snap-lwhich is why I'm working on Piddlepodder Python03:37
Milyardo:source /home.ztv/zpowers//.byobu/profile03:40
Milyardo:source /home.ztv/zpowers//.byobu/profile03:41
jrwrenis miro the one that was ipodder?03:42
snap-lDemocracy player03:49
snap-lGood morning12:37
snap-lApparently OCZ drives are the gold box special12:54
snap-lSSD (90GB) for $10012:55
snap-lbut the reliability ratings are scaring me away.12:55
rick_hyea, this is why I keep getting intel12:55
Wolfgerwhat, your data is important to you or something? :-p12:56
snap-lWolfger: Yeah, funny that12:56
rick_hheh, don't you have backups? and for that price sholdn't you be setting up a raid 10 of them?12:56
WolfgerIt'd be like building your own personal cloud :-)12:56
snap-lOh, yeah, that would be awesome13:01
snap-land when they all fail, one after another, it'll be n+1 times the swearing13:01
rick_hsnap-l: so switched back keyboards yet?13:17
brouschthe sound hurting his ears?13:28
rick_hhoepfully not, he took home the quiet version13:28
brouschis that like a quiet jet engine?13:29
rick_hwe'll wait for his verdict. I told him he had to wait 3 days and so he probably made his verdict13:29
WolfgerHmm. Now the talk of RAID and SSD has me thinking... You should be able to (I would imagine) set up a RAID between SSD and HDD. Probably it would negate the performance of the SSD, but could it possibly be set up so that you get SSD performance and also HDD reliability? Basically the HDD being a slightly-laggy real-time backup of the SSD...13:32
rick_hyea, so there's ways to do that. Basically it's at tha database level though13:33
rick_hso what they do is set the database server to store things like indexes on a raid ssd store13:33
rick_hand the mass data on spinning disks13:33
rick_hand try to balanace it all out13:33
rick_hbut you have to have a big db for that. These days it's more about getting a machine with 60+GB of ram and just putting the whole damn db in ram on start13:33
WolfgerNow that's what I'm talking about... 60GB RAM. :-D13:36
* Wolfger looks at his pathetic 3GB and cries13:36
brouscheven my ancient crappy laptop has 4GB13:37
rick_h128gb of ram13:37
brouschhow long before there's no disk drives? you just sync your ramdisk to ramdisks in the cloud13:37
rick_hheh, I don't think that. Not sure you want to download 60-120gb "from the cloud" on boot13:38
brouschboot? why would you turn off?13:38
rick_hright, because things never go down :)13:39
Wolfgerwell, you won't mind downloading 60-120 gb on boot when our broadband gets up to speed....13:39
brouschit'll take like 30 seconds, just like it does now to boot13:39
jrwrenmmmm... SSD13:53
snap-lrick_h: I'm still using this keyboard.13:53
snap-lGoing to give it a shot until Wednesday.13:53
rick_hsnap-l: cool, what's the opinion so far then?13:54
snap-lDid a brief switch-back before the weekend because I didn't want to leave it here over the weekend13:54
snap-lUm, it's nice13:54
snap-ltravel is quite good13:54
rick_hah, it's in the office?13:54
snap-lThe Logitech felt stiff afterward.13:54
rick_hdon't worry about that. I had the whole dock, headphones, keyboards, etc left in the office for years there13:54
snap-lrick_h: Yeah, I'm using it here because JoDee said "verboten"13:54
rick_houch, even the quiet one?13:54
snap-lrick_h: Yeah, I know, but I'd rather not sacrifice another rick_h keyboard here. :)13:55
snap-lrick_h: Dude, this is not quiet13:55
rick_hwhat do you mean? That's the quietest of my mechanical keyboards13:55
rick_hof the 513:55
snap-lIT's comparitively quiet, but it's not quiet13:55
* snap-l should brin gin the logitech so rick_h can hear what quiet is13:55
snap-lor the Apple keyboard.13:56
rick_hmeh, I'm not comparing to fake keyboards :P13:56
snap-lfalse metal. ;)13:56
snap-lBut yeah, the Logitech trades travel for stiffness.13:56
snap-lI like th feel, though13:57
jrwrenenough gin makes anything quiet. brin gin, I'm not sure.13:59
brouschi'm sure sergey has some top shelf gin14:01
nullspacerage: xflock4 is busted14:01
snap-lnullspace: I think anything with Rage3D is busted now14:02
jrwrenxflock4 ?14:02
jrwrenoh, xfce screensaver14:03
nullspacerebooted and now it's working14:11
nullspaceseems like xflock is constantly getting changed14:11
krondorwho was in here awhile back asking for a good android pinball game?  I think I found one over the weekend.14:56
brouschi think snap-l is the pinball wizard14:58
snap-lI'm the pinball fan14:58
snap-lbut I wasn't asking for an Androind version (yet)14:59
krondorhmm someone was asking about it.. oh well http://bit.ly/zcxO3y is the game review.15:05
krondorthey've licensed actual tables from the 80's, 90's, 00's and recreated them nicely15:06
Wolfgerkrondor: I don't think anybody was asking... there was a discussion the other day. I think I said that video game emulations of pinball just sucked, and somebody posted a few Android app links15:10
Wolfgerof course, video game emulations of pinball have the sizable advantages of being cheap and portable, which actual pinball games are not :-p15:11
snap-lYeah, the console pinball arcade simulations are pretty good15:12
snap-lThey don't beat the actual thing, but the tradeoffs are reasonable15:12
* snap-l still wishes he had a Theater of Magic and Medieval Madness emulation15:12
snap-lThose were two of my favorite tables15:12
snap-lThat and Twilight Zone15:13
snap-lReally fucked up game15:13
snap-lWolfger: Seriously?15:18
snap-lHow do they know it works?15:18
snap-lGood God, there's a major thread on-going on Ubuntu-desktop that someone started regarding "stop moving my cheese".15:20
Wolfgersnap-l: well according to the ad they know it works because, well, "you haven't seen any zombies around, have you?"15:25
WolfgerI think that's a great racket... sell ammo that nobody's supposed to use except on creatures that don't exist.15:26
WolfgerIt doesn't have to work, because if they fire it then you know they didn't follow the instructions.15:26
rick_hwoot! wore the ubuntu hoody and a guy running ubuntu notices15:32
rick_hpointed him at the loco so good stuff15:32
rick_hbah, forgot my headphones crap15:33
rick_hhah! and he's a tiler. DWM fan.15:36
brouschrick_h: it's like meeting a unicorn in your driveway!15:38
rick_hbrousch: lol definitely15:38
rick_hnot just an ubuntu user, but a tiling one. I guess I need to wear the hoodie more often.15:39
rick_hthere might be more!15:39
rick_hlike panning for gold15:39
snap-lrick_h: Hah, that's awesome!15:46
rick_hman, bad timing at the coffee house. Some make up sellers convention discussing what products they're pushing/etc15:46
rick_hand I forgot my headphones...damn15:46
snap-lrick_h: Ugh15:48
snap-lhttp://www.apress.com/9781430233510 <- Buh15:48
snap-lThat's me, getting itchy15:49
snap-lFeeling my CC want to hop out of the wallet again15:49
snap-lThe only problem with this is most of these are established companies15:50
snap-land 10 years in the games industry is a LOOOONG time.15:50
Wolfgersnap-l: why do you keep your Creative Commons in your wallet?15:50
snap-lWolfger: Attribution15:50
* snap-l puts the book on his web shopping list15:51
snap-lProblem is thes "blah blah at work" books are really reaching now15:52
snap-lVenture Capitalists at Work? Women at Work?15:53
snap-lI'm sure they're interesting, but the VC one has to be pretty silly.15:53
WolfgerUbuntu Volunteers at Work15:53
snap-lNah, we just sit around and bitch. :)15:53
WolfgerSnarky Hackers at Work15:53
WolfgerDelusional Wannabes at Work15:54
WolfgerFreetards at Work15:55
Wolfgerthis series is a gold mine15:55
Wolfgerit's like "For Dummies". Just think up a * to put in front of it, write it, ..., Profit!15:56
WolfgerDrain Unclogging For Dummies. You laugh now, but that book will sell. :-p15:57
brouschI like Freetards at Work15:58
brousch"How to push your socialist software agenda while  serving your corporate overloards"15:59
rick_h<3 it! http://dilbert.com/strips/comic/2012-02-11/16:20
snap-lrick_h: :)16:23
rick_hheh, local paper asked me what I thought of the wing's record jcastro16:35
jcastrowhat did you say?16:35
rick_hthat it was awesome, represent detroit, but want to see the Cup coming home so don't stop winning16:36
brousch"The wing has an excellent record when it comes to self-powered flight. I much prefer it to the rotor."16:36
rick_hoh shush16:37
rick_hwest siders...wtf16:37
brouschwe have many rabid sports fans here16:37
Wolfgerwell, with any luck, one of them will bite you ;-)16:39
Wolfgersports-rabies. LOL16:39
_stink_they just all like Chicago teams over there.16:40
brouschit is a distinct possibility16:40
rick_hmmm, chicago16:40
brousch_stink_: not in grand rapids, but once you get down to Niles that is true16:40
WolfgerBears suck, go Lions!16:40
rick_hI should be a blackhawks fan, but I didn't get into hockey at all until college16:40
rick_hWolfger: umm yea...16:40
_stink_brousch: it was like 50-50 in kzoo16:40
brouschwhich is half way between grand rapids and niles16:41
_stink_the world makes sense!!16:41
brouschmath works!16:41
rick_hhah, I want you see you use that in a mathematical proof16:41
rick_h"well, chi/dtw fans are split 50/50 here...therefore16:42
Wolfgerthough it would be interesting to map the US from a sports fan perspective16:44
_stink_i may have seen something like that before16:45
Wolfgerred pins where each major league stadium is, then show the population of this-team-fan vs that-team-fan vs don't-care16:45
Wolfgerit would get real interesting in places that have multiple teams in the same stadium (Jet/Giants?) or very close to one another.16:46
Wolfgerfrom what I understand, there's no such thing as a fan who like both the Cubs and the White Sox16:47
_stink_what i remember most was how geographically isolated teams held large areas... like the Cowboys up into the plains16:48
brouschhm, a python book from beazley coming out in a week or so. http://www.amazon.com/Python-Cookbook-Oreilly-Cookbooks-Brian/dp/1449378722/ref=zg_bsnr_285856_216:52
brouschomg it is 800 pages16:52
rick_hyea, finally reworking the cookbook16:52
* rick_h gets on this one16:52
brouschi have not finished any technical book over 500 pages16:53
rick_hit's a cookbook16:53
rick_hhalf of it you'll not know wtf to do with anyway16:54
brouschi suppose16:54
rick_hdrop the "processing XML" part nad you'll get odwnto 500 pages :P16:54
rick_hooh, on my birthday! Guess I know what I'm getting16:55
* Wolfger orders Learning Perl for rick_h16:57
rick_hheh, I've been waiting for that cookbook. The old one never got updated past 2.3 or 2.416:57
snap-lWolfger: Hahahahahaha18:21
snap-lUSN 1358-1 fixed multiple vulnerabilities in PHP. The fix for18:42
snap-lCVE-2012-0831 introduced a regression where the state of the18:42
snap-lmagic_quotes_gpc setting was not correctly reflected when calling18:42
snap-lthe ini_get() function.18:42
snap-lPHP: where the fixes have security holes.18:43
rick_hjob security18:49
brouschhm, heroku wants a little different project/venv setup than i've been using18:50
rick_hrun away!18:51
snap-lrick_h: Well, at least something in PHP-ville is secure. :)18:52
rick_hBlazeix: you know the best way to go playing with mouse button settings in awesome?19:23
rick_hwonder if xmodmap works for those19:23
snap-lho boy19:23
* snap-l preps for the super-chording mousebutton shennanigans19:24
rick_hbah, this is nuts. I'll end up just ditching a mouse19:26
snap-lrick_h: Getting a joystick instead?19:30
brouschhm, apparently i'm supposed to use S3 to serve my static files in heroku?19:30
snap-lrick_h: http://www.atarimagazines.com/v8n2/diamondsystem.html <- here you go19:33
brouschah, i can use whatever i want to serve the static files19:46
brouschlike my dreamhost account19:46
snap-lrick_h: Where the hell did you find a mouse with no middle click?20:11
snap-lor did you go with one of those newfangled Microsoft mice?20:12
rick_hsnap-l: I'm trying out lmorchard's fav trackball vs my own trackman fav20:34
rick_hand it doesn't have a middle click, by default the two extra buttons are next/prev in browser20:34
rick_hbut not middle click, which if you're used to linux copy/paste ugh20:35
lmorchardHmm, yeah, it's probably been 10 years or so since I last used that trackball on linux :/20:35
lmorchardand I have the buttons configured for pgup/pgdn because there's no scrollwheel20:36
lmorchardIt's definitely not as full-featured as the wireless version, next model up.20:37
brouschit lives on heroku! http://furious-fog-2524.herokuapp.com/20:44
rick_hlmorchard: yea, not sure I'll get used to it. I'll have to figure out how best to configure hte buttons sans gnome setting stuff20:45
rick_hbrousch: nice!20:46
snap-lrick_h: who is your peripheral pusher?20:59
snap-lSheesh. :)20:59
rick_hsnap-l: :P20:59
rick_hanything in the chase for more comfortable working environemtn to keep the work going21:00
snap-lIs this a Logitech Trackball you're using?21:00
snap-lOr the Kensington?21:00
rick_hnever cared for much kensington stuff21:01
snap-lYeah, friend had the Kensington that he used21:01
snap-lonly advantage was you could use a pool cue-ball as a drop-in replacement.21:02
lmorchardAh, yeah, I do have Logitech's mouse management warez installed on win and mac21:02
snap-land could use it for playing Centipede / Millipede.21:02
brouschah, you can rename your heroku apps http://grpugwebsite2.herokuapp.com/21:02
rick_hlmorchard: yea, no biggie. I'll try to see if I can get used to the ball, if so maybe hte wireless upgrade with the real scrollbar will be something to check into21:03
rick_hbrousch: nice21:03
rick_hnow I'm jealous, not had time to try out anything on heroku21:03
rick_hbrousch: https://github.com/heroku/heroku.py hit the wire yesterday21:03
rick_hbrousch: might be useful if you start automating scripting stuff, especially with fabric or anything21:04
snap-lHonestly, I'm addicted to the scrollwheel.21:04
brouschit's less of a mess than GAE21:04
rick_hbrousch: yea, that's my impression21:04
brouschless of a hack i should say21:04
rick_hand more portable21:04
brouschyeah, basically no changes needed to my django app21:04
brouschheroku appends database stuff to your settings.py so you don't have to worry about that part at all21:05
rick_hand it's pgsql! yay21:06
brouschand you can run one-off commands on the heroku server for things like data loading21:06
rick_hnow brousch can come out to CHC long edition and give up a heroku talk!21:07
snap-lprobably the CHC long-distance edition21:07
snap-lMaybe we could use Big Blue Button. ;)21:07
* rick_h send the slap-bot to morpace's offices21:08
brouschi would get beaten up for using django21:11
brouschnow to see if i can get dreamhost to reroute GAE power to the heroku shields21:13
snap-lbrousch: Eh?21:13
brouschchange where grpug.org points21:13
brouschdarn slow dns propogation21:16
snap-lbrousch: That's kind of the point. :)21:17

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