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jwtiyari have installed aurora , now i want to go back FF , what to do?12:40
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chrisccoulsonhmmm, i really need a lock on the door of this room17:02
chrisccoulsonmy daughter keeps coming in17:02
chrisccoulsonhi bhearsum, how are you?17:34
bhearsumi'm well, just recovered from last week's chemspill fun17:35
chrisccoulsonyeah, i bet you're glad that is over now17:36
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asacchrisccoulson: 5 years in, the restart button after firefox upgrade continuous to be broken :)17:58
chrisccoulsonasac, hah, that's the least of my worries ;)18:00
chrisccoulsonor,t hat should be -> :(18:00
chrisccoulsoni will get around to fixing it one day though ;)18:00
chrisccoulsonhow are you?18:00
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micahghi cousin_luigi19:57
cousin_luigiAny chance of obtaining a working build of chromium beta for amd64?19:59
otavioI am concerned how I can do to have an extension, installed on /usr/lib/firefox/extensions/ enabled by default19:59
micahgchance, yes, unfortunately, the bot has been disabled due to space issues, I was going to do a manual upload later this week20:00
micahgotavio: you can't with Firefox 8 and higher20:00
cousin_luigimicahg: could you tell me what to download to build it myself?20:00
otaviomicahg: and how does it works for language packages in debian and ubuntu?20:01
otaviomicahg: i am at ff 9.0.120:01
micahgcousin_luigi: just grab the current source from any release and check the debian/README.source file20:02
micahgotavio: chrisccoulson magic :)20:03
cousin_luigimicahg: ok, thanks20:03
otaviomicahg: any place i can look where the black magic is done?20:03
otaviomicahg: from what i see, the xpi for the locale is put in /usr/lib/firefox/extensions with the em:id as the filename.xpi20:04
otaviomicahg: and ff does find the extension but it is disabled; i have to enable it by hand20:04
micahgnot sure, it's some combination of mozilla-devscripts and ubufox, I assume this is for private (non-redistribution) uses?20:05
otaviomicahg: ?20:06
otaviomicahg: the devscripts, as far as i read the source code is only used the xpi-unpack and xpi-pack. the end result is the .xpi as i said and with the min and max versions adjusted20:06
micahgwell, Mozilla specifically disabled third-party addons by default, see mozilla 59634320:07
ubot2`Mozilla bug 596343 in Add-ons Manager "Users should have exclusive control over selecting their add-ons" [Normal,Resolved: fixed] http://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=59634320:07
otaviomicahg: i read the diff and it is related but it is not what disabled the extensions by default20:12
micahgthat's the master bug, there are a whole bunch of dependent ones where other work was done20:12
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