pangolinkick me you fools00:01
InHisNamey kick when we can have roasted pangolin with dressing ?05:40
InHisNameWhoz awake ?05:51
InHisNameWhen I have access to Windows machine, I try to access my ubuntu one via Remote desktop.  I can log in BUT it is a new login instance, NOT the running instance of ubuntu.   Is there a way to remote desktop into ubuntu into EXISTING active login ?06:07
rmg51morning JonathanD11:00
JonathanDhey rmg5111:03
JonathanDSorry about that, stepped on the freenode cord when I was getting ready.11:03
rmg51see, Teddywas right11:08
rmg51it's all your fault ;-)11:09
JonathanDI'm laptop shopping...12:05
JonathanD1680x1050 appears not to exist anymore.12:06
JonathanDWill I cry at 1600x900?12:06
rmg51will you cry as I sign off and go to work?12:27
jedijfInHisName: vnc12:49
jedijfInHisName: there should be a 'remote desktop' under admin or use x11vnc and then any vnc client on remote machine12:50
jedijfInHisName: vnc is 5900+ port, rdp uses 338912:52
InHisNameRemote windows from library etc. HAS vnc installed ????  Where to find in start menu ?13:46
InHisNameOr at friends house or other random locations.13:46
InHisNameMost places seem to have Remote Desktop client installed and not disabled.13:47
ChinnoDogsup peeps14:00
adomJonathanD: my two office LCDs are 1600x900, my home desktop has a 1680x1050. its not bad14:14
adom*the 1600x900 isnt bad compared to 1680x1050 *14:14
JonathanDadom: So, on a laptop, you don't think I'll hate going 1680x1050 to 1600x900 (keeping in mind I only have one screen...)14:24
adomJonathanD: nah nothin to worry about14:52
JonathanDadom: k, thanks.14:52
JonathanDI was leaning towards the 1920x1080, but I don't really want to pay for it :P14:53
adomJonathanD: *drool*14:53
JonathanDThough I'll still get it if I can sell some more stuff soon enough.14:54
JonathanDLower native res might be better if I'm going to play any games on it...14:55
ChinnoDogI need a bigger desk so I can have more monitors14:55
JonathanDI need that thinkpad with the pop-out second monitor.14:56
ChinnoDogThose things must be really heavy14:56
ChinnoDogIt is hard for me to imagine using a fold out monitor on a "laptop"14:57
* ChinnoDog pictures unbalanced laptop with second monitor rolling off his lap and breaking into a million pieces on the floor14:57
adomif you wanted a little second screen for you laptop once and awhile, you could pack one of these: http://www.amazon.com/MIMO-UM-710S-Powered-Swivel-Display/dp/B002RMPASG15:39
adomive wanted to try one for awhile but never did. supposedly pretty nice. powered and connected via usb.15:39
JonathanDI would like it, but it would really be too bulky :P15:44
JonathanDI just always need moar screen.15:44
ChinnoDogSeems like a laptop with a small screen + display glasses would be better15:45
PennBotTitle: Top 10 video glasses! (at www.coolbuzz.org)15:48
ChinnoDogThe toshiba one looks really funny15:48
adomChinnoDog: i lawled thinking about watching someone using the Toshiba one16:04
adomtrying to move 40lbs of headgear around quickly and hurting their neck16:04
ChinnoDogIt supposedly weighs 3kg16:04
ChinnoDogbut still, that is a lot16:05
ChinnoDogIt is even funnier to imagine a few people sitting around together wearing them16:05
ChinnoDogI think you should get one of those so you can go outside with it adom16:06
ChinnoDogOr keep one in the car so passengers can use it. That will look totally normal.16:07
adomplay a virtual reality game about walking outside. its too big to use inside though so you have to use it outside. it makes everything feel so real.16:09
PennBotTitle: This was my afternoon yesterday - Imgur (at imgur.com)16:43
adomyou're all welcome16:43
adom(comments are lawltacular)16:43
EvilResistanceadom, lolol19:43
MutantTurkeywoop woop woop19:46
EvilResistancepew pew  *lazors*19:47
EvilResistancehows everyone doing this fine day19:47
MutantTurkeyvery good19:47
MutantTurkeypew pew pew19:47
MutantTurkeyI used to play Halo on my xbox and when I would run out of ammo I would just start shouting pew pew pew pew pew19:48
InHisNamewhen I type "users" at terminal should n't I see a list of all users logged in ?    I see 3 instances of testuser but none of my main login at all.19:55
MutantTurkeyits just users logged in19:59
InHisNamewhy am I NOT seeing myself logged in ?19:59
MutantTurkeycheck /var/log/utmp and /var/log/wtmp19:59
InHisNameutmp no such file / dir20:00
InHisNamecat wtmp shows lotta 'funny' chars and usernames etc.20:01
adomInHisName: "cat /etc/passwd |grep /bin/bash"20:01
adomminus quotes, of course20:01
MutantTurkeyadom: that doesn't check logged in users.20:02
MutantTurkeyusers should show who is currently logged in20:02
MutantTurkeyInHisName: what about finger?20:02
InHisNamecan I finger myself ?20:02
EvilResistanceyou realize how wrong that sounded?20:02
InHisNameyea, right after hitting return20:03
EvilResistancei was going to pull a twss, but i decided against it xD\20:03
ChinnoDogI think you just did20:03
InHisNamethe answer seem to be yes to that uggh question.20:06
InHisNamewierd:   test user has phrase "On since...."      mylogin has "Last login...."    Like I am not really logged in.20:09
InHisNameThe date for last login   Dec 9.  Seem last remote login attempt with that login pwd.   Seems logging in at bootup does not register.20:10
MutantTurkeyInHisName: as the school teacher response to your perverted question:20:13
MutantTurkeyI don't know CAN YOU finger yourself?20:14
InHisNameMutantTurkey:    --> $finger MutantTurkey20:14
InHisNameassuming that is your login20:14
ChinnoDogIt is a CTCP command. You can finger anyone.20:19
ChinnoDog /ctcp finger MutantTurkey20:20
ChinnoDogA lot of clients don't implement it anymore though20:21
jedijfInHisName: try w, who, last20:29
adomInHisName: i use w and who mostly21:07
SadinMutantTurkey wooo trying out kohana framwork its pretty nice21:26
Sadinjust made a hello world app to test it21:26
MutantTurkeySadin: col21:28
MutantTurkeywe are actually converting one of the projects I work on at drexel to drupal21:28
SadinMutantTurkey hmmm21:30
Sadinwell its a good CMS but if you have other options id take them21:31
Sadini like it but the speed of drupal compared to other possible solutions without a heavy php chacher built onto your server stack is ungodly slow21:32
PennBotTitle: Feb 22nd: Meet the Developers of Apostrophe Now! (at www.hive76.org)21:36
* JonathanD ordered a new laptop...23:49
* EvilResistance steals the new laptop because his is heading for death23:50
EvilResistancelol, I kid.23:51
EvilResistancei will, however, intercept the shipment and install Windows ME onto your machine.23:51
EvilResistanceand then have the shipment continue on its course :p23:52

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