pangolinkick me you fools00:01
FeyMoodI'm trying to launch all 3 of my startup programs in different screen windows of the SAME screen session. Is there a way to do that?01:48
xubuntu161hola como entro a la sala en español???02:57
Unit193!es | xubuntu16103:04
ubottuxubuntu161: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #xubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #xubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter. Si nadie responde allí puedes intentar preguntando en #ubuntu-es.03:04
ktwohi, how can i quickly switch between two keyboard layouts in default xubuntu ? (also where to setup it?)07:08
laitektwo: you can set keyboard layouts in 'Settings Manager'->keyboard07:20
ktwookay, thanks, how can i quickly switch and why is therre no icon with the languages in the tray?07:21
laiteyou can find xfce4-xkb-plugin in synaptic package manager, install it and you should be able to add it to your desktop panel (right click panel, add new items)07:21
laiteit's a bit strange it's not installed by default07:22
ktwookay, thanks ill try07:22
Kingsyhow do you go about setting a static ip address in ubuntu? I have read various different methods some say to edit 1 file.. others say more.. what is the actual accepted way of doing it?10:36
krasnozerhow do I disable the notifications bubbles ?10:53
P-JHi all. Just wondered if someone could help me. I'm experiencing a lot of horizontal tearing in XFCE when moving windows around and watching videos in VLC. I'm using the official nVidia drivers with twinview. The monitors are running at 60hz but I've read in places that it might be because Linux or XFCE is expecting them to be 50hz, or at least is running at 50hz. Does anyone have any advice10:56
P-Jon how to solve this? Cheers.10:56
P-JThe monitors themselves report that they're running at 60hz, so I can be sure of that at least.10:57
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drcCouple of quick questions: First, Has the Boot-> Open Thunar-> Wait 30 sec-1 min until Thunar shows up on the desktop problem been fixed?  Second, When I use the mute button on my laptop, things mute but when I unmute the "bubble" show unmute, but the panel icon does not (there is no sound either) (This started with the 11.04->11.10 upgrade, I "think it is pulseaudio related).  Has this been fixed?15:56
mongydrc: not sure about the sound thing, have you set the mixer to use pulse and what channels ?  as for thunar, remove gvfs-backends16:00
drcmongy: To be honest, I'm not using Xubuntu (now, anymore...because of these issues) I was thinking about trying Xubuntu again, but as I have only one machine (and hate dual boots), I was asking before I installed.16:02
drcTo answer the question, I'm not sure, stock install, no mods made to anything audio.16:03
drcAnd I take the "remove gcfs-backends" to be a no?16:04
drcok...thanks...maybe I'll look at 12.04 when it comes out.16:21
mongydrc, sorry had to pop out.16:52
brahadoes anybody have any suggestions for adding resolution options for a netbook? the bottom of a lot of my windows get cut off because I c an not see the whole field at the resolution setting I have17:47
craigbass1976I've got a script called launch-thunderbird that contains ssh -Y me@localhost thunderbird .  I used to (prior to a hard drive crapping out this weekend) have an icon that would launch this, pop up a GUI box asking for a password, and off I'd go.  Not so much any more.  I get a terminal popping up for a password instead.  If I uncheck "Run in Terminal" then the script doesn't work.17:58
baizonyou need to enter a password18:16
Industrial_Is it possible to make a PC multi boot and install linux from within a running windows install? I don't mean something embedded like WUBI though I guess that would be my last option.18:16
Industrial_I'm on a netbook, do have internet, but no USB stick (and ofcourse no DVD drive)18:17
TheSheepIndustrial_: you can run linux in a virtual machine on windows18:17
craigbass1976baizon, I want it to pop up in an x window though, not a terminal18:17
TheSheepIndustrial_: although doing that on a netbook wouldn't be too good18:18
Industrial_TheSheep: netbooks are way too slow to pull a VM (eg VirtualBox) desktop18:18
TheSheepmaybe take a look at this page18:19
baizoncraigbass1976: now i think i understand18:19
ubottuUbuntu can be installed in lots of ways. Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation for documentation. Problems during install? See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CommonProblemsInstall - Don't want to use a CD? See http://tinyurl.com/3exghs - See also !automate18:19
TheSheepcraigbass1976: there is a package that makes ssh use gui popups for passwords18:19
TheSheepcraigbass1976: but I forgot how it was called18:19
craigbass1976TheSheep, or...  I backed up my profile, but I don't know where panel settings are stored.18:20
TheSheepcraigbass1976: panel settings? why?18:20
TheSheepcraigbass1976: here it is: ssh-askpass-gnome18:21
craigbass1976TheSheep, no, I mean where is it stored in /home/me/  I grabbed my home directory off the bunk drive before I swapped it out18:21
craigbass1976TheSheep, but the askpass app works.  Thanks.  I think I'll comment the scripts this time...18:22
TheSheepcraigbass1976: you could also use ssh keys for auth, then you don't need any passwords18:23
craigbass1976TheSheep, no, I want password.  This must have been how I was doing it before.18:25
dafoxhi all. Could anyone please tell me how to disable the screensaver lock on resume from suspend and hibernation?19:28
dafoxI've basically tried everything in the last post on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-power-manager/+bug/871560 , but like that person nothing seems to work19:29
ubottuUbuntu bug 871560 in gnome-power-manager (Ubuntu) "No way to disable screen locking after suspend in Gnome 3" [Low,Confirmed]19:29
dafoxaha, so there really is no way?19:29
mang0I'm having a problem with my ubuntu 11.10 system. I installed xfce a few weeks back, and then yesterday decided to remove gnome/unity completely, which I did by copying the command listed on the url given by !purexfce. However, I can no longer access my system. When I boot up, I go past BIOS, past Grub, and then I see the xfce loading/splash screen for a sec, and then i just have a blank...19:44
mang0...screen. I'm wondering if by removing the gnome/unity stuff, I accidentally screwed up X11, or perhaps my graphics drivers? Wit a lot of fiddling, I can get into TTY; I had to choose "Old linux versions" in grub, and then recovery console for ubuntu with 2.x.x kernel, rather than my normal 3.x.x. What can I do? Please help, my computer is unusable.19:44
holsteinnot sure... you can always just put it back to test.. i usually just install xubuntu-desktop19:45
TheSheepmang0: if you press alt+ctrl+f1 when you see the loading screen, you should get a text terminal19:46
TheSheepmang0: you need to check the logs in /var/log/Xorg.0.log and ~/.xsessionerrors19:46
TheSheepmang0: they will tell you what is wrong19:46
TheSheepmang0: you can also try doing 'startxfce'19:47
mang0holstein: Already done sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop19:47
mang0TheSheep: Like I said, i can get into TTy (which is what it's called when you do ctrl+alt+f1)19:47
TheSheepmang0: look at the log files then19:48
TheSheepmang0: you can do it with: less /var/log/Xorg.0.log19:48
TheSheep(press 'q' to quit)19:48
mang0TheSheep: I'll have a look, ty. Brb, let me get back upstairs to my desktop, I'll be back ina mo19:49
mang0TheSheep: It's empty?19:55
mang0brb dinner19:56
holsteini had xubuntu installed... installed lubuntu-desktop, then removed lubuntu-desktop... had the same black screen... i decided to just install lubuntu-desktop back and look into it later... and still havent19:56
TheSheepmang0: how about the Xorg.1.log?20:04
mang0TheSheep: Lemme check, 1s20:13
xubuntu291thanks for your works !!!20:13
TheSheepalso check .2, .3 etc. if there are any20:13
mang0TheSheep: Aha! Xorg.2.log exists. What am I looking for?20:15
TheSheepmang0: look for EEE20:16
TheSheepor EE20:16
TheSheepyou can search in less with /20:16
TheSheepjust type /EE and press enter20:16
mang0k, ty20:16
TheSheepyou jump to the next item with 'n'20:16
TheSheep!hi | xubuntu24120:18
ubottuxubuntu241: Hi!, Welcome to #xubuntu! Feel free to ask questions and help people out. The channel guidelines are at https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines. Enjoy your stay!20:18
mang0TheSheep: EEE doesn't exist, all the EEs are in the words "scrEEn"20:21
TheSheepmang0: perhaps it's the lightdm that fails to start20:23
TheSheepwhat happens if you try to start xfce with startxfce4 ?20:23
mang0Let me see...20:23
TheSheepthere is also lightdm log at /var/log/lightdm/lightdm.log20:24
TheSheepand two other files in that directory20:24
serythTheSheep: Hey, I'm mang020:28
serythRunning from irssi now, in TTY20:28
serythTheSheep: I rebooted, opened grub with SHIFT after BIOS, and then went to Old Linux Versions > Ubuntu linux with the old 2.x.x kernel, rather than the 3.x.x kernel. It sticks on starting lightdm, shall I try sudo apt-get install lightdm? Or do you want to see my newest err log, in /var/log/Xorg.0.log? I can pastebinit....20:30
serythTheSheep: ?20:45
TheSheepseryth: try installing unity-greeter20:59
TheSheepseryth: and lightdm-gtk-greeter20:59
TheSheepseryth: sorry, was afk20:59
serythTheSheep: New updates: When I run "startxfce4" it tells me that the module nvidia_173_updates can't be found.21:00
serythTheSheep: And just tried to install them, it says they're already both installed and newest versions. Going to use --reinstall now21:01
TheSheepseryth: I think that they are just installed for newer kernel21:01
serythHm, I see21:02
serythTheSheep: I still think I should install the stuff for nvidia_173_updates....but how can I do that from terminal?21:02
TheSheepseryth: better try just installing those greeters21:03
TheSheepseryth: and booting with your newest kernel21:04
TheSheepseryth: see if that fixes it21:04
TheSheepseryth: one thing at a time21:04
serythTheSheep: Sure, fair enough. Okay, well I did sudo apt-get --reinstall install unity-greeter lightdm-gtk-greeter21:04
serythTheSheep: It's strange that it says they're already installed, is it not?21:08
TheSheepseryth: I'm kinda shooting in the dark21:09
TheSheepseryth: does the lightdm log in /var/.log say anything comprehensible?21:10
serythlemme se21:10
serythTheSheep: ^ that's my lightdm err log21:13
TheSheephmm, it says that X failed to start21:16
TheSheepbut you say there are no errors in the xorg log21:16
serythI said the xorg.0.log was empty, but xorg.1.log was not21:16
serythshall I upload it? What's it path? >.>21:16
TheSheepdo you have /etc/X11/xorg.conf ?21:16
TheSheepseryth: can you move it out of the way and see if it works then?21:18
TheSheepseryth: do 'mv /etc/X11/xorg.conf /etc/X11/xorg.conf.old'21:18
serythTheSheep: Same error as before, missing nvidia kernel module...21:21
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Serythsilly capitals.21:21
TheSheepstrange, it shouldn't try the nvidia drivers without xorg.conf21:22
TheSheepSeryth: what if you uninstall the nvidia drivers?21:22
TheSheepSeryth: with apt-get remove 'nvidia-.*'21:23
SerythTheSheep: It's removing xubuntu desktop along with it O.o21:24
TheSheepSeryth: that's just a meta package21:26
SerythTheSheep: Omg, you legend! It's working!21:26
TheSheepSeryth: is it removing anything else?21:26
SerythIt finished, and I ran "startxfce4"21:26
TheSheepok, now boot to your normal kernel21:27
Serythand now...aaahhhhh *deep happy sigh*21:27
TheSheepand install the nvidia drivers back with system->drivers21:27
Serythman, irssi is actually nicer than xchat21:27
TheSheepit is21:27
SerythLol :P21:27
baizonxchat is the best! :P21:27
SerythI have both, so meh :P21:27
baizoni like xchat more21:27
TheSheepbaizon: thanks for constructive argumentation, now back to the matter at hand21:28
SerythTheSheep: So, you say boot back into the normal kernel, and re-install the drivers?21:28
TheSheepSeryth: yeah21:28
SerythRight. Well, brb I suppose! Cross your fingers >.<21:29
SerythI'll be back ina sec.21:29
SerythI'm back21:34
SerythInterestingly, the kernel booted okay, but it seems like xfce didn't. I can access TTY and all that, but on the X server (Ctrl + Alt + F7) I just see black.21:34
SerythTheSheep: Shall I "startxfce" from another TTY?21:34
SerythXartaoX: :O wth are you here?! :D21:35
Seryth<--- mang021:35
TheSheepSeryth: sure, try it21:40
SerythTheSheep: Hmm, I'm getting an error on "startx" telling me that x is already running, and the same for "startxfce4"21:49
SerythTheSheep: I could killall xfce, and try again?21:49
TheSheepSeryth: try: sudo service lightdm stop21:51
SerythTheSheep: Okay, trying now21:51
SerythTheSheep: Done, now what?21:52
SerythTheSheep: Now when I switch to the X11 server (Ctrl + Alt + F7) I just see stuff saying that apache2 server is running, etc etc21:53
TheSheepSeryth: now do startxfce421:55
SerythTheSheep: Aha! It works :)21:57
SerythTheSheep: But would I have to do taht every boot? :(21:57
xubuntu375i'm installing right now xubuntu on my netbook21:58
xubuntu375the installer is amazing21:58
TheSheepxubuntu375: awesome21:58
TheSheepSeryth: of course not21:58
TheSheepSeryth: install the drivers21:58
Krasushey, one question is it possilbe to use gparted from live usb stick ? I mean I don t want to install (x)ubuntu but I just want to change my partitions and then quit21:59
SerythTheSheep: Which ones? I can only see....wait, let me just switch to the X server and IRC there. 2s...21:59
TheSheepKrasus: yes21:59
KrasusThx TheSheep22:00
SerythTheSheep: I'm back22:00
TheSheepSeryth: go to system->hardware drivers22:00
SerythTheSheep: Doesn't exist. Is it not Settings > Additional Drivers?22:01
TheSheepSeryth: possible, it was renamed several times :)22:01
TheSheepSeryth: on different versions of ubuntu22:01
SerythTheSheep: I see. This is my Additional Drivers dilogue: http://mang0.zapto.org/AdditionalDrivers.png22:02
SerythTheSheep: Which one do I want?22:02
TheSheepSeryth: by the way, what does 'lspci | grep VGA' say?22:02
Seryth03:00.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation NV34 [GeForce FX 5200] (rev a1)22:03
SerythnVidia GeForce FX5200 is my GFX card...22:03
TheSheepsee if any of those drivers mentions it...22:03
Seryth"GPUs ranging from GeForce series 5 to GeForce series 9 are supported."22:04
SerythInsatll that one?22:04
TheSheepSeryth: try it, in the worst case you will uninstall it again22:05
SerythTheSheep: There are two versions of that one ^, one says nvidia_173_updates and one is just nvidia_173, so I'll go for the one with _updates?22:05
TheSheepI guess22:06
TheSheepI really don't know, you have to try22:06
SerythDownloading and installing now.22:06
SerythTheSheep: Thanks so much for all your help, I would'nt have been able to do any of this without you!22:07
TheSheepSeryth: don't thank yet, lets see if we can get it fixed22:09
SerythHeh, okay22:09
* Seryth steals back all of the thanks22:09
SerythRestart required22:09
SerythLet's hope this works! I'll be back before you can see Supercallafragerlisticexpeallydocious!22:09
* Seryth sighs deeply22:17
SerythTheSheep: Same problem as before. Splash screen, then black.22:18
SerythI'm now in the old kernel mode TTY again.22:18
SerythI need to be in the new kernel TTY, i can't do anything from here22:19
TheSheepwait, you installed that driver with the old kernel or with the new one?22:19
SerythI'm pretty sure it was the new.22:19
TheSheepok, then I ran out of ideas22:19
TheSheepperhaps it was the wrong driver after all22:20
SerythLet me try to get into the new kernel TTY.22:20
SerythYeah, maybe22:20
Serythseems like it was the right one though.22:20
Serythbrb, anothe rreboot22:20
SerythRight, am in TTY on the new kernel22:24
TheSheepSeryth: ty 'sudo service lightdm restart'22:25
TheSheepSeryth: and see if it says something in /var/log/Xorg.0.log22:26
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mang0TheSheep: Seryth here, computer has frozen. Everything has gone black...had to switch to other comp22:29
SerythTheSheep: Oh, I'm back, unfrozen22:30
SerythTheSheep: Dunno what that lightdm restart did, but it's just the same as it was before now.22:30
SerythI should just back everything up and install ubuntu again, lol.22:31
SerythWouldn't mind trying another distro tbh....something that uses aptitude though. Perhaps debian. Although the packages are outdated...22:31
TheSheepSeryth: you can use aptitude on ubuntu just fine22:32
SerythTheSheep: Exactly, what I mean is, I want a distro that still uses aptitude and apt get, etc.22:33
Serythbut I'd rather fix this first22:33
Serythcba to re-install all my programs22:33
SerythThis all happened because of freaking WINE. I tried to get Portal (one) working, and screwed everything up.22:34
TheSheepbinary drivers are a huge pain22:35
Serythapparently so :/22:36
SerythTheSheep: I gotta go to sleep, I'm dropping...what timezone are you in?22:37
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TheSheepSeryth: CET22:39
TheSheepSeryth: goodnight22:39
mang0TheSheep: Wassat in GMT? GMT +/- ?22:39
TheSheep+1 afair22:39
mang0oh cool22:39
mang0I'm GMT22:39
mang0Thanks so much for your help :) I'll try to fix this tomorrow, if it doen't work then I'll just install again.22:40
TheSheepmang0: you can save the list of packages you have installed22:41
TheSheepmang0: with dpkg -l22:41
mang0anyhoo, nn!22:41
mang0And thanks!22:41
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