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pittiDaviey: we got a new firefox version into lucid-security yesterday, apparently 20120213.1 already caught them, nice06:13
pittiDaviey: so AFAICS we need to drop the maverick and perhaps natty kernel from the DVD, respin that, and we should be good?06:15
pittiDaviey: oh, hang on, we need another respin for base-files; I guess now is a good time to push that to -updates?06:15
jibellucid doesn't autopublish to the tracker ?08:12
pittiapparently not08:12
jibelI'll add the images then.08:13
pittijibel: thanks; NB that they will still be rebuilt08:15
jibelpitti, ok08:16
pittiI'd like to check with cjwatson first what's necessary to drop the maverick, and perhaps natty kernel from the DVD -- just seeds, or d-i rebuild, etc.08:16
Davieypitti: if you can copy that across, that would be good.08:25
DavieyWe could make another spin after than, then we should be good, i believe08:25
pittiyes, for desktop/alternate08:26
pitti(DVD needs downsizing)08:26
pittiDaviey: base-files is now in -updates; 10.04.4 is official then, I guess :)08:26
pitti(still needs publishing)08:26
pittiDaviey: do you want to respin them after it's published, or want me to?08:26
pittithen they can go on the tracker and get the official testing08:27
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Davieypitti: i can do it..08:42
Davieypitti: btw, seems there was a bit more to the process than just changing the cronjob.08:43
pittiI overheard on IRC; sorry, I wasn't aware of this08:43
Davieynp, bt of the fun :)08:45
pitticjwatson: it seems cdimage also needs a corresponding fix for dropping the maverick and natty backport kernels (from reading bug 881529); does this require a d-i upload as well?08:52
ubot4`Launchpad bug 881529 in debian-installer (Ubuntu Lucid) (and 2 other projects) "Natty and Oneiric LTS backport kernels need to get onto the Lucid 10.04.4 point release DVD. (affects: 2) (dups: 1) (heat: 18)" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88152908:52
cjwatsonpitti: we shouldn't need a d-i upload - the images are independent09:59
pitticjwatson: good morning09:59
cjwatsonit should be cdimage+seeds09:59
pitticjwatson: I asked because in that bug d-i was "rebuilt against the oneiric backport"09:59
pitticjwatson: ok, thanks; I guess it's ok to drop the natty kernel as well, as per Tim's confirmation?10:00
cjwatsond-i/lucid ships a bunch of independent images for the lucid, maverick, natty, and oneiric kernels10:00
cjwatsonso it needs to be kept up to date with all of them ...10:00
cjwatsonI was a bit sceptical about the natty kernel mostly just because we haven't seen any evidence that either works for anyone :-)10:00
cjwatsonis there any other low-hanging fruit on amd64?10:01
pittiother than cutting down the new kernels and some auxiliary language support I'm a bit wary of dropping stuff that we shipped before10:01
pittiseed change committed10:03
pittiDaviey: ^ FYI10:04
cjwatsonI've committed the debian-cd change10:05
cjwatsonand deplouyed10:05
pittiah, thanks; was just about to10:06
pitticjwatson: so $BOOT_IMAGES can keep the maverick/natty stuff?10:07
* cjwatson checks10:08
cjwatsonum, BOOT_IMAGES is constructed dynamically from BACKPORT_KERNELS10:09
cjwatsonunless you're looking at some other code from me?10:09
cjwatson    for backport in $BACKPORT_KERNELS; do10:09
cjwatson        BOOT_IMAGES="$BOOT_IMAGES $backport-cdrom/initrd.gz $backport-cdrom/vmlinuz"10:09
pitticjwatson: I was just looking at r1737 and wondered what needs reverting10:10
pitti+    BOOT_IMAGES="$BOOT_IMAGES maverick-cdrom/initrd.gz maverick-cdrom/vmlinuz natty-cdrom/initrd.gz natty-cdrom/vmlinuz oneiric-cdrom/initrd.gz oneiric-cdrom/vmlinuz"10:10
Davieypitti: has that made it insize?10:11
pittiDaviey: i386 should be ok; for amd64 I'm not quite sure how much more we need to squeeze off10:11
pittiwe could do a build, and then get the precise delta from its log10:11
Davieypitti: do we only know once we spin, or can we easily predict?10:11
pittiDaviey: with some more effort we can calculate it from the current one, if you substract all the maverick/natty package sizes10:12
pittiDaviey: but figuring this out might take longer than the 20-or-so minutes to build the DVD, so I thought we'd do the lazy way10:12
pittiDaviey: err, of course I wanted to say, "so that we'll know the correct size delta instead of an estimated one" :)10:13
cjwatsonpitti: it's been refactored since then so you don't need to revert anything there10:15
pittiah, great10:15
cjwatsonpitti: amd64 should be OK per my calculations last night10:16
cjwatsonit was something like 110MB or 120MB over, and the maverick and natty kernels were about 80MB apiece10:16
cjwatsoni386 was inside that, more like 40MB over10:16
pittiDaviey: base-files 5.0.0ubuntu20.10.04.5 is published; so I think you can go ahead with respinning all three10:17
cjwatsonwe could've just dropped the maverick kernel on i386, in fact10:17
Davieypitti: ok, thanks. Will do in a moment.10:18
Davieybuilding in screen10:33
Davieydid someone else trigger one aswell?10:57
Davieysuprised we are up to .210:57
cjwatsonthe versioning is buggily shared with precise builds10:58
Riddelloh I broke soyuz somehow, queue command now blocks11:15
cjwatsonpublish-queue is running, it's probably not your fault11:17
cjwatsonhm, does seem to be taking its time though!11:18
* cjwatson kills it11:18
pittiNEW is quite large ATM11:19
cjwatsoncan you kill your running queue and we'll try again from scratch?11:19
pittiI'm waiting for the armel kernel build for binNEWing/d-i rebuild, after that it should become a lot smaller11:19
cjwatsonqueue info doesn't normally take that much longer to even start responding just because the queue is long11:19
cjwatsonok, there we go, it's fine now11:20
elmolaunchpad was having some DB issues11:20
elmowhich have just been resolved11:20
cjwatsonah, thanks11:21
Riddellyes, fixed, nice11:23
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evhi there14:51
evso in whoopsie (the crash reporting daemon that's on its way into main as part of http://wiki.ubuntu.com/ErrorTracker ), we have a GNOME Control Center page for turning on and off crash reporting14:52
evat the system level (it talks to a dbus service that does the actual config file writing)14:52
evit's currently called Privacy, and we discovered about a week ago that another group of developers under contract created a Privacy page for handling zeitgeist settings14:53
evso Matthew Paul Thomas worked with Christian Giordano to merge the designs, which largely involved moving the contents of the Privacy page for whoopsie into a GtkNotebook tab in the zeitgeist settings14:54
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evIs it okay if I just rename the whoopsie settings page to Diagnostics (which will be the name of the tab in the new design) for this week14:55
evand then merge the code into a GtkNotebook tab before UI freeze14:55
evthe functionality wont be changing at all14:55
evit's just a placement thing14:55
cjwatsondoesn't seem like a feature freeze matter to me14:57
ogra_well, isnt FF = UIF ?14:58
ogra_ah, no, its separate14:59
jibelskaet, Daviey I manually posted 10.04.4 builds to the tracker. Could you double-check there's no oversight ?15:01
evcjwatson: cheers15:01
skaetjibel, thanks,  will do.15:01
skaetRiddell,  did you want Kubuntu images released for 10.04.4?   For 10.04.3 we released DVDs,  what's up there now is Desktop and Alternate.15:55
skaetScottK ^  any opinions?15:55
skaetjibel,  powerpc images weren't in 10.04.3 release,  am dropping them from the tracker.16:01
skaetDaviey,  pitti, ^^16:02
Davieyskaet: rocking16:02
Davieyskaet: did you see scrollback BTW?16:02
* skaet goes to do the scrollback.... 16:02
Davieynothing too exciting, base-files now in the current iso build16:03
DavieySo anything from now on is a release candidate.16:03
* skaet nods16:06
skaetwDaviey,  can you see if you can find the Kubuntu DVD images and post them if they went out with 10.04.3 we should have them as an option up for 10.04.4 too.hey're already built (or rebuild them).   Since thy16:07
skaetDaviey, ^ ignore (bad editing on the line looks like :P )16:08
skaetDaviey,  10.04.4 Kubuntu DVD images,  can you post if they exist, else build them and post?16:09
skaetjibel,  Daviey - Ubuntu Server armel+omap - was only an 18 month support (part of ARM EOL announce), so removing it too.16:10
Davieyskaet: will do, but in a meeting right now16:16
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iulianLaney: Thanks for the bug report. I was thinking of sending an email to -release about that.17:38
Laneyno probs hombre17:38
Riddellskaet: hmm, will need to ponder about Kubuntu images for 10.04.417:48
Riddelljust a question of manpower we have against manpower we need for 12.0417:49
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