stgraberwendar: around?00:30
wendarstgraber: yup00:30
stgraberwendar: i found why you don't get the icon for the calculator00:30
stgraberwendar: typo in debian/control00:30
stgraberwendar: your Icon field contains .svg where it should be .png00:31
stgraberI confirmed that here I can see all the icons in SC except for that one, so that must be the issue00:31
wendarstgraber: ah, makes sense00:31
stgraberwendar: can you fix and upload a new version to the PPA?00:31
wendarI can't see any of the icons, but probably an older version of SC00:31
wendarYup, I'll do that now00:31
stgrabercool, thanks00:32
* ajmitch wonders if we should make a general rule to push package branches to the app-review-board project after uploading to the PPA00:32
stgraberas I said, here it's not perfect either, it takes some convincing to get SC to load the icons the first time (opening the app page usually does the trick), then it uses it fine00:32
ajmitchthough keeping them in sync may be problematic00:32
wendarstgraber: ah, if I do that it works for the lenses00:33
stgraberwendar: ok, same behavior I have here then, just doesn't work with the calculator because it's actually broken ;)00:33
wendarstgraber: not perfect, but a usable work around until the SC bug is fixed00:33
stgraberyeah ...00:34
stgraberI need to make a note to poke mvo on Friday about the SRU00:34
ajmitchare there any changes that really need to go into precise? I expect that as an LTS, there'll be submissions targetting precise for quite awhile00:35
wendarajmitch: most of the changes we need are on the server side of SC00:36
wendarajmitch: so, not so much bound by release cycles00:36
ajmitchwhat about development tools like quickly?00:36
stgraberI think we're mostly good in Precise, wouldn't hurt to publish an app for testing though. I usually copy one of the small apps for that (the lenses will fail because of API mismatch).00:36
ajmitchsorry if I'm drifting off-topic :)00:36
ajmitchstgraber: I'll update my LP lens for precise soon, it could be used to test breakage00:37
* stgraber goes out to grab some food, bbiab00:37
stgraberajmitch: that'd be nice00:37
wendarstgraber: fix submitted, thanks for the catch!00:56
dholbachgood morning07:46
ajmitchmorning dholbach08:14
dholbachhi ajmitch08:14
* ajmitch just got home, tuesdays are long days :)08:14
stgraberwhoever takes care of the new lenses/scopes in the queue, let me know if you need any help with apparmor17:21
stgraber(it's not strictly mandatory but really a good idea to ship a profile as it's fairly easy to do for the unity extensions)17:22
wendarwhy do all these app developers add "-public#" to their version numbers18:55
wendarit's like they're all reading the same odd app development guide18:56
wendarbut, no clue where they're getting it from18:56
wendaris anyone working on Revision Monitor18:57
wendarand, any opinions on whether we should require the Guallet developer to fix the translations on that one screen before we launch?18:58
wendar(it's not one of our strict criteria, but seems to fit with the idea of being "useful for general audiences")18:58
ajmitchit'd be nice to get the translation fixed before uploading19:15
ajmitchthat's interesting, mixd.tv was submitted as a binary package, gpl v2, and the website download page requires logging in for a private beta22:41
wendarit may be that the GPLv2 license is a mistake22:50
wendarand, it actually belongs on the "no cost, proprietary" side22:50
wendarajmitch: I asked him for the source anyway22:51
wendarajmitch: I also asked Guallet to fix the translation problem22:51
wendarajmitch: if mixd.tv responds and says "I don't want to release the source" then we bounce it back to  John Pugh22:51
ajmitchfair enough, that's what I'd expect, but I don't think I've got a button to do that22:52
stgraberSubmit to MyApps is supposed to do that (as weirdly as it's called ...)22:53
ajmitchoh right :)22:54
wendarajmitch: actually, you may want to add a comment to mixd.tv asking about the private beta thing22:54
wendarajmitch: they do say it's "open source" on the website, but, don't seem to be distributing it...22:55
ajmitchwendar: commented23:03
ajmitchI *think* that comment gets emailed to the submitter23:03
wendarajmitch: yeah, I *think* so too, but not entirely sure23:05
wendarajmitch: those comments don't get forwarded to the app-review-board list, which is what made me doubt23:06
wendarajmitch: so I also emailed my comment (on crabhack) to the author, just to make sure they got it23:06
wendarajmitch: and, he replied to my email23:06
wendarajmitch: <shrug>23:07

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