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JackyAlcineWhat do I do to add an indicator to the system tray?04:54
jo-erlendJackyAlcine, that's actually very easy.05:44
jo-erlendone moment.05:44
JackyAlcineThanks jo-erlend, I got it (I happened to be using Qt for my app, my lazy self didn't notice QSystemTrayIcon)05:44
jo-erlendoh. That's not an indicator though?05:45
JackyAlcineO.o There doesn't seem to be a Qt library for it, though.05:45
jo-erlenddo you use Python, or..?05:46
JackyAlcineQt C++.05:47
jo-erlendok. This page has examples for several languages, anyway. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DesktopExperienceTeam/ApplicationIndicators05:47
jo-erlendonly gtk though... I was sure I had seen at least one example using Qt.05:49
JackyAlcineNo problem.05:53
JackyAlcineIt's targeted at Ubuntu anyways, one GTK dependency couldn't hurt :)05:53

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