42
zleapgot it for £1  as I had a £5 mail rewards voucher19:42
zleapacutally no 99p19:42
zleapas its £5.9919:43
zleapwhy fail ?19:56
Azelphurzleap: because you failed :o19:56
zleapwhy have i failed19:57
AzelphurI havn't decided a reason yet, but I can assure you that you failed19:57
* zleap looks at windows PC and can confirm its off19:57
* zleap looks at ubuntu box and can confirm its working19:57
* zleap looks at printer error and confirms its not fixed yet19:58
zleap3 computers running 11.1019:58
zleap1 of which is dual boot with Windows19:59
zleapi seem to have 3 stuffed toy tux penguins,  and 1 tux stress shape20:14
MartijnVdSAww: http://i.imgur.com/MAtr9.jpg21:09
zleaplego dog tags21:15
zleapnow stand 2 people back to back,  and clip em together using lego :D21:15
MartijnVdSzleap: Well the two parts form a heart.. like the ones people wear shared with their boy/girlfriend21:16
zleapah sorry21:16
zleapi see that shape now :D21:17
MartijnVdSzleap: you still have time before Valentine's day l;)21:17
* zleap has lego in the attic21:17
MartijnVdSzleap: Run up there, find pieces, find 2 chains, give to gf?21:18
zleapok will need to find a gf too21:18
zleapno I don't keep any in the attic21:18
* popey has lego in the lounge21:18
* MartijnVdS has some lego as well21:20
MartijnVdSbut I don't know if I have that piece21:20
zleapnor me21:20
zleapi have lots of lego castle parts21:20
zleapthat pic looks cool21:23
zleapis there a ubuntu package for that in the repos21:24
zleapwell to asnwer that no, not in software center anyway21:25
brunogirinpopey: what sort of lego?21:41
brunogirindoes anybody know what package I should report a defect against if I have a problem in system settings?21:42
brunogirinthanks popey!21:43
czajkowskiam pooped21:43
AlanBellhard day at work?21:58

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