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DJonesMorning all08:00
TheOpenSourcererMorning all08:51
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: did you want to come to the london irish game?08:55
TheOpenSourcererczajkowski: When is it old bean?08:56
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: 26th feb08:56
TheOpenSourcererHmm, what time czajkowski? I will need to ask permission from the trouser wearer.08:57
czajkowskiTheOpenSourcerer: dont have tickets near me, poke danfish or AlanBell they're going also08:58
TheOpenSourcererI think it will be rather tight if I'm honest... If it the typical 2pm ish.08:58
TheOpenSourcererYeah - I think that will cause more grief than I am prepared to take. Especially seeing as we have a Saracens/Quins game to go to at Wembley in March.08:59
TheOpenSourcererThanks all the sa,e.08:59
czajkowskichristel: wana come ?09:00
christeli would love to, but it's david's second birthday09:00
christelso i had better do the mummy thing!09:00
AlanBelland bring David09:00
christelhehe he'd run off and join in!09:01
christelhe starts rugby tots on the 25th \o/09:01
christelhello matthew :)09:01
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czajkowskichristel: how do I ignore nick changes on a channel /ignore #channel whatdoidotostopseeingnickchanges09:02
DJonesczajkowski: I think for irssi its "/ignore #channel NICKS" (if that helps)09:13
jpdsPoor Nick09:15
DJonesHeh, shame09:15
DJonesWith you saying "Nick", it got me wondering what happened to Nick Butler who used to be in the channel a lot when I originally joined09:18
JamesTaitGood morning and happy Valentine's Day, everyone! :D09:34
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brobostigongood morning everyone09:38
BigRedSgood morning!09:40
brobostigonmorning BigRedS09:40
brobostigonok, suggestions, eeepc wont start when power pressed, reset bios, power light lit.09:41
daubersdjango's test suite takes an age to run :(09:52
* daubers needs a better disk in his desktop09:52
popeybrobostigon: unplug battery, unplug mains, leave it 30 seconds, put mains in and try again09:55
davmor2morning all09:56
davmor2czajkowski: PROD!!!!!!09:56
brobostigonpopey: ok, let try,09:56
czajkowskidavmor2: HELLO!09:56
czajkowskipopey: whats the name of the remote access stuff you did at orlando ?09:56
popeynot finished ☺09:58
davmor2czajkowski: now come on play nice you're in my town tomorrow09:58
czajkowskipopey: ah ok was being asked elsewhere09:58
czajkowskidavmor2: I am always nice09:58
danfishczajkowski: my tickets haven't arrived yet :(09:59
davmor2czajkowski: by the way food wise at the lighthouse, burger, curry special, or the pasta special are good bets apparently :)09:59
czajkowskidanfish: oh noes10:00
czajkowskidanfish: drop em an email ?10:00
gorddavmor2, whens the next lighthouse thingy?10:00
* brobostigon orders popey beer for his lunch at his local, and thanks him10:01
davmor2gord: thursday the 23rdish10:01
gordcool, we should do a shared calender or something10:01
davmor2gord: there is now a twitter feed that mrevell setup10:03
DJonesIf anybody is looking for _Cheap_ broadband, maybe this is of interest http://www.reghardware.com/2012/02/14/tesco_offers_low_cost_broadband_to_clubcard_holders/ Looks like its up to 20Mb10:06
brobostigonpopey: any idea why it did that?10:09
dwatkinsDJones: doesn't sound too bad, although I imagine I'll need a higher download limit now Netflix does HD streaming.10:10
sagaci~AU$22/mo is a great deal for 100gb10:11
popeybrobostigon: no10:12
popeybrobostigon: mine does it now and then10:12
brobostigonpopey: ok, thank you. :)10:12
DJonesdwatkins: Its tempting, although I think I'll stick with Sky broadband now I've got Anytime plus set up, my wife is downloading & watching everything under the sun10:12
dwatkinsDJones: interesting, I'm stuck with BT another couple months, but will then be in the market for a provider10:13
* popey hugs virgin10:13
davmor2popey: oh why now10:14
popeythat could have been taken wrongly ⍨10:14
popeyI mean Virgin Media of course10:14
DJonesEspecially on valentines days10:14
* brobostigon also wants the stability of cable again, but cant, no cable round here.10:14
dwatkinsI used to have Virgin Media as my ISP, was very happy with the connection - when it worked, it was fine (which was 99.9% of the time)10:14
dwatkinsbrobostigon: Virgin do internet over telephone lines too, I gather, in areas they don't reach10:15
brobostigoni used to be with telewest while i was at college.10:15
DJonesCables not an option for us, Sky worked out cheaper as an existing customer, works well with Anytime plus and no download/fair use policy keeps the Mrs happy10:15
dwatkinsdidn't VM buy Telewest?10:15
brobostigondwatkins: yes, i have read that, presumably still dsl of some kind?10:16
davmor2dwatkins: yeap10:16
dwatkinsbrobostigon: yes, but I gather you're still using their network from the exchange outwards10:16
davmor2dwatkins: virgin is basically ntl and telewest10:16
brobostigondwatkins: ah, i see, interesting.10:16
dwatkinsyeah, my brother used to work for them when they were NTL10:16
daubersBah, some customers need a slap10:23
bigcalmSo say we all10:25
DJonesok, this is odd...A hotel we deal with is offering a "Romantic dinner for people on honeymoon for three people".....10:26
AlanBelltakes all sorts10:27
AlanBella tryst :)10:28
popeychild unit10:31
DJonesAlanBell: I've now got a wierd image of http://bit.ly/AmO6wz as the 3rd "allsort"10:31
czajkowskianyone want to help a 12.04 upgrade questions and asnwers person https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+question/18764211:30
DJonesczajkowski: I've no idea on the question, but is  "sudo apt-get install upgrade" a real command, to my mind, wouldn't that just try to install a package called "upgrade"11:34
popeyczajkowski: done11:36
czajkowskipopey: thanks11:40
popeyboggling why they're using launchpad answers11:41
gorddidn't launchpad answers get decommissioned?11:43
gordi mean obviously not, but i thought i read that11:43
czajkowskipopey: well they filed it against LP so changed that to ubuntu11:44
davmor2popey: I can tell you. It'll be the same reason that SSO gets Hundreds of questions like, why won't the pc game I bought work.  Because there is a button that say "any questions click here" so they do and they ask their question and it has nothing to do with that project11:46
gordhrm, getting mafia wars spam from people on g+ =\ least you can mute all game notifications11:51
davmor2gord: I must remember to look at g+ at some point :D11:59
MooDoohello all12:23
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andylockranAlanBell: thanks for the headsup on #hetzner - some of the tweets relating to their outage seem quite cryptic - do they host some dodgy stuff?12:30
AlanBellwell they host lots of stuff12:30
AlanBellour stuff isn't particularly dodgy :)12:31
davmor2AlanBell: you host LOLCatz?  that isn't very doggy12:33
AlanBellno, just lolchickens. Still not doggy12:34
* davmor2 prods czajkowski on behalf of MooDoo who seems to be failing too12:37
* MooDoo is smitten by czajkowski so will not prod no matter what davmor2 says/does :p12:40
oimon_woops wrong channel12:41
davmor2hey MooDoo  'ow am ya mukka12:42
MooDoodavmor2: not bad thanks12:45
davmor2MooDoo: good good :)12:54
MooDoodavmor2: what about you?  long time no speak12:56
davmor2MooDoo: I'm good ta busy as hell at the minute12:58
MooDoodavmor2: you work? are you sure?12:59
davmor2MooDoo: Haha13:01
* dwatkins is surprised to discover the stats show linux desktops as being at under 2% of the OS market13:08
oimon_a lot of linux people are forced to use windows at work13:18
oimon_the stats are usually gleaned from web site hits13:19
ali1234then it would still only be 4%13:32
hamitronthe desktop is kinda dead anyway13:32
hamitrontime to prepare for the next battle ;)13:32
ali1234no no no13:32
ali1234if that's your plan you already lost13:33
ali1234see: windows phone 713:33
ali1234blackberry, and the other one13:33
popeyPalm? ☺13:33
ali1234the "next" battle has already been won by linux and BSD13:34
ali1234everyone else got destroyed13:34
hamitronI think it has only just started13:35
gordpython applications really do crash a lot, wish people wouldn't write apps in python =\13:38
hamitronAndroid 4, iOS, Windows 8, and maybe small ones13:38
popeyUbuntu ☺13:38
hamitronI am hoping Ubuntu with unity can be there13:38
* popey imagines apport on a phone13:38
directhexgord, you think c apps don't crash?13:38
* hamitron sends gord some of his early attempts, for education13:39
ali1234popey: i'm sure i've seen a crash reported or android13:39
ali1234popey: or ONE of these phone13:39
ali1234maybe i imagined it13:39
gorddirecthex, course they do, but pythons exception structure leads to un-necessary crashes more often - if python didn't exit on an uncaught exception it would make for a much more stable experience13:39
ali1234lots of python software doesn't exit on uncaught exceptions. like openshot13:40
ali1234it just fills your entire memory with garbage instead :)13:40
gordyeah, well made python apps wil catch all the exceptions, but all it takes even then is a library upgrade that creates a new exception13:40
oimon_ali1234: the next battle is the same as the old battle. after MS got bashed for the anti competitive activity, it all seems forgotten as we move to mobile devices with secure boot and app tie-in13:40
ali1234at least an exception is relatively easy to debug, compared with a segfault13:41
hamitronoimon_, I don't feel MS are the front runner atm.... they are kinda arriving late :/13:41
ali1234yep, wp7 is pretty far behind13:42
ali1234android in the new windows13:42
hamitronwp7 doesn't matter13:42
hamitronwindows 8 matters more13:42
ali1234when microsoft took over the desktop market they did it by being open (in comparison with the competition)13:42
ali1234now google does the same13:42
ali1234but they will turn, they always do13:42
ali1234when the founders start to take a back seat13:43
BigRedSwell, yeah, when they make as much as they can being open, they notice they can make more by also stopping people leaving13:43
hamitronI actually trust MS more than Google tbh13:43
oimon_hamitron: true, apple are the lock-in kings. but mobile space is proving a bit locked down , and windows on ARM just as much so13:43
BigRedSinevitably, every business gets to the point where money is more important than anything else, sometimes they wait long enough for the founders to leave or die, other times it's a founding principle. Normally it's somwhere in-between13:44
hamitrontbh, lock in is a good thing in some ways13:44
BigRedSit can be13:44
BigRedSas long is you like what you're locked into13:44
hamitronyeh, it also avoids confusion for newbs13:45
BigRedSand the walled garden that accompanies it these days (like iPhones) similarly has advantages13:45
BigRedSI've long since stopped arguing that it's bad, just that it's what i don't want13:45
hamitronI think it would be kinda cool to have the OS on a read only chip13:46
hamitronlocked, but then have it so you can buy kits to flash your own13:46
ali1234thats basically every windows mobile device up to abut 200513:47
hamitronthen hdd are purely for user settings and data13:47
hamitronwell, I'm thinking beyond phones and desktop PC13:47
BigRedSali1234: yeah, but I think he means with a reasonable OS13:47
hamitronyeh, with some choice13:48
popeysplashtop ☺13:48
ali1234splashtop is rarely in a dedicated memory device13:49
ali1234usually it's in a hidden partition on the first drive13:49
ali1234sometimes it's in a usb flash drive soldered directly on the motherboard13:49
ali1234but only on premium motherboards13:50
hamitrontake the r-pi, make the SD card read only and swap-able, and add some form of storage for user data13:51
hamitronand make that into a proper device13:51
popeyi like the idea of an overlay OS like the ASUS EEE 701/900 had13:51
ali1234that's extremely easy13:51
gordcan i buy raspberry-pi's yet?13:51
popeyso you can reset to factory defaults with one press13:51
popey20th feb apparently gord13:52
hamitronno, they complete on the 20th13:52
popeybet it will be near impossible to get one13:52
gordbut i want like five of them :(13:52
popeythey're limited to one each iirc13:52
hamitronso 18 months?13:52
popeyfor the first round13:52
hamitronif there is demand, I'll cut mine into slices and sell for charity :)13:53
* BigRedS isn't plannign to even try before about august13:53
popeyi do like the idea of an xbmc on one13:53
hamitronbut it isn't really a proper device13:53
BigRedSI like the idea of it as a home server13:53
gordyeah i basically just want to replace my revos13:53
hamitronwhat I said above, I'd love to be a "standard"13:54
BigRedSand something to have ssh sat on tcp/443 on13:54
hamitronI'm torn between getting some fpga or the r-pi13:54
gordif they are small enough, could attach a small webcam to it, attach entire device to cat.13:55
gordattach cat sized glasses with small transparent display in it, to cat, give cat minority report vision13:55
ali1234trombone cat?13:56
hamitronnokia n900 is tempting too13:57
* daubers has an n900 on his desk13:58
daubersIt's crap :)13:58
hamitronwhy is it? :|13:58
ali1234resistive touchscreen mainly13:58
daubersJust doing simple things on it is such a pain13:58
ali1234makes everything horrible to use13:59
ali1234and the OS is  nightmare13:59
daubersthe email client is a mess13:59
ali1234the package manager takes longer and longer to start up13:59
daubersdoesn't do MMS OtB13:59
hamitronwell, I only want one to change the OS and play with13:59
ali1234last time i tried to use it, it took about 15 minutes to load13:59
daubersdoesn't talk to my car kit properly13:59
daubersthe notifications are terrible13:59
hamitronif you hate it so much, donate it to me? ;)14:00
hamitronor curse me with it!14:00
daubershamitron: Not mine, company phone14:00
ali1234mine is technically property of nokia14:00
ali1234doubt they want it back though14:00
hamitronlast phone I used was nokia ngage14:02
hamitronso it should be slightly better than that I hope14:02
popeyfriend of mine has an n900 - proper geek - he loves it14:07
mgdmI've played with one, I want one14:08
mgdmdon't need one14:08
davmor2popey: is that the meego one?14:08
hamitronhardest thing, is finding one I know is in good condition14:09
hamitronand not a fake14:09
BigRedSI'm clearling sharing an office with a masohist14:11
BigRedShe's just installed suse on btrfs with an encrypted /home on his old eeepc. And set the keymap to dvorak14:11
BigRedSI can't think of anything that's right about that computer now.14:11
gordstill gonna be easier to type on than davmor2's computer14:14
czajkowskigord: how bad could it be ?14:15
davmor2gord: there is nothing wrong with my laptop keyboard layout14:15
davmor2gord: you just have to get used to it14:15
gordczajkowski, *every* *key* is shifted one key to the right14:16
czajkowskiwhy ?14:16
gordmy guess, so no one will steal it14:17
BigRedScd where do the keys at the right hand end go? pac-man physics?14:18
davmor2czajkowski: all the multimedia keys are down the sides, calculator, print, www, dvd, email are all under esc, other side has right arrow, end, pg down, pg up, home etc14:18
daubershamitron: If I can convince work to get me a galaxy nexus, I'll try and get you the n90014:20
hamitrondaubers, wicked :)14:21
davmor2czajkowski: http://img1.lesnumeriques.com/produits/23/9545/HP_G62_Keyboard.jpg14:22
czajkowskithats's confusing14:23
hamitronI struggle to hit the right keys on a "normal" keyboard :/14:24
hamitronit is slides slightly to the side, I'm off balance and everything breaks :)14:25
BigRedSoh, so it's not a keymapping thing, just an idiot designed the hardware?14:30
gordis tomboy the only thing we use in ubuntu that uses mono now?14:34
BigRedSdid banshee stop being default?14:34
davmor2gord: tom boy is removed here14:36
gordcool, can remove mono then14:36
gordmaking my upgrades take longer than i would like14:36
DJonesI think I read something the other day about mono being removed in 12.04 after all mono based app's had been replaced14:37
oimon_when they gonna switch to apt-get using deltas instead of full files?14:37
gordiruno, seems like a lot of work for not much pay off14:37
gordinstalling takes way longer than downloading here14:37
DJonesgord: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/11/banshee-tomboy-and-mono-dropped-from-ubuntu-12-04-cd/14:37
DJonesFrom default install anyway14:38
BigRedSyeah, first I'd like the ability to install while downloading14:38
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oimon_Unknown perpetrators infiltrated a backdoor into several installation packages during an attack on groupware provider Horde's FTP server. Horde 3.3.12, Groupware 1.2.10 and the webmail edition of the groupware product are all affected14:48
oimon_undetected for several months14:48
AlanBellooh that isn't good14:52
popeygord: you have ssd in your x220?14:57
mgdmSo. If someone's machien has had ALSA stuff overwritten, and we want to reinstall it all from packages, is it something like apt-get install --reinstall linux-sound-base^ ?14:57
popeythinking about switching my 320GB rust for 115 GB SSD14:58
gordpopey, not yet, but yeah thinking the same thing14:58
popeyi have a spare one on my desk14:58
gorddon't need windows on the laptop anymore, might as well get a 100gb or so ssd for it14:58
popeyhaving to clear stuff to make space14:58
* mgdm has vague memories of the ^ from something popey said before14:58
popeymgdm: the ^ is only used for tasks14:59
popeye.g. ubuntu-desktop is a task14:59
popeywhats the biggest no-stupid price ssd you can get these days? ☺15:00
bigcalmpopey: this is what I bought to put in my laptop for when 12.04 is useable (for me) http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B004Z0S6SO15:02
popeyoh golly, x220 has sataIII 6Gb/s15:02
bigcalmI have a 60gb OCZ 2 in my workstation and very happy with it15:03
popeywith 120GB I'd keep running out of space which would annoy me15:03
MooDoothat's the problem i have now :(15:03
popeymy desktop has small ssd for / and bug rust for /home15:03
bigcalm<popey> thinking about switching my 320GB rust for 115 GB SSD15:03
bigcalmThat's why I pointed at the 120gb15:03
* bigcalm shrugs15:03
directhexmy nxt pc will have rust15:04
directhexexcept with a baby to pay for, new pc will be in 216715:04
popeywhen is directhex 2.0 due?15:05
popeyoh thats good15:05
popeywont have to be preggers during the "hot" august summer15:05
popeywifey was great with child with both of ours during hot summers and didnt enjoy that bit15:05
directhexwe have a large portable air conditioner15:06
directhextechnically for the chinchillas, but...15:06
directhex12000btu counts for something15:06
popeyoh golly http://www.ebuyer.com/260707-ocz-240gb-vertex-3-ssd-2-5-sata-iii-6gb-s-read-550mb-s-write-520mb-s-vtx3-25sat3-240g15:07
popeyyeah, i bought a portable air con when wifey was pregnant15:07
directhexi wish i had an ssd :(15:10
directhexand a pony :(15:10
gordonjcpI can do you a pony15:10
oimon_i'm trying to install a new baby at the moment...well not RIGHT now...15:11
oimon_what's wrong with this pic? http://ubuntuone.com/1YQBVTdJOh04MXamp4uzks15:28
bigcalmYour choice of OS15:28
bigcalmIt's slightly under exposed15:29
popeywhat is the > arrow on the far right?15:30
bigcalmI assume it's a way of scrolling though the system tray icons as there are too many15:30
bigcalmSorry, notification area15:31
daubersoimon_: I think it's trying to tell you that yuor wireless is disconnected :)15:31
oimon_daubers: however, it's connected :D15:32
oimon_it occasionally makes "doink" noises too15:32
davmor2oimon_: your using windows?15:39
oimon_it's the shared laptop we use to try and open docs sent by HR that never open in openoffice15:39
oimon_it's the rule in HR that all documents must have been initially created in 2001 and then revised 100 times, even simple forms.15:46
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popeyhmm, i have a server i upgraded from 10.04 to 12.04 and have installed ubuntu-desktop to do some testing (it has an ATI card)16:16
popeyI can logon from logon screen as guest but not as me16:16
popeyit just throws me back to the logon screen16:16
popeylogs I could look at?16:16
DJonespopey: That sounds like czajkowski's launchpad bug you were helping with this morning (wasn't that a similar problem about not being able to logon)16:17
popeyshe was missing bits iirc16:17
popeyI have everything installed16:18
oimon_my unity desktop is taking >30 seconds to login atm :-\16:20
oimon_on a core2duo16:20
popeythere is no .xsession-errors16:21
oimon_sorry for dumb question ...do you have full write access to your home dir?16:21
oimon_or disk full?16:21
popeyyup, nope16:22
oimon_my gnome classic session is showing unity launcher..thats not supposed to happen...16:22
popeyfun things in /var/log/auth.log16:22
oimon_lightdm got updated today...16:25
oimon_sudo usermod -a -G nopasswdlogin alan16:27
oimon_popey: ^^16:28
popeynot sure I want to do that16:28
oimon_popey: i also noticed https://answers.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lightdm/+question/17546816:35
popeygood call oimon_ !16:37
popeythat did it16:38
popeybooooo unity2d16:38
* popey activates evil drivers16:39
oimon_popey: which answer did it?16:41
* oimon_ sends wifey an email asking for the adonit jot stylus for his birthday16:42
gord\o/ evil drivers16:45
gordeveryone can complain about non free software all they like, i wub my nvidia binary drivers16:45
oimon_gord: remember in the early ubuntu days when a kernel update would break your box?16:46
gordthat still happens, libc change broken nvidia last week16:46
gordoh, google has started to spam me with popups telling me to install chrome when i go to google.com16:47
gordmakes me not want to use chrome16:47
popeyoimon_: removing Xauthority16:48
ubuntuuk-planet[Gareth France] Warning! Shameless plug enclosed. - http://cliftonts.co.uk/cubuntu/?p=8817:05
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czajkowskigord_: popey what do you use for voip on ubuntu?19:45
davmor2czajkowski: empathy with sofia-sip19:46
czajkowskiempathy :/19:46
czajkowskihmm I thught if you searched for something and it wasn't installed it still showed up19:47
popeyczajkowski: I don't. i have a proper phone19:49
popeycisco 7940 on my desk19:49
gord_czajkowski, proper voip? i don't, can't get it to work19:50
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davmor2czajkowski: empathy with sofia-sip honest it just works, by the way for things to show up you need to type it in, in the applications screen not any ;)19:51
czajkowskidavmor2: ahh19:52
czajkowskithat's a bit naff19:52
czajkowskiprefered it the other way19:52
czajkowskibut thanks19:52
czajkowskipopey: cheers19:52
davmor2czajkowski: only annoying thing is you need to click a few buttons to get things like the dial pad to show19:53
pancroczajkowski: also if you have android 2.3 or newer, there's a built-in SIP client in your phone19:53
pancroright, time for FOOD19:54
czajkowskiwait when did pancro join here19:56
gordpopey, joystick calibration?20:45
popeyI have no joystick20:46
gordanything analogue?20:46
popeya mouse20:46
gordvery strange...20:46
gordalso, no joystick and yet mame? :P20:46
popeywell, i do have a ps2->USB adapter, and a Gamecube->USB adapter20:47
popeyif i can find them20:47
davmor2popey: just get a ps3 controller dude20:48
gordi use a ps2 controller on my desktop, its nice20:48
davmor2popey: why?20:48
popeythe controller I want has microswitches20:48
popeyfor shootemups20:48
gordalways wanted a nice mame setup, but not a cabinet.. maybe the dual core revo with bluetooth controller hidden under the coffee table20:51
popeyi recently discovered...20:51
popey!find gnome-video-arcade20:51
popeyreally simple frontend to mame20:52
popeyi can has gc controller20:52
popeynow to find adapter20:52
mgdmthere's a BrewDog pub here with one of those arcadish machines built into a table20:53
gordadvance mame is a faaaaaantastic frontend, but they stopped updating it a few years back20:53
mgdmwouldn't be hard to replicate with an Ikea glass-topped table, I'm sure :)20:53
OmNomDePlumeLeverkusen score.20:53
mgdmLeverkusen sounds like a beer.20:53
OmNomDePlumeStella Keverkusen.20:54
OmNomDePlumeLeverkusen Export?20:54
OmNomDePlumeBeers suck, anyway.20:54
mgdmAs does football.20:54
* mgdm sips his beer :)20:54
popey\o/ found it20:55
popeyi see why it's happening now21:00
popey20:38:02 <@popey> t21:01
popeymame thinks my mouse is a joystick21:02
directhe`the playstation d-pad is okay. not great, but okay. better than the xbox one21:07
directhe`nintendo's design is patented21:07
popeydirecthe`: does the palm browser use gstreamer? can it do html5?21:18
popeyhttp://developer.palm.com/blog/2012/02/sams-blog-february-releases-for-open-webos/ just saw that21:19
ali1234if it's based on QtWebKit then i suspect the answers are no, yes21:21
popeywhat would it do for media playback instead of gst?21:22
ali1234good question21:22
ali1234what does webkit use on windows? mac os?21:22
popeygood question21:23
ali1234i assume you're talking specifically about html5 video21:23
ali1234and not just any random mozilla plugin21:23
popeyyeah, but interested in the whole thing21:23
ali1234which webkit also supports21:23
gordpretty sure mozilla and webkit both compile in video decoder support for html5, the other things you need html5 to also do make farming decoding out to an api less easy21:24
ali1234yep. it may very well be done through QMultimedia or phonon and very platform dependent21:25
ali1234or it might be right within webkit itself21:25
Lcawte*grumble* I'm not having a good time with Ubuntu Server... first I can't print through cups, and now I can't connect to webmin :/21:34
=== jussio1 is now known as jussi
directhe`popey: it's webkit, it does some <video>, but like most of webos, lacks gpu acceleration23:23

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