phillwas a sneak... https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lubuntu-default-settings/+bug/92689300:30
ubottuUbuntu bug 926893 in lxsession (Ubuntu) "There is NO Clipboard Manager in Lubuntu - a basic feature yet very important" [Undecided,Fix released]00:30
phillwindeed ubottu it has.00:30
ubottuFloodBot3 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (Malicious website)00:58
ubottuFloodBot2 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (Malicious website)00:58
ubottuFloodBot1 called the ops in #ubuntu-ops-monitor (Malicious website)00:58
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bazhang<Lint> cambazz, dpkg -i --force-depends <name>12:29
PiciWhats wrong with ubottu?13:03
ikoniabazhang: I'm getting very tired of monitoring lint/warning him13:03
ikoniaPici: see the secret channel13:04
Myrttiservices are lagging quite badly too13:04
MyrttiI think13:04
Myrttithat took about five seconds in my counter13:05
PiciSeems to be close to instantaenous here.13:05
LjLservices problems are unrelated to ubottu problems though13:09
LjLalso, floodbots need to be ignoring the bot :\13:09
MyrttiLjL: it just adds to the multitude of problems we're having13:10
LjLi can't make them ignore it though, because ubottu.com being down means its pastebin doesn't work so they cannot update code...13:10
Piciubottu.com isn't down.13:12
LjLPici: eh, it sort of is13:12
LjLPici: the root filesystem on it is read-only13:12
Piciah. I suppose it is.13:14
Myrttitrying not to give them the satisfaction of being kicked13:49
Myrttilovely, being abusive in pm13:50
ikoniaMyrtti: that same host is banned in ##backtrack-linux too13:50
ikoniaso clearly enjoys being stupid in channels13:50
* Myrtti considers should I even consider replying his messages13:50
ikoniajudging by his comments in #freenode, no13:51
ikoniafloodbots just undid his +q as he was flooding while muted13:52
Myrttiyeah, I know13:52
Piciits going to be a long day13:52
ikoniain newyork city.13:53
ikonia(name the song)13:53
ikonia13:53 <FatDude> Fuck you nigger.13:53
Picihow pleasant13:53
ikoniaI wonder if I was wrong in my decision13:53
bazhangdont know that song13:53
Picime either.13:53
bazhangikonia, not wrong at all13:54
ikoniasorry, sarcasm doesn't come across on irc13:54
MyrttiI first thought of kicking jake, but his hostname is a clear sign of troll13:54
bazhanghe's done it in at least four channels, and then in #ubuntu , and said wrong channel13:54
popeyi am singing that damn song now thanks ikonia13:54
Myrttiso I figured that their *aim* is to get kicked and banned13:54
ikoniapopey: did you get it ?13:54
ikonia(don't share it)13:54
Myrttiso refusing to give them the satisfaction of it...13:54
ikoniaMyrtti: I'm sure you can see in freenode that they are hitting a few channels now13:55
ikonia(I assume you are watching)13:55
MyrttiI'm just trying very hard not to participate in the trollfest since I was the op in question and in there I'm more staff13:56
ikoniait's fine, just didn't know if you where watching13:56
Myrttiopinions on banforwarding em to ##fix_your_connection?14:08
ikoniaI was just pondering that14:09
ikoniaI was going to give it one more /part/join14:09
ikoniaI saw she was having a hard time in #kubuntu and #freenode14:09
ikoniait seems to have settled a little14:10
Piciits great that ubottu.com is down and all the short urls are broken17:12
jribnot so great :/17:14
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Picimneptok: the bot is down, its not going to work.18:03
mneptokgone now, yes. but has it been not serving factoids when /join'ed?18:04
Picimneptok: AlanBell was trying to run a clone of it... wasn't working so well.18:04
Piciubottu.com itself is having server issues.18:04
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pangolinspeak of the devil :)19:38
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AlanBello/ jussi0120:55
Unit193Hello, Sebastien. How may we help you?21:30
SebastienGood morning ubuntuers, i would like to ask permission to generate statistical pages like this one: http://chanstats.x10.mx/ubuntu.freenode.html  WITHOUT public announcements. I had permission to do it on #ubuntu-qc21:31
SebastienJust making a quick "polite move" ans ask official permission before proceding.21:31
Sebastienans/and *21:31
AlanBellhi Sebastien21:31
SebastienHello AlanBell21:31
SebastienBtw, i made my first wiki page today. thanks with the help of the #ubuntu-qc guys: https://wiki.ubuntu.org/Sebastien21:32
AlanBellso what makes that? is it a bot or logs from your client or scraping logs from teh website?21:32
SebastienIts a program in my client (mIRc) that i run as a third parti.21:32
Sebastienparty *21:33
AlanBellok, so not a bot21:33
SebastienNo sir, here is a screen shot of the program: http://puu.sh/gW3J21:33
Sebastienand i have baught a rightfull liscence from the distrubutor to have the complete options.21:33
AlanBellyou appear to be running on a sub-standard operating system, but apart from that, looks great :)21:34
* h00k coughs21:34
SebastienIts windblows :P21:34
SebastienI have to run it on this desktop to use mIRC. (i am a big fan of the client and the scripting capability)21:35
AlanBellnice charts, they look pretty21:35
SebastienThank you :)21:35
AlanBellanyone see a downside to this?21:35
beunowell, the logs are public anyway, aren't they?21:36
Sebastienjust a quick note, i make no public spam/advertisement about those page except on the index page of the site.21:36
AlanBellit is all public data, and not a bot so looks fine to me21:36
* beuno loves visualisation of public data21:36
Sebastienbeuno, they are, but some channels might have rules that they disallow such actions. that i respect.21:36
SebastienMy favorite part is the relation map ( bottom of the first page)21:37
MrChrisDruifYour background looks familiar Sebastien ^_^21:37
AlanBellSebastien: yeah, I think we are quite open about it, this is summary data of public logs, and pretty awesome stuff too21:37
MrChrisDruifBtw, congratz on your first wiki page Sebastien21:37
beunoSebastien, as far as I know, none of the #ubuntu-* channels have any policy to prevent it21:37
AlanBellwe are careful about allowing bots into the channel, but as this isn't one I thini it is fine21:37
beunoif they public the logs it's because it's public21:37
SebastienThank you MrChrisDruif, i was told this is step 1 to become a ubuntu official member.21:37
phillwlooks good here - good to see that ActionParsnip does get some sleep :)21:37
macowow, ActionParsnip is more talkative than ubottu21:38
SebastienHehe :)21:38
SebastienWith time, i hope to be parked in here and do your job :P Till then ill try to amuse everyone with those skills of mine :P hehehe21:38
Sebastien <+MrChrisDruif> Your background looks familiar Sebastien ^_^21:39
phillwSebastien: that wiki link you posted gives me The requested URL /Sebastien was not found on this server.21:39
Sebastienyou mean the background on the screenshot, or on the wiki ?21:39
Sebastienphillw, you might want to try again. because it was seen by various people today.21:39
MrChrisDruifSebastien; screenshot, you've been able to set a custom background for your wiki page? O_O21:39
Sebastienphillw: look: http://puu.sh/gW6k21:40
SebastienMrChrisDruif, look this link ^ i didn't.21:40
phillwSebastien: is gibing me a 404 Error. It may be the server, or my system.21:40
AlanBell.com not .org21:40
SebastienIndeed phillw.  maybe clear your cookies/cache ?21:41
macoubuntu.org is a spiritual site21:41
phillwSebastien: or maybe post the correct link :P21:41
SebastienOH wow21:41
Sebastienthat sounds noobish. lmao21:41
MrChrisDruifphillw; https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Sebastien ?21:42
SebastienYes, sorry.21:42
SebastienOne moment, phone.21:42
mneptok!info pisg21:42
mneptokour poor little friend21:42
phillwMrChrisDruif: that's better!21:42
Sebastieni *coulc* enable public trigger of this page and reply the link via notice if wanted.21:43
Sebastiencould *21:43
phillwOh, MrChrisDruif we have a temp bot on #lubuntu to serve as factoids / bug numbers until ubottu is back in the land of the living.21:43
Unit193mneptok: pisg (source: pisg): Perl IRC Statistics Generator. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.72-1 (oneiric), package size 216 kB, installed size 1024 kB21:43
mneptokSebastien: you do realize the disk and CPU usage you'll see for a channel like #u come December, right?21:43
AlanBellphillw: ubottu is on its way back21:44
MrChrisDruifWhat bot phillw ?21:44
phillwAlanBell: of that I have no doubt :)21:44
phillwMrChrisDruif: one of Unit193's bots... it is well behaved, as would be expected of Unit19321:45
phillwAlanBell: if it a server problem, I have one doing very little that IRC is allowed on. - Thre down side..... it is CentOS and I have not learned how to make the VM for ubuntu yet.21:46
AlanBellwe have no shortage of servers, but yes, there was an issue with this particular one for a bit, it was up for 440 days leading up to today so it probably deserves a few hours off21:47
Sebastienmneptok i don't really mind, since this computer is used only for mIRC and mIRC stats.21:48
mneptokSebastien: and do not enable anything automated in your client, link serving up a URL.21:49
phillwAlanBell: that's fine. I will get the VM up and running. I've been told I do do not need the horse power for approx 18 months, so ubuntu are welcome to use it as a fall back.21:49
MrChrisDruifSebastien; it seems you can use some wiki-fu?21:49
MrChrisDruifAs in kung-fu but than for wiki?21:50
ubottuanother contentless ping... sigh...21:51
SebastienI do have an available script that will perform a stat page like http://chanstats.x10.mx/ubuntu.freenode.html it triggers on specific words to be updated. It works on ALL the channels i am on. Its *NOT* publicly spamming any channels. You can usually find the page with http://chanstats.x10.mx/channelname.network.html21:52
MrChrisDruifSebastien; ^21:53
SebastienI just added this info on my wiki page21:53
AlanBellSebastien: does any of that stuff run on ubuntu?21:55
Sebastienthis is the regex line i use in mIRC to trigger the build21:55
SebastienAlanBell its especially built for windows. but they do have parsers capability to use different logfile types.21:55
Sebastienlike eggdrop.log and xchat.log21:56
Sebastieni never tried those unfortunatly, i run pisg on eggdrop. and i never likes xchat21:56
Sebastienliked *21:56
AlanBellhow about logs like this http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/12/31/%23ubuntu.txt21:58
MrChrisDruifSebastien; you'd like some help with your wiki page?21:58
AlanBellthere are other stats scripting thingies about, several open source ones21:58
SebastienMrChrisDruif, if you want :) any form of help to push me a little in direction of becoming a member of ubuntu is greatly appreciated :)21:59
SebastienAlanBell yes its possible :)21:59
MrChrisDruifI've noticed you mindfully broke your email address to avoid spam Sebastien ?21:59
Sebastienlet me try and generate a page with your log21:59
SebastienMrChrisDruif indeedd22:00
AlanBellSebastien: lets move this conversation into #ubuntu-bots-team as this is not quite the right place for it22:00
MrChrisDruifSebastien; I just /msg you ^_^22:02
SebastienPerfect AlanBell, do you wish me to part #ubuntu-ops now?22:02
AlanBellyes please22:03
Sebastienthank you for your time guys :)22:04
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ubottuIn #ubuntu-bots-team, AlanBell said: ubottu.com is one of our community controlled servers so we can do stuff on that (it had a bit of a bad day today, but normally it is fine)22:11
AlanBellsilly silly ubottu22:11
Myrttiircstats can be run from irssi logs as well...22:18
* mneptok uses pisg to do just that22:32

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