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itomashello, could anyone help with a problem with a thin client not booting due to nbd_server problems?10:01
alkisgstgraber: please do the following changes to the ltsp packaging:12:27
alkisg* debian/ltsp-client-core.install:client/initramfs/hooks/ltsp usr/share/initramfs-tools/hooks12:27
alkisg- debian/ltsp-client-core.install:client/initramfs/scripts/ltsp_nbd usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts12:27
alkisg- debian/rules:cp $(CURDIR)/client/initscripts/ltsp-setup $(CURDIR)/debian/ltsp-client-core.ltsp-client-setup.init12:27
alkisg...we won't be using ltsp_nbd and ltsp-setup anymore :)12:27
alkisg(and if vagrantc wants he can completely remove ltsp-setup)12:27
alkisgAh and: - rules:dh_installinit --name=ltsp-client-setup --no-start -u"start 32 S ."12:28
stgraberalkisg: ok, I'll have a look14:13
stgraberalkisg: so should I remove all of these you listed above?14:50
alkisgstgraber: yes14:51
alkisgThe line with the star * is a modification14:51
alkisghooks/ltsp_nbd renamed to hooks/ltsp14:51
stgraberalkisg: right, I did that one already I think (in the latest PPA build)14:51
alkisgSo the known problems for now are:14:52
alkisg1) broken default SCREEN_07, I'm fixing it now,14:52
alkisg2) no nbd-proxy wrapper, will do that next,14:53
alkisg3) borked shutdown, we'll need again upstart jobs for reboot/shutdown, but not the old ones, new ones to do nbd-client -d; echo o > sysrq trigger etc14:53
alkisgSo that no nbd-server processes are left on the server14:53
alkisgAs now that nbd-server is not started from inetd, it takes 2 hours for the connections to get killed14:54
stgraberok, I can restore the old ones and add nbd-client -d14:54
alkisgRight, although it would be nice if they could somehow wait a bit until the ssh + epoptes connections are closed, I'll see if I can find a clean way for that14:55
alkisgKilling epoptes should do it, not sure about ssh14:56
alkisgpkill -f '^epoptes-client \+m'14:58
stgraberalkisg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/841781/15:02
stgraber /dev/mapp will be replaced by /dev/nbd btw15:03
alkisgstgraber: hmmm if nbd-proxy is killed, then nbd-client will cause a disk access error, no?15:04
stgraberprobably indeed, I guess I'll need to move it to a separate kill after nbd-client15:05
alkisgAlso, exec reboot won't work unless you cache it first, better use the REISUB magic15:05
alkisgAnd I'm using `exec -a` to run epoptes-client, so killall won't work, please use the pkill I wrote above15:05
alkisgecho o > /proc/sysrq-trigger15:06
alkisgI've tested that that works even without a root nbd connection active15:06
stgraberalkisg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/841792/15:08
alkisgI think killall isn't available in thin chroots, let me see if I have one...15:09
stgraberalkisg: I guess these two should be moved upstream actually and applied to the overlay at boot time15:09
alkisgstgraber: ah, yes, right15:09
alkisgSo leave them to me, I'll put them to init-ltsp.d/common15:09
alkisgor /ubuntu, better15:09
stgraberalkisg: because of an overlayfs bug, you'll need to call 'initctl reload-configuration || true' after writing the jobs to /etc/init/15:11
stgraberalkisg: or actually, after doing any change to /etc/init15:11
alkisgstgraber: err why? It appears to work fine so far15:11
alkisgWe do that in the init=/sbin/init-ltsp phase, right?15:11
stgraberah right, doing it before starting init works indeed, sorry ;)15:12
stgraberthe bug only appears when init is already started15:12
alkisgYeah I would worry if we were to do that15:12
alkisgSo once I commit the default screen fix (really soon), ltsp will be bootable again, so a new package will be nice.15:13
stgraberok, just ping me when you need it15:13
alkisgstgraber: I fixed many problems, I think it's time for a new package if you please.16:42
alkisgNext goal, nbd-proxy-wrapper :)16:42
stgraberalkisg: ok, uploading one now16:43
stgraberalkisg: next time you push something to trunk, can you do "bzr tag current --delete" before "bzr push"?16:43
stgraberalkisg: current shouldn't exist in the LP branch, it's just a local tag I use for snapshots ;) but it requires a commit to drop it16:44
alkisgIn about an hour, along with the nbd-proxy wrapper script16:45
stgraberalkisg: uploaded16:48
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