philipballewthis puts a new meaning to their moto "live free or die"02:22
akkThat's great! Wonder if CA will ever follow suit?02:29
philipballewmaybe we as a LoCo should protest the capitol.02:32
philipballewbut ms has so many lobbyists, thet'd say floss is more expensive probably02:33
jbermudesWhat does the Bay Area use? electronic touch screen voting?02:34
jbermudesLA County uses basically stamped ink bubbles that are sort of like SAT-style answer sheets02:34
jbermudesBut I suppose the machines reading it could be hiding some tricks so FOSS would be cool to have for even those02:35
jtatumsanta clara county uses optical reader types - connect these two boxes with a line to vote02:36
jtatumsame as they had in florida. dunno about the rest of the bay.02:36
philipballewplacer county uses punch cards...02:36
jbermudesSo at least there's a paper trail in all of these instances, right?02:37
akkI thought the florida problem was all about the chads (punchcards), not optical scan.02:46
akkMy district (in San Jose) is all mail-in, optical scan. We had touchscreen for a year or two.02:47
jtatumah, good point akk. Let me revise my blanket statement to say orange county, florida :)02:47
* jledbetter1 waves.03:02
DarkwingHow is everyone tonight?03:02
DarkwingGimme a sec to bring up the agenda03:02
MarkDudeThere we go03:02
epsSo, short meeting?03:03
* MarkDude is in meeting with Oregon at moment also. Let me know if I need to ramble some crazy stuff about things....03:03
DarkwingOkay, there seems to be one item on the agenda. The Ubuntu Global Jam is around the corner for 12.04 LTS03:03
DarkwingAnyone have any plans for a Global Jam?03:03
DarkwingNorth or south?03:04
jledbetter1I think there was some talk about one in SF03:04
DarkwingAnyone have any info on that?03:05
MarkDudeLets assign agenda item to Jono and move on...03:05
DarkwingI don't have anything planned in house for San Diego.03:06
DarkwingI have not heard about LA or Bay...03:06
locodir-userhi guys, i have aproblem03:06
* MarkDude has all sorts of problems....03:07
* Darkwing kicks MarkDude03:07
DarkwingHush you. :P:P03:07
* MarkDude sits and up and bites his tongue03:07
Darkwinglocodir-user: a problem?03:07
locodir-useri have a" The package system is broken" notice when i try to install anything03:07
locodir-userand i want to remove a game03:08
locodir-userhow can i force ubuntu to remove it03:09
Darkwinglocodir-user: ^^^03:09
Darkwinglocodir-user: That will help you fix brokem packages.03:09
DarkwingOr, you can open a terminal and type: sudo dpkg --configure -a03:10
Darkwingeither one should help you out locodir-user03:10
DarkwingAnyway, back to the meeting... anyone have anything to add about global jams?03:11
MarkDudeThey are fun.03:11
DarkwingAnyone have any announcements, comments, quips, gripes, complaints?03:12
MarkDudeRent is too damn high03:12
jledbetter1Mountain View UH this week :)03:12
Darkwingyou have it in the loco.u.c?03:12
MarkDudeThings are pretty good with the Cali Team03:12
* philipballew just got the email03:12
jtatumDarkwing: just added it :)03:13
DarkwingSan Diego UH is coming up next week.03:14
Darkwingon the 21st03:15
epikvision question: where is the global jam held at?03:15
* philipballew has stickers to bring thanks to jtatum 03:15
DarkwingThey are all over... Keep checking http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-california for information on it.03:16
Darkwingepikvision: ^^03:16
epsWe don't even have it listed on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Projects03:16
jtatumor the mailing list hopefully03:16
philipballewwould it be possible as a loco to do a online global jam?03:16
DarkwingAs long as someone organizes it.03:16
DarkwingI normally do some Kubuntu Jams03:16
jledbetter1philipballew: Yes.03:16
philipballewsince were such a big state, we just find a few bugs and all work on them.03:17
jbermudesSo what would that look like besides just people talking in the IRC channel like usual?03:17
jledbetter1And be here for those that get stuck on how to fix.03:17
jledbetter1organized time we're at the keyboard?03:17
philipballewmaybe, or we just find say 5 bugs as a loco is different levels of difficulty and maybe 2 or 3 work on one together.03:18
DarkwingAnyone have anything else to add? If you are doing a Jam, please add it to the wiki and to loco.u.c03:19
DarkwingIf not I have to get ready for an interview tomorrow.03:20
akkGood luck, Darkwing!03:21
jledbetter1Hope it goes well, Darkwing :)03:22
eps /leave #ubuntu-us-ca G'nite03:44
izdubartake 2....03:46
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Faqtotum[Sun 2012-02-12 06:32:03 PM PST] <philipballew> maybe we as a LoCo should protest the capitol. <----- maybe you should have thought of that before you moved to SD13:07
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brodersince we were discussing flag files for identifying a chroot's distribution recently, http://0pointer.de/blog/projects/os-release.html20:07
broder(or, under an alternative headline, "Lennart once again tells us what's best for the rest of us")20:08
pleia2boo, rain23:37
nhainesyay rain!23:38
nhainesIt sprinkled this morning on and off but I think it's gone now.23:38
akkIt's been raining quite a bit here, off and on all day.23:40
pleia2it sprinkled this morning, let up for me to get lunch, now it's quite rainy again23:40
akkThat was nice of it!23:47

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