unixnadHi community! I'm a new one :)00:15
pleia2unixnad: welcome :) this is our support channel, if you're looking to chat with other team members you can join #ubuntu-beginners-team00:33
unixnadI'll join there too.. Thnx00:34
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unixnadHi I use ubuntu 10.04 x64 . Is it good idea to use applications ubuntu software center to install adobe flash player... ?02:42
unixnadshall i get x64 support this way?02:43
holsteinunixnad: you can try it.. i usually suggest trying chrome with its installed flash..02:43
holsteini have 10.04 64bit with the flash from the repos on my production machine02:43
unixnaddefaulty but i use sync settings in mozilla so its my favorite browser02:44
unixnadi mean i wanna use firefox02:44
holsteinunixnad: sure.. try it and see how it works you you :)02:44
holsteinif you have troubles, try chrome as a troubleshooting step02:44
unixnadi downloaded file from flash player's site to install and couldn't managed :)02:44
unixnadI installed from software center but Youtube videos seems starts slowly..02:47
holsteinunixnad: maybe you can install chrome as a troubleshooting step.. or a firefox PPA02:48
unixnadwhat is firefox PPA?02:50
holsteinunixnad: to get the updated version of firefox02:50
unixnaddo i have to remove firefox then? or http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/ppas/14 is this link shows complete process02:52
holsteinunixnad: you update the sources with the PPA, then upgrade FF02:53
unixnadok sorry again how do i update sources ?02:54
unixnad(completely noob at all)02:54
holsteinunixnad: if flash works, i wouldnt bother.. if you say is "starts slow"... flash is just not all that great02:55
holsteinunixnad: at this linke http://www.ubuntuupdates.org/ppas/14, you can see some commands...02:55
unixnadok i will do that then..02:55
holstein3 sudo commands.. thos will upgrade FF02:55
holsteinOR, you can try chrome... thats easier for you to "recover" from02:56
Unit193holstein: That's not needed for natty and newer02:56
holsteinUnit193: 10.04 64bit02:56
holsteinUnit193: you have a 64bit install? i have 2 now02:56
Unit193ubot2`: info firefox lucid02:56
ubot2`Unit193: firefox (source: firefox): safe and easy web browser from Mozilla. In component main, is optional. Version 3.6.12+build1+nobinonly-0ubuntu0.10.04.1 (lucid), package size 11069 kB, installed size 29904 kB02:56
Unit193Wird, I was sure they'd updated it. I do not have any 64bit02:57
Unit193holstein: Wait, do you have a lucid box you can get the version from?02:59
holsteinUnit193: no running handily :/02:59
Unit193After checking ubot2` I checked ubottu.02:59
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casbjust to make sure i am on #ubuntu-beginners righ?08:23
ashickur-noorJust ask Q08:23
casbok here goes08:23
casbbare with me because i have been using linux for less than a day08:24
casbi installed 'tiger' package08:24
casbist some sort of security analysis thing08:24
casb(i did it for absolutely no good reason)08:25
casbso after running it08:25
casbi uninstalled it with the //purge opt08:25
casbbut i later realized that it came with other packages as well08:26
casbpe: jack , chkrootkit, e4, procmail, sendmail, sensible, man-db , sensible mda ... and perhaps a few more08:28
Unit193sudo apt-get autoremove   you can also use --purge with that.08:28
casbnow i sort of imagine that i can go to synaptics pm and un click all/most of these08:29
casbwell i didnt know about that08:29
casbso avtoremova vill also remove al the pckges the app brought allong ?08:29
casb(sorry for my spelling)08:30
Unit193Should, yes.08:30
casbanyhow the thing is as i am pretty sure about jack and shkrotkit i am not sure about sendmail , procmail ..08:30
casbthanks :) will come  in handy nex time i install something :)08:31
geirhayou mean john and chkrootkit :P08:31
casbwhat about all this mail connected stuff ?08:32
casbwas it there before ?08:32
casbi definetively dont think i need it ..?08:33
casbbut is it like some sort of dependencies like in ms ?08:33
casbor can i just look at the dpkg.log and remove all the pckges installed at that time ?08:34
casbwith tiger ..08:34
geirhaapt-cache depends tiger   shows some packages like that, yes.08:35
casb(after i installed i also read that installation is not required, adleast not for what i used it :S..suits me right)08:35
casbumm.. dont understand apt-cache , sorrz08:36
casbdoes the default distro come with snedmail installed ?08:38
casb(!) :)08:38
casbi really have no idea what to do in this case im pretty sure my computer wount go boom if i just leave it as it is08:39
casbbut i feel i should do something about it ..08:39
casbi now know what apt/cache depends is ..08:41
casbbut still have no idea if i can remove sendmail, sensible mda, sendmail bin/cf/base , procmail, m408:45
casbis there a way to see if thise packages ware installed prior to the tiger install ?08:45
casbcome on geirha give me something to go on here ..i have googled on it08:47
Unit193Did you try   sudo apt-get autoremove   ?08:52
casbcan it be done after i allready did it with the other command ?08:53
casbthank You muchas08:55
casbPackage tiger is not installed, so not removed08:55
casbThe following packages will be REMOVED:08:55
casb  chkrootkit john john-data sendmail sensible-mda08:55
casbi did not know it can be done for the past08:56
casbhaha awsome08:56
casbim sure this all looks wery stupid to all of you but im gratefull08:59
urfr332g0nah, enjoy ubuntu. :)08:59
ubot2`En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.08:59
casbwill do08:59
urfr332g0no habla espanol09:00
casbdont be mad if i pop around in the next year or two ,)09:00
Unit193Not sure if you'd feel better with Spanish next time, but either one should be able to help you.09:00
casbnono im from slovenia09:00
Unit193(Here or there)09:00
urfr332g0casb, stop by and sit a spell.09:00
casbi mislead you with ''muchas09:01
casbgoogeling 'sit a spell' :)09:02
urfr332g0casb, us southern colloquial09:02
casbduh .. thats too much phrases to google ,p09:02
urfr332g0relax pull up a chair basically09:03
casb(and i keep preccing ctrl+c :D)09:03
casbwhich apperantly doesnt work on bx09:04
casbi have to get a more uptodate client for this irc thingy09:05
urfr332g0casb, what are you using?09:06
urfr332g0casb, some like irrc a cli, I use xchat09:07
casbjup i was stumbled upon it just earlyer09:07
casbor maybe ill just try and stick with this thingy09:07
casbmaybe ill get ussed to al the /window channel #****** 1 1009:08
casbthe thing is when i run .. umm quassel ()default it somehow didnt give me the nicknames in the chanel09:09
Unit193Irssi and weechat are others09:09
urfr332g0Unit193, thanks I had the name wrong. :)09:10
casbi think ill go with weechat09:18
casb8) ubercool09:18
casbanyhow my next tackle is to get photoshop on wine since its my bread09:19
casband iwe been reading some stuff on it but its all sort of 2008 till 2010 so im guessing its got easyer now09:20
casband ill try to manage without u guys09:20
ubot2`The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help09:23
casbcan i ask you one more thing09:25
casbfor example im installing weechat and ofcourse it want some librarys i imagine with it09:25
Unit193I suppose it may.09:26
casbso if i later install a bunch off apps that use those same ones and after lets say a zear decide to do the avtoremove ..what happens ?09:26
Unit193They don't get uninstalled.09:26
casbone year later*09:26
casbwow.. this linux is so smart :)09:27
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lukjad007Hey guys. I tried up date my system to 11.04 and got the error: error: symbol not found: 'grub_env_export' ubuntu21:00
lukjad007I figured out it's a grub issue21:00
lukjad007I'm currently in the Live CD21:00
lukjad007Would creating a new partition table fix grub?21:01
lukjad007bodhizazen: ^21:03
bodhizazenI doubt it lukjad21:03
bodhizazenlukjad007: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=174265521:04
lukjad007bodhizazen: k, checking21:08
bodhizazenlukjad007: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=10424577&postcount=821:08
bodhizazenprobably a better set of instructions ^^21:08
lukjad007mount: you must specify the filesystem type21:10

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