pragmaticenigmaAndrew131: On board USB is 2.0 I take it?00:00
Andrew131pragmaticenigma: yes00:00
Andrew1313.0 was only introduced into the problem via me trying to rule out the onboard usb controller00:00
pragmaticenigmaDo you have the complete DMESG or syslog entry?00:01
newbie-bobMailserver question. In /etc/postfix/main.cf I have [relayhost =   smtp.someisp.no] and everything works fine. I have to use this   relayhost since my ISP has closed port 25. My ISP tells me that   if I dont want to use their relayhost I have to configure my   mailserver to use a ssl port like port 465. Then I can remove   the relayhost option. Do anyone know where I do this like which   files to edit and is this possible if I don00:02
pragmaticenigmaAndrew131: I'm seeing a ton of posts on the issue dating back a ways...00:05
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Andrew131All with no sollutions00:05
maminaHey, that's cool, I was just switching off my computer when i saw this easter egg (is it an easter egg?) on the right! :http://alturl.com/n53kn00:05
pragmaticenigmaAndrew131: Yeah... sadly this isn't the first time I've seen issues with USB and motherboards.00:06
Andrew131Im going to restart the system and get a fresh log00:06
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Andrew131sorry its taking so long the boot time on this sucker is crazy00:08
newbie-bobAnyone familiar with mailserver issues?00:09
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transporterExpert on mailservers?00:15
theunholyCan someone help me getting SSH to work?00:15
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theunholyi can sudo ssh localhost and type in my password and it works, but when i use putty from my windows machine with the ip address is asks for username...thats ok then password is says access denied...00:16
transportertheunholy: have you set port 22?00:17
theunholyset port 22 in what sir?00:18
theunholyputty? yes00:18
theunholyopenssh, yes i think its set to 22 in the conf00:18
transporterusing putty. put in ip to your machine and port 22 (ssh)00:18
theunholyyep, that is what i am doing in putty00:19
transporterit works for me.00:19
theunholyNot for me :(00:19
sankey_Question here, how would somebody go about making contributions to official packages?00:20
MoleManI'm using a live CD to move my root to LVM but I'm getting errors saying no space left, when there should be, and the disk usage analysis doesn't add up...00:20
transporterthen I dont know how to help sorry.00:20
cfhowlettsankey_: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PackagingGuide/Complete00:21
histo1MoleMan: howare you tyring to move root?00:22
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Andrew131pragmaticenigma: http://pastebin.com/nQbCzWhy00:23
Andrew13119:20:26 is where the messages start that recreate the issue00:23
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MoleManhisto1: sudo cp -rv /media/Ubuntu Server/* /media/LVM/00:24
MoleManhisto1: its even recognising that the LVM is 174GB and UbuntuServer(the old HDD) is 113GB00:26
Andrew131pragmaticenigma: did you get the link?  I wasn't paying attention and my bat died00:26
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OerMoleMan, with a space in "/media/Ubuntu Server/*" ?00:30
freerouteFor security considerations, is it possible for to be exploits be planted on machines which do not run any services which have open networking ports?00:31
zykotick9theunholy: if you run "sudo ssh localhost" my guess is you'd be connecting as root (not really a good idea for SSH to allow root).  If you "ssh localhost" with your user, can you login?00:31
freerouteoh god what happened to my grammar00:31
MoleManOer: well with a backslash before it... (IRC on phone, couldn't be bothered to find symbol) it was copying fine, until it decided the disk is full, which it's not...00:31
ray1clawhello, i have a problem and need help: i installed kubuntu-full onto my ubuntu laptop (asus k53ta - llano a6, radeon 6650m), i reboot, and now i have no display.. it all goes black, and i can hear the login sounds though. Anyone?00:33
VimanIs the use of a Firewall necessary in Ubuntu (like it is in windows xp) or more of an add-on?00:33
cfhowlettViman: "necessary" depends on your POV and paranoia quotient.  *buntu/linux are not CURRENTLY seen as high yield targets by the bad guys00:35
pragmaticenigmaSorry Andrew131, dozed off00:35
Vimancfhowlett: I see.00:36
finish06is J.Edgar a good movie?00:36
Andrew131np Im not really expecting this to ever work at this point, Im thinking of yanking the drive out and putting it in the box but I'll probably have to buy a esata controller because the board only seems to have scsi00:36
Uluruare there negatives/positives to encrypting the home folder on install (as a new user)?00:36
pragmaticenigmaUluru: Only if you are sharing your machine with other people, or using a laptop that will be out a lot and could easily be stolen00:37
pragmaticenigmaAndrew131: I have a feeling that it's a driver issue at it's core... seems to be out for awhile but I'm not finding any submissions on bug trackers which concerns me00:38
pragmaticenigmaUluru: Positives is that it will keep your stuff private from others should your computer ever be stolen.  It's negatives are if you ever forget your password, you will NEVER get your data back00:39
joallardI am experiencing this bug (https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=658600), but it says "fixed". What now?00:39
Andrew131Which leads me to want to bank this sucker out of its external case like a broken tooth =D00:39
ubottuGnome bug 658600 in GtkFileChooser "Geany crashes when reopening file chooser dialog" [Normal,Resolved: fixed]00:39
pragmaticenigmaAndrew131: was there a particular reason that you were trying to use this externally?00:39
freeroutedeb http://archive.canonical.com/ubuntu maverick partner00:39
freerouteoops, nvm00:40
bobenhausanyone watch Lilyhammer yet?00:40
pragmaticenigmajoallard: It might not have been pushed out as an update yet... Once something is fixed there is still more testing00:40
Ulurupragmaticenigma - thanks.00:40
Andrew131Just ease of setup.  I only have SCSI on the board so to use esata I'll have to add it00:40
ray1clawhello, i have a problem and need help: i installed kubuntu-full onto my ubuntu laptop (asus k53ta - llano a6, radeon 6650m), i reboot, and now i have no display.. it all goes black, and i can hear the login sounds though. Anyone?00:40
joallardpragmaticenigma: so how I do I stop the bug?00:40
pragmaticenigmaUluru: Even on my laptops I don't use it... instead I create encrypted files of stuff I want to keep private00:40
Jimm_is it possible to get help on installing here?00:41
delhello all00:41
Gentoo64Jimm_: yes00:41
cfhowlettJimm_: yes.   provide details...00:41
pragmaticenigmajoallard: Most cases you may have to wait... We are only a couple months away from the realese of 12.04... I would see if it gets fixed then00:41
deli was wondering - is there a way to change what programs are displayed in dash home in unity?00:41
Jimm_trying to install to a 2.5tb but it wont partitoin right ot something, im not sure00:41
chaos_zerohow can i make a directory always have certain permissions even if you add files to it? this is ubuntu server so i need to use terminal.00:42
Gentoo64Jimm_: i think you need to use a gpt partition table00:42
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delfor example, it says "browse the web" - and wants me to use firefox.  what if i want to set that to chromium?00:42
cfhowlettGentoo64: due to size?00:42
Jimm_can i do that from the live disk?00:42
Gentoo64i think anything over 1.5 or 2tb needs it00:42
Gentoo64Jimm_: gparted can do it easily00:42
joallardSo basically, solution is... change OS?00:42
elbazei begin to enjoy the spirit of your #ubuntu channel00:42
theunholyWhy am I haveing so much trouble with this bull.00:42
theunholyAll i did was install ssh...and i cant connect to the fing thing00:43
Jimm_so i should try to partition before install, not use the resize option on instal live disk?00:43
Gentoo64Jimm_: to chnage the partition table, itll delete the whole disk00:43
cfhowlettJimm_: that's one way...00:43
Jimm_thats fine, the disk is empty00:44
Gentoo64Jimm_: ok, well the installer should have gparted, go into that00:44
Gentoo64at the top under partitions (i think) there should be an option "create new partition table" or similar, do that and choose gpt00:44
delcan anyone help on that question?00:45
Jimm_kk. its not possible to install straight to 2.5tb is it?00:45
muelli!anyone | del00:45
ubottudel: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.00:45
Gentoo64Jimm_: yes00:45
Gentoo64Jimm_: you mean use the whole 2.5tb as /00:45
Gentoo64if its 2.5tb you might as well partition it tbh, its huge00:45
urfr332g0del, settings will allow you to set favorite apps, anty browser is okay.00:45
damo22Jimm_: its good to separate system from data00:46
joallardI'm thinking of writing an app that will count the time I spend on bugs in Ubuntu and calculate how much that would cost at minimum wage00:46
Jimm_fair enough00:46
delubottu:  that was the real question.  it was how do i switch from firefox being the listed default browser in unity dash home to chromium.00:46
ubottudel: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:46
damo22Jimm_: in the event of a catastophe its easier to grab a smaller partition off a disk00:47
urfr332g0joallard, you have some good depression meds you may need them after that analyse. :)00:47
hayshow do I installed the sun jdk in ubuntu00:47
MoleMan_I'm trying to move my root onto an LVM with a liveCD but its giving me errors saying disk full, when its not :/ any ideas how to fix? I think its because the Live CD has magically given itself a total filesystem of 125GB which doesnt match anything I can see...00:47
joallardurfr332g0, think of the thousands!00:47
Jimm_is ext4 best thing to use?00:47
damo22Jimm_: or wipe the system partition to upgrade00:47
Gentoo64Jimm_: yea00:47
cfhowlettJimm_: yes00:47
h00k!java | hays00:48
ubottuhays: To just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.00:48
joallardThere could be a section where you get to see what you could've bought with that money... car, house, who knows?00:48
delurfr332g0:  okay.  please let me know - how do i change my favorite apps in unity's dash home?00:48
theunholyAnyone know how to setup SSH?00:48
damo22theunholy: i just did it00:48
muelli!anyone | theunholy00:48
ubottutheunholy: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.00:48
Vimantheunholy: about to ask the same thing haha00:48
damo22theunholy: sudo apt get install openssh-server00:49
freeroutetheunholy, Viman: what do you want to know? security tips?00:49
cfhowletttheunholy: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Configuring00:49
pragmaticenigmamuelli: Please be more helpful than using the room bot00:49
theunholyI installed the damn thing00:49
Vimanfreeroute: general information, really00:49
joallardIt is inconceivable to me that you can't be "just a user" in Ubuntu. You *have* to be a developper/troubleshooter of some sort. Else, you can't get anything done00:49
theunholybut it wont let me putty into it from my windows box00:49
urfr332g0del, I think it is settings not dash home you can get to settings from the logout shutdown dropdown top right of top pab\nel.00:49
Vimanbut I guess I'll just rtfm00:49
damo22theunholy: is it behind a NAT router?00:49
theunholyasks for username, i put it in, asks for password, i put it in and it says access denied00:50
theunholyi have the ports forwarded etc00:50
joallardI've never been so attracted to Macs before using Ubuntu. amazing.00:50
damo22theunholy: maybe its not configured to accept plaintext passwords00:50
theunholyHow do I fix that?00:50
pragmaticenigmatheunholy: what user are you trying to log in as?00:50
theunholythe one im in?00:51
delurfr332g0:  ok, i'm in settings.  what i'm saying is that "dash home" part - can i modify the applications it suggests for me in system settings, then?00:51
theunholynot root00:51
freerouteViman: SSH is awesome, you have ssh which is the client and you have sshd, which is the daemon (running on a server for example), so you got a configuration file in yo homiez directory and you edit it. You edit it goood...00:51
Andrew131theunholy: since your using port forwarding is it at all possible that theres a second ssh server your connecting to?00:51
chaos_zeroi have a web server and i have to -R 777 the website folder every time i add a page or something or clients cant access those pages. How can i make it so everything in the folder is automatically of the correct permission?00:51
damo22theunholy: sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config00:51
nicehsim trying to "runas /user:ap someapp" then it says "chroot(2) to directory before execution", anyone know what to do? to make it work?  im root and want to runa program as the "ap" user.00:52
theunholyok damo?00:52
delurfr332g0:  specifically, when i click dock home, it gives me shortcuts.  one of them is to "browse the web" - but it has a firefox icon.  i want to change that to chromium.00:52
theunholyand no im running only one ssh server on it00:52
freerouteViman: also, you can connect remotely so you don't have to walk across the room. When I realized I could do that with my home server I was like... awwww yeah time to grab some popcorn and chill in this seat.00:52
theunholyi have a virtual machine with ubuntu server installed and just installed openssh00:52
muellichaos_zero: well. 777 are never the right permissions. You probably want to add those files as group "www-data". Make sure you are in that group (using gpasswd or smth similar) and then you can do smth like "newgrp www-data" before adding the files.00:52
Andrew131theunholy: Im not saying running only one ssh on the machine is there only one ssh server behind the nat ?00:53
theunholyShould only be one00:53
joallardokay, why the hell won't they update gtk+ to bugfixed versions?00:53
urfr332g0del, default app usage of spefic things such a s pdf file or media in in the right click properties menu of the app you want to show such as a pdf or a media file. In setting is a favorite default for like which browser to use etc.00:53
damo22theunholy: vms do different types of networking, you can do nat, bridged or private hosting00:53
Vimanfreeroute: sweet!00:53
theunholyi have it bridged with replicate on00:53
freerouteViman: also you can forward ports and stuff, this way it becomes easier to download porn at work and your sysadmin would be like "Welp, looks encrypted. Seems legit!"00:53
damo22theunholy: in that case you are not connecting to the right machine00:54
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damo22theunholy: likely you are trying to connect to the host os00:54
delurfr332g0:  i'm not quite sure i follow.  for the dock, yes, a right click lets me say let it stick or take it off...00:54
damo22theunholy: since they will share an ip00:54
delurfr332g0:  but for the dock home if i right click, it just opens the app.00:55
theunholybut only the ubuntu has a ssh server running00:55
urfr332g0del, not the dock rught clicks but on a actaul thing like a pdf or a media.00:55
damo22theunholy: what is the host os?00:55
theunholyWindows 700:55
ray1clawcan someone please help me? i'v stated my issue above00:55
theunholyand the vmware has a different local ip then the host...00:56
damo22theunholy: maybe you have an ssh trojan00:56
Jimm_anyone know why i cant make an extended partition00:56
theunholythat makes 0 sense00:56
theunholyi just installed this today00:56
urfr332g0del, you don't righty click there for what I suggest but the access thing within its folder.00:56
theunholyhow the fuck can i have a ssh trojan00:56
muelliray1claw: sorry, I won't scroll for you. So please restate your problem.00:56
ray1clawhello, i have a problem and need help: i installed kubuntu-full onto my ubuntu laptop (asus k53ta - llano a6, radeon 6650m), i reboot, and now i have no display.. it all goes black, and i can hear the login sounds though. Anyone?00:57
OlyaHi all!00:57
urfr332g0!language > theunholy00:57
ubottutheunholy, please see my private message00:57
Vimansame way you can have any trojan00:57
ray1clawmuelli, ^00:57
theunholyand the ubtunu's local ip is and the host ip is
chaos_zero muelli: thanks for the reply. i just skimmed man gpasswd and dont quite understand, but disregarding that, it still sounds like you are saying i will have to assign the new files a command every time. I am looking for a way that anything in the folder just works without having to change it every time. For example some people might upload files to it with FTP but then no one can download them until i use the chmod.00:57
Gentoo64Jimm_: not sure why not, you can make primaries00:57
delurfr332g0:  ok, so what folder would chromium be in?00:57
Gentoo64Jimm_: how are you partitioning the drive?00:57
damo22theunholy: theyre the same dude00:57
OlyaHow recover delited folder with files in Ubuntu?00:57
theunholynot internal ips00:57
freerouteViman: also, you can use SSH to get on a computer wherever you are and surf like it's there, so that means that for example you're on the moon... and you notice that wikipedia article about farting in the space suit is blocked there! Except on Earth where it's still safe and decriminalized. The moonlegion however does not realize that they have an Ubuntu h4x0r in their midst. So what you basically do, is SSH into your homie server, port forwa00:57
theunholyone is and one is
cfhowlettOlya: if they're in the trashcan you can restore...00:57
MaynardWatersevening, I just nmaped my ubuntu 11.04 and there is something called freeciv running on port 5555, I am trying to run something else on this port, when I googled freeciv it is a game, and I found it in the ubuntu software center, but It shows that I do NOT have freeciv installed, any ideas what is up with this?00:58
urfr332g0del, dud your on the moon what do you want chromium to do bw the defaULT BROWSER?00:58
jrib!recover | Olya00:58
ubottuOlya: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel00:58
theunholymy internet ip is the same obviously, but that is why i only have ssh running on ubuntu @ and the router forwarding that port to
Jimm_not really sure, this is my first time with ubuntu and only ever partitiond with windows before00:58
Olyano in bin00:58
muellichaos_zero: well. several strategies. One would be to have a sticky bit on the folder people are writing to, so that all created files are automatically in the proper group. The other strategy would be to make the user have the www-data group and maybe default to it.00:58
Gentoo64Jimm_: just make it a primary00:58
delurfr332g0:  ok - i got it.  i just changed it in chromium preferences to be the default browser - then it changed it in the dock from firefox to chromium.  that's all i wanted to do.00:58
Olyathx ok i go read00:58
Jimm_its lets me make a primary then nothing else00:58
Gentoo64Jimm_: gpt can handle loads of partitions00:58
damo22theunholy: surely you can ssh from putty in the host os to the vm00:58
ray1clawmuelli, i cant access the cli on normal boot, but i have it on right now via recovery..00:58
muelliray1claw: sounds bad. Can you ctrl+alt+f2 to a terminal?00:59
urfr332g0del, cool .:)00:59
Olyaext4undel here projrct?00:59
Canadian1296When is the next LTS released? Like not a beta, the final release?00:59
cfhowlettCanadian1296: april00:59
haysh00k: that got me the jre, do you know how to do the jdk?00:59
jc-2good night, how can I use aptitude -f to solve some break dependencies?00:59
Canadian1296cfhowlett: Thank you00:59
muelliray1claw: get /var/log/Xorg.0.log  (or smth like that) and pastebin it for reference.00:59
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theunholyThats my problem..00:59
theunholyi go into windows 7 and try to use putty to ssh into it00:59
theunholyand it denies the passwor00:59
h00khays: do the same thing, just instead of jre, get the jdk00:59
chaos_zeroOk, how do i creae te this "sticky bit"? =D01:00
theunholyputty has the ip of the network, it asks for a username...thats fine, then password is access denied01:00
muelliwell theunholy. Have you ever looked into the log of the machine you're trying to SSH into?01:00
pnormantheunholy: can you ssh in to the machine from the machine?01:00
theunholyYes pnorman01:00
damo22theunholy: cat /etc/ssh/sshd_config | pastebinit    that will paste your ssh config into a pastebin01:00
muellichaos_zero: man chmod. Probably smth like chmod g+s directory/01:00
theunholyi can do sudo ssh localhost and it just asks for the password no user01:00
chaos_zeroill check it out thanks01:00
pnormantheunholy: by default ssh uses your username01:01
ray1clawmuelli, uhh, i can open the file in nano, but how do i pastebin it without the gui? or transfer to my desktop maybe?01:01
haysh00k: apparently i have to sign in wtf01:01
haysh00k: not your fault but wow01:01
muelliray1claw: well. there is "wgetpaste" or similar tools.01:02
h00khays: I don't know what you're referring to01:02
delalright.  time to figure out more cool stuff to do with this OS.  be back in a bit!01:02
damo22theunholy: uncomment the line 5101:02
Gentoo64ray1claw: i dont think ubuntu has wgetpaste, it has pastebinit afaik01:02
haysh00k: oracle is making me create a stupid account to download the jdk01:02
h00khays: it's in the repo01:02
ibmthinkpadI am using a IBM thinkpad, running windows XP from 2002 with no service packs. the computer does not read the USB stickwhen I select "other devices" from the boot menu. When I tried a boot dick, it just made noise for two minutes before running windows as usual. The computer just freezes when I try to view the USB stick or the boot disc now. What do I do?01:03
Gentoo64boot dick?01:03
cfhowletth00k: software center...01:03
ibmthinkpadlol disc01:03
h00khays: sudo apt-get install openjdk-6-jdk, or in the software center01:03
h00kcfhowlett: what?01:03
Gentoo64ibmthinkpad: install plop boot manager to boor from usb01:03
damo22theunholy: do that then save the file and quit01:03
haysh00k: I need oracle/sun jdk not openjdk01:03
Gentoo64ibmthinkpad: go on plop websitre for instructions how to install from windows itself01:04
nicehsim running a vnc desktop where im using console and typing as root after doing "su", now when I try open wireshark it says "gtk warning  cannot open display: :1.0" .. anyone know why? I am pretty sure that the (only) display im using now IS actually 1.0, Ive also tried specifying it specificly in the app like "wireshark --display=:1.0" and says the same01:04
urfr332g0ibmthinkpad, does the computer boot from a usb?01:04
ray1clawGentoo64, okay thanks01:04
damo22theunholy: then you will need to restart the sshd server process01:04
cfhowlettibmthinkpad: wonder if that model supports USB boot?01:04
Gentoo64if its old i doubt it..01:05
Gentoo64other devices is probably floppy or something01:05
Jimm_i got it guys, thanks for pointing me in the right direction, would have been sat here hours more lol.01:05
damo22theunholy: hows it going01:06
theunholyok i deleted the # on line 5101:06
OlyaExt3undel work with ext4?01:06
ray1clawmuelli, i have two files here, Xord.0.log and Xorg.1.log01:06
muelliray1claw: the .0.log is fine01:06
damo22theunholy: did you save and quit the editor01:06
damo22theunholy: sudo service sshd restart01:07
ray1clawmuelli, http://paste.ubuntu.com/839887/01:07
theunholySame stuff01:07
theunholydoesn't work01:07
theunholythis is stupid01:07
ibmthinkpadGentoo64: where do I get that?01:07
damo22theunholy: did you type the username correctly01:07
Gentoo64ibmthinkpad: type plop boot in google and youll find the main site01:07
h00ktheunholy: did you restart the ssh service? sudo service ssh restart01:07
muellihm ray1claw. The log shows the errors. Check the entries with "EE".01:07
h00k!ask | Olya01:08
ubottuOlya: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience01:08
OlyaI can recover name of files?01:08
ibmthinkpadurfr332g0: the computer insists on booting from the hard drive01:08
theunholyI'm done giving a fuckl01:08
Gentoo64Olya: as in what?01:08
Gentoo64!patience | theunholy01:08
ubottutheunholy: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/01:08
urfr332g0ibmthinkpad, use theplop app as suggested then.01:08
Ben64theunholy: watch the language01:08
ibmthinkpadI have used the USB port succesfuly to transport files before.01:09
h00ktheunholy: you've been warned before about your language.01:09
Olyai remove files ((( Help Please!01:09
ray1clawmuelli, hmm, its either finding no screens or finding bad screen config01:09
ubottuSome tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel01:09
h00kOlya: ^01:09
urfr332g0ibmthinkpad, transport and boot are not the same01:09
ray1clawany ideas how to fix this?01:09
Gentoo64theunholy: its not ssh's fault, it's you not having any patience. ssh works for everyone else01:09
muelliray1claw: is that the binary driver? Have you checked the free one?01:09
theunholyobviously not01:09
h00kubottu: tell Olya about undelete01:09
ubottuOlya, please see my private message01:09
Gentoo64theunholy: its probably some trivial config thing01:09
theunholyyeah i dont understand it01:09
muelliwell theunholy. Have you ever looked into the log of the machine you're trying to SSH into?01:10
theunholywhy it has to be rocket science to turn ssh on01:10
Olyai closed (01:10
AnkhwatcherI resolved my monitor problem!01:10
theunholyhow do i do that muelli01:10
damo22theunholy: sudo cat /var/log/auth.log ?01:10
muellitheunholy: well, you get shell access and read /var/log/sshd.log or smth similar.01:10
OlyaThere are very hard instructions01:10
ray1clawmuelli, i know the free one doesn't work with llano apu's.. everytime i install a distro with 3.0 kernel i find myself in the same situation, but installing fglrx from recovery and rebooting usually helps.. except this time01:10
Olyahow recover by mouse?01:10
cfhowlettAnkhwatcher: >http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7001421/Pictures/success.jpg01:10
Ben64Olya: you can't01:11
h00kOlya: yes, but they can help you, please use the tutorial01:11
ray1clawmuelli, can i somehow get my xorg.conf fixed, or something like that?01:11
muelliray1claw: hm. Maybe an empty xorg.conf helps, so try to move it out.01:11
Olyathere are english language(01:11
urfr332g0Olya, the only way you can be helped here is with exact details. :)01:11
theunholyim just uninstalling it01:11
h00kOlya: you can consider paying for a forensic recovery with some commercial service01:11
theunholynothing seems to be working01:11
haysh00k: do you know if the jdk goes over the jre, or whether it is separate?01:11
Ankhwatchercfhowlett: exactly01:11
haysh00k: e.g. if I have the jdk, do I need the jre?01:11
cfhowlettOlya: what is your first language?01:11
muelliwell theunholy. Have you ever looked into the log of the machine you're trying to SSH into? Now you've been given instructions. Usually the logs are pretty good and tell you exactly what's going on.01:12
OlyaWho has experience?01:12
theunholysimply install ubuntu server, installed ubuntu gui...installed apache mysql php and vnc...then installed openssh and its not working :001:12
urfr332g0Olya, look in the trash as well.01:12
muellihays: no01:12
haysmuelli: no what?01:12
h00khays: I don't think so.01:12
ray1clawmuelli, i cant find a xorg.conf in my /etc/X11/01:12
Olyano trash01:12
haysok so I can probably install over it01:12
Olyawho tested tutorials?01:12
Ankhwatcherso cfhowlett just identifies a new problem with my system, that link opened in some wierd kde browser instead of firefox, how do I fix that?01:12
Olyahelp please01:12
Olyawho recover files?01:12
h00kOlya: please use the Tutorial I showed you.01:13
ibmthinkpadGentoo64: so what exactly is this plop boot manager and what do I do with it?01:13
Olyayes ok01:13
Olyahelp here too please01:13
damo22theunholy: sudo iptables --list  does that return anything?01:13
Gentoo64ibmthinkpad, it lets you boot from usb on old machines that cant from bios01:13
Olyahow do?01:13
Olyahttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery many programms01:13
Olyaidk what do01:13
theunholyok ive removed ssh client and server01:13
theunholyanyone wanna help me step by set install it?01:14
urfr332g0ibmthinkpad, lmgtfy, http://www.plop.at/01:14
OlyaI dont remove partition01:14
ray1clawmuelli, you know where the xorg.conf is? i remember it used to be in /etc/X11/ last i checked a couple of years back01:14
cfhowlettOlya: what is your first language?01:14
Olyajust remove files01:14
damo22theunholy: i already have been helping but youre impatient01:14
cfhowlettMaybe this01:14
Gentoo64ibmthinkpad, http://www.plop.at/en/bootmanager/mbrinstall.html01:14
ubottuolya: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.01:14
theunholydamo22 nothing you said worked01:14
Ben64theunholy: sudo apt-get install openssh-server01:14
theunholyi figured take it all out and start over01:14
Gentoo64ibmthinkpad, read through that, choose the one where u add it to the windows boot menu. this is more of a Q for ##windows btw01:14
theunholyok ben64 before i do that i did a sudo apt-get purge openssh-server and then another one with client01:15
cfhowlettAnkhwatcher: System>Applications>Preferred Applications - browser(?)01:15
theunholythat all i need to do??  restart?01:15
Olyaubottu, i was there are ask it question now night in europ part of Russia01:15
ubottuOlya: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:15
Olyathey sleep01:15
Ben64theunholy: restart can't hurt, and yes, installing openssh-server is the first and only step01:15
muelliray1claw: well. Fortunately humankind got mostly rid of xorg.conf.01:15
muelliray1claw: maybe create a simple one...01:16
Olyahttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery whats programm useing? please help01:16
theunholyok it says ssh running01:16
Olyatestdisk said what information crashed (((01:16
Olyawhat do?01:16
shaneohey guys i keep getting this error make: *** [all-gcc] Error 2 when trying to compile any suggestions?01:16
muellishaneo: pastebin us the output of make V=9901:17
mkultra_pastebin ur output need moar info01:17
ray1clawmuelli, okay, i've found somthing01:17
OlyaPlease i just remove folder How recover? No dekited partition?01:17
OlyaPlease i just remove folder How recover? No delited partition!01:18
gcosminhi, I would like to know if someone can help me to set up a wireless access point ?01:18
muellithere you go theunholy. It tells you exactly what to do01:18
Ankhwatchercfhowlett: right, that's that fixed too01:18
OlyaPlease? You what not help to russians?01:19
Ben64theunholy: why are you doing sudo01:19
Ankhwatchertime for bed, l8r all01:19
theunholywhat to do not how to do it :(01:19
OffGridOps11.10: I am having issues uploading attachments thru gmail in that I never see a progress bar and it is MUCH slower than when done thru W*ndows.  Is this normal?  Thanx01:19
theunholywhy not?01:19
Ben64theunholy: because you shouldn't01:19
ray1clawmuelli, I did X -configure, but it showed some errors like "number of creates screens does not matc numer of detected devices"01:19
Gentoo64OffbeatAdam, shouldnt be anything to do with linux01:19
Gentoo64OffGridOps, ^01:19
damo22theunholy: sudo rm /root/.ssh/known_hosts && rm ~/.ssh/known_hosts01:19
ray1clawmuelli, any other way to re-initialize the configuration?01:20
OffGridOps@Gentoo64 don't know what that means01:20
theunholyok done01:20
theunholynow damo22?01:20
Ben64theunholy: you shouldn't use sudo for random things like that01:20
muelliray1claw: dpkg-reconfigure -p low xserver-xorg might help01:20
OlyaHow recover list of cataloges and file names?01:20
damo22now try ssh localhost01:20
Gentoo64OffGridOps, i mean uploading a gmail attachment shouldnt be any different in linux or windows01:20
theunholyok i tried to ssh localhost and i put in the password and now it wont even give me permission locally to ssh01:20
Ben64theunholy: sudo is to gain root privileges for specific commands that need root to work01:20
theunholyok ben01:21
OffGridOpsthe speed in Win  on the last 2 10meg zip packs was 7min in Linux vs 3 in Win01:21
muelliahahaha, he did the sudo again01:21
OffGridOpsalso no progress bar in linux01:21
Ben64muelli: i know, right01:21
shaneomuelli: http://paste.ubuntu.com/839903/ when i ran make V=99 its said no target so i reran the script an this is the full error01:21
urfr332g0Olya, can you run this command and pastebin the output  lsb_release -a01:21
escott!ics | gcosmin you weren't very specific but you will likely need this01:21
ubottugcosmin you weren't very specific but you will likely need this: If you want to share the internet connection of your Ubuntu machine with other machines in the network see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing01:21
OffGridOpsgoogled and didnt find anything really recent and i have all updates01:21
shaneomuelli: also i could pastebin the script maybe something is wrong inside it01:22
muellishaneo: that's not the full output01:22
damo22thrunholy: you CANT log into root@localhost with a password using the default config01:22
muellik. I'm off01:22
theunholyso how do i login locally to check it?01:22
OlyaAnd what it?01:22
damo22theunholy: DONT use sudo, just ssh localhost01:22
urfr332g0!pastebin | Olya01:22
Ben64theunholy: stop using sudo for ssh, just "ssh localhost"01:22
ubottuOlya: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.01:22
ray1clawmuelli, did it, rebooting to check now01:22
=== ablyss is now known as Guest93880
theunholyok that worked locally01:23
theunholyim in under theunholy@ubuntu01:23
Ben64theunholy: congrats, ssh works01:23
Olyame not help here? and where help? please01:23
ray1clawmuelli, nope, it fails, anything els you can suggest?01:23
theunholyand putty is working now!01:23
theunholythats odd01:23
damo22no its normal01:23
theunholythats exactly how i installed it the first time01:23
Ben64very normal01:23
theunholybut it didnt give me htat authenticity of host error01:23
damo22the authenticity error came because when you installed ssh the second time it created a new keypair01:24
damo22it thought someone was faking the keys01:24
theunholywhat the...01:25
theunholynow it wont work01:25
theunholyliterally just closed putty and opened it again and it wot login01:25
theunholyaccess denied01:25
theunholywhat is it one use only01:25
h00ktheunholy: You don't have two devices with the same IP on your network, do you?01:26
YokoBRplz guys, i can't enable 3d support on my ati radeon hd 557901:26
damo22theunholy: you probably mistyped your credentials01:26
Ben64!ati | YokoBR01:26
ubottuYokoBR: For Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto01:26
theunholyNo I didn't mistype anything01:26
theunholyWHAT is going on01:26
theunholythis is redic01:26
OlyaTestdisk write it: No file found, filesystem seems damaged.01:26
pnormantheunholy: likely something with putty if it's working locally01:26
damo22theunholy: or else the bridge mode is sharing the ip with the host01:26
theunholyit JUST worked, i minimized VMware...closed putty and reopened it and tried to login...access denied01:27
Andrew131what does NMI: PCI system error (SERR) for reason a1 on CPU 0. mean?01:27
h00kOlya: Please follow that guide. It helps you.01:27
h00ktheunholy: You don't have two devices with the same IP on your network, do you?01:27
theunholyITS NOT DAMO22, since it is reporting different ips01:27
ray1clawmuelli, hey! I'm looking through the new Xorg logs, and I see errors for loading NVidia drivers, but thats not my hardware anyway.. I'm using all AMD/ATI hardware.. even my chipset is AMD01:27
theunholyONE IS (the host windws 7) and the VMware is
OlyaWhat do?01:27
ray1clawmuelli, can you suggest something now? there seem to be no more errors01:27
Olyatestdisk no work((01:27
OlyaTestdisk write it: No file found, filesystem seems damaged.01:27
escottAndrew131, bad ram? http://blogs.msdn.com/b/oldnewthing/archive/2007/02/27/1769274.aspx01:28
damo22theunholy: just for shits and giggles: try putty on the windows machine and connect to the windows machine ip01:28
gcosminubottu: thanks, I can see that it's too much to change/do01:28
ubottugcosmin: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)01:28
h00k!language | damo2201:28
ubottudamo22: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.01:28
theunholyConnection refused01:28
theunholydoesnt even get to ask username01:29
damo22theunholy: thats good news01:29
sasvenHi, I need help installing flash and adobe reader to my firefox01:29
h00k!fsck | Olya01:30
ubottuOlya: fsck is the FileSystem ChecKer, which runs automatically when you boot if you didn't shutdown cleanly. Type "man fsck" for information on running it manually. The command "sudo touch /forcefsck && sudo shutdown -r now" will force a reboot and a filesystem check; "sudo touch /fastboot" will skip a filesystem check at next reboot01:30
damo22theunholy: i believe putty might be using a different password authentication method than the default ubuntu ssh client does01:30
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urfr332g0sasven, if you install the rstricted-extras for your desktop it gets installed along with other codecs needed and msfonts01:30
YokoBRwich is the command to run that proprietary driver installer ?01:30
administratorwhy am i unable to install anything on ubuntu ever?01:30
=== administrator is now known as Guest49579
urfr332g0restricted-extras sasven01:31
escottYokoBR, jockey-gtk01:31
Gentoo64YokoBR, jockey-gtk01:31
rmc3YokoBR: jockey-gtk01:31
OlyaUbuntu not have normal util with gui? :(01:31
h00kOlya: No, you've asked that before.01:31
h00kGuest49579: Perhaps you don't have permission to01:31
urfr332g0Guest49579, can you name a few?01:31
YokoBRi hope ubuntu stop using unity.. Gnome is awesome.01:31
Gentoo64gnome shell and unity look almost the same to me01:32
urfr332g0YokoBR, gnome 2 is not supported you have gnome 3 though01:32
YokoBRi know... i just wish that we could go back to gnome 201:32
=== ariel is now known as Guest99267
rmc3Olya , vy mozhete poluchit. luchshuyu podderzhku # Ubuntu -ru . YA na samom dele ne vladyeet russkim yazykom, ya prosto s pomoshch.yu Google Translate .01:32
Forbidden404Hi, guys01:33
YokoBRit was the best enviroment ever01:33
Forbidden404I'm on a Live Ubuntu01:33
urfr332g0YokoBR, there is the fallback as well01:33
Gentoo64YokoBR, xfce will always be maintained, prob the safest bet01:33
=== cis is now known as liberal
Guest49579i just need a guide01:33
Olyarmc3 thx i know there are all sleep now01:33
Guest49579that teaches me how to install things in ubuntu01:33
h00k!install | Guest4957901:33
ubottuGuest49579: Ubuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate01:33
Olyarmc3, thx i know there are all sleep now01:33
Guest99267does anybody know why font f amily doesnt work for ubuntu 11.0401:33
escott!manual | Guest4957901:33
ubottuGuest49579: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/01:33
fairlycool /set theme syntax.theme01:33
Gentoo64Guest99267, apt-get install01:33
YokoBRGnome is dead. And you guys killed it.01:34
Gentoo64YokoBR, its nothing to do with ubuntu01:34
Guest99267gentoo64 so verdana does come installed with ubuntu01:34
Forbidden404Guys, I can't use facebook or twitter, any ideia about that?01:34
h00kYokoBR: you can talk offtopic in #ubuntu-offtopic, but please keep this channel for support01:34
urfr332g0YokoBR, no the developer sdid01:34
YokoBRKDE is just an windows copy. Heavy as hell.01:34
Olyaok thx all i go bb all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!01:34
h00kForbidden404: how does this have to do with Ubuntu?01:34
YokoBRGnome was stable and fast01:34
Gentoo64Forbidden404, cant access the sites?01:34
YokoBRit was, on the past.01:34
Forbidden404this problem is just with ubuntu01:35
h00k!ot | YokoBR01:35
ubottuYokoBR: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!01:35
Forbidden404i can access any sites01:35
Forbidden404but facebook and twitter01:35
FloodBot1Forbidden404: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:35
Forbidden404and wlm too01:35
escottOlya, "/join #ubuntu-ru"01:35
theunholyok i got it01:35
Olyai do01:35
theunholyreinstalled and it works now...odd01:35
urfr332g0Forbidden404, what happens when you try?01:35
Gentoo64Forbidden404, sounds like some dns blocking thing01:35
Olyai there are01:35
h00kForbidden404: perhaps check your DNS issues, but Ubuntu doesn't....stop you from accessing those.01:35
escottForbidden404, maybe you have a filter between you and the net01:35
rhizmoeis there a decent multiple-twitter client available for ubuntu, or even linux...or freebsd01:35
YokoBRGreat : Sorry, installation of this driver failed.  Please have a look at the log file for details: /var/log/jockey.log01:35
Forbidden404I configured the router, the dns, everything, downloaded restricted extras01:35
Gentoo64Forbidden404, try with googles dns? or are you already01:36
Forbidden404My dns works fine, I use in windows, any problems there01:36
Gentoo64ah ok01:36
Forbidden404already did01:36
Forbidden4048.8.8.8 and
Forbidden404There's no proxy here01:36
h00kForbidden404: can you ping them?01:36
Forbidden404I can01:36
Forbidden404I can ping, but i can access, it's so much weird01:36
h00kForbidden404: try a different browser01:36
Gentoo64what browser btw?01:36
theunholyHow do i setup VNC server so i can remote desktop?01:36
Forbidden404firefox and chromium01:36
Gentoo64yea try something else01:36
log!vnc | theunholy01:37
ubottutheunholy: VNC is a protocol for remote desktop. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNCOverSSH describes how to use it securely.  It works best over fast connections, otherwise look at !FreeNX01:37
h00kForbidden404: you can access?01:37
Forbidden404i cant*01:37
h00kForbidden404: does it not load, or...?01:37
Forbidden404it loads...01:37
Forbidden404loads... till the server stop sendind data01:37
administrator_i'm trying to install this01:38
administrator_with these instructions01:38
Forbidden404My ipv6 is disabled01:38
administrator_but to no avail01:38
FloodBot1administrator_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.01:38
Guest99267gentoo64 so verdana doesnt  come installed with ubuntu01:39
administrator_did that link go through?01:39
Forbidden404I upgrade the kernel to 3.2, I used dsl connection, still the same thing01:39
Gentoo64Guest99267, i dont know01:39
theunholyOk I have remote desktop setup in ubuntu how do i connect to it?01:39
Guest99267has anybody here used css before01:40
logibmthinkpad: /join #windows01:40
h00kGuest99267: that's not necessarily something Ubuntu specific01:40
Guest99267yes it is it has to do with font installed01:41
cfhowlettGuest99267: be specific and ask your question plz01:41
Forbidden404guys, the paste.ubuntu doesnt works here too, I wrote the text and then... starts to load and load forever01:41
Ben64Forbidden404: http://pastebin.com/01:42
escottForbidden404, do you have any kind of javascript blocker?01:42
Gentoo64Forbidden404: in firefox, under connections try direct rather than "use system"01:42
Gentoo64idk if itl help01:42
Forbidden404any javascript blocker ):01:43
h00kGuest99267: Veranda isn't installed in Ubuntu, if that is your question01:43
Forbidden404i do not01:43
bobenhauswhich is better xchat for gnome xchat?01:43
seasandoceanshi, I am trying to skin pidgin and the instructions are to replace 4 existing pidgin folders with the skin's versions which are labeled the same. the only problem is that I can;t move them into the filesystem; I get a message saying "error etc etc acess denied." can anyone give me a hand?01:43
escottForbidden404, it seems unlikely that you are having network connection issues. if you are able to chat in irc it would seem that tcp is working just fine for you01:43
Gentoo64bobenhaus: i hear bad things about gnome one01:43
urfr332g0!best > bobenhaus01:43
ubottubobenhaus, please see my private message01:43
Gentoo64bobenhaus: so xchat01:43
escottForbidden404, greasemonkey then?01:43
Guest99267where exactly do i got these fonts at01:44
Forbidden404oh god, I'm using livecd right now and has the php glitch, I don't have time to find that lib, wait gauys01:44
escott!info msttcorefonts | Guest9926701:44
ubottuGuest99267: Package msttcorefonts does not exist in oneiric01:44
mkultra_man solfege is great01:45
escott!info ttf-mscorefonts-installer | Guest9926701:45
ubottuGuest99267: ttf-mscorefonts-installer (source: msttcorefonts): Installer for Microsoft TrueType core fonts. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 3.3ubuntu4 (oneiric), package size 33 kB, installed size 204 kB01:45
cfhowlettescott: would those be in the restricted extras?01:45
Gentoo64seasandoceans: check the permissions on the files01:45
escottcfhowlett, I believe so01:45
Gentoo64seasandoceans: are they moving to root or your home dir01:45
Forbidden404I will quit, guys, shall enter my ubuntu01:46
h00kForbidden404: good luck.01:46
DinoMuffinHey guys, do you know of any decent file recovery software for ubuntu (or any distro)? Something comparable to Recuva?01:47
seasandoceansgentoo64: thank you. they are supposed to go to filesystem/usr/share/pixmaps/pidgin.. I'm not sure if that is root or not.01:47
Gentoo64DinoMuffin: photorec?01:47
escottDinoMuffin, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery01:47
h00k!undelate | DinoMuffin01:47
urfr332g0DinoMuffin, check out testdisk01:47
h00k!undelete | DinoMuffin01:47
ubottuDinoMuffin: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel01:47
escottseasandoceans, those should be root owned01:47
Gentoo64seasandoceans: yes it is, youll need sudo01:48
Guest99267 msttcorefont is not a package01:48
Guest99267where is it located01:48
seasandoceansgentoo64 and escott: where would I find the commands for this?01:48
Gentoo64Guest99267: ttf-mscorefonts-installer01:49
cfhowlettGuest99267: http://pkgs.org/ubuntu-10.10/ubuntu-multiverse-i386/ttf-mscorefonts-installer_3.2_all.deb.html01:49
urfr332g0Guest99267, have you installed the restricted-extras for the desktop your using?01:49
Gentoo64seasandoceans: use sudo mv / sudo cp01:49
Gentoo64on the files01:49
Guest99267no where are they located01:49
Guest99267im a newbie here01:49
=== DaZ_ is now known as DaZ
urfr332g0Guest99267, what is your desktop?01:49
escottGuest99267, the fonts are downloaded from microsoft01:50
Gentoo64Guest99267: usr share fonts01:50
Guest99267yoyou mean what ubuntu version?01:50
seasandoceansgentoo64: mind my ignorance but which do I move and which do I copy?01:50
urfr332g0Guest99267, yes01:50
Guest9926711.04 should i upgrade to 11.1001:50
Gentoo64seasandoceans: i have no clue what you're doing :)01:50
bobenhaus_could someone kick bobenhaus for me?01:51
Gentoo64seasandoceans: all i know is to move something (as normal user) to root dir requires sudo01:51
bobenhaus_nvm )01:51
forbidden404Guys, i'm back01:51
escottGuest99267, 11.10 is the last version to have gnome2 so if you like gnome2 dont01:51
seasandoceansgentoo64: thanks for everything. hopefully I can figure it out..01:52
escottGuest99267, rather 11.04 is the last. 11.10 doesnt01:52
Gentoo64seasandoceans: where are the files, and where do you need to copy them to?01:52
eSoulhey peoples, looking for some help in 11.10 with the usbip package -- I know its listed as a bug (missing usbip kernel modules), but looking to see if anyone had any hacks to get itworking01:52
forbidden404No data received01:53
Xoombenhausweird my nicks are getting ghosted01:53
forbidden404Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data.01:53
Xoombenhauscould someone kick my bobenhaus;s?01:53
forbidden404I cant use pastbin or past.ubuntu, cause when I press to paste, starts to load... and looooad01:54
eSoulXoombenhaus, he needs to be disco'ed from the server before you can use the name, nto just the channel01:54
forbidden404I dont want to flood the chat ):01:54
escottforbidden404, do other tcp connections work?01:54
Xoombenhausesoul:yeah.  wonder if it is a netsplit?01:54
h00kI didn't see a netsplit happen01:54
eSoulor he just hasnt pinged out yet01:54
Xoombenhausyeah strange01:55
h00kXoombenhaus: if they're getting ghosted, probably check in with someone in #freenode01:55
seasandoceansgentoo64: home/<username>/downloads/dialogues to filesystem/usr/share/pixmaps/pidgin01:55
takkunhello all. my 10.10 box won't boot after update and I am having trouble finding a mirror for the boot info script01:56
forbidden404escott, I don't know about TCP's ): you mean network manager or wicd?01:56
ubottuBoot info script is a usefull script for diagnosing boot problems. Run the script following the directions here: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1291280 and then look at RESULTS.txt (or !pastebin it for others to look at).01:56
urfr332g0takkun, ^^^01:56
escottforbidden404, does any other network connection work?01:56
takkunty urfr332g0 \01:56
Gentoo64seasandoceans: is dialogues a folder? whatever way, go into terminal, cd /home/user/downloads   then sudo cp -r dialogues /usr/share/pixmaps/pidgin01:56
urfr332g0takkun, no problem pastebin it if needed.01:56
Guest99267thanks cfhowlett it worked like a charm01:56
forbidden404escott: When I'm in the Windows,it works fine, im the only guy in the house with ubuntu and even wired, has the same problem.01:57
cfhowlettGuest99267: no problem.  Have fun.01:57
forbidden404I don't tested in any other router01:57
forbidden404but I will this week01:57
forbidden404in my buddy's house01:57
escottforbidden404, i think it would be helpful to know if this is webbrowser related or something more low-level. so lets teach you to use telnet to download an http page01:57
pmitrosMy computer has a hard drive that mounts in /media on bootup. I accidentally unmounted it. Is there a way to remount it in the same way as ubuntu mounts it? I know I can mkdir /media/[UUID], mount /dev/sdXX /media/[UUID], but that seems like the wrong way to do it.01:57
pmitrosWith a removable drive, I'd unplug it and plug it back in, but this is a normal, fixed HDD01:58
forbidden404escott, telnet?01:58
Gentoo64pmitros: try just /mount/drive01:58
Gentoo64pmitros: try mount /drive rather01:58
h00kpmitros: you could do sudo mount -a, if it has an entry in fstab01:58
pmitrosIt doesn't have an entry in fstab; it's autodetected by Ubuntu on bootup01:59
pmitrosSo mount /media/[UUID] doesn't help.01:59
escottforbidden404, open a terminal and type "telnet www.google.com 80" then quickly type "GET index.html" and hit enter twice01:59
damo22pmitros: you can find out which partition number it is and mount it manually?01:59
escottforbidden404, it should dump some text out which should end with </BODY></HTML> Connection closed by foreign host.02:00
damo22escott: what about curl02:00
pmitrosdamo: I can. I was just hoping there's a Right Way to do it. I've had the same problem with USB drives, when I unmount them by accident, and I wanted to figure this out once and for all.02:00
=== mauricio is now known as Guest24224
eSoulpmitros -- can you use the file manager to mount it02:01
forbidden404Escott, exactly that02:01
eSoulthat might mount it in /media02:01
takkunurfr332g0  http://pastebin.com/jvCGeEUp02:01
XoombenhausI need to disconnect for my nicks will leave :(... they keep relogging02:01
pmitrosesoul: Woah. That did it. Cool! I've never stepped outside the command line for this kind of thing before. Thanks!02:01
escottdamo22, yeah i suppose that would work too, although you get a script when you do that so its not as obvious that its working02:02
pmitrosNow I guess I should figure out how the file manager does it...02:02
metsys23hi there again. firstly thank you all that advise me xubuntu, i am enjoying it very much02:02
eSoulno problem pmitros, yeah I have used it to mount things but I pariculatrly dont like things thrown into a "pseduo-random" folder even though the UUID stays the same02:02
metsys23now, i have some questions, as usual of noobs02:03
escottforbidden404, if you can do that then your internet connection would seem to be working and its likely a web browser issue. you can also use tools like wget or curl to download webpages "curl www.google.com/index.html" which might be easier (you get slightly different results with curl)02:03
FeymoodI'm trying to launch all 3 of my startup programs in different screen windows of the SAME screen session. Is there a way to do that?02:03
forbidden404But, I can access google, my problem is with especific sites02:03
escottforbidden404, which suggests something specific to your browser02:04
seasandoceansgentoo64: for some reason I keep getting a "no such file or directory" and I've been over it a bunch of times now. seems a little impossible as I have the folder open in another window and that is definitely the path... strange!02:04
metsys23I am using ubuntu software center to install some software, like liberoffice02:04
escottforbidden404, like you have a greasemonkey script or some kind of addon which is causing the page to reload02:04
psyeplease, help me with that -> http://xtupload.com/share-B981_4F384B07.html02:04
psyehow i can do that02:04
Gentoo64seasandoceans: use tab-complete it never gets it wrong02:05
forbidden404I will restart chromium without any addon02:05
urfr332g0takkun, looks like it should boot you can reload the grub bootloader to the mbr, look here 3 methods read very carefully. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub2#Reinstalling_GRUB202:05
takkunthank you very much urfr332g002:05
takkunurfr332g0: it was just hanging at the purple splash spring02:05
urfr332g0takkun, no problem wost case download supergrub to boot in and fix it from te desktop.02:05
damo22!seen RKyle02:06
ubottuI have no seen command02:06
urfr332g0takkun, sounds like grapphic driver now02:06
urfr332g0takkun, not a bootloade problem it sounds like02:07
takkunurfr332g0:  I have an nvidia card if that would help02:07
urfr332g0takkun, out of my pay area a nomodeset in the kernel line may get you in if it is graphics02:08
urfr332g0!nomodeset | takkun02:08
ubottutakkun: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter02:08
urfr332g0takkun, also may need a fsck hard for me to say. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SystemAdministration/Fsck02:09
forbidden404escott, the login page from facebook works, login page of twitter works, pastebin works... my problem is when it starts to load, when I login in fb or twitter, when I press "paste" in paste bin, you know?02:09
escottforbidden404, which are all javascript triggered actions02:09
seasandoceansgentoo64: I'm not familiar with "tab-complete," do I enter it after I make the path entry?02:09
escott!tab | seasandoceans02:09
ubottuseasandoceans: You can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.02:09
hiexpoold school02:10
forbidden404escott: there's a library for javascript in ubuntu?02:10
forbidden404maybe is missing in my library02:10
hiexpoor tab willgive you the command  :(02:10
h00kforbidden404: no, it's handled by a your browser's engine.02:10
escottforbidden404, no, but it sounds like something is wrong with your browsers javascript in some way. have you tried a different browser?02:10
ibmthinkpadI am trying to instal Ubuntu on my 2002 IBM think pad with no sevice packs. It does not react to booting from a USB stick, it reads the boot disc for one minute before ignoring that as well. I tried Plop but it just returns to the plop main menu after one minute if I tell it to boot from the disc. Plop freezes when I tell it to boot from USB. What do I do?02:11
damo22!tab > damo2202:11
ubottudamo22, please see my private message02:11
=== pete_ is now known as Guest24037
forbidden404escott: I used firefox... then chromium... firefox loads the first page of facebook, but I cant update anything, in chromium, the page doesnt even loads02:11
takkunurfr332g0:  so would i use fsck to add nomodeset?02:11
cfhowlettibmthinkpad: do ANY cdroms work in that drive?02:11
urfr332g0ibmthinkpad, a 2002 think pad may not have the power needed what is the ram amount and chip speed?02:12
escottforbidden404, maybe https then? can you identify if there is a patter with websites that have https vs http?02:12
urfr332g0takkun, 2 differnt things02:12
Dr_willistakkun:  nomodeset is a special kenel boot option02:12
urfr332g0takkun, look at the n omodeset link by the bot.02:12
takkunDr_willis: ty, urfr332g0  reading it now02:12
forbidden404escott: I thought this before, I will try google.com in ssl02:12
seasandoceansescott: thanks. I'm just going to give up.02:12
forbidden404escott: I tried encrypted google.com and it worked fine02:13
escottseasandoceans, ok... im not sure what you were trying to do02:13
ibmthinkpadcfhowlett: I have put in DVDs that it sems to recognise and gives me chapters for it, but it said it didn't have the right drivers to play them, I haven't tried any thing else.02:13
damo22!test > damo2202:13
ubottudamo22, please see my private message02:13
forbidden404Your connection to encrypted.google.com is encrypted with 128-bit encryption.02:13
forbidden404The connection uses TLS 1.0.02:13
urfr332g0Dr_willis, your name is a moniker I use often. :)02:13
escott!dvd | ibmthinkpad02:13
ubottuibmthinkpad: Ubuntu's default installation and repositories do not include packages needed to play commercial DVDs for legal reasons. For information on adding them, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats/PlayingDVDs | For information on the legalities involved, see the "DVD" section of https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FreeFormats02:13
forbidden404The connection is encrypted using RC4_128, with SHA1 for message authentication and ECDHE_RSA as the key exchange mechanism.02:13
forbidden404The connection is not compressed.02:14
FloodBot1forbidden404: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:14
forbidden404Well Floodbot, I tried, but my issue don let me do this u_u02:14
ibmthinkpadurfr332g0:I'm checking right now.02:14
webroastershi guys. I've used the terminal command of "find", and I've found all of the files I was looking for. How can I delete them, just as I found them?02:14
webroastersdo I have to do that individually?02:14
cfhowlettibmthinkpad: you DID md5checksum that .iso?02:15
escottwebroasters, find has a -delete option02:15
ibmthinkpadubottu: that is not my problem. at all. I can't even install ubuntu.02:15
webroastersoh nice02:15
webroastersI'll check the manual,. thanks!02:15
ibmthinkpadcfhowlett: what and how?02:15
Lintforbidden404, RC4??02:15
ubottuibmthinkpad, please see my private message02:16
Lintthat cypher is from 199602:16
urfr332g0ibmthinkpad, get the hardware info I doubt a 2002 thinkpad will run ubuntu.02:16
Lintand tls 1.0?02:16
etyrnalubuntu 8.04 - can connect to external network links, but not internal02:16
cfhowlettibmthinkpad: might have to try x/l ubuntu02:16
ubottuUbuntu 8.04 LTS (Hardy Heron) was the eighth release of Ubuntu. Desktop support ended on May 12 2011, Server support continues until 2013. See !upgrade, !lts and !eol for more details.02:17
forbidden404Lint: I dont know about these things ):02:17
etyrnalcan ping external hosts, but not hosts in my home02:17
ubottuetyrnal, please see my private message02:17
forbidden404Lint: is that wrong?02:17
etyrnal'no route to host'02:17
urfr332g0etyrnal, 8.04 is end of life and not supported.02:17
Lintforbidden404, it's very outdated02:17
forbidden404Lint: how I upgrade?02:17
Dr_willis!upgrade | forbidden40402:17
ubottuforbidden404: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade02:17
BigTaxii require some assistance with a network i can see but cannot connec to02:17
Lintnow AES and tls 1.2 is used02:17
Dr_willisA clean install of a newer version  may be faster then upgtrading 8.0402:18
Lintforbidden404, browser?02:18
ibmthinkpadcfhowlett: what is x/l ubuntu?02:18
forbidden404Lint: chromium02:18
Dr_willis!lubuntu | ibmthinkpad02:18
ubottuibmthinkpad: lubuntu is Ubuntu with LXDE instead of !GNOME as desktop environment, which makes it extremely lightweight. See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu - /join #lubuntu for lubuntu support.02:18
Lintforbidden404, that's strange02:18
forbidden404Same problem in firefox02:19
Kai809I have a question about partitioning on a Mac Os X 10.5.8 2.4 Ghz Intel Core Duo. I’m reading an error in Disk Utility which states “Partition failed with the error: Filesystem verify or repair failed.” I’ve also installed rEFIt and it opens upon startup. If I select boot legacy OS from HD I get the error “missing operating system”. I would like to partition my drive to work with Ubuntu alongside Os X. I have the .img file on us02:19
cfhowlettibmthinkpad: xubuntu lubuntu are lightweight distributions of ubuntu that run well on older and lower spec machines.02:19
forbidden404Lint: you know how to upgrade that protocols?02:19
Lintforbidden404, you need server that support them02:19
karfirHi, I have an old Ubuntu machine (couple of years) that I set up only to discover I had forgotten the password to an encrypted home folder.  I changed the user account password, but does anyone know a script I can use to brute force the password on the passphrase?02:20
madalinI'm trying to deny a specific IP on my network access to ANY OTHER shares on the network. How should i approach this ?02:20
cfhowlettKai809: is that a powerpc??02:20
BigTaxii require some assistance with a network i can see but cannot connec to02:20
cfhowlettkarfir: encryption is built to resist that exact method...02:20
ulziibuyanmadalin: look into samba docs02:21
Kai809No I don't think so02:21
Dr_willismadalin:  each machine serving up the samba shares would have to block that machine based on ip i think.02:21
karfircfhowlett: I'm pretty sure I didn't have a particularly secure login password02:21
urfr332g0karfir, http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/resetpassword02:21
Dr_willismadalin:  via their samba configs.02:21
Dr_willismadalin:  or iptables command/firewall02:21
cfhowlettkarfir: what are your hardware specs?02:21
* Lint thinks ubuntu should remove encrypting home folder option from installer02:21
madalinDr_willis: i tried blocking 137-139 and 445, but no luck (using iptables) any other hints?02:21
wellyHey all. Saturday morning, my ubuntu 10.04 server ground to a halt and needed rebooting. Here's where the crash occurred: http://paste.ubuntu.com/839929/02:22
Dr_willismadalin:  the samba configs.02:22
urfr332g0karfir, ^^^^^02:22
wellycan anyone suggest what might have caused it?02:22
BigTaxii require some assistance with a network i can see but cannot connec to02:22
karfircfhowlett: That computer is a 3ghz dual core, but I have access to a university computer that is more beefy.  I don't mind running for a week or whatever though.02:22
wingiehow do i run a command over and over again?02:23
escottkarfir, i think your university sysadmins would mind when you decide to run something for the next decade02:23
cfhowlettkarfir: so the specs on the installation machine are?  Hdd/ram/cpu/02:23
karfirurfr332g0: I've already changed the user account password, I'm looking to attack ecryptfs-unwrap-passphrase or equivalent.02:23
karfirescott: If it were going to run for more than a night, I wouldn't do it on there.02:23
urfr332g0karfir, is it encrypted?02:24
madalinwingie: what do you mean by over and over again ?02:24
bascotieHi guys, I just installed Ubuntu 11.10 and I am fairly new to Linux in general. I setup a Samba share using a guide and it shares fine to the /srv location but I tried also adding a share to a second hard drive and when I try to access from Windows 7, it says I might not have permissions. Can anyone spare a few minutes to help?02:24
escottkarfir, do you not remember the old password?02:24
wingiemadalin: i have a program that will run and exit .. i want it to rerun everytime it is exited02:24
madalinwingie: thats like hitting your head against the wall :)02:24
BigTaxii require some assistance with a network i can see but cannot connect to. extremely frustrating and troubleshoot doesnt seem to do anything but solve hardware issues.02:24
madalinBigTaxi: errors ?02:25
BigTaxino errors... just wont connect02:25
karfircfhowlett: 1.5TB hdd, I'm trying to find the read speed.  there's 4 gigs of ram and it's a 3ghz core duo processor02:25
BigTaxii can see the network, and as far as i know the card is working fine because the network is being detected02:25
karfirescott: No, I don't remember the old password, it was a few years ago that I set it up.02:25
madalinBigTaxi: what distro/version ?02:25
karfirurfr332g0: Yeah, it's encrypted.02:25
escottkarfir, and you never logged into this system in the intervening period?02:26
urfr332g0karfir, whay does it matter you get in?02:26
BigTaxiubuntu uh....oneiric02:26
karfirurfr332g0: It's not critical, I just want my old music and stuff.02:26
karfirescott: No, left it in NYC and moved to California.02:26
h00k!encrypted | karfir maybe there's something here that can help02:27
ubottukarfir maybe there's something here that can help: For information on setting up encrypted private directories (8.10+) see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EncryptedPrivateDirectory02:27
madalinBigTaxi: did you try tail -f /var/log/syslog while trying to connect ? Can you paste your dmesg somewhere and provide me with the link ?02:27
urfr332g0karfir, that you have not listed to in two years, hmm sound nefarious to be honest. :)02:27
wingiemadalin: bash -c 'while [ 0 ]; do date;done'02:27
wingiethat worked great=)02:27
escottkarfir, there are 340,282,366,920,938,463,463,374,607,431,768,211,456 unique passphrases. the data is gone http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2009/02/how-encrypted-home-ecryptfs-works.html02:27
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!02:28
h00kwingie: don't tell someone to do that.02:28
madalinwingie: good you got it:))02:28
BigTaxiits on another computer, which has no internet so getting you exact copy/paste is not a very good option.02:28
madalinwingie: that'll just flood your computer02:28
karfirurfr332g0: Yeah, hopefully the NSA/whoever has someone whose job it is to do the nefarious stuff that isn't looking for help on URC02:28
BigTaxii'm a newb and miserable with the terminal... tell me what to do and what to look for02:28
madalinBigTaxi: lspci | grep Ethernet outputs anything ?02:28
wingieh00k madalin: I won't do that command, i just need to loop something else02:28
karfirescott: It's only as secure as the old login password that wraps it, which is more like 656,100,000,000, but can be attacked statistically02:29
BigTaxihold on... tail -f /var/log/syslog left me without a command prompt (my computer and user name)02:29
Oerkarfir, how did you changed your password, like you said earlier ?02:30
BigTaxiand so no new commands will go through02:30
laogjust find out the cairo dock is a cool thing to play with02:30
FlannelBigTaxi: ctrl-c to end that command (tail is still running)02:30
Dr_willisBigTaxi:  thats what tail -f means with the -f option.. reads the file untill you ctrl-c02:30
forbidden404Guys, how I know if I'm missing some lib?02:30
Dr_willisforbidden404:  error messages in the terminal when you run an app that needs the lib normally.02:31
karfirOer: Just went in in recovery mode, logged in as root and ran passwd.  It was actually a bad idea, because there are a ton of tools that attack /etc/shadow, so if I had left it unchanged I could use one of those.02:31
madalinBigTaxi: did you typed that in a terminal ? If so, try pressing CTRL+C02:31
BigTaxiok. lspci | grep ethernet and nothing happened02:31
forbidden404Dr_willis: but this time my problem isnt with a app02:31
Dr_willisforbidden404:  whats it with then?02:31
madalinBigTaxi: are you grep Ethernet. Exactly like i said it..02:31
forbidden404Dr_willis: Is about javascript not running well02:32
forbidden404my browser is okay02:32
BigTaxii typed it exactly as you said, in the terminal02:32
forbidden404Idk what is the problem02:32
madalinBigTaxi: and NOTHING outputs ?02:32
BigTaxiits wireless though... just in case you didnt know and it matters02:32
madalinBigTaxi: well, that command should output at LEAST one line saying something about Ethernet controller.. If it doesnt..maybe you're using an USB network card ?02:33
BigTaxinah. it's a card in my tower that i've been using for years.02:33
Oerlspci | grep network02:33
escottkarfir, http://blog.dustinkirkland.com/2009/01/daemon-challenge-2-we-have-winner.html02:34
BigTaxinot usb, as far as i know. right into the motherboard. AND it worked just a few days ago02:34
webroastershi guys. I want to use the find command with the -delete option. I've found all of the folders I was looking for "_notes". They're located in different depths with a main folder. How do I structure the command so that I don't delete anything that isn't _notes?02:34
tjiggi_foBigTaxi, use caps for E in Ethernet02:34
cfhowlettwebroasters: locate foo IIRC02:35
webroastersi dont' understand02:35
Oertjiggi_fo +102:35
madalintjiggi_fo: i think he did. I hope lol.02:35
BigTaxiok, i got two things02:35
BigTaxinope... not capital E. sorry.02:35
BigTaxibut i have things now02:35
fooI've been getting this from rkhunter for a while: http://pastebin.com/zRsbtFzc - I've tried several things to reset rkhunter with no luck. Any tips on how to have rkhunter not complain about these files?02:36
madalinBigTaxi: great. That means you have two network cards02:36
karfirescott: Thanks, that might get me there!02:36
madalintjiggi_fo: :P02:36
tjiggi_foheh heh02:36
escottwebroasters, find . -iname "*_notes" -delete02:36
madalinBigTaxi: so, doing a tail -f /var/log/syslog states NOTHING ?02:36
BigTaxino, it does. what do you need to know02:37
webroastersok thanks escott02:37
escottwebroasters, obv. run it without -delete first, but it will only delete those files it prints02:37
p4ch0How can I upgrade without lose my gnome-classic desktop? unity really sucks ....02:38
webroastersescott. Right, i did that02:38
dark|angelanyone know anything about these guys? http://toratek.net/vps-plans - it seems that they offer every possible version of Ubuntu on Xen for pretty cheap02:38
webroastersone question. how do i do this recursively?02:38
madalinBigTaxi: use that command and try to connect. Anything about wireless ?02:39
webroastersso that it deletes eveerything inside the folders02:39
escottwebroasters, find . -iname "*_notes" -delete02:39
escottwebroasters, find is recursive :)02:39
webroastersright. ok, thanks, i'll try it again02:39
ch33zI need help with a quick item please! :)02:39
escottwebroasters, unless you mean that those are folders. in which case you can use find . -iname "*_notes" -exec rm -rf {} \;02:39
BigTaxitwo say 'disabling freq 24 (72/84) MHz'02:39
BigTaxiworld regulatory domain updated02:40
webroastersyep, that's probably it02:40
ch33zhow do set up dns and apache I just did a fresh install02:40
BigTaxino connection though02:40
webroasterswith a semi-colon at the end?02:40
ch33zand also how do i add my html files in ubuntu?02:40
BigTaxii did not see you give me a command other than the -tail one... thats just a readout02:40
ch33zi am on Ubuntu server.02:40
dark|angelseems like toratek.net makes linode look overpriced...02:40
escottwebroasters, a \;... you have to get the semicolon escaped so that i makes it to find so that find knows the command is done02:40
Oerch33z, it is all in https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/02:41
ch33zOer thanks, I will respond back if I need more help :)02:42
ch33zbut, do I really need a gui?02:42
Andrew131Is there a good way to diagnose NMI's?02:42
escottAndrew131, try ##hardware02:42
ulziibuyanch33z: nope, you don't.02:42
bascotieCan someone help me figure out why my Windows 7 pc is unable to access a Samba share? It can access the original share fine, but I also shared a 2nd hard drive and it says it can't access it.02:44
Beenhi, has anyone else had an issue with the mouse and keyboard locking up?02:44
erik32533hi all02:44
rcmaehlHow do I make my mouse wrap around the desktop? As in when I hit the end of the desktop it appears on the other side02:44
erik32533hi all02:45
JermBobrcmaehl you need a mouse pointer magic carpet ride machine02:45
rcmaehlJermBob: :\02:45
forbidden404escott: My facebook worked when I used incognito windows02:45
urfr332g0bascotie, ##windows might be more helpful02:45
escottforbidden404, bad cookie?02:46
BigTaxiwhenever you are free, my problem persists02:46
bascotieurfr332g0: I think it's a permissions issue on the ubuntu share, not a windows side issue since I can access the other ubuntu share fine02:47
escott!info swat | bascotie02:47
ubottubascotie: swat (source: samba): Samba Web Administration Tool. In component universe, is optional. Version 2:3.5.11~dfsg-1ubuntu2.1 (oneiric), package size 2325 kB, installed size 7604 kB02:47
forbidden404escott: but I deleted cookies before ):02:47
forbidden404escott: idk why, but it worked now, not that good, but at least worked02:48
bascotieubottu: I also tried SWAT, it shows the shares fine and it has an error saying DENY_DOS RDWR02:49
ubottubascotie: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:49
forbidden404escott: Well, now it stopped working haha02:49
ch33zulziibuyan hmm well its kinda hard to add html files without the gui right?02:49
EricInBNEcan you install xfce on the latest ubuntu?02:49
BigTaxii'm wondering if i can receive help with a network issue02:50
holsteinEricInBNE: xfce or xubuntu-desktop.. whatever you like... XFCE is in the repos02:50
holsteinBigTaxi: no need to wonder.. just ask!02:50
ulziibuyanch33z: if you'd think that you might be better off with the GUI ;-)02:50
BigTaxiwell i had a guy for a little while... but my ineptitude scared him off02:50
EricInBNEholstein, all the new proprietary ubuntu services, is there anything mandatory? Im using a fairly old ubuntu here02:50
ch33zhaha ulziibuyan you think so?02:51
ch33zin the guides do they tell how to add html files ulziibuyan ?02:51
holsteinEricInBNE: im using the latest LTS.. 10.04 ...try them live... its really up to you02:51
ulziibuyanch33z: I'm not sure you have to look into it.02:51
BigTaxiso i can see the wireless networks, but cannot connect to them, even though i could a day or two ago02:52
forbidden404I'm starting to think that I threw a rock in Linus face, then, he is making his vengeance against me, fuckin up my Ubuntu02:52
h00k!language | forbidden40402:52
ubottuforbidden404: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.02:52
holsteinBigTaxi: i would delete the saved wifi settings for that access point.. i wouldtry testing with another access point02:53
urfr332g0BigTaxi, these your wifi points and you have the passwords02:53
Guest81002hi all i seem to be having a problem with dnsmasq , it doesn't seem to resolv LAN queries . can someone assist02:53
BigTaxithere is only one access point. deleting setting does not work. it is a guest network, so no pass02:53
BigTaxithis laptop is on, so the network is fine02:53
holsteinBigTaxi: cool.. can you go somewhere with another access point to try? is this your access point?02:54
BigTaxithis laptop and that PC are right next to one another currently. i may be confused as to what an access point is02:54
Zillowtrying to use nginx, but I can't figure out how to get rid of apache. :P02:55
Yabdenpurge it!02:55
Zillowdid apt-get purge apache202:55
ulziibuyanZillow: sudo apt-get purge apache2?02:55
Zillowit won't go away!02:55
codemonkey1337guys, I know this may be a bit off topic but I'm kind of despite. I'm taking a systems programming in unix class, and my homework was to create an MBRviewer program. I created one, and everything works, but some of the CHS addresses are off. I'm hoping you guys can run it against your own MBRs and 1) tell me if they are also off and 2)help me debug my program, if you are willing02:55
BigTaxiseriously though... the connection was working one or two days ago. i have changed nothing.02:56
ch33zhow do i ed this? "You may configure the default behavior of the OpenSSH server application, sshd, by editing the file /etc/ssh/sshd_config"02:56
h00kcodemonkey1337: That is not the place for this02:56
holsteinBigTaxi: i would just trouble shoot.. i know you are holding on to "all the rest are fine".. but if that perspective is not constructive, you might have to abandon it, and troubleshoot elsewhere02:56
Nach0zch33z: sudo nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config02:56
ch33zah thanks!02:56
codemonkey1337h00k: as I said it may be offtopic, but it is a linux issue.02:56
kasansweatA while ago, I used a GREAT little directory-jump program in bash -- if you typed "j music", it would bounce you to the most frequently accessed dir that had "music" in it -- and i cannot remember what it was called or how to reinstall it. Anyone?02:56
h00kcodemonkey1337: It is not an Ubuntu support question. This isn't the place for it.02:56
codemonkey1337h00k: fine, where would be the a place to support it?02:57
BigTaxii'm not sure what you mean. this computer is on the same exact network that the other cannot connect to, but used to be able to.02:57
=== log is now known as MRB[away]
holsteinBigTaxi: correct.. and you are assuming that it has to be the issue.. and that is likely... but it wouldnt hurt to power cycle the router02:57
h00kcodemonkey1337: I don't know, try !alis02:57
h00k!alis | codemonkey133702:58
ubottucodemonkey1337: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*02:58
rcmaehlcodemonkey1337: #linux02:58
h00kcodemonkey1337: or ##linux02:58
metsys23quick noob question: where typically are located the programs folders? for instance, i download a program, without software center, and want to put the download program into some "programs" folder... what should it be?02:58
BigTaxiit's not my router, it is owned by the people i live with.02:58
sangosimourfr332g0 : I got it working. --takkun02:58
bascotieok back02:58
ulziibuyanmetsys32: /opt?02:58
BigTaxihowever, this computere was asked for a passwork when i tried to get onto google last night. in-web browser.02:59
BigTaxithe non functioning one has not been asked that.02:59
BigTaxithat is the only difference i have come across.02:59
BigTaxiif power cycling is the only real option, i will wait until they are at work to sabotage the network tomorrow02:59
kasansweatha, found it. "autojump" if you're interested.02:59
metsys23ulziibuyan, i dont know... but there are a program that i downloaded too03:00
codemonkey1337k, thanks, bye!03:00
bascotie1was this the one i was in lol?03:00
holsteinBigTaxi: ?... google?.. if you are not online, google is irrelevant03:00
Zillowokay turns out I have a strange stand-alone version of apache2, if I remove it, it will break other packages, so I will just turn it off. :)03:00
=== MRB[away] is now known as log
BigTaxino i know, i'm just relaying what happened last night.03:00
BigTaxithat's all.03:00
BigTaxithe non-functioning PC has yet to be asked for an access code, which occured in-browser on this, functioning computer03:01
BigTaxialthough you'e right, it doesnt connect at all03:01
BigTaxiso i'm being a moron03:01
holsteinBigTaxi: cool... let the past go... whats happening right now? can you connect wired?.. does the machine get an IP address?03:01
ulziibuyanmetsys23: it could even be in your home folder.03:01
ZillowBigTaxi, can you clone your mac?03:02
BigTaxino Ip, just able to see networks03:02
BigTaxiexplain please03:02
holsteinBigTaxi: if you pulug it in wired to the router, does it get an IP?03:02
BigTaxii would assume so... but the router is not able to be screwed with at the moment03:03
ZillowBigTaxi, what you have described is a mac address block03:03
holsteinyeah, is this *your* router BigTaxi ?03:03
BigTaxino, it is the rentals.03:04
linuxyayi <3 ubuntu03:04
BigTaxiok, what happens in a mac address block03:04
ZillowBig Taxi, do you pay for the internet?03:04
BigTaxiincluded in the monthly03:04
superdave321is apache web server already installed in ubuntu?03:05
Zillowsuperdave321 you can check by going to http://localhost03:05
ch33zZillow how do i do taht03:06
Zillowwell if it's running that is03:06
Flannelsuperdave321: Not normally.03:06
ch33zon the CLI?03:06
BigTaxiso no advice on the MAC block?03:06
ZillowBigTaxi, I don't know if such info is allowed in here03:06
BigTaxioh damn.03:07
h00kBigTaxi: I'd ask whoever manages your router/access point to see if there's a block on your MAC address.03:07
superdave321Ok. so no. when i do apt-get install apache, it comes up as no installation canadate. how do i install it?03:07
BigTaximurderface. OK, I will.03:07
h00ksuperdave321: apache203:07
Zillowsuperdave do apache203:07
superdave321h00k, Zillow: Ahh! Thanks!03:07
holsteinBigTaxi: you have rebooted?03:08
BigTaxicomputer? yes if restart = reboot03:08
ZillowBigTaxi, all i can say is google mac adress cloning03:08
holsteinor, hit the reset button and *own* your own gateway!03:08
Zillowholstien: lol! then they would know!03:09
sasvenHi, i need help on adobe flash, the flash keeps crashing after sometime03:09
holsteinZillow: i think BigTaxi means from the ISP03:09
BigTaxiok, ill do some research on cloning. thanks for the help, and if everything fails i will ask the people.03:10
holsteinsasven: i would try chrome, AFAIK it has its own flash.. somethings are just awful for us in flash03:10
sasvenok thanks03:10
Zillowholstein: I think I missed that part.03:10
holsteinZillow: i could be mis-reading it03:11
Zillowholstein: I was under the impression his rents where blocking him.03:12
BigTaxiand they could have blocked the MAC within the last 24 hours?03:13
darkstar999Where do I change the settings for which screen zones open the unity menu? I used to have it only open if mouse is at very top or bottom left03:13
ZillowBigTaxi, they would have had to setup MAC address filtering in the router03:14
BigTaxiwhich would have blocked my PC while i was at work? i leave it on basically all the time.03:15
ZillowBigTaxi, was it running bittorrent or using a load of bandwidth?03:15
BigTaxino. i use bandwidth after 11 pm, when i get home. nobody else is on.03:16
wellyHey all, had a problem with my ubuntu 10.04 server crashing this weekend. I've put up a post on the forums - http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1924535 - if anyone has any insights or ideas what might have caused it, that'd be great03:17
BigTaxiand enough to surf and play bf3... thats it03:17
wookienzguys, wheni  log into unity on 11.10, i still have an errant task bar with "Applications and Places" sitting under the top title bar...how do i get rid of it?03:18
oasisfleetingI ran an "apt-get install linux-source-" but I don't see the unpacked archive in my usr/src/ directory. Does anyone know why?03:19
oasisfleetingI need to copy a file into that folder but it says the directory doesn't exist03:20
holsteinoasisfleeting: i would give the bigger picture.. whats are you trying to do? what guide are you following... etc03:21
oasisfleetingyou're right.03:21
oasisfleetingsorry about that.03:21
oasisfleetingI'm attempting to install the compat wireless drivers for a wireless usb adapter. I'm following this article http://hezik.nl/?p=23203:22
oasisfleetingThere is a step that involves creating a sym link in the linux-source- directory but i'm getting errors saying that directory doesn't exist03:23
=== Jad is now known as Guest13189
oasisfleetingln -s /usr/src/linux-headers- /usr/src/linux-source-
Zillowoasis fleeting: if I were you I would simply try "find / -name Debian.src.changelog"03:23
=== christoffer is now known as Guest34792
oasisfleetingokay zillow.03:23
webroastersis there a place (IRC channel) where I can ask htaccess questions?03:24
Guest34792hello any1 here?03:24
webroastersmaybe the ubuntu server channel?03:24
webroastershowdy guest03:24
=== DerFIash is now known as DerFlash
Guest34792any1 have exp about installing world of warcraft on ubuntu?03:24
urfr332g0Guest34792, I believe you need wine to run it.03:25
Guest34792when i try to login, and dobble click on the characther03:25
Guest34792the game start blinking03:25
Zillowoasisfleeting: in your case probably "sudo su" then "find / -name Module.symvers"03:25
Guest34792yeh thats true03:25
cfhowlettcola__: greetings03:25
h00k!winehq | Guest3479203:26
h00k!wine | Guest3479203:26
spvenskoi currently use OS X but i'm interested in using Ubuntu 11.10, i use the video chat feature in iChat very often, is there a linux client that supports the aim videochat feature similar to iChat?03:26
Guest34792but there is some config files i need to config to get wow running like in windows03:27
=== Jens is now known as Guest5242
oasisfleetingZillow, I the Module.symvers is in the headers directory. It's the other directory that I can't seem to find. the destination folder /usr/src/linux-source- is the one I can't find.03:27
cfhowlettspvensko: gwibber does03:27
spvenskocfhowlett: thanks!03:27
h00kFasten your seatbelts, ladies and gentlemen, some servers are having some difficulties.03:28
urfr332g0Guest34792, probably not going to run like windows in a emulator.03:28
cola__any help with dual monitors03:28
ubottuGuest34792: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu03:28
ubottuGuest34792: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu03:28
ubottunetsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit03:28
Zillowoasis fleeting: did you have luck with: "find / -name Debian.src.changelog" ?03:29
Guest34792any1 know any Black hat channels?03:29
=== dsadad is now known as RobbieCrash
cfhowlettGuest34792: nope03:29
oasisfleetingZillow, yes. That returned /usr/src/linux-source-2.6.38/Debian.src.changelog.03:29
cfhowlettcola__: greetings - again03:29
skilzGuest34792, Not on freenode!03:30
mersaultI recently installed ubuntu 11.10 (clean install, but on hardware that previously ran 11.04) and I'm having trouble getting vdpau to work. Am I missing anything obvious? It was painless on 11.04 if I recall correctly...03:30
Zillowoasisfleeting: that one is way above my paygrade, no idea bro03:31
Zillowoasisfleeting, you could always wget it?03:32
oasisfleetingZillow, let me ask you a question. I did an "apt-get install linux-source-" So why is my debian changelog in linux-source-2.6.38?03:33
oasisfleetingwget it? wget what?03:33
oasisfleetingI have already gotten it.03:34
oasisfleetingi can see the tar in my usr/src/ directory03:34
Zillowoasisfleeting: XD03:34
Zillowoasisfleeting: mystery solved!03:35
oasisfleetingI'm still pretty new to linux. perhaps you can enlighten me?03:35
=== skilz is now known as Guest4415
=== skilz_ is now known as skilz
holsteinoasisfleeting: looks like you found what you were looking for.. no?.. maybe apt-get source is more what you are looking for?03:36
Zillowoasisfleeting: I grant you enlightenment. :)03:38
=== russf_ is now known as russf
oasisfleetingI do have the tar, and I have done and "apt-get install linux-source-" But still when I run this command, it says it can't find the directory linux-source- "ln -s /usr/src/linux-headers- /usr/src/linux-source-"03:38
iToastI'm having a problem with my lamp install...03:38
oasisfleetingWhat am I not understanding?03:38
iToastWhen ever I go to run my php script i get a  500 error but when i try <?php phpinfo(); ?> evertything checks out...03:39
aj00200iToast: check your logs for errors03:39
iToastaj00200, were are my apache logs...03:40
oasisfleetingAre you guys saying, I should just untar the tarball?03:40
aj00200iToast: /var/log/apache is the default, I think. I am not sure on that as I use nginx.03:40
jwintermamy winehouse untared the tarball03:40
Zillowoasisfleeting: yes03:41
oasisfleetingZillow, anything else? Do I need to run the install again or anything?03:41
Zillowoasisfleeting: no03:41
shaneohi guys is there a way to make unzip command only extract the files into a folder instead of creating a folder named after the zip03:41
nooberifichow or what do i need to  compile a game tar.gz03:41
oasisfleetingokay. I've done this before but in a different environment. I will try again.03:42
oasisfleetingThanks, holstein, Zillow.03:42
Zillowoasisfleeting: youre welcome03:42
mrguserWhtz hack!!!!03:42
=== kcm1700_ is now known as kcm1700
Zillowoasisfleeting: you'll get it, you have been granted enlightenment.03:43
mrguserM joing here with irc03:43
iToast[Sun Feb 12 22:37:41 2012] [error] [client] PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected ';' in /var/www/register.php on line 10, referer: http://isay.dyndns.org/register.html03:43
iToastDamn php isn't reporting errors.03:43
iToastTy aj, its also thw wrong dir btw03:44
aj00200yeah, apache203:44
aj00200I just checked myself03:44
iToaststill wrong :P03:44
aj00200did you set a custom directory?03:44
iToast1 sec03:44
iToast"[10]+  Stopped                 nano /var/log/apache2/error.log03:44
iToastStock install03:44
_bbtail -5 /var/log/apache2/error.log03:44
aj00200yeah, I said /var/log/apache03:45
iToastu forgot error.log >:D03:45
h00k!language | mrguser03:45
ubottumrguser: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.03:45
Tech-1watch your mouth03:45
aj00200you also have other logs there which might be helpful so I pointed you to all of them. But you have them so it is not important03:45
iToastaj00200, FOUND THE ERROR!03:45
aj00200good :)03:45
logaj00200: I am a helpful log.03:45
iToastI'm really stupid, i forgot a ')' at the end of my hash...03:45
iToastlog, what happened to my mysql server?03:46
iToastWhat did it log before it exploded03:46
logI'm not that helpful.03:46
aj00200log: nice to meet you. I have met my fair share of unhelpful logs03:46
iToastlog, when did the system explode last time?03:46
iToastlog, were are the ubuntu system logs anyways? /var/log/system.log?03:46
logError. Log unreadable.03:46
aj00200"Unable to open log file. This event will be logged."03:47
Uluruubuntu 11.10 - There's shearing in video playback using VLC. I had this when I experimented with ubuntu before but it required fixes in compiz and other options. Is there a solution for shearing on a new install?03:47
capcookwhat are you doing, mrguser?03:47
aj00200that depends on exactly which logs you want but the file names are normally clear enough03:47
its_fallingIs there a reason why standard Ubuntu is so full of "default apps" that I have to spend a lot of time uninstalling?03:48
iToastits_falling, its ment for the general user, not hardcore people03:49
aj00200hello cola_03:49
cola_just testing irssi03:49
ritzhmm, selinux implementation on ubuntu (precise ) aint too great. Do we have an equivalent of setroubleshoot/sealert ( http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Docs/Drafts/SELinux/SETroubleShoot/UserFAQ ) ?03:49
iToastcola_, is irssi good? I considered it03:49
h00k!precise | ritz03:49
ubotturitz: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) will be the sixteenth release of Ubuntu. Codename announcement here: http://www.markshuttleworth.com/archives/784 - Blueprints at https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/precise - Discussion and support in #ubuntu+103:49
capcookhe is testing03:49
its_fallingiToast: I'm not hardcore, pretty new to this all, but...gah, maybe it's useful to most other people03:49
h00kritz: head to #ubuntu+1 for support of this03:50
aj00200iToast: irssi is my favorite client :)03:50
iToastits_falling, Don't complain then, its a "general perpose" cos03:50
* mrguser slaps [Necris]Akasha around a bit with a large E63-103:50
ritzh00k, hmm, thanks. How is the selinux implementation on 1irc ?03:50
cola_iToast: ya i like it previously used xchat, no big reason to switch besides the awesomness of the terminal03:50
ZillowI still use 10.0403:50
iToastits_falling, there may be a customized ubuntu distro to your needs03:51
iToastcola_, Im a windows user...03:51
* mrguser slaps Zillow around a bit with a large E63-103:51
h00k!ot | mrguser03:51
ubottumrguser: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:51
its_fallingiToast: I'm not complaining, just wondering if I'm doing something wrong...is there a "minimalist version"03:51
Zillowmrguser: XD ouch!03:51
cola_iToast: dont know much then, although i also occasionally use windows03:51
damo22i made a livecd that boots to console headless with sshd running and grabs an ip via dhcp :)03:51
* iToast slaps mrguser around a bit with a long rss32 cable03:51
its_fallingiToast: At the very least, why can't I select what language packs/apps I want installed in the installation process?03:51
zykotick9!mini | its_falling this is a debian net-install version of ubuntu03:52
ubottuits_falling this is a debian net-install version of ubuntu: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD03:52
iToastits_falling, the expert install should let you choose the packages03:52
=== logan_ is now known as Guest64104
=== ubuntu-studio is now known as Len-live
Joe____iv got something that might stump you guys03:52
Joe____anyone up for a challange?03:52
its_fallingahh! Thanks guys! Knew I could count on your for help :)03:52
h00k!ask | Joe____03:53
ubottuJoe____: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience03:53
iToastits_falling, Your welcome to /part #ubuntu Linux isn't a good choice for me at any time.03:53
ritzwhere do I find setroubleshoot for ubuntu/1irc ?03:54
its_fallingNow, I only have to figure out if it's possible to cancel my current installation03:54
its_fallingIt's downloading the language packs, and its current estimate is 120 minutes03:54
iToastits_falling, reboot the computer.03:55
DinoMuffinyou're just going to reformat it anyways, correct?03:55
iToastits_falling, just reboot hte machine and redo it all...03:55
Scarra3I am going to start programming in C++ in ubuntu but what do I need to compile things03:55
its_fallingWell, I guess I will be reformatting, but I do have win7 installed as well - it won't affect anything, right?03:55
DinoMuffinScarra3:  g++03:55
Joe____alright then sorry guys! haha, well I have a server that I want to install ubuntu to but im encountering a few problems...the server is a Dell Poweredge 2650 and consequently does not support booting via USB so I cannot use that as an install medium. My CD drive is working...but for some reason will not recognize my install CD as bootable medium (although i know the CD works as I tested it in another computer)......so my only other 03:56
Joe____howo to start this?03:56
damo22itsfalling: you can save the package downloads and use them again on next boot03:56
its_fallingahh, alright.03:56
its_fallingLet me give this a try.03:56
urfr332g0joe75, you can boot a usb with plop, or use the minimal cd.03:56
h00kScarra3: build-essentials package03:57
Scarra3h00k: Anything else?03:57
Joe____the poweredge BISO does NOT support booting via USB, and as I said for some reason the CD drive is not recognising bootable media03:57
h00kScarra3: no03:58
overcluckerScarra3: the package is build-essential, and yes, you'll need a code editor or ide that you feel comfortable with03:58
Scarra3h00k: alright thank you so its just "sudo apt-get install build-essentials"?03:58
h00kScarra3: yep03:59
Joe____by the way im a newbie, GUI user, and i use mostly windows, i wanted to get ubuntu on my server to start playing around with it03:59
DinoMuffinI reccomend codeblocks03:59
tomreynJoe____: doesn't have DRAC something like remote virtual cdrom drives?03:59
DinoMuffinif you like GUIs anyways03:59
zykotick9Scarra3: it's build-essential, no s at the end03:59
iToastaj00200, thanks to you i can debug php problems faster.04:00
iToastaj00200, can i pm you.04:00
Scarra3overclucker: I was looking at using the text editor that comes with ubuntu or go with vi or vim04:01
DinoMuffinuse vim04:01
iToastuse nano04:01
overcluckerScarra3: i use vim, and sometimes emacs04:01
=== faitz is now known as Guest30488
DinoMuffinI don't think vi has native syntax support04:01
DinoMuffinvim does04:01
Joe____I have not looked into DRAC but I will give it a try! thanks!04:01
Scarra3overclucker: is vim hard to learn to use?04:02
Scarra3Btw with a laptop with an ati graphics card I should install fglrx right?04:02
overcluckerScarra3: it takes some time to get used to, and more time to learn to use advanced features, emacs is the same04:03
DinoMuffinIt's a lot like learning anything in linux. It has a bit of a difficulty curve, but pays off later on04:03
Scarra3overclucker: So to install its just sudo apt-get install vim?04:04
overcluckerScarra3: yup, that'll replace vim tiny on your system04:04
Scarra3overclucker: I'm guessing thats what I would want to do, sorry I haven't used ubuntu in a long time so I am trying to get back into it04:05
aj00200iToast: yes, you can pm me (sorry for the delay)04:05
overcluckerScarra3: yup, that's right04:06
iToastCan i refresh a file in nano?04:06
neizScarra3: what gpu card?04:06
iToastSo I get its latest contents.04:06
Scarra3neiz: its in my laptop and I don't remember off the top of my head give me one second04:07
zykotick9Scarra3: to list your GPU you could use "lspci | grep -i vga"04:07
Scarra3neiz: ati mobility radeon hd 425004:08
neizScarra3: i have an radeon 5770 and have never been able to get good results out of the proprietary driver.. builtin one has always been better for me04:08
Scarra3in my desktop i have the ati radeon hd 5770 but the fglrx work better for the ones in my desktop04:09
tomreynJoe____: doh you have a 2650, that's a pretty aged box you have there. still nice to play with, i guess. though its drac may not be great.04:09
ZillowI have a 5770 also, I get about 0.015BTC a day with it04:10
Zillowoops no, 0.15BTC*04:10
neizZillow: crossfire it for .3BTC :p04:11
tomreynJoe____: it does have a remote floppy boot capability though. http://www.sizledcore.com/2011/01/default-root-password-for-drac-poweredge-2650/04:11
Zillowneiz, if I could afford another, I think I would opt for a 5830 or 5850, but my 1 HD 5770 is good enough04:13
Tech-1if i had your money, id retire04:13
ch33z"sudo gedit /etc/samba/smb.conf" any reason why this isnt working?04:15
somsipch33z: gksudo gedit....04:15
ch33zah so its gksudo gedit /etc/samba/smb.conf04:16
iToastI keep forgeting this, < means smaller than right?04:16
somsipch33z: I understand that's how it works. I use vi in teminal04:16
ch33zwoops i didnt install that yet  ha04:16
somsipiToast: x < y (x is smaller than y)04:17
ch33zthanks somsip04:17
iToastsomsip, Ty, i gotta check my mysql querys to make sure i got that right :p04:17
ch33zsomsip from him/her some done04:17
somsipiToast: it helps04:17
iToastsomsip, "if(mysql_num_Rows($is_registered_check) < 0)" that breaks the register...04:18
somsipiToast: not sure what you means by 'breaks register' but maybe you want ==false there04:19
mumbo77hi,does any1 know a gud channel fr 'minix'?04:19
ch33zsomsip it says "GTK-warning **: cannot open display"04:19
iToastsomsip, That stops the script from inserting into the database...04:19
somsipiToast: i tried to help, but you really want #mysql not #ubuntu04:20
Zillowch33z try nano04:20
somsipch33z: are you running in X?04:20
ch33zno just CLI04:20
somsipch33z: then gkedit won't run. as Zillow said - use something else04:20
ryanCHI am in the same dir as this executable, I type ./fbc and I get "bash: ./fbc: No such file or directory"04:20
ryanCHwhat is wrong :(04:21
Ben64ch33z: the g in gedit = gnome04:21
ch33zshould i just install a gui?04:21
ch33zim runinng a server04:21
Dwade09i just installed the new ubuntu, how do i turn off my web cam?04:21
somsipch33z: and the b in gedit stands for bloat04:21
ch33zbut running a server with gui is kinda dumb right?04:21
Ben64ch33z: correcy04:22
Feldegastch33z try mc that's what i like04:22
Canadian1296How do i start the gui in ubuntu desktop from the command line (i booted with the "text" option in grub) without rebooting? like "service ____ start". What's the blank?04:22
Nonecan someone help me with installing mathematica?04:22
DinoMuffinryanCH: make sure you're using the correct case. It is case sensitive04:22
Feldegastmidnight commander04:22
Dwade09i just installed the new ubuntu, how do i turn off my web cam?04:22
ch33zwell hmm04:23
ryanCHDinoMuffin, I tried that too :(04:23
Feldegastch33z mc has a filemanager and editor04:23
Ben64Canadian1296: which version ubuntu04:23
ryanCHDinoMuffin, didn't work :(04:23
Canadian1296Ubuntu desktop 11.1004:23
Canadian1296Ben64: ubuntu desktop 11.1004:23
almoxarifech33z: i use sftp to make changes to files on the server of mine, use the clients tools to make changes then update04:23
DinoMuffinryanCH:  and when you type 'ls' you see the file?04:23
ch33zalmoxarife so all i am trying to do is04:23
ryanCHDinoMuffin, yeah it's green color "fbc"04:24
ch33zalmoxarife simple html files, and share some hard drives I have the static ip set up as well so yea04:24
Ben64Canadian1296: try "sudo /etc/init.d/gdm start"04:24
ch33zalmoxarife I imagine just the DNS, samba, and apache need to be configured?04:24
serversaleI am selling dedicated servers (VDS) in different countries, windows xp, 2003,2008, seven, linux! write to PM who need them.04:25
Canadian1296Ben64: /etc/init.d/gdm not found04:25
=== Gskellig is now known as Gskellig|away
Ben64Canadian1296: try "sudo /etc/init.d/lightdm start"04:25
cspritewhat scripting language do yall like more between ruby / python?04:25
Canadian1296Ben64: That worked, thanks :)04:26
zykotick9Ben64: get with the times, using init.d to start/stop is so 2009 ;)04:26
Ben64zykotick9: never.04:26
Canadian1296zykotick9: haha, yes i know i can do "sudo service lightdm start"04:26
almoxarifech33z: you already have ssh to the server, add sftpd to the server, then make the connection to the server with every gui tool avail, works for me04:26
R3adHi guys.04:27
=== zabot is now known as zayus
ch33zo cool, but almoxarife arent gui bad for the servers?04:27
R3adJust a quick query; Say I wanted to install ubuntu onto a tablet.....how would I do that.04:27
ch33zalmoxarife web servers and such?04:27
ch33zalmoxarife since servers are used with only the CLI?04:28
almoxarifech33z: the gui is at the client not the server04:28
ch33zalmoxarife which is what i am using...04:28
ch33zalmoxarife the server..04:28
Feldegastch33z no need for a gui on a server, do all your stuff on another system and copy to the server04:28
almoxarifech33z: what Feldegast said04:28
FeldegastR3ad put the iso onto a usb drive04:29
R3adNo need to edit the mbr?04:29
FeldegastR3ad there are tolls that help you set up the usb drive04:29
R3adThere's no post screen at startup, no boot options...04:29
tomreynR3ad: first make sure the tablet is compatible at all in terms of hardware, have you dont this, yet?04:30
Feldegastonce you have that you can install from the usb drive to the tablet04:30
ch33zalmoxarife so i just need sftpd and thats it?04:30
sgo11hi, with xrandr -o left, i got the following error: X Error of failed request:  BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)04:30
R3adBeing that I'm running droid,'m running droid.04:30
Canadian1296How do I change the "Welcome to Ubuntu…" message at login. I tried editing /etc/motd but it changes itself back.04:30
FeldegastR3ad that's IF you can boot from usb from the tablet04:30
R3adFair enough.04:30
R3adDroid is just a pain in the ass and I want something more malleable.04:31
R3adAh well.04:31
tomreynit's also not linux04:31
tomreynand you may have trouble with drivers04:31
FeldegastR3ad i am waiting for the Spark tablet04:31
R3adI was thinking I might have driver trouble.04:32
R3adHowever I did think it was a flavour of linux...04:32
R3adSpark tablet?04:32
Feldegastspark tablet should be available next month sfw http://aseigo.blogspot.com.au/search?updated-min=2012-01-01T00:00:00Z&updated-max=2013-01-01T00:00:00Z&max-results=804:32
sabgentondoes anyone know what  the file name/path is to the standerd c library gcc compiles with?04:33
dr_willisnew toys :)04:33
=== mumbo77 is now known as madambi
BlueProtomanAnyone know why I'm getting this GIMP error?  "Libgimp version mismatch!  The GIMP binary cannot run with a libgimp version other than its own. This is GIMP 2.6.11, but the libgimp version is 2.7.3.  Maybe you have GIMP versions in both /usr and /usr/local ?"  Any ideas?  I did try and install both GIMP and GIMPshop at the same time (Ubuntu 11.04).  GIMPshop doesn't have a native binary available for Ubuntu 11.04, so I compiled it from s04:34
tomreynR3ad: https://www.gnu.org/gnu/gnu-linux-faq.html#linuxsyswithoutgnu04:34
R3adThe soark tablet loks interesting.04:34
LincKrakeri'm trying to delete a file that has nonassci characters or something in the name. i get ls cannot access no such file or directory. but its there04:34
FeldegastBlueProtoman you need to downgrade libgimp i think04:34
dr_willisgimpshop wants a older lib perhaps04:34
BlueProtomanI want both GIMP and GIMPshop, though.04:35
LincKrakerupgrade gimp?04:35
dr_willisis gimpshop still being developed?04:35
ch33zFeldegast how exactly do i add the files from another server?04:35
sgo11hi, with xrandr -o left, i got the following error: X Error of failed request:  BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)04:35
ch33zi mean client04:35
FeldegastBlueProtoman can you downgrade one so they both work?04:35
escottLincKraker, you can delete files by inode if you cannot escape the strings. its usually done by calling find ... -delete04:35
Ben64LincKraker: you have to escape strange characters04:35
sgo11how to rotate the display in ubunut? thanks.04:35
BlueProtomanFeldegast: No, I dunno how.  Reinstalling GIMP didn't fix anything.04:35
Feldegastch33z samba04:35
nug700I'm trying to install the ubuntu recomended NVIDIA drivers on ubuntu 11.10, but I need to install nvidia-glx before I can install the drivers. Is that correct04:35
ch33zah cool04:35
R3adFair enoug, I know it runs as a virtual machine on top of something.04:36
Ben64nug700: no04:36
=== brandon is now known as BoltonB
ch33zFeldegast samba is installed so now what? ;004:36
=== BoltonB is now known as BrandonBlton
=== BrandonBlton is now known as BrandonBolton
Ben64nug700: you go to the Hardware Drivers application and activate the nvidia drivers04:36
LincKrakerescott, Ben64 what?04:36
R3adMight just have to buy an el cheapo netpad.04:36
dr_willisnug700:  the druvers in the repos pulled that in for me04:36
Feldegastch33z i did this about 10 years ago so i am a little rusty :(04:36
ch33zaww its fine dude Feldegast whatever help you can give.04:37
BrandonBoltonHello everyone, I am having a problem with 10.04.3 and wireless cards.04:37
nug700I do.. but they arn't working right... my computer isnt detecting my second monitor04:37
LincKrakernug700: nvidia-settings?04:37
ch33zFeldegast im just trying to set up a new server with hosting html files and being able to access hard drives plugged in the server04:37
Ben64nug700: you do... what?04:37
escottLincKraker, http://www.ubuntugeek.com/how-to-remove-files-with-special-characters-in-linux.html04:37
dr_willisnug700:  you ran the nvidia-settings tool?04:37
nug700Ican't find many settings in ubuntu 1104:38
Feldegastch33z if you have apache, samba and you can even install ssh for remote access you should be fine, you can install webmin as well if you want a remote gui like config04:38
nug700like I use to in 1004:38
dr_willisterminal is one way nug70004:38
LincKrakerjust open a terminal and run nvidia-settings04:38
LincKrakernug700: just open a terminal and run nvidia-settings04:38
zykotick9!webmin | ch33z Feldegast04:38
ubottuch33z Feldegast: webmin is no longer supported in Debian and Ubuntu. It is not compatible with the way that Ubuntu packages handle configuration files, and is likely to cause unexpected issues with your system.04:38
JAM__I have a cli question04:38
dr_willisch33z:  dont use webmin.04:39
Feldegastzykotick9 that is a shame :(04:39
ch33zdr_willis instead of that04:39
zykotick9Feldegast: no, it isn't.04:39
ubottuzentyal is a web-based GUI interface for administering a server. It is designed to work with Ubuntu/Debian style configuration management. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Zentyal (Project formally known as eBox - including in Lucid/10.04).04:39
nug700I get this error when I try enable the other monitor:04:39
dr_williswebmin has been.. well.. problematic for years.04:39
nug700Failed to set MetaMode (1) 'CRT-0: nvidia-auto-select @1366x768 +0+0, CRT-1: nvidia-auto-select @1024x768 +1366+0' (Mode 2390x768, id: 50) on X screen 0.04:39
Feldegastch33z as i said, 10 years, try zentyal as sugested, tho i have not used it04:40
Ben64nug700: then you need to try another resolution04:40
JAM__I want to unrar a directory full of rars, it might have incomplete/corrupt files. would 'unrar e -o- rarfileshere' output any files that don't match CRC?04:40
tomreynsgo11: check /var/log/Xorg.log* and ~/.xession-errors for more details04:40
tomreynsgo11: xrandr -o left works here, so the usage should be okay, unless you have misspelled something04:41
BrandonBoltonIs there any way I can get my wireless to work in 10.04.3 LTS Edition?04:41
Ben64BrandonBolton: probably04:41
ulziibuyanJAM__: man unrar?04:41
BrandonBoltonHow can I? I just did a clean install and it stopped working after that.04:42
FeldegastBrandonBolton ndiswrapper?04:42
Ben64BrandonBolton: you'll need to provide full details if you expect us to have any chance of helping you04:42
Feldegastor a newer kernel04:42
nug700I can't find any resolutions that work04:42
BrandonBoltonFeldegast: I can't connect to the internet to install ndiswrapper.04:43
sgo11tomreyn, I have slow connection to this irc channel. just saw your post. many people met this same problem, I saw many posts with the same problem online, but nobody replies. let me check the log file...04:43
FeldegastBrandonBolton use a network cable?04:43
BrandonBoltonBen64: I am trying to connect to either a Linksys AE1000 or an TP0Link TL-WN321G04:44
tomreynBrandonBolton: https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/internet/C/troubleshooting-wireless.html04:44
LincKrakerescott: i'm getting the same error using the inode method04:44
BrandonBoltontomreyn, I will try that right now. Thank you.04:44
escottLincKraker, replace the -exec rm {} \; with -delete and try again04:45
ch33zwtf zentyal04:45
escottLincKraker, if that doesn04:45
escottLincKraker, if that doesn't work send the exact command you are executing and the error04:45
Feldegastch33z as i said i have not used it04:45
Feldegastch33z i was just about to get it to see what it did04:46
LincKrakerescott: the inode number keeps changing after every try04:46
sgo11tomreyn, just checked those log file. no message related to xrandr action at all.04:46
dr_willis!info zentyal04:46
ubottuPackage zentyal does not exist in oneiric04:46
tomreynsgo11: okay, sorry then, it was just a guess04:46
sgo11tomreyn,  btw, I am using nvidia card.04:46
escottLincKraker, what file are you trying to delete04:46
ch33zah cool04:46
LincKrakerescott: http://pastebin.com/SdY8pSpy04:47
BrandonBoltonBen64, I forgot to mention, on the TP-Link I can connect to the wireless router if I configure it manually by typing in the network name and the key but when I try to go to the internet nothing can connect.04:47
tomreynsgo11: you may try to switch to the other driver variant (open source / proprietary) if that's an option.04:47
zykotick9!info ebox | dr_willis still old name04:47
ubottudr_willis still old name: ebox (source: ebox): Zentyal - Core. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.16-0ubuntu2 (oneiric), package size 666 kB, installed size 4052 kB04:47
escottLincKraker, what kind of share is this?04:47
tomreynsgo11: but it's probably something i'd try after everything else fails.04:47
LincKrakersmb share04:47
FeldegastBrandonBolton this might be a dns issue, have you tried setting a dns server?04:47
sgo11tomreyn, sorry, I don't plan to switch to open source driver. nvidia driver is much better. thanks.04:47
hammoommahi am looking for simple to use graph plotter. I downloaded R but i dont want to learn a whole system just for my math 2 units, would be good if it can be imported straight into Latex04:48
nomaslDo you see your GF at her home or your home?04:48
escottLincKraker, fix it on the server.04:48
LincKrakeri'm on the server04:48
Ben64LincKraker: no you're not...04:49
escottLincKraker, but you have mounted a samba share so remove the file on the server that is serving that CIFS share.04:49
LincKrakerescott: i am04:49
BrandonBoltonFeldegast, Yes, I am using that same connection on my netbook which is running JoliOS. I use OpenDNS for my DNS server. I never had a problem with Ubuntu like this until 10.04.304:49
LincKrakerthe shares are local shares mounted to the server04:49
sgo11did some modification of xorg.conf. let me reboot to test.04:50
LincKrakergreyhole doesn't like poeple playing with the actual files without going through the shares04:50
prateekphello, can anyone tell me how to get the text file of the terminal output04:50
escottLincKraker, ok so what kind of FS is the file?04:50
Ben64LincKraker: delete the file on the actual computer the file is really on04:50
dr_willisprateekp:  clarify some more.04:51
LincKrakeryou're saying i gotta take the risk and actually delete the file from the hard drive not thru the share04:51
xSmurfis there a way to have persistent X remote sessions without a virtual desktop (aka in windowed mode)?04:51
Ben64LincKraker: how is that risky? that is how almost every computer works04:51
escottLincKraker, YES. and how is that a risk its what you are asking it to do.04:51
dr_willisLincKraker: ive never had it matter if i did it that way04:51
LincKrakerescott: Ben64 http://www.greyhole.net/04:51
FeldegastLincKraker make a copy 1st04:51
prateekpsuppose i got an error message on my terminal , and i want to copy it down to a file ... how can i d so04:51
LincKrakerdr_willis: you're using greyhole?04:52
dr_willisprateekp:  use mouse. select copy paste04:52
nug700How do I restart X server?04:52
Feldegastnug700 sudo startx04:52
dr_willisLincKraker:  i use samba all the time. no ifea what greyhole is04:52
prateekpno that i can do ... but is it possible to log that output in a new file04:52
dr_willisprateekp:  see the   typescript command04:53
dr_willislogs a whole session04:53
zykotick9prateekp: standard out/standard error - can be redirected to files (but you can't do this after the fact/error)04:53
dr_willisnug700:  sudo service lightdm restart04:53
escottLincKraker, file a bug with greyhole.net then04:53
=== JAM__ is now known as J4M
prateekptypescript command not found04:54
dr_willis!find typescript04:54
ubottuFile typescript found in libqt4-private-dev04:54
mroonHi, i installed Ubuntu on a pen drive. How do I get a 'Install Ubuntu on Hard Disk' icon somewhere on this?04:54
LincKrakerescott: thanks for the help. i didn't even think about the samba share being a problem04:54
dr_willishmm. i may be rembering the name wrong04:54
urfr332g0mroon, full install?04:54
zykotick9dr_willis: prateekp it's just "script"04:55
dr_willisnot on a ubuntu box04:55
mroonurfr332g0, yes.. full install into 8 gig a pen drive04:55
prateekpterminal says typescript command not found04:55
dr_willis!find script04:55
urfr332g0mroon, you would have to clone it.04:55
ubottuFound: devscripts, enscript, libcairo-script-interpreter2, libqtscript4-core, libqtscript4-doc, libqtscript4-gui, libqtscript4-network, libqtscript4-perl, libqtscript4-sql, libqtscript4-uitools (and 137 others) http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=script&searchon=names&suite=oneiric&section=all04:55
urfr332g0mroon, or remastersys and make a iso.04:56
zykotick9dr_willis: script appears to be in the bsdutils package04:56
prateekpso now what to write in the terminal to get the terminal output logged04:56
mroonurfr332g0, the friend to whom i am going to give the pen drive to may find cloning/restoring a bit troublesome... isn't there a easier way like getting the same icon/script from the live media?04:57
urfr332g0mroon, as far as I know you can't install a running OS.04:57
Ben64mroon: you'd have to make a live usb04:58
dr_willishttp://www.playterm.org/   shows a neat use if that script commands04:58
=== Lupinedk is now known as lupinedk
scientes<scientes> I have a displaylink (mimo) usb monitor here04:58
scientes<scientes> the kernel drivers autoload and i get a /dev/fb1 device04:58
ubottuInterested in remastering the Ubuntu !LiveCD or !Alternate installer? See: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomization and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization - Or use tools such as http://uck.sourceforge.net/ or http://linux.dell.com/wiki/index.php/DRU_Disc_Remastering_Utility04:58
scientes<scientes> now how can i expand my display to use it?04:58
urfr332g0mroon, ^^^^04:58
dr_willisprateekp: use script command befor you start04:58
dr_willisprateekp:  check http://www.playterm.org/04:59
nomaslDo you see your GF at her home or your home?04:59
Feldegastmroon also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick04:59
fabijanhi all05:00
prateekpthat is u r saying .... just write sript <file> before u run ur program05:00
urfr332g0nomasl, are you a bot?05:00
prateekpis that so05:00
tomreynnomasl: are you on the wrong irc network?05:00
sgo11tomreyn, found the solution. I need to add Option"RandRRotation""on" to my Xorg.conf. I thought linux now didn't need xorg.conf before, thus I did not have this file at all.05:00
nomaslWondering where you see your GF.05:00
nomaslAT your home or hers.05:00
escottsgo11, it does for nvidia05:00
nug700I kind of got my second monitor working... I can bring my mouse over to it... except it's all white, and I cant drag anything to it05:00
dr_willisprateekp: yes it records the session.05:00
Ben64nomasl: offtopic for this channel, take it somewhere else05:01
nug700grammer fail.. oops05:01
prateekpok in the file i wrote after script command , right05:01
tomreynsgo11: glad you solved it. i also came across this in the meantime: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/+bug/76585005:01
ubottuUbuntu bug 740933 in xorg-server (Ubuntu Oneiric) "duplicate for #765850 Option "RandRRotation" "true" added to xorg.conf, ot rotation option with nvidia XServer settings, but it does not work" [Medium,Fix released]05:01
nug700I'm also getting all these errors in terminal:05:01
alecbenzermy window manager keeps crashing periodically when I alt-tab. I've tried using different switcher plugins through ccsm but none of them seem to make the problem go away. any ideas?05:01
fabijancan anyone tell me how to make web camera to work on sites with the webcam chat and similar..im new in ubuntu and i could use a help05:02
tomreynsgo11: does it already work then?05:02
tomreynnomasl: that's related to ubuntu how exactly?05:02
sgo11tomreyn, yeah, it already works now. thanks. :)05:03
mroonThanks Ben64, urfr332g0, Feldegast !05:03
nomasltomreyn, Just doing some research.05:04
nomasltomreyn, I am one of the founders of ubuntu, for what it's worth.05:04
nug700my second monitor is responding now.. at last... but it's all white, and I can't drag any programs to it... I can bring my mouse to it though05:04
fabijanok guys thanks for nothing...05:04
bazhang!ot | nomasl05:04
ubottunomasl: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:04
nug700oh.. and I get this error in terminal: http://pastebin.com/HRmeEjs205:04
Ulurunomasl is a "circumcision" troll. please remove him. Hes bothering #hardware already.05:05
Uluruanyway, about my video shearing question.05:05
Uluruubuntu 11.10 - There's shearing in video playback using VLC. I had this when I experimented with ubuntu before but it required fixes in compiz and other options. Is there a solution for shearing on a new install?05:05
nomaslUluru, Whether or not you've been circumised is irrelevant here in #ubuntu. Take it to ##hardware.05:05
=== X-LP2 is now known as X-LP
tomreynprateekp: ttyrec is a better script replacement05:09
dwade09_how do i turn off the green light on my camera in ubuntu 11.10?05:09
tomreynnug700: hello!05:09
nug700[22:04:22] <nug700> my second monitor is responding now.. at last... but it's all white, and I can't drag any programs to it... I can bring my mouse to it though05:10
nug700[22:04:50] <nug700> oh.. and I get this error in terminal: http://pastebin.com/HRmeEjs205:10
urfr332g0Uluru, you can report them to the channel of of said channel.05:11
nug700Oh.. the second monitor isn't just white anymore.. the backround image is displaying.. except I can't do anything on it except move my mouse over it05:11
dwade09_i just installed ubuntu 11.10 and updated everything is there any way i can get my web cam light to turn off?05:12
nug700Yes.. unistall 11.10.. install 10.10.. like I'm about to do.....05:13
holsteindwade09_: try firing up something like cheese and see it its working05:13
escottdwade09_, often those camera drivers can get confused and the camera is activated but nothing is trying to read the stream. have you tried rebooting05:14
holsteinnug700: you think its a kernel regression?05:14
dwade09_escott:  i did reboot05:14
escottdwade09_, cold or warm?05:14
dwade09_escott: ?05:14
holsteindwade09_: all the way off05:15
escottdwade09_, cold restart = full power off05:15
nug700IDK.. I've just seen more glitches in the past 2 days with it.. than any other operating system in 6 months05:15
dwade09_yes escott  all the way off05:15
nomaslDo you see your GF at her home or your home?05:15
ubottuHelp! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!05:15
escottbazhang, thanks05:15
tomreyndwade09_: was the light on immediately after reboot?05:16
dwade09_tomreyn: it was on during install and yes05:16
nug700I'm going to repost my question...05:16
tomreyndwade09_: try identifying the driver and unloading it05:17
nug700[22:04:22] <nug700> my second monitor is responding now.. at last... but it's all white, and I can't drag any programs to it... I can bring my mouse to it though  [22:10:32] <nug700>05:17
nug700[22:04:50] <nug700> oh.. and I get this error in terminal: http://pastebin.com/HRmeEjs205:17
dwade09_also i have win 7 installed along side it, how do i access the files on the win 7 side?05:17
tomreyndwade09_: start with lsusb. most webcams are listed there05:17
dwade09_with read/write?05:17
escottnug700, i suspect the terminal errors are unrelated. more likely your config is such that there is no window manager handling the second display05:17
escott!ntfs-3g | dwade09_05:18
ubottudwade09_: ntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions05:18
nug700how would I fix that?05:18
escottdwade09_, usually its installed already and you can just double click on the windows drive in your file manager05:19
tomreyndwade09_: the best option is: don't. windows doesn't understand ext3/ext4 natively, and while there are ways to make it work (via freeofte) i would not recommend it.05:19
tomreynescott: i think he wants it the other way round05:19
bascotieQuestion: I have a file and I want to give it permissions so ANYONE can change/copy/etc. Right now I have ownership and I can't even copy it to my ftp folder on Ubuntu 11.10. How would I do this please?05:19
dwade09_tomreyn:  i need to, my windows side wont boot anymore and i need files05:19
tomreynescott: okay you win05:19
urfr332g0!cn | Guest6410405:20
ubottuGuest64104: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw05:20
tomreyndwade09_: accessing the windows files from linux should work05:20
nug700excott: how would I fix it?05:20
zelozelosbascotie, try making an archive with it, probably will work the easiest05:20
tomreyndo as escott said05:20
escottbascotie, chmod o+rw filename05:20
bascotieI can copy from Windows 7 to my Samba Share on Ubuntu but can't copy FROM Ubuntu to Windows 705:20
dwade09_ah sweet, thanks escott  and tomreyn  now to figure out how to get this web cam light off its bugging me05:21
escottnug700, have you logged out and back in?05:21
escottdwade09_, lsmod | grep vid and then try and rmmod the relevant drivers05:21
nug700Yes. after i enabled my second display. after which brought me to the current state05:21
OlyaHi all!05:21
OlyaHELP PLEASE!!!05:22
Ben64!enter | Olya05:22
ubottuOlya: Please try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!05:22
OlyaWho work with ext3grep?05:22
lowercaselettersin 11.10, why does the dashboard show up BEHIND the windows, yet the clickable areas (buttons) are infront of the windows05:22
superdave321!ask | Olya05:22
ubottuOlya: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:22
OlyaWho work with ext3grep?05:22
OlyaWho use it?05:22
OlyaHelp please!05:23
nug700I'm going to try rebooting again..05:23
Ben64Olya: stop using so many lines!05:23
Olyayou where?05:23
superdave321!patience | Olya05:23
ubottuOlya: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/05:23
dwade09_escott:  i have under that uvcvideo 67271 0 videodev 85626 1 uvcvideo then video 18908 1 i91505:23
escottnug700, it could be a xinerama issue, but nvidia support for that is ehh05:23
OlyaWho work with ext3grep? -------------- Question05:23
bazhangOlya, whats the real question. stop using the enter key so much05:23
bascotieI'll try the forums some more, thanks guys05:23
Olyai need help with it prog05:23
escottdwade09_, sudo rmmod uvcvideo05:23
Olyaoh ok05:23
escottdwade09_, and save files before removing modules always the possiblility of a panic05:24
OlyaHow recover files?05:24
nug700than.. what should I do... I own product in a very common line of cards... there must be a solution05:24
dwade09_escott:  done.05:24
dwade09_do i reboot?05:24
superdave321Olya: you're not making much sense, and you're way over zealous.... chill.05:24
escottdwade09_, no if it worked the light would have already gone off05:24
dwade09_it did not work escott05:25
bazhang!undelete | Olya05:25
ubottuOlya: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel05:25
escottdwade09_, you could blacklist the module in /etc05:25
escottdwade09_, maybe if its never loaded the hardware will never be turned on05:25
BrandonBoltonOkay, everyone, I am back. I couldn't get ndiswrapper to work with the 10.04.3 installation I have and the driver I downloaded.05:25
dwade09_escott:  can you whisper me the directions to blacklist it?05:26
Olyai used program ext3grep for undelite my files. It prog make folder and 2 files: (1) sdb5.ext3grep.stage1 (2) sdb5.ext3grep.stage2 But folder is empty. Where my files?05:26
escottdwade09_, http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=16662405:27
OlyaUbuntu 11.1005:27
OlyaHelp Please!05:27
escottdwade09_, and run the update-initramfs step at the end05:27
superdave321Olya: CHILL OUT!05:27
nug700I really don't see the point of why they made 11... it's so much harder to use all around... navigation, installation, etc.. the only thing better about it, is the ubuntu software center -_-05:27
tomreynBrandonBolton: what hardware do you have there anyway?05:28
dwade09_i will try that escott  if it doesnt work i wil just put black tape over it.05:28
FlynsarmyIs there a way to reload hte intel video drivers without a reboot? when i switch in and out of fullscreen mode, windows start to drag around all jaggedly05:28
Olyawhy chil out?05:28
OlyaHelp me please!05:28
BrandonBoltontomreyn, I have an Linksys AE1000 on a Dell Inspirion 518.05:28
dwade09_escott:  i am seeing my windows files but it seems like a few files in one of my folders is missing/not showing up05:28
escott!patience | Olya05:28
ubottuOlya: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/05:28
tomreynBrandonBolton: and do you want LTS or why did you install 10.04?05:28
superdave321!enter > Olya05:28
ubottuOlya, please see my private message05:28
superdave321!patience > Olya05:29
Olyai used program ext3grep for undelite my files. It prog make folder and 2 files: (1) sdb5.ext3grep.stage1 (2) sdb5.ext3grep.stage2 But folder is empty. Where my files?05:29
BrandonBoltontomreyn, I installed the LTS version with 64bit.05:29
escottOlya, we don't know. If we did we would answer your question.05:30
OlyaWhere recovered files?05:30
dwade09_escott:  here is the big question, i have a blackberry 9300 curve, any way when i hook it to my laptop it will let me trade files from the blackberry to the laptop and vise versa?05:30
Olyaok do it please i wait05:30
escottdwade09_, no idea.05:30
OlyaAnd me?05:31
dwade09_escott:  nvm it works fine05:31
bazhangOlya, I gave you some links to read. please read them.05:31
bazhang!undelete | Olya here they are please read them and be patient05:31
ubottuOlya here they are please read them and be patient: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel05:31
OlyaOn other services need register and where no Not go away me here please!05:31
OlyaI read it!05:32
bazhangOlya, Please read the links.05:32
OlyaWhere files?05:32
Olyai was05:32
Olyaread is final05:32
bazhangOlya, asking every two seconds will NOT get you a faster answer05:32
holsteinOlya: we are all volunteers here... thats why your patients is appreciated :)05:32
Olyaok thx!05:33
Olyaand help me please!05:33
bazhang!helpme | Olya05:33
ubottuOlya: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude05:33
BrandonBoltonOlya, the Recovery Article tells you step-by-step how to recover your data. I had to do that very article and it worked perfectly. Just follow it step-by-step and you will be fine.05:34
bazhangOlya, try again in about 15 minutes. stop repeating every two seconds05:34
mroonis there a GUI for configuring/autoconfiguring wvdial?05:35
escottbazhang, I wonder if he would be better off kicked over to !ru05:35
Olyaok i go to help ubuntu tutorial05:35
Flynsarmyis it even possible in linux to restart graphics drivers without a reboot? don't want to close all my open windows05:35
Olyaok i here and i read tutorial https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery05:35
tomreynBrandonBolton: while this doesn't help now, and you probably don't want to hear this: this was a bad purchase. make sure you check what's well supported before you buy. it's still a good idea, since some manufacturers still don't provide good linux support, apparently they don't care enough to provide a good product to their customers.05:35
escottFlynsarmy, you would have to close all the programs to do that because X would die badly without the drivers05:35
Flynsarmyescott: hmm. k, thanks05:36
Olyawhere my question in tutorial?05:36
OffGridOps11.10:  Oddity to note don't know where to post.  When trying to upload files on Gmail w/Ubuntu Firefox works perfect but Chrome drops each time on .zip05:36
tomreynBrandonBolton: now if you're into compiling software you can try http://forums.fedoraforum.org/showthread.php?t=256962 and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwMiHiaWtPI05:37
mcurranIs there a way to undo a nano edit you just did to a file?05:37
escottmcurran, usually no. if this is in /etc you might want to install and use etckeeper05:37
BrandonBoltontomreyn, I did make a bad choice with buying the Linksys wireless adapter. I did have it working before. I will just reinstall to 11.10 if I can't get it to work. Thank you for the help. I will try this all in the morning, it is rather late now.05:38
superdave321Alright, who votes we call the ops on Olya?05:38
bazhangOlya, stop that05:38
mcurranyeah it was, it was my sites-enabled file for apache2, and I tried reinstalling apache2 but it says it can't be downloaded05:38
BrandonBoltonsuperdave321, go for it. :)05:38
Olyayou not help :(05:38
superdave321!ops | Olya05:38
ubottuOlya: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - elky, Madpilot, tritium, Nalioth, tonyyarusso, PriceChild, Amaranth, jrib, Myrtti, mneptok, Pici, jpds, gnomefreak, bazhang, jussi, Flannel, ikonia, maco, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler or Jordan_U!05:38
Olyahttp://carlo17.home.xs4all.nl/howto/undelete_ext3.html very hard05:38
bazhangOlya, read the links, try again in about 15 minutes05:38
bazhangsuperdave321, hello?05:38
bazhangthat was hardly necessary superdave32105:39
superdave321Can't you kick him?05:39
anthrofearecan someone in here help me with an issue? im new to ubuntu and linux commands. its probably a real quick fix05:39
bazhanganthrofeare, ask the channel and see05:39
OlyaAnd what me?05:39
bobweaveranthrofeare: whats up ?05:39
Flynsarmy!ask | anthrofeare05:40
ubottuanthrofeare: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:40
Ben64Olya: there are 1383 people in here besides you, you have to wait just like everyone else05:40
tomreynBrandonBolton: cool, have a good night.05:40
hiexpoOlya, nobody is ignoring you relax take a valium smoke a dub or something as soon as someone knows they well help you be patient05:41
anthrofeareok. if you wanna check out this forum link which explains the issue. scroll down to one of the last posts which explains the fix... now i got through both of the sudo commands which fixed my wireless issue, now idont really understand the last part... "To make the change permanent: gsku gedit /etc/modprobe.d/iwl.conf  Copy/paste this line into the new file: options iwlagn bt_coex_active=0  Save. Quit."05:41
anthrofearelink to forumhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/87614705:41
ubottuUbuntu bug 876147 in linux (Ubuntu) "Intel Corporation Centrino Wireless-N + WiMAX 6150 (rev 67) not working after upgrade to 11.10" [High,Triaged]05:41
mcurranI just noticed that usually when an apt/dpkg file says it can't be downloaded, it's because you used another source for it, so I just enabled my partner and ubuntu main repos and fixed, phew!05:42
anthrofearei just dont understand the last part05:42
hiexpohey whats the dif betwenn 10.04 and10.04.305:43
tomreynanthrofeare: you have a terminal window open already?05:43
hiexpoOlya, whats your problem repost it05:43
anthrofeareone sec05:43
Olyahow recover files05:43
anthrofearenow i do05:43
Olyaby ext3grep please?05:44
tomreynanthrofeare: once you have, you write this: sudo gedit /etc/modprobe.d/iwl.conf05:44
hiexpoOlya, what files something you deletedexplain the issue in detail05:44
Olyaim not undestand how :(05:44
somsipwondrous stories lyrics05:44
tomreynanthrofeare: this should open the gedit text editor and it should be an empty file, i.e. no text is displayed, right?05:44
Olyai delited my folder with 50 GB files (((05:45
hiexpoOlya, what files did you delete something you want to recover?05:45
anthrofeareit opens the text window but "options iwlagn bt_coex_active=0 is in it05:45
theadminOlya: Any chance it's still in the trash?05:46
tomreynanthrofeare: so you seem to have done this already, or its a default setting.05:46
=== russf_ is now known as russf
Olyai wont recover all files05:46
Olyamany files05:46
hiexpotheadmin, was just gonna say05:46
Olyaflv mp3 txt doc , .....05:46
Olyano in trash05:46
Olyarm -Rf *05:46
mcurranI used gpg -c to password protect a single text file, and f'd up my whole system.  Now I don't have permisson to run most scripts I created or anything.  Is there any ideas?05:47
hiexpouh oh05:47
theadminOlya: Try using Photorec (is a part of testdisk package), it can recover most of those filetypes.05:47
mcurranI tried deleting the file, and it was deleted, but still have the problem05:47
Olyai wont normal names and catalog directory tree05:47
anthrofeareso if that is in there... then it should be fine? i hit save and it says "(gedit:2099): Gtk-WARNING **: Attempting to set the permissions of `/root/.local/share/recently-used.xbel', but failed: No such file or directory"05:47
theadminanthrofeare: That's okay lol05:47
OlyaHow use it help please http://carlo17.home.xs4all.nl/howto/undelete_ext3.html05:48
Olyait must recover all files and folders05:48
anthrofeareok so im good then? lol05:48
theadminOlya: Not possible to have "normal" names and directory tree... it's not possible, they're not stored anywhere05:48
tomreynmcurran: copy whatever you need to a working system, fix up the file / directory permissions and ownership and run it there.05:49
=== Corey_ is now known as Corey
Olyau can read about ext3grep05:49
urfr332g0theadmin, can I pm you05:49
Olyaits posseble05:49
Olyacan recover names05:49
theadminurfr332g0: ...Who are you? Why?05:49
hiexpoOlya, use guymager  maybe you get lucky the more you talk on here the less chance you have as rewriting the disc05:49
anthrofearethanks guys05:49
tomreynanthrofeare: you can ignore this message. and yes, you should be set. you can reboot and see if it works05:49
anthrofeareok imma reboot and let you guys know how it goes. Thanks05:50
urfr332g0theadmin, we have talked before in a pm at your request with another nic it is a friendly request. :)05:50
Olyai not need image05:50
Olyai wont recover files05:50
theadminOlya: Please go to #ubuntu-ru for Russian support. You're hardly making sense.05:51
mcurranI got it, just apache2 doesn't install to /etc/ anymore /usr/share/ which is weird.  I'm gonna try to compile the source instead.  Or maybe work with the metasploit copy05:51
Olyathey not know05:51
Olyahow use it simply? http://carlo17.home.xs4all.nl/howto/undelete_ext3.html05:51
bobweaverOlya:  um... foremost05:52
bobweaverthe tiem05:52
anthrofeareEverythings good guys05:52
bobweaverhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery you have lloked ?05:53
Olyai can 2 files now what next step?05:53
theadminOlya: Foremost is another recovery software. ext3grep you're suggesting will hardly work for you, it's too professional (you need a disk image, an inode number...)05:53
anthrofeareAnother question i dont even know if this works yet lol. i have an hdmi out on my laptop. will this work?05:53
dr_willisanthrofeare:  mine does05:54
theadminanthrofeare: Most of the time yes... though depends on your GPU and such05:54
anthrofearegot ya05:54
hiexpoOlya, I told you how > I am a pen tester so never mindyou just keep saying no > so I say NO05:54
anthrofeareubuntu is pretty sweet. have to say. this is my first hour ever using it but i like it. any tips or tricks i should know about?05:54
eiriksvin hey, all I got a question, I like Ubuntu, but I'm looking for the best overall Linux distro for my Laptop, is there any ideas?05:55
theadmineiriksvin: There's no "best", also you're not supposed to take polls here. Go to #ubuntu-offtopic , #defocus or ##linux05:55
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.05:55
Olyau me?05:55
SyntheseticWhat is one of the most active channels on freenode?05:56
dr_willisanthrofeare:  check the webupd8 blog site for tweaking guides05:56
Olyain file adress with 10000 files05:56
OlyaPlease Help!05:57
=== pp7_ is now known as malkains
dr_willisOlya: clarify the problem05:57
hiexpodr_willis, she did a rm-rf05:57
Olyaits just stupid!!!05:58
dr_willistime to learn the value of backups...05:58
OlyaWhy no normal prog for recover files on Linux!??!?!05:58
hiexpodr_willis, deleted like a lot heh05:59
Mike9863When I plug in headphones or speakers into my headphone port, the led light on my laptops mute key turns on. Is there any way to fix this?05:59
=== malkains is now known as malkauns
theadminOlya: There's a TON of software which does that, you're refusing to try any we suggest though05:59
silv3r_m00nI have some items in trash that are not going away , ho can I remove them from terminal ?05:59
theadmin!trash | silv3r_m00n05:59
ubottusilv3r_m00n: Your GUI file manager's Trash folder is located at ~/.local/share/Trash/ for files moved to trash from your hard disk and .../.Trash-userid/ on external devices for files moved to trash from the device.05:59
Olyatestdisk not work05:59
Olyapicrec bad not recover names06:00
Olyaext3grep hard06:00
dr_willisyou may have to fix the names06:00
theadminOlya: It's not POSSIBLE to recover filenames, NOTHING will do that. It's possible in Windows because NTFS is plain stupid and doesn't delete files properly, so?06:00
* theadmin is tired of repeating herself06:00
eiriksvinOK, then since I got the run around, let me tell you I would still be using Ubuntu except it won't recognise 90% of the hardware I have, thats not a suggestion, thats a fact! So until you poeple stop making Ubuntu look pretty and start focusing on functionality it will always be just a novelty06:01
OlyaYou not undestand me?06:01
eiriksvinget it fixed06:01
OlyaI have names in it file! and adress too!06:01
=== grepme is now known as NotproN
bobweaverwho you calling "you people "  :>)06:01
urfr332g0eiriksvin, thanks for the heads up. :)06:02
dr_williseiriksvin:  the hardware makers need to support Linux.  many don't even try06:02
ponrajuganeshhow many ways one could add the jar file to the class path06:02
hiexpoOlya, it will not recover your file names06:02
_monk_his inteligence is lolw06:02
theadminOlya: Yes, it's hardly possible to understand what you say. Filenames are impossible to recover. How more clear can I make that?06:02
ponrajuganeshCLASSPATH=$CLASSPATH:/usr/share/java/mysql.jar is one way? is there any other ways one could do thsi?06:02
Olyasdb5.ext3grep.stage2 in it file all names!!!06:03
Olyaand degrees06:03
Olyaand names06:03
dr_williswe have no idea what you mean Olya06:04
Olyado it!06:04
Olyaok now06:04
hiexpomaybe try DFF06:04
Olyasudo ext3grep /dev/sdb5 --restore-file name_of_folder06:04
unlce_romcan i load / to a ramdisk?06:05
bobweaverOlya:  why dont you make a test box to ply with your self on it06:05
bobweaverlike a virtual sandbox06:05
damo22Olya: if you want to maximise your chances of recovery, unmount the drive and only mount it read only06:05
dr_willisunlce_rom: seen that in some Mini distros06:05
eiriksvinWRONG it's not up to the hardware makers, if you go to any local American Chain store, and buy a laptop theres bound to be stuff thats not going to be recognised... The poeple that make Ubuntu seem to do fine with an expensive brand, but no normal human is going to buy a laptop... BTW it's not upto hardware companies to support Linux, it's up to linux to find a way to work with whatys available, thats why it FAILS06:06
Olyaim not use him06:06
unlce_romwell i have ram disk made- i can load different stuuff to it. figured id ask b4 trying though06:06
Olyau test command?06:06
Olyasudo ext3grep /dev/sdb5 --restore-file name_of_folder06:06
dr_williseiriksvin: you are wrong.06:06
hiexpoOlya, you understand that command06:07
Olyabut it not recover my files but it make 2 files06:07
Olyaone file with names06:07
Olyawhy second step?06:08
OlyaYou can test it please?06:08
dr_willishow are we supposed to rest it Olya06:08
dr_willistest. .06:08
bobweaver!ot eirand why not find ?06:09
ubottubobweaver: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)06:09
hiexpoOlya, maybe get backtrack iso and boot forensic06:09
Olyasudo ext3grep /dev/sdb5 --restore-file name_of_folder06:09
bobweaverwhy not find ?06:09
theadmindr_willis: She wants us to delete some files and recover them with this tool I guess...06:09
Olyado it please06:09
pangolinOlya: stop pasting that command in here, we can not test it.06:09
damo22Olya: is /dev/sdb5 the partition you need to recover from?06:09
Olyainot have space for image06:09
=== Gskellig|away is now known as gskellig|mobile
bobweaverOlya:  please do not tell others to try out code that you are not uaing06:10
bobweaverthat is messed up06:10
bobweavertest in a sandbox06:10
Olyai use it!!06:10
bobweaverbefore you tell anyone to put scriping code ointo there box. that is rude and careless06:10
Olyaand now u too pleae06:11
Olyasudo ext3grep /dev/sdb5 --restore-file name_of_folder06:11
bobweaverbefore you tell anyone to put scriping code ointo there box. that is rude and careless06:11
rabbi1my ubuntu corrupted, saying can;t load X., how to recover it ?06:11
Olyano sdb506:11
pangolinbobweaver: relax please, there is obviously a language barrier, if you don't or can't help just ignore it.06:11
bobweaverpangolin: cool06:11
rabbi1able to login from shell06:11
OlyaInstead, your drive06:11
Olyademo sure i was it06:12
rabbi1my ubuntu corrupted, saying can;t load X., how can i recover my X?06:12
dr_willisthat command wouldent work on my cellphone anyway ;)06:13
damo22Olya: sudo fdisk -l |pastebinit06:13
dr_willisrabbi1:  you could start by pastbining the error mesages from 'startx'  and/or the xorg log giles06:14
Olyai not have pastebin06:14
dr_willisinstall it.. or cut/paste it to the pastebin site.06:14
damo22Olya: do you know which partition has all the deleted files?06:15
rabbi1dr_willis: thats a different laptop, not which i am using it06:15
hiexpocommand | pastebinit06:15
rabbi1dr_willis: unable to get to UI only, just command prompt06:15
rabbi1i don't even know the version :(06:15
dr_willisrabbi1:  and error messages from 'startx' and the xorg log files may help06:15
damo22Olya: sudo umount /dev/sdb506:16
hiexpoOlya, how much info you lose?06:16
Olyasecond hardware 5 partition06:16
rabbi1dr_willis: ok, will try to do that. how can i copy the files to pendrive from this situation ?06:16
Olyadamo i was do it many minutes to ago06:16
Olyaacompleted it sure06:16
piliakisSomeone from the office messed up with cups before06:17
Olyano many info 50 Gb06:17
rabbi1piliakis: got to keep the cups in shelf .....06:17
Olyabut it is important06:17
piliakisand now I cannot see the option to add local printers (LPT, Serial or USB) in Printing and system does not detect new connected USB printer06:17
dr_willisrabbi1:  you can use the pastebinit command from console, or just paste them to a text file to copy them over.06:17
piliakisits Ubuntu 11.1006:17
damo22Olya: ok, so you lost 50Gb of small files?06:18
rabbi1dr_willis: ok, how can i copy it in pendrive ...?06:18
rabbi1its not detecting the pendrive06:18
Olyadamo not only small06:18
piliakisany idea how to fix that?06:18
dr_willispiliakis:  try the cups web interface. Its possible the printer is not seen./supported or needs extra drivers.  Checked the cups.org and linuxprinting.org site to see if its supported06:18
Olyabut small too06:19
piliakisI reinstalled all cups packages06:19
Olyaext3grep is good prog but how use? :(06:19
dr_willisrabbi1:  mount the pendrive, copy files over. or see if you can get connected to the internet via the cli06:19
piliakisit was detected before that idiot messed up cups :(06:19
damo22Olya: how big is /dev/sdb506:19
rabbi1dr_willis: trying, btb06:19
Olya~105 Gb06:19
dr_willisbbl. got a job.06:20
Olyaor 100...06:20
hiexpoexcuse me ubuntu < > Olya I am a penetration tester and a forensic annalist > I can recover files for you but I charge 100 american dollars per gig > but I only charge per what I recover06:20
damo22Olya: do you have 105Gb spare space to create a disk image06:20
Olyanot have06:20
Olyaand i not need in it06:20
damo22Olya: then you are screwed06:21
Olyain image06:21
Olyawhat sorry?06:21
damo22Olya: where do you expect the files to go once recovered??06:22
damo22Olya: you cant mount the partition and put them in place06:22
damo22Olya: you need spare space06:22
damo22Olya: enough to hold the whole partition06:22
Olyai have 50 Gb06:22
Olya>50 Gb space06:23
Olyafor recovered files06:23
damo22Olya: where06:23
Olya234 free GB on sdb706:24
damo22Olya: ext3grep only works on an image i think06:24
=== lupinedk is now known as Lupinedk
damo22Olya: we can copy the whole partition /dev/sdb5 to a file on /dev/sdb7 and recover06:26
Olyabut why it not work without image?06:27
damo22Olya: its safer not to touch the actual partition06:27
Olyaand why chromiu use 100 persent of CPU?06:27
pangolinOlya: what is important is to recover the files correct?06:27
pangolinOlya: focus on that for now, the method used is not important as long as you achieve the goal.06:28
Olyadamo sorry what?06:28
hiexpoidleone ok06:28
Olyadamo i cant use it?06:28
damo22Olya: i need a directory name on /dev/sdb7 that i can use06:28
pangolinyeah, i get highlights for that nick also06:28
Olyapan thx06:28
Olyau need name of my delited directory?06:29
damo22Olya can you create a directory to store the recovered files and the whole partition06:29
prateekpcan i access my D:/ files from the terminal06:29
prateekpif so then how06:29
damo22on /dev/sdb706:29
pangolindamo22: perhaps if you could help him in PM so there is less distractions :)06:29
Olyasure i can06:30
* hiexpo is back to pentoo & backtrack > aircrack-ng and will not give advice in that nature here again 06:33
theadmin!resetpanels | Syria06:36
ubottuSyria: To reset the GNOME panel to defaults, type this in a !terminal: « gconftool --recursive-unset /apps/panel && killall gnome-panel »06:36
Northwith what terminal command, can I have the previlege to write on HDD primary?06:37
Syriatheadmin: Thank you. :)06:37
geekbackhello ubuntuers06:38
geekbackwhats going on06:38
Northgeekback:  with what terminal command, can I have the previlege to write on HDD primary?06:38
theadminNorth: Don't ask random people06:38
theadminNorth: Also your question makes no sense -- rephrase06:38
=== james is now known as Guest17688
Norththeadmin: Well, I cannot write anything on user folder. what do I need to check?06:39
theadminNorth: By "user folder" do you mean your home folder?06:40
Norththeadmin: yes06:40
Slicksanyone here?06:41
theadminNorth: Hm... sudo chown -R $USER:$USER $HOME && sudo chmod 755 $HOME && sudo chmod -R 644 $HOME/*06:41
theadminNorth: Should do the trick06:41
geekbackhello Slicks06:41
SlicksDo you know what the dosing termnial is called?06:41
Norththeadmin:  thanks, let me try06:41
SlicksI cant find it.06:41
SlicksI found it once.06:41
theadminSlicks: dosing terminal?06:42
SlicksI found it somewhere in pent test.06:42
SlicksAnd I forgot what it was called.06:42
Slicksto perform a dos on a target.06:43
Norththeadmin: it seems like one of phrase has the syntax error. sudo chown -R $USER:$USER $HOME && sudo chmod 755 $HOME && sudo chmod -R 644 $HOME/*06:43
theadminNorth: All those look correct. you sure you using bash and are currently logged in as the user you want to run the chmod for?06:43
Norththeadmin: let me try again.06:43
theadminOh, derp, can't log in without owning the home directory06:43
tomreynSlicks: do you mean this? :(){ :|:& };:06:44
bobweavertomreyn: that is a fork bomb I thought ?06:44
theadminNorth: Do something like this: sudo chown -R USERNAME:USERNAME /path/to/home/folder && sudo chmod -R 755 /path/to/home/folder06:44
SlicksA bunch of smileys?06:44
tomreynbobweaver: yeah you can DoS a target with it06:44
tomreyna single target06:45
theadmintomreyn: That's not really a DOS attack in the sense it's not done over network (well, unless you have ssh access)06:45
theadmintomreyn: Also, don't scream dangerous commands here06:45
tomreyntheadmin: who says DoS attacks need to be run over a network?06:45
theadmins/scream/say/gi; # whatever lol06:45
Norththeadmin: my terminal prompt looks like "ram@ram-desktop:~$"06:47
Norththeadmin: I cannot go with your first command.06:47
theadminNorth: wait a bit, phone06:48
Norththeadmin: Error message is   chown: cannot access `/home/ram/.gvfs': Permission denied06:49
theadminNorth: There. Anyhoo, try the second one, it's more exact06:49
theadminNorth: Ah, .gvfs... Don't mind that06:49
theadminNorth: That's sort of supposed to happen lol06:49
Norththeadmin: ram@ram-desktop:~$ sudo chmod 75506:50
Northchmod: missing operand after `755'06:50
NorthTry `chmod --help' for more information.06:50
=== tomreyn_ is now known as tomreyn
darkoricalso I was attempting to set up calibre as a server for ebooks and now when my server loads it fails to start calibre and then goes out of memory and starts shutting down other processes how do I tell it to stop trying to start something that is in init.d I tried booting to revoerery and using rm on the startup file but was told it was read only06:50
theadminNorth: Don't mind it, it seemed to have worked06:51
theadminNorth: Try to access the directory again?06:51
Norththeadmin: the access is denied!!06:53
theadminNorth: Hm ok. Sorry, try the second command: sudo chown -R USERNAME:USERNAME /path/to/home/folder && sudo chmod -R 755 /path/to/home/folder # Replace "USERNAME" with your username and "/path/to/home/folder" with the actual path06:53
karthick87How to disable all updates in ubuntu from terminal?06:59
bodohhoi ... why ubuntu is so fucked up now?07:00
theadminkarthick87: Just don't update07:00
bodohok ... cant blame ubuntu 100% though07:00
bodohlike that stoopid gnome shit is not ubuntu's fault07:00
tomreyndarkorical: better analyse the problem before you start shooting helpless services. find out what's using all the memory and maybe uninstall calibre if it causes trouble.07:00
pangolin!language | bodoh07:00
ubottubodoh: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.07:00
theadminbodoh: Yeah, it's not, well. They had to figure something out. Don't like - switch07:01
bodohbut still though ... ufucktu gets so bated07:01
bodohI switch already07:01
bodohlinux mint07:01
bodohbut still ubunshit derivative07:01
theadminbodoh: Use Mint Debian or whatever and don't blame Ubuntu. You're in a support channel.07:01
FloodBot1gimlab: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.07:02
tomreynkarthick87: disabling all updates isn't a good idea security-wise though, i wouldn't recommend it.07:02
darkoricalI cant get the machine to boot it starts up then after failing at loading calibre it goes into continous [###.#######] Out of memory: kill process #### (****) score 1 or sacrifice child07:06
darkoricalIm assuming it doesnt really want me to kill my kids ......07:06
dr_williscalibre is an ebook converter program i thought, The system dosent boot to the desktop? or crashes soon after? or is there a differnt calibre :)07:08
darkoricalIm using a server install07:09
beparasHi all, I want to connect to internet using my D-Link, DWM-156 usb modem, I did usb_modeswich, I get ttyUSB0-2 port, When I try to connect using "pppd" command I got error "NO CARRIER, Connect seript filed",  But I can connect to internet using NetWork Manger Applet, I want to where I am doing wrong..07:09
darkoricalwhile it can do the conversion im only interested in it running an opds library07:10
tomreyndarkorical: are you next to this server, or is it remote?07:10
FeymoodI'm trying to launch all of my startup programs in different screen windows of the SAME session. I'd like to connect to that session at any time and Ctrl-a 1,2,3,etc to see the status of a given program.07:10
=== gskellig|mobile is now known as Gskellig
darkoricalnext to it07:11
tomreyndark|angel: whats this url for now?07:11
dr_willisYou mean run each app on its own v'desktop'   you switch to with that 'desktops' icon in the panel?07:11
darkorical<-- that is what my error looks like tho mine is happening during boot07:11
darkoricalhttp://drupal.org/node/1080774  <-- that link07:12
darkoricalit seems to be preventing access to the machine07:12
tomreyndarkorical: you can hold down the shift key while booting it and use the recovery mode07:12
dark|angeltomreyn ubuntu vps servers07:13
tomreyndark|angel: and you sell those or?07:13
AirborneCalavryhi can anyone help me?07:13
AirborneCalavryim new to Ubuntu07:13
dr_willisstate the problem AirborneCalavry07:13
claudiaHi, I got this windows software that I successfully installed with Wine, but the software is in Chinese (Simplified) and when I open the program all I can see are little cubes... how can I make Ubuntu display the characters?07:13
dark|angeltomreyn I'm not, I actually wanted to ask if anyone has used them before07:13
AirborneCalavryok i will give you the error message07:13
dark|angelprices look decent07:13
darkoricalI am assuming that it is the machine trying to start calibre and calibre-server in init.d but when going in in recovery mode I cannot delete the files as the system is in read only mode .. is there another way to turn them off?07:13
tbfhi, someone remembers the hidden key for removing your own name from the top panel?07:14
AirborneCalavryAn unresolvable problem occurred while calculating the upgrade.07:14
AirborneCalavryPlease report this bug against the 'update-manager' package and include the following error message:07:14
AirborneCalavry'E:Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.'07:14
tbfi remember my name and therefore do not really appreciate the visual clutter it causes07:14
=== AndroUser is now known as chuxxsss
tomreyndarkorical: what makes you think recovery puts it into read only mode? it doesn't07:15
dr_willisi recall there being a recovery menu - one of them remounted / in rw mode.07:16
dr_willisit would be weird that a service is locking up the whole system07:16
=== Shaun__ is now known as Shaun
darkoricalwhen I rebooted and grub came up I selected recovery mode told it to drop to prompt typed rm ect/init.d/calibre  it replied it could not as it was read-only07:16
dr_willisAirborneCalavry:  my irc client crashed. I dident see the problem07:17
Ceusehey guys :) ubuntu noob with kinda strange question here ^^07:17
Feymoodhit me07:18
AirborneCalavrysorry people can I grab one person just to talk to?, My Ubuntu being odd i cannot download anything python and i cannot update my OS07:18
AirborneCalavrysorry ok will07:18
tomreyndarkorical: sysv-rc-conf and insserv are ways to manage which daemons will be started when during the boot sequence07:18
AirborneCalavryis it easier to go to another room?07:18
dr_willisAirborneCalavry:  best to stay in here. I may have to leave at any time.07:19
AirborneCalavryok pasting error message again07:19
darkoricalok if my daemon is called calibre can you give me the correct command to turn  make it not start during boot07:19
AirborneCalavryAn unresolvable problem occurred while calculating the upgrade.07:19
AirborneCalavryPlease report this bug against the 'update-manager' package and include the following error message:07:19
AirborneCalavry'E:Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.'07:19
Ceusei tried to install ubuntu on a old mac mini first gen (kinda hard entry i know) got it working without gui, tried to reinstall mac osx. now the harddrive does not show up in the installation routine. does ubuntu change anything in that direction that i need to do something before i can switch back ^^07:19
Dwade09ok i have ubuntu 11.10 and when i plug in my headphones the outside speakers still play sound, how do i fix this?07:19
dr_willisAirborneCalavry: held packagtes - try a 'sudo apt-get update' 'sudo apt-get dist-upgrade'07:20
=== head_v is now known as head_victim
claudiaPlease, can someone help me out here?07:20
claudiaHi, I got this windows software that I successfully installed with Wine, but the software is in Chinese (Simplified) and when I open the program all I can see are little cubes... how can I make Ubuntu display the characters?07:20
damo22Ceuse: try running disk utility during the install process07:20
Ceusemhh any idea how i can start that with mac os install cd? xD im a mac noob aswell :/07:21
cabinetis there a game to teach to code like Mario Teaches Typing07:21
tomreyndarkorical: install sysv-rc-conf and run the command of the same name (with sudo), it provides a text-graphical frontend for defining which daemon starts up when (or not at all).07:22
dr_williscabinet:  theres those robot-combat games where you program your robots :)07:22
damo22cabinet: code is not a game07:22
AirborneCalavryok willis looks i have encountered a error07:22
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.07:22
cabinetdr_wills - will look for this game, thanks07:23
damo22dr_willis: this is client dependent07:23
Dwade09ok i have ubuntu 11.10 and when i plug in my headphones the outside speakers still play sound, how do i fix this?07:25
theadminDwade09: Mute the speakers, I honeslty have no idea how to deal with such behaviour. I had this problem too07:25
theadmindamo22: Any sane client will do it. Hell, even Pidgin does that.07:26
dr_willisi see similer sound issues in here weekly. The askubuntu.com site or forums i bet have a large thread on the topic.07:26
damo22theadmin: im on macosx running xchat and it does not autocomplete nicks07:26
Dwade09theadmin:  how do i mute the speakers?07:26
theadminDwade09: alsamixer or pavucontrol or whatever you want07:26
Dwade09thanks theadmin  exactly what i was looking for07:27
tomreyndamo22: it does on linux, though, i just did it07:27
Ceusek damo22 works ;) i will join here later today though. i realy want to try ubuntu over mac os (since hell who needs mac os) but without a gui im lost. is it even a good idea to put ubuntu on a mini mac 1st gen? (want to use it as a media station)07:28
tomreyndamo22: there's an option for it in preferences. you may have that off.07:28
damo22tomreyn: thanks07:29
Oerclaudia, check winHQ + winetricks  howto add fakechinese fonts07:30
claudiaHi, I got this windows software that I successfully installed with Wine, but the software is in Chinese (Simplified) and when I open the program all I can see are little cubes... how can I make Ubuntu display the characters?07:30
Ceuselast time i tried the alternative install cd i got an error installing the software and then bootet to shell where i tried the manual lubuntu installation process from the knolagebase and it failed ^^07:30
tomreynCeuse: in terms of performance: if it can run OS X it can run Ubuntu, too.07:30
claudia0er: I'm a total Ubuntu beginner, where do I find that?07:30
damo22Ceuse: youre probably better off with macosx on native mac hardware and just run linux in a virtual machine to play with it07:30
darkoricaltomreyn thank you for your assistance thus far but currently networking is not working in recovery mode (even when entering netroot) any other suggestions07:31
Dwade09theadmin:  its not working, it mutes both07:31
theadminDwade09: Oh :( This is weird07:32
Ceusetrue but hell... mac sucks. windows is for gamers (thats why my main pc stays on it ^^) but i never get the chance/oppurtunity to run linux. and since ubuntu seemed to ahve a easy enough gui to get started i wanted to try it. prolly your right though damo22 :/ i will stick to applecrap for a while07:32
theadmin!hardware | Ceuse, take a look at the hardwaresupport link07:32
ubottuCeuse, take a look at the hardwaresupport link: For lists of supported hardware on Ubuntu see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupport - To help debugging and improving hardware detection, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingHardwareDetection07:32
damo22Ceuse: the kernel in macosx is quite good its a Mach kernel07:32
tomreyndarkorical: what kind of network device do you have there? wired (ethernet) or wireless?07:33
Oer!wine | claudia07:33
ubottuclaudia: WINE is a compatibility layer for running Windows programs on GNU/Linux - More information: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Wine - Search the !AppDB for application compatibility ratings - Join #winehq for application help - See !virtualizers for running Windows (or another OS) inside Ubuntu07:33
Oerclaudia, " wget http://winetricks.org/winetricks "  and then "sh winetricks" should give you the options07:34
damo22Ceuse: i still prefer macosx as my host os and run ubuntu in a virtual machine when i feel the need, its the only OS that lets me play music without glitches and compile 2 kernels at once in 2 different vms07:35
tomreyndarkorical:  this should start the network:   sudo /etc/init.d/networking start07:37
theadminOer: The Ubuntu wine package includes winetricks by default, just run "winetricks"07:37
Oertheadmin, great! thnx07:38
Dwade09ok i have ubuntu 11.10 and when i plug in my headphones the outside speakers still play sound, how do i fix this?07:38
dr_willisDwade09:  you checked at askubuntu.com to see if anyone else has written up a fix/guide/work arounds..07:39
damo22Dwade09, might be a patch you need to apply to alsa07:39
Dwade09dr_willis:  no i have not, i did not know there was one.07:39
dr_willisi see similer sound issue questions asked here about 2+ times a week07:40
tomreyndarkorical: if that's not enough, follow it up by: sudo ifconfig eth0 inet dhcp07:41
damo22dr_willis, most of these issues have been already fixed upstream but havent made it into ubuntu yet07:41
imgx64Dwade09: click on the sound indicator, select Sound Settings, select the Output tab, then choose the speakers from the Connector menu.07:42
imgx64then you can turn it down alone, the headphones won't be affected.07:42
llutz_tomreyn: you're mixing ifconfig with /etc/network/interfaces syntax. that won't do07:42
Dwade09imgx64:  i did what you said but it messes with both.07:43
Dwade09its one bar,07:43
Ceusedameo22 well i guess will do that too :) thanks for the advice. perhaps another time i have a pc where linux is more suitable ;)07:43
OlyaHi all!07:43
tomreynllutz_: right, thanks. it's late...07:43
damo22hi Olya07:43
mirage91you can try a pc from system7607:44
imgx64Dwade09: what options do you have in the "Connector" menu? I have "Analog Speakers" and "Analog Headphones".07:44
tomreyndarkorical: if yu were still listening then scracth that last line07:44
Dwade09imgx64:  o see analog output and analog headphones,07:44
imgx64Dwade09: And yes, it's one bar, but it only applies to the currently selected connector.07:45
darkoricalI finally said fuggit and typed  rm /etc/init.d/calibre  and rm /etc/init.d/calibre-server then rebooted07:45
darkoricalcame back up just fine07:45
dr_willis a service like that shouldent hang the whole system. I wonder if theres not some deeper issues going on.07:46
dr_willisbe back in a few.07:46
ShapeShifter499does anyone know if I can get wine working on a powerpc system?07:46
Dwade09imgx64:  i do not see analog speakers just analog output and analog headphones, when i have analog output on and turn it down it does both headphones and outside speakers.07:47
ShapeShifter499they added arm support, which I'm hopping makes the task easier07:47
Dwade09and same with analog headphones imgx6407:47
crizzyShapeShifter499: short answer: no07:47
vagraHi! I am beginning to use the terminal more these days. So, how do I tweak gnome terminal to display the commands that I type in green and the output of the commands in white color. Thank you.07:47
imgx64Dwade09: Oh okay. Sorry then, I don't have a solution.07:48
somsipvagra: what terminal?07:48
ShapeShifter499crizzy: couldn't I run something that would emulate a arm or intel system, not a virtual machine, but the bare-bones just to run the unsupported binary ?07:49
ShapeShifter499I remember I could do something like that with qemu but I never could figure out how07:49
=== gustav- is now known as beerbro
crizzythere was a mac project back in the day to port wine to ppc but it never really worked / get anywhere07:50
vagrasomsip: The terminal where I type the commands such as "ls", "man" etc. I want "ls" to be in green color and the output of "ls" in white.07:50
crizzyso no07:50
somsipvagra: If you've not installed any other terminal, this might help http://tldp.org/HOWTO/Bash-Prompt-HOWTO/x329.html07:50
akubahcan i ask sme thing??07:50
somsipvagra: or more simpler: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=47062607:51
somsip!anyone | akubah07:51
ubottuakubah: A high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.07:51
akubahwanna ask smething07:51
AirborneCalavrycan you guys help me?07:51
ShapeShifter499crizzy: do you know what I mean though?07:51
somsip!help | AirborneCalavry07:51
ubottuAirborneCalavry: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:51
akubahi'm new in this,,where can i get the info about how to download file using mirc07:52
ShapeShifter499crizzy wait I can probably find a article about it07:52
crizzyShapeShifter499: yes but i would just forget it and get an intel machine for intel binaries07:52
Norththeadmin: I still cannot have the privilege to write on user directory.07:52
ShapeShifter499oh ok :/07:52
crizzyShapeShifter499: you'll be just torturing yourself and accomplishing nothing07:52
somsipakubah: /join #mirc, probably07:52
AirborneCalavryok. My update manger keeps getting errors and i cannot download anything python related off the software manager07:53
jvipa5gI have a doubt. In the split "Online Accounts" set up my Gmail account. There is an option of "Documents" that is to synchronize your Google Docs?07:53
ShapeShifter499crizzy: eh I was hoping to pump a little more life into a increasingly getting outdated powerbook g407:53
Northwhere can I set the privilege to write on user directory?07:55
Dwade09how do i get my multimedia systems selector open?07:55
AirborneCalavry(will in include error message when attended to)07:55
ShapeShifter499new question......         is there going to be usb support in 1.4 wine? (people in #winehq won't answer me)07:55
llutz_!permissions| North07:55
ubottuNorth: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions07:55
Dwade09imgx64:  i think i found it but i can not open the application.07:56
somsipNorth: what user needs to write?07:57
AirborneCalavryHi, My update manger keeps giving me this error message"'E:Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.'07:57
Ranthor_HarwathHello, there can anybody help with the 11.04 desktop window manager, it is weird07:57
Ranthor_HarwathI  click win+W , all windows are minimized in a good fashion07:58
somsipAirborneCalavry: sudo apt-get dist-upgrade --dry-run. Make sure it doesn't do anything that looks bad, then run it again without fry-run07:58
Dwade09how do i open an application? i am trying to open my multimedia systems selector07:58
Ranthor_HarwathI want to focus one of them, but it is imposibble07:58
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vagrasomsip: Thank you, :)08:00
AirborneCalavryhas given me a error message08:00
somsipvagra: np. Also consider urxvt if you're havin fun changing configuration of terminals08:01
AirborneCalavry@somsip have given a error messeage08:01
somsipAirborneCalavry: Will you tell me what it is, or shall I guess?08:01
Fleg_Hi All! After installing the Catalyst drivers I get flickering on the screen. What am I doing wrong? The card is a discrete AMD Radeon HD 6410D on A4-3400.08:02
greenithi, i have a problem with adobe flash.... it works, but i can't change anything in the properties... when i right-click and choose "properties" the windows opens, but i can't click anything08:02
AirborneCalavry@somsip; calculating Upgrade=failed, 'E:Error, pkgProblemResolver::Resolve generated breaks, this may be caused by held packages.'08:02
greenitplz help :(08:03
phixhi greenit sup?08:03
greenitphix, sup?08:03
Chucky_Lucianohi guys08:04
greenitphix, what does that mean?08:04
somsipAirborneCalavry: it's not good form for me to recommend you look on Google, but a search on that error gives at least a page full of solutions. What have you tried so far?08:04
phixgreenit: That means what's up,  I was refering to --> 19:03 < phix> hi greenit sup?08:04
phix19:03 < greenit> plz help :(08:04
Chucky_Lucianoi cant seem to get the "commands" plugin to work in compiz config settings manager, and no one seems to be available in #compiz ,  and i was wondering if someone here could see if they can use it, and if so telll me what they did?  thanks in advance08:05
greenitphix, ah, k.... the plz help refers to greenit> hi, i have a problem with adobe flash.... it works, but i can't change anything in the properties... when i right-click and choose "properties" the windows opens, but i can't click anything08:05
phixChucky_Luciano: Never used that plugin before08:05
Chucky_Lucianome either, phix, i am trying to use it now, though08:05
AirborneCalavrysomsip well just those sudo commands and that leads me to the same error about held packages.. im pretty new to Ubuntu but i'll give it a go08:05
Chucky_Lucianoit looks pretty promising08:05
werdergreenit: i have seen most distros nowadays have an Adobe-sancioned program for flash preferences. Should be in the menus.08:06
Gskelligwhat is THE most minimal ubuntu gui to put on my server08:06
somsipAirborneCalavry: it's worth reading through these yourself. All I'd be doing is looking at them and asking 'Have you tried this?'. you know?08:06
somsipGskellig: cli08:06
somsipGskellig: ignore that08:07
AirborneCalavrysomsip, another question i cannot download anything releated to python it just says check internet connection, any ideas?08:07
Chucky_Lucianoi seem to have gotten it to work!08:07
llutz_Gskellig: twm, ratpoison08:07
somsipAirborneCalavry: and what are you trying to download?08:07
mraxilusdoes anyone know why my applications lense randomly stopped working?08:08
Chucky_Lucianoapparently, i had slightly confused the definition of command, and was trying to do something that was considered beyond the scope of a command08:08
Chucky_Lucianothanks anyways guys08:08
phixgreenit: ah ok08:08
dr_willisGskellig: jwm is a lite window manager08:08
AirborneCalavrysomsip, SDE, IDLE (all versions) or anything related to python Programming language, Just say check internet connections, yet i can download pidgen with no problems08:09
greenitwerder, can you tell me where this program is in ubuntu 11.10?08:09
Gskelligthanks guys08:09
somsipAirborneCalavry: have you updated recently?08:10
Chucky_Lucianohey, is it possible to upgrade totem movie player to 3.2.1 if i am using ubuntu natty?  i like v3.2.1 better, as i have used it in fedora 16, but natty only has totem 2.32.0 ...how would one go about getting the later version?  i did see it on softpedia, but i am not sure how to go about installing it08:10
werdergreenit: I'm not on the Buntu right now but I think if you open up the Lens and start typing "flash" or "adobe" it should pop up08:10
somsipAirborneCalavry: version, that is. like, up to 11.10 from 11.04 or something08:10
g00053is there a gnome-shell setting or extension that will bring up notifications on the left instead of the right?08:11
greenitwerder, nope, doesn't show.... probably i have to install an extra program from the repos?08:11
g00053as in when i mouse that corner08:11
AirborneCalavrysomsip, this system is 2 days old, from vinalla 11.10 with one lot updates though the update manager and now i have these problems08:11
slackin_Does anyone know the difference between the 'Intel 945GM/GMS/GME'? What does GM, GME, and GMS mean?08:11
werderGskellig: scrotwm is also a good'un08:11
theadminslackin_: Might be better to ask in ##hardware08:12
somsipAirborneCalavry: Hmm. Then I would suggest chosing a different mirror from the update manager thingy, refreshing all sources, then trying it again. source: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/software-center/+question/17903908:12
AirborneCalavrysomsip ok thanks for that :)08:12
werdergreenit: it might be in the repos. I thought it installed itself when I installed flash but maybe not.08:12
Ranthor_Harwaththere seems to be a bug with evolution mail client with MAPI08:14
llutz_Gskellig: honestly, if you consider XFCE being minimalistic, you won't get happy with all those alternativcs mentioned08:14
Ranthor_Harwathis there any workaround for that08:14
Ranthor_HarwathI can not send mails over Exchange08:14
Gskelligllutz_, i know nothing about minimal wm's lol. I thought xfce was minimalistic08:14
transporterMailserver question. In /etc/postfix/main.cf I have [relayhost = smtp.someisp.no] and everything works fine. I have to use this relayhost since my ISP has closed port 25. My ISP tells me that if I dont want to use their relayhost I have to configure my mailserver to use a ssl port like port 465. Then I can remove the relayhost option. Do anyone know where I do this like which files to edit and08:15
transporteris this possible if I dont set up my server as a DNS Server?08:15
GskelligI'm looking at fluxbox now08:15
werdergreenit: it looks like the program is called "adobe-flash-properties-gtk"08:15
Northwhere can I set the privilege to write on user directory?08:15
werderGskellig: stay with fluxbox. Don't go deeper and become addicted like me!08:15
somsipNorth: what user needs to read (second time I've answered you)08:16
greenitwerder, thx, found it :)08:16
Gskelligwerder, but that sounds like fun!08:16
Ranthor_Harwathtransporter : /etc/postfix/main.cf08:16
Gskelligdon't worry i still have tabs for scrotwm, ratpoison and jwm open ^^08:16
somsipGskellig: then add a tab for AwesomeWM too! Quickly! ;)08:16
werderGskellig: soon you will be overwhelmed by musca, awesome, awm, ion3, wmii and the like.08:16
Gskelligso many08:17
Northsomsip: sorry I do not understand. I mean I canot access to user directory.08:17
somsipNorth: what user is 'I' and what user dir are you trying to access. For example, on my PC I am 'mark' and I cannot access user 'kim' by design. But I can access 'mark' and 'media'. Explain yourself more08:17
werderGskellig: a small selection: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Window_Manager#Window_managers08:18
Gskelligthanks werder08:19
Assidim trying to roll out ubuntu on a desktop WITHOUT  hard drive.. how do i make it work?08:19
Assidi can give it an iscsi target and a tftp to boot from08:19
werderGskellig: don't thank me I've just killed your productivity for a week. In a good way though.08:19
transporterRanthor_Harwath: What do you propose I should do?08:20
Aboodahi all ... if anybody knows a channel which might have support for the German freeware Digibux08:20
Aboodathat would be great08:20
llutz_!alis | Abooda08:20
ubottuAbooda: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*08:20
Ranthor_Harwathyou want to change the port number08:20
Northsomsip: I made a document and tried to save it to the directory. the error message is "Error saving the document Utitled1: Access to /home/ram/Desktop/a.odt was denied.08:20
AboodaAssid: do you mean booting from a USB?08:20
somsipNorth: what user are you signed in as?08:21
Northsomsip: it's ram08:21
AssidAbooda nah.. i wanna go complete diskless08:21
somsippost the output of "ls -la /home" please08:21
Assidhmm..let me try this: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DisklessUbuntuHowto08:21
Gskelligooh what I really want is a wm that will automatically start up when I connect with vnc and stop when I disconnect08:21
somsipNorth: post the output of "ls -la /home" please08:21
Gskelligthat would be sweet08:21
Ranthor_Harwathtransport: on the /etc/postfix/master.cf08:22
Northsomsip: lsram@ram-desktop:~$ ls -la /home08:22
Northtotal 1208:22
Northdrwxr-xr-x  3 root root 4096 2012-02-13 01:40 .08:22
Northdrwxr-xr-x 21 root root 4096 2012-02-12 23:04 ..08:22
Northlrwxrwxrwx  1 root root   44 2012-02-13 01:40 .directory -> /etc/kubuntu-default-settings/directory-home08:22
allenyk  /quit08:22
FloodBot1North: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:22
Northdrwxr-xr-x 31 ram  ram  4096 2012-02-13 01:51 ram08:22
Ranthor_Harwathyou should see the ports for smtp and smtps08:22
Ranthor_Harwathnorth please don't paste here08:22
somsipNorth: ok - cd /home/ram && ls -la Desktop, and pst the result08:23
llutz_North: ls -ld ~/Desktop08:23
Dwade09under alsamixer in the terminal my headphones is greyed out, how do i get my headphones to read in alsamixer?08:23
Ranthor_Harwathuse paste bin08:23
Ranthor_Harwathdont paste08:23
Northsomsip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/840133/08:24
werderGskellig: This might help: http://www.skullbox.net/vncserver.php08:24
transporterRanthor: Do you know exactly what I should put there and shall I delete the entry relayhost in /etc/postfix/main.cf ?08:24
somsipNorth: now ls -ld Desktop08:25
eyy1supHello everyone, I'm having trouble with Ubuntu 11.04>11.10 (just upgraded)... cron service is not running and there's no way to get it to run. When I run "sudo service cron" it displays nothing. Chkconfig shows crond as OFF even though I turned it on. Can someone please help me sort this out?08:25
Northsomsip: please visit the link http://paste.ubuntu.com/840133/08:25
eyy1sup"sudo service cron status" *is what I meant08:25
somsipNorth: that's the same as before. please 'ls -ld /home/ram/Desktop' and pastebin it08:25
Ranthor_Harwathtransport: master.cf is for ports and stuff , relaying is another issue and should be configured in main.cf08:26
tu-nohi, I'm experiencing problems with the i915 driver giving segfaults once in a while. And on boot today I had a loop on the following error:08:26
tu-no [drm:i915_gem_execbuffer_relocate_entry] *ERROR* Relocation beyond target object bounds08:26
tu-noI'm a bit lost on how to fix this, does anyone have a hint or direction to point me in?08:26
Northsomsip: http://paste.ubuntu.com/840136/08:26
llutz_North: chmod 755 ~/Desktop08:27
somsipllutz_: feel free...08:27
Northllutz: Done.08:27
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llutz_North: save your document again, should do08:28
Ranthor_Harwathis there any chat room for evolution mail, it has some issues08:28
transporterRanthor: Thank you sir. I'll try it out and get back to later.08:29
werderRanthor_Harwath: #gnome probably08:29
Northllutz: i can save it on the Desktop. but could not move to another directory. Message is "Error while moving "a.odt" there was an error moving the file into /home/ram/Documents."08:29
Ranthor_Harwath@werder thanks after some googling irc.gimp.org08:29
kismcan anyone help me automount a samba share in /media/, i keep getting 'line x in /etc/fstab  is bad'08:30
llutz_North: well i guess you messed up permissions of some more dirs. set them to 755, read !permissions again08:30
Northllutz: I need to do directory by directory?????????08:30
dr_williskism:  whats the line08:31
Ranthor_Harwathkism: what is the fstab line complaining about, most probably a syntax error08:32
Gskelligok now whats a good vnc client08:32
DarsVaedaHi, I wanted to try kubuntu (kde) so I installed the kubuntu packages on my ubuntu 11.10 installation, but I were not satisfied and switched back to unity...now the startup screen is still kubuntu, how do I get rid of that08:32
Northllutz: Can I have the privilege to be writable in any directories with certain command?08:32
dr_willisGskellig: several in the repos. tightvnc us common08:32
chroothow to check the NIC's hard address in ubuntu ?08:32
kismdr_willis Ranthor_Harwath //dpshub/My\ Music /media/musicserver cifs credentials=/home/kism/.smbcredentials,iocharset=utf8,file_mode=0777,dir_mode=0777 0 008:33
dr_willischroot: ethtool. ifconfig08:33
Northsomsip: Can I have the privilege to be writable in any directories with certain command?08:33
dr_williskism: spaces in share names need to be replaced with a special %## sequence08:34
Gskelligthere are quite a few versions of tightvnc in the repos08:34
kismaah thanks08:34
dr_williskism:  easier to justchange share name08:34
kismyeah alright, thanks08:34
chrootdr_willis, thanks,08:34
Gskelligtightvnc-java, ssvnc, xtightvncserver08:34
chrootand can i reset the hardware address on NIC ?08:35
chrootin ubuntu08:35
Northllutz: what is the problem with Examples directory? http://paste.ubuntu.com/840141/08:35
dr_willischroot: you can change the mac yes08:35
parapanyo fellows; I set up a VPN connection from ubuntu to a windows server , the network manager reports the connection is active, I can see myself on the list of the server, but the connection does not work ....when browsing the network I get "failed to retrieve the share list from the server" ....what can I do ???08:35
chrootand this times how?08:35
dr_willischroot:  again. ifconfig. or ethtool08:36
eyy1supwhy does "initctl list" not return anything on my Ubuntu?08:36
chrootok, i will read the man page myself. thanks .08:37
theadmineyy1sup: Try "service --status-all"08:37
diverdudeWhy is tlmgr not available in the ubuntu version of texlive??08:38
dr_willisnever seen initctrl befor. ;)08:38
parapanyo fellows; I set up a VPN connection from ubuntu to a windows server , the network manager reports the connection is active, I can see myself on the list of the server, but the connection does not work ....when browsing the network I get "failed to retrieve the share list from the server" ....what can I do ???08:39
eyy1suptheadmin: it shows "cron" with a ? ... what does that mean? Upstart doesn't start a lot of services since upgrade08:39
Northwould you tell me how to solve the problem? http://paste.ubuntu.com/840141/08:39
theadmineyy1sup: Probably it means cron doesn't report the status properly08:39
crarymust say en?08:39
OlyaHi all!08:40
eyy1suptheadmin: hmm... any time I type "service xxxxxx status" it reports nothing... as if the 'service' command isn't working properly08:40
theadmineyy1sup: hmmm... Guess that is the case then :$ I dunno08:42
CharminTheMooseHow can I view a list of the most recently installed packages?08:42
eyy1supwell, nevermind, service apache2 status worked... but cron is not even responding08:42
diverdudeWhy is tlmgr not available in the ubuntu version of texlive??08:42
parapanyo fellows; I set up a VPN connection from ubuntu to a windows server , the network manager reports the connection is active, I can see myself on the list of the server, but the connection does not work ....when browsing the network I get "failed to retrieve the share list from the server" ....what can I do ???08:44
kismdr_willis the sequence is \040 and thanks for the help08:44
mjhszigdoes anyone use a brother printer??08:44
crarycould anyone else say chinese?08:45
mjhszigim having an insanely crazy print issue - i think im going to smash it/and/or my computer08:45
shadowe989mjhszig,  put it on Youtube if you go that route. :)))08:47
eyy1supdoes anyone know why "runlevel" would return "unknown" ?08:47
llutz_!runlevel | eyy1sup08:48
ubottueyy1sup: In Ubuntu all runlevels except 0,1 and 6 are by default equal. Also keep in mind that Ubuntu now uses !Upstart instead of System V init so there is normally no /etc/inittab.08:48
mcurranWhen my system starts up, my eth0 connection gets an IP and reports connected, but there's no traffic going through, I always have to disconnect and reconnect.  Anyone got any ideas?  I have wicd running at startup, and I also define a static ip in interfaces file.  I've tried disabling wlan0, but that doesn't help, because I thought wicd was connecting wlan0 and ...08:48
eyy1supubottu: so, since it uses Upstart, seeing "Unknown" is normal because there's nothing in /etc/inittab?08:48
ubottueyy1sup: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)08:48
ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/08:49
mjhszigid prefer not too.. :/08:49
shadowe989mjhszig, i'd just state you're problem here and the ubuntu forums then check back if anyone had a question. a lot of people afk here.08:50
shadowe989if anyone had a answer*08:51
dr_willischeck askubuntu.com also08:51
werdercrary: you want Chinese what now?08:52
shadowe989werder, lol08:52
parapanI set up a VPN connection from ubuntu to a windows server , the network manager reports the connection is active, I can see myself on the list of the server, but the connection does not work ....when browsing the network I get "failed to retrieve the share list from the server" ....what can I do ???08:52
shadowe989!cn | crary08:52
ubottucrary: 如欲獲得中文的協助,請輸入 /join #ubuntu-cn 或 /join #ubuntu-tw08:52
dr_willisparapan: can you ping the machines08:53
=== CtrlAltDel is now known as turbomettwurst
parapandr_willis: nope08:53
llutz_parapan: check routeing "route -n", your defalut-route should point to the vpn-servers IP08:54
parapandr_willis: cannot ping any internal IP, but the server reports I'm connected .....maybe something related with editing the smb.conf ???? samba is installed , is working on my home network just fine ...08:54
dr_willisparapan:  windows firewall would be my first guess.08:55
imgx64Following an update, USB disks no longer show in Unity's panel. Can I get them back?08:55
dr_willisif ping fails, id think its firewal. or not a samba issue08:56
parapanllutz_: the command is giving me the external IP of the VPN server ...and also an internal IP address ...guess that's correct08:56
parapandr_willis: in what way ? what to check on the firewall ??? other connections are working and active .....all of them are windows clients anyway ....08:57
dr_willisparapan:  i always turn off the windows firewall08:58
mickepaprikaI have the problem that everything freezes for 1 second, approx every 30 secs.. googling for that it seems like it can be a symptom for many different things, but none of the solutions i've found seems to work.. what is a good starting point for trying to locate the problem?08:59
Ranthor_HarwathI contact the evolution support guys09:00
Ranthor_Harwaththey told me to upgrade to 3.2.309:00
shadowe989mickepaprika, when did it start happening, any changes to you're system before your issue?09:00
Ranthor_Harwathactually the distro should update it09:00
Ranthor_Harwathwhom should I contact here?09:00
mjhszig*not really a linux problem, just throwing this out there...*  -Pinguy/OpenOffice.org spreadsheet/Brother printer : everything working fine, until i hit Print on file X.odt, then computer sends file to printer, printer light comes on and then nothing, but ANY other file i open, or new file i create will print. so i copied only the text into new document, it prints, copied only formating into new document, it prints, so i copy all of09:01
mjhszig file into a new file , now it wont print again!09:01
mjhszigjust thought maybe someone out there with a Brother print had a similar issue, or had an idea...09:02
parapandr_willis: OK, got that but, if the firewall will be active would I have the server reported that I'm connected and active ????09:02
diuneighcan someone help me with setting up a swap partition?  I am getting an error.09:03
mickepaprikashadowe989: it happened after the upgrade to 11.1009:03
llutz_Ranthor_Harwath: precise has 3.2.3. find a backport-repo, a ppa or just build it from source09:03
dr_willisparapan: it coulf be blocking the ping test09:03
mickepaprikashadowe989: i upgraded from 10.04 (i think) so i skipped some versions.. so don't know exactly which version that is the bad guy09:04
parapandr_willis: our admin says it is not the case ...he suggested me to ping the internal IP's09:04
shadowe989mickepaprika, sometimes upgrades vs fresh install can be buggy. I'd pop in the live disk and see if it works without installing. If it does work then back up your data and reformat clean.09:05
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mickepaprikashadowe989: already tried that... it's a fresh install, and the problem still exists09:05
overcluckerRanthor_Harwath: https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/evolution/09:05
* wh1zz0 guys please I am trying to ssh into a port 333 but it doesnt let me.. This is the command I used... ssh -p 333 dave@hostip Is there another option that makes this not work? When I use my windows box (putty) and I change the port field from 22 to 333) it connects once. But from my ubuntu it doesnt cannot. Please help09:05
parapandr_willis: however ....I've done the route -n command and it returned the external and the internal IP of the VPN server .....so the ping to internal IP is working ....but no other IP respond to ping ...09:06
mickepaprikashadowe989: the problem is also appearant when I run from the live disk09:06
shadowe989mickepaprika, hmm I take it, you've updated and installed you're graphics driver?09:07
diuneighcan anyone help me with a swap file partition?09:07
llutz_wh1zz0: do you have set any iptables rules denying outgoing 333?09:07
wh1zz0llutz_: None at all09:07
crarydoes anyone else hear me?09:08
dr_willisa swap file, or a swap partition,09:08
mickepaprikashadowe989: yes i guess the graphics driver is new, i haven't done any explicit installation, using the one that got installed by the installation process. i have an intel graphics card09:08
werdercrary: what's up?09:08
wh1zz0llutz_:  Last time I did ssh into another port other than the defaut 22... I think I added a different option.. version or something, but can't remember... Help would be apppreciated09:08
wh1zz0llutz_: Can't remember the exact syntax/command09:09
llutz_wh1zz0: "telnet hostip 333"  does it show something like "OpenSSh ...blahblah"09:09
diuneighdr_willis...I made the swap file already when I install 11.10 but gparted doesn't calls it unknown.09:09
llutz_wh1zz0: ssh -p333 hostip     is correct and shouldn't need any other options09:09
dr_willisdiuneigh:  a swap partition. you mean?09:10
diuneighdr willis: yes.. it is not on.09:10
shadowe989mickepaprika, hows you're cpu usage looking in "System Monitor"? is it hitting 100%?09:10
dr_willisdiuneigh:  try the proper swapon command.09:10
diuneighdr_willis: what is it?  I havent' had luck googling an answer.09:11
wh1zz0llutz_: Yes .. this is what is shows to be precise: http://paste.ubuntu.com/840166/09:11
werderdiuneigh: sudo swapon /dev/sdaX09:11
kwtm2Question about Qsynth/Fluidsynth: I can play my music composition ok through Rosegarden + Qsynth, but when I try to convert it to Midi, I lose all the percussion.  How can I retain percussion?09:11
mickepaprikashadowe989: running xfce, so not sure how to access the system monitor... this is from "top" though: Cpu(s):  2.5%us,  1.7%sy,  0.0%ni, 95.9%id,  0.0%wa,  0.0%hi,  0.0%si,  0.0%st09:12
dr_willisdiuneigh:  swapon /dev/sdxx  i think. check man page09:12
diuneighwerder: thanks.. how to permanently turn it on?09:12
mickepaprikashadowe989: so nothing strange there as far as i can see?09:12
werderdiuneigh: you'll need to edit fstab if it isn't mounting on boot09:12
dr_willisdiuneigh: fstab entry in /etc/fstab09:12
wh1zz0llutz_: I tried exactly as you stated and what i usually use but keep getting this error: Protocol major versions differ: 2 vs. 109:12
diuneighwerder: what do I edit in fstab?  I followed this site and it didn't work. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SwapFaq09:13
llutz_wh1zz0: try "ssh -2 -p333 user@hostip"09:13
diuneighDr. willis: see msg to werder above.09:13
wh1zz0llutz_: Okie never mind.. I found it.. using the -1 option works09:13
boba88good morning everybody :) Is my processor  (Intel Pentium III (4 CPUs), 2.3 GHz) 64-bit capable?09:13
wh1zz0llutz_: Connected... Thanks09:13
llutz_wh1zz0: why the heck do you use ssh-v1?09:14
diuneighwerder: error swapon: /dev/sdb5: read swap header failed: Invalid argument09:14
auronandaceboba88: pentium3 i sincerely doubt it09:14
wh1zz0llutz_: isnt that the default?09:14
shadowe989mickepaprika,  Ahh okay... that looks good. very odd... I assumed you was running gnome 3 and was taking a shot that gnome 3 was the reason you're lagging but I do not know much about xfce so I am unable to help. :(09:14
wh1zz0llutz_: If not, please how can I change it09:14
llutz_wh1zz0: iirc not since some years09:14
llutz_boba88: grep " lm " /proc/cpuinfo09:14
burazrock_hi all,i have problems with my nvidia card.it is a g105m. I tryed to install ppa (xswat) to upgrade automaticcaly drivers but when install driver current, after grub the screen stands black. So i remove ppa and now driver nouveau is running, but when i try to install drivers proprietry with jockey it crashs during the installation and after reboot screen is black after grub...what can i do?if it is possible i would09:15
burazrock_latest video driver.thanks09:15
werderdiuneigh: try sudo swapoff then swapon09:15
shadowe989mickepaprika, Maybe askubuntu.com or the ubuntu forums can help... maybe someone in here? But good luck.09:15
wh1zz0llutz_: I know that I always keep my machine up to date.. So how come it hasn't updated automatically...*thinking*09:15
boba88llutz_: no unix-based currently... i plan to install one09:15
llutz_wh1zz0: change it in /etc/ssh/sshd_config  (protocol 2)09:15
llutz_wh1zz0: Protocol 209:15
mickepaprikashadowe989: ok thanks anyway! no it seems to be something deeper... i would expect to see some line in dmesg whenever it happens, but nothing there... alright will try that! thanks!09:16
auronandaceboba88: check it in wikipedia09:16
wh1zz0llutz_: Okie I have it opened now but what line do I change?09:17
llutz_wh1zz0: Protocol 209:17
wh1zz0I can see protocol version 2 there... Or is it because the remote computer uses version 1?09:17
chroothi, how to forbidden telnet and ftp service when system booting up ?09:17
diuneighwerder: same error with swap off.09:17
wh1zz0llutz_: When you say edit the versions, are you talking about edditing the sshd_config file in the remote hostip im connecting to?09:18
werderdiuneigh: what does gparted say about the partition?09:18
Ranthor_Harwathhello how does windows+W work?09:18
Ranthor_Harwathin the gnome09:18
llutz_wh1zz0: yes. you might check ~/.ssh/config on the clients too, maybe some set "Protocol 1" there09:18
zeroblockhello a;;09:18
wh1zz0llutz_: Because from what I can see.. From my server which i'm connecting from.. doing gksudo gedit /etc/ssh/sshd_config and viewing the file shows me Protocol version 2 alredy here09:18
OlyaHi all!09:18
dr_willischroot:  clarify what you mean09:18
OlyaHelp please09:18
wh1zz0llutz_: Okie thanks09:19
Olyaext3grep ext3grep: init_directories.cc:534: void init_directories(): Assertion `lost_plus_found_directory_iter != all_directories.end()' failed.09:19
werdershouting is rude09:19
chrooteverytime when i boot my machine, the telnet and ftp service will open automatically, this is unsecure09:19
diuneighwerder: there is an ! next to it and calls it unknown (although I made the swap file in the installer).09:19
chrootso i want to shutdown it09:19
dr_willischroot:  why do you have them installed then .09:20
llutz_wh1zz0: you also could try setting sshd_config "Protocol 2,1" to use bot protocol versions, if some clients still need it09:20
auronandacediuneigh: a swap file and a swap partition are two different things09:20
chrootfor remote control and file sharing09:20
zeroblockcan I install ubuntu on mbp 2011 early ?I haved google about it but it seens have wifi problem09:20
shadowe989everybody panic!! lol sorry ot :))09:20
dr_willischroot:  if upstart runs them check /etc/init.d  i think09:20
werderdiuneigh: I assume gparted tells you it is unmounted. You can just reformat it to swap again.09:20
dr_willischroot:  ssh makes them redundant09:21
zeroblockhow to solved wifi problem about mbp ?09:21
OlyaPlease Help!09:21
diuneighwerder: I cannot format it.. there is an error.09:21
chrootyeah, i know that too, but exactly, what to do to forbidden the service start up at bootstrap09:21
werderdiuneigh: is the error some crap about running processes?09:21
diuneighauroanandace: ok.. it is a swap partition09:21
dr_willisOlya:  shouting tends to get yiu ignored09:22
overcluckerRanthor_Harwath: you might be able to check your keybindings to find out09:22
Ranthor_Harwathchecked the documentation09:22
Olyaim not09:22
Olyajust help please09:22
auronandace!helpme | Olya09:22
ubottuOlya: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude09:22
Olyaext3grep ext3grep: init_directories.cc:534: void init_directories(): Assertion `lost_plus_found_directory_iter != all_directories.end()' failed.09:22
diuneighwerder: no mkswap -L "" /dev/sdb509:22
diuneigh     09:22
diuneigh/dev/sdb5: Device or resource busy09:22
Ranthor_HarwathI click windows + W , it is nice, I want to focus one of the window09:22
llutz_chroot: rename according upstart-scripts in /etc/init to /etc/init/service.conf.disabled or use sysv-rc-conf to disable them09:23
werderdiuneigh: as I thought, the devious bastard (I have trouble with this too). try sudo "lsof /dev/sda5"09:23
dr_willisOlya:  i would start with googling and chevking askubuntu.com for that exact error message09:23
diuneighwerder: with ""?09:24
werderdiuneigh: sorry without the quotation marks09:24
Olyaok start please09:24
auronandaceOlya: he means you check them09:25
diuneighwerder: nothing..09:25
Olyahe about him09:25
Olya"i start"...09:25
dr_willisbe more detailed in your responses.09:25
diuneighwerder: thanks for your help but I'll have to tackle this tomorrow.... too tired..09:25
auronandaceOlya: english isn't your first language is it?09:25
dr_willisim not doing stuff you can do. im on a cellphone09:26
boba88auronandace: I just did echo %PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE% under windows and it gives me x86, so it is 32 bit capable only?09:26
Ben64Olya has been in and out of here for about 8.5hrs asking how to undelete stuff09:26
auronandaceboba88: yes09:26
jpds!ru | Olya09:26
ubottuOlya: Пожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.09:26
dr_willislast i saw he has the files with out the names...09:26
Olyalittle people09:26
Ben64i haven't kept up with it, too much shouting for me09:26
werderplease keep the comedy gold rolling09:27
boba88and under linux if i do cat proc/cpuinfo and if it has an lm flag than it is 64 bit capable right, just curios?09:27
shadowe989werder, lol09:27
llutz_boba88: yes09:27
dr_willisif that fs has been in use stuff may nit be recoverable anymire09:27
Olyadr_willis, you start?09:27
boba88llutz_: thanks :)09:27
Ben64Olya: what he meant was "If I were you, I would...."09:28
dr_willisolya you need to check askubuntu. and google. is my advice.09:28
Olyayou do it?09:28
shadowe989lol this has to be a troll09:28
Olyaim bad english09:28
dr_willisyou do it.09:29
Olyahow i chek askubuntu?09:29
dr_willisits a web site..09:29
Olyasure i have in google but no sk09:29
OlyaPlease Help!09:30
shadowe989!helpme | Olya09:30
ubottuOlya: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude09:30
llutz_!details > Olya Pls read http://catb.org/~esr/faqs/smart-questions.html09:30
ubottuOlya, please see my private message09:30
dr_willisrepeating help me... gets you ignored..09:30
werderor gives us good laffs09:30
dr_willisi imagine his files are gone now anyway09:31
Olyavery big tutorial and VERY BAD I ENGLESH KNOW!09:31
Ranthor_HarwathOlya, so dont do it09:32
Olyabut know simply words09:32
Ranthor_Harwatholya, do something else09:32
jattI can send email with postfix configuring it as relay for google SMTP but mail to root@localhost doesn't arrives what could be the reason of this?09:32
shadowe989dr_willis, agreed.09:32
Ranthor_Harwathjatt: checkk /var/log/messages09:32
Olyai cry :(09:33
jpdsOlya: Sometimes you just need backups.09:33
dr_willisgoogle has a translate feature.09:33
shadowe989dr_willis ahh good idea!09:33
llutz_jatt: do you have "localhost" in mydestination?09:34
shadowe989Olya, http://translate.google.com/09:34
Olyait in backup09:34
Olyai use image09:34
jattI checked /var/log/mail.log, you can see a snippet here:09:34
jattbasically it says:09:35
jattFeb 13 10:33:31 user-laptop postfix/local[29268]: 8B568C5E1A: to=<root@localhost>, relay=local, delay=0.18, delays=0.1/0.01/0/0.08, dsn=2.0.0, status=sent (delivered to command: procmail -a "$EXTENSION")09:35
llutz_jatt: and also, root should get any mails, they should be redirected to a common user account09:35
Olyai use trans09:35
Marvin_hey hey09:35
jattso it must be sent, but when I login as root and type mail it says: No mail for root09:35
llutz_jatt: so check you procmail settings09:35
Olyajpds, you know ext3grep?09:35
Ben64Olya: your files are probably gone forever by now, get new files09:35
shadowe989!helpme | Olya09:35
ubottuOlya: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude09:36
llutz_jatt: and also, root should get any mails, they should be redirected to a common user account. check your /etc/aliases09:36
Olya!helpme | Olya09:36
ubottuOlya, please see my private message09:36
dr_willisOlya: you havent even taken time to read any translated guides...09:36
Olyai just need friend here09:37
Olyawho help me09:37
jattllutz_: thanks. /etc/aliases says:09:37
jattpostmaster:    root09:37
Olyaor friends...09:37
Marvin_im sorry, i dont want to disturb you all now while helping olya...but if anyone got time to help me with a irc question, i would be damn thankfull09:37
llutz_jatt: look for lines starting with root:09:37
Ben64Marvin_: you'd have to ask it first09:37
Ranthor_HarwathI am lost09:37
jattI'm reading procmail man page to see how to configure it09:38
OlyaMarvin, i have tragedion now :(09:38
Ranthor_Harwathjatt: what do you want to achieve09:38
Marvin_thanks ben, is there any way for a private message? its shameful for me09:38
Ben64!pm | Marvin_09:38
ubottuMarvin_: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.09:38
OlyaBen64 and me?09:38
piliakisI have removed pulseaudio from Ubuntu 11.10 and using ALSA together with xfce4-mixer for volume control09:38
jattRanthor_Harwath: http://codepad.org/wl4mTm5U09:38
jattI'm sending mail to root@localhost with postfix, get delivered by it through procmail but doesn't arrive to root09:38
jattwell not me, but apt-listchanges09:39
jattwhich has an option to send the package changes to an email account09:39
piliakishowever whenever I open Bnashee or Rhythmbox and close their windows they disappear into the non-existing volume applet menu of pulseaudio09:39
Olyaext3grep not work for me09:39
Marvin_im not guy who just works and expect help, so i ask if you are fine with a noob question...but im kinda newe here09:39
piliakisis there a way to stop that or work around it?09:39
llutz_could someone pls remove that troll, thanks09:40
auronandace!undelete | Olya09:40
ubottuOlya: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery - Recovering deleted files on !ext3 filesystems can be virtually impossible, although methods that might work is some cases are described at at http://www.xs4all.nl/~carlo17/howto/undelete_ext3.html and http://projects.izzysoft.de/trac/ext3undel09:40
jatthm procmail doesn't seem to have a configuration file?09:40
shadowe989!attitude| Olya09:40
ubottuOlya: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines09:40
Ben64Marvin_: yeah, just ask. you don't need to ask to ask or explain you're new or anything.09:40
llutz_jatt: do you have procmail installed?09:40
dr_willistime to use backups...09:40
Marvin_thanks ben...09:40
jattllutz_: yes09:41
OlyaShadowe HELP PLEASE!09:41
jpdsOlya: Мы, к сожалению, не знаем как помочь вам.09:41
Marvin_i just cant control a irc client09:41
shadowe989!helpme | Olya09:41
ubottuOlya: Avoid following your questions with a trail of "Please, help me", "Can nobody help me?", "I really need this!", and so on. This just contributes to making the channel unreadable. If you are not answered, ask again later; but see also !repeat and !attitude09:41
Marvin_actually i use a firefox addon to come here09:41
Marvin_how can i connecd to other servers, exept freenode and quakenet ..09:42
CaptAnonWhy can't I ads things to the menu bar09:42
Ben64Marvin_: the best way would be to get a real irc client, like xchat09:42
llutz_jatt: /etc/procmailrc  is the config09:42
CaptAnonMan unity has made It really hard to do anything09:42
piliakisI have removed pulseaudio from Ubuntu 11.10 and using ALSA together with xfce4-mixer for volume control09:42
werderMarvin_: xchat is very nice...09:43
piliakishowever whenever I open Bnashee or Rhythmbox and close their windows they disappear into the non-existing volume applet menu of pulseaudio09:43
piliakisis there a way to stop that or work around it?09:43
Marvin_im damn shameful, but my actual os is windows 7...im also using ubuntu but just right now windows 709:43
Marvin_xchat, thanks alot mate!09:43
Marvin_xchat also working here on ubuntu ?09:43
jattllutz_: I see, ubuntu doesn't provide a sample file, the syntax seems complicated I will check it maybe I need to configure it so I get mail from root09:44
werderMarvin_: have no fear, xchat works on Windows and GNU/Linux09:44
jattI mean to root09:44
Marvin_thanks werder!09:44
CaptAnonHow do I add a launcher to unity?09:44
dr_willisneed xchat for android. ;)09:44
Marvin_i want to use it at both, because windows is only my gaming os09:45
werderdr_willis: that is so very much the truth.09:45
=== Gskellig is now known as Gskellig|sleep
Marvin_android, easy...on my mobile phone :)09:45
llutz_jatt: add "root:  yourusername" to /etc/aliases and run "newaliases" as root then. "postfix reload"09:45
dr_willisbetter.. weechat on android09:45
Ben64my phone carrier blocks irc :(09:45
llutz_dr_willis: whats wrong with andchat?09:46
Marvin_thanks all...you are damn helpful here09:46
dr_willisllutz_:  it has issues for my phone.09:46
Marvin_didnt expect this09:46
werderBen64: those bastards.09:46
llutz_dr_willis: time to buy a new phone :)09:46
Ben64werder: exactly09:46
Marvin_dont buy a wasted apple ;-)09:47
dr_willisllutz_:  6mo till i can upgrade09:47
werderman, fsck phone contracts09:47
jattllutz_: thank will try it now. I checked and mail to my username arrives correctly to localhost09:48
llutz_Marvin_: i said phone, not "hip girly gadget"09:48
llutz_jatt: so you are missing the root alias09:48
dr_willisllutz_:  going to get a pink samsung note..... ;)09:48
=== iqpi_ is now known as iqpi
Marvin_samsung ftw...makes good phones09:48
llutz_dr_willis: send us a picture when you unbox it :) sry OT09:49
Ranthor_Harwathubuntu unity is so weird09:49
AirborneCalavryHi,cannot download SPE ( stani's Pthyon Editor) or any other Python IDE off Software centre, Cannot connect to Internet and i have changed sources,and keep saying after not trusted packages09:49
werderMarvin_: you mean except my intercept pos09:49
CaptAnonDoes anyone here like unity?09:49
Ranthor_HarwathI really hate it09:49
Marvin_sorry, my english09:49
fidelCaptAnon: is that question any helpful?09:49
Marvin_im not your zoned like09:50
dr_willisCaptAnon: works fine. with some tweaking09:50
boba88i have another question regarding drivers for projectors under linux? For example if i need a projector driver interface that I can use to control projectors from within an application i develop...09:50
shadowe989CaptAnon, I actually like it... as long as my programs I need work then I'm not picky.09:50
Marvin_area i mean*09:50
koppeI have a couple of external harddrives (USB), and get "systmedisc not found" if I try to boot with them connected.  Can I install GRUB on them in some way (eg. chainloader) so that I can boot Linux normally?09:50
CaptAnonfidel, how is that response helpful? How do you tweek it dr_willis09:50
Ranthor_Harwaththe menus are on top windows are somewhere  else09:50
boba88do you know such sources?09:50
fidelCaptAnon: thats a question pointing out that you dont like unity. which is ok - but its not a helpful question ;)09:51
koppeI have Windows on /sda1 and Linux on sdb1.  GRUB is installed on sda (but finds stuff in sdb1)09:51
Marvin_werder? you dont accept pm? i just tried...09:51
jattllutz_: thanks. it is working perfectly now after adding the alias. So ubuntu/postfix doesn't allow any direct mail to root? as security measure?09:51
fidelCaptAnon: there are alternatives like gnome3, xfce etc in case unity is not the solution you like09:51
dr_willisCaptAnon:  dozens of guides out there. see webupd8 and askubuntu.com09:51
CaptAnonI remember getting ubuntu for the first time about 2 or 3 years ago, and the main think I liked was that I could customise everything, and now that is gone. and I don't know what is left09:51
Ranthor_Harwathjatt dont use postfix just mail command?09:52
werderMarvin_: sorry I'm on irssi and I still don't know how to work this thing09:52
jattyes I use mail to test mails09:52
Ranthor_HarwathI want file edit view menus on the window not somewhere else09:52
llutz_jatt: yes, in general root should never read mails. they always should be forwarded to a common useraccount. its a security thing09:52
jattMTA is postfix tho09:52
AirborneCalavryHi,cannot download SPE ( stani's Pthyon Editor) or any other Python IDE off Software centre, Cannot connect to Internet and i have changed sources,and keep saying after not trusted packages09:52
werderMarvin_: am I not accepting pms?09:52
Ranthor_Harwathjatt : if it is local client, use mail command09:52
Marvin_oki, but then tell me how you mark my name at least, i always get a pop up when you message me09:52
jattllutz: alright, thanks again09:52
Marvin_no...its says pm's are not allowed to this user09:53
llutz_jatt: postfix should have asked you at installation about this09:53
dr_willisunity is a work in progress..10:00
llutz_AdvoWork: but if that is a usergroup, you better create a new group and add all users you need to have access to this group. chgrp directory to this new group too10:00
dr_willis12.# gains a lot of things. patience.10:01
shadowe989yeah unity / gnome 3 is new stuff... give it time for the developers to switch over.10:01
=== novikane is now known as Guest9987
CaptAnonRanthor_Harwath,  I agree, it's like they took the bad stuff from windows and the bad stuff from ubuntu and mashed them together10:01
Ben64_D3take that verizon, got past your  irc block10:01
werderwait wtf just happened with all the users joining? Does everyone just script to join at 10 AM GMT?10:02
burazrockhi all,i have problems with my nvidia card.it is a g105m. I tryed to install ppa (xswat) to upgrade automaticcaly drivers but when install driver current, after grub the screen stands black. So i remove ppa and now driver nouveau is running, but when i try to install drivers proprietry with jockey it crashs during the installation and after reboot screen is black after grub...what can i do?if it is possible i would10:02
burazrocklatest video driver.thanks10:02
Ben64!netsplit | werder10:02
ubottuwerder: netsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit10:02
shadowe989yeah netsplits happen10:02
Ranthor_HarwathCaptAnon: I checked the documentation, but can't be comfortable with the unity10:02
CaptAnondr_willis, Why did they remove gnome 2, that worked great, and if you like unity things you could add docky which also worked, but unity is just horrible, it has no redeeming features10:02
werderBen64: thanks mate!10:03
=== ryan is now known as Guest88067
dr_willisgnome devs killed gnome2 CaptAnon10:03
=== root is now known as Guest41643
CaptAnonI spend time learning how to use gnome how to set things up they way I like it, and then they just change it at the drop of a hat.10:04
shadowe989you can use gnome 2 on Ubuntu 11.10. Theres some tutorials on google.10:04
shadowe989Gnome is just a small part of ubuntu, it can be replaced like anything else.10:04
=== Guest88067 is now known as TheAncientGoat
CaptAnonWhat is the main part of ubuntu?10:05
dr_willisgnome2 had issues also.. but thats basically OT.10:05
fidelCaptAnon: the point in sw is always - it will never stay forever the way you learn it at a certain point in time ;)10:05
damo22CaptAnon, the kernel and apt-get10:05
CaptAnonsw? fidel10:05
fideland there are tons of alternatives to unity - and many ppl might even dislike the things unity brought ... but thats the way it is. use it - or get something else10:05
fidelsw = software10:06
CaptAnonok apt-get works very well, pity there are no good programs to install with it10:06
dr_willisranting gets you no where10:06
damo22CaptAnon, define good programs10:06
Ranthor_Harwathapt-get is really nice10:07
CaptAnonones that are easy to use not buggy and serve there purpose10:07
llutz_CaptAnon: stop trolling10:07
shadowe989everything on the software center is on apt-get... software center is basically a frontend for apt-get.10:07
fidelCaptAnon: well then use another os and ...yeah stop trolling ;)10:07
* dr_willis waits for an actual support question.10:07
damo22how do i automatically send a message to someone on irc when they come online ?10:08
CaptAnonI've been using ubuntu for the last 3 years, but unity has really really annoyed me and now I cant go back.10:08
dr_willisdamo22:  depends on the irs client. or use msgserv  service10:08
shadowe989CaptAnon, you can go back. Google how to install gnome 2 on it.10:08
dr_willisgnome2 is dead. time to move on.10:08
fidelCaptAnon: dude you can jump away from unity in several ways10:09
fidelwe even mentioned those ways already10:09
dr_willistheres some gnome2ish thangs for gnome-shell in the works :)10:09
CaptAnonwill try10:09
shadowe989CaptAnon, Linux is a modular OS. If you don't like it, change it.10:09
damo22dr_willis, how do i use msgserv10:10
dr_willis   /msg msgserv help    or was it memoserv10:11
dr_willispeople tend to overlook it.10:11
llutz_shadowe989: surprising news in a time people change distro because they dislike the default wallpaper :(10:12
dr_willisits memoserv   ;)10:12
JLucwhy have PDFs different icons ?10:12
JLucSometime its Adobes A,10:13
dr_willisthumbnails.. perhaps10:13
JLucsometime its a miniature10:13
shadowe989llutz, hahaha10:13
JLucwhatdo you mean dr_willis ?10:13
dr_willisif file is so big it uses the Adobe icon instead. to save loading a big file10:13
dr_willisless then 10mb -- thumbnail. over 10mb = use adobe icon10:13
dr_willisi think its 10mb.10:13
dr_willisits the same for other files also. its a gnome file manager setting10:14
tralreHow many here are software developers?10:14
JLucmine are all smaller than 10 Mo10:14
JLucand the As are not smaller10:15
=== Varazir_ is now known as Varazir
dr_willismay be 5mb or 1 mb.. i dont recall the #10:15
damo22tralre: i develop software, in my own tme10:15
tralredamo22: if you don't mind me asking, where are you from?10:15
dr_willissmaller A as in less resources needed.10:15
hoijuii want to print a PDF, but the print dialog is too large (x-axis/height), so the OK button is not on the screen anymore (netbook)10:16
JLuci have a 5Mo PDF with miniature and a 1.8Mo with Adobes A10:16
dr_willishoijui:  use alt-click to drag the window up...10:16
overcluckerJLuc: does alt + drag not work?10:16
tralresee im from the US, but i want to find a software developer job in Germany10:16
llutz_hoijui: just press enter10:17
JLucyes it changes them into miniature overclucker10:17
SerythIf I wanted wine 1.3.36 rather than 1.3.28, (which is in the repo) would I have to build from source?10:17
Ranthor_HarwathHello I am losing windows on the workspace10:17
hoijui<dr_willis>, does not work.. it does not allow me to pull the dialog out on top, over the border10:17
werderoverclucker! a hyperactive chicken?10:17
JLucthen its just because the system has forgotten to miniature them !10:17
Ranthor_Harwathis there any other way to find it other than the alt tab10:18
overcluckerwerder: chicken with increased cluck rate10:18
JLucAMOF i'm not sure i prefer miniature...10:18
hoijuillutz_, also does not work, cause the element on focus is the "choose printer" drop-box, not the ok button10:18
Lintdr_willis, he means modal dialog bound to its parent10:18
JLucsince there is a lot of different file types in that folder10:18
Lintnew "feature" of metacity10:19
JLucand the red A is clearyly visible10:19
hoijui(btw, i am using xubuntu)10:19
hoijuii mean.. the xfce desktop thing10:19
llutz_hoijui: write a bugreport, they should redesign their dialog-boxes10:19
hoijuito whom?10:19
overcluckerJLuc: alt srag should minimize it too, but isn't the point to click a button? you maximize it again afterwards10:19
Linthoijui, and you cannot drag it by holding down alt and dragging by empty regions in it?10:20
hoijuiyou know.. i have to print my pdf ;-)10:20
damo22hoijui, you can press enter to print10:20
hoijuiLint, ahhh that works :D thanks10:20
hoijuidamo22, no i can not, cause ok is not default on focus10:20
damo22hoijui, tab to different focus10:21
hoijuii tried draggign with alt+tittlebar, that did not work10:21
* Lint hates clueless gtk developers10:21
hoijuiyeah i can tab the focus10:21
hoijuibut i have to do that blindly10:21
llutz_hoijui: lpr foo.pdf10:21
Lintevery widget library that allows dialogs larger than screen should be shot10:21
hoijuiit works for me now, using alt+drag on an empty part of the dialog10:22
dr_williscompiz  has a way to shrink a window down also.. but i dont know th ekey combo. and  i bet its not on by default10:22
dr_willisscale plugin perhaps?10:22
SerythIf I wanted wine 1.3.36 rather than 1.3.28, (which is in the repo) would I have to build from source?10:22
ikoniaLint: please keep your comments out10:22
dr_willisalt-click-anywhere drag.. should move..10:22
hoijuii cant use commadn line tool, cause the pdf is shown in a browser, and has stuff in it which i can not save (only print)10:22
hoijuiwell.. problem is notw solved for me.. bnut..10:22
hoijuithat is surely no general solution10:22
dr_willisi use the alt-click drag thing on the netboolk all the time.10:23
hoijuino user would figure that out by himself10:23
damo22hoijui, wget httpofpdf  ; lpr pdf10:23
CaptAnonon the software center the comments say that compiz causes 11.10 to crash, can anyone confirm this?10:23
hoijuihmm.. yeah it woudl have been handy in other situations too10:23
dr_willisive had similer issues on windows.10:23
overcluckerI haven't needed alt+drag since i changed to a tiling wm10:23
dr_willis'kdesizer' on windows gives it a similer alt-click-drag feature10:23
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
hoijuithat should be an extra window button (next to close, minimize,mazimize)10:24
dr_willisbadly coded apps/dialogs are bad. :)10:24
hoijuiwhere.. when the window size can not be changed, and does not fit on the screen, one can force-add a scrollbar10:24
=== Guest30488 is now known as faitz
hoijuiwell.. thanks all of you :-)10:25
dr_willisyears of computer science and r&d and GUI design,, and we still have cruddy dialog boxs way to many times.10:25
dr_willisI remember some better on my Amiga then what i see on windows and linux at times.10:25
* dr_willis is old.10:25
lukasz_hello :-)10:27
overcluckerdevelopers should get over the notion that windows must have a fixed minimum size10:27
tralrewindows is especially horrible with some of their windows having a tiny MAXIMUM size10:27
tralrelike for setting environment variables10:27
* tralre shakes head10:27
hoijuiyeah... problem is that many devs today use dual-24-inch screens when deving10:28
lolcat^I use a 46" LED for deving10:28
mr_pauseDoes anyone here managed to connect to a virtualbox "internal network" using 11.10 ?10:28
hoijuiYOU are to blame!10:28
tralreme too!10:28
tralrei never watch tv. bought an hdtv for computer10:28
damo22lolcat^, what is your native resolution10:29
lukasz_hey, I've encountered a strange problem - grub installs fine, but my laptop won't boot from hard drive, but when I boot from live CD and then select boot from first hard drive, grub's menu appears without problems, does anybody know what could be the problem?10:29
lolcat^damo22: 1080p10:29
damo22lolcat^, what is 1080p in pixels10:30
overcluckerlukasz_: likey cause would be grub not properly installing to mbr10:30
mr_pauseOr, if noone got that precious knowledge, i'm looking for a way to reset networking the hardest way possible (networking restart doesn't work)10:30
lolcat^damo22: 1920x1080 I belive10:30
SerythI think I removed the ubuntu software center O.o10:31
lolcat^mr_pause: Pull the plug, and restart10:31
MasterOfDisastermr_pause: um... reboot?10:31
damo22lolcat^, my mbp does that10:31
lolcat^mr_pause: Or if you want to do something difficult: reset it with a bat, then reasemble it10:31
dalek_Is it impossible to send files between clients on a LAN using empathy if one is running empathy 2.34.0 and the other is using empathy 2.32.1?10:31
gener1cjust installed proftpd10:31
mr_pauselolcat^: I mean, maybe reset configuration or something10:32
gener1ci am trying to configure quotas, already made a ftpquota.limittab10:32
mr_pauseBecause it worked before, but not anymore10:32
mr_pauseSo something must've fucked up somewhere10:32
gener1cand added a line to the /etc/proftpd/proftpd.confid as such10:32
=== DamaswcusVG|afk is now known as DamascusVG
gener1c QuotaLimitTable file:/usr/local/ftpd/ftpquota.limittab10:33
overcluckerlukasz_: do you get a grub menu at without cd?10:33
gener1cbut  the quota wont work10:33
dalek_is the file transfer part of empathy 2.34.0 not backwards compatible with earlier versions?10:33
overclucker*at all10:33
gener1cadded  QuotaLimitTable file:/usr/local/ftpd/ftpquota.limittab10:33
tralreHow can I see a list of all the channels on FreeNode if it says it won't let me because it might flood?10:33
lukasz_overclucker: nope, BIOS says that it failed to boot from hard drive10:33
ahhughezcan someone recommend the best way to split a 12GB mpeg into 2GB archive volumes for transportation? should I just tarball it?10:33
llutz_!alis | tralre use to find specific channels10:33
ubottutralre use to find specific channels: alis is a services bot that can help you find channels. Read "/msg alis help list" for help and ask any questions about it in #freenode. Example usage: /msg alis list #ubuntu* or /msg alis list *http*10:33
gener1cadded  QuotaLimitTable file:/usr/local/ftpd/ftpquota.limittab to my proftpd file restarted the server but when i log in as a user and run "quote SITE QUOTA" i get "no quota in effect"10:34
tralreubottu: thx10:34
ubottuYou're welcome! But keep in mind I'm just a bot ;-)10:34
lukasz_overclucker: I thought I forgot to set boot flag on system partition, but it is on, so I don't know what's the matter...10:34
overcluckerlukasz_: from terminal sudo grub-install /dev/sdX10:34
mehdihello every one ??10:34
tralrehi mehdi10:34
ihavnothmehdi: hello10:34
llutz_ahhughez: split -b 2G foo.mpg10:34
damo22overclucker, he might need to mount it first and tell grub-install where the root directory is10:35
lukasz_damo22: I've booted the system on hard drive, but with using live cd in order to access grub10:36
overcluckerdamo22: true, he did say he use cd to boot into the system though10:36
lukasz_damo22: /dev/sda5 ( I don't know if you're still here )10:39
ahhughezllutz - sweet thank you I will try that :)10:40
ahhughezllutz - how can I put it back together?10:40
llutz_ahhughez: cat foo* >> bigfoo.mpg10:40
damo22lukasz_, do you have a separate /boot partition?10:41
SerythThis is a weird question; how can I install the software center from terminal? I had a huge clean up yesterday, but lost some other programs by accident...10:41
=== pothos_ is now known as pothos
lukasz_damo22: nope, only / and /home are seperated10:41
werdergoebbels: seriously bro, change your name.10:41
llutz_ahhughez: md5sum the mpg-file before and after, check sums to be sure it is ok10:41
damo22lukasz_, so youve booted a livecd?10:42
damo22lukasz_, or you booted the hdd using the cd10:42
lukasz_damo22: I've used Live CD, selected option to boot from first hdd so that it enabled be to access grub menu10:43
onasisis there a way to install ubuntu studio as an upgrade to 11.10?10:43
lukasz_damo22: when I tried to boot from hard drive, BIOS said that the attempt failed.10:43
ahhughezllutz, now you're getting me worried.. how could it possibly get corrupted during this process?10:43
lukasz_damo22: ( I don't know if it is important, but I'm using Xubuntu )10:44
=== CtrlAltDel is now known as turbomettwurst
SerythThis is a weird question; how can I install the software center from terminal? I had a huge clean up yesterday, but lost some other programs by accident...10:45
bkerensaSeryth: sudo apt-get install software-center10:45
llutz_ahhughez: "things happen..."10:45
Serythbkerensa: aah, I was trying sudo apt-get install ubuntu-software-center :P10:45
dalek_Is it impossible to send files between clients on a LAN using empathy if one is running empathy 2.34.0 and the other is using empathy 2.32.1?10:46
dalek_is the file transfer part of empathy 2.34.0 not backwards compatible with earlier versions?10:46
damo22lukasz_, so /dev/sda5 is mounted on / and youve booted it?10:46
lukasz_damo22: yup, pretty much10:46
damo22lukasz_, sudo grub-install --root-directory=/ /dev/sda10:46
KrisDouglasSeryth, if you are not sure of the name you can use apt-cache search "keyword" to get the name of the app you want. You can also press tab if you are not sure of the full package name,10:46
=== DamaswcusVG|afk is now known as DamascusVG
KrisDouglasSeryth, by tab I mean apt-get install softw <tab> will autocomplete a few packages for you to choose from.10:47
SerythKrisDouglas: Thanks, didn't know that10:47
KrisDouglasSeryth, :)10:48
=== Info is now known as Stef2
onasishello anyone?10:48
onasisah! thought for a minute i had a ignore on me or something10:49
werdernope. ask away.10:49
onasisis there a way to install ubuntu studio as an upgrade to 11.10?10:50
ikoniaonasis: standard upgrade process10:50
ikonia!upgrade > onasis10:50
ubottuonasis, please see my private message10:50
lukasz_damo22: it said no errors reported, I'm going to give it a try and boot it without cd :-)10:50
c31r2ghi ikonia10:50
goebbelswerder: sorry. this is my friends shell and he gave me this name so it was defaulted in irssi10:50
onasisok well i dont know much about ubuntu10:51
onasisthats why im asking10:51
=== goebbels is now known as Pekka
=== mydokumen is now known as ganteng
werderonasis: not really. Ubuntu studio is a weird hybrid of gnome2 and xfce right now10:52
werderPekka: its ok. history is a biatch10:52
Pekkatrue true10:52
onasiscause when i put the dvd in of ubuntu studio it does come up with an upgrade option but then comes up with an error10:52
JLucIs there a way to use wildcards character in the searchbox in nautilus ?10:53
=== _ruben_ is now known as _ruben
gener1cthe file exists (i made it) and ftpquota shows my configs like they should look in that file , but i just cant seem to be able to make this bugger use it...10:53
werderonasis: you can download the packages in Ubunut Studio in the Software Center but you can't upgrade10:53
gantengkenalan donk10:53
gener1cadded  QuotaLimitTable file:/usr/local/ftpd/ftpquota.limittab to my proftpd file restarted the server but when i log in as a user and run "quote SITE QUOTA" i get "no quota in effect"10:53
lukasz_damo22: nope, it still said it failed to boot -.-10:54
onasisah thanks werder10:54
onasisthats all i need to know10:54
damo22lukasz_, you sure bios says boot HD0 not HD110:54
onasisgonna probably backup everything and start again anyways as im gonna have a treble boot osx/win7/ubuntu studio10:55
werderonasis: not bad, not bad at all.10:55
damo22onasis, probably better to use osx as host and run others in VM10:55
werderonasis: also, speaking of historical figures, are you named after aristotle onassis?10:56
onasisi like ubuntu, its really nice10:56
karim_ubuntu is the best os10:57
onasisi just got the nickname when i went to greece, as per jackie onasis swimming near the onasis island10:57
werderonasis: pretty cool.10:57
onasisonly thing i would like to see with ubuntu is more support from audio apps, protools, ableton live, reason etc10:58
onasisand some really pro video editing software10:58
damo22onasis: complain to avid for not having linux release10:58
krasnozeris it possible to disable the notifications bubbles ?10:58
onasisdamo22 i wont waste my breath i think! lol!10:58
karim_i would have known a software who allow me to stock the pass word  put in my computer11:00
werderkarim_: keepass11:01
qw-Russianhelp me please11:03
onasisis there a reliable way to backup a disk to dvd on ubuntu?11:03
lukasz_damo22: I only have one hdd in my laptop11:04
werderonasis: not sure what you mean11:04
=== CAP1016 is now known as craws
DJones!ask | qw-Russian11:04
ubottuqw-Russian: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:04
qw-Russiani am install kubuntu 10.04 LTS after installation i am upgrade my system from 12.04 but after upgrade system is not started maybe started but i am not see write me system in the monitor11:05
qw-Russianhelp me please11:05
gantengyang cwek kenalan donk11:06
werderonasis: are you trying to put files and stuff on a dvd?11:06
llutz_qw-Russian: #ubuntu+1 for that11:06
DJonesqw-Russian: If you've upgraded to the development version of 12.04, can you ask the question in #ubuntu+1 which is the support channel for it, until the final version is released in April11:07
craws=¯¯¯¯whats ?¯¯¯¯=11:07
Ben64craws: stop with the weird characters11:07
craws=¯¯¯¯my ubuntu is ok¯¯¯¯=11:07
llutz_craws: stop that please11:07
Ranthor_Harwathwhats tath11:07
Ranthor_Harwathsorry what is that 'things'11:07
craws=¯¯¯¯lammer in irc usage autocolor¯¯¯¯=11:08
llutz_craws: stop that11:08
Ben64craws: speak normally without the lame unicode art11:08
c31r2gBen64 what is this unicode art u said???11:09
Ben64c31r2g: look at the characters around what craws is saying11:09
=== mehdi is now known as black-agent
=== black-agent is now known as mehdi
c31r2ghow do they appear11:10
Ben64he types them or something11:10
llutz_childish mirc user i'd guess11:10
Ranthor_Harwathit is a plugin for mirc11:10
Ranthor_HarwathI assume11:10
Ben64correct, its called ircap11:10
damo22its called "=" + String + "="11:11
werderI don't see nothin.11:11
llutz_however its called, its unwanted here11:12
gener1ccome on11:14
qw-Russianhelp please ^(11:14
gener1cno one uses proftpd on ubuntu ? :(11:14
llutz_qw-Russian: #ubuntu+1 for that11:14
qw-Russiani am sit but not answer for me11:15
llutz_qw-Russian: you won't get help here for anything 12.04 related11:15
gener1cadded  QuotaLimitTable file:/usr/local/ftpd/ftpquota.limittab to my proftpd file restarted the server but when i log in as a user and run "quote SITE QUOTA" i get "no quota in effect"11:16
llutz_qw-Russian: you installed alpha-software, you broke stuff, you lose11:16
qw-Russianme answer quote : <Fai1ure> qw-Russian: install kubuntu 10.04 again, and don't upgrade to 12.04 :)11:16
qw-Russiani have one question ^11:16
deskduckHello and good evening people, I have a functioning conky script http://pastebin.com/p3b6FMA5 i just want to add seconds and want to place time below date, any suggestions? It is better if you can give me a modified script via pastebin.11:16
qw-Russianand is it possible how  without a refixturing ?11:16
gener1ci didnt install alpha i didnt break anything and the proftpd channel is dead , plus google wont help me11:17
gener1cqw-Russian: go to ubuntu+111:17
qw-Russiangener1c, i am sit but not answer11:17
boba88does anyone know of an SDK for controlling projectors?11:18
gener1ci am sit aswell but no answer anywhere11:18
boba88what image to be projected etc11:18
gener1cpico projector sdk11:18
camer0nhi there, i screwed up and accidently "rm /etc/*" rather than "m etc/*". I can no longer sudo, can some one please help11:19
boba88gener1c: will it support proxima ultralight x350?11:19
crizzycamer0n: recover from backups11:19
gener1cgoogle it11:19
gener1cno idea here11:19
camer0ncrizzy:  I don't believe i have backups of the /etc files11:19
gener1cid backup the firmware and try it , whats the worst that could happen11:20
crizzythen you're in trouble11:20
Ben64camer0n: well you broke it... time to reinstall!11:20
gener1che can use a livecd11:20
Ben64camer0n: by the way, why would you want to "m /etc/*"11:20
camer0ngener1c: have tried googling, but i apparently need to limit to single user and cannot perform the command: "sudo: unknown uid: 1000"11:20
gener1cand cp the /etc file from it11:20
camer0nBen64: oops, "rm etc/*11:21
Ben64gener1c: that will only partially work11:21
llutz_gener1c: that won't work for most things11:21
gener1cthats better than reinstall tho :P11:21
Ben64camer0n: well why were you running that as root?11:21
gener1con the other had its not11:22
gener1con a second thought*11:22
llutz_camer0n: you can try to use a testdisk live-cd and use photorec to get your files back.11:22
Ben64it will be missing shadow, group files and stuff11:22
camer0nBen64: some how i a folder got copied to a weird place, and in the folder, there was a copy of the /etc. i was just trying to restore it back. i think a script has gone awry11:22
Ben64won't be able to log in as his user anymore11:22
gener1canyways does anybody here have a clue on how to make file quotas work on proftpd?!11:22
deskduckCan I request you to share a conky script with me?11:22
boba88gener1c: it is not free i guess :)11:23
Ben64camer0n: well in the future be very careful with sudo and root permissions11:23
karim_i dont understand the topic?11:23
camer0nllutz_:will photorec restore any file?11:23
llutz_camer0n: yes11:23
camer0nBen64: yeah, it was a slip in typing.11:23
llutz_camer0n: at least, it tries11:23
deskduckCan I request you to share a conky script with me?11:23
camer0nllutz_: i assume it's a once of as i imagine i won't be able to log back in after i shut down? i am currently only connected via ssh11:24
purplefoollet me know if i am in the wrong chat plz.  have an ENGTS450 graphic card, but when installed i get no gui.  it hangs for a bit and then tells me no chipset was found.  how do i correct this?11:24
llutz_camer0n: true11:24
deskduckCan I request you to share a conky script with me?11:25
camer0ni have a raid setup for other data.. how do i ensure that i don't lose it?11:25
Ben64camer0n: did you do rm -fr or just rm?11:25
camer0nBen64: just rm11:25
camer0nben: camer0n@soap:~$ sudo rm /etc*11:26
camer0nBen64: camer0n@soap:~$ sudo rm /etc*11:26
Ben64btw, nobody else run that ^11:26
camer0noops... it was /etc/*11:27
Ben64camer0n: you can restore from livecd, then manually fix shadow and groups11:27
camer0nBen64: is that using the photorec that was mentioned before by llutz ?11:27
Ben64camer0n: nah, just pop in livecd and copy /etc/* over11:28
kapzHi I have two Ubuntu 11.10 desktops connected via Wired LAN through a router but I am getting a transfer speed on only 4 MB/S :( The pc's are only 15 feet away...connecting through nautilus FTP server11:28
Ranthor_Harwathkapz: is it sata? and which files11:29
rabbi1how to mount a pendrive in terminal ?11:29
camer0nBen64: much appreciated. i will download the image now11:29
camer0nthanks everyone else that helped11:29
kapzYes modern dekstops with SATA drives...transferring my movie files11:29
Waltherrabbi1: lsusb to list the drives11:29
Ranthor_Harwathkazp: sudo su mii-tool11:30
onasisdoes anyone think any of the big audio companies will release linux versions, avid, apple, propellerheads, steinberg?11:30
rabbi1Walther: thankyou, before that, as soon i inserted the drive it sais sd 9:0:0:0: [sdc] Assuming drive cache: write through " what is this ?11:30
Ranthor_Harwathare they 100 mbit or smt11:30
kapzRanthor_Harwath, i get this output: Unknown id: mii-tool11:31
Ranthor_Harwathkapz: sorry sudo mii-tool please11:31
Waltherrabbi1: mkdir mountpoint && sudo mount /dev/sdc mountpoint11:31
onasisis the audio side of linux/ubuntu superior to windows and osx?11:31
Waltheronasis: depends on the hardware and the drivers11:32
rabbi1Walther: ok11:32
onasiswalther so is there a recomended setup?11:32
c31r2gdo everyone use here ubuntu??11:33
Ben64c31r2g: this is an ubuntu channel, so probably11:33
Waltherc31r2g: most probably11:33
Waltheronasis: what are your aims?11:33
kapzRanthor_Harwath, eth0: negotiated 100baseTx-FD flow-control, link ok11:33
onasisive had little to no experience with ubuntu on the audio side, but ive heard people talk about latency in ubuntu is an issue?11:33
onasismy aims is to have a rock solid recording system11:34
onasisand a rock solid video editing suite11:34
damo22onasis, in my opinion you cant get better than protools and all the waves plugins but you cant run them in linux11:34
Ranthor_Harwathkapz: on both nodes? and I assume you are transfering big files, not some little conf. files11:34
onasisdamo22 yes i agree i have a protools hd system running with a hackintosh11:35
damo22onasis, i hope you are running the vanilla kernel11:35
kapzRanthor_Harwath, they are MOVIE files so yeah they are big11:35
onasisbut it is obvious to me that everything that osx is, it has got from linux11:35
in0culahi, i have AWUS036H wifi card USB, when i'm connecting to AP for few seconds i download at full speed but the the speed drop and remain low speed , is there a way to set the driver to work at max speed?11:35
damo22onasis: it is freebsd renamed11:35
onasisyes, i run myhack11:36
Ranthor_Harwathkapz: maximum speed on 100mbit is like 12 MB per seconds11:36
rabbi1how can i recover X from the terminal ?11:36
Ranthor_Harwathkapz: it should be ftp client/server related or there is a bottleneck on the disks or network.11:36
damo22onasis: you already have the pci card for protools its not supported in linux why bother with it11:36
onasisdamo22 this is all stuff i dont know, thats why im here asking11:37
ubottuThis is not a file sharing channel (or network); be sure to read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».11:37
Ranthor_Harwathkapz: you can install systat stuff and check the i/o with iostat command11:37
=== Twinkletoes_ is now known as Twinkletoes
kapzRanthor_Harwath, it's a simple network of only two PC's! through a pronet wireless router however the pc's are connected by wired lan...how can I improve?11:37
damo22onasis, you already have protools HD what more do you want? lol11:38
onasisjust dreaming of a linux specific protools setup11:38
onasisdamo22 a more solid system! lol!11:38
rabbi1Walther: sir, if i can restore my X, i don't need to do all this and take back up, is there anyway i can do it ?11:38
ikoniaonasis: mac is the best pro-tools platform you can get.11:38
Ranthor_Harwathkapz: are you 100% percent sure, if the data is over wired. how is the route table11:38
damo22ikonia, word11:38
Ranthor_Harwathyou should ensure the transport over the wired11:39
kapzRanthor_Harwath, I am 100% sure about the hardware setup....but I don't know jack about the software side..thanks11:39
damo22onasis, if you want rock solid protools performance, buy a real mac and dont rip any plugins buy everything11:39
c31r2ghi kapz11:39
craws=¯¯¯¯cia friends fuck lamma¯¯¯¯=11:40
kapzhello c31r2g11:40
gpartedgparted ignores my usb external hard drive....why is that?11:40
Emerald_FiannaHi all, two quick questions. I have a hp laptop that's a few years old and I installed 11.10 on it. Now the battery says it's full but when I disconnect the mains it says that the battery is critical, I don't know what could be causing this?11:40
Ranthor_Harwathkapz: you can use somekind of network bandwith meter stuff to check the nw util11:40
c31r2gnice to see ya kapz11:40
openbeeshow to add force quit option in ubuntu 11.1011:41
shadowe989that craws guy was in the ##Linux channel too...11:42
damo22onasis, i know for a fact that using non standard mac kernels can screw up stability11:42
Emerald_FiannaCan anyone point me in the right direction for my battery problem?11:42
shadowe989askubuntu.com or the ubuntu forums11:42
Ranthor_Harwathemarald : I dont think that is a ubuntu problem, your battery seems to be dead11:42
shadowe989im not good with linux laptops... sorry =(11:42
shadowe989Ranthor_Harwath, I dunno about that tbh Linux doesn't have all the apci features like Windows. Cann. said next update they'll improve battery life.11:44
Emerald_FiannaRanthor_Harwath: I only installed 11.10 yesterday and before that I was running windows 7 and the battery was giving me about two hours?11:44
Emerald_Fiannashadowe989: so they'll be improving it on next update?11:45
shadowe989Emerald_Fianna, with regards to power savings Ubuntu 12.04 will use less power but11:45
shadowe989Emerald_Fianna, I'm not sure if that will fix you're issue. You should ask on a forum where a lot of people will see your question.11:46
NuHi I'm VERY new to Ubuntu. I'm using the easy Firewall, but every time I close the program, it turns off. Any advice?11:46
rabbi1my ubuntu is in Matrix's Train Station, help me out ... please.........11:46
shadowe989Emerald_Fianna, There might be a setting or a patch you can use. Laptops and Linux... Always had a little trouble.11:46
Ranthor_HarwathI dunno, my laptop is ok with ubutun,even better that XP. 7  is another story11:46
kapzmoving on another question, I have ubuntu 11.10 and I installed gnome-shell on it, now all is fine except that the window has only close button, maximize and minimize are not visible, help please11:46
=== Chotaz_ is now known as Chotaz
Emerald_Fiannashadowe989: Thanks, I'll look online and see what I can find.11:47
shadowe989Ranthor_Harwath, Yea its due to the drivers and such... thats why I want to buy a linux laptop instead of get a windows one so I know the drivers are in good order.11:48
shadowe989Emerald_Fianna, Good luck11:48
kbotnen_Hi, is there any documentation on how I can interact with the indicator-session? I want to turn the gear-icon red after Ive run some code.11:48
Nu I'm using the easy Firewall, but every time I close the program, it turns off. Any advice?11:49
ikoniaNu: close which program ?11:49
Ranthor_Harwathis there any linux laptops other than US11:49
Ranthor_Harwathhere none11:50
ikoniaRanthor_Harwath: what ?11:50
Nuikonia The Ubuntu firewall11:50
shadowe989Ranthor_Harwath, I have a list, give me a sec.11:50
ikoniaNu: ubuntu firewall runs in the background11:50
=== ruben_varnish is now known as huayra
NuWhen I close the window, it turns off11:50
Ranthor_Harwathin my country there is no linux laptop anymore, once there were asus ee pc11:51
NuIf I open the program, it says off, then I turn it on, and close the window, and it goes off by itself11:51
ikoniaNu: it shouldn'd do, ufw is not a "gui", there is a gui to manage it but ufw is "iptables" running in the background11:51
ikoniaRanthor_Harwath: download ubuntu and put it on your laptop11:51
donbrohello, how do I change my bluetooth DUN apn?11:51
shadowe989Ranthor_Harwath,  http://mcelrath.org/laptops.html11:51
rabbi1Walther: cannot create any directory, Real-only file system11:51
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Ranthor_Harwathikania :  the topic is not that, I am already using ubuntu on laptop11:52
kapzI have ubuntu 11.10 and I installed gnome-shell on it, now all is fine except that the window has only close button, maximize and minimize are not visible, help please11:52
Waltherrabbi1: cd ~/ && makedir mountpoint && mount /dev/sdc ~/mountpoint11:52
kapzshould I uninstall metacity?11:52
shadowe989Ranthor_Harwath, heres a place that sells ubuntu laptops that I been looking at. http://www.system76.com/11:52
donbrohello, how do I change my bluetooth DUN apn?11:53
YanGMhow can I put this Tp-link to work on linux? http://www.tp-link.com.br/products/details/?categoryid=232&model=TL-PS310U11:53
Ranthor_Harwathshadowe989: not to  my country, but thanx11:53
NuThanks ikonia11:54
shadowe989Ranthor_Harwath, aww11:54
YanGManyone can help me?11:54
jatt!es | CAYE11:54
ubottuCAYE: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.11:54
donbroikonia how do I change my bluetooth apn?11:55
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ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo11:55
ikoniadonbro: your what ?11:55
ikoniadonbro: why are you asking me ?11:55
Ranthor_Harwathdonbro: there are lots of conf. file /etc/bluetooth check them11:56
ikoniaif you need help - ask a question11:56
karim_please help me?11:56
ikoniaif you need help - ask a question11:56
YanGMI asked 2 times11:56
ikoniaYanGM: then saying "help" won't get you any further, if someone knows they will respond11:56
Myrtti!es > CAYE11:57
ubottuCAYE, please see my private message11:57
YanGMhow can I put this TP-Link http://www.tp-link.com.br/products/details/?categoryid=232&model=TL-PS310Uto work on linux, 3rd time11:57
shadowe989CAYE, se puede pedir en Inglés? Yo no sé español.11:57
YanGM" http://www.tp-link.com.br/products/details/?categoryid=232&model=TL-PS310U to work11:57
karim_i want understand ubuntu os?11:58
ikoniaYanGM: is that device supported in linux11:58
ikoniakarim_: https://help.ubuntu.com - have a read11:58
shadowe989karim_, best way to learn is to jump in head first11:58
YanGMI printed a doc using cups, but I can't use with my hd11:58
YanGMmy external hd11:58
CAYEqieres rollo11:59
shadowe989karim_, I forced my self to get Linux certified but one way to learn quickly is to remove windows / mac. You learn much faster when you drop the windows / mac way of thinking.11:59
rabbi1Walther: cd~/ : No such file or directory11:59
shadowe989karim_, now the only OS I use is Linux by choice.11:59
CAYEkiero follar12:00
CAYEcontigo zorra12:00
MyrttiCAYE: English, please.12:00
Guest91256Hello guys12:00
shadowe989CAYE, Por favor, hable Inglés.12:00
shadowe989!es | CAYE12:00
ubottuCAYE: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.12:00
CJRamzeHi All, I've got a bit of a problem with PCI 56K modem. if I look at the network cars in Ubuntus GUI it only shows the onboard ethernet. I've run LSPCI and LSHW and it shows the modem (I tried with a USB modem and it showed it there also) But I dont really know how to use it to dial. GnomePPP shows Cannot open /dev/modem no such modem or directory. and when I enter its setup and get it to auto detect the modem it says it cant find the modem. If anyone cou12:01
CJRamzeld help it'd be great as this is the only thing stopping me from only using Windows on my Work PC12:01
CJRamzePastebin - http://paste.ubuntu.com/840275/12:01
CAYEkiero rollo12:02
karim_ok i12:02
zvacetkarim_:  see http://ubuntupocketguide.com/index_main.html12:02
donbroI cant see any bluetooth file where I can edit the apn option!12:03
YanGMIs there any custom firmware for this tp-link TL-PS310U? Because linux isn't founding my external hd connected to it.12:03
ikoniaYanGM: is this device supported by linux yes/no12:03
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donbroI cant see any bluetooth file where I can edit the apn option! Ranthor_Harwath12:04
YanGMoriginally no, but printer function works on linux12:04
ikoniaYanGM: this is not your printer - this is a print server12:04
ikoniaYanGM: is this print server device supported on linux12:04
YanGMI know12:04
donbroI want to change the apn Ranthor_Harwath12:05
ikoniaYanGM: ok, so is this print server device supported on linux yes/no12:05
ikoniaYanGM: then it won't work. Discussion over12:05
YanGMbut if I plug a printer, linux can print12:05
ikoniaYanGM: you are not using the printer - you are using the print server12:06
YanGMI know12:06
donbrocan someone tell me how to change apn of bluetooth dialup networking in ubuntu 11.04?12:06
ikoniaYanGM: it doesn't matter if the printer is supported or not, if the print server is not12:06
YanGMif I put my c4280 on this NAS linux can print on it12:06
YanGMbut I want to share my external hd12:06
=== Guest57543 is now known as Termana
ikoniaYanGM: it's a print server, not a hard disk server12:06
YanGMit is a usb sever12:07
irdxit's a NAS/Printserver12:07
YanGM"The TP-LNK MFP and Storage Server TL-PS310U is ideal for sharing USB connected devices across a home or office..."12:07
ikoniaI'm not seeing how this is an ubuntu issue - the device is not supported by linux12:07
MisterPetHi Guys12:08
shadowe989MisterPet, Hello :)12:08
kapzI have ubuntu 11.10 and I installed gnome-shell on it, now all is fine except that the window has only close button, maximize and minimize are not visible, help please12:08
smookeywe used to be able to resolve our windows domain shares with the help of smbclient (from lucid repo), since upgrade to win 2008 servers the smbclient wont resolve anymore. Is there any other tool to resolve the names (without going up to samba 3.6 or something)12:08
ikoniakapz: that's how gnome shell works12:08
YanGMIf it can print using tp-link, why it can't see my hd?12:08
ikoniakapz: minimise/maximise buttons are not there12:08
kapzikonia, but I have seen them on other distro...12:09
feisarHi, I'm installing Ubuntu on my new netbook and I'd like to encrypt a couple of partitions, /tmp, /home, /swap etc. I was thinking of using luks with cryptsetup etc. is that a supported way of doing things in Ubuntu?12:09
CJRamzekapz: thats how its meant to be I think. Its been like that on mine from day one. You dont need to minimize anything and you double click the task bar to maximise12:09
ikoniakapz: you're not using another distro12:09
kapzikonia, I am talking about MInt, which is based on ubuntu, I have ssen them in it12:10
shadowe989what exactly is the difference between "gnome shell" and gnome? couldn't he just apt-get the gnome meta-package and fix this?12:10
ikoniakapz: mint is different12:10
YanGMgnome shell is the visual made from gnome team for gnome12:10
ikoniakapz: it doesn't matter what other distros are doing, gnome shell does not have maximise/minimise to bar functionality as part of it's configuration, that is not how gnome shell is designed to work12:10
Dr_willisgnome shell is a 'shell' that runs on top of the gnome3 enviroment12:10
MisterPeti have a question..12:10
smookeyAnyone with a clue? :)12:10
shadowe989got it thanks. :)12:10
MisterPethey anybody can help me?12:10
kapzikonia, ok I agree with that, but if they are there then can I enable them in ubuntu as well?12:10
ikoniaMisterPet: just ask12:10
shadowe989yeah no need to ask to ask.12:11
ikoniakapz: mint is a diferent distro with different desktop setup12:11
MisterPeti need know a "easy" language, to start learn . example assembly , C .12:11
gpartedgparted recognizes my usb external hd's size as 10% of its real size...any idea why is that hapenning?12:11
ikoniaMisterPet: try asking in #defocus ##programming or ##linux12:11
MisterPetbut i want desenv in linux.12:11
MisterPetlua ?12:11
ikoniaMisterPet: try asking in #defocus ##programming or ##linux12:11
kapzikonia, I am talking about gnome-shell on mint...but anyway is there any workaround to bring them back? Thanks12:11
MisterPetthx for our repply12:11
shadowe989MisterPet, Python is what I started on then expanded onto C. OT sorry.12:11
ikoniakapz: ask mint12:12
kapzI am on ubuntu!12:12
ikoniakapz: ask mint how they did it12:12
ikoniakapz: then see if that software/technique is compatible with Ubuntu12:12
MisterPetlua is a languaage based in linux?12:12
kapzoh ok.. I doubt if I can ask Q about other distros on Mint channel...12:13
ikoniaMisterPet: try asking in #defocus ##programming or ##linux12:13
smookeyMisterPet: Try python :)12:13
fidelMisterPet: this channel is focused on offering ubuntu-specific help12:13
MisterPetOk ikonia.12:13
ikoniakapz: you're not asking about other distros12:13
ikoniakapz: you're asking how mint uses maximise/minimse with gnome shell12:13
fidelmore or less - thats why this channel isnt the best place to ask programming-focused questions12:13
ikoniakapz: that is relevent to mint12:13
MisterPetthx for help ^12:13
kapzok thanks ikonia :)12:13
ikoniaMisterPet: it's not a problem12:13
fidelMisterPet: keep checking channel topics before you start asking ;)12:14
fidelgood luck with your search12:14
CJRamzeHeres a question, How do I work out what port my 56k modem is on... (For example) /dev/ttys012:14
MisterPetits my first time in IRC, sorry for any.12:14
donbroHello, how can i change bluetooth dial up networking apn on my ubuntu 11.04?12:14
Dr_willisCJRamze:  its a real serial modem?12:14
ikoniaMisterPet: it's not a problem at all12:14
CJRamzeIts PCI12:14
Dr_willisCJRamze:  you could as root do a 'echo "ATDT" > /dev/ttys0      and see if the phone picks up.12:15
Dr_willisCJRamze:  i dont recall much else from my serial modem days.12:15
CJRamzeDr_willis, Thanks I'll try that now12:15
Dr_willisdont do a 'ATDT 1111' :) that can call the emergancy  services.12:16
Dr_willisYou may want to check out other AT codes for the old modems.12:17
CJRamzeDr_willis, Its a PCI one. Basically I cant get Ubuntu to see it in the networking window so I tried Ppp config in terminal to setup the connection manually. It scanned for the PCI modem and couldn't find it so now I have to manually select the modem port in /dev/12:18
Pumpkin-ATZ: Reset, ATA: Answer, ATH/+++: Hangup, ATDT $number: Dial Tone, ATDP $number: Dial Pulse. That is as far as my memory goes.12:19
ZeusCoolhi, i've tried to customize vim with a colorscheme and I've kind of broke it, then i've used: sudo apt-get remove vim, and vim-tiny and sudo apt-get install vim, but now i have just plain vim, no colorschemes at all12:20
midohi 2 all12:20
prasad_hey. can anyone help me in installing unity?12:20
ZeusCoolany help on how to restore vim with colorschemes?12:20
jribZeusCool: explain how you tried to customize vim *exactly*12:20
Gentoo64ZeusCool: no idea how you broke it, did you edit vimrcm or use :colorscheme12:20
melvincvdonbro, I use Bluetooth GPRS, but it's very unreliable.12:21
melvincvoops :D12:21
ZeusCoolI've edited vimrc, and changed desert.vim to somethingeles.vim12:21
prasad_i removed unity and replaced it with gnome shell. Now when i want to switch back to unity apt-get install unity installs unity but i cannot find any softwares in dash12:22
ZeusCoolafter some perl errors appeared, i've changed it back to desert.vim (the colorscheme) and still got the errors12:22
ZeusCoolso I figured out an uninstall / install would restore it12:22
jribZeusCool: you're sure you made no other change?  Pastebin your vimrc and the errorsl12:22
melvincvprasad_, can't we have both Unity and Gnome-shell and choose between them at login? Any advantage to removing Unity?12:22
Dr_willisprasad_:  reinstall the 'ubuntu-desktop' package perhaps.12:23
Dr_willis11.10+ you can have unity and gnome shell both installed and pick from the login screen.12:23
Gentoo64ZeusCool: after you uninstall vim, rm -rf /etc/vim12:23
Gentoo64then reinstall12:23
ZeusCoolGentoo64 >> I've done that12:24
Ranthor_Harwathhow can use gnome shell but not unity, I really dont like unity12:24
prasad_melvincv, there is no use in removing unity, but as i could not get a few things working in unity, i decided to remove it after a few days. now the new lenses are looking cool, and i want to get back12:24
Dr_willisRanthor_Harwath:  what version of ubuntu you got?12:24
kapzDuh...gnome-tweak-tool was the answer....!12:24
ZeusCoolin my /etc/vim i don't have anylonger vimrc, but i have gvimrc12:24
jribZeusCool: you're editing the system-wide vimrc in /etc/vim/ ?  Why aren't you using your user's local ~/.vimrc?12:24
prasad_Ranthor_Harwarth to install gnome shell, you can find it in ubuntu software centre12:25
ZeusCooljrib >> Because I didn't know that :)12:25
melvincvprasad_, Are you on precise pangolin?12:25
jribZeusCool: in the future, do that.  For now, purge and then reinstall vim-common12:25
Ranthor_Harwathdr_willis 11.04 i think12:25
jribZeusCool: actually just purge vim-common and then install your full vim package of choice (since this will get removed)12:26
Dr_willisRanthor_Harwath:  if you want to use unity. you really should upgrade to 11.10 - unity has been much improved.. and in 12.xx its getting even better.12:26
prasad_melvincv iam still on 11.1012:26
rabbi1if i install another ubuntu on the same system, will i be able to get the saved data from the old ubuntu installation12:26
ZeusCooljrib >> thanks, will try now and see how it goes12:26
Dr_willisrabbi1:  yes. if you dont format the partions.12:26
Ranthor_HarwathDescription:Ubuntu 11.1012:26
melvincvI am waiting for 12.04, till then I'm with 11.04 and I'm a fan of Gnome212:26
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=== mint is now known as c31r2g
Dr_willisGnome2 is dead. :) but there is some gnome2-ish theme/projects that use gnome-shell in the works.12:27
prasad_presently iam using gnome 3 along with cinnamon12:27
Ranthor_HarwathDr_Willis: I dont want to use unity, there is no task bar, I lose windows all the time12:27
rabbi1Dr_willis: will see to that, hopefully i won't ...12:27
Dr_willisIf i want an old-skool desktop - ill stick with Lubuntu.12:27
prasad_<Dr_willis> yes. Cinnamon is good in implementing gnome 212:27
Dr_willisRanthor_Harwath:  you can add a dock/panel to it if you want a task bar.12:28
ZeusCoolI get this now: E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)12:28
jribZeusCool: pastebin full input and output (but I have to leave)12:28
melvincvhow stable is MATE for a 'Gnome2 look' project?12:28
Ranthor_Harwath<Dr_willis>: I got some tweaks with compiz, it is not user friendly, yet12:28
Aboodamelvincv: any experience/reviews of Xfce?12:29
prasad_for me mate is good. but if you want a few more animations better go for cinnamon12:29
palnjHey guys, bit of a problem here12:29
prasad_mate is good for older hardware12:29
melvincvAbooda, Yes, I used it for a month, didn't find it as useful as Gnome212:30
shadowe989Abooda, it works... lightweight. Nothing fancy but nothing bad.12:30
ZeusCooljrib >> http://paste.ubuntu.com/840305/12:30
palnjTrying to compile the D-Bus libraries (1.4.16) and I have expat already installed as a dependency, but I get a "make: *** [all]: Error 1" thingy when I do "bash ./configure && make"12:31
Aboodamelvincv: any particular problems? I am thinking of switching purely because I find my present Gnome shell draining on memory, and KDE is an even worse black hole for resources12:31
jribZeusCool: 1) these errors are likely not related (they already existed) 2) don't use sudo if you are already root12:31
melvincvI'm yet to try Lubuntu, but since LXDE is even Linus choice...12:31
jribZeusCool: 3) you didn't do what I said :)  (remove vim-common).  But I have to leave now, sorry.  You should debug your issues with those tex packages first.  Ask here for more help about that12:32
shadowe989Abooda, xfce or lxde are both good. I'm running lxde atm in a VM but I stick with gnome for my main host.12:32
Gentoo64melvincv: i thought it was xfce once.. why copy him lol12:32
prasad_lxde is bit faster than xfce12:32
ZeusCooljrib >> Thanks for the help!12:32
melvincvAbooda, I'd suggest Lubuntu.12:32
prasad_but xfce is packed with features12:32
Dr_willispalnj:  you did install the build-essential package? and all needed -dev packages>12:33
StepNjumpMy optical drive is not found anymore.. used to work fine before... What should I do please?12:33
Dr_willisStepNjump:  put in a data disk, check dmesg output, try mounting it by hand.12:33
melvincvprasad_, what extra features, over Lubuntu?12:33
shadowe989I got a dvd from Linux Pro mag. with 5 versions of ubuntu with xfce and lxde so I'm just messing around with them on VM's. At a glance though I think I like LXDE the most (aside from gnome).12:34
=== christoffer is now known as Guest16647
StepNjumpan audio CD wouldn't work Dr_willis ?12:34
Gentoo64StepNjump: any disc12:34
melvincvAbooda, since you are concerned about performance, like me, try Lubuntu12:34
StepNjumpOh ok...thanks Gentoo64 & Dr_willis12:35
Aboodamelvincv: I might give it a shot ... but what are the downsides to Lubuntu?12:35
Gentoo64Abooda: no unity.. no nice effects12:35
camer0nBen64: have just booted with the livecd, you mentioned something about fixing the  shadow and groups12:36
shadowe989Abooda, yeah basically what he said, its still ubuntu, just not gnome. Your programs will work as they have.12:36
camer0nBen64: just unsure what that means/involves12:36
Ranthor_HarwathDr_willis : thnx for the info, after some googleing I found out12:36
Ranthor_Harwathclassicmenu- indicator12:36
melvincvAbooda, I'm still checking it out, so far so good... I need to know what is there in XFCE that's not there in LXDE?12:36
Ranthor_Harwathreally really nice12:37
Gentoo64Abooda: lubuntu should come with a different set of default (lxde) apps which are lighter then gnome ones, but nothings stopping you installing whatever apps you wany12:37
palnjGentoo64: one of the many reasons I love Linux12:37
palnjFully customisable12:37
palnjI've always been an Arch fan12:37
Gentoo64melvincv: xfce has its own compisitioner its more gnome 2 like as well12:37
melvincvAnd Linux gives new life to old computers :)12:38
* feisar just got a samsung netbook for my birthday, booted windows 7 starter once and is now installing Ubuntu!12:38
crizzytrashcan gives new life to old computers imo :P12:38
mmovchinfeisar :)12:38
dibrihttps://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/samba-ldap.html <- who knows what to change the attributes *into* for step 4?12:38
palnjmelvincv: too right, I have an old Packard bell from 2001 . Had windows ME12:38
palnjStuck puppy Linux on it and it worked like a charm ;)12:38
feisarmmovchin: going smoothly so far : )12:39
* Lint notes that Windows 98 has the more functionality than lxde desktop and runs on 32MB RAM12:39
palnjcrizzy: lol wouldn't that be recycling bin?12:39
* Gentoo64 disagrees12:39
StepNjumpGentoo64 & Dr_willis here is the output http://paste.ubuntu.com/840313/12:39
feisari was tempted to go with 12.04 alpha due to the unity improvements but resisted...12:40
melvincvwhat's the minimum RAM for Lubuntu?12:40
StepNjumpI have no idea how to read this12:40
Gentoo64StepNjump: looks like your being flodded with ufw logs so thats not much use12:40
=== root__ is now known as MisterPet
StepNjumpnothing came up then Gentoo6412:41
Gentoo64nah it might have done12:41
Dwade09how do i fix it where my speakers shut off when i plug in my headphones? i tried all the alsa mixer's and i tried switching the analog output to analog headphones but i still hear sound in both.12:41
StepNjumpWeird cuz the CD drive opens up as normal.. It just stopped working one day for no reason12:41
Dr_willisStepNjump:  try mounting it by hand?12:41
ubottumount is used to attach devices to directories. See also https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Mount12:41
c31r2g|^ like this12:41
Dr_willissudo mount /dev/cdrom /media/MAKEADIR12:42
StepNjumpNo I know how to mount Dr_willis  but I don't know what it's called12:42
Ranthor_HarwathI want an update of evolution mail cleint for ubuntu distro. How can I report that?12:42
Dr_willis /dev/cdrom  is a link niormallyt12:42
StepNjumpI can't find it in fdisk either Dr_willis12:42
Gentoo64Dr_willis: better to use /mnt for manual mounts12:42
njaxxIs Xubuntu any good?  - sorry guys, not liking Unity and it will soon be time to upgrade my trusty laptop running 10.1012:42
kyubutsuthunderbird fails authenticating with new password. login failure to server. solution?12:43
Lintnjaxx, xfce nearly stopped development. it's like gnome2, but much more crude12:43
StepNjumpDr_willis: I see only sdax in fdisk -l12:43
njaxxLint: If I don't like Unity, what are my options?12:43
shadowe989njaxx, its fine but also look at lbuntu.12:43
Gentoo64njaxx: xfce, kde, lxde and openbox have ubuntu versions12:44
Lintnjaxx, gnome3 is very nice12:44
kyubutsunjaxx: go try it and come back when you positively know you dont like it12:44
shadowe989yeah just put it on a usb drive and try it live.12:44
palnjnjaxx: you could always install Precise Pangolin when it's released and smack GNOME 2/3 on it12:44
dibrihttps://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/samba-ldap.html <- who knows what to change the attributes *into* for step 4?12:45
StepNjumpDr_willis: I don't see cdrom in /dev12:45
njaxxkyubutsu: been using Unity on my work laptop for months - I positively know I don't like it.12:45
palnjThen again, the beta versions are still pretty damn sturdy12:45
kyubutsunjaxx: then why you ask with an IF statement?12:45
melvincvGentoo64, which is the openbox version?12:45
palnjnjaxx: you do get used to it, as with everything, but oh we'll, personal preference FTW12:45
camer0nduring boot, does much else load after "* Checking battery state,,, "? I am guessing raid?12:45
Dr_willisStepNjump:  it may be some /dev/sd# or /dev/sr#12:46
Gentoo64melvincv: crunchbang12:46
Gentoo64idk if crunchbang is official ubuntu or not12:46
MyrttiGentoo64: no, it's not12:46
palnjGentoo64: not official, but it is a derivative12:46
camer0n#! is light! i was running it on an old thinclient :P12:46
palnjIt's a pretty good district, nevertheless12:46
Gentoo64its no lighter than lxde imo12:47
Gentoo64basically the same12:47
palnjGentoo64: too right12:47
melvincvGentoo64, thanks, I'll check it out.12:47
palnjBut lubuntu will run on a machine with 128mb ram, and I know that cause I use it12:47
camer0nGentoo64: i was just using the CLI though12:48
shadowe989Meh as long as you can access the terminal in ubuntu I don't care, gnome3/unity works fine for me. GUIs are easy to use in Linux compared to other things like BIND9.12:48
palnjshadowe989: terminal FTW, makes things less complicated12:48
palnjI Honestly don't understand why those12:48
palnjNew to the Linux scene are afraid of that black screen with the green text12:49
Gentoo64lol green text12:49
palnjThe media stereotype that to hacking far too often12:49
camer0nGentoo64: i was trying to run a mumble server on crunchbang. Unfortunately mumble used more memory than was available (128mb - not upgradable)12:49
Gentoo64camer0n: ok12:49
palnjGentoo64: I like the old monochrome theme , I use it on my ttys12:49
palnjcamer0n: unlucky for you but I know the feeling12:50
MyrttiI know it's fun to discuss about the merits of CLI and different user interfaces and all, but could we return back to the topic of Ubuntu support? you can continue the discussion in #ubuntu-offtopic - it's nice, quiet and calm there right now12:50
palnjSDR ram is so outdated its become far too12:50
=== skilz is now known as Guest75264
palnjExpensive and rare that's it's practically impossible to find12:50
kyubutsuthunderbird fails authenticating with new password. login failure to server. solution?12:50
=== Guest47811 is now known as marnold
=== Guest75264 is now known as skilz
palnjkyubutsu: use IMAP :P12:51
palnjThat's all I got12:51
camer0ni have had some data loss (mentioned about 1.5 hours ago) in /etc. i have been able to restore some of the lost files from a livecd. just having trouble logging in now using my username/password.Is any of the user data stored in /etc?12:53
Sivikwhy when I try and blacklist a module it doesn't leave it out when it boots?  I'm trying to use realtek r8168 instead of r8169 that is loaded with the kernel12:53
llutz_camer0n: sure /etc/passwd (shadow, groups12:53
WaltherIs it possible to install Ubuntu without any desktop at all?12:53
=== |GuS| is now known as [GuS]
llutz_!mini | Walther12:54
ubottuWalther: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD12:54
camer0nWalther: Ubuntu Server has only the CLI12:54
WaltherI want to have a install of Ubuntu with maximum possible battery life, hence CLI only12:55
camer0nllutz_: how would i readd those users? adduser to the live cd, then copy across?12:55
shadowe989camer0n, /etc/ is where all you're important configuration files are stored, /etc is where the system looks for its settings. Applications will look in . files in you home directory.12:55
llutz_camer0n: idk if the live-cd allows that, try it12:55
shadowe989I don't think that would work the /etc/passwd file would have special users for a live cd, when u use the live cd u auto login the ubuntu user12:56
shadowe989then theres the issue of the shadow passwords too. You would need to manually modify that stuff to get it working. I'd just backup and fresh install12:57
shadowe989thats the easy way ofc...12:57
kyubutsuthunderbird fails authenticating with new password. login failure to server. solution?12:58
kyubutsureinstall thunderbird   :(12:58
shadowe989I generally recommend the easy way over rebuilding tons of config files by hand. Your choice haha but the latter option can be a learning experience12:58
shadowe989kyubutsu, whos your provider? try logging in a gmail account to make sure its not user error and to rule out thunderbird is at fault.12:59
kyubutsusigh, password is good.12:59
camer0nllutz_: where does the password get stored, and if i copied it across from one system to another, would it still decrypt it the same?12:59
Lintwhy ubuntu doesn't support windows network oob in 2012?12:59
llutz_camer0n: /etc/shadow13:00
shadowe989!samba | Lint13:00
ubottuLint: Samba is the way to cooperate with Windows environments. Links with more info: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MountWindowsSharesPermanently and https://help.ubuntu.com/10.04/serverguide/C/windows-networking.html - Samba can be administered via the web with SWAT.13:00
Dwade09I have an Asus K60IJ laptop, I am new to linux and was forced to come to linux when my windows os crashed on me and the reinstall disks would not work, Every time I plug in my headphones I have sound coming from my speakers as well, I messed with sound settings under output I see Analog Output and Analog Headphones seems no matter what one I pick sound comes from both.I also installed Gnome-Alsa Mixer and Alsamixergui and Pulse audio control as well13:00
Dwade09as Pulse audio mixer and pulse audio volume control, I have messed with all of them and none of them will fix the issue or give me a run around on manipulating the sound card.I am running Ubuntu 11.10x32Please can someone help me?13:00
Linton each upgrade i need to add a secret undocumented setting in /etc/samba/smb.conf13:00
kyubutsushadowe989: i would try deleting the user account on thunderbird if it was that obvious to do..  :-/13:00
Lintand on each upgrade my custom file is LOST13:00
Lintdefault samba configuration in ubuntu cannot connect to windows computers13:01
iceoceanhowdy, anyone able to help be with an httpd config issue? :D13:01
iceoceanI am having trouble getting my Virtual Hosts working properly. My configuration, followed by an explanation of the problem can be found here: (http://tinypaste.com/16fbd403)13:01
shadowe989kyubutsu, some providers do not allow imap or pop3 email. theres more to it than username and password.13:01
=== twisted`_ is now known as twisted`
Linti recently updated to 11.10 and guess what, config file was replaced AGAIN13:02
llutz_Lint: if you changed configs, you'll be asked to keep the old one or install the new one on updates#13:03
dgtlhi there13:03
shadowe989Lint, in the enterprise we do something called "patch management", we don't upgrade unless we need to and it works, and we don't upgrade until we have it working. Its a good practice. Thats why we like LTS versions over the bleeding edge. Sorry for you samba issue's but thats not exactly a ubuntu issue. =/13:03
awaadI want to make my machine adhoc for my mobile13:03
Lintllutz_, i was not, that i s an issue13:04
kyubutsushadowe989: you failed to parse my question. the account was fine. i changed password using website. now thunderbird does not accept new password as valid.13:04
awaadI choose Network Settings, then Wireless, then "Use as Hotspot"13:04
awaadBut no thing happens13:04
dgtli'm using ubuntu 11.04 with ubuntu-classic, i have a slight problem with "workspaces", i have defined 3 workspaces in the workspace-applet for gnome-panel, but when i click on another workspace just nothing happens, no switch to the workspace i clicked on, no messages in xorg.log13:04
Lintshadowe989, i'm not enterprise, i'm a human being ubuntu is a linux for. sorry, but I would prefer everything working without intervention. and how it isn't ubuntu problem if samba is in by default?13:05
dgtli came here because ive got no idea what the problem is13:05
camer0nllutz_: shadowe989: thanks... just copied the files across after doing an adduser.... will see what happens now13:05
n3uron_i installed oneiric on external hdd, and it randomly crashes with superblock error. would it be smarter to that external hdd as ide from bios or leave it as AHCI ?13:05
Lintand nautilus has network browser module by default too??13:05
WaltherIs there a way to see the remaining battery time on CLI?13:05
camer0nllutz_: shadowe989: YAY! I have been able to login :D13:06
shadowe989camer0n: nice!13:06
charles_____n00b question: is the best version of ubuntu the latest version of ubuntu?13:06
camer0nAND  i have sudo back :D13:06
Walthercharles_____: yes, if you're thinking about the features. No, if you're looking for ultimate stability13:06
Lintcharles_____, what is 'best'?13:06
MonkeyDustWalther  yesd, with acpi, moment13:06
shadowe989charles_____, It can be, I would recomend trying both live. LTS is the most stable, but the latest would have newer features.13:06
awaadAny one can help ?13:07
Lintif you're looking for bug fixed, software in ubuntu is not the latest release mad by developers13:07
melvincvWalther, I guess byobu has a battery notification, not sure13:07
charles_____shadowe989: by13:07
=== JuRiJ_ is now known as JuRiJ
charles_____shadowe989: by "live" you mean run off the cd?13:08
MonkeyDustWalther  try acpi -b13:08
Lintalso most developers do not backport fixes to a previous version that is in ubuntu repository13:08
norbiive installed ubuntu in a virtual machine13:08
shadowe989charles_____, yes just burn the newest and the LTS to cds or USB drives and just try them without installing to see which you like the most.13:08
shadowe989or what norbi said and use virtual machines.13:08
norbinow after power off, and starting again i get some EFI shell13:09
norbiwhat is that? never met it until now13:09
WaltherHow do I "burn" the minimal cd image onto a usb drive? Startup disc creator doesn't accept the mini.iso13:09
MonkeyDustWalther  try unetbootin13:09
norbiWalther: yea unetbootin will do13:09
WaltherIs there a bootloader in it, if I just dd it?13:10
FloodBot1suporte: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.13:10
ikoniasuporte: please stop that13:11
llutz_Walther: cat mini.iso|sudo tee /dev/sdX13:11
irdxsuporte: oi13:11
ikonianice11: hi13:11
ikoniairdx: please don't add to it13:11
MonkeyDustWalther  Walther maybe this is wat you want http://www.pendrivelinux.com/multiboot-create-a-multiboot-usb-from-linux/13:11
irdxikonia: ok, sry :P13:11
shadowe989Lint, whats your question? I gave you advise on patch management to prevent this issue. Bleeding edge is not user friendly.13:11
BrandonBoltonHello everyone, I am having a problem using ndiswrapper and my wireless adapter. I can not get it to work at all.13:11
Lintmy question is why ubuntu ships samba in unusable state13:12
KiborgOne question, when is thunderbird 10 comming to ubuntu?13:12
camer0nwhere does root store it's trash?13:12
ikoniaLint: samba is perfectly usable13:12
shadowe989agrees with ikonia, samba works perfect for me everytime.13:12
MonkeyDustLint  "why" is a philosophical question, this is the support channel13:12
kyubutsui see a bug in there.. the password dialog is mixing up both email account and server address in one 'line' .. sigh13:12
Waltherllutz_: haha, I eriously doubt that would work13:13
Lintikonia, it cannot connect to windows 7 machines13:13
ikoniaLint: yes it can13:13
Lintor XP machines with 'high' security13:13
ikoniaLint: I'm connected to Windows 7 machines with my 10.04 desktop (not at this exact moment)13:13
llutz_Walther: who cares13:13
norbiguys, boot failed, pls help...13:13
llutz_Walther: *buntu iso from 11.10 are hybrid-iso, so it does13:13
shadowe989This is the ubuntu support channel. We are not the devs. We're just like other ubuntu user volunteering to help others.13:13
shadowe989!attitude | Lint13:14
ubottuLint: The people here are volunteers, your attitude should reflect that. Answers are not always available. See http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines13:14
Lintikonia, it cannot do it because it needs NTLMv2 authentication enabled, which it does not13:14
Lintikonia, you need to fix config file manually13:14
ikoniaLint: ok, so "update" the config file with the options you need13:14
shadowe989What do you need help with Lint?13:14
ikoniaLint: that's why it's called a "configuration file" you configure it to your needs13:14
Nu-NewbieHi. could someone give me a link to a website which is purely security related? I want to learn to build an air-tight secure system.13:15
MonkeyDustNTLM is a win issue13:15
shadowe989Nu-Newbie, I could recommend a book on security. Security+ certified here.13:15
bazhangNu-Newbie, try ##security13:15
BrandonBoltonNu-Newbie, There is no such thing as a perfect air-tight system. It will always have some flaw in it.13:15
Nu-NewbieThank you shadowe bazhang & Brandon13:16
feisarLint: connecting Ubuntu to a Win 7 share should work no trouble, I do it every day at work. Connecting Win 7 to a Samba share raises a few other issues but if you use the ip address in the smb address rather than the domain name that's an easy work around13:16
Lintikonia, do you realise that samba is unusable in its default configuration if only wista/win7 machines are in network13:16
shadowe989BrandonBolton, yep its best to expect the system has already been breached. lol gotta love security theories13:16
kyubutsuwhew, found a 'delete account' option in thunderbird..13:16
ikoniaLint: do you release it's not13:16
ikoniaLint: do you release you can enable it in the configuration file.13:17
MonkeyDustNu-Newbie  no one's safe for Anonymous13:17
ikoniaLint: what exactly is the problem here ?13:17
Nu-NewbieMonkeyDust, I was hacked by Anon thats why I want it13:17
llutz_Lint: after updates you always would find your old config as "smb.conf.dpkg-dist". if not, file a bugreport against dpkg, which has to keep an eye on modified config-files13:17
hermitagehi, how can i get the command line output page by page ?13:17
shadowe989!attitude | Lint13:17
MonkeyDustNu-Newbie  don't try to be smarter than Anonymous13:17
BrandonBoltonshadowe989, and to use sneakernet whenever possible.13:18
ActionParsniphermitage: you can pipe it into less13:18
bazhangMonkeyDust, lets stay on topic13:18
Nu-NewbieI'm not trying to be smarter, just safe13:18
Nu-NewbieSafe as possible13:18
shadowe989BrandonBolton, haha yea13:18
ActionParsniphermitage: you can then use pgup, pgdn, cursor up and cursor down to scroll, is this what you mean?13:18
suportegood morning13:19
Lintproblem is that it's 2012, everyone is on win7, and that setting in samba file is not documented anywhere in ubuntu documentation13:19
ikoniaLint: win 7 is supported out of the box13:19
BrandonBoltonHas ndiswrapper been working with anyone with 10.04.3? I can not get it to work for me with my Linksys AE1000 wireless adapter.13:19
ikoniaLint: I'm using it out of the box13:19
hermitagethanks <ActionParsnip>  that is what i ment, so i just use the command pipe ? sorry but i'm new13:19
ActionParsnipLint: I can give you my samba config file if you want13:19
ActionParsnipLint: fyi, my girlfriend is on vista, not win713:19
LintActionParsnip, I'm already accustomized to fix it manually on each new release13:19
KiborgCouldd I get a quck answer when is Thunderbird 10 comming to ubuntu? I cant find any dates online...13:19
ActionParsniphermitage: e.g.    run:   dmesg    and the text whizzes by. Run:  dmesg | less    and you can scroll. Use ESC to quit13:20
shadowe989Kiborg, no idea sorry. =/13:20
MonkeyDustKiborg  i use thunderbird, ok13:20
ActionParsnipLint: so where is the issue?13:20
shadowe989suporte, good morning13:20
hermitage<ActionParsnip> thanks :)13:20
Lintfor it to work oob, you need to change default security settings on win713:20
ActionParsniphermitage: very useful command :)13:20
minthow to set topic when creating a new channel in any server?please13:21
ActionParsnipLint: thats due to Win7 using a revise samba, which afaik is not published13:21
ikoniaLint: it works out of the box13:21
bazhangmint ask in #freenode13:21
suportealguem fala brasileiro?13:21
melvincvhermitage, or dmesg | more13:21
shadowe989mint,  for irc? /topic hi (if you're a op)13:21
ubottuPor favor, use #ubuntu-br para ajuda em português. Para entrar no canal por favor faça "/join #ubuntu-br" sem as aspas. Para a comunidade local portuguêsa, use #ubuntu-pt. Obrigado.13:21
bazhangsuporte, #ubuntu-br13:21
mintthanks bazhang13:21
hermitage<ActionParsnip>ahihi,  yes it is13:21
mintthanks shadowe98913:21
hermitage<melvincv> thanks13:22
shadowe989mint, no problem :)13:22
Lintikonia, lemme chack13:22
mintand im c31r2g13:22
=== mint is now known as c31r2g
ActionParsnipLint: samba on win7 uses a different authentication mechanism, if it was published you'd have no issue but Microsoft are as they are so you get issues.13:22
cypher-neoWhen did the topic in #ubuntu switch to win 7?13:23
c31r2gcypher-neo i wondered the same13:23
Sivikcypher-neo, its always been about windows.  lol13:23
hermitage<ActionParsnip> but what if i have to do a server search command where first i need to enter a pwd than i want to see the response of the server page by page ?13:23
shadowe989this is the new windows 7 support channel, I guess you didn't get the memo.13:24
ActionParsnipcypher-neo: its a user with samba issues under ubuntu connecting to Win7. So the topic never changed13:24
cypher-neoActionParsnip, Oh...13:24
cypher-neoActionParsnip, Tell him to reformat the Win 7 computer to Ubuntu. Then he'll have no problems at all. lol13:24
ActionParsniphermitage: if the command outputs any text you can pipe to less, any text at all :)13:24
ikoniaI don't find that funny,13:24
ActionParsnipcypher-neo: win7 may be needed (games and such)13:25
c31r2ghi again ikonia13:25
c31r2gso good to see ya again ikonia13:25
ActionParsniphermitage: e.g.  sudo find / | grep -i data | less     etc13:25
BrandonBoltonHas ndiswrapper been working with anyone with 10.04.3? I can not get it to work for me with my Linksys AE1000 wireless adapter.13:26
c31r2gdoes this commands listing never end or what ActionParsnip "e.g.  sudo find / | grep -i data | less"13:27
ActionParsnipBrandonBolton: if you run:  sudo modprobe ndiswrapper    does it help?13:27
ActionParsnipc31r2g: it will end eventually13:27
c31r2gwow thats too long too know13:28
BrandonBoltonActionParsnip, I will try that right now.13:28
ActionParsnipc31r2g: its just a sample command, it doesn't really do much useful13:28
Lintikonia, no, I cannot connect without having ntlm2 enabled13:28
ikoniaLint: I am using it out the box13:28
c31r2glike what?ActionParsnip13:28
ikoniac31r2g: you realise this is ubuntu support, not mint support13:28
c31r2gikonia im a newbie just curiosity over learning things and eventually i'll settle to one or the other distro..:)13:29
ikoniac31r2g: then please ask in the mint support channel why you are using mint13:29
MonkeyDustLint  this question dates from 2008 http://brainstorm.ubuntu.com/item/15279/13:30
BrandonBoltonActionParsnip, It is complaining about needing a .conf file and how that will be ignored in a future release.13:30
ikoniac31r2g: the irc server is irc.sportchat.org and the channel is #linuxmint-help or #linuxmint-chat13:30
ActionParsnipc31r2g: it just searches al the files and finds any file name or path containing the word 'data'13:30
ActionParsnipBrandonBolton: is it in /etc/modprobe.d by any chance13:30
Lintikonia's debunked i presume13:31
c31r2gwell ikonia because my hdd has gone bad and no other source of running some other distro so running live usb .....u know dont have anything at hand right know13:31
c31r2gthanks ActionParsnip13:31
Lintbut i'm rather perplexed noone done anything with this since 200813:31
BrandonBoltonActionParsnip, this is exactly what it says: http://pastebin.com/Fv3j8HG313:32
c31r2gwell ikonia mint is 98% ubuntu based so might find some help here so i do visit here13:32
bazhangc31r2g, no13:32
MonkeyDustLint  this forum has a happy user, in the end http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/w7itpronetworking/thread/ecda546e-5fa0-4c09-9f3c-3bd132c1be6813:33
tensorpuddingexcept mint has its own channel, so ubuntu doesn't support it13:33
bazhang!mintsupport | c31r2g13:33
ubottuc31r2g: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org13:33
ikoniac31r2g: sorry no - they are different13:33
ActionParsnipBrandonBolton: run:  sudo mv /etc/modprobe.d/ndiswrapper /etc/modprobe.d/myndiswrapper.conf13:33
ActionParsnipBrandonBolton: and it will be ok13:33
* melvincv has no issues with samba on win 7, except for Ubuntus older than 10.04, I guess...13:33
hermitageActionParsnip thanks again :)13:33
kyubutsulesson: type passwords manually, apparently copy/paste, although exactly the same, doesnt parse well ..  who knows these things13:34
ActionParsniphermitage: thanks for the gratitude, it makes a difference :)13:34
shadowe989I'm here to help any Linux questions where I can regardless of distro... Linux is Linux. Feel free to PM me.13:34
shadowe989hermitage, hi13:34
kyubutsushadowe989: there is a ##linux for that13:35
c31r2gwell i heard 2 days ago about 98% ubuntu based and also some debian based...so got confused sorry for the bother.i hope you people wont mind a newbies curiosity13:35
shadowe989Kyubutsu I'm already in there.13:35
poselesshi, my problem refer to "wiki.ubuntuusers.de/ASURO". Typing "sudo cat /proc/tty/driver/usbserial" only printed out the first linie. An advice to Unplug all USB devices from PC, to turn off, and wait a minute.13:35
ikoniac31r2g: it's not, it's no problem, however please ask in the mint support channel13:35
tensorpuddingbetter than ##linux, go to a support channel for your distro13:35
* kyubutsu ponders the meaning of 'redundancy'13:36
poselessdidn't help13:36
BrandonBoltonActionParsnip, I just tried that and did modprobe again. I got no errors at all, but I can't connect to wireless still.13:36
ikoniac31r2g: irc.spotchat.org channel #linuxmint-help or #linuxmint-chat13:36
ActionParsnipBrandonBolton: if you run:  ndiswrapper -l   does it say driver and hardware are present?13:37
shadowe989c31r2g, you are correct, good luck and sorry =/13:37
loganrunI messed up the settings for ubuntu window manager so I have to log in with ubuntu-2d now, is there a way to reset the settings for just his window manager and not the ubuntu-2d window manager13:37
ActionParsniploganrun: unity --reset   maybe13:37
loganrunor is there a way to use the config editor while not logged into that window manager13:37
BrandonBoltonActionParsnip, Yes, it says driver is installed and device is present.13:38
crizzyloganrun: happened to mess around with compizconfig?13:38
ActionParsnipBrandonBolton: ok, run: sudo depmod -a; echo "ndiswrapper" | sudo tee -a /etc/modules13:38
loganruncrizzy: yes, and there is obviously a bug that I hit upon13:38
ActionParsnipBrandonBolton: then reboot and run:  sudo iwlist scan    do you see wireless networks?13:39
crizzyloganrun: ok, tofix, login to unity 2d. start compizconfig. look for 'unity' plugin. i'm pretty sure this got disabled. click it back on. now unity should work again13:39
poselessmy problem refers to "wiki.ubuntuusers.de/ASURO". Typing "sudo cat /proc/tty/driver/usbserial" only printed out the first linie. An advice to nplug all USB devices from PC, to turn off, and wait a minute. (didn't help)13:39
BrandonBoltonActionParsnip, Okay, I will reboot and run that. I will be back in a few seconds.13:40
loganruncrizzy, there is a Ubuntu Unity plugin that is disabled, but it says that it conflicts with other plugins, do you want to resolve these conflicts13:41
crizzyloganrun: clickety-click: yes13:41
loganruncrizzy, doesn't tell me what the conflict is though, o.k. will try13:41
crizzycompizconfig is poo13:42
crizzyi think there was some talks to remove it from 12.04 repositories because it only breaks ppl's installations13:42
WaltherIs it possible to install Ubuntu without a desktop environment from the Alternate cd?13:42
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classic text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD. http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/alternative-download#alternate - See also !minimal13:42
ActionParsnipWalther: could use minimal13:43
WaltherActionParsnip: Minimal didn't detect my wireless13:43
Waltherhence couldn't install13:43
=== david is now known as psycose
ActionParsnipWalther: gotcha13:44
shadowe989!Walther I believe so you just have to select the packages it installs on the menu. I've used the server edition before to fine tune like what you're asking.13:44
ubottushadowe989: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)13:44
ActionParsnipWalther: could install, connect to a wired link and be ok13:44
shadowe989oops didn't mean to hit !13:44
underioHi all. I've just installed debian but when loading grub i get this error: file not found, entering rescue mode.. how can i fix?13:45
underioehm, ubuntu13:45
MonkeyDustWalther  first install, then try if wireless works13:45
ActionParsnipunderio: debian isn't supported here13:45
shadowe989lol nice save hahaha13:45
underioActionParsnip, ubuntu, sorry, i made a mistake13:45
ActionParsnipunderio: hmm13:45
shadowe989underio, use a live disc and type grub-install /dev/sda13:46
shadowe989grub-install is the command you need to use to repair your bootloader13:46
underioi've not a live disc, i've an alternate cd13:46
ActionParsnipunderio: press CTRL+ALT+F2 in alternate CD and you may be able to run it there13:47
WaltherMonkeyDust: Minimal CD can't install without internet connection13:47
shadowe989underio, can't make one by any chance? Last time I used the alternative console it didn't seem to launch the apps unless you find them in /bin13:47
BrandonBoltonActionParsnip, I just restarted then ran sudo iwlist scan and it says that lo and eth0 both do not support scanning.13:47
underioActionParsnip, grub-install not found13:47
shadowe989yeah it won't take commands like that13:48
MoleManI've copied my root to an LVM and tried to set the fstab to mount the LVM, and run update-initramfs but it still seems to be booting to the original partition. Can anyone help?13:48