dupondjel3on: thx00:01
dupondjewell it got dropped because it got fixed upstream ... tought it was good to keep the changelog small :)00:01
l3onnope.. the general rule is "log everything" :)00:01
tumbleweedkeep the changelog readable00:02
tumbleweedand say what you were trying to do, not every detail of what you did00:02
tumbleweedand yes, it's generalyl good to list the bits of ubuntu delta that were dropped00:02
tumbleweed(just like you list the patches you kept)00:03
Adri2000aren't we supposed to get an email as usual when syncing a NEW package from debian?00:09
Adri2000the package correctly appears in the NEW queue, but I'd have expected to get an email saying that...00:10
micahgadri2000: yes, but there's a bug right now00:11
Adri2000hmm, ok00:16
dupondjeshould be fine now :)00:20
arandHrm, it appears something which built cleanly in pbuilder-sid FTBFSes in ubuntu due to libfreetype6-dev missing... Are there any particular differences there between Debian and Ubuntu?00:26
arand(On Debian it is pulled in automatically)00:27
TheMusoajmitch: Hrm so the upload was successful, but I don't see anything on revu... I wonder whether anything has gone amiss with revu and my GPG key...00:39
ajmitchquite likely, when did you last log into revu?00:39
TheMusoajmitch: A few days ago to review/download a package.00:40
TheMusoLinux-lowlatency is the package in question. I am working with the studio devs to get it cleaned up.00:40
ajmitchand the last successful upload to revu from you?00:40
TheMusoAccording to my profile page.00:41
ajmitchprobably before it was changed to fetch keys on log in00:42
TheMusoHrm ok.00:42
TheMusoBut having logged in a day or so ago would have addressed that, or so I would think.00:43
ajmitchthat's what I'd think, I'm just digging in the database00:43
TheMusook thanks00:43
arandIf I fixed this ubuntu-specific FTBFS (simply adding a missing depend), do I need to reupload to Debian first before sync-requesting?00:44
ajmitch2012-02-14 01:15:02 - linux-lowlatency_3.2.0-15.24~ppa1_source.changes: Incorrect signature, moving to rejected.00:46
ajmitchnot really useful00:46
micahgarand: well, if the maintainer's responsive and there's no diff, sure, otherwise, let's upload to Ubuntu and submit it to Debian (assuming it's applicable)01:00
arandmicahg: I'm the Debian maintainer in this case.01:00
ajmitchTheMuso: can you confirm the filesize of linux-lowlatency_3.2.0-15.24~ppa1.tar.gz that you uploaded?01:00
micahgarand: oh, well, if it's applicable in Debian, I'd suggest uploading there and then sync if we have no diff01:01
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TheMusoajmitch: In bytes, 104347701.01:22
ajmitchTheMuso: ok, so problably something funny going on with the upload processing due to it moving files out of the way01:28
ajmitchTheMuso: I've reverted the change I did before to bind-mount things. this should let packages be fully uploaded now, afaict01:32
TheMusoajmitch: Ok, should I try again?01:33
* TheMuso tries.01:34
* ajmitch hopes you've got a fast connection, that's not a small package to upload :)01:34
TheMusoI know. I've got 1.2mbps up.01:36
ajmitchok, it's moved it into the base ftp dfirectory & the size is still increasing, so I guess it's sort of working as intended now01:37
ajmitchthis part of revu is a bit fragile, it seems01:37
TheMusoOk cool.01:37
TheMusoajmitch: Thanks for your help.01:38
ajmitchno problem, I hope this finally works & you can help them out :)01:40
ajmitchsorry for the hassle01:41
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whumphreyAnyone available to help a newer user to linux? Read the forums and how to's for installing a wireless adapter and have reached a point where I need help06:50
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whumphreyI really need help06:55
whumphreyAnyone available to help a newer user to linux? Read the forums and how to's for installing a wireless adapter and have reached a point where I need help07:01
arand!support | whumphrey07:03
ubottuwhumphrey: The official ubuntu support channel is #ubuntu. Please be aware that this channel is for development only.07:03
whumphreyjoin #ubuntu07:04
whumphreyjoin /#ubuntu07:05
whumphreyjoin/ #ubuntu07:05
whumphreyjoin #ubuntu07:05
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dholbachgood morning07:46
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nigelbO Hai Laney!09:29
nigelbNot bad. You?09:30
Laneythere is tea. therefore life is good.09:32
RhondaLaney, micahg: would this be appropriate? http://paste.debian.net/156202/11:09
RhondaNext step would be opening a bugreport against lucid-backports and attach the diff to it, right?11:09
LaneyWFM, yeah. Same for M and N?11:10
Rhondaand O, yes11:11
Laneyyes yes11:11
Laneyalphabet fail11:11
* Rhonda whispers to Laney: we are at P already … ppsssst.11:11
tumbleweedM is getting pretty long in the tooth, only 2 months of support left...11:13
Rhondahmm, then I guess I'll skip M11:15
Rhondait's such a maverick anyway11:15
Laneynah, it's still valid for people to upgrade through it until EOL11:15
Rhondaso you only will approve lucid anyway if the full upgrade path through all releases is there?11:18
Laneythat's what we ask for, yeah. Right now is the most burdensome period in the cycle for backports due to the number of supported releases11:19
Laneyshould just be a matter of changing the version though?11:20
Rhondayes, is11:20
Rhondaand since I keep it in git there is not really an overhead involved (besides filing the bugs)11:21
Laneyyou can use one and just add tasks for all the relevant -backports projects11:21
Rhondatasks?  Wouldn't I need to attach all the debdiffs?11:22
Rhonda"tasks?" mean I am unsure what you mean with the term in this context :)11:23
Laneywell, you can have multiple attachments, but if they're all the same and you say they all work then I won't require you to do that11:23
Laneyin Launchpad a bug can affect multiple projects11:23
Laneyhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/maverick-backports/+bug/844697 like this one11:24
Laneyuse 'Also affects project'11:24
RhondaI remember those.11:24
Rhonda… which made me unsubscribe from the irssi bugreports because of the perl transition. %-)11:24
Laneythese days you can mute mail from certain bugs11:25
RhondaI know, followed that11:25
RhondaLaney: and, <nitpicking>the diffs aren't the same, the changelog carries the release name</nitpick>11:29
Laneyyeah. But that needs to be right, or the upload won't work. I can trust you on that (since you'll be the one uploading) ...11:30
RhondaI upload?  I thought I just file the bugreport? :)11:30
Laneyfor source change backports, yeah11:30
Rhondathe UbuntuBackports wiki page doesn't go into much details for source change backports11:30
RhondaSo, I file the bugreport, and upload then, or the other way round?11:31
RhondaIf first bugreport, should I add LP:11:32
RhondaIf first bugreport, should I add LP: # into the changelog?11:32
Laneyfile report, attach diff (at this point you have the bug number), get approval, upload11:32
Laneythen it'll be stuck in the queue for ScottK or someone to approve11:33
Laneythe wiki page does say "If the backport does require source changes and the backports team has approved it, it can be uploaded via the same process as a normal Ubuntu archive upload", which I guess covers it11:33
Rhondacould be more to the point (filing bugreport against … and attach debdiff)11:35
RhondaI seem to remember that the page actually _did_ contain the information where to report bugs against for the approval.11:35
Laneyit got... what's the word?11:36
Laney'rationalised' recently11:36
Rhondadoh, a bug number too early11:46
Rhondait's 2011 at the end, so obsolete …11:46
RhondaLaney, bug 93201111:58
Rhondabug #93201111:58
* Rhonda peeks at ubottu11:58
RhondaLP #93201111:58
* Laney got an email about it too though11:58
Rhonda http://deb.at/L932011 works too, but that's not the point :)11:59
Laneyjust did it for my own clickification11:59
* Rhonda loves her deb.at redirects11:59
Laneywe need a statement that it builds/installs/runs on target releases11:59
geserLaney: it easier to type it into IRC to be able to click instead of directly into the browser?12:00
RhondaRight, will do that later, just wanted to get it off my chest for now12:00
Laneygeser: about equal, and if I do it here then others can click too :-)12:00
* Laney should play wesnoth one of these days12:01
dupondjejtaylor: fix for automysqlbackup got uploaded in debian, will sync later :)12:24
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scott-workcan i get someone to review a kernel package in REVU?  http://revu.ubuntuwire.com/p/linux-lowlatency16:16
scott-workwe need one more approval before thrusday to get it into universe16:17
tumbleweedreviewing i a kernel package isn't something I'd take on lightly16:18
tumbleweedhave you asked the ubuntu-kernel people?16:18
LaneyI am very sure it would be much easier to maintain this package in collaboration with the kernel team indeed16:23
Laneyfor example I understand they use git? If they won't let it be built as a flavour from the main source package then it would be pretty easy to manage it as a separate branch there16:24
Laneythen you could merge their changes very cheaply16:24
scott-worktumbleweed, Laney: i am working with the UKT, however, they maintain that this is a community kernel and therefore maintained by the "community", in this case, the ubuntu studio team16:32
scott-workthe lowlatency kernel is based on directly on the current -generic kernel with only some flags changed, so no code is really different16:32
scott-workbut since this is not an "official" kernel and therefore maintained by community, it will reside in the universe repository whcih is the purview of MOTU16:33
scott-workhence, getting two advocated is the gate keeper to this kernel being in the repos16:33
tumbleweedthat sounds reasonable16:33
* tumbleweed runs off16:33
scott-worki should also note, that per the blueprint a person from the kernel team should review the kernel as well, although they are most likely not MOTU (or at least i suspect will be the case)16:34
LaneySo no kernel developer is willing to review it for you?16:34
LaneyI expect the number of qualified MOTU to be vanishingly small16:34
scott-workLaney:  i haven't checked back in the channel yet, but there is still the issue of needing a MOTU to advocate it, unless an exception is made that a kernel team member would be allowed to advocate for it16:35
LaneyI don't see why they couldn't16:35
carif_question for the channel: what are debian/*.debhelper.log files and are they "source files" or generated files as a result of a build?16:49
pabelangerShould I be worry about reformatting of debian/po files in my debdiff for bug 931859?17:01
pabelangernot sure why they we're affected17:02
RainCTdidrocks: Hey :). Uploaded new zeitgeist, libzeitgeist and zeitgeist-datahub to Debian (zeitgeist to experimental).17:48
didrocksRainCT: excellent, I'll ask for a sync tomorrow morning, thanks! and congrats for the release :)17:50
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Rhondamicahg, you tagged the ejabberd bug the same time I did call the syncpackage :)18:09
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tumbleweedcarif_: result of the build18:22
carif_tumbleweed, ty18:22
arandcarif_: You can get rid of them with "debuild clean" or equivalent18:23
carif_another question, i have a cdbs pkg, but it has a debian/patches/series file; I thought that was only for quilt? is it needed for cdbs? If not, why would it be there?18:26
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jtaylor_quilt and cdbs are not mutually exclusive18:28
yofelcarif_: you can use cdbs together with quilt, quilt is just a patch system18:28
carif_jtaylor_, yofel, but only 1 patch sys is used in debian/rules? or does that depend on the rules file?18:31
jtaylor_in theory you can use more than one, but that would be a bad idea18:32
yofelit does depend on which you use, yes18:32
jtaylor_3.0 packages automatically use something quilt like at unpack time18:32
yofeldh7 uses quilt by default, and doesn't recommend any other one18:32
jtaylor_dh7 not, only source/format 3.0 (quilt)18:33
yofelindeed, my error18:33
carif_jtaylor_, yofel, still a little confused. if my pkg is cdbs in the rules file, then debian/patches/series exists as a convenience to use quilt and perhaps to synthesize a new .patch file?18:52
jtaylor_is it a 3.0 package?18:54
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yofelwell, debian/patches/series is used by quilt to see in which order it should apply the patches that are listed there. And quilt has nothing to do with cdbs per se.If it's a 3.0 (quilt) package you'll be using quilt as patch system no matter what build system you use18:58
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micahgScottK: I forget, for backporting security updates for packages in backports, do I have to get someone to do the install/run tests again?20:54
brodermicahg: my opinion is that you should only have to do b/i/r testing for the package itself, not rdeps20:56
micahgI'd buy that20:59
* micahg will see if they guy that's been doing the puppet backport testing is up for another round20:59
ScottKmicahg: Install/run isn't very hard usually, but if you can't I wouldn't block on it.21:01
ScottKTechnically a backport for a security update is just another backport.21:01
micahgwhich should technically require the same testing21:01
ScottKAlthough I'm always willing to be creative if there's a good reason.21:02
micahgok, I think have someone to test, so it hopefully isn't an issue21:02
broderany uscan experts want to tell me whether this watch file (for watching a subdirectory of the kernel git tree) works? http://paste.ubuntu.com/842269/21:48
broderwithout really knowing what i'm looking at, i'm suspicious that it has to be updated every time the upstream source version changes21:48
tumbleweedbroder: eek21:56
tumbleweedI don't understand it21:57
tumbleweedbut your suspiciouns seem grounded. What's with all the hardcoded hashes21:58
tumbleweedalso, watching hashes with uscan isn't going to work that well21:58
tumbleweedI suspect its trying to treat one hash as 0-x and anything newer as 1-x. Still seems pretty crazy22:00
tumbleweedrather drop it than do that kind of things22:00
broderyeah, i'm inclined to agree. whatever - i don't think the package can be sponsored as-is without some additional information anyway, so it's out of the queue now22:01
broderalso, i should probably stop doing ubuntu stuff during work hours :-P22:02
tumbleweeddoing that entirely derailed my thesis22:02
CoreyIs there a sane way to get git-buildpackage to spit out an orig.tar.gz?22:19
tumbleweedCorey: git-import-orig22:23
Coreytumbleweed: I've got a git repo that's got a debian directory in it, and builds a working package; now I'm trying to sanely hook it up to Jenkins for autobuild.22:31
CoreyThis is for an internal project, not something that'll ever see the public repos, unfortunately.  Although that does lower the bar a bit for package acceptance.22:31
Laneygit-buildpackage -S?22:32
CoreyLaney: dpkg-source: error: can't build with source format '3.0 (quilt)': no upstream tarball found at .. It'd seem not.22:34
jtaylorpristine-tar gentar?22:34
jtaylorasssuming you use --git-pristine-tar to import22:35
jtaylorthat error is probably caused by that flag not being used :/22:36
Laneyit should fall back to using the upstream branch in that case22:37
jtaylorit can't create the orig from the upstream without pristine information22:37
jtaylorI think22:37
jtaylorat least not with the same checksum22:38
Laneywell, of course not that, but it can still do something22:38
jtaylorbut thats sure not default22:38
jtaylorI wouldn't want my gbp to generate a wrong checksum tarball because I forgot to checkout the pristine branch from the remote :/22:39
broderCorey: are you saying that you have a debian directory in your main VCS repository?22:39
broderas opposed to doing the packaging separately from main development?22:39
Coreybroder: Yes.22:40
broderi suspect that's the point of confusion for Laney and jtaylor22:40
CoreyYes, in my repository's topdir, there's a topdir/debian directory with working package build instructions.22:40
CoreyIf I check that out into a new environment with the buildtools already installed, what do I have to do to create my package? :-)22:41
jtaylorgit archive to create a tarball, exclude debian22:42
jtaylorthen debuild or gbp should work22:42
jtaylora native package is probably even more appropriate for autobuilds, then you don't need to exclude debian22:43
jtaylor--git-export=WC might also work, skips the tarball creation22:44
jtaylorhm no that does not work22:48
jtaylorah yes it does22:50
jtaylorI had pristine enabled in my config22:50
Laneyit does use upstream if you don't give --git-pristine-tar22:51
Laneygbp:info: pdfmod_0.9.1.orig.tar.gz does not exist, creating from 'upstream/0.9.1'22:51
jtayloryes git-no-pristine-tar was required in my case22:52
Laneyanyway I don't know how well merge mode is supported if that's what this is22:52
Laneyit's not the usual gbp workflow22:52
Coreyjtaylor: So the exact syntax is what exactly?  You've mentioned three tools and four flags or so. :-)22:54
jtaylorwhy don't you just run your regular release script to create a tarball?22:55
jtaylorelse try git-buildpackage --git-export=WC --git-no-pristine-tar in your repository and see if that works22:56
jtaylorif that does not work: git-buildpackage --git-export=WC --git-no-pristine-tar  --git-upstream-branch=master --git-upstream-tree=branch22:58
Coreytumbleweed: Didn't, and the second one throws git-buildpackage: error: no such option: --git-upstream-tree22:59
jtaylorhm which version do you have?22:59
jtaylorolder versions do not have that and must use tags22:59
jtaylorso tag your master and use --git-upstream-tag=sometag22:59
jtaylora no you can use HEAD as a tag23:00
Corey*sigh*  dpkg-source: error: can't build with source format '3.0 (quilt)': no upstream tarball found at23:01
CoreyThis is on Lucid.23:02
jtaylordid gbp create one?23:02
CoreyIt did not.23:02
jtaylorlet me try iton lucid, but maybe its too old and you're "stuck" with using git archive23:03
jtaylorworks for me23:07
jtaylorkeepass2_2.18+dfsg.orig.tar.gz does not exist, creating from 'HEAD'23:08
jtaylormy options: git-buildpackage --git-export=WC --git-no-pristine-tar  --git-upstream-tag=HEAD -S -us -uc23:09
jtaylorrepo has only master branch and no tags23:09
jtaylor< off, bye23:11

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