michael_tngood day all :-)00:18
_mup_juju/purge-queued-hooks r459 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com02:31
_mup_Handle merging events in case of purge02:31
jimbakerstill need to clean that up, but the logic seems sound. dinner!02:34
_mup_juju/purge-queued-hooks r460 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com03:14
_mup_juju/purge-queued-hooks r461 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com03:15
_mup_Merged trunk03:15
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niemeyergary_poster: ping13:15
gary_posterniemeyer, on call, will pong in 10 or so13:17
niemeyergary_poster: No worries.. it was mostly to warn you about this:13:24
niemeyer----- lp:~yellow/charms/oneiric/buildbot-slave/trunk13:24
niemeyererror: charm publishing previously failed: symlink "hooks/helpers.py" links out of charm: "../../buildbot-master/hooks/helpers.py"13:24
niemeyergary_poster: This works out of a bug only13:24
gary_posterniemeyer, yeah, we are aware, thanks.  We will fix before we declare it "done"13:24
niemeyergary_poster: Super13:25
jcastroSpamapS: FYI the webminar is 45 minutes, and I'll heavily mention that people should watch the first one before they do this one, so we can just jump right into the meat.14:21
frankbanhi everybody, actually I am not able to bootstrap juju using ec2 environment. I've found http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/841728/ on the zookeeper instance. It seems that the problem can be us-east-1.ec2.archive.ubuntu.com returning a 403 error. Can you confirm my idea?14:31
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m_3frankban: ec2 / us-east-1 is bootstrapping fine on this morning's oneiric packages (bzr454)... perhaps the problem was transient?16:28
frankbanm_3: problem solved, thank you16:29
hallynjust curious, has anyone worked on a charm for diaspora pods?17:19
hallynalso, curious whether anyone is looking at bug 93043017:20
_mup_Bug #930430: lxc-ls requires root access after deploying an LXC instance <juju (Ubuntu):Confirmed> <lxc (Ubuntu):Confirmed> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/930430 >17:20
m_3hallyn: diaspora's on the list Bug 80353817:33
_mup_Bug #803538: Charm Needed: Diaspora <hot> <Juju Charms Collection:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/803538 >17:33
m_3it's a rocking one to get working though... great story for how individuals can put juju to good use... juju's not just for big stacks... etc etc17:35
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_mup_Bug #932269 was filed: Juju should allow "service-destroyed" hooks <juju:New> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/932269 >19:27
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hallynm_3: aweseome20:03
hallyni don't trust other people's pods :)20:03
m_3hallyn: :)20:05
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bachi m_3, i am still having the LXC+SSH problems i mentioned yesterday but today am using a PPA built on r454.  any ideas on how to diagnose this problem?20:49
m_3bac: hey... hmmm20:50
m_3so let's back up a sec... what series are you running on your host machine?20:51
m_3ok, have you disabled lxcbr in /etc/default/lxc?20:51
bacnope.  first i've heard of that20:52
m_3ok, just want to make sure we don't have any conflicts... want only one dnsmasq running, bound to, on interface virbr020:53
bacm_3, the problem i'm seeing is that the .ssh directory for the ubuntu user is not being created20:53
m_3bac: right... I'm backing up further... never seen that problem and suspect it's something more basic20:53
bacm_3, i *can* ssh to the unit, but my authorized_keys are not there, so it prompts me for a password20:53
m_3what address is it getting?20:54
bacm_3, see the end of my master-customize.log file at http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/842188/20:54
bacvirbr0 is
m_3the lxc instance is picking up a 122 address?20:56
bacyeah, 122.11320:57
m_3so the next thing to check out would be your environments.yaml file20:59
m_3make sure you've got a `juju-origin: ppa` line as part of your local environment (whatever you named it)20:59
bacm_3, so i should set USE_LXC_BRIDGE="false" ?20:59
m_3bac: I would, yes20:59
bacyes, environments.yaml is good.  this set up was working last week.21:00
m_3then later when you restart lxc (might have to reboot) that interface and corresponding dnsmasq will go away21:00
m_3is the juju-origin in there?21:00
m_3(don't remember when that particular problem arose)21:00
bacyes, juju-origin: ppa21:01
m_3ok, when was the last time you flushed your /var/cache/lxc?21:01
m_3BTW, does it have a 'precise' entry in there or is it still oneiric?21:01
bacyesterday, in response to this problem cropping up21:01
m_3bac: ok, so this is smelling a bit like a problem we'd be haunted with in lxc before21:06
bacm_3, just curious, did you look at the paste?21:06
m_3lxc instances sometimes couldn't mount filesystems (/proc is what I'm looking at here)21:07
m_3yeah, basing this guess on the paste21:07
m_3two possible things to try21:07
m_31.) wipe the cache again and see what happens21:07
m_32.) write your key into root's authrorized_keys in the container21:07
m_3you should be able to write directly to /var/lib/lxc/.../rootfs/root/.ssh/authorized_keys21:08
bacoh, great.  didn't know that21:08
m_3I _think_ the running instance should pick that up21:08
m_3once you're in we can debug further21:08
bacfwiw i've rebooted and the other dnsmasq is gone21:08
m_3oh, if you've destroyed your environment, you might wanna flush the cache21:09
bacm_w you do find it odd that ~ubuntu exists?21:09
bacwill do21:09
baci mean *before* setup_users is called21:09
m_3don't know... it's copying a cached image right?21:10
m_3it might be set up in the image (I totally haven't dug into when/how this gets created)21:10
m_3so a similar problem surfaced every few weeks with the instances not being able to mount devpts and so we couldn't get into the machine21:11
bacm_3: should i change default-series to precise?  does that work now?21:11
m_3it's on my list to test today... haven't yet21:11
m_3I'd leave it at oneiric atm21:12
bacok, i've changed to precise for the container, blew away /var/cache/lxc, and am trying.  this should take a while21:12
m_3ah, precise is fine21:12
m_3just multiple moving parts21:12
bacm_3, btw, i used the juju recipe to build a precise PPA into my ppa.  it had failed two days ago due to a networking glitch but worked today.  perhaps you should request a build into the ~juju ppa now.21:13
m_3bac: ha21:14
m_3that's what I was just going to ask you... how'd you add the ppa on precise21:14
m_3that's going to be a problem if we use default-series set to precise with juju-origin set to ppa21:16
m_3perhaps it'd be best to use oneiric/ppa to test21:16
bacm_3, ok i will.  unless you think it is hopeless i'd like to let this one continue coming up21:18
m_3sure... might give us some more info21:19
m_3but what'll happen is your local juju-454 will spin up precise lxc instances that get juju-447 (which is hard-coded to only use oneiric)21:20
m_3so we should expect it to at least be confused :)21:20
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_mup_juju/purge-queued-hooks r462 committed by jim.baker@canonical.com21:51
bacm_3, just a heads up that i'm still here and waiting on the lxc instance still21:54
bacm_3 and now it is up.  the problem is the same.21:55
m_3bac: ok, so manually inject your key and poke around21:56
bacm_3, well i am logged in via username/password.  is that sufficient?21:57
bacm_3, you mentioned the account possibly existing due to a cached copy.  where would that have come from given i blew away /var/cache/lxc?21:58
m_3bac: who are you logged in as?21:58
m_3how'd you set a password?21:58
bacit is preset as ubuntu21:59
m_3ah, sorry21:59
m_3does the output of `mount` look normal?21:59
baci'll paste it into a pm22:00
m_3looking for proc, devpts, etc22:00
m_3bac: catching up with you on a test box22:03
m_3bac: so can you deploy a service?22:03
bacbut i cannot debug it22:04
jamesmitchellwhile I am working on a charm, can I do something to push the update out to a running juju environment? At the moment I am doing a 'destroy-environment', then 'bootstrap' and 'deploy' again.22:04
bacjamesmitchell: did you try upgrade-charm?22:04
m_3so on oneiric, I can't 'juju ssh 0'... I get Permission denied (publickey)22:05
m_3but once a service is up, I can 'juju ssh bitlbee/0' no problem22:05
m_3bac: so you're trying to get into a deployed service once it's up and running right?22:06
bacm_3: yes22:06
bacm_3: but this is what kills me:22:06
bac+ setup_users22:06
bac+ id ubuntu22:06
bacuid=1000(ubuntu) gid=1000(ubuntu) groups=1000(ubuntu),999(admin),105(libvirtd)22:06
bac+ '[' 0 == 0 ']'22:06
bac+ return 022:06
bacwe don't know where that user got created22:07
jamesmitchellthanks. upgrade-charm is going to bump the revision as well?22:08
bacjamesmitchell: yes22:08
m_3bac: yeah, I'm getting the opposite...22:08
m_3E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)22:09
m_3+ setup_users22:09
m_3+ id ubuntu22:09
m_3id: ubuntu: No such user22:09
m_3+ '[' 1 == 0 ']'22:09
m_3+ adduser ubuntu --disabled-password --shell /bin/bash --gecos ''22:09
m_3bac: ok, so the base image or lxc templating22:11
* m_3 digging thru /var/{lib,cache}/lxc22:11
m_3bac: what's `grep ubuntu /var/cache/lxc/precise/rootfs-amd64/etc/passwd`22:15
m_3bac: and /var/lib/lxc/bac-local-0-template/config show?22:15
bacm_3, odd -- i specified precise in environments.yaml but it created an oneiric cache.22:16
bacii  juju                   0.5+bzr454-1juju2~prec next generation service orchestration system22:17
bacm_3, not ubuntu in cached /etc/passwd22:17
m_3there were several places in the code where args were defaulted to oneiric... perhaps one was missed22:17
m_3bac: dunno man... I'm thinking the short story is... still broken22:18
m_3I triggered a ppa build22:19
bacoh, good22:19
m_3and I bugged clint to update the archive... although that might wait until we've sorted this out22:20
m_3oh, BTW, while its' up... `dpkg -l | grep juju` on the instance22:20
m_3or 45322:20
bacii  juju                       0.5+bzr454-1juju2~oneiric1 next generation service orchestration system22:21
m_3oh, nevermind22:22
m_3it's oneiric22:22
m_3the precise ppa build just failed again22:22
m_3I'll test off of head and see where I get... I think I can specify something like 'juju-origin: lp:juju'22:23
m_3this is in the way of testing charms on precise so we'll need it worked out sooner rather than later22:24
m_3bac: thanks... sorry we didn't get anywhere.  I'd recommend oneiric running oneiric lxc if you just need to get stuff done atm22:25
bacm_3: thanks for your help22:30
bacsadly i don't have an oneiric machine around22:30
m_3lxc works inside of an openstack or ec2 instance just fine22:31
bacoh, right22:31
m_3works inside of a libvirt VM too... just watch network conflicts22:31
m_3I use ec2/large so I can put /var/lib/lxc on a decent-sized tmpfs22:32
m_3ok, precise ppa build is good now22:38
* m_3 going to wait in line at the florist22:39
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