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YoBoYgood morning07:00
dholbachgood morning07:46
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ashamsHi, We, Egypt LoCo with Palestinian, are sharing media with a local conference called ArabNet.me. Conference organizers will print some work to be used during meeting, so can we, the 2 teams, just give them the Official Ubuntu Logo to print representing these LoCo teams in region?13:11
ashamsduring conference*13:11
ashamspaultag, can u help me with this?^13:12
czajkowskiashams: what is the conference ?13:13
ashamsczajkowski, what you mean?13:14
ashamscan this help http://arabnet.me/13:14
czajkowskiashams: what is the conference about?13:15
czajkowskiis it about Ubunty ?13:15
czajkowski*ubuntu 13:15
mhall119ashams: http://www.ubuntu.com/aboutus/trademarkpolicy13:15
ashamsczajkowski,  no, it's about some general activity13:16
czajkowskiashams: there doesnt seem to be anthing there about Ubuntu, are the locos having a stand there?13:16
mhall119czajkowski: looks like a general technology conference13:16
czajkowskinods 13:16
ashamsczajkowski, no, it's we don't have a stand there13:17
ashamsnot so far13:17
ashamslocos lack finance you know :)13:17
czajkowskiI think you should use your team logos tbh 13:17
czajkowskiashams: some dont :) they raise it themselves 13:17
ashamsczajkowski, and mhall119 ok, thanks13:18
paultagashams: hey, what's up, just got in14:35
czajkowskipaultag: sorted14:35
paultagoh looks like you're all set14:35
paultagczajkowski: ohai14:35
ashamspaultag, hey, it's fixed14:36
ashamsThanks :)14:36
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h00kloco bots, come back!20:08

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