DasKreechAnyone wants to take a look at a possible KDE 4.8 bug on system monitor in #kubuntu. http://img853.imageshack.us/img853/2098/sysguardweird.png01:04
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Riddellyofel: are you expecting to do digikam before FF?08:25
Riddellneeds arm fixes if so08:26
Riddell08:24 < Riddell> /build/buildd/digikam-2.4.1/core/libs/widgets/graphicsview/regionframeitem.cpp:640:66: error: no matching function for call to 'qBound(double, qreal, qreal)'08:26
Riddellor at least 2.4 does08:26
yofelRiddell: I hope, but I need to fix the patch for xsettings-kde first (see MIR)08:49
Riddellyofel: ok I'll keep it on my todo list incase I get time09:07
yofelRiddell: could you do me a favour and upload http://yofel.dyndns.org/ext/xsettings-kde_0.12.3-0ubuntu2.debdiff ASAP?09:18
Riddellyofel: let me look09:21
Riddellyofel: uploaded09:25
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Ezimhi its me (kurdistan). 10:37
EzimI know for sure now my bluetooth problem is kernel related.10:37
Ezimsame problem with nvidia opensource drivers.10:38
Riddellfile a bug on linux then10:50
EzimRiddell, I will do.10:50
Riddellor find a friendly linux team person to help but I suspect they're hard to find10:50
Riddellwell done on debugging it this far10:50
Ezimthe new nvidia driver is out. packing for myself.10:51
EzimRiddell, nice day. I am going to have nice time with my girlfriend se you later.10:51
* Riddell jelous :)10:53
debfxyay, only 13MB oversized after dropping the amarok handbooks11:22
Riddelldebfx: oh excellent11:24
Riddellthanks for doing that11:24
Riddellthat means more handbooks will be the obvious target for more sizing11:24
debfxyeah, mostly kubuntu-docs11:25
Riddelloh do we still have that?  we normally drop it before beta 2 at least11:25
debfxreally? do we not want to install them by default?11:28
debfxI meant fixing bug #904351 11:28
Riddellwe do but it's a problem for later11:28
Riddellbug 90435111:28
Riddell"kubuntu-docs contains many incomplete translations"11:29
Riddellyes that would be very nice to have a better process for11:29
* debfx wakes up ubottu11:29
Riddellkubuntu-docs would really benefit from an update in oneiric, it hasn't had one yet11:30
Riddellbut I've no time alas11:31
debfxI  think including kubuntu-docs isn't a problem if we remove all the untranslated languages11:31
Riddelldebfx: you mean incomplete translations in kubuntu-docs?11:32
Riddelldebfx: yes that would be good11:33
debfxthere is a new version of virtuoso-opensource around (6.1.4) which upstream says is highly recommended for nepumuk11:37
Riddelldebfx: mm, thanks, adding to my long long todo list11:41
timhi, i wonder, why is the kdevelop beta provided in the kubuntu backports ppa? shouldn't the ppa only contain backports of stable releases?11:42
Riddelltim: you could argue it is in the wrong place yes11:45
Riddelltim: is it causing you problems?11:45
timRiddell: yes ... it is not selecting the correct indentation mode ... even if i set it to use tabs, it uses spaces ... no matter if i have .kateconfig files around or not11:46
timi've had this issue a few weeks ago, when using the git checkout ... so i went back to the deb11:47
Riddelltim: ok I've added a todo item "kdevelop update.  also move to beta PPA remove from updates"11:47
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rbelemRiddell, i'm finishing contour package12:59
yofelRiddell: did digikam yet? If not I'll do it now13:57
rbelemRiddell, http://paste.kde.org/422174/14:00
rbelemRiddell, could you take a look in this debian/control? :-)14:00
BluesKaj'Morning all14:01
debfxRiddell: could you promote oxygen-gtk3 and xsettings-kde? the MIRs have been approved14:03
yofelwhat should we make depend on xsettings-kde btw.? kubuntu-desktop?14:04
yofelwell, recommend14:05
debfxyofel: yes, I have already seeded them14:05
yofelah, thanks14:05
apol_does anybody know if I can contact Jonathan Thomas (from muon) in IRC? what's his nickname?15:40
Ezimapol_, only knows his blog15:42
apol_Ezim: you mean, you only know his blog?15:42
Ezimapol_, exactly and that is not any help15:43
EzimI am pretty new to the dev-channel15:43
apol_Ezim: it's ok :) thanks15:43
Ezim:) my nick before is/was Kurdistan15:43
apol_does anybody know anything else? :P15:43
BluesKajapol_,  check his launchpad page , you might get it there 15:44
schnelleapol_: JontheEchidna is his nickname15:44
Ezimschnelle, again thx for your ppa tips :).15:45
schnellehe is not online last couple of days...15:45
Ezimmy panel have been working rock solid15:45
schnelleEzim: mine too (party) :)15:45
Ezimschnelle, with the latest nvidia driver 295.20 my laptop is feeling good :=)15:46
Ezimnvnews is always late with changelog15:46
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Riddellyofel: did you get onto digikam?17:56
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EzimRiddell, have you guys talked with philip5?17:57
Ezimhe normally have digikam stuff up to date17:57
RiddellEzim: no, does he do ubuntu packages?17:59
EzimRiddell, yes.18:00
EzimRiddell, philip johnsson is well known kde/kubuntu guy :).18:00
Riddellhmm, interesting, why does he never come in here I wonder18:00
Ezimhe was the person that learned me haxxor :)18:01
Riddellrbelem: contour control file looks good, anything you need me to do?18:01
EzimRiddell, he is OP in our swedish loco channel18:01
Riddellhe could be so useful working with the kubuntu community18:02
EzimRiddell, you can ask him. he have big kde/kubuntu heart.18:02
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MamarokRiddell: my @kubuntu.org and ubuntu.com mail addresses are forwarded to my primary address, but this is not accessible anymore, how can I change that?18:09
yofelRiddell: nop, I'm dead tired today and had to take a nap, what are you working on rigtht now?18:15
Riddellyofel: just e-mail so can do whatever's needed18:16
yofelMamarok: they both redirect to your primary launchpad addres18:16
yofelchange that and they'll be updated in a day or 218:16
Riddelllightdm, digikam, owncloud are on to todo list18:16
Riddelland whatever rbelem needs18:16
yofelI'll do digikam18:16
Riddellyofel: cool, should just be a marge from the 2.5.0 package from debian18:17
EzimRiddell, again talk to philip. 18:17
yofel2.5.0 though, 2.6 won't be final before 12.04 release18:17
Riddellthere's no release schedule for 2.6 yet so don't talk to theat18:17
RiddellEzim: bring him in here!18:17
yofelRiddell: http://www.digikam.org/drupal/about/releaseplan18:17
EzimRiddell, he is not answering now, but I send him a PM.18:17
EzimI hope i  answer18:17
Riddellyofel: oh good, you're ahead of me, carry on18:18
yofeloh yay, my calligra fix got committed upstream. One thing less to worry about18:18
EzimRiddell, we are chatting now.18:19
EzimI hope he comes18:19
skaetRiddell, (others interested... ;) )  do you want Kubuntu 10.04.4 images going out?  are there folks lined up to test them?18:19
shadeslayerwhen is the release date for 10.04.4 ?18:20
skaetshadeslayer, this thursday.  2/1618:20
Riddellmm, clashes with freature freeze18:20
skaetimages are up on the iso tester right now.18:20
shadeslayerclashes with my exam18:20
RiddellI'm minded to ask on the mailing list etc for testers but otherwise we'll sit it out, feature freeze for 12.04 is more important18:21
Riddelloh bot fail18:21
RiddellTm_Tr: where's ububot for !testers call?18:21
skaetRiddell,  ok,  I'll leave them there for the next day,  will check with you tomorrow to see how it looks. 18:22
Riddellthanks skaet 18:22
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rbelemRiddell, i uploaded contour to kubuntu active ppa18:42
rbelemRiddell, i will do the debian/copyright that is missing18:42
Riddelloh cool18:42
Riddellrbelem: give me a ping when it's ready for me to check over/upload18:43
rbelemRiddell, after that i will finish declarative-plasmoids, kde-artwork-active and startactive18:44
rbelemRiddell, just uploaded contour19:11
rbelemRiddell, now debian/copyright is ok19:11
Riddellthanks, I think I need some food before I get onto that19:11
rbelemRiddell, oki :-)19:13
* rbelem goes to next pkg19:13
Riddelldebian copied my idea only 7 years late :) http://dot.kde.org/2005/12/18/people-behind-kde-debian-qtkde-packagers  http://raphaelhertzog.com/2012/02/10/people-behind-debian-ana-beatriz-guerrero-lopez-member-of-the-debian-kde-team/19:27
shadeslayerRiddell: http://people.kde.nl/debian.html19:28
shadeslayeryou broke something19:28
Riddellshadeslayer: not me, kde.nl were always useless at it (that's why I did it but they took the credit)19:31
shadeslayerRiddell: I don't supposed you know what linker argument needs to be passed to link to kdecore and kdeui ?19:35
shadeslayerlike, actual linker arguments, -lkdeui and -lkdecore seems to be failing19:35
Riddellshadeslayer: that's all that's needed19:39
Riddellassuming the linker can find libkdeui.so19:39
shadeslayerweird then19:39
Riddellpastebin the error?19:39
yofelmeh, ubuntu is deprecating lcms119:40
Riddellwhat's that and how does it affect us?19:40
yofelthey want to have lcms1 at least in universe for 12.04, and libkdcraw and digikam depend on it. libkdcraw is fixed in master and digikam is at least in universe already19:41
shadeslayerRiddell: http://paste.kde.org/422480/19:41
yofelbug 88532419:41
Mamarokyofel: thanks19:42
yofellibkdcraw *builds* against lcms2 with the upstream patch. Now question is whether it works19:43
yofelI'll poke them19:43
skaetRiddell, Kubuntu DVD's now posted as well for 10.04.419:54
Riddellshadeslayer: can you keep an eye on ktp package progress?  ktp-common-internals is the first one and might now be building19:54
shadeslayer"Missing build dependencies: libtelepathy-qt4-dev"19:55
shadeslayerRiddell: libtelepathy-qt4-dev is in universe19:57
shadeslayerand you uploaded ktp to main19:57
Riddellshadeslayer: just promoted19:57
Riddellso if it still fails it'll need more retries19:57
shadeslayerNo MIR's ? :P19:57
RiddellMIRs I'll do as soon as packages are compiled19:57
Riddellcheeky but only way to make FF19:57
Riddelland I know we may well end up going back to kopete19:58
Riddelloh damn I sent an e-mail with a typo in the subject20:00
EzimRiddell, mail to who?20:01
yofeldebfx: did you just seed oxygen-gtk and xsettings-kde or add them to kubuntu-desktop too?20:08
debfxyofel: I seeded them. you can only update the meta package once they are promoted to main20:19
yofeldebfx: pitti just closed the bugs20:19
yofelhm, archive didn't catch up yet though20:22
CIA-42[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/kde-workspace] Philip Muškovac * 615 * debian/changelog releasing version 4:4.8.0b-0ubuntu220:25
Riddellyofel: yeah try again shortly.  so will gtk3 look pretty magically now for kubuntu?20:28
Ezimyofel: yeah try again shortly.  so will gtk3 look pretty magically now for kubuntu? <<--- that would be great :)20:29
yofelwith xsettings-kde installed and new workspace: yes20:29
yofeluh, and gtk3-engines-oxygen installed ^^20:29
yofelthank debfx for the kcm-gtk part20:30
Ezimyofel, is the package backportet soon?20:30
yofelgtk3-engines-oxygen is backported. The default setup changes not yet, I'll do that once we have everything in precise and it's been tested20:31
Ezimyofel, okey so it would not come to kubuntu-backports?20:32
Riddelllet's get it working in precise before we worry about backports20:32
yofelit will, just in a few days, not now20:32
Ezimyofel, great. 20:33
Ezimgood news 20:33
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CIA-42[lp:~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-default-settings/kubuntu-default-settings] Philip Muškovac * 471 * debian/changelog releasing version 1:12.04ubuntu320:40
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debfxyofel: I uploaded kubuntu-meta21:19
Riddellthanks debfx 21:27
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shadeslayerno ubottu?21:33
shadeslayermy linker has gone bonkers it seems21:33
shadeslayer/usr/bin/ld: cannot find /usr/bin/../lib/libprofile_rt.a: No such file or directory21:33
shadeslayerand now clang has gone bonkers : /home/shadeslayer/kde/libnice/build/tests/../.././tests/test-new-dribble.c:157: undefined reference to `llvm_gcda_increment_indirect_counter'21:34
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Riddellagateau: yay, lightdm-kde works!22:34
Riddellalthough misses a user switches if I'm not mistaken22:35
yofelapachelogger_: what happened to plymouth?22:36
Riddellhttp://people.canonical.com/~jriddell/lightdm-kde.png  !22:39
BluesKajRiddell,  suddenly my mouse bus seems corrupted . the cursor is very jerky and jumpy ..this is on an older pc 22:39
BluesKaj12.04 and kde 4.822:40
RiddellBluesKaj: needs you to work out what you changed/installed that would cause that22:41
EzimBluesKaj, maybe the reason kernel update?22:42
Ezim*latest kernel22:42
yofelBluesKaj: if that's precise, they've been  randomly patching the input stack recently22:42
BluesKajyeah  , well it was an update and upgrade from this morning ...it's no biggie since i can ssh and still store backups 22:43
yofelon my thinkpad multitouch got broken22:43
EzimBluesKaj, you can try switching to older kernel see if it helps22:43
yofelRiddell: nice, but I prefer what shytan came up last cycle22:44
BluesKajI don't spend much time on that pc . it's mainly for media back up files22:44
yofelat leat we would need a matching plymouth theme22:44
Riddellyofel: are you able to dig that out for agateau?22:44
yofelapachelogger_ did something there, but never uploaded that22:44
* yofel digs through the ML22:45
Riddellagateau and d_ed (david edmundson of telepathy-kde fame) are into it22:47
yofelhm, can't find anything but david's original mail about lightdm-qt right now, I'll have to dig through the channel logs it seems -.-22:49
* yofel looks for the quassel db export script22:49
EzimRiddell, maybe you know. is it important to have real name when signing a gpg-key?22:50
RiddellEzim: you want to sign someone else's key?22:50
yofelRiddell: no, he wants to create his own key22:50
yofeland I don't know what the policy is on that22:50
Riddellthen you'll find it hard to have other people in ubuntu and debian sign it unless it has a name which matches government ID22:51
EzimRiddell, I do not wanted to have my real name, more nickname.22:51
yofelwell, he won't need that for ubuntu22:51
Ezimbut with real mail22:51
RiddellI don't know if ubuntu has a strict policy or not, probably not but you'd need to check22:51
Riddellyofel: got any  good screenshots of oxygen-gtk3 in action?  I'm wanting to blog about feature freeze beating features22:53
yofeltell me a good application to snapshot - I can give you a working pic of pavucontrol22:54
Ezimyofel, ksnapshot?22:55
Riddellpavucontrol is fine22:55
Ezimshutter if you wanted.22:55
RiddellI don't know that much about gtk apps :)22:55
yofelRiddell: http://people.ubuntu.com/~yofel/pics/pavu.png or do you want one with the default colorscheme?22:56
EzimRiddell, for me it looks like this: http://imgur.com/nM0BF22:56
Ezimwith kde-gtk-config22:56
yofelor use Ezim's 22:57
Ezimyofel, yours look good icons.22:57
Ezimmy icons not perfect22:57
Riddellyofel: yuck, default colour scheme much better22:58
yofelI don't see a difference22:58
yofelRiddell: then take Ezim's, won't look any different22:58
yofelthen again, his isn't english22:58
Ezimyofel, you can see some icons are missed in mine.22:58
Ezimit looks much better then default with kubuntu22:59
Ezimbut still not perfect22:59
yofelRiddell: http://people.ubuntu.com/~yofel/pics/pavu1.png23:00
Riddelllovely, thanks23:01
Ezimyofel, can you see the difference now?23:01
yofeloh, yeah23:01
yofelI missed those23:01
Ezim:) like I said yours look wonderful23:02
Ezimgreat work yofel :).23:02
yofelcould be that you're missing some icon pack there, I don't know which icons are used there23:03
Ezimyofel, oxygen23:03
EzimI will try with others23:03
Riddellyofel: got a working digikam 2.5 for screenshottage?23:05
yofelRiddell: uploaded to ninjas, needs review23:05
* BluesKaj uses the old fashioned marble colours and plastic theme , but it's more pleasing to the eye on my large monitor ...23:05
Riddellyofel: it failed to build there I think23:05
BluesKajbummer , my prntscn key no longer works23:06
yofelargh, I forgot about mysql23:07
Riddellyofel: so you don't have it locally or you have better things to do than give me screenshots?23:08
yofelgive me a minute23:10
EzimBluesKaj, have you looked to hotkey settings?23:11
EzimBluesKaj, it works great here.23:12
BluesKajEzim, , never had to use hotkeys23:12
BluesKajBBL ...dinner23:12
EzimBluesKaj, http://imgur.com/QEzJs23:14
* Ezim need to sleep. take care all of you. 23:36
yofelRiddell, agateau: found sheytans old lightdm design again, talk to him if you have questions http://img193.imageshack.us/img193/2426/login21.png23:36
Riddellwow imageshack keep it for that long?23:37
Riddellfacebrowser is nice, I wonder why they're not much used23:37
Riddellthanks yofel 23:38
* yofel goes back to fixing digikam overwrite errors23:38
DarkwingHow we looking for lightdm?23:52
rbelemRiddell, is contour pkg ok?23:57
Riddellrbelem: sorry didn't get round to it yet23:58
Riddellwill do in the morning I promis23:59
rbelemRiddell, np :-)23:59
rbelemRiddell, thanks :-)23:59

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