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smoserslangasek, smb i'd appreciate your thoughts on my most recent comments in bug 898373 .02:21
ubottuLaunchpad bug 898373 in cloud-init (Ubuntu) "fsck.ext3: Device or resource busy while trying to open /dev/xvda2" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89837302:21
smoserit seems that cloud-init actually could be causing the fsck race, but i'm not sure how to avoid it.02:21
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MrBusinessDoes anyone happen to have a high-level guide to understand what a GNU/Linux "service" is, and the attendant concerns for someone needing to write one?04:43
mfischMrBusiness: that's a pretty broad question, what are you trying to do?04:45
MrBusinessWell, let me see if I can put it into words04:45
MrBusinessI've been assigned to convert some manner of program into a service. I see that much of what constitutes a service appears to be a set of commonly accepted scripting interfaces, as outlined in /etc/init.d/skeleton, at least assuming I have not already erred in my understanding.04:46
MrBusinessNow, that said, I also notice that in order for these things to work, the services usually write their PID to a file upon launching so that the appropriate PID can be interacted with during later service calls to that process.04:47
mfischMrBusiness: hold on04:47
MrBusinessWhich gives me cause to wonder: if I wanted to variations on the same binary running as separate services, does this imply that I would need some sort of advanced logic with which to distinguish them and their respective PID identification files?04:47
mfischMrBusiness: so if I were writing a new service, I would use upstart, not the old sysv stuff04:48
mfischMrBusiness: look in /etc/init for examples, and here:  http://upstart.ubuntu.com/04:48
MrBusinessIs upstart based on the same sort of thing that came out of RedHat, or is it specific to Ubuntu?04:48
mfischMrBusiness: I do not know the origins, I do know that Ubuntu uses it04:49
mfischMrBusiness: and so did webOS04:49
geofftIf you're talking about old-style (init.d) services, you may be interested in start-stop-daemon, especially with --pidfile and --make-pidfile04:49
MrBusinesshmm, ok04:50
MrBusinessWell, that's helpful. At this point, I guess I need to figure out just what it is that I'll be interacting with.04:50
mfischthe last service I wrote watched a directory using inotify and responded to changes there04:50
mfischthere are dozens of ways to talk to your service of cours04:50
MrBusinessI see. That's somewhat less than reassuring, but so it goes.04:51
geofftupstart (Ubuntu), systemd (Red Hat), etc. are relatively similar at a high level -- you write a config file describing the service that init uses, instead of a shell script04:51
geofftand yes, the init.d style is just a shell script with conventions.04:51
MrBusinessAh, ok. That's probably what I'm dealing with here then.04:52
mfischMrBusiness: you said it's a program, so how do you communicate with it now?04:52
MrBusinessat the moment, the only methods of communicating with it are defining its startup parameters04:52
MrBusinessafter that, it just sits around doing its business periodically04:53
mfischMrBusiness: so it runs on a schedule?04:54
RAOFDoes it perhaps then just want to be called periodically by cron, rather than being a daemon itself?04:54
mfischRAOF: not a bad plan.04:55
MrBusinessNo, because it was designed to run continuously. There are parts that run as cron jobs, but those parts are not being registered as services.04:55
mfischMrBusiness: do you need to change those start-up parameters while the code is running now?04:56
MrBusinessPart of what these things do is watch directories, and I don't really have control over their requirements. I was told to make them into services, and so I am attempting, as best I can, to carry out that order, whether it ultimately comes to good or ill.04:56
RAOFMrBusiness: http://www.netzmafia.de/skripten/unix/linux-daemon-howto.html seems like a reasonable HOWTO for the nuts and bolts of converting something to a daemon.04:56
MrBusinessNo, I don't need to change them. I just need to get them installed and running as proper services.04:56
mfischMrBusiness: I wonder if all you need to do is make a simple upstart script and fire it up04:56
RAOFYeah.  If they're already daemonising properly you should just be able to write a very simple upstart script.04:57
MrBusinessMight be. I'm working from some legacy code to do this. I haven't quite described what is, in my view, the really onerous aspect of the thing, but it's difficult for me to describe it.04:57
MrBusinessLet me see if I can explain it04:57
mfischMrBusiness: my last service was a python script that I wanted running when the system started04:57
mfischMrBusiness: I just put command-line args inside the upstart job, you could use a conf file or gsettings to change params too04:58
MrBusinessOne common thing I see in most services is that typically they tend to refer to a daemon process, of which there is typically only a single instance executing on a given system.04:58
MrBusinessI don't think that is a reasonable assumption for the processes I am attempting to convert into services.04:58
MrBusinessIn fact, I am certain that there may be multiple instances of these processes, each running to perform similar tasks, but on different locations04:59
MrBusinessand that each must be considered its own service04:59
mfischMrBusiness: so you have upstart fire-up either N jobs or have a wrapper that reads a conf file and fires up N instances05:00
StevenKSo, this sounds more like a deployment problem, rather than related to Ubuntu development ...05:00
mfischMrBusiness: you can put actual shell scripts into upstart so you could read a conf file in there05:00
MrBusinessPerhaps it is. Should I be in some kind of #deployment channel?05:00
RAOFMrBusiness: Perhaps rather than talking about terminology (service, process, etc) we start talking about *behaviour*.  What do you need to change in their behaviour?  Do you need the ability to monitor them with “status $SERVICENAME”?  Do you need them to be started on boot?  Do you need them to be restarted when they crash?05:00
mfischMrBusiness: upstart will restart crashed services, which is nice05:01
MrBusinesslet me think for a minute05:02
RAOF#upstart might be a better channel for this, indeed.05:02
mfischMrBusiness: may I suggest that if you truly have N processes watching a bunch of directories that you write a wrapper (python would be easy) to do all the watching (started by upstart) and fire up your program based on what directory changed?05:03
mfischRAOF: agreed.  hopefully we gave him enough to consider05:03
MrBusinessmfisch, a nice idea, but unfortunately beyond my power to enact at this point05:05
MrBusinessI don't have sufficient control of the requirements. it sounds to me like I get to watch this thing blow up in my face. rather than spend anymore time on it, I think I'll just update my resume.05:05
MrBusinessGotta know when to hold 'em, gotta know when to fold 'em.05:06
RAOFMrBusiness: I obviously don't have a good grasp of your requirements, but nothing so far sounds particularly difficult; drop by #upstart and I'm sure we can set you up with something.05:12
MrBusinessOnly one thing about it though, is that I'm not even certain that I'll have upstart available to me. I may be rolling with the init.d methods, because that may be the only thing available on the target environment.05:13
anderskDepending on what you need, www.supervisord.org (‘supervisor’ package in Ubuntu) might be helpful.05:17
pittiGood morning06:05
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dholbachgood morning07:46
tjaaltondo packages that have not passed the NEW queue need a FFE if they are not accepted before FF?08:17
pittitjaalton: no, usually we count the upload date08:21
tjaaltonpitti: ok, good08:21
pittiNEW processing seems to be a bit on the slow side these days08:21
tjaaltonno wonder, everyone trying to squeeze things through ;)08:21
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dupondjeWho did the MoM pages again ? :)10:10
dupondjecjohnston: ?10:10
dupondjecjwatson :)10:10
tumbleweeddupondje: launchpad.net/merge-o-matic10:16
dupondjetumbleweed: https://merges.ubuntu.com/ is stuck it seems :)10:17
dupondjenot updated since 10/0210:17
cjwatsonSpamapS: yes, MoM is crashing at the moment; thanks for noting that, I'll take a look10:18
tumbleweeddupondje: ^ there you go, then :)10:19
dupondjeindeed ;)10:20
* cjwatson was going through scrollback ...10:20
cjwatsonValueError: process failed 2: dpkg-source -x gexiv2_0.3.1-1.dsc /srv/patches.ubuntu.com/unpacked/g/gexiv2/0.3.1-110:20
cjwatsonI think I'll just nuke that - the .orig checksum in Debian's .dsc is wrong, but there's a subsequent version which unpacks properly10:22
cjwatsonit was in experimental anyway10:22
cjwatsonwill need to wait until the current run has finished though10:23
tumbleweeddak accepted a .dsc with an incorrect checksum?10:23
cjwatsonit's dated a while back10:24
cjwatsonactually I think what happened is that it was correct at the time, but it was removed from experimental and then a new version was uploaded later with a different orig ...10:24
tumbleweedyeah, looks likely10:25
cjwatsonwhich dak should have caught in principle but evidently hadn't retained the information10:25
* cjwatson pokes DktrKranz with a spoon10:25
cjwatsonevil reusing of version numbers10:25
cjwatson$ grep '^ .\{32\} .*orig' gexiv2_0.3.1-*.dsc10:31
cjwatsongexiv2_0.3.1-1.dsc: 50d15e0f84c799fccea9aa7c28fd971a 29525 gexiv2_0.3.1.orig.tar.gz10:31
cjwatsongexiv2_0.3.1-2.dsc: fc2a438af67af7c9f27bbe0c19b31c98 30155 gexiv2_0.3.1.orig.tar.gz10:31
cjwatsonshould've been 0.3.1+<something>, really (but too late now)10:32
DktrKranzhhm, right10:42
cjwatsonso I now need to convince merges.ubuntu.com that it's never heard of 0.3.1-1 and that those aren't the droids it's looking for10:44
dupondjeapt-get install alzheimer10:45
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apwdoes debootstrap honour http_proxy or is there a trick to it ?11:52
cjwatsonit should just honour it11:53
cjwatsonI mean it just calls out to wget11:53
cjwatsonit doesn't have any specific proxy code11:53
apwcjwatson, ahh thanks, seems there is a sudo zapping those variables ... sigh11:56
pittiapw: set the proxy system-wide in control-center -> network -> proxy11:59
pittithat'll write it into /etc/environment instead of just your local session gsettings12:00
cjwatsonAnyone with some C++/Qt clue fancy making packagesearch build?  I've tried backporting the obvious patch (from http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=639076) from upstream svn but it still fails, and even after I fix up some silly missing-translation bits in upstream svn the current tip fails to build in different ways in both precise and unstable.12:06
ubottuDebian bug 639076 in src:packagesearch "packagesearch: FTBFS: keymaker.h:64:10: error: a template-id may not appear in a using-declaration" [Serious,Open]12:06
cjwatsonI'm on the verge of just removing the binaries from the archive (since they're keeping old libept1 in place) but thought maybe some Qty person might care.12:06
pittiRiddell: do you know whether/how I can supply extra cmake build options (-DWITH_FFMPEG=OFF) in a standard dh7 debian/rules?12:30
nebuchadnezzaranyone to answers some questions about iso generation? there is nobody on #ubuntu-iso :-/12:31
Riddellpitti: you need to override dh_configure or whatever it is12:32
pitti/usr/share/perl5/Debian/Debhelper/Buildsystem/cmake.pm doesn't say something obvious12:32
Riddelloverride_dh_auto_configure: dh_auto_configure -Skde -- -DCMAKE_USE_RELATIVE_PATHS=ON12:32
Riddellpitti: something like that?12:32
pittiRiddell: nice, thanks! trying that12:32
i8x4Lost most my compiz key bindings with the latest upgrade; anyone else experience this?12:33
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nebuchadnezzarI would like to use more than one repository in addition to the ubuntu one when generating a CD12:39
pittiRiddell: worked like a charm12:39
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Riddellpitti: now you just need to persuade all the canonical and gnome developers to do the right thing and change to cmake :)12:45
seb128Riddell, it's not friday, no trolling! ;-)12:49
Erenis there a repository for infinality font patches, or should I get the source and compile it with these patches?12:59
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rbasakI seem to have a package that FTBFS using fakeroot, but works under real root. I can pin down the cause further, but has anybody seen anything like this before? Any advice?13:58
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cjwatsonrbasak: not unheard of; can you narrow that down a bit?14:04
rbasakI think it might be a build-dep that provides an executable that segfaults unless it's root. Testing that hypothesis now.14:10
m4n1shev: there?14:29
evm4n1sh: hi14:29
m4n1shhello Evan14:29
evhow's it going?14:30
m4n1shI am trying to integrate diagnostics in alm14:30
m4n1shthe thing is that there are two files14:30
m4n1shone is about panel intergation14:30
m4n1shbut also contains lots of Panel plumbing code14:30
m4n1shev: since you have written the code, if you can quickly tell me which all thing is g-c-c specific14:31
m4n1shsot that I can quickly integrate it. Need to get this release out by tomorrow.14:31
evm4n1sh: preferences-panel.c contains the g-c-c bits. whoopsie_daisy_preferences_panel_init is the entry point.14:32
m4n1shev: under canonical contributor agreement?14:34
evm4n1sh: that's a good question.14:34
m4n1shif that codebase is under whoopsie then I think it can apply14:34
m4n1shbut if I take it and keep it under acitivity-log-manager repo14:34
m4n1shthen it should not apply14:35
m4n1shnot a lawyer, but I guess that can be the case14:35
evjust checking14:36
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evm4n1sh: I'm checking with the right authorities :). I wouldn't worry too much about getting it merged in today. The code already exists in the archive, and I think moving it from being its own page to being a GtkNotebook page is more of a UI freeze issue than a feature freeze one.14:49
m4n1sheven I think so14:50
evEspecially given that we may be blocked on this contributor agreement issue for a few days.14:50
m4n1shcan you confirm with the release team14:50
m4n1shabout whether it falls with UI freeze or feature freeze14:50
m4n1shev: even I feel it to be a UI freeze one, but if you can check out with anyone in release team, it would be great14:51
m4n1shplease update me once you have confirmed14:51
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m4n1shev: I have a feeling that FF applies to this because whoopsie is not enabled by default15:00
evm4n1sh: whoopsie will be enabled just as soon as I finish making the changes requested in its security review15:00
m4n1shit is in main?15:00
m4n1shMIR done?15:00
evm4n1sh: there's a MIR, which will be approved once the changes requested by the security team are made (I'm in the midst of that now)15:03
evonce that's done, I just need to seed it and it will be running by default15:03
evm4n1sh: cjwatson (of the release team) suggests it is not a feature freeze matter.15:04
evso by all means, release what you have :)15:04
cjwatsonnot this particular part of it.15:05
m4n1shrelease yesterday itself15:05
m4n1shDidier uploaded it15:05
m4n1shI uploaded it yesterday since I was not sure if I could complete this one15:05
m4n1shcjwatson: thanks for clarifying15:05
akgranercjwatson, I just updated my notebook  and got a libc6 error - now I have packages with umnet dependencies  - Do I follow the  running -f instructions or do I need to do something else?15:27
cjwatsonakgraner: can I see the exact error messages15:29
cjwatsoncan't give advice without that15:29
akgranercjwatson, sure one sec I'll get them to you - they are on a different machine than the one I am using for xchat.15:30
arandIt looks as though someone on #ubuntu+1 has a similar issue?: "can anyone help me fix broken apt? E: Internal Error, No file name for libc6"15:34
cjwatsonarand: well, once again, would need more details than that ...15:38
cjwatsonrelease, architecture, whether multiarch is enabled, full transcript of upgrade attempt, ...15:38
akgranercjwatson,  dropped it to you in a pm along with what I did when and the point at which I was advised to contact you.15:40
arandcjwatson: "I'm on P, amd64, with multiarch" which is the upgrade log file to look for?15:41
arandcjwatson: "term.log: http://paste.ubuntu.com/841833/"15:42
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cjwatsonarand: bizarre.  'sudo dpkg --configure -a' might help15:52
cjwatsonHaving trouble seeing why apt got the ordering wrong in the first instance there.15:52
* cjwatson notes that there is nearly a day's gap between the first error there and the attempt that apparently led to this report15:52
lamalexcjwatson, yah definitely15:53
lamalextoo busy to deal with apt most of the time15:53
lamalexso usually i just leave it broken until i need to fix it :P15:54
lamalexcjwatson, hey that seems to have fixed it15:58
lamalexthat + apt-get -f install15:59
lamalexthank you15:59
cjwatsonsadly hard to work back to the cause at this point15:59
cjwatsonnext time, assuming you were using update-manager, 'ubuntu-bug update-manager' should attach a state tarball to the bug that would be enough to let us reconstruct the initial state16:00
scott-workdoes anyone have a suggestion for a particular person who might be a good candidate to review the lowlatency kernel in REVU (http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/linux-lowlatency)?16:19
scott-workluke y has already advocated it, so we just need one more person16:19
tumbleweedcan I have some list-moderation on ubuntu-devel-announce please?16:21
cjwatsontumbleweed: done16:25
dupondjecjwatson: MoM is still broken?16:27
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cjwatsondupondje: it's running16:32
cjwatsontook a while because it had been down for a while16:32
dupondjecool :)16:33
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dupondjemm cjwatson I note some errors in the MoM pages17:05
dupondjepython-drizzle for example gives 1.0-2ubuntu1 as current version17:05
dupondjewhile 1.0-3 got uploaded weeks ago17:05
dupondjesame for samba417:05
didrocksapw: hey, around?17:21
apwdidrocks, hi17:22
jhuntcjwatson: Hi - could I trouble you to bump the priority on the 217:22
jhuntbuilds here: https://launchpad.net/~jamesodhunt/+archive/upstart-testing ?17:22
didrocksapw: I'm wonering if you know of any kernel issues which can be stated as "after a period of lot of writing on disk (even swapping maybe), the CPU usage is going crazy"17:23
cjwatsonjhunt: I don't see any builds there right now?17:23
apwdidrocks, is that continious writing?17:23
didrocksapw: no, the writting ended17:23
didrocksbut yeah, I has some continious one17:23
didrocksright now, my CPU usage is between 60% and 80% on my 2 cores, and if I look at htop, the sum of what is >1% should be at 20% max17:24
jhuntcjwatson: sorry - wrong ppa. should be https://launchpad.net/~jamesodhunt/+archive/upstart-job-logging17:24
didrocksseems everytime I swapped, I get this17:24
apwdidrocks, the only diskio and cpu usage issue i have heard of is a possible issue xfs when the cache gets full17:24
apwdidrocks, otherwise no i am not seeing the same herre on anything17:24
didrocksseems that seb128 got something similar somethimes17:24
cjwatsonjhunt: done17:25
didrocksapw: I have such a behavior once a day at least, which forces me to reboot, anyway I can ensre that the CPU usage comes from some kernel threads?17:25
jhuntcjwatson: thanks!17:25
apwdidrocks, get the machine up to date, and if it is reproducible lets get a bug filed please with a good description of your reproduce by17:25
apwdidrocks, and include w17:25
stgraberjhunt: I like that changelog!17:25
apwdidrocks, and include a ps -ef with the bad processes listed please17:25
didrocksapw: well, I'm up to date and getting that for now some weeks :)17:26
apwdidrocks, yep and we had a pile of stable updates in the last kernel which was just the last day or two, so i want to make sure its not already fixed by that17:27
NoaHallAny Jockey devs in here?17:27
didrocksapw: ok, let me check I have the latest and greatest17:27
slangaseksmoser: ah; this cloud script that's looking inside disks certainly fits the bill17:46
pittiapw, ogasawara: I binNEWed the new kernel, finally built on armel; can you please upload -meta?17:47
ogasawarapitti: yep, will upload right now17:47
pittiogasawara: cheers!17:47
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stgraberslangasek: hey, I seem to remember you knowing a bit about lvm2 and udev ;) I upgraded two of my servers to Precise and noticed a "sh -c /sbin/lvm vgscan; /sbin/lvm vgchange -a y" and it's child "vgchange -a -y" apparently spawned by udev but never exitting as expected. It's not causing any problem on these machines though but looked weird.17:55
stgraberslangasek: a very quick LP search gave me bug 802626 as a potential candidate for that weirdness17:55
slangasekstgraber: yes, the bug is still outstanding; there's a proposed fix from hallyn that I haven't managed to find time to review yet17:56
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hallynstgraber: yeah, that one's annoying isn't it :)18:04
stgraberhallyn: well, in my case it's only annoying when running "ps aux" on my all new server ;) it doesn't actually prevent anything from starting or cause any other issue that I could see18:05
stgraberI have 3 PVs and 3 VGs on that machine, 1 of them is on RAID1 and contains the root LV, the two others are currently empty (no LV at all)18:06
stgrabermy other server has hardware RAID (HP) but also has 3 PVs (3 RAID volumes) and 3 VGs, though in this case, they all have LVs and are all used18:08
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micahgbarry: in case you haven't seen, sphinx has a bug fix in unstable as well as needs and MIR (or something done) for python-whoosh18:35
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m_3akgraner: ping18:43
akgranerm_3 pong18:43
beunobarry, congrats!18:46
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broderbarry: congrats on the dmb election!18:52
=== jtaylor_ is now known as jtaylor
barrybroder: thanks!19:05
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apwwho owns nm-applet, the below cannot be right19:53
apw 2942 apw       20   0 6815m 1.7g 3080 S    2 43.3  21:56.80 nm-applet19:53
micahgbug /93049119:55
micahgbug 93049119:55
micahgah, bot is awol19:55
seb128apw, cyphermox19:57
seb128though I guess he could try to blame it on indicators,dx19:57
cyphermoxapw: I'm aware of it, trying to track it down19:59
ScottKbarry: Is it you or doko that's supposed to do the lucid update for dh_python2?20:13
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barryScottK: doko20:23
ScottKSigh.  doko: Can we get this done?  It's really causing problems.20:24
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slangaseksmoser: would you by chance be willing to test the latest ppa upstart build, to confirm that the logging support works as intended in the various cloud configurations? https://launchpad.net/~jamesodhunt/+archive/upstart-job-logging20:54
smoserslangasek, i can look tomorrow. is there a doc on what i'm supposed to see ? is it writing to /var/log/upstart.log ?21:00
YokoZarslangasek: is migrating packages to multiarch something that requires a feature freeze exception or is it just a normal bug?21:00
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slangasekYokoZar: FFe21:16
slangaseksmoser: /var/log/upstart/, one logfile per job that outputs21:16
slangaseksmoser: http://www.theorangenotebook.com/2012/02/call-for-testing-upstart-14.html21:16
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kklimondahey, I need a place to host a small file for transmission SRU - so called blocklist (a list of ip ranges that BT client does not allow connecting to and rejects connections from)21:35
broderkklimonda: what does modern transmission use if the project isn't hosting the file anymore?21:36
broder(and can the sru switch to doing that instead)21:36
kklimondabroder: they have changed UI providing a way to set custom url instead21:37
apwcyphermox, may also explain didrocks symptoms21:37
broderkklimonda: is there a default?21:37
kklimondabroder: no, it's set to example.com21:37
kklimondaor something like that21:37
apwcyphermox, mine is growing slowly but surely too:21:37
apw 2942 apw       20   0 7165m 1.7g 3116 S    2 45.6  23:09.04 nm-applet21:37
broderkklimonda: it sounds like it's not actually mandatory anymore. can we just disable the blocklist?21:37
kklimondabroder: but blocklists just don't work in 10.0421:38
kklimondabroder: there is no "initial" list so there is no way to use this feature anymore :)21:38
kklimonda(it has never been mandatory, but it's a very popular feature of BT clients and we got some reports of it not working)21:39
broderi see21:39
infinitykklimonda: I'm not sure why we'd need to host a file?  There doesn't need to be a default blocklist (and, in fact, there isn't...)21:40
kklimondainfinity: but in 10.04 there is no way to change the blocklist url21:41
kklimondainfinity: it's hardcoded to http://update.transmissionbt.com/level1 in code, and the url is gone :)21:41
infinitykklimonda: Which is unfortunate, but "oh well"?21:41
infinitykklimonda: If you know what was in that file, you could just ship a copy with the package on-disk, and point to that.21:42
kklimondainfinity: hmm, that may work21:42
infinitykklimonda: But, really, there will be a new LTS in a couple of months, and it seems remarkably unlikely that the intersection of "people who torrent", "people who care about blocklists" and "people who run old releases" is very large.21:42
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kklimondainfinity: yeah, it's still a bug though and us not fixing it for package in main sucks a little21:47
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YokoZarslangasek: cjwatson: I just read https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libidl/+bug/931388  and it's worrying me because I used depends: wine1.4:any in the new wine1.4 packages as part of multiarching.  Will I need to do the dummy-package-with arch:all workaround?22:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 931388 in libidl (Ubuntu) "overenthusiastic adoption of "Depends: cpp:any" syntax" [High,Triaged]22:41
YokoZar(relatedly, wine1.4 is still half in the queue because wine1.2 and wine1.3 aren't yet deleted from the archive)22:42
slangasekYokoZar: I don't know what workaround you're proposing, but you aren't meant to be using :any yet in depends22:42
YokoZarslangasek: the workaround is at the bottom of this page: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=64161422:42
ubottuDebian bug 641614 in libidl "please convert to multiarch" [Normal,Open]22:42
slangasekYokoZar: ah; ugly, but yes, that would do it22:44
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cjwatsonYokoZar,slangasek: as I said in the Debian bug, I haven't tested that workaround yet, and it's mostly instinct23:09
cjwatsonYokoZar,slangasek: if that approach works, I think it might be worth documenting in MultiarchSpec for the time being; I forgot this problem myself when talking to TREllis about the libidl implementation23:10
slangasekyeah, I've only eyeballed it; I don't see any reason it wouldn't work23:10
YokoZarcjwatson: is the wine upgrade case different from the libidl case as wine already requires a new packagename?23:10
cjwatsonYokoZar: that doesn't make any difference23:11
YokoZarcjwatson: slangasek: regardless, I'll have to test it anyway.23:11
cjwatsonYokoZar: it's still entirely possible that lucid's apt will be called upon to parse it23:11
cjwatsonor for that matter germinate23:11
YokoZarcjwatson: Are you implying Wine will be pulled in by germinate :D23:15
cjwatsonI think it is dangerous to take approaches that are known to fail23:15
hallynd'oh!  for the life of me i can't figure out why sometimes bzr seems bound when it shouldn't be23:26
hallyn(oh well, that forced me to not pussyfoot around for another month fearing to commit :)23:29
superm1TheMuso`: is the current plan alsa 1.0.25 for precise or sticking with 1.0.24?  wasn't really clear to me from blueprints23:37

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