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Cheeseheadh00k: So sorry about the dog...01:12
h00kCheesehead: thanks :/01:12
CheeseheadHow long had the dog been in the family?01:13
h00kCheesehead: the dog is 4, and it's at a place Brittany and I are housesitting for a year01:14
CheeseheadAh, so it adopted the two of you?01:14
h00kso it's not _our_ dog, but it is under our care01:15
h00kWe believe she had a heart attack01:15
h00kCheesehead: sorta, yeah. We have 5 dogs at our place.01:16
CheeseheadEverything about that seems hard - you feel like it shouldn't affect you, but a few months is plenty of time to bond into a pack. Telling the owners. Ugh - the logistics of opening up the frozen ground.01:17
h00kWell, actually, one of the dogs is 15, so we had a hole pre-pared.01:22
h00kUnfortunately, we had to put the 4 year old in it.01:22
h00kWe should still have room for Roy, if he passes01:22
* Cheesehead laughs01:22
CheeseheadAh, I enjoy graveyard humor, even the unintentional01:22
h00kprepared, I don't know where the hyphen came from, and paired was unintentional :)01:23
h00kbut it was quite the surprise.01:26
h00kto find her01:26
CheeseheadA bit stressful, I would imagine!01:28
h00kNot too cool.02:52
h00kNo signs/symptoms beforehand02:52

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