jo-erlendmhall119, yes, I know. What I don't know, is where the actual presentation comes from.00:00
jo-erlendI was talking about  the... "local menu thing" from omgubuntu.00:01
mhall119jo-erlend: oh, that is the same data used by the global menu and HUD, just embedded in the window decoration instead00:16
jo-erlendmhall119, right.. But _how_ is it embedded in the window decoration?00:17
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mhall119jo-erlend: using a patch to compiz and metacity I think02:10
jcastrojono: ping02:34
jcastroyikes, our facebook likes, +1's etc are dreadfully low!02:35
cprofitthey jcastro02:38
jcastroyo yo02:38
cprofittthat music in the background is sooo not you or jono02:39
mhall119jcastro: would be nice it someone would post a link to it using the Ubuntu pages on FB and G+02:42
jcastromhall119: jono has access to those, in the meantime I've done it on my personal account02:43
mhall119jcastro: be sure to like and +1 http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/globaljam/ too02:43
jcastrooh, I +'ed the even page02:43
jcastroI thought this page was during the event itself?02:43
mhall119it is02:43
jcastroI found a python static blog generator thing03:10
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jonoalright folks06:20
jonomem time!06:21
jonoWhat music makes you think of Ubuntu? What lyrics, music, vibe, and rhythm make you think of Ubuntu and bringing Free Software to the masses? Mine is at http://www.jonobacon.org/2012/02/14/music-of-ubuntu/ - share yours on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and your blogs, and use the #musicofubuntu hashtag!06:21
dholbachgood morning07:46
ashickur-noorAny body here08:14
ashickur-noorNeed to know some thing about Global Jam08:14
ashickur-noorAny body here?08:23
czajkowskiashickur-noor: what do you need to know ?08:38
ashickur-noorWhat type of event I can arrange in Global Jam08:39
ashickur-noorexcept describe one08:39
ashickur-noorThere is some event name08:40
ashickur-noorBut each of them need more then 2-3 perticipants08:40
ashickur-noorI don't have08:40
* ashickur-noor going for lunch08:48
czajkowskiashickur-noor: what ever you can do is up to you, if you want to report bugs on your own great, or update wiki pages it's entirely up to you08:50
czajkowskieach team will be very different08:50
* ashickur-noor back09:00
ashickur-noorI have a workshop at end of this month09:02
ashickur-noorI am thinking to prospone that to this dates09:03
czajkowskiashickur-noor: yup thats fine09:03
czajkowskisome teams do that09:03
ashickur-noorWhat about the testing?09:04
ashickur-noortesting and bug reporting seems similar to me09:04
czajkowskiyup you cna still do it09:04
czajkowskiwe just pick a weekend to run UGJ, but sometimes teams cant make that weekend but still want to take part09:04
ashickur-noorWe don't have a LoCo09:09
ashickur-noorSo how I can submit new Event?09:09
head_victimashickur-noor: what country are you in?09:12
ashickur-noorOur LoCo is not approved09:12
head_victimYou should still be able to create events at http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-bd09:13
head_victimAs long as you're a member of https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-bd it should work as far as I'm aware09:13
ashickur-noorBut I am not the admin or head of this LoCo09:14
ashickur-noorHum I am a member of this LoCo09:14
head_victimOther people in my loco create events without being admin, I believe all you need to do is be a part of the launchpad team and then create a new event.09:14
ashickur-noorSo I can post a event?09:14
head_victimYou do have to log in to the loco.u.c site though with the button in the top left hand corner of the page.09:15
head_victimI can't imagine why not, as long as you post it all around your loco's mailing list and other locations I'm sure people would be happy to see activity.09:15
ashickur-noorHow many event I can organise in this Jam09:18
head_victimAs many as you're willing to run.09:18
dholbachgrrr, x crash09:18
ashickur-noorOK thanks09:18
bkerensaashickur-noor: It can take a long time just to hold one event09:19
bkerensaashickur-noor: Generally for a bug focused jam at least 4+ hours is a good starting point09:19
ashickur-noor3 days we have09:19
bkerensaOregon is planning to go from 10am to possibly 7-8pm or later at night09:19
ashickur-noorI am planning to held a workshop for the beginners09:19
bkerensaOh excellent09:20
head_victimbkerensa: our loco mainly does online ones as we're a bit too spread out to get enough people together to make it a good go09:20
bkerensahead_victim: What loco?09:20
ashickur-noorOn the weekday New Distro testing09:20
head_victimAustralia :)09:20
bkerensahead_victim: Oh yeah most definitely09:20
bkerensaWe are pretty spread out in Oregon but not nearly as bad as Australia09:21
head_victimOur local area is trying to hold meetings quarterly in real world places and we're trying to encourage other cities to do the same.09:21
bkerensahead_victim: We do all of our meetings on IRC however we do Ubuntu Hours in various regions of our state and have global jams and release parties in the largest populace which is Portland09:21
head_victimbkerensa: yep, we held an installfest in January in Brisbane09:22
ashickur-noorInstallation Fest09:22
head_victimWe're organising release parties for April and we're hoping to do a mid year open day or workshop type event09:22
ashickur-noorI gr8 idea09:22
bkerensahead_victim: Hmm... I would love to go to Australia someday but the cost of travel to their is pretty prohibitive09:23
ashickur-noorI am alone in BD to work with me09:23
head_victimbkerensa: yeah it's not cheap09:23
bkerensaSpecifically I would like to go to Bewowra09:23
bkerensaand of course a trip to Bondi09:23
head_victimashickur-noor: all I generally do when I'm trying to organise an event is to set it all up and then post it to the loco stating "I'm going to organise this, if anyone else wants to help me organise lets start discussing it"09:24
head_victimAnd then I either get help doing it or I don't, either way the event still happens09:24
head_victimbkerensa: what's at bewowra?09:24
ashickur-noorI always do it09:24
bkerensahead_victim: They have a big nice valley with Koalas in the wild and apparently some roos09:24
ashickur-noorBut no good09:25
bkerensaI also have some friends their09:25
head_victimbkerensa: hahahaha that just described most of the country ;)09:25
head_victimOther then the friends thing09:25
bkerensahead_victim: Do you do Candy Trades ever?09:25
head_victimIn my high school we had koalas.09:25
head_victimThat would run down between the buildings.09:25
bkerensaI used to do candy swaps all the time to Australia09:26
head_victimAh never heard of the concept09:26
bkerensafor some reason my friends liked Big Red Gum and Vanilla Coke09:26
bkerensaand they would send me Freddy Froggos09:26
head_victimWe have both here now anyway ;)09:26
bkerensaand some other Ozzy candy09:26
head_victimashickur-noor: I concentrated on social events for the most part int he early stages of trying to get activity together. Once you've interacted socially a few times with a similar group of people they tend to start working together more effectively. Psych 101 ;)09:27
head_victimbkerensa: tim tams?09:27
ashickur-noorI am doing it09:28
bkerensahead_victim: Never had those...09:28
ashickur-noorHave a big plan for Ubuntu community09:29
ashickur-noorBut nothing I can do without help of my Local fellow09:29
head_victimashickur-noor: if you do what you can as long as you're engaging those around you it will start working09:29
head_victimbkerensa: chocolate biscuits09:30
ashickur-noorI have done some of those09:31
ashickur-noorI told you before in the Asia Regiom Meeting09:31
head_victimashickur-noor: so do you get people turning up to events? I assume you do if you keep doing them. In which case I would be holding a quick session during of the events to try and get some assistance running the next one.09:33
head_victimI found trying to be specific about what assistance you needed would help as well.09:34
head_victimI would often plan out what I hoped would happen and then let the loco know what support I needed to make it as good as it could be. For example if I'm organising a booth I'll write a list of hardware and volunteer requirements for people to fill in whatever they can offer.09:35
head_victimIf I'm running a social event I'll see feedback on good locations.09:35
head_victimIf I'm organising a workshop type event I'll create a list of things I need to make the day work. I even got sponsorship from a local consultancy firm for the food on one of the days.09:35
ashickur-noorI first put my planning in the list09:36
ashickur-noorTo discuss09:37
ashickur-noorBut each time I get some negative response and OT09:37
head_victimAh ok, well maybe try to target the people attending the events. Do you get many people come along to more than one?09:38
ashickur-noorhead_victim:  Today there is a meeting of Asia Region09:40
head_victimYes, there is a membership board meeting in 20 minutes09:41
ashickur-noorThis meeting is only for membership board?09:42
ashickur-noorI don't know that09:42
head_victimYes, it's to evaluation applications for ubuntu membership09:43
ashickur-noorYap I know that09:43
ashickur-noorI try two times in a row09:43
head_victimashickur-noor: the loco.u.c page is perfect for showing how you've contributed for future applications09:45
head_victimmake sure you get some photos put on the team flickr or pixie site and have them link to the loco.u.c page as well09:45
dholbachI'm going to be unhappy today, I know it09:45
dholbachdamn X09:45
head_victimdholbach: 12.04 issues?09:45
ashickur-noorI use to do it in my wiki09:46
dholbachhead_victim, yes09:46
ashickur-noorMy events was not held by LoCo09:46
ashickur-noorJust personal09:46
head_victimdholbach: ah I'm only playing in virtualbox still. Appears to be pretty good for me so far except a bit of a hiccup with msn in empathy09:46
dholbachgenerally I'm quite happy with 12.0409:46
head_victimashickur-noor: but aren't you a part of the loco? I've organised heaps of events but always as "the loco".09:47
dholbachin the last 3-4 days I had some X crashes09:47
dholbachI'm sure they'll get sorted out09:47
ashickur-noorI was not sure that I can do that behalf of the LoCo09:47
ashickur-noorI try to do that in 11.10 release party09:47
head_victimdholbach: they always do09:48
ashickur-noorBut the LoCo head refuse to do that09:48
head_victimashickur-noor: no reason you can't. As long as you're following the generic code of conduct and attempting to involve local Ubuntu users the loco would seem a natural fit for events.09:48
ashickur-noorI was not sure about that09:49
bkerensatime to push some code I wrote in 2002 to Github09:49
head_victimIf your loco leader is refusing for you to run events without providing reasonable reasons I'd forward emails on to the loco-council to discuss your options.09:49
ashickur-noorso I do it by my own09:49
czajkowskiashickur-noor: what loco is this ?09:49
ashickur-noorOK thnaks09:49
czajkowskiwhat is bd?09:49
ashickur-noorthough the LoCo admin was present in the party09:50
ashickur-noorBut it was not from the LoCo09:50
czajkowskiashickur-noor: what team is bd ?09:51
head_victimczajkowski: bangladesh09:51
ashickur-noorhead_victim:  You told me about official guide09:52
ashickur-noorWhat menas by Official?09:52
head_victimashickur-noor: not sure what you're talking about an official guide?09:53
czajkowskiashickur-noor: what is the team contacts/team leaders reason for not organising events?09:53
ashickur-noorczajkowski:  I will forward you the list mail  latter09:54
ashickur-noorneed to search that09:54
czajkowskijust wondered if it was a reasonable reason, like dates not suiting the rest of the team, or are they stopping any events happening09:54
czajkowskiif you mail the loco council09:55
czajkowskiand give me a ping I'll moderate the amil09:55
ashickur-noorhead_victim:  In my fisrt membership board meeting I told abotu a guide09:55
ashickur-noorYou ask me is it official09:55
czajkowskihave done some events09:56
ashickur-noorYap I knpw09:58
ashickur-noorI miss the first two09:58
head_victimashickur-noor: if you mean user documentation the official guide is help.ubuntu.com or the community documentation at help.ubuntu.com/community that's the only sort of guide I can think of09:58
ashickur-noorI used to make local guides09:58
ashickur-noorThat suites our users09:59
ashickur-noorMore over our LoCo team Contact person is out of touch09:59
ashickur-noorI E mailed him some time09:59
ashickur-noorbut no reply09:59
dholbachdpm, hast Du gleich mal Zeit, ein wenig zu telefonieren?10:54
dholbachdpm, hast Du gleich mal Zeit, ein wenig zu telefonieren? :)11:03
dpmdholbach, sorry, mein Internet scheinte nicht so stabil zu sein. Ja, lass uns das machen :)11:03
* dpm hugs dholbach11:36
jokerdinowow, is the freenode unstable or something? I see mass movements.11:38
ubot2`netsplit is when two IRC servers of the same network (like freenode) disconnect from each other, so users on one server stop seeing users on the other. If this is happening now, just relax and enjoy the show. See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit11:38
jokerdinoheh :/11:39
* dholbach hugs dpm back11:40
duanedesignhello nigelb12:10
czajkowskidpm: got a moment ?12:25
dpmhi czajkowski, sure, what's up?12:26
czajkowskidpm: got a moment for a quick pm please?12:26
nigelbHey duanedesign13:23
jo-erlendstatus.ubuntu.com is really nice. Is that open to launchpad projects, or is it only for Ubuntu development?13:48
popeyi think the code is open13:49
popeyso you could run your own page to monitor your own projects13:49
jo-erlendah, I see.13:52
jo-erlendehrm.. I could use some help. I managed to zoom my desktop somehow... I don't remember how to zoom out13:52
jo-erlendoh, I found it. Super+scroll :)13:53
mainerrorOh hey jo-erlend.13:55
mainerrorAre you the same jo-erlend as on Ask Ubuntu?13:55
mainerrorNice. :)13:56
jo-erlendthank you. :)13:56
mainerrorActually, I wanted to say, nice to meet you! :P13:56
jo-erlendlikewise. :)13:56
mainerrorI'm Octavian Damiean on Ask Ubuntu by the way. ;)13:56
popeyoh golly, we have super scroll enabled by default!?13:57
jo-erlendah, yes, that's a familiar name.13:57
jo-erlendpopey, seems so. And I somehow made my xchat into a ghost. It's very transparent.13:57
* popey files a bug about that13:57
popeythe keyboard shortcuts thing pops up when you zoom13:58
jo-erlendconfirm it first please. My home was not fresh with Precise.13:58
popeyi have two precise machines13:58
mainerrorThis Magic Trackpad problem is a bit frustrating. Are there any Magic Trackpad users around?14:00
mhall119jo-erlend: try ctrl+scroll or alt+scroll to fix the transparency14:03
jo-erlendmhall119, ah, thank you. :)14:04
jo-erlendthat's very nice, but I don't think that should be activated by default... if it is. I tried all the combinations I could think of. Except alt, that is. :)14:06
jcastroDaviey: around?14:13
Davieyjcastro: always15:31
cjohnstonan hour and 15 minutes later.. heh15:43
balloonsmainerror, what's wrong with your magic trackpad?15:44
jonohey all15:56
mhall119hey jono15:57
jonohey mhall119, cprofitt15:57
balloonshey hey hey15:57
jonomhall119, dholbach, dpm, jcastro, balloons all set for the meeting?15:57
* mhall119 gets his list15:57
balloonstime flies!15:57
jcastroyeah but I can not go first?15:58
* balloons gets confused about which meeting is which15:58
jonojcastro, sure15:58
jonoballoons, tuesday, IRC, wednesdays, hangout15:58
cjohnstonCan this meeting be added to the fridge calendar please?15:59
jcastrohey is today G+ or irc?15:59
* jcastro snickers15:59
dpmjcastro, IRC15:59
jonocjohnston, I thought it was15:59
jonocjohnston, if not, can you add it?15:59
cjohnstonI don't see it16:00
jonothanks cjohnston16:00
meetingologyMeeting started Tue Feb 14 16:00:21 2012 UTC.  The chair is jono. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.16:00
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jonoroll up! roll up! welcome to the Canonical Community Team meeting!16:00
jonohere we do our usual round of roundtables16:00
jcastroAWWWW YEAH16:00
jonoeveryone is welcome to ask questions at the end of each roundtable16:01
jonoso lets kick off with....David Planella, dpm!16:01
dholbachdidn't jcastro want to go first?16:01
dpmhere we go16:01
dholbachoh ok16:01
dholbachsorry :)16:01
* dholbach misread16:01
* dpm thinks rather trolling16:02
dpm- Discussion on 12.04 translation milestones with skaet: docs string freeze moved back a bit to give more time to translators16:02
dpm- Several ARB discussions. Those involved will have probably seen jono's e-mail. The outcome is that the community team will postpone any contributions to the ARB to give them time until the end of March to clear up the current submissions in the queue.16:02
dpm- Answered some open questions on Simplified Chinese localization from the Canonical PES team, worked with kyleN to provide a schedule, plan and cost estimate for the project.16:02
dpm- Blog post: top 10 Ubuntu January app downloads - got picked up by PCWorld and they published an article about it16:03
dpm- Started working on getting my burn-down in shape16:03
dpmI think these were the highlights this week16:04
mhall119do you have a link to the PCWorld article?16:04
dpmsure, let me dig it out16:04
jonoany questions for dpm?16:05
dpmand the original here: http://developer.ubuntu.com/2012/02/top-10-ubuntu-app-downloads-for-january-2012/16:05
mhall119oh cool, I know the author16:06
mhall119didn't know she's writing for PCWorld now16:06
dpmmhall119, excellent :)16:06
jonoalrighty, next up.....16:06
jonoMichael Hall, mhall11916:06
jono*the crowd roars!*16:07
mhall119woo hoo16:07
mhall119forgive me if I'm slow, dist-upgrade broke about half my usual keyboard shortcuts this morning16:07
jonomhall119, np :-)16:08
mhall119 - Added Markdown formatting support to loco.ubuntu.com for Global Events, Team Events and Meetings16:08
mhall119 - Added social media integration links to Global Events (and our numbers on http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/global/1443/detail/ are looking really good now, thanks jono)16:09
mhall119 - Added the Global Jam Dashboard page to LTP: http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/globaljam/16:09
mhall119 - Finished getting daker setup as the new owner of the LTP project (thanks for stepping up to take it on daker), and walked him through his first deployment16:10
* dholbach hugs daker16:10
mhall119 - For the past few weeks I've been putting together a list of the most popular (by number of rating) apps from the software center, and evaluating their level of integration with Unity16:11
mhall119this week I finished the evaluation, and this is how we look: http://ubuntuone.com/2a64a2VUmjqmSXPxHiSFq316:11
mhall119now I'll be working to converting all those "Wanted" and "Needed" numbers into "Done"16:12
* mhall119 is finished16:12
jonothanks mhall119!16:12
jonoany questions for mhall119 regarding his work?16:12
dpmmhall119, how did you get the rating data?16:13
jcastroI am confused about the UGC page16:13
jcastrowe have the dashboard and the event page16:13
mhall119dpm: one of the SC guys generated the list for me16:13
mhall119it's based on number of ratings16:13
jcastroand at first glance they seem really similar16:13
dholbachno questions, just wanted to say: good work on the LTP16:13
jonomhall119, can you fix the UGJ page so the general page is at events/globaljam and the dash is at events/globaljam/dashboard?16:14
jonothis is what we originally discussed16:14
mhall119jono: yes, we'll be prepping for another release this week, including the fix for the participating teams count16:14
dpmmhall119, ah, cool - there's also a public api for the ratings, in case you need to use it in the future: https://reviews.ubuntu.com/reviews/api/1.0/review-stats/16:15
mhall119dpm: cool, thanks16:15
jonomhall119, will that include these URL changes?16:15
mhall119jono: yeah, I can get that change done today16:16
jonothanks mhall119!16:16
jononext up...Daniel Holbach, dholbach!16:16
dholbach - Dev Stats: moved to new data source. Quite a bit of refactoring. Lots of manual analysis of data.16:16
dholbach - Dev News: call with team, pinged interviewees again, interviewed Kubuntu team and posted update.16:16
dholbach - Summer of Code: announced on ubuntu-devel@, set up wiki page, added my own proposal, sent reminder to ubuntu-devel@16:17
dholbach - UGJ: mailed African LoCo contacts/admins, simplified UGJ wiki page, populated TODO section and asked devs for input.16:17
dholbach - UDW: thanked UDW presenters, some follow-up discussions.16:17
dholbach - Harvest: discussed with Abel how we can improve the search for bugs which are fixed upstream. Looks like the change is too big to get done in LP any time soon. :-(16:17
dholbach - CC: CC Hangout.16:17
dholbach - Sponsoring: Sponsorship Friday.16:18
dholbach - Misc: helped HR with a German translations, blogged a general status update.16:18
dholbach(that's it)16:18
dpmdholbach, any interesting bits from post-UDW discussions?16:19
jcastrodholbach: yeah I am interested if we think the new format worked?16:19
dholbachdpm, yes, some folks mentioned who was active in their sessions and I'm going to contact them and see how interested they are in joining the team - other than that just positive comments16:20
mhall119dholbach: any discussion about merging developer week and app developer week?16:20
dholbachjcastro, yes - some said that the sessions were a bit short (they picked a 30m slot), but a lot of them said "short, but punchy"16:20
dholbachmhall119, not within the group of speakers, but dpm and I talked about it16:20
dpmyeah, I was wondering if I should keep the 30 m format for UADW or go back to the old 1h format16:21
jcastrowe could keep the 3 days but go to 1 hour slots?16:21
dholbachdpm, I offered speakers both possibilities16:21
cprofittI actually like the 30 minute time16:22
cprofittperhaps extend for questions... but only another 5-10 minutes16:22
mhall119I liked having the option of 30 or 60 minutes16:22
cprofitt60 minutes seems to be very long16:22
mhall119wished I had grabbed a full 60 for my first session16:22
mhall119but 30 was more than enough for my second16:22
balloonsyea.. seems like 30 mins feels rushed, 60 mins is TOO long16:22
cprofittcan always merge two 30 minute slots if necessary16:22
mhall119cprofitt: exactly16:23
balloons30 mins always leaves people asking questions after session16:23
cprofitt40-45 minutes would likely be perfect16:23
balloonsbut it's important to leave them wanting IMHO16:23
cprofittmaybe 30 minute slots with a 10 minute intermission16:23
mhall119balloons: depended on the session and the level of interest16:23
cjohnstonas long as the speaker is willing to give more later16:23
cprofittit is impossible to satisfy everyone16:23
mhall119cprofitt: that makes scheduling more complex16:23
cprofittI agree mhall11916:24
mhall119it easy to remember if the session you want to attend is at :00 or :3016:24
mhall119harder for :10, :20, :40, :5016:24
cprofittmaybe a room other than the 'chat' that speakers can go to if folks have more questions16:24
mhall119cprofitt: usually there are existing channels for that16:24
mhall119the project's own channel16:24
cprofittI know the person that spoke right before me was answering questions in 'chat' for a good 10 minutes during my session16:24
dholbachthat makes sense16:24
balloonsyes, exactly.. I see people getting more invovled after the session as a good thing16:24
dholbachie: a bugs session, ask everyone to join #ubuntu-bugs to ask even more questions, etc. :)16:25
mhall119cprofitt: yeah, we should make an effort to move Q&A out of chat when the session ends, so it doesn't become a distraction16:25
jonowhy not just make an overflow channel for discussion16:25
jcastrowell ideally a session starts, and then the people end up at that project's IRC room16:26
mhall11990% of the time it will be better to direct them to a project-specific channel16:26
jcastroso if it's about quickly, go to #ubuntu-app-dev at the end, or whatever16:26
jonojcastro, for some projects that room is #ubuntu-devel16:26
jonowhich people might not like16:26
mhall119which people?16:27
mhall119developers or attendees?16:27
cprofitthmm... just thinking here16:27
jonoregulars in #ubuntu-devel16:27
jonoI think it might make sense to organize an IRC meeting to discuss this in more detail16:27
cprofittare we concerned with potential over lap issues16:27
jonodholbach, could you coordinate that?16:27
dholbach#ubuntu-motu might be more appropriate in some cases16:27
cprofitta person wants to attend session 1 and session 2... then misses the after discussion on session 1?16:28
dholbachit's a balance you have to strike, but most presenters should know which other irc channel might be appropriate16:28
dholbachjono, sure16:28
cprofitt+1 dholbach - and we can assist them with that ahead of time as well16:28
cprofittyeah -- sorry to get you guys off focus16:28
dholbachfor UDW I'll add a note about that to my organisation notes16:28
jonothanks dholbach16:28
jonocprofitt, no worries!16:28
mhall119yeah,  I usually end with something like "If you have any other questions that I didn't get to, please join #channel and ask them there"16:28
jonoI just want to ensure you guys have the time to discuss16:29
jononext up.......16:29
jono....Jorge Castro, jcastro!16:29
jcastro- Just got my first precise crash and lost my report, so I've been typing furiously for 5 minutes. For some reason my Unity session is gone but I can log into gnome? (LOL)16:29
jcastro- No new charms this week :( But the team got a bunch of work done for automated testing, which fixed a bunch of little bugs in charms.16:29
jcastro- Our second juju webinar is ready, will announce soon.16:29
jcastro- Still looking for a ejabberd charmer!16:29
jcastro(date for the webinar is March 8)16:29
jo-erlendjono, do you have a moment? I would like to chat with you about these Experience Teams of yours.16:29
jcastro- Today: This looks way cool, going to find a charmer: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2012/02/meet-open-source-ebook-editingpublishing-app-booktype/16:29
jcastro- Working with Cezz on what we need to have real marketing material for juju.16:29
jcastro- Almost done getting the finalized Charm School for openstack16:29
dholbach*grrr* Xorg crash16:29
jcastrodholbach: me too!16:30
jonojo-erlend, sure, will msg16:30
jcastro- Mail sent to Latin america about the Global Jam16:30
jcastro- TODO this week: Link up with Daviey and IS wrt. Openstack., mhall about graphs, need to finish all the Charm School material like handouts and slides, do TODO list for the global jam16:30
jcastro- Details in my trello board16:30
jcastroany questions?16:30
jcastrooh, all social Unity things now belong to mhall, so we can scratch that off.16:31
jcastrooh and "begin OpenWeek Planning" is on there too16:31
jonoany questions for jcastro?16:32
jcastroI'll be more chatty in the G+ when my X isn't crashing constantly16:32
jonojcastro, X is crashing?16:33
jonojcastro, it absolutely shouldn't be16:33
* mhall119 is excited about the possibilities of wayland16:33
jonojcastro, have you talked to RAOF16:33
* dholbach filed bugs and mentioned in #ubuntu-x16:33
jcastroNo it literally started about 4 minutes before my report16:33
mhall119jcastro: did you do a dist-upgrade this morning?16:33
jcastroand now it's stuck in a loop and I'm sshing in, but I'll be fine16:33
jcastromhall119: I usually update every day, yeah16:34
jonojcastro, hmmmm16:34
cjohnstonthe archives are whacked today is what I've been informed16:34
cjohnstonsorry for the late notice jcastro16:34
jonothis is *exactly* what we should be preventing16:34
jonoI just dist-upgraded too16:34
jonojcastro, can you be sure to let Jason Warner know?16:35
dholbachjcastro, on your x220? have a look at /var/crash/ and file the bug report - see if it's the same stacktrace as in 93134416:35
jcastroyeah, I know how to proceed guys16:35
mhall119I had X freeze on me a couple times this morning, did a dist-upgrade and now things seem better16:35
dholbachif it is, it might help to disable the touchpad in BIOS for now16:35
jcastroI just wasn't prepared to have it happen right before the meeting, heh16:35
cprofittjcastro: can you send me the message mhall119 sent -- looking to compare what I am sending16:35
mhall119what message did I send?16:35
jonothese X issues are not good16:35
jonoI will talk to Jason about it16:36
jono...Nick Skaggs, balloons!16:36
balloonsok, here goes16:36
balloonsup until feature freeze and beta, expect alot of calls for testing from me :-)16:37
balloons--contacted oceania loco teams about upcoming global jam to help with events planning16:37
balloons--Issued calls for testing on compiz, and alsa16:37
balloons--Continued work on quality landscape document inside ubuntu. I am still researching the different groups and there purposes, goals etc. If your doing QA work for ubuntu in any capacity (developing tools, running tests, etc) I'd love to hear from you.16:37
balloons--revised workflow for calls for testing to include better metrics and test cases (WIP!)16:37
balloons--investigated launchpad api in support of testing metrics (still a newbie at this!)16:38
balloons--Added more manual test cases rewrites to the QA wiki, in preparation for the beta release. Even got a new app added!16:38
balloons--worked with stefano on case conductor charm. Both us and mozilla team are getting us closer to having a pilot running for ubuntu qa :-)16:38
balloons--blogged about community opportunities inside ubuntu QA, on-going series that will highlight different areas of involvement. Highlighted application testing last week16:38
balloons--started tweeting calls for testing! @ubuntutesting. Follow that handle if your interested and on twitter.16:38
balloonsthat's about it.. like I said, more calls for testing some new stuff this week..16:39
jonoany questions for balloons?16:40
mhall119@ubuntutesting needs an avatar16:40
meetingologymhall119: Error: "ubuntutesting" is not a valid command.16:40
balloonsany ideas for an avatar?16:40
mhall119is there a testing pictogram?16:41
jcastroaha, my thing is PPA related, looks like my problem isn't in the distro16:41
dpmballoons, as mhall119 is suggesting, perhaps you find a suitable pictogram on http://design.canonical.com/brand/Logos/16:42
jcastrojono: no need to ping jason, I'm working it with didrocks16:42
jonojcastro, yeah discussing with Rick right now16:42
jonolooks it might be compiz16:42
balloonsthanks dpm and mhall11916:42
jonothanks balloons!16:42
mhall119balloons: I'm  not seeing a testing pictogram, but we really should have one.  Maybe send an email to the design team asking them to make one?16:42
jono....yours truly:16:42
jono * General and Team:16:42
jono  - Burndown is looking good. Everything is on track.16:43
jono  - Put in place a 20% and demo day G+ hangout each week where the team demo what they have been working on.16:43
jono  - Reviewing the output of the Annual Strategy Meeting that took place a few weeks back. Things looking good.16:43
jono * App Developers:16:43
jono  - Planning the App Dev competition. Should be launched in the next few weeks.16:43
jono  - After some discussion, took the team out of the ARB to give them space to process the outstanding queue. Will revisit in March.16:43
jono * Upsteams:16:43
jono  - Working with Mike to finalize our data around upstream targets and their current Unity integration. The list is looking good.16:43
jono * Devs:16:44
jono  - Working with Daniel to get the dev stats fixed.16:44
jono  - Focusing on getting the advisory team up and running and actively mentoring.16:44
jono * Juju and Server:16:44
jono  - Brainstorming ideas for charm community growth and end-user growth of Juju.16:44
jono  - Continuing to finalize keynotes for OSCON.16:44
jono * QA:16:44
jono  - Working with Nick to get a list of Ubuntu components that we determine require PPA/Proposed testing before they land in the archive.16:45
jono  - Working with Nick to get the testing process in place for devs to call throughout each cycle.16:45
jono  - Working towards a community consolidation plan to provide a more refined community.16:45
jono  - Getting better general visibility on our QA operations across test plans, testing output, etc.16:45
jono * UDS:16:45
jono  - Assessing some structural adjustments to UDS. No change for the next one.16:45
jono  - Gathering stakeholder input.16:45
jono * Ubuntu Accomplishments:16:45
jono  - Got the first full cut working of the process - it now works pretty much end-to-end.16:46
jono  - Next step is refine the auth data handling and start opening it up for testing.16:46
jono * LoCos:16:46
jono  - Put together some mockups for an improved Ubuntu Global Jam page. Thanks to Mike for the implementation.16:46
jono  - Some promotion of the page across social media.16:46
jono  - Coordinating team promotion of the event across different LoCo regions.16:46
jono * Other:16:46
jono  - Continued work on the 'I Make Ubuntu' idea.16:46
jono  - Work and discussion of a few other outreach campaigns.16:46
jono  - Clarifying some elements of the Kubuntu investment decision.16:46
jono  - Hooked up Wired for some press information for Ubuntu Business Remix.16:47
jono  - Working with the comms team to make some small changes to the Ubuntu Facebook page.16:47
jonoand I think that is about it16:47
jonoany questions?16:47
cjohnstonCould you explain what you mean by "structural adjustments" please16:47
jonocjohnston, I knew you were going to ask this :-)16:47
mhall119^^ we're going to be hacking on the summit code over the next couple months, so any changes we can make16:48
cjohnstonI don't know why16:48
jonojust assessing how long UDS is16:48
jonowhether five days is required or whether we could shorten it16:48
jcastro3 days would be SO AWESOME.16:48
jonoand maybe include an additional event afterwards16:48
cjohnstonwe dont hit everything we want to with uds at 5 days16:48
jonocjohnston, well this is the question16:48
jonothere is a lot of content at UDS that ultimately never gets done16:49
mhall119cjohnston: we probably wouldn't hit everything we wanted with 10 days either16:49
jonoanyway, for the next UDS it will be five days16:49
jonoand UDS is an expensive event for Canonical to run16:49
jonoso we need to be efficient16:49
cjohnstonI don't disagree.. I just wonder if we would miss something good because of something that isn't so good by shortening it..16:49
jonocjohnston, sure, people are welcome to have meetings online in those cases16:49
jonowe will always face the question of "could we miss something"16:50
mhall119cjohnston: it'll just mean we'll need to focus on what we can only do effectively in-person16:50
jonoI think the question is how we strike a balance16:50
jonoany other questions, folks?16:50
cjohnstonI would think that the track leads need to use more judgement in their approvals16:50
jonocjohnston, well, when we do that people get unhappy16:50
jonohence it being  a balance16:50
cjohnstonI have a proposal for the whole group to think about if we are done with jono questions16:50
jonocjohnston, think about what?16:51
mhall119jono: is someone checking the difference in flight costs between weekend and weekday flights?16:51
jonomhall119, yep16:51
mhall119jono: oh, also, if it's 3 days, would it be Monday-Wednesday, or Friday-Sunday?16:51
jonomhall119, no idea, it isn't going to be three days for the next UDS16:52
cjohnstonIf you look at http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-p/ there is alot of spam with the #uds hashtag.. I think we should maybe look into changing it to something that would hopefully get a little less spam.. seems as though since its 3 letters, it gets used for alot more stuff...16:52
jonoit will be five days16:52
mhall119jono: ok16:52
mhall119cjohnston: agreed, we stopped using #ugj for a similar reason16:52
jcastrocjohnston: maybe just shut it off until like 2 weeks before uds?16:52
cjohnstonjcastro: even still, spam gets in during those two weeks.. probably see less of it.. but something that i think we should think about16:53
mhall119it's not so much spam, just people using #uds to mean something else, isn't it?16:54
jonospam gets in where?16:54
dholbachjcastro, if your bug is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xorg-server/+bug/931344 too - cnd is on it :-D16:54
ubot2`Launchpad bug 931344 in xorg-server "Xorg crashed with SIGSEGV in XIGetDeviceProperty()" [Medium,Confirmed]16:54
jonothe twitter support?16:54
cjohnstonspam to us..16:54
jonocjohnston, where though?16:54
cjohnstonyes jono... other people use #uds16:54
mhall119jono: people are using #uds on twitter to reference something other than UDS16:54
jonowhy not just shut off the twitter support then?16:54
jonoand leave up summit16:54
mhall119or switch it to #ubuntu16:54
cprofittcould we do #UDS-Q16:54
jonomy hunch is that we move to an #ubuntu hashtag16:54
mhall119no hyphens16:55
jcastroand nothing we need to update every cycle. :)16:55
* cprofitt nods16:55
jonoI would prefer we aggregate around a single hashtag with lots of activity16:55
mhall119I'm +1 for using #ubuntu across the board16:55
cprofittthen #ubuntu makes sense16:55
jcastroyeah why do we even split hashtags for events16:55
* jono hi-fives mhall11916:55
cprofittthat way people see it regardless16:55
cprofitt+1 #ubuntu16:55
jcastrowe should make everything just use #ubuntu16:55
jonojcastro, indeed16:55
jonoalright, any other discussion?16:55
cjohnstonjono: #ubuntu then? if so, I can make the changes now16:55
jcastroshut down all the other hashtags! Quick, find popey!16:55
jonocjohnston, that would be my vote :-)16:56
mhall119jcastro: lol16:56
mhall119popey: Shut It Down!16:56
jcastroIs there anything else we can delete today?16:56
* popey delegates to pleia2 16:56
cjohnstonjcastro: delete the wiki16:56
jcastroI wish. :)16:56
cprofittI was going to say delete Windows Source Code16:56
jcastrook we done? I have work to do!16:57
* mhall119 is done16:57
jcastroo/ everyone!16:57
mhall119and by "work" I assume jcastro means "lunch"16:57
cjohnston+1 mhall11916:57
cprofittI think I am going to got eat too...16:57
balloonsahahah.. food16:57
jcastromhall119: work means this stupid nutrisystem thing in the microwave for "lunch" ;_;16:57
jcastrodiets suck. ....16:57
balloonsi am going to succumb as well since you mentioned it16:58
mhall119jcastro: ew16:58
mhall119jono: #endmeeting?16:58
jonolets do it16:58
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-community-team to: "Work Items: http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-precise/canonical-community.html || Community Trello: http://goo.gl/n4or5 (experiment) || Things to work on (in order): work items || dpm's channel: http://goo.gl/o2IR5"
jonothanks everyone!16:59
jonoso has anyone else dist-upgraded today?16:59
dholbachI did16:59
jcastromine is fine16:59
balloonsyep i did16:59
jcastroit was this staging PPA that did me in16:59
jonook so an upgrade is fine?17:00
jcastrobut I reverted to distro version and it seems fine so far.17:00
jcastroseems fine to me (knocking on wood)17:00
dholbachthe bug I face seems to be related to the "clickpad" on the x22017:00
dholbachand it seems like Chase is on it17:00
dholbachfor now I was told to try to disable it in the BIOS17:00
jonodpm, will be one sec17:00
dpmjono, no rush17:01
jcastrodholbach: when did you get an X220?17:01
jcastroI have one17:01
balloonsanyone else have a multitouch clickpad device?17:01
dholbachjcastro, some months ago17:01
mhall119I dist-upgraded, and got bit by https://bugs.launchpad.net/compiz-core/+bug/93192717:01
ubot2`Launchpad bug 931927 in compiz-core "unity has stolen all my <super> shortcuts" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:01
balloonsI am sending out the call for testing the clickpad changes now.. they are working great on my chromebook.. I finally got proper support for the mouse.. it's SO nice17:01
popey\o/ x220 club!17:03
popeyjust ordered an SSD for mine :D17:03
cprofittpopey: nice rig17:05
popeyi absolutely love my x22017:06
cprofittI have not decided what I am going to do for my next one... I have a T500 now...17:06
koolhead17hi all17:06
jonodpm, creating the hangout17:07
dpmjono, ok, coming over...17:08
=== bkerensa_ is now known as bkerensa
balloonswell this is exciting18:20
jonoanyone know where mhall is?18:20
jonoahhh netsplit18:20
balloonsvery much so18:21
=== nhandler_ is now known as nhandler
jcastrocaffeine refill bbiab19:30
cjohnstonjono: https://launchpad.net/~canonical-community seems to be missing some people  ;-)19:43
jcastromhall119: thanks for that ISD tip, mail sent19:49
jcastromhall119: we are an awesome team19:49
mhall119jcastro: +1 :)19:51
jonojcastro, around?19:54
jonojcastro, quick G+?19:54
jcastrosure, gimme 5 for biobreak?19:54
jcastrosec, plugincrash again19:56
jonojcastro, actually nm19:57
jonofound another guinea pig19:57
jcastroawww, booo19:58
akgranerpleia2, do you know any places near you that can print buttons/pins?21:03
* akgraner is wondering if most graphics shops do that?21:04
pleia2akgraner: I've only bought pins through cafepress (debian ones from some debian shop)21:06
akgranerpleia2, thanks - I'm working on a dang near impossible task but I might pull it off :-)21:07
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MrChrisDruifjono; what did you do? ^_^21:34
jonoMrChrisDruif, ?21:34
MrChrisDruifI just noticed your Jono @ Home Videocast...21:35
MrChrisDruifYou (re)scheduled it to happen during the Lubuntu Team meeting?21:35
jonoMrChrisDruif, sorry21:40
jonobut I cant do my original time21:40
MrChrisDruifNo, that was also double booked. I know ^_^21:41
MrChrisDruifEven before you changed it =P21:41
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