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VimanMy alt-f2 keybinding has stopped working. Anyone else experiencing this?12:32
zeroseven0183Viman, I had to press ALT-F2 twice to make the Run command pop-up. Have you tried that?13:02
Vimanyes, no goodie13:02
VimanI tried running `lxpanelctl run` with no results, either13:03
zeroseven0183Is lxpanelctl installed?13:07
Vimanit is13:10
Viman$ which lxpanelctl13:11
Viman`lxpanelctl run` (the alt-f2 run command) doesn't work for me. Anyone else experiencing this?13:50
MrChrisDruifNo-one is having problems before I came to the channel? Good!14:29
Dani_TMany news on Lubuntu 12.04 system requirements?15:20
holsteinDani_TM: you can try a daily live15:21
Dani_TMtrue, but I'm planning to install it on my old laptop15:22
holsteinDani_TM: i generally find you can push a little harder that the requirements state if you like... if you use an alternate CD to install.. try #ubuntu+1 for general 12.04 discussion, otherwise, tell us what hardware you have, and i will give you my opinion as to what will run on it15:24
Dani_TMI'm using Lubuntu on my old laptop, a Compaq Armada E500 -> a 700 MHz 256 MB RAM15:27
Dani_TMand I'm quite pleased with it15:27
holsteinDani_TM: theres no reason for me to expect 12.04 wont run as well.. might be so similar, it might not be worth the trouble, other than the LTS status of the ubuntu back-bone15:29
Dani_TMI'm using Lubuntu 11.1015:29
vandal-hi. My graphic card is old geforce mx 420. Earlier i worked on lubuntu. After installation i just switched to second driver available in this "additional drivers" thing and everything was working fine. Yesterday i switched to xubuntu, but here switching active (96) driver to second one available (96-updates) doesnt make any difference, everything works choppy and not smooth. What was that additional driver available in lubuntu and how can i install it here o15:30
vandal-n xubuntu?15:30
holsteinDani_TM: thats what i commented about, and read from your statents... that you are running 11.10, and asking about 12.04, and i am saying, 12.04 *should* be *very* similar, so similar it might not be worth the trouble upgrading15:30
holsteinDani_TM: except for the fact that 12.04 is an LTS release, which might be appealing15:31
holsteinvandal-: the repos are the same, so its likely (assuming you are talking about the *same* versions of xubuntu and lubuntu, 11.10 for example) that you can find the driver package you are looking for in the repos15:32
Dani_TMthank you, holstein15:32
krivchow can i create launcher in lubuntu?15:34
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EruadanHow can i change the speed of the mouse pad in my laptop? I want to tap twice more sensible.20:47
Eruadanalso, why "volume control settings" is disable, when right cliking in the panel bar20:49
Eruadantask bar*20:49
Unit193For sound check alsamixer, and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/FAQ/Guides#Touchpad_settings (slow load)20:50
Eruadank, and for the mouse double click speed settings?20:51
Eruadansry, didn't see all the links20:52
Unit193Yep, no problem.20:52
JITBotFor a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad20:52
phillwhello JITBot, thanks for helping out.21:12
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