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smoseradam_g, https://launchpad.net/uec-testing-scripts00:46
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adam_gSpamapS: ping01:24
SpamapSadam_g: pong!01:31
adam_gSpamapS: working thru some nova database issues again.. maybe you can shed some light on this to a total lamer (me). if i run the same set of db migrations against a MyISAM backed mysql server and a InnoDB backed server, i end up with two totally different schemas wrt foreign key constraints. myisam ends up the wild west, and innodb creates a schema that is tightly locked down.01:41
adam_gsee: http://people.canonical.com/~agandelman/schema/myisam/relationships.html01:41
adam_gvs: http://people.canonical.com/~agandelman/schema/innodb/relationships.html01:41
SpamapSadam_g: MyISAM has no such thing as FK constraints..01:44
SpamapSadam_g: so its my guess that the code that does the migrating is just being weird.01:45
adam_gSpamapS: hmm, okay this sounds more obvious that i thought :)01:49
SpamapSadam_g: right01:52
SpamapSadam_g: perhaps the migratino code is assuming that because the table is already there, that its relationships will just be there?01:53
adam_gSpamapS: well, the big problem is that the migrations are being developed against sqlite, or at best, mysql+myisam (on oneiric).  there are assumptions made, yeah..01:55
adam_gSpamapS: curious, did the switch to innodb by default come from debian, or us?01:56
SpamapSadam_g: it came from MySQL 5.1 -> 5.5, which was done in Debian.. by me. ;)02:00
SpamapSadam_g: and its truly the *ONLY* sane path to ever take. MyISAM is *crack*02:01
adam_gSpamapS: i dont doubt that, just wonder how many others will have similar problems02:02
SpamapSadam_g: perhaps the right thing to do is to open a bug against openstack that it should refuse to create tables in anything except InnoDB.02:03
adam_gSpamapS: heh02:03
SpamapSadam_g: and in migrating.. it should detect myisam tables and recreate *all* relationahips02:03
SpamapSrelationships too02:03
adam_gactually, at some point in its migration it converts all tables to innodb02:03
adam_gbut im not sure how sqlalchemy handles that, though02:04
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SpamapSadam_g: right, so when it is doing that, it needs to say "oh crap, I'm converting from a table engine that has no relationships definable.. I need to re-create them"02:05
uvirtbotNew bug: #931859 in nagios3 (main) "chown: cannot access `/etc/nagios3/resource.cfg': No such file or directory" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93185903:16
axisyshow do I check if a dir is mounted .. would be nice if we can count on a exit code or exit codes04:03
axisysexit 32 seems to be when fails or already mounted .. from what I understand04:04
axisysso hard to differentiate what really the mount problem is04:04
axisysmount /foo; case $? in 0|32) run_bar;; esac did ran `run_bar' even though /foo failed to mount04:06
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Stef2'morning. any1 on and willing to answer noob questions?06:21
Stef2~o) included06:22
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.06:22
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Stef2it doesn't say in title if i can ask noob q and it is better to ask first. sorry for this. after i installed successfuly ubuntu 11.10 server without GUI i tryed separatly to install xubuntu gui. i don't know/guess it installed properly becouse some files in /lib/something didn't get "registered" properly. now i get an error an ubuntu start "The disk drive for /dev/mapper/cryptswap1 is not...06:30
Stef2...ready yet or not present". looked in here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/mountall/+bug/527666 but it seems to be an old bug. the start process stops on Checking battery state... [OK]. what should i do to check what's wrong?06:30
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 527666 in mountall "mountall blocks on timeout waiting for a partition, rather than supplying prompt and picking it up later" [High,Fix released]06:30
twbStef2: is this a fresh install?06:32
twbReinstall from scratch.  Either install xubuntu to begin with, or install server and don't install a GUI.06:33
twbWe recommend learning to manage servers from the CLI; we discourage installing a GUI on servers.06:34
Stef2installed server. restart. installed xubuntu. got error woth /lib/something. restart. server stops at Checking battery state... [OK]. ubove couple lines i get /dev/.. error06:34
Stef2i somehow know that, but i guessed it will help me in learning process of CLI06:36
twbI understand what happened but I can't diagnose it, let alone fix it, over IRC.  There is no point bothering since a clean install has no investment that will be lost (e.g. apps already set up, user data)06:36
Stef2i understand and agree with u, but (no offense intended at any kind) i am the problem solver somehow. i try to understand what i did/miss so i can try nto to repeat the mistake. i understand and agree the GUI problem. i hoped some1 will point me to an place so i can look at the problem. hope i'm not missunderstood. thnx for the answer :)06:42
twbThe problem is probably just that mountall is crap, and when you tried to install xubuntu you missed some helper package that makes it work properly.06:44
twbcryptsetup is normally used for block-level encryption (LUKS), but you are probably either using no encryption or per-file (ecryptfs) encryption, so I don't see how you're running into that.06:44
twbupstart in general and mounting issues with upstart are a huge pain to debug06:45
Stef2ai first install , installer asked me if i want to encrypt user files (my user files). and i choose yes06:45
Stef2*at first install06:45
SpamapStwb: should be easier with newer releases06:46
SpamapStwb: but really, mountall isn't that bad.06:46
twbIt drove me batshit insane trying to boot off NFS on lucid06:47
SpamapStwb: thats a use case that still doesn't really have a stakeholder in Ubuntu06:47
twbIOW nobody is paying canonical to not fuck it up?06:48
SpamapSWe do lots of stuff that nobody pays us for06:48
twbBecause of course it Just Works under sysv init06:48
twbAnd it was pretty painless under hardy for that matter.06:49
SpamapSBut yeah, its been pushed to the bottom of the pile a few times.06:49
SpamapStwb: this would be something to bring up at UDS.. you just need a few interested users who are willing to be annoying about the bugs that need fixing and it will get done.06:50
twbI do not deal well with meatspace06:51
SpamapSSad to say.. but I'm quite susceptible to the 'squeaky wheel' method of bug prioritization.. and so are many others in ubuntu-core-dev06:52
SpamapStwb: just attend virtually :)06:52
twbWasn't UDS a in last November or so anyway?06:52
SpamapSfor precise yeah06:52
twbSomebody invited me to florida and I was "noooo, I do not go near .us"06:52
SpamapStwb: next one is in May also in .us .. in Oakland, CA06:53
SpamapSthen back to EU/US rotation06:53
SpamapStwb: anyway, UDS is just a thought. Really.. if you want those bugs fixed you just need to ping me/slangasek/jodh .. we're quite responsive to the vocal minority when it comes to boot bugs06:56
twbPart of the problem is that *my* machines run Debian, so while I deal with Debian problems as they arise, I only encounter ubuntu-specific issues after they hit LTS06:57
twb(LTS being what my customers ask for, after I tell them they can't have RHEL.)06:57
SpamapStwb: we fix the LTS from time to time. :-P06:57
twbYes, well, I don't turn backports on because I don't trust not to introduce new and exciting issues :-P06:58
SpamapShttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/lucid ... only 116 open High importance bugs06:58
twbRC status doesn't matter after the release amirite ? :P06:59
SpamapSno such thing as "release critical" in Ubuntu. Critical means "the first things we deal with"07:00
SpamapSunless our CDs eat your data or just won't boot.. we release on time (dapper, for example, did not ship on time, because it basically didn't work and needed 2 more months)07:01
twbHehe "release when its ready" vs "release when it's not ready"07:01
SpamapSWe release when *we* are ready... which is generally known to be about every 6 months07:01
SpamapStwb: for the LTS we even cut new CDs after we fix the critical bugs that we couldn't get to by "release day"07:03
SpamapSso it kind of works a little more like a Debian release07:03
tarvidI have a neglected server on karmic, can't update. Should I attempt an upgrade to lucid?07:05
SpamapStarvid: yes07:05
SpamapStarvid: backup first07:05
twbSpamapS: eh, I do my installs from netboot d-i anyway07:06
ubottuEnd-Of-Life is the time when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases for more information. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades07:07
twbtarvid: second link there07:07
Stef2started reinstall server. got at the point where installer ask me if i want to encrypt home directory. can i presume that my previous error started from the encryption part and now i should choose option to not encrypt my Home directory?07:23
twbRecommend choose no, at least for now07:26
twbIf everything seems to be working you could try another reinstall and pick yes07:26
Stef2thnx for the answer. i'll do that. first time i choose yes and it worked. got errors after i installed xubuntu07:27
SpamapSStef2: why aren't you installing *xubuntu* if you want xubuntu?07:30
twbSpamapS: he wants a server with a GUI on it :-(07:30
twb17:33 <twb> Reinstall from scratch.  Either install xubuntu to begin with, or install server and don't install a GUI.07:31
SpamapSserver with gui.. hah07:31
SpamapSsaving yourself 1 day of frustration for years of slow, manual labor.07:31
Stef2i didn't installed GUI from the first time. i got the error when i installed GUI separatly. but now i wont even try to install GUI anymore.07:32
* SpamapS feels the other way.. he wonders why his desktop has a GUI07:32
SyriaHi, does this mena that guest additions are now installed? http://paste.ubuntu.com/841373/07:37
twbSpamapS: mine doesn't07:37
twbMy local LUG asked me to give a talk on how to not cry like a little girl when using fbcon for everything, but I didn't want to go outside07:38
twbSyria: dkms is just infrastructure07:38
twbSyria: normally you would "apt-get install foo-dkms" to get a DKMS-based third-party kernel module called "foo"07:39
Stef2would be better if i choose to install software like dns server, lamp server and so on separately or i should install them from start and configure after?07:39
Syriatwb:  I want to install guest additions so I can run CD Rom from the Windows virtual machine.07:39
twbSyria: I don't know what that means07:39
twbStef2: I never pick anything like that until I know the server can actually boot07:40
Stef2thnx for tip07:40
twbStef2: I don't like that UI anyway but you can rerun it later, it's called "tasksel"07:40
twbStef2: I prefer to just use apt-get/aptitude07:40
Syriatwb: I have a virtual windows machine and the host is ubuntu server 10.04.3 ... I want to read the CD from the virtual machine.. What shoud I do please?07:46
twbNo idea, I don't support Windows.07:47
SyriaThank you.07:48
SpamapSwow erlang takes a long time to build. :-P08:07
SpamapSI always forget that :-P08:07
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SyriaSomebody help me please... I have a windows virtual machine and it is hosted bu ubuntu server.. how can I read cd's thorugh the virtual machine?08:21
Jeeves_Syria: That depends on your management tool08:28
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SyriaJeeves_:  Virtual Box not the ose edition.08:32
Jeeves_Oh, no clue then :)08:36
SyriaJeeves_:  Thanks.08:40
_rubenmost virtualization tools make it fairly trivial to provide cds to its vms, then again, i never used vbox either :)08:44
ubottuPlease give us full details. For example: "I have a problem with ..., I'm running Ubuntu version .... When I try to do ..., I get the following output: ..., but I expected it to do ..."08:46
ubottuAre you sure your question allows us to help you? Please read http://www.sabi.co.uk/Notes/linuxHelpAsk.html to understand how to ask a 'better' question.08:47
ubottuUsually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.08:47
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lynxmanmorning o/10:00
jamespagemorning lynxman10:05
lynxmanjamespage: good morning sir!10:06
linociscohi every one10:23
linociscomy ISP internet needs us to set proxy in browser to use internet. I would like to bypass this settings using ubuntu server.10:23
linociscohow to accomplish?10:35
uvirtbotNew bug: #931978 in samba (main) "Update to version 3.6.3" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93197810:36
ludo89i've got a question about tcpdump output on one of the interfaces of my firewall.11:08
ludo89i've got this :11:08
ludo89 11:59:46.827529 00:1c:2e:84:7e:00 > 09:00:09:00:00:67 Unknown DSAP 0xf8 Unnumbered, ui, Flags [Command], length 9711:08
ludo89any idea of what "Unknown DSAP 0xf8 Unnumbered" means ?11:09
lynxmanludo89: http://serverfault.com/questions/202777/what-do-unknown-ssap-and-unknown-dsap-mean-in-tcpdump11:14
ludo89lynxman: Thanks a lot for your link !11:32
CasmoNLHi, even after removing sendmail (with apt-get, running Ubuntu 10.04), it's still running, is there any way to completely disable it? Googling didn't help me that much..11:56
koolhead11jamespage: here12:08
jamespagekoolhead11, yep12:09
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 841726 in cobbler "Unable to netboot with dhcpd managed by cobbler" [Medium,Fix released]12:09
koolhead11status says fixed released12:09
koolhead11i have wasted almost whole day on thios12:09
koolhead11and then found about this bug12:09
koolhead11cobbler profile loads without any problem12:10
koolhead11its cobbler system which got screwed up12:10
koolhead11after i did cobbler sync12:11
koolhead11jamespage: gimme few minute i will paste my cobbler config and dhcp template file12:12
koolhead11poor virtulbox12:14
jamespagekoolhead11, ack12:16
koolhead11so manage_dhcp: 0 inside /etc/cobbler/settings12:18
koolhead11now when i added a system and later did cobbler sync12:18
koolhead11i see something interesting12:18
koolhead11inside my dhcpd.conf file :P12:19
uvirtbotNew bug: #932021 in mysql-5.1 (universe) "service mysql start hangs forever without any messages if the configuration is broken" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93202112:21
koolhead11jamespage: http://paste.ubuntu.com/841616/12:21
jamespagekoolhead11, can I see a log of the sync please12:22
jamespagealso I don't think cobbler will actively stop managing you dhcp file12:22
koolhead11jamespage: sure12:22
jamespagei.e. it will leave stuff around that it created12:23
jamespagekoolhead11, are you running on precise or oneiric?12:23
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koolhead11jamespage: http://paste.ubuntu.com/841623/  cobbler sync12:25
jamespagekoolhead11, and what does you dhcpd.conf file have in it now?  I specialize mine quite alot for my local network topology/setup12:26
jamespagekoolhead11, I seem to have done:12:27
jamespage        #filename "$iface.filename";12:27
jamespage        filename "pxelinux.0";12:27
jamespage        ## Cobbler defaults to $next_s12:27
koolhead11jamespage: nopes its plain DHCP file with my dhcp network info and this "system" infos12:27
koolhead11jamespage: yeah these options12:27
jamespagekoolhead11, so what exactly is not working for you?12:28
koolhead11jamespage: gpxe/menu.gpxe12:29
jamespagekoolhead11, thats not going to work - thats the bug12:30
jamespageyou need to change:  filename "pxelinux.0";12:30
koolhead11jamespage: yeah i did that, then did cobbler sync12:31
koolhead11still no luck i will try again12:31
jamespagekoolhead11, so manage_dhcp: 0 inside /etc/cobbler/settings?12:31
jamespagewon't have any effect :-)12:31
koolhead11gosh. lemme make it 112:32
koolhead11but in that case wont i have to add the same configs inside that file as well12:32
koolhead11i meant dhcp.template12:35
jamespagekoolhead11, so if you tell cobbler to manage your dhcp configuration it will overwrite the dhcpd.conf file12:37
jamespageso ONLY makes changes in dhcp.template12:37
koolhead11jamespage: so i should remove all the configuration i added on dhcpd.conf ?12:38
koolhead11and paste the same inside the dhcp.template file12:38
jamespagekoolhead11, you need to ensure that the cobbler dhcp.template contains all of the right configuration for your setup12:39
jamespage+ the fix for filename "pxelinux.0";12:39
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koolhead11jamespage: could there be some cache or something? am still getting same error12:42
koolhead11shall i add a new system by removing this12:43
koolhead11and test if it works12:43
melvincvwhat does the -C option in tar do?13:00
TeTeTmelvincv: man tar,      -C, --directory DIR13:10
TeTeT           change to directory DIR13:10
koolhead11hola TeTeT :)13:32
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TeTeThi koolhead11, how are you?14:10
koolhead11am doing good how about you?14:11
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UrsinhaI thought I would chair the meeting today, but that's not what the wiki page says...?15:21
AerodonkeyWhat is this meeting about?  Sorry that I'm new here.15:22
UrsinhaAerodonkey, it's the server team weekly meeting, where we discuss server related stuff :) and welcome :)15:24
koolhead11Ursinha: how much time we have before it starts :)15:24
Ursinhakoolhead11, in 35 minutes, if calendar isn't lying to me15:25
* koolhead11 will grab his dinner in meantime15:25
AerodonkeyI have problems when running Ubuntu instance on Amazon EC2.  May I ask questions here?15:27
Tixossomeone please please help me with page load times15:37
Tixosgetting some results of 20,000ms/request15:37
Tixoscant figure it out15:37
Aerodonkeywhat page? memory page, or web page?15:38
Tixosits a web page, its defaintely apache causing it, the server response is very fast15:39
Tixosi used 'httperf'15:39
Tixosnothing to do with the web page btw, its default apache15:39
patdk-wkwhat is the web page?15:39
patdk-wka static html file?15:39
Tixosit was fine on centos, i feel its ubuntus default apache configs15:39
Tixosyes it is static html15:39
Tixosport 443 is fine15:39
patdk-wkis it on the internet? can I test?15:40
Tixosbeen testing for 2 days now lol15:40
Tixosill PM15:40
Tixosi also tried 'ab' apache benchmarking, horrific results lol15:40
Tixosi would blame DNS as i have just changed servers, but using IP is just the same15:41
patdk-wkna, it's physically on that system somewhere15:42
Tixostry   ab -c 10 -n 100 IP   patdk-wk15:43
Tixosserver like 110ms, processing 10,000ms lol15:43
patdk-wkwhy should I?15:43
patdk-wkthat doesn't prove or help anything15:43
Tixosto me it proves its taking too long to respond?15:43
Tixosno point in using a browser right? with caching etc, these two apps tell me better15:44
patdk-wkwhat apache modules are enabled?15:44
Tixosbut let me get list15:44
patdk-wkI dunno what default is15:44
Tixosi disabled 'mod_reqtimeout, because it was causing lots of 408s because of this issue15:45
patdk-wkwhat kind of server is this?15:46
Tixosbasically, its a brand new server, ubuntu 10.04LTS 'default' install15:46
Tixosits getting alot of traffic15:46
patdk-wkdid you try vmstat?15:46
patdk-wkor iostat?15:46
Tixosso i guess ubuntus default apache.conf isnt good enough15:46
Tixosno, never heard of them15:47
patdk-wkI dunno about good enough, I haven't had any issues with it15:47
patdk-wkwell, how do you ever locate an issue?15:47
Tixosive never had a problem in 2 years on centos15:47
patdk-wkfor all we know, your harddrive is dead15:47
Tixosno man, it was fine before it received traffic15:48
Tixosits happened on 2 ubuntu servers15:48
patdk-wkharddrive overloaded then :)15:48
Tixosi moved from one provider because i thought it was 'them'15:48
Tixosturns out its ubuntu15:48
patdk-wkdo "vmstat 1"15:48
Tixosor a config rather15:48
Tixosok sec15:48
patdk-wklet it run for like 20seconds, and past it15:48
patdk-wkpastebin it15:48
patdk-wkhmm, now I can't connect15:49
patdk-wkhow about a, netstat -atn15:49
patdk-wkthat is going dump a lot of lines though15:50
Tixos should i | less it ?15:50
Tixosor file output15:50
patdk-wknetstat -atn | pastebinit15:50
Tixosnetstat -atn > file.txt15:50
patdk-wkpastebinit is lazy way :)15:50
Tixosbut thats what you mean right? lol15:51
patdk-wkI'm thinking you maxed out your apache connections15:51
patdk-wkdefault is 25615:51
patdk-wkand with a 15second keepalive I think15:51
patdk-wknormally changing keepalive down to 1 second is good15:52
patdk-wkit looks like you have enough ram to increase that 256limit also, if needed15:52
Tixosyea i thought this, because i compared my centos httpd.conf, and the onyl difference really was the MPM settings for prefork15:52
Tixosand also keepalive is off on that server15:52
Tixosill PM you link15:53
patdk-wkya, you need generic tuning15:53
Tixosso keepalive = 1 is better than off?15:53
patdk-wkkeepalive off or 1sec will help it15:53
Tixoscould you guide me?15:53
patdk-wkI would perfer 1sec15:53
Tixosok let me give it a whirl15:53
Tixosshould i up anything in perfork ?15:54
patdk-wkcause it only wastes it for 1 sec, but then they get all the pictures and stuff quick15:54
patdk-wkyou have craploads of free ram15:54
patdk-wkso probably safe to double the max15:54
Tixosyes i know15:54
patdk-wkmaybe more15:54
patdk-wkbut I wouldn't put it higher than needed15:54
Tixosthe server is decent enough, so thats why i was lost, this is all a bit beyond me but i done alot of reading :P15:54
Tixosi read 256 is the higher?15:55
Tixosor is that for worker or something ?15:55
patdk-wkI dunno, what one you have installed?15:55
patdk-wkapache2-prefork, apache2-worker, ...15:55
Tixoswell, again lol by 'default' i didnt install either15:55
Tixosbut it has both sections in the config15:55
Tixossame as centos does15:55
patdk-wkhow many apache2 programs do you see?15:56
patdk-wkworker should have like 2-415:56
patdk-wkprefork will have like 200 or so in your server15:56
patdk-wkps ax15:56
Tixos/usr/sbin/apache2 -k start    there is about 100 of these?15:57
Tixosmaybe more15:57
patdk-wkthen your using prefork15:57
Tixosthese are my centos settings, so i give these a go?15:57
Tixosif you get the httperf time/request down i will love you forever :)15:58
Tixosso far 4 people couldnt help :)15:58
Tixossidenote: what is the correct way to reload configs when changing apache.conf.   reload, restart or stop/start?15:59
EvilResistanceTixos, i'm unfamiliar with Apache, but if its anything line nginx's nginx.conf (which controls the instance of nginx and not the sites), i'd assume restart15:59
patdk-wkI normally just restart16:00
EvilResistanceeven when i was dabbling in Apache, i just used 'restart'16:00
patdk-wkbut doing a reload is alittle more friendly16:00
Tixosyea i normally do16:00
Tixosim not feeling friendly :)16:00
Tixosso should i match those prefork settings patdk-wk ?16:00
Tixoslet me pastebin both16:00
Tixosthese are 'defaults'16:01
EvilResistancei very very rarely feel friendly towards my systems, so i just use 'restart' for misbehaving things and rehashes of the config (so to speak)16:02
patdk-wktixos, I would do this16:02
patdk-wkStartServers 5016:02
patdk-wkMinSpareServers 2016:03
patdk-wkMaxSpareServers 5016:03
patdk-wkServerLimit 30016:03
patdk-wkMaxClients 30016:03
patdk-wkand keepalive at like 1sec16:03
patdk-wkmaybe increase the 300 to something larger if needed16:03
Tixospatdk-wk:  your keepalive = 1 fixed it..16:04
Tixoswhat are the pitfalls of this?16:04
Tixosits fine... totally fine16:04
TixosRequest rate: 4.3 req/s (234.3 ms/req)16:05
patdk-wkit's not fine16:05
patdk-wkit's *better*16:05
Tixossame as google for me :P16:05
Tixosyes i will fix prefork up like you say also16:05
patdk-wkkeepalive is how long a client can *tie up resources* on your server, while waiting for the next page request16:05
patdk-wkbefore you had it off, so every thing needed a new connection, slow16:06
Tixosno it was on, but set @ 1516:06
patdk-wkmaking it 1sec, basically means, they can download the page, and images, and js,css,.. all in one connection16:06
Tixosit was off on my centos server yes, but it was fast here16:06
patdk-wkthen a new page will take a new connection16:06
patdk-wkso having it on, makes a page faster, but makes OTHER people wait16:06
patdk-wksince you maxed out how many connections you could have at once (150), all waiting around for 15sec, no one could connect16:07
Tixosyea, great man16:08
Tixosthanks so much :)16:08
patdk-wkyour tests didn't see that, since you tests didn't use keepalive16:08
Tixosso if there is noneed for keepalive at all, it can be turned off, but 1-2 seconds if always better in your opinion?16:08
patdk-wkif you have webpages that are more than one item, (includes javascript, css, images, ...) I would keep it on16:09
patdk-wkit makes them display faster for the user16:09
antiheroHey, I can't install php5-memcached16:09
patdk-wkplus, the more distance the user is from you, the longer it would keep your server tied up, without keepalive16:09
antiheroany ideas? (lucid)16:09
antiheroit's here http://packages.ubuntu.com/lucid/php5-memcached16:10
antiherobut apt-get says it has no installation canddiate16:10
Tixospatdk-wk: would you use mod_reqtimeout, i disabled it, but it was installed by default, now this is fixed should i re-enable?16:12
Tixosit was giving tons of 408 errors16:12
patdk-wkI can't remember what it does16:12
brendan0powersjamespage: Hi, I have some questions about the debian/watch file16:16
brendan0powersjamespage: Aside from the man pages, I've fixed all of your comments16:16
jamespagebrendan0powers, hi!16:17
brendan0powersjamespage: So, the watch file should point to a directory containing source releases?16:17
jamespagebrendan0powers, typically a http location for a tar.gz of the source release16:18
Tixosok, thanks patdk-wk  much love :D16:18
brendan0powersI tried putting the exact file name I wanted, and got an error from uscan beacuse there was no pattern16:18
brendan0powersjamespage: and bitbucket does not support listing tags, so i can't use a wildcard for the URL16:19
jamespagebrendan0powers, OK so that might not be practical then16:20
brendan0powersI could host the source somewhere else, I guess16:20
brendan0powersI mean, the .tar releases16:21
jamespagebrendan0powers, if it looking hard ATM then I suggest you document in a README.source file how to create the orig.tar.gz file manually.16:22
jamespagethat should be acceptable16:23
* jamespage is not an archive admin16:23
jamespagebrendan0powers, that could involve documenting how to clone from bitbucket and create the orig.tar.gz16:29
jamespagewhich could be put in debian/rules16:30
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mdeslaur*sigh* looks like I have to push mysql 5.5.20 and 5.1.61 as security updates to our stable releases, as Oracle won't disclose what the security updates are :(16:45
andolmdeslaur: Making MariaDB seem even more tempting?16:46
mdeslaurandol: definitely16:46
SpamapSmdeslaur: have they confirmed that 5.5.20 and 5.1.61 *actually fix the problem* ?17:01
mdeslaurSpamapS: yes, those are the versions listed in the advisory17:01
SpamapSmdeslaur: Ok, I have 5.5.20 ready to go in Debian, so I can push that into precise just so precise isn't vulnerable if you like.17:02
mdeslaurSpamapS: yes, please, that would be awesome17:02
SpamapSmdeslaur: Ok I'll upload 5.5.20 later today... cool?17:02
mdeslaurSpamapS: yes, thanks!17:02
koolhead17hi all17:06
hallynjjohansen: I'm going to go and review some userns patches (some = >100 of them :), please ping me when I should be testing a apparmor+mounts patchset17:23
jamespageiamfuzz, hey - sorry but jenkins does not use gwt :-(17:24
iamfuzzjamespage, I didn't think so, but Andy told me that so I got excited :-)17:25
iamfuzzno worries, was just a stab17:25
jjohansenhallyn: hrmm, well I am packaging up a first run of the ppa now, but there will be some revisions throughout the day.  I have full option matching that I am going to be testing and will roll out some time17:25
jjohansenhallyn: so if you want to play it will be available in an hour or so but changes, but later might be better17:26
hallynjjohansen: ok, no problem - I"ll wait a bit, thanks.  just ping me when i should look :)17:26
jjohansenhallyn: okay, btw full option matching means none of the limitations/concerns from the other day17:26
uvirtbotNew bug: #931584 in openldap "Upstart should close all non-standard fds before starting a job" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93158417:38
smoseradam_g and Daviey , roaksoax looked at the big/small buckets thing.17:42
smoserhe would know more. but he asserted upstream bug on that.17:42
smoserand i think that theh goal is to move to squid-deb-proxy, which wouldn't have these buckets (although maybe we could get them into s-d-p, as they are kind of nice, to have kind of one limit for ISOs and one limit for archive things).17:43
ivoksadam_g: i'm not sure how to request a merge cause LP doesn't allow me; but if you are interested, take a look at lp:~ivoks/charms/precise/nova-cloud-controler/trunk; adds public_interface to FlatDHCPManager17:49
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koolhead17jamespage: you were correct :)18:00
koolhead17am still at same issue!! :)18:01
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smoserutlemming, bug 93208818:17
SpamapSlynxman: hey, I'm working on updating rabbitmq-server to 2.7.1 ..18:22
zulSpamapS: pretty sure...its dependent on the rabbitmq-server18:22
SpamapSlynxman: might that affect your stomp packages?18:22
zulSpamapS: he might not be around either18:24
SpamapSzul: true, too late.. well I'll take a look at them18:26
zulSpamapS: k just wanted to give you a heads up18:26
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med_I think lynxman is in flight.18:47
uvirtbotNew bug: #932239 in samba (main) "Multiple Samba security vulnerabilities" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93223918:48
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antnash_Hi guys. Anyone able to give me any hints as to why my server becomes hideously unresponsive after being on for about 7 hours?18:53
antnash_I have to power it off for 30s or so for it to actually come back to life, otherwise it hangs at bios while discovering disks18:55
SpamapSantnash_: anything in dmesg? perhaps something is throttling due to temperature?19:06
antnash_Hey SpamapS. How can I check it after a reboot?19:08
SpamapSantnash_: great point. :)19:09
SpamapSantnash_: perhaps hook up another box as a serial console19:09
SpamapSantnash_: and make sure you boot with 'noquiet' so you get all messages on console19:09
antnash_Hmm. Would if I had another box I could do it with, and knew how!19:10
antnash_Of course the latter there is much less of a problem than the former19:10
antnash_SpamapS, no way to check in system logs?19:12
SpamapSantnash_: /var/log/syslog would potentially have stuff too19:15
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antnash_SpamapS, you were right. Throttling due to temp19:18
antnash_Time to get a better cpu fan I think!19:18
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zuladam_g: im in the middle of the nova ubuntu/debian merge would you have complaints if i moved --connection=libvirt into the nova-{kvm,lxc,uml,qemu}.conf ?19:24
zulim tryin to figure out how to handle the nova-xen/nova-xcp/nova-libvirt stuff properly19:25
adam_gzul: thats where it should go, but there was a database migration that made it required that its defined on the node thats running 'nova-manage db sync'19:26
adam_gzul: i think that might have changed, though, gimme a minute ill check19:26
zuladam_g: k19:27
adam_gzul: heres the bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/nova/+bug/92129419:30
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 921294 in nova "Migration 074 should not need connection_type defined if no data is present (new installs)" [High,Fix released]19:30
zuladam_g: k ill try it here first19:30
adam_gzul: i think19:32
adam_gzul: er, i think moving that is okay for new installs but not going to work for upgrades19:32
zulgreat now i have blood dribbling from my ears ;)19:32
adam_gread the bug19:33
adam_gzul: does debian keep that flag in the nova-compute-*.conf?19:40
zulno nova.conf19:40
zulbut i think debian might be a bit broken right now19:41
adam_gzul: because they also support xcp?19:42
zuladam_g: yeah19:42
adam_gzul: that is why i raised the bug to begin with, i cant see how it'd be possible to support either without nova-common-{xcp, libvirt, etc} and corresponding compute packages.19:43
adam_gzul: if the flag is only set on the compute packages, and compute is running on seperate nodes, a database migration from any other node will end up migrated for xen, even if compute nodes are running libvirt.19:44
zulyeah im going to put off that problem for now and continue merging stuff here19:45
adam_gzul: if its set globally in nova.conf, it can be run from any node, but to support other hypervisors, we'll need an entire new subset of nova packages (not just compute)19:45
zuladam_g: agreed19:45
gary_posterhallyn, I have a container that I can start with lxc-start but when I try to use lxc-execute it gives me an error: "No such file or directory - failed to exec /usr/lib/lxc/lxc-init" "invalid sequence number 1. expected 2".  In the dim past (http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.linux.kernel.containers.lxc.general/1734) you recommended copying over /usr/lib/lxc/lxc-init to the guest (so /var/lib/lxc/lpdev/rootfs/usr/lib/lx19:51
gary_posterc/ for me).  That dir in the guest does not exist for me.  Do I need to start the container and install some packages there first, or do you have another suggestion?19:51
DegotHi, Is there a way to automatically copy files to just attached USB Stick/HDD?19:57
hallyngary_poster: stgraber's workaround is the best - install lxc in the guest19:59
gary_posterhallyn, ok cool thanks20:00
stgrabergary_poster: install it with --no-install-recommends though to avoid pulling dnsmasq, bridge-utils, ...20:01
gary_posterstgraber, ok makes sense thanks20:02
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chaos_zeroheya, i am looking to do something that might be impossible. anyone want to help me? =P21:35
chaos_zerowell i want to run a windows app in the "background" with no X.21:36
chaos_zerohas this ever been done?21:36
adam_gzul: are you planning on just overwriting the orig.tar.gz for keystone with the ksl branch?21:48
zulim talking about it with anotherjesse on #openstack-dev so you might want to chime in21:50
adam_gzul: if we could put that packaging somewhere other than the archive + the CI repo (a seperate openstack-ubuntu-testing PPA), id prefer to have some time ensuring its at least mostly working. otherwise we risk breaking CI for everything else21:53
zuladam_g: yep21:54
adam_gDaviey: you around?22:10
Davieyadam_g: always22:11
Aisonsomehow the mysql service is not starting22:14
Aisonwhen I do service mysql start it hangs forever22:14
adam_gDaviey: wondering if its okay to transfer these WIs over to roaksoax: add SSL support to cobbler-enlist, add auto-generation of hostname when not provided by dhcp to cobbler-enlist, Hardware detection and inventory snippet. i believe he's already got the hostname one complete22:18
Davieyadam_g: As roaksoax is owning that area of things, it probably makes sense22:35
Davieyadam_g: postpone hw detection22:36
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Aisonwhen I reinstall mysql-server-5.1 package, why is the file /etc/init/mysql.conf not reinstalled also?23:08
AisonI deleted it23:08
uvirtbotNew bug: #932415 in cloud-init (main) "Cloud-config can not add PPAs with international text in their description" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/93241523:10
Jeeves_Aison: Did you purge when you removed it?23:16
AisonJeeves_, no, but now I did and it works ;)23:18
Jeeves_Good :)23:20
Davieyadam_g: still around?23:25
adam_gDaviey: yea23:30
Davieyadam_g: heya, how are things?23:31
adam_gDaviey: decent. trying to work on bug 883988 but hitting some strange database locking issue that only seems to happen against mysql on precise23:33
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 883988 in glance "db migration failing when upgrading glance - trying to create existing tables" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88398823:33
adam_gthat seems unrelated to the bug23:34
Davieyaww, crap.23:35
Davieyadam_g: are you likey to have capacity to 'make green' CI testing before EOD?23:35
adam_gDaviey: yes23:36
Davieyadam_g: aww, that rocks.  I might back a start in a bit, but will not be able to finish in time.23:37
adam_gDaviey: huh?23:37
Davieyadam_g: sorry, i'll make a start - but i will not finish23:47
adam_gDaviey: i see whats wrong23:47
adam_gDaviey: deployments are timing out because, during installation, they cannot reach their mirror for whatever reason23:48
Davieyfree disk space? ;)23:48
adam_gseems that lab is cut off from gb.archive.ubuntu.com, whic is what they're trying to reach23:48
adam_gnot sure exactly why23:48
Davieyah, no23:48
stiv2ki created a new user on my server23:49
stiv2kbut when i see programs in ps aux that he started23:49
stiv2kit just says user 100323:50
stiv2knot his name23:50
Davieystiv2k: Does, cat /etc/passwd , work?23:50
stiv2kDaviey: yesh23:51
Davieyadam_g: do you see that archive.ubuntu.com is pinned to a mirror?23:51
Daviey(that works)23:51
adam_gDaviey: i just did that23:51
adam_grebooting one now23:51
Davieyadam_g: I suspect that the IP address of gb.archive.ubuntu.com changed, and the firewall is based on IP address23:52
adam_gDaviey: any idea what is setting the hosts to use gb.archive.ubuntu.com?23:53
stiv2kDaviey: ?23:54
Davieystiv2k: check to see you can read /etc/passwd as that user.23:54
Davieyadam_g: is this on test-01, or the nodes?23:55
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adam_gDaviey: the nodes seem to be attempting to install from gb.archive.ubuntu.com which is unreachable from both test-01 and the rest of the cluster23:57
Davieyadam_g: so, test nodes use test-01 for dns resolution.  If the ip for archive.ubuntu.com in /etc/hosts works, we'll add an alias to gb.archive.ubuntu.com ; and we should be GOLD>23:57
stiv2kDaviey: ok23:57
Davieyadam_g: can you trigger a re-test23:57
Davieyi think it should work now23:58
stiv2kDaviey: i can read it23:58
adam_gDaviey: just a sec23:58
bascotieI setup an Ubuntu Desktop 11.10 Samba/FTP server. I can connect through ftp and share through samba fine but only when putting files ON the server, not pulling them off. I've tried port forwarding, playing with permissions,etc, but I still seem to get a permissions error. I am trying to connect from my Windows 7 machine to the Ubuntu Server.23:58
Davieybascotie: you might get more success from a samba dedicated channel.23:59

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