Unit193Cheri703: Hey, mind emailing me your busy/free days? (Bare info, can also put in days you don't want :P )03:39
Cheri703I'm off work on sundays and mondays03:46
Unit193Seemed to have forgotten that.03:49
Cheri703no worries03:49
Cheri703it's only been like 2 weeks that I've been on that schedule03:50
Unit193Seeing if EricR2427 can.03:50
Cheri703I probably can't do anything tomorrow, as I'm working through a pretty nasty chest cold03:56
Unit193Generally, and hope that hasn't lasted long.04:07
jrgiffordpaultag, this is the code for your FOSS about.me project, right? - https://github.com/paultag/practically-me16:39
paultagjrgifford: jep16:39
paultagjrgifford: it's buggy, but try out http://me.anized.org/paultag/16:39
paultagit sucks with non-widescreen16:40
paultagjrgifford: contribute to it! :)16:40
* jrgifford looks16:40
jrgiffordi think jcastro will be excited16:41
paultagjrgifford: he doens't give a shit :)16:41
paultagjrgifford: sadly no one really likes this16:41
paultagjrgifford: but I do, so I'm going to work on it16:41
jrgiffordi like it.16:41
paultagthanks :)16:41
paultagI'm going to add github support first16:42
paultagit'll become pretty slick if I keep true to where I think it should be going16:42
paultagjrgifford: I need to add some hacks to make the pages less sucky on long-ways screen16:43
paultagsomehow the assholes behind the major browsers fucked up their own spec16:43
jrgiffordif i remember right, about.me sucks there as well16:43
paultagScale the image, while preserving its intrinsic aspect ratio (if any), to the smallest size such that both its width and its height can completely cover the background positioning area.16:43
paultagmy fucking ass it'll scale for height16:44
paultagwhat idiots16:44
paultagbut yeah16:45
paultagflickr and github integration are next16:45
paultagI also understand both are nonfree16:45
jrgifforddo i look like i care? :P16:45
jrgiffordi mean, we're not the software freedom foundation for crying out loud.16:45
paultagjrgifford: I care :)16:46
jrgiffordand i'm definitely not RMS. ;D16:46
paultagbut not that much16:46
jrgiffordout of the open source options for github,16:46
jrgiffordyou've got gitorious, launchpad and that's about it16:46
paultaggitlabhq is pretty nice16:46
jrgiffordand who uses gitorious?16:46
paultagscratch that, gitlabhq is very nice16:47
jrgiffordoooohhh.... gitlabhq looks awesome16:47
* jrgifford installs on his server16:47
paultagit's rails16:47
paultagwich is meh16:47
jrgiffordruby *does* have some of the best git bindings16:48
jrgiffordthanks to github open sourcing grit. :S16:48
paultagtis true16:48
thafreakAnyone try the "ubuntu business remix" iso yet?22:03
canthus13business remix?22:07
canthus13I hope they ripped out unity...22:07
thafreaknope, just removed games, etc22:07
thafreaknon-business stuff22:07
thafreakstuck flash and openjdk in22:07
thafreaki'm going to give it a spin22:07
thafreakyou have to register to download it though, which is lame22:08
canthus13Keeping unity is lame. :/22:08
thafreakwell, that's the center of their desktop world now...doubt they'll ditch it22:09
_bbbthats the concensus..  ive decided22:09
thafreaki'll be interested to see how computer idiots (sales people mostly) react to it though22:09
thafreaki'm going to force it on some of them...22:09
_bbbthats not very pc22:09
thafreakit's very pc22:10
thafreakwhey're winidiots22:10
_bbbPC LOAD LETTER?!?22:10
thafreaksales people are the worst22:10
_bbbits fun to stereotype22:10
_bbbbut yeah22:10
_bbbstereotypes for a reason i guess22:11
thafreakno...no stereotypes, only countless hours of real life data I work with22:11
_bbbyes just memories for me thankfully22:11
thafreakmaybe i only ever deal with the loser sales people...22:11
_bbbbut ive done it.. some of them are my good friends still tho22:11
thafreakwould explain why they don't last more than a few months22:12
thafreakyou were sales?22:12
thafreakhmmm...my in-laws must just attract the shittiest sales people then...22:13
_bbbjust sales friendly22:13
_bbbin other news22:13
_bbbstart a new job in 3 wks22:14
thafreakis it sales? ;)22:14
_bbbunix/linux sys eng22:14
thafreakfuck yes22:14
_bbbpunching computars22:14
thafreakin the NEO?22:14
_bbbbut its more than that22:14
_bbbweaving and bobbing22:14
_bbbdefensive blocking22:14
_bbbyes same company im at now22:14
thafreaksounds like some M$ is involved22:15
thafreakyou work your way up or something?22:15
_bbbmovin on up to the east side22:15
thafreakgood job george22:15
_bbbnext tier22:15
_bbbquad damage22:15
thafreakyou pass your brown belt test or somehting22:15
_bbbheh no22:16
* canthus13 is actually starting to like Mint. His wife and girlfriend are both using it now and it's pretty nice, gnome 3 and all.22:16
_bbbborn that way22:16
_bbbyes ive moved to mint mostly22:16
_bbbalso love the crunchbang22:16
canthus13Crunchbang is nice, but....22:17
canthus131 person in charge of the entire project is a bit... unsettling.22:17
thafreakdid everyone just miss the "wife and girlfriend" comment?22:17
canthus13thafreak: ...I thought you knew.22:17
* canthus13 shrugs.22:17
thafreakapparently not22:18
_bbbopen source. open marriage.. ok22:18
canthus13_bbb: That's an interesting way of looking at it. :D22:18
Unit193thafreak: Yep, thought it was odd, but knew.22:18
_bbbanyway.. i love the spirit of ubuntu but not thier version of unity22:20
thafreakdon't really dislike unity...just think gnome 3 is actually better so far22:21
thafreakand i've had fewer problems with it22:21
_bbbyeah *shrug*22:22
canthus13with the exception of the silly mint menu, I like Mint.  Gnome 3 isn't as obnoxious as I expected.22:22
Unit193I liked Xubu and Lubu, but Debian is looking really good once you set it up.22:23
canthus13I may end up switching to Mint Debian.22:24
canthus13But so far I like my openbox enough to deal with a few more iterations of ubuntu.22:24
thafreaki went the debian desktop route for a bit...but certain software went out of date too fast22:24
thafreaklike web browsers22:24
thafreakand some stuff wasn't packaged for debian, but it was on ubuntu22:25
Unit193The rebranding of Firefox is a bit annoying, yes.22:25
thafreakyeah, I think deb testing is a bit better...BUT when a new release happens, and testing opens back up...LOTS of packages need updating22:26
thafreakanyone on the ubuntu-server list?22:26
thafreakwatching the removal of mysql debate is pretty interesting22:26
Unit193Looking to replace with m<something> clone?22:28
thafreakyeah, talk of swapping it out with mariadb22:28
thafreaki guess mysql's bug tracker went private22:29
thafreakamong other things...and something about vuln announcements being cryptic22:29
thafreaksounds like oracle is oracling the mysql community22:29
* canthus13 hates it when they obfuscate vulnerability announcements. :/22:29
* thafreak hates it when oracle oracle's a OS community22:30
Unit193Wonder what'll happen to VirtualBox, no forks yet that I know of.22:31
jrgiffordthafreak, is the talk about removing MySQL *legit*, serious and (mostly) free of trolls?22:31
jrgiffordUnit193, VirtualBox seems to be strong, Oracle hasn't completely destroyed it. Yet.22:31
Unit193"Yet" being the key word.22:32
jrgiffordyes, but i don't think they'll ruin VBox.22:33
jrgiffordmysql was bad to begin with IMHO, VBox at least has a fighting chance.22:33
Unit193I'll fully admit that I'm "using" MySQL now, but I don't see MariaDB in the repo (Last I knew it was a drop-in replacement.)22:36
thafreakyeah, it's packaged by the mariadb people, but for whatever reason, it's not been pulled into debian22:39
thafreakhopefully that will change by precise...but dunno, time's running out22:39
Unit193Doesn't play nice with the MySQL packages it seems.22:39
jrgiffordi don't think it'll be in precise.22:40
jrgiffordfor a few reasons, but among them is the "its an LTS, if we wanted to do this we should have done it on natty" argument22:40
thafreakit's an LTS release, and security updates are of the utmost importance22:44
thafreak"One thing to note, the primary motivator for this proposal isn't about22:45
thafreakmoving to a more "open source friendly" application.  We have genuine22:45
thafreaksecurity concerns/issues with how MySQL handles and publishes their22:45
thafreaksecurity updates."22:45
paultagsounds racist23:05
thafreakyou're racist23:05
paultagit should be a blank page23:05
paultagalso, so much bootstrap.js23:06
paultagerm, .css23:06
jrgiffordthafreak, didn't hear about the security concerns. they are valid.23:15
jrgiffordpaultag, don't go hating on bootstrap23:15
jrgiffordjust hate on *companies* who use bootstrap23:15
jrgiffordi think a developer who makes something in one night can use bootstrap, but a company that uses bootstrap should have their entire company, from the garbage boy to the CEO shot and hung.23:16
paultagjrgifford: I use bootstrap23:18
Unit193Can we shoot him?23:21
jrgiffordpaultag, for professional projects?23:35
paultagjrgifford: jep23:39
jrgiffordI don't know you any more. :P23:42
paultagjrgifford: it's for administrative stuff23:47
paultagthat only us (the developers) see23:47
paultagbut it's part of a professonal project23:47
jrgiffordoh, ok thats ok then. as long as the end user/paying customer isn't seeing it i'm ok with using bootstrap. :P23:47
paultagergo, suckit23:47
paultagif *anyone* has to see someone else's bootstrap23:48
paultagyer doing it wrong23:48
thafreakso, I've never used this bootstrap before23:52
thafreakwhy you guys so against it being used by end users?23:52
jrgiffordim against it because if everyone uses bootstrap for their front facing UI23:53
jrgiffordthen we'll never see a well designed website again23:53
thafreakoh ok23:53
thafreakmakes everything look like twitter or something?23:53
thafreaknothing bad about it technologically then?23:53
jrgiffordnow, i'm really liking this use of bootstrap though, because even though it uses bootstrap, it doesn't look like bootstrap -  http://blog.dasroot.net/23:54
paultagjrgifford: also that fleetr thing23:54
jrgiffordtechnologically, nothing - other than the fact @fat doesn't like semicolons in his JS.23:54
jrgiffordpaultag, never heard of it. zerb foundation23:55
paultagthey use hella bootstrap23:55
jrgiffordthat doesn't look like bootstrap at all.23:55
thafreakis that sarcasm...i can't tell23:56
jrgiffordthafreak, what, about fat not liking semicolons?23:56
jrgiffordor not looking like bootstrap?23:57
thafreakno about fleetio not looking like bootstrap23:57
jrgiffordit doesn't use a lot of the big tell tales.23:57
jrgiffordaka, the bit fat topbar, the border menus etc23:57

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