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mibbhey, is there any software/portal for linux to rent/stream movies?13:53
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tgm4883mibb, amazon VOD works14:02
mibbI'm outside of the .us unfortunately :)14:13
tgm4883then IDK14:14
mibbdoes that work with itunes maybe?14:28
mibbapparantly not directly..14:29
MrChrisDruifDoes this team hold meetings?16:26
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dekarlsorry mates http://www.mythtv.org/pipermail/mythtv-users/2012-February/327796.html :( wasn't what I intended18:39
Zinn[www.mythtv.org] [mythtv-users] libmyth 0.25 problems18:39
dekarlhmm, I could use a hand here http://paste.ubuntu.com/842019/ <- the patch to the mythweb configuration doesnt get applied and the fixup for the permissions isnt taken either19:03
Zinn[paste.ubuntu.com] Ubuntu Pastebin19:03
dekarlsuperm1: today I can happily build with http://paste.ubuntu.com/840940/ applied, doesn't appear to matter if the former build succeeded or failed19:06
Zinn[paste.ubuntu.com] Ubuntu Pastebin19:06
superm1dekarl: i think i know how to fix it most easily. i'll commit it for the next autobuilds19:47
superm1dekarl: good that it's building with that patch applied19:47
superm1i'll apply that too19:47
dekarlmuch appreciated, but which one of the two pastes ;)19:47
dekarlahh ok19:47
superm1dekarl: ok so i fixed the libmyth and the build-dsc patches21:07
superm1that mythweb one though, you'll need to committ it "locally" to bzr if you need to change stuff in debian/ other than adding a patch21:07
superm1i believe )21:08
superm1do you want me to just add that to master bzr though?  are you sure it looks right (the paths and such)21:08
dekarlthe mythweb.conf one is what I have to do everytime after reinstalling the package, the rights and owner, too. but the suggested patch didnt work :(21:14
superm1dekarl: okay i just added that to the branch21:14
superm1the tv_icons part though i'm not sure about21:15
dekarlI do think its wrong, too. but it make mythweb work :D21:15
superm1the tv icons part?21:16
dekarldoes that mean if you apt-get remove mythweb; apt-get install mythweb its working?21:16
superm1well i haven't had problems with mine ever but i dont think i've ever had functioning tv icons either21:16
superm1so maybe you are uncovering something here21:16
superm1my dist-upgrades (for 0.24) always seem to go smoothly21:16
dekarlhmm, i always dist-upgrade (master) smoothly, too. once I fixed it initially21:17
dekarlmaybe you fixed it back in the days of yore?21:17
superm1that's quite possible too21:17
superm1as soon as 0.25 clears binary new for precise i'm going to upgrade from lucid to precise21:18
superm1if nothing else is broke i'll purge mythweb and such and reinstall and see what looks broke21:18
dekarlohhh, does upgrading to precise actually work now?21:18
superm1well it should in a day or two21:18
superm1i'm a bit scared, my production box is lucid so it's a bit risky :)21:18
dekarlhmm that should have been oneirc methinks... 11.1021:19
dekarlI'm on 11.04 and afraid, too21:19
superm1oh natty->oneiric will work but you'll hit a login screen problem (which is fixed in precise and a workaround is in /topic)21:19
dekarlbut 12.04 is the next LTS, might as well wait that few days and improve that instead of a soon to be old release21:21
dekarlok, remembered at least that correctly21:23
superm1yeah 12.04 is the next LTS21:24
superm1we're planning on not doing mythbuntu releases for interim releases between LTS anymore21:24
dekarlso simply provide the basic mythtv packages but nothing more for the non-LTS releases? Seeing that its not in feature freeze for the desktop experience (thinking of DTV drivers here) fits well21:27
superm1yeah basically21:27
dekarlsecond part being about the LTS again ;)21:27
superm1and ubuntu is going to be providing updated X and kernel stacks at point releases for those that want them21:28
dekarldinner time21:34
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