Ganyone here deal w/ XML much, curious if you know of any reasonable XML diff type tools, just had xmldiff OOM on two machines in very short span of time03:42
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codepalanybody here think Google can solve MojoMathers problem with transcripting parliament for her?19:22
ajmitchthey wouldn't be able to make sense of what winston is saying19:23
codepalI'm thinking multi-threaded voice recognition19:23
codepalajmitch, lol - winston ? I actually though it might be hard to Google to figure out what the UN said that everybody else has to follow, whether they're National or Labor19:24
codepalit's interesting that several of the latest laws have referred to "We signed up to this at the UN" --19:25
ajmitchcodepal: more referring to him having to repeat a question several times the other day before he could be understood19:25
codepalnow we have to get it done19:25
codepalother day? - Was that when he was trying to get John to answer his direct question and the speaker didn't want to let him?19:26
codepalI heard that one, great entertainment19:26
codepalQuestion time = when alot of NZ listens to parliament for the entertainment value19:27
ajmitchkindergarten time19:27
* ajmitch shouldn't bring politics into #ubuntu-nz like that :)19:28
ibeardsleecodepal: are you a yank?19:37
codepalibeardslee, no, why do you ask?19:54
codepalvery yank influenced, but no, please ignore my error19:55
lifelesscodepal: the google voice rec stuff is pretty hit and miss IME21:36
codepalthere'll be some OSS tech somewhere that Google / Government could leverage for Mojo Mathers surely...23:57
codepaldon't see why would have to cost $30,000, in any case23:57
ibeardsleepersonally I think they shouldn't focus on her so much as all deaf people23:58
codepalthis bit about having to have 2 typists / recorders taking turns every 15mins is a bit ridiculous23:58
ibeardsleewith NZ sign as an official language they have to support it23:58
codepalwell, what about this subtitles on the live feed, surely possible?23:58

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