macramDasKreech: same error.00:00
DasKreechmacram: sudo apt-get install google-chrome-stable --download-only00:01
macramDasKreech: same error.00:01
macramPlease tell me you're not telling me random parameters00:02
DasKreechNo It should download the archive and put it in /var/cache/apt/archives00:04
DasKreechThat's the only reason I can think of why it would be complaining about no archive00:04
DasKreechor run ls /var/cache/apt/archives/*chrome*00:05
macramDasKreech: File doesn't exist00:06
DasKreechmacram: well may want to hunt down that .deb file then00:06
macramDasKreech: from wherE?00:06
DasKreechI would presume the google-chrome repo00:07
DasKreechhttps://www.google.com/chrome/eula.html?platform=linux ?00:08
macramDasKreech: installed it before00:13
macramdoesn't change00:13
Sentynelhi guys, got some really odd behaviour on my system. the system monitor is showing the CPU usage permanently at 100%, but in the list of processes there's at most a handful of processes using a percent or two each. I'd assume it's a system monitor glitch, only my system keeps randomly locking up for a few seconds exactly as if the CPU was redlined. this has persisted after a reboot. any ideas?00:14
DasKreechmacram: Not sure what archive it's speaking of there. I would presume it's ... wait you installed it and you have no .deb in /var/cache/apt/archive ?00:15
macramit looked installed00:16
macramit's not really installed00:16
FloodBotK1macram: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.00:16
macramMuon didn't throw error00:16
DasKreechSentynel: run a rootkit detector00:19
DasKreechmacram: use dpkg ot apt-get00:19
DasKreechSentynel: or check if system monitor is filtering by user00:22
SentynelDasKreech: system monitor is set to all processes; no suspicious responses from rkhunter or chkrootkit00:26
DasKreechSentynel: can you verify the 100% usage with top and htop ?00:29
macrami quit00:29
macrami'll reinstall ubuntu00:29
SentynelDasKreech: htop is showing ~75% usage (fluctuating) on each core, and nothing that accounts for that in the process list00:30
Sentyneluh, that just dropped to about 15% on each with much less variation for no reason that I can see... system monitor is still showing 100%00:32
jschallWhat's the safest way to install the latest nvidia beta (295.17)?00:52
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DasKreechSentynel: I would say file a bug but I don't even know how you would replicate that. does it still occur on logout/relogin ?00:54
ubottuFor Ati/NVidia/Matrox video cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto00:55
SentynelDasKreech: I rebooted and it persisted. I have no idea how to replicated it. it's also worth noting that the CPU graph in the system monitor fluctuates, despite the display at the bottom showing CPU 100% permanently, but both cores are on 100% the majority of the time00:55
Sentynelhtop's figures still seem to be sane, so I'm not sure why they were elevated for a while when I started it00:56
DasKreechSentynel: could it be that the SVG cache isn't refreshing?00:56
DasKreechoh wait no it's the other way around the monitor is changing but the numbers are pegged00:56
DasKreechWhat version of KDE?00:57
Sentynelfrom the official ppa00:57
Sentynelhttp://img853.imageshack.us/img853/2098/sysguardweird.png here's a screengrab of htop and the system monitor00:59
DasKreechSentynel: you have a large load for a 18% CPU usage01:06
Sentynelyeah, I don't know why the load averages are so high01:07
SentynelI do have a file copy operation to an external device running at the moment; I don't know if IO waiting shows up in the load averages01:08
Sentynel(I did check, and there's no link between the copy operation and the system monitor's output)01:08
xouriiMuon software center keeps crashing on me...what's going on?01:09
xouriiIt's a fresh install of Kubuntu and everything..01:10
ubuntuHi there!01:12
ubuntuHi room01:13
ubuntudoes anybody know how to install lexmark printer driver?01:13
xouriiWhat is a good browser to use with Kubuntu?01:14
ubuntuI find that firefox is better than reqonk01:15
xouriiYeah, I've had problems with rekonq01:16
xouriiIt opens a crapload of tabs/windows01:16
xouriifor no reason01:16
DasKreechxourii: chromium might be good01:18
ubottuPrinting in Ubuntu is done with cups. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Printers - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsPrinters - http://linuxprinting.org - Printer sharing: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/NetworkPrintingFromWindows01:18
ubuntuThx ubottu01:19
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DasKreechxourii: what's going with Muon ?01:22
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DasKreechSentynel: Still 100 ?01:26
SentynelDasKreech: huh, well. the numbers have started agreeing with the graphs now. but they still don't agree with htop's figures.01:28
DasKreechI'd poke ivancuvick about that. He's a pretty well informed person on that phenomenon but he's not on IRC now01:29
Sentynelhm, righto, will keep an eye out01:29
xouriiWhat do you guys think about the Opera web browser?01:36
xouriiIs it any good?01:37
DasKreechxourii: It is as long as you can stand closed code and development01:52
DasKreechSentynel: ivan@fomentgroup.org or http://identi.ca/ivancukic01:54
xouriiHow well does Kubuntu work with android phones?01:54
SentynelDasKreech: cheers01:54
DasKreechxourii: It doesn't01:54
DasKreechoh wait you mean as in mounting them?01:54
DasKreechnot installing Kubuntu on them?01:55
xouriiDasKreech: Like, putting music and such on it01:55
DasKreechxourii: Oh. umm I can't speak in general since I don't know how most android phones would do it but I've done it 1/2 a dozen times on the Epic 4G01:57
Sentynelmost android phones should just behave as usb mass storage devices when you plug them in and press the mount sd card or whatever button on the phone01:59
Sentynelyou can just copy/paste music on from the file manager or a media player like amarok02:00
xouriiOne more question..02:01
xouriiI'm updating Kubuntu after a fresh install, and it seems to be stuck on 59%....02:01
xouriiit says02:02
xouriirunning dpkg02:02
DasKreechxourii: Still?02:11
puhme so hooooooooooni02:24
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Guest3792ddd9I can not access to my Secondary HDD.02:31
Guest3792ddd9한국 사람 계신가요?02:32
dragon_ellow ? cna any ooone help me out ?02:43
dragon_can any1 help me out ?02:44
DasKreechdragon_: hmm?02:48
dragon_i am having troubles with this new os an inneed of som asstance02:49
DasKreechdragon_: anything more specific ?02:49
DasKreechdragon_: you can ask02:50
dragon_well im tryin to get tha video codes to work, i start a video, well it says it downloaded an instaled tha codes needed, but then it dont play tha video, i close outa tha video player, an open a video again jus to get tha download an install tha codecs02:51
DasKreechdragon_: install the package kubuntu-restricted-extras02:53
dragon_an how do i go about that, i am new to this kubuntu os... i have used tha ubuntu os tho02:53
DasKreechdragon_: Ah. Well you can open Muon and do that or if you are comfortable with the command line you can type in sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras02:56
dragon_not good wit comand line utilities... nor was good with dos.. lol....im used to somthin like a windows enviroment... ok, an were do i find tha Muon program.... sry 4 tha hassell02:57
DasKreechdragon_: alt+F2 -> muon02:58
dragon_this os is dfntly alot diff then that of tha ubuntu gnome os03:01
dragon_is that were i will find most of anythin i would want to install, thru tha muon ?03:04
dragon_Wich of tha muon's should i use for searching software..tha software center or package manager03:19
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clone1018Hey, having some networking problems, basically, I'm connected via eth0 to the internet, and it randomly disconnects03:46
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Charlie__umm..hello good people where can i get the nickname liist in this quassel client04:31
emWhen I installed the catalyst 12.1 driver (the latest) from the AMD website: (1) when I rebooted the splash screen was gone, and (2) the desktop was painfully slow, like when you reposition any window you get window tearing.04:54
emis the fglrx that is packaged by Ubuntu actually the catalyst driver offered by AMD?05:05
lethuem, nope05:07
emwhat is it then?05:07
lethuem, you can find the proprietary driver in Additional Drivers in the system menu05:07
emare you sure that fglrx isnt the proprietary driver?05:08
lethuwell, it's too late in the night, so I am not sure05:08
emi dont blame you. im not either.05:08
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lethuem, wait I'll check for you05:09
lethuem, yes fglrx is AMD's driver05:11
lethusorry for the confusion05:12
lethuem, you can access the amd control center via this command -> $ amdcccle05:13
emif the fglrx is AMD's own driver then I don't see why you can't just install the package rather than installing it from the website.05:15
emfor the purposes of bitcoin mining.05:15
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casbhello good people of kubunthoo07:25
casbi was wondering if someone could help me with this little issue of myne07:28
casbsince i just instelled linux yesterday07:28
casband am pretty sure its no biggie07:28
lethucasb, just gon on07:38
lethugo on*07:38
lethuyou won't get help if you don't describe your problem07:38
casbim here im here07:38
casbjust figured out the /windows channel #vdfoi command07:39
lethuyou have won 1 kudos07:39
casbwindows even07:39
casbthanks :)07:39
casbwindow !07:39
casbi wrote windows so many times in my life apperantly07:39
casbanyhow i instelled the tiger pckg which is some sort of securty analysis program07:42
casband with it the sendmail (deamon?) came07:42
casbwhich i think was 32bit ..me havin 64bit thinky instelled07:42
casbafter running this tiger (for what i had absolutely no reason to run in the first place)07:44
lethucasb,  go on07:44
casbi uninstalled it with the --purge07:44
casbbut i think/know that all the packages that it was depended upon stayed07:45
casband there surely isnt ione easy way to role this whole process back pr is there07:46
casbi cheked the dpkg.log and have a pretty good idea what came with it07:47
casbso my question is07:47
casbin umm..wait07:47
casbsynaptics packadge manager07:48
casbi now have two sendmail things installed07:48
casband jack and some other stuff that came with the 'tiger'07:49
casbis one on by defauld with this distro or not07:49
casbi really have no reall good overall perspective of what im doing here07:50
casband also there are two entrys of it in etc/passwd .. ?07:50
casbone after another07:50
casbany of these making any sense ?07:51
casbnever used spm before in my life :S07:51
DasKreechcasb: :)07:53
casbwhat ?07:53
DasKreechcasb: I think that it should be ok07:53
DasKreechwhat does whereis sendmail say ?07:53
casbsendmail: /usr/sbin/sendmail /usr/lib/sendmail /usr/share/sendmail /usr/share/man/man8/sendmail.8.gz07:54
casbgrrr ..any1 know how to put the "window" over all lines in bx ?07:55
casbcos right now i have 3/4 statur and 1/4 #kubuntu and its really stresfull on me07:56
casbdone >)07:57
DasKreechwhat window over bx ?07:58
casbim on terminal bit*hX07:58
casbits /windows grow [number of lines]07:59
casbso what do you guys think should i just leave the packagas that tiger cam with or 'unclick' them in synaptics ?08:00
casbi mean its no biggy i just dont know am i running a mail deamon now08:01
casbwas i running it prior ?08:01
casbam i not running it but its just installed beceuse of some other stuff ....08:02
casbis it there if u do a fresh install ?08:02
casbdo i need it ?08:02
casb...im not making any sense eh08:04
casbcmon tellme what to do here .. i know for all the other stuff 'tiger' came with like chkrootkit, e4, jack,.. that i can remove them , i just dont know about this sendmail08:09
casbpardon, m4 , not e4 :)08:10
bsidbThe Recent Documents Menu in KDE is not geilivable enough, does someone else have the same feeling?08:38
Guest60510bsidb: I'm interested in knowing what "geilivable" means08:39
bsidbGuest60510:"gelivable" is a popular Chinglish word means "awesome" in English08:41
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bsidbthe word came from China and became "officially" admitted by the Chinese government in a news report in 人民日报. The New York Times also reported the word's popularity among Chinese network users.08:44
fille12any css pro here?08:45
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zoraelWhere do you enable expanding folders in the Details view in Dolphin again?12:10
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krineticHello! What is the best msn messenger for kde? Should I use kopete, amsn or kmess ?12:42
oratedHello! I sometimes suddenly get this pop up - http://imagebin.org/198867 - and then there is no sound. How can I fix it?12:59
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BluesKaj'Morning all14:01
=== Sir_r3v0_zz is now known as zz_Sir_r3v0_zz
oratedHello! I sometimes suddenly get this pop up - http://imagebin.org/198867 - and then there is no sound. How can I fix it?14:20
Ezimorated, have you installed pulseaudio things?14:21
oratedEzim: Oh yes. State: installed14:23
Ezimorated, take no14:23
Ezimand take do not ask14:23
oratedEzim: ?14:24
Ezimorated, mean the picture you send.14:24
EzimDo not ask again for this device. mark it. then choose no.14:25
Ezimorated, kmix is not starting for you?14:26
oratedEzim: Well, then how is it relaed to pulseaudio. I think system uses also often. Should I uninstall pulseaudio? And if I check it to not to ask again and click no then it would just stop the audio anytime without error.14:26
oratedKmix seems to work fine14:26
Ezimorated, you only get this message?14:27
Ezimthis message is no harm14:27
Ezimlike I write before;Do not ask again for this device. mark it. then choose no.14:27
orated..I get that when switching user or on kdesudo and other times just randomly. Sound then come back only after restart14:28
oratedOk, thanks14:28
Ezimorated, np.14:28
Ezimorated, try restart and make does thing that normally pop up this message.14:28
Ezimif it does not come anymore and no other problem is there14:29
Ezimthen your problem is solved14:29
Ezimif not :) we must find other solution14:29
Ezimbrb need to log out.14:30
orated!info pulseaudio14:30
ubottupulseaudio (source: pulseaudio): PulseAudio sound server. In component main, is optional. Version 1:1.0-0ubuntu3.1 (oneiric), package size 854 kB, installed size 3148 kB14:30
orated!info alsa14:30
ubottuPackage alsa does not exist in oneiric14:30
csgeekI was trying to connect to a vpn server using openconnect, though I don't see a network-manager-openconnect-kde yet.  Is it not supported through the GUI yet?14:31
orated!info also-source14:32
ubottuPackage also-source does not exist in oneiric14:32
orated!info also-oss14:33
ubottuPackage also-oss does not exist in oneiric14:33
BluesKajhmm, odd because alsa is installed by default14:33
oratedWhat is the default sound server used in Ubuntu?14:33
BluesKaj!info alsa-base14:33
ubottualsa-base (source: alsa-driver): ALSA driver configuration files. In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.24+dfsg-0ubuntu2 (oneiric), package size 136 kB, installed size 516 kB14:33
oratedis optional14:33
designbybeckgoodmorning cool kids14:34
BluesKajstrange it installed on 12.04 from the alpha livecd14:34
EzimBluesKaj, :) the new nvidia driver is out.14:35
BluesKajhey designbybeck14:35
BluesKajEzim,  295 ?14:35
Ezim295.20 :)14:35
Ezimworking really great14:36
designbybeckI asked this question, but not sure if i saw a response yesterday... In Ubuntu i used Startup Disk Creator to make a live usb drive, How do I do that in Kubntu14:36
Ezimdesignbybeck, unetbootin14:36
Ezimworks good14:36
orated!info usb-creator-kde14:36
ubottuusb-creator-kde (source: usb-creator): create a startup disk using a CD or disc image (for KDE). In component main, is optional. Version 0.2.34 (oneiric), package size 68 kB, installed size 308 kB14:36
designbybeckah yes, I have used that one as well Ezim,14:36
designbybecki'll check that one as well orated, thank you14:37
BluesKajwell Ezim I belong to the school where if it ain't broke , don't fix it14:37
EzimBluesKaj, thats good. for me it was before broken and it got fixed :).14:37
designbybeck*sigh* I know that "place" all to well BluesKaj14:38
designbybeckWe use Blackboard LMS,.....it SUCKS!14:38
designbybeckbut they don't even want to try Moodle LMS14:38
BluesKajdesignbybeck , but I'm not afraid to experiment either , once I have a stable setup I try not to try too many new offerings even within an alph/beta setup14:40
designbybeckthat is good14:40
BluesKajdesignbybeck,  LMS  ?14:41
designbybeckLearning Management System14:41
BluesKajok , Im strictly a home user , so workplace apps etc aren't in my scope14:42
designbybeckyou mentioned school eariler didn't know if you were a student or worked at one14:43
BluesKajI did use MS OSs of various versions up to W98 at work ,but  then I retired and now I spend a lot of time during the winter months here .14:45
BluesKajaltho I have other projects besides Linux on the go as well14:46
BluesKajI mentioned school ?...don't think so :)14:46
EzimBluesKaj, :) but your passion is towards our kubuntu :P. aint that right?14:46
BluesKajwe should all join #kubuntu-offtopic to discuss personal projects etc14:48
designbybeckjoining now BluesKaj14:50
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Meinomiswuaschtdoes anybody know how to get rid of those annoying "cannot read from backend" error messages in kontact?16:51
EzimMeinomiswuascht, any screenshots?16:53
Meinomiswuaschtezim: no, not now... It's probably a problem with the akonadi backends16:54
Meinomiswuaschtif I get one: where should I put it?16:54
BluesKajakonadi, what a pita , most ppl don't even need it16:54
EzimMeinomiswuascht, I always disable nepomuk16:54
Ezimand uninstalling akonadi needed application16:55
Ezim:) then I get rocksolid system16:55
Meinomiswuaschtyeah, but if everyone would do this, nobody would help the kontact team fixing bugs... ;-)16:55
BluesKajakonadi can't be uninstalled afaik , it takes the whole kubuntu desktop with it16:56
Meinomiswuaschtand I actually don't really like thunderbird16:56
EzimMeinomiswuascht, yeah :) when they fix I will not need to uninstall endless of things16:56
Ezimand change to gtk application likes thunderbird16:56
EzimBluesKaj, not neccesery to uninstall akonadi only uninstall application depending on akonadi16:57
Ezimlike kmail16:57
MeinomiswuaschtThe thing is that kontact/akonadi/nepomuk actually would be great if it worked. Loads of good stuff16:57
BluesKajMeinomiswuascht,  after 9.04 kmail/kontact was absolutely ruined16:57
MeinomiswuaschtI know, I'm on Linux since 200616:57
BluesKajyes Ezim , i also disable akonadi in system startup & shautdown16:57
MeinomiswuaschtAlways using kde. Just prefer it to gnome16:58
EzimBluesKaj, good for you :).16:58
BluesKajand nepomuk16:58
Meinomiswuaschtwell actually nepomuk is a lot more stable now. Doesn't crash all the time. Still takes a lot of cpu, but less than before...16:59
Meinomiswuaschthave to go. See you another time!17:00
BluesKajMeinomiswuascht,  you might want to investigate krusader , it's search option finds files just as well as nepomuk and it doesn't use a clunky daemon that uses up resources17:00
BluesKajit's also a gret file manager17:01
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BoomerBilei know there is a command you can execute on the command line to change your rendering provider, i've used it when i installed 11.04 and had issues with ati, nvidia, and intel drivers choosing the wrong provider for my card... anyone know how to select the 3d provider from the command line ?17:25
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TorchBoomerBile: do you mean setting the QT_GRAPHICSSYSTEM env var?17:47
BoomerBilenot sure... but i found my answer... update-alternatives --config gl_conf17:47
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athanoranyone knows how to fix this?  line 2:  6312 segmental fault17:55
athanorI am trying to installl a program called Molden17:55
athanorand when I try to run it, with comand gmolden, the error appears17:56
athanoranyone knows how to fix this?  line 2:  6312 segmental fault,  I  am trying to installl a program called Molden, and when I try to run it, with comand gmolden, the error appears17:57
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sila-levyhello everyone19:08
Riddellhello, welcome to #kubuntu19:09
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RovanionWhat package can I install to get some sort of volume icon in the trey?20:32
EzimRovanion, kmix is there.20:32
Ezimor you can add widget20:32
RovanionAh, kmix added an icon20:33
JuJuBeeCan I umount /home (separate partition) while booted into os and change the UUID to mount a new HD I just set up?20:37
=== emma_ is now known as em
GradysGhostThis chan seems a bit quiet for having 276 users.20:43
yofelJuJuBee: unmounting /home while you're logged in as a user that has his home directory in there will probably not work. I should worked while logged in as root (wich is discouraged). You could mount the new one, copy over what you need, change the UUID in fstab and reboot20:46
rosco_ywhat should I install to listen to audio cds?20:50
Ezimrosco_y, you mean codecs?20:52
rosco_yEzim: thank you.  I a newb, and when I put an audo cd in my drive, nothing happens.20:52
rosco_yis that a repo?20:53
rosco_yor an install package?20:53
Ezimsearch for that with muon20:53
rosco_yty, what is muon?20:53
Ezimor open konsole and write: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras20:53
rosco_yThank you very much :)20:53
opapordesktop closes with a segmentation fault and no other information21:23
opapowhere do I go for errors?21:24
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maxjezyhello, anyone know how to fix the bug with overlapping softwaretabs in the panel22:07
maxjezysometimes 2 tabs overlap22:07
maxjezylooks so ugly22:07
maxjezyusing the KDE 4.822:08
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Ezimmaxjezy, welcome :).22:10
opapordesktop will "Segmentation fault" if I close a window on my Windows XP box22:13
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maxjezyEzim, grrrr!22:16
Ezimmaxjezy, :) you have got your answer elsewhere.22:17
yofelmaxjezy: if you get an empty panel space while it does that, I filed a bug about that a while ago as I get that too with the default task manager. No response yet :/22:17
yofelEzim: he did?22:18
Ezimyofel, he could also use task manager with icons22:18
Ezimyofel, yeah :) from swedish loco channel.22:18
yofelright, which is what I'm doing righ tnow22:18
Ezimyofel, :).22:19
maxjezywell, i found a easy way to fix it when it happends22:21
maxjezyjust press printscreen22:21
maxjezyand then they go back to normal22:21
maxjezynot able to printscreen the bugg22:21
maxjezya smart bugg22:21
Ezimmaxjezy, have you tried "my" solution to your problemo? :)22:22
maxjezyEzim, no22:22
maxjezycuz i cant find that stuff22:22
maxjezynow i did22:23
maxjezyand i did not like it22:23
jmichaelxmaybe should be asked in off-topic, but is there a way to set the font in thunderbird according to actual size, rather than relative size (smaller/larger)??22:24
aguitelis anyone using razor qt desktop ?22:24
jmichaelxaguitel: i have just starting making some use of it22:25
Ezimmaxjezy, oki.22:25
aguiteljmichaelx, side by side with kde ?22:25
maxjezynow that Kubuntu is not supported by canonical22:25
maxjezycan we have blender ppa and blender installed by default?22:25
maxjezyall great operativesystems should have blender22:25
jmichaelxaguitel: no. i have installed it on a laptop running xubuntu22:26
jmichaelxso, alongside xfce22:26
maxjezyit's the biggest and most devoleped software22:26
maxjezyand it's not by default22:26
maxjezythat kinda sucks22:26
aguiteljmichaelx, what is your opinion?22:26
maxjezydont you think?22:26
jmichaelxaguitel: i am not sure i can say yet for sure, but my feelings have been very positive so far22:27
jmichaelxaguitel: i have waned to see a much lighter Qt-based DE for a LONG time22:28
aguiteljmichaelx, can i remove all kde (kubuntu) stuff ,and remain razor ?22:28
maxjezyaguitel, if you did install the metapackage with aptitude22:29
jmichaelxaguitel: not exactly sure what you mean by that, but i guess you would only need whichever parts of KDE you want22:29
maxjezyjust uninstall it with aptitude22:29
maxjezythen all KDE packages go away22:29
aguiteljmichaelx, maxjezy remove with the first line of this page:http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/puregnome22:31
maxjezythat's one hell of a line22:34
aguitelmaxjezy, what means22:34
jmichaelxgood god, managing fonts in thunderbird sucks arse22:49
Ezimjmichaelx, I use freesans instead of default ubuntu one22:50
Ezimjmichaelx, try to change colour to oxygen cold22:51
Ezimif that helps22:51
jmichaelxEzim: my problem is that i cut and pasted something into an email, which changed the font.... right now, i am just trying to get things set so that the entire email is using the same font/font size. sounds like it should be easy, but it hasn't been.22:51
Ezimjmichaelx, hmm. I have not thunderbird installed yet.22:52
Ezimjmichaelx, you can try: http://packages.netrunner-os.com/pool/main/k/kde-gtk-config/22:53
Ezimmaybe temp. solution22:53
Sentyneljmichaelx: use edit > paste without formatting to stop that happening22:54
jmichaelxSentynel: i have tried that, but that didn't seem to change anything22:55
jmichaelxin other words, it still changed the font settings22:56
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tele15hey there, i am upgraded 11.10 to kernel 3.0.0-16, after that no boot with this kernel, i am running on an crypted disk, with 3.0.0-15 anything is still fine. But 3.0.0-16 only put me to grub shell, without asking for crypt pass. Any Ideas?23:01
MrCrackerstele15 can u use tory encyrption method23:01
tele15Give me a hint ?23:03
tele15i used the alternate install with lvm and encrypted disk at inital install, and since then all kernel updates gone fine.23:04
lalozeroola ?23:20
lalozeroalguien que me pueda ayudar ?? o.O23:21
lalozeroecooo..... ecooo.... cooo... coo...ooo... oo... o.23:23
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lalozeroestan ?23:24
lalozeroalguien sabe como instalar el gerix wifi cracker ??23:28
lalozeroingles o español ??23:28
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jmichaelxsince installing kde sc 4.8, synergy/quick synergy has been giving me fits23:55
ubottuEn la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.23:55

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