* c_smith has to eat, brb00:13
* c_smith is back00:46
c_smith2 hours until IRC meeting00:56
c_smithbkerensa, is the IRC meeting still on tonight?02:17
bkerensac_smith: Yes02:34
c_smithbkerensa, ok, I was just making sure.02:35
c_smithhave about a half hour02:35
c_smithbkerensa, if I suddenly go unresponsive, it means I lost connections, and should be back shortly (withing 3-4 minutes usually)02:36
c_smithlike just now.02:36
bkerensac_smith: Will likely be a short meeting I'm putting together an agenda now02:42
bkerensabe back at 7pm promptly02:49
c_smithI'll do..... something if you're late, don't know what yet :P02:50
c_smithoh, hey, bkerensa O02:51
c_smithI'll add the topics that weren't covered last month.02:51
bkerensac_smith: I removed them02:55
bkerensaI dont expect a big turnout so we wont have much of a quorom02:55
c_smithah, ok02:55
bkerensaunless jvlb or nathwill or others show up02:56
bkerensaanyone else present for tonights meeting?02:56
c_smithMarkDude, are you here for the meeting?02:57
MarkDudeWhats up?02:57
c_smithmonthly IRC meeting.02:58
MarkDudeYou want me to go give the Council hell for sumthin'? Name it02:58
* MarkDude is kidding ;)02:58
c_smithoh, lol02:58
MarkDudeQuorums can be met by combo of irc AND mailing lists02:59
MarkDudeLay it out in meeting, let people -1 or +1 on ML03:00
c_smithbtw, because the Wifi here is, excuse my language, crappy, I may get disconnected, if I do, I will be working my hardest to get right back on within 5 minutes.03:00
c_smiththat may happen multiple times.03:00
c_smithwell, shall we wait a few minutes to see if anyone comes/03:01
bkerensawe will start03:01
bkerensaOk everyone we will now start the February Ubuntu Oregon Meetin03:02
c_smithalbrigha, are you here for the meeting?03:02
albrighaOh yes03:02
bkerensa#startmeeting Ubuntu Oregon February Meeting (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OregonTeam/Meetings/CurrentAgenda)03:02
meetingologybkerensa: Error: Can't start another meeting, one is in progress.03:02
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bkerensa#startmeeting Ubuntu Oregon February Meeting (https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OregonTeam/Meetings/CurrentAgenda)03:03
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bkerensaHello Everyone03:03
bkerensaWho is present for tonight's meeting?03:03
* c_smith raises hand while being silent03:03
bkerensaAnyone else present? albrigha?03:03
bkerensaOk then... Tonight's meeting should be pretty brief we have to items on the agenda03:04
bkerensaFirst is...03:04
bkerensa#subtopic Open Discussion Global Jam and 12.04 Release Party03:04
c_smithwould those be close enough together to merge them?03:05
bkerensaNo they are seperate events03:05
tgm4883I'm here!03:05
c_smithah, ok03:05
bkerensathey both serve different purposes03:05
bkerensaSo I have had initial talks with FreeGeek and Backspace to host our Global Jam03:06
MarkDudeBest to have separate03:06
c_smithhmmmm, I'd have to use Google for FreeGeek if I were to plan to come.03:06
bkerensaper discussion with Steve Langasek we had intended to do bug work in March so with the Global Jam being in the same month I figured our focus for 12.04 Global Jam could be bugfixes and triaging03:06
c_smiththat would be something I'd definitely push to attend.03:07
bkerensaIt is important to get as many bugs as possible fixed in Ubuntu before release in April03:07
* blkperl is now present03:07
bkerensaAs for the 12.04 Release Party there seems to be a strong consensus for availability being the Saturday following the 12.04 release03:08
c_smiththat is true. I'd help with reporting bugs if I didn't get a Kernel Panic upon startup after upgrading AND upon booting into the LiveCD of 12.0403:08
bkerensabased on that I think accepting PuppetLabs offer to host us and provide beverage (including beer) is a good option03:08
c_smithbkerensa, I'd definitely know where to go, plus PuppetLabs is an awesome place to have events like this.03:09
bkerensaI have been trying to expand venue options here in Portland and I may even try to go through the hoops of getting us as an approved workgroup with Collective Agency which is sort of like a co-working space here in Portland but that requires for me to go to monthly meetings and some sort of training and such (which I have not yet decided if it is worth the time)03:09
bkerensac_smith: Excellent03:10
bkerensaI'm really hoping that our global jam and release party have good turn out in comparison to the last global jam and release party we had03:10
blkperlbkerensa: PSU can be a venue option03:10
bkerensablkperl: Excellent! I love options you will have to put me in touch with someone who can make that a reality :)03:11
bkerensawe love PSU :)03:11
tgm4883I'm hoping to make it to more once I don't have to drive an hour to work each day03:11
c_smithbkerensa, I thought the last Global Jam (back in August, wasn't it?) had a decent turnout.03:11
blkperlI can make it a reality or the PSU-ACM president03:11
bkerensatgm4883, albrigha, blkperl, c_smith any thoughts on either the release party or global jam? Anything you would like to see or any questions?03:12
tgm4883bkerensa, I'd like to see a longer event03:12
tgm4883how long did the last release party go on?03:13
c_smithdid it not?03:13
bkerensac_smith: It had a very good turnout but I'm always looking to increase turnouts and the Ubuntu Community Team is also pushing for good turnouts for this release cycle03:13
bkerensasince LTS is coming up03:13
c_smithah, makes sense.03:13
tgm4883The last event I went to was fairly short IMO03:13
c_smithI'll definitely bring some people if I could get someone to help me introduce them to Ubuntu.03:13
bkerensatgm4883: I totally agree... I failed on the requested time for our Global Jam last year have already told FreeGeek I want ever minute they are willing to let us use their space03:13
bkerensaI'm hoping for an all day event03:14
albrighaI should have some beer brewing that will be ready for the release party i could bring.03:14
tgm4883bkerensa, the 7.10 release party was like 6 hours03:14
bkerensaalbrigha: Excellent03:14
c_smithkinda hate having to help them with Windows problems that I end up skirting on not knowing what I'm doing.03:14
tgm4883with people showing up and leaving whenever they wanted03:14
bkerensatgm4883: Cool... Yeah we did a Debian/Ubuntu jam event that was pretty much all day till late evening03:14
bkerensaI would love to start around 10am  and go till 7pm/8pm03:15
tgm4883bkerensa, I'd also like to see some demo stuff if we can03:15
bkerensatgm4883: Demo of?03:15
blkperl+1 for demo stuff03:15
blkperlnew LTS features03:15
c_smithbkerensa, is it possible to get someone at the Release Party to help me show a few people Ubuntu?03:15
tgm4883Ubuntu TV if it's far enough along03:15
tgm4883new stuff in 12.0403:15
tgm4883Ubuntu derivatives03:15
bkerensatgm4883: Good idea03:15
tgm4883perhaps a talk03:15
tgm4883need a longer event for this sort of thing though as it would all need to be scheduled in advance03:15
c_smithI might bring my laptop and a 12.04 CD to have people try it.03:16
bkerensatgm4883: Well we do have a LoCo Laptop for booth and I can see what I can come up with03:16
bkerensaand I would love to have slangasek do a talk03:16
tgm4883or bdmurray03:16
c_smithmight bring KDE and XFCE, too. Ubuntu will be on a flash drive, though.03:16
tgm4883what does slangasek talk about?03:16
bkerensatgm4883: Umm Development03:16
tgm4883ok, so dev in general03:17
bkerensaHe is on the Ubuntu Foundations team at Canonical03:17
bkerensahe is also on one of the Debian Teams and DD03:17
bkerensanot sure03:17
c_smithbkerensa, is having my laptop booted into a LiveCD for demonstration a good idea?03:17
bkerensahe could explain that better :P03:17
tgm4883bd murray is on the bug team last I checked03:17
* slangasek waves03:17
bkerensatgm4883: Yes he is the manager for that team03:17
tgm4883c_smith, booted to a HD is better03:17
tgm4883but live disk would also be nice03:17
bkerensawould love to have slangasek and bdmurray come and talk and maybe even adam_g can talk some03:18
tgm4883perhaps we could have a larger main setup to show off the new 12.04 unity features03:18
c_smithI'll have the LiveCD so people don't expect the many apps I install to be default.03:18
MarkDudeLive usb is better03:18
c_smithseriously, I have a good deal of paid software I install.03:18
MarkDudeNoises from machine can be distracting03:18
bkerensaWell I can bring the LoCo laptop and have all variants with 12.04 running03:18
tgm4883I'd could bring either my desktop or possibly a mythbuntu system03:18
MarkDudeQuicker also03:18
bkerensaadditionally I might consider bringing my flat screen if a Ubuntu TV demo were fruitful03:19
bkerensaI think PuppetLabs likely has a flat screen or two onsite too03:19
bkerensamaybe we could even talk shirgall into coming :)03:19
albrighaIll have my laptop03:19
tgm4883bkerensa, we should probably poke popey or willcooke on that front, perhaps he has something newer that we can demo03:20
bkerensaNotably the global jam is on March 4th03:20
bkerensaI can bug popey a bit03:20
tgm4883Ubuntu TV is doing a big merge right now with the shell and unity 2d03:20
albrighaOh shoot. I wont be in town then. :(03:20
bkerensaI hope to have a final response from FG this week as to using their space.03:20
bkerensaalbrigha: Blame Jono :P03:21
tgm4883Another thing we could do is a push for a particular Ubuntu project (eg. Ubuntu Friendly)03:22
c_smithI would also like to discuss there ways to get people to warm up to Ubuntu.03:22
c_smithand Free Software in general.03:23
c_smiththat's one topic I'm lacking on.03:23
c_smithso the saturday after 12.04 comes out?03:24
blkperlmy connection to freenode got disconnected03:28
albrigha-droidMe too03:28
c_smithhmmmmm, strange03:28
bkerensaOk so Freenode apparently has been under major DDoS for a week now03:28
bkerensano idea where we left off03:29
c_smith0_0 that's bad03:29
bkerensaso any other questions, comments or concerns?03:29
c_smithonly that I'd like to have a session talking about how to introduce people to Ubuntu and Free Software.03:29
bkerensatgm4883: DDoS03:29
bkerensac_smith: I could talk on that briefly at the release party perhaps03:30
c_smiththat's a subject I could use some pointers in,03:30
bkerensac_smith: Having CD's is good03:30
bkerensaI have three spindels of blanks and could burn some03:30
c_smithbkerensa, that would be helpful, but to not just me I'm hoping/03:30
tgm4883I'd like a longer event, where we demo and give a talk (or two). Doing installs is also great03:31
c_smithbut I'm torn between the issue of handwriting the CDs and using Lightscribe.03:31
tgm4883Having CD's or live USB's we can handout would be great, but we'd need a partner for that03:31
albrigha-droidLightscribe is great03:31
c_smithI've been told Lightscribe looks too unprofessional.03:31
bkerensac_smith: Yes... I think thats one of the biggest disappointments for me in us not being approved by LoCo Council is that they made it a bit harder for us to advocate for Ubuntu03:31
albrigha-droidI have a lightscribe sata drive i don't need03:32
bkerensasince we dont get a big box every release cycle unless were approved03:32
tgm4883the issue with CD's is that the ISO is 750 MB now03:32
tgm4883so larger than a CD03:32
bkerensatgm4883: Indeed... I have DVD's03:32
albrigha-droidGood point03:32
c_smithI have a Lightscribe DVD drive in my laptop, but as bkerensa has told me, it looks too homemade.03:32
albrigha-droidWell we could print labels03:33
bkerensaAlso on another note someone on Community Council informed me that one good result of our not being approved by LoCo Council is that03:33
bkerensaessentially they have decided to make their expectations a bit more transparent03:33
c_smithotherwise, I'd bring a bunch of DVDs made with the drive, with paper sleeves or jewel cases.03:33
bkerensaand perhaps more fair and equal across the board?03:33
bkerensac_smith: In California they have a foldable origami CD/DVD sleeve for their loco03:34
c_smithizdubar, not sure what you are getting at.03:34
bkerensaI have replicated it but I think I nuked the pdf for it so Ill have to check my backups03:34
c_smithbkerensa, ah, and what about the Lightscribe, still a bad idea?03:34
bkerensaNobody understands izdubar :)03:34
bkerensac_smith: Lightscribe looks better then hand written CD/DVD's03:35
bkerensaespecially if we made a custom design03:35
c_smithnow what izdubar has something I can label with.03:35
c_smithbkerensa, I'll definitely have to get in a hangout with you to brainstorm that.03:35
bkerensaOn another note.... Who is going to UDS or who has applied for sponsorship?03:35
bkerensatgm4883: ?03:36
c_smithbkerensa, the UDS is in California, correct?03:36
bkerensaThis year yes03:36
tgm4883bkerensa, I will have just switched jobs, so will be unable to go03:36
c_smiththe only way I could attend is if it were to happen in Oregon.....03:36
blkperlbkerensa: whats the plan for osbridge?03:36
bkerensaWell I hope to be at UDS either sponsored or out of pocket this year03:37
c_smithtrying to get to OSCON myself is a bit of a stretch.03:37
bkerensablkperl: Well I talked with Christie and they dont do booths at OSBRIDGE but she did invite me to some sort of FOSS party during the conference03:37
izdubarUm, I had friends type while I was out smoking. Its Chris - you know him bkerensa03:37
bkerensaI have volunteered to help at the event03:37
bkerensaizdubar: Ahh I know Chris! Smoking is bad for penguins health03:38
c_smithSalem is conveniently placed far from most Oregon Ubuntu and Linux events.03:38
bkerensaizdubar: Any chance to poke O'Reilly about OSCON? During our Ubuntu Hour one of the PLUG people also said that O'Reilly makes it hard on dot org folks because they do approval very last minute.03:38
bkerensac_smith: Time to move03:38
bkerensaor start travelling03:39
c_smithbkerensa, do you have Skype?03:39
bkerensaI will be in Seattle, Oakland, San Diego and Louisville this year alone03:39
bkerensaand possibly more as I see how the months go03:39
c_smithbkerensa, wish I could...... but being in a proctor home makes it kinda hard to.03:39
bkerensac_smith: Nope I dont use Skype... Its owned by Microsoft03:39
c_smithbkerensa, then do you know if G+ has a share desktop feature?03:40
bkerensac_smith: It does03:40
* izdubar can ask some - remind me this week - I will03:40
c_smithbkerensa, then I'll have to get in a hangout with you and whomever is interested to try and get some CD/DVD templates for distrobution.03:40
bkerensaOk well unless people have more suggestions... I will wrap this meeting up and we can finalize the details for global jam via Mailing list and and deal with precise release party details during the next meeting03:41
bkerensac_smith: The Ubuntu Community has some already :)03:41
c_smithbkerensa, ah, cool.03:41
bkerensaFinal questions, concerns?03:41
c_smithother than that, I have nothing else, save for the question of if a time was settled on for the GLobal Jam.03:41
bkerensac_smith: Mailing List will have more info03:42
c_smithbkerensa, ok, nothing else from me.03:42
meetingologyMeeting ended Mon Feb 13 03:42:29 2012 UTC.03:42
meetingologyMinutes (wiki):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-us-or/2012/ubuntu-us-or.2012-02-13-03.03.moin.txt03:42
meetingologyMinutes (html):        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-us-or/2012/ubuntu-us-or.2012-02-13-03.03.html03:42
bkerensaNext Month's meeting should bit more in-depth03:42
bkerensaplease submit agenda items folks!03:42
c_smiththat was pretty good.03:42
c_smithI had a bunch added but it was decided that they would wait until next month.03:43
c_smithshall I put those in when the next agenda is made?03:43
bkerensaYeah... I want to have nathwill here for them03:43
bkerensaI need to ping him about inactivity and see if he can handle role still03:43
albrigha-droidIm off to do some reading. Talk to you guys later!03:44
c_smithmmmm, hopefully he can.03:44
bkerensaalbrigha-droid: ttyl03:44
bkerensaDinner time!03:44
c_smithcya, bkerens03:44
c_smithand now I gotta restart for a few update03:44
tgm4883bkerensa, do you know anyone on the friendly team?03:45
blkperlchromium just crashed for me on precise, and then apport said i have outdated packages03:48
bkerensatgm4883: Hmm nope but I can find out and let you know03:48
tgm4883bkerensa, well just if we decide to do that we need to get a list of equipment from them03:48
tgm4883doing a full test requires things like mics, headphones, mice, etc03:49
bkerensaI just asked who runs that team in #ubuntu-community-team03:49
bkerensaso I should have an answer shortly03:49
bkerensaI need to go eat some mexican food now03:49
blkperlbkerensa: what are you doing friday?03:49
TRAVISgMy bad just got the email04:06
bkerensablkperl: Friday I hope to be setting up a rack in my office08:20
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