alex54321_i have installed 12.0400:25
alex54321_how can i add to repositor for drivers of amd radeons?00:25
alex54321_for having updates?00:25
h00kI'm still having some libc6 issues, I'm unable to work around it thus far: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/841143/00:57
Guest59982hey guys,  has anyone tried the latest alpha 2 build on an atom?01:07
h00kI'm still having some libc6 issues, I'm unable to work around it thus far: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/841143/, and 'sudo aptitude safe-upgrade --full-resolver' gives: http://paste.ubuntu.com/841151/01:08
Canadian1296I want to download 12.04 to test in virtualbox. I just need to confirm, but I want the "PC (Intel x86) desktop CD" right? I am on a 64 bit Mac, but I'm installing in virtualbox.01:08
h00kCanadian1296: that's correct01:09
nhainesCanadian1296: either should work, but x86 might be more straightforward.01:09
Canadian1296h00k: Thanks :)01:09
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keniobatshello there!06:45
keniobatsUbuntu 12 is sucking my battery, it lasts 2h30min instead of the 5hs it last on my MacBook Air. Is there any chance to improve this?(I read about the kernel issue but don't know what to do). Thanks06:46
c_smithYayz! Precise is installed and running on my laptop without major Kernel Panic issues on boot! :D06:50
c_smithand now I shall go to sleep.06:50
urfr332g0So anyone install synaptic and having a no mouse cursor able to click on the search?08:11
mvourfr332g0: yes, known bug, should be fixed today08:29
urfr332g0mvo, cool it is the search window but the search button that open the tiny gui works odd.08:29
mvourfr332g0: yes, its a tiny bug, glade added a "can_focus=false" property into the ui description for no good reason08:30
mvo0.75.5~exp6 will fix it, its synced now but not build yet08:30
urfr332g0lol it happens I just used the cli to remove an extra kernel, no biggie.08:31
zzecoolLatest compiz updates broke almost all plugins functionality09:10
zzecoolHot corners doesn working  + keyboard shortcuts  too09:11
zzecoolfor plug ins like desktop wall   , expo  etc09:11
urfr332g0zzecool, yeah just noticed the hot corners every thing else seems intact I have cool cube setup.09:12
zzecooli use to change workspaces using ALT + left or right09:12
zzecooland move the window to workspaces with  CTRL + ALT + left or right09:13
zzecooland doesnt work09:13
zzecooli tried setting into something else with the same result09:13
urfr332g0zzecool, mine is set to change with mouse wheel if the cursor is on the desktop as well.09:13
zzecoolit didnt work09:13
zzecooli see09:13
zzecoolIs mouse still working for changing workspaces?09:14
zzecooli only have touchpad right now09:14
zzecoolcant test09:14
urfr332g0zzecool, yeah it is a custom script I always use.09:14
urfr332g0you want the script?09:14
zzecoolI also found Corrupted drivers behavior09:15
zzecoolno thank you09:15
zzecoolim using nvidia 290 driver09:15
zzecooland i have corrupted after log in until the unity launcher appears09:15
zzecoolcorrepted image*09:16
zzecool(whatever sry for the typos)  :p09:16
urfr332g0I have a ati never had to mess with a nvidia09:16
zzecoolThere was a Xorg update i think this is the culprit09:16
c3ssojust wanted to report some problems I faced..09:52
c3ssotheming is a bit broken.  when I hover over buttons in the toolbar of e.g gedit, they are 1 or two pixel bigger, resulting in a jumpy movement when hovering...09:53
c3ssois there a workaroud for this?09:53
c3ssoalso, text colors of themes have changed without my interaction... any clue how to fix this until now?09:55
c3ssorahter nasty bug: /etc/fonts/conf.d/65-nonlatin.conf contains missspelled xml which prevents unity greeter from starting...09:59
c3ssook great.10:15
zzecoolc3sso: that was a bug that i found10:16
zzecoolc3sso: it doesnt have to do with your findings10:16
c3ssoI see10:17
zzecoolc3sso: i think you have to report it to "gnome-menus" package10:17
zzecoolTry on terminal   :   ubuntu-bug gnome-menus10:17
zzecoolubuntu-bug is a tool collecting and attaching for you the log files to your bug report on launchpad10:18
zzecoolYou have to fill in the description + the title of the bug report :)   You gonna understand ones you use it :)10:18
c3ssoI get lots of Gtk-WARNING **: Theme parsing error: gtk-widgets.css:56:16: Not using units is deprecated10:19
c3ssowhen running this10:19
zzecoolwhen running what ?10:19
zzecoolubuntu-bug ?10:20
zzecoolomg c3sso10:20
c3ssoyes. so I assume its a general theming problem with the base gtk3 system getting updated towards gnome 3.410:20
zzecooldont take in mind what i told you10:20
zzecooli was unsawering on a different guy from the other channel10:21
zzecoolomg lol10:21
zzecoolmy bad10:21
zzecoollet me check your problem10:21
zzecoolc3sso:  i see you can open your software center  go to the history tab and search for updates on  packages that may be the culprit like  containing the word themes etc  or any GTK packages10:23
zzecooland then report the bug using the "ubuntu-bug" tool from the terminal10:23
c3ssothis does not happen when using raleigh10:25
c3ssoso I think its a theme specific problem with gtk310:27
zzecool_c3sso: i see i dont know what is your problem but the "ubuntu-bug gnome-menus"  wasnt going for you10:28
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c3ssoI know. I guess the underlying theme mechanism has been updated and most of the themes I tried have probkems10:29
zzecoolwhat is your theme ?10:29
zzecoolim Using the Adwaita     GTK theme without problems10:30
zzecoolonly some transperency  ones10:30
c3ssodifferent ones, but when I try elementary-borderless and universal I get a strange gray color for the text of menus in gnome-menu and menu instide applications10:31
c3ssothat was working before, without problems10:31
zzecooli see10:31
zzecoolyou can file a report on the GTK pachake10:32
c3ssoalso the buttons in the toolmar are jumping 1.2 pixels when hovering over them, at some themes10:32
zzecoolyou can also record a video of the bug and attach it with the bug report10:33
zzecoolthis is the best10:33
c3ssohmm good idea10:33
zzecooluse a tool like "recordmydesktop" or "kazam"10:33
zzecooli like kazam10:33
zzecoola trick about kazam is to set the FPS to 10 or 15 not more or it gonna look like 5 fps10:34
c3ssoffmpeg is fine too.10:34
zzecoolif you are confy working with terminal its ok10:34
zzecoolkazam is ffmpeg gui as i can remember ;p10:34
c3ssoabout the theming issues: some of the themes also try to theme the gnome-panel in fallback mode10:35
c3ssowhich they shouldnt10:35
zzecoolRecord all this on a video and report em :) its the best10:36
c3ssoand some are not theming the tray icon area, it has annother color than the rest...10:36
c3ssoI will10:36
c3ssosth different:10:36
c3ssodo You have a clue which program provides the battery applet in the tray_10:37
c3ssois it gnome-powermanager directly, or gnome-settings-daemon?10:37
c3ssothi icon is ok, but I do not need it in my openbox session10:38
c3ssothere is messes aroud with tint2 panel.. It actually messes around in gnome panel tray too, sometimes (the size of the icon is too big, it uses too much space (2 - 4 times its size on both sides)10:40
zzecoolhmm i dont know10:41
zzecooli know your problem10:41
zzecoolim using Faenza icons theme and there is a special workaround for the battery icon10:42
zzecoollet me check in the icon folders to see what was the trick10:43
zzecoolYes the fix is that the icon theme is using the default ubuntu icons for the battery10:51
zzecooleverything else is changed10:51
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Fai1ureI'm having some serious issues with gsettings / gsettings-daemon, but I'm somewhat fumbling to understand how to debug it properly11:54
Fai1ureif anyone has helpful hints I'd be extremely happy11:54
Fai1uregsettings get requests hang indefinitely, and gsettings-daemon seems to hang too11:55
Fai1ureresult is neither Unity / Unity 2D nor Gnome will actually start a useable desktop11:55
Fudgehi when i boot i am getting crackly sound and it also echos, precise alpha2/amd64, updates. sound is Audio device: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA) (rev 40), what could be causing it?12:16
Fudgefyi options snd-hda-intel position_fix=1 fixes my sound problem12:53
aQutei recently installed ubuntu 12.04 alpha2 and now I am getting an error while install updates something called partial upgrade(can t install all the updates), can anybody tell me how to deal with that ?12:56
Fudgesounds like some packages are held back, think that is common at the moment12:59
aQuteif i do partial upgrade it stops13:00
cjohnstonGreetings, I can't tell if it's safe to upgrade precise again. bug #929384 has a package marked fix released, but 2 hours ago someone reported still having a crash. Opinions?13:13
Daekdroombug 92938413:15
Piciubottu isn't feeling well this morning.13:15
DaekdroomAh damn it13:15
cjohnstonDaekdroom: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers/+bug/92938413:15
MrChrisDruifDoes anyone happen to know what script "grabs" the current background to set the background in LightDM14:48
valdur55MrChrisDruif, it's dconf entry14:48
MrChrisDruifIt's a dconf entry?14:49
MrChrisDruifAnd what could I do to troubleshoot if it doesn't work?14:50
valdur55Oh damn.. it.s in conf file : http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/09/tool-change-lightdm-wallpaper-ubuntu-11-10/14:54
jbichaMrChrisDruif: what version of gnome-settings-daemon do you have installed?14:56
jbicha"slideshows" won't work (such as the Ubuntu contest winners or the GNOME blue stripes wallpaper)14:59
MrChrisDruifjbicha; Version: 3.2.2-0ubuntu1714:59
MrChrisDruifAnd I've got a static wallpaper14:59
lamalexcan anyone help me fix broken apt? E: Internal Error, No file name for libc615:06
arandlamalex: would you be able to provide release, architecture, whether multiarch is enabled, and a full transcript of the upgrade attempt?15:39
lamalexarand, i'd be willing15:39
arandlamalex: I think the upgrade log should be in /var/log/ somewhere15:40
lamalexarand, I'm on P, amd64, with multiarch15:40
arandlamalex: I've delegated that to cjwatson in #ubuntu-devel (someone there contacted him with a similar issue, I mentioned your comment here and he stated that this info would be useful)15:44
lamalexaye aye15:44
arandlamalex: Hmm, did you try restarting gdm and then re-running apt?15:46
arandlamalex: Oh, seems there's libc-bin errors earlier, possible the gdm thingy is unrelated...15:48
lamalexno i dont use gdm anyway15:48
arandOr, argh, no that one goes in correct, ignore my libc-bin comment :/15:49
arandlamalex: 16:51 < cjwatson> arand: bizarre.  'sudo dpkg --configure -a' might help15:52
arandlamalex: Oh, you're already in the channel :)15:53
lamalexyah but i wasn't watching15:53
cyberdoinstalling ganeti2 and trying to create a VM yields: Could not start instance: Hypervisor error: Unable to get KVM version16:05
cyberdoubuntu server, precise, fully updated, amd6416:05
cyberdook.. I found the problem.. ganeti2 expects the version to contain 3 fields, KVM only has 216:12
pharenozoicHi, anybody here know where the config files for GTK3 Rhythmbox are?16:19
pharenozoic(Or, more generally, what the replacement (if any) for gconf in GNOME 3 is.)16:19
Ian_Corneanyone know what's making unity-2d to uninstall atm?.16:19
pharenozoicWell I've no dependency problems with unity-2d (or any other core packages), and I'm using up-to-date Precise i386. Tried reloading the repositories?16:22
Ian_Cornepharenozoic: it's unity-2d that's blocking16:26
pharenozoicDid update-manager (or synaptic smart upgrade) suggest a partial upgrade which removed it?16:27
Ian_CorneIt's not removed16:29
Ian_Cornei tried to dist-upgrade16:29
Ian_Cornebut saw that it'd be removed16:29
Ian_Corneso I stopped16:29
Ian_Corneand investigated16:29
pharenozoicYou're already on Precise, right?16:29
pharenozoicHave you tried using Synaptic and upgrading just unity-2d (say)? Synaptic will usually tell you the source of a conflict.16:31
kklimondaIan_Corne:  unity-2d-shell has been updated and it's breaking unity-2d-launcher and unity-2d-places (<< 5.4~)16:32
Ian_Corneyes pharenozoic :)16:32
Ian_CorneI'm updating as much as I can16:32
Ian_CorneVLC is also broken16:32
Ian_Cornewell the update is16:33
Ian_Cornethe google repo's are also realy slow16:36
dank_Woe is me... was on precise alpha 1, did update, then accepted a partial update... now update manager refuses to run, complaining "ubuntu-desktop: Depends: unity but it is not installed".  Should have read the sticky!17:22
dank_Looks like the cause is unity needs slightly newer libunity-core and unity-common, guess the problem will fix itself soon.17:24
urfr332g0dank_, if you get it working or reinstall make a clone.17:26
dank_what kind of clone, and why?17:26
urfr332g0dank_, a image can be done easily with clonezilla. Why, if you had one yiou would just reload quickly and be on the road again so to speak.17:27
dank_Oh.  Fine advice.  (Although maybe rejecting partial upgrades is enough.)17:28
urfr332g0dank_, having a image of your OS is the best insurance. If your going to be sarcastic I suggest you read the channel policies. :)17:29
dank_Wasn't sarcasm.   Also, this system is kind of disposable, so I'm ok.17:33
dank_sorry if my poor command of english was confusing.17:34
valdur55Can anyone change default lubuntu.xml file?17:36
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roothorickall of a sudden today I can't access a hidden WPA2 AP. It worked last week, but now it just spins and spins and eventually gives up. Where do I even begin on this? Where's the logs?18:04
urfr332g0roothorick, is it your link?18:06
roothoricka Win7 laptop in the other room is connected to the same AP.18:06
roothorickfound the logs... "Association request to the driver failed"18:09
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dankOK, fixed that.  Then had to install ubuntu-desktop (!) and libcroco3 by hand.  Now update-manager happy, doesn't complain about partial updates, yay.18:26
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urfr332g0dank, cool ;)18:28
dankia32-libs-multiarch still unhappy.18:37
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thechefHow can make window moving performance equal to 10.04-level?20:26
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LacLacoixi got a bug, btrfs tools20:41
LacLacoixSorry, your system lacks support for the snapshot feature20:41
LacLacoixi cant install updates now20:42
yofelLacLacoix: http://paste.ubuntu.com (bot is down)20:43
LacLacoixtheres the read out20:43
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LacLacoixor terminal stuff20:43
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LacLacoixcant remove that package snapshot20:44
yofelLacLacoix: the actual error is a bug in unity-singlet, as for the snapshot I don't know how apt-btrfs-snapshot works20:45
LacLacoixso, any sugetion.20:47
LacLacoixi hate to do this the windows way, but reinstall i guess. hehe20:52
jbichaLacLacoix: Ubuntu currently has a rather out-of-date btrfs-tools, bug 89445620:52
LacLacoixi better just reinstall. as for pricise beta, when is that due?20:54
LacLacoixoops, precise beta20:54
jbichacheck the topic20:55
LacLacoixMarch 1rst Precise Beta 1 >:)20:57
LacLacoixcoolio, cya20:58
jrgiffordHow would I go about troubleshooting a precise install that has A. broken theme (i think unity is borked) and B. is no longer able to handle a external display? open source ATI drivers if it helps...21:44
dankDoes failsafe x work?21:45
jrgiffordI'm currently booted into precise itself, using my laptops built-in display, no failsafe X.21:46
jrgiffordi'm even using unity 3D haha. :P21:47
dankSorry, I don't have much experience with external displays, I'll shut up now.21:48
jrgiffordok. :)21:48
jrgiffordi just installed the latest kernel update, i'll reboot and see if that fixes it (not much of a chance, but its a chance...)21:48
jrgiffordnope, that didn't fix it.21:52
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tristanc_Hi everyone! I have some questions regarding Ubuntu 12.04 LTS.23:16
tristanc_My dock changed and I'm not sure whether it's a bug or not...23:16
tristanc_It used to be hidden when entering fullscreen applications like Firefox and now it isn't anymore.23:17
tristanc_Now it's always there, except when I play games in fullscreen.23:17
nhainestristanc_: this is normal and the new default behavior.23:23
nhainestristanc_: you can set it to always show, or always hide.23:23
nhainesPower/settings icon > System Settings > Appearance > Behavior tab > Auto-hide the Launcher will let you change this default.  :)23:24
nhaineshttp://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/02/mark-shuttleworth-explains-dodge-ditch-decision-in-precise/ has links to the discussion about this change.23:25
tech2Anywhere I can find more info about compiz brokenness in recent updates?23:39
tristanc_OKay, thanks for the info, nhaines.23:42

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