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AlanBellrj_: ask in the channel, don't be shy18:40
rj_ok alan...18:42
rj_hi everyone18:42
rj_rajesh here18:42
rj_very new here18:42
rj_just want to get some pointers to get started with ubuntutv18:43
rj_any docs..or starting point where i can concentrate on to start with18:44
AlanBellthere are links in the topic18:46
AlanBellmostly you have to be a big TV manufacturer in the far east right now18:46
AlanBellI think once there is a hardware partner and there is a device to target things might be more open to contributions18:47
AlanBellI believe they are folding some of the demo code that was done into unity2d core18:47
tgm4883AlanBell, AFAIK, this will be something that you can enable from the desktop18:49
tgm4883at least, that was the last I heard18:49
tgm4883I think i've gone as far as I can with my scope, until EPG and preview mode get written18:50
rj_is this project under requirement gathering phase?18:51
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