elacheche_anisSalam @ * what's up!!!14:54
ashamsfine, how you do elacheche_anis14:54
elacheche_anishmd :) I'm ok :)14:58
ashams7amdo lellah14:59
DelphiWorldsalam all21:19
ashamssalam DelphiWorld21:27
DelphiWorldsalam ashams :)21:27
DelphiWorldhow are you ?21:27
ashamsfine elhamdo lellah, you?21:33
DelphiWorldre ashams :)22:14
ashamswb, DelphiWorld :)22:14
DelphiWorldashams: :)22:14
DelphiWorldashams: tomorrow going to our dearest egypt :)22:15
ashamsDelphiWorld, really!!22:15
ashamsWelcome Dude :)22:15
DelphiWorlda pretty bad switch at work22:17
ashamsyou moved to egypt for work? man we already have enough unemployment in here :P22:18
DelphiWorldlol ashams22:22
DelphiWorldashams: i mean i have a bad switch at work22:22
ashamsaha, epic me22:22
DelphiWorldashams: epic fail :P22:23
DelphiWorldashams: where are you in egypt.22:24
ashamswhere will you be?22:24
DelphiWorldashams: cairo then alex inchalah22:24
ashamsah, then you may have a good chance to meet cairo team :)22:25
DelphiWorldashams: :)22:26

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