bschaeferjaytaoko, hey ping01:02
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mfischis there a way to configure unity to log to a logfile?03:35
mfischmhall119: you have some packaging issues in the community lens.  I'll work on a fix03:42
mfischmhall119: one more review incoming03:59
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mfischmhall119: would you like me to package your locoteams scope stuff too?04:41
bschaeferthumper, hey, just sent you email on an update on the ibus.04:42
bschaeferthumper, right now it looks like just quality assurance; as everything else looks done :)04:43
thumperthanks man04:51
thumperI have to head off04:51
thumperI'll pass the info on04:51
bschaeferthumper, cool, have a good night!04:53
* thumper out04:54
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vilahi guys08:48
vilaI just filed bug #931927 ,08:49
ubot5Error: Could not gather data from Launchpad for bug #931927 (https://launchpad.net/bugs/931927). The error has been logged08:49
vilaerr, yeah, that's the right bug number, wth launchpad ?08:50
vilaanyway, running precise, fresh update, all <Super> shortcuts are broken (well, almost, the only survivor so far is <Super> + s), I can't navigate workspaces nor windows anymore, any idea for a work-around ?08:51
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vilaworkaround: switching to unity 2D :-/09:28
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Saviqgreyback, tsdgeos I just finished the hud review09:49
Saviqunless you have anything with a higher priority for me, Kaleo suggested I'd tackle https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity-2d/+bug/72522509:51
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tsdgeosSaviq: i'd appreciate if you give https://code.launchpad.net/~aacid/unity-2d/unity-2d_wnk_screens/+merge/92933 a look09:53
Saviqtsdgeos, yes I saw that09:53
Saviqtsdgeos, and will do that first09:53
Saviqwas the feature freeze applied yesterday in the end?10:01
tsdgeosthink not10:03
tsdgeosis it me or launchpad is getting slower and slower refreshing MR after a push?10:03
greybackSaviq: freeze today, happening very soon10:07
didrockstsdgeos: it's preparing to freeze </kidding> :)10:10
tsdgeosdyams: alt+f1 has to happen for the screen with the active window or to the screen with the mouse cursor?10:10
dyamstsdgeos: activeScreen == screen with cursor.10:17
tsdgeosthat's your definition10:17
tsdgeosfor me activeScren == screen with the active window10:17
tsdgeosdyams: but that's not what i asked10:17
tsdgeosi asked what design wants to happen10:18
dyamstsdgeos: in multimonitor spec, it says, screen with cursor10:18
tsdgeosdo they want dash to be shown in the screen with the active window or screen with cursor?10:18
dyamstsdgeos: scree n with cursor10:18
tsdgeosdyams: comments added to https://code.launchpad.net/~dyams/unity-2d/centralized-hotkeys/+merge/9293610:27
dyamstsdgeos: thank you10:29
dyamstsdgeos: In this branch, I also kept the actual parsing of the numeric key s in ShellDeclarativeView10:30
dyamstsdgeos: With reference to your comment10:30
dyamstsdgeos:             d->m_activeShell->processNumericHotkey(hotkey);10:30
tsdgeoswhat you mean "in this branch"?10:31
dyamstsdgeos:  :) wait, initially before committing/pushing10:31
dyamstsdgeos: but later, i felt to separate is completely10:32
dyamstsdgeos: s/is/it10:32
dyamstsdgeos: same with altF110:33
tsdgeosbut then you end up with those ugly void ShellDeclarativeView::removeFocus() { forceDeactivateWindow(); } functions10:33
tsdgeosand moreover the shellmanager job should be "managing" not doing stuff10:33
tsdgeosso i think that the logic of what to do really belongs into the shell view10:34
dyamstsdgeos: true, no prob10:35
tsdgeosdyams: comment here too https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-2d-team/unity-2d/shortcut-hint-overlay/+merge/9274710:45
dyamstsdgeos: agreed10:53
apwis anyone else having terrible trouble getting the launcher to reappear using the mouse when in autohide mode as of todays updates10:55
dyamstsdgeos: altF1 is not processed in shellmanager, it is forwarded to view10:57
dyamstsdgeos: i didn't change that10:58
dyamstsdgeos: what i changed it, renamed the method10:58
popeyapw: yes, I have to push quite hard against the edge10:58
tsdgeosdyams: i don't like how we need the "removeFocus" function just to make public the forceDeactivate one10:59
apwpopey, this is balls, its completely inconsistant about the hardness required11:00
apwand already pissed me off11:00
dyamstsdgeos: i removed it now, only using the same toggleLauncher instead of it11:00
apwpopey, ok the bad bit of the behaviour is if you hit the side hard, it doesn't work at all11:01
apwyou have hit it it 'just right' and continue to push11:02
apwthats not going to be confusing oh no11:02
popeyapw: I have mine "always out" (missus)11:10
apwpopey, joy11:11
dyamstsdgeos: updated11:11
apwpopey, is that because you prefer it, or because its unusable otherwise11:11
* gord giggles11:12
popeyapw: i rpefer it out11:14
popeyi have never liked hiding launchers on any OS apw11:15
dyamstsdgeos: do you see the my updates on launchpad?11:21
didrocksgreyback: tell me how we are for freezing today :) https://launchpad.net/unity-2d/+milestone/5.411:21
dyamstsdgeos: ok, after a long gap, now they are showing11:27
ahasenackhi guys, did anybody else lose all custom keyboard shortcuts this morning?11:32
ahasenackhi guys, did anybody else lose all custom keyboard shortcuts this morning?11:33
ahasenackmay be https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/931960 and/or https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/93192711:33
tsdgeosdyams: are you there?11:39
dyamstsdgeos: here11:40
dyamstsdgeos: launchpad delayed a lot to update my comments,11:41
tsdgeosdyams: i'm a bit unhappy about having m_activeShell and activeShell() and that activeShell() does not return m_activeShell11:41
dyamstsdgeos: you do you want cursorShell?11:41
tsdgeosno no11:41
tsdgeoswell, that too11:42
tsdgeosbut that's not what i meant :D11:42
tsdgeosi mean11:42
tsdgeoswe usually have functions like11:42
tsdgeosQPoint position() const { return m_position; }11:42
tsdgeosbut now we have a function called activeShell() that does not return m_activeShell11:42
tsdgeosmakes me think one of the names could be improved11:43
dyamstsdgeos: ^11:43
ahasenacksorry, things were a bit messed up and I rebooted11:44
tsdgeosand maybe m_activeShell -> m_previouslyActiveShell or something like that11:44
tsdgeossince you only use it so that in case it is different from the old one we toggle the launcher, right?11:44
tsdgeosdyams: ↑11:44
dyamstsdgeos: currently, yes11:45
tsdgeosdo you have any other plans for it?11:45
dyamsi have no plans already11:45
tsdgeosotherwise i'd agree with activeShell() -> cursorShell() and m_activeShell -> m_previousActiveShell11:46
tsdgeoswhat do you think ?11:46
dyamsI didn't like cursorShell , but yes, m_previousActiveShell makes sense11:47
tsdgeosthen just change "m_activeShell -> m_previousActiveShell", i'm happy enough with that11:48
tsdgeosdyams: i also found that alt+f1 stops working after a while, instructions of what i do are at https://code.launchpad.net/~dyams/unity-2d/centralized-hotkeys/+merge/92936 can you reproduce?11:51
dyamsyes, after last step press altF1 again11:52
dyamsand see if it works or is it permanently stopped11:53
DaekdroomI found a very strange behaviour in lightdm.11:54
DaekdroomWhen I click and drag the top bar, the whole login screen is dragged with it, and there's a copy of the screen behind11:54
tsdgeosdyams: i have to press it like 2 times more to get it to work11:55
dyamstsdgeos: ah..yes11:55
dyamstsdgeos: something fishy with shell11:57
dyamstsdgeos: updated https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-2d-team/unity-2d/shortcut-hint-overlay/+merge/9274711:58
tsdgeosdyams: yep saw that, will let Kaleo decided if his concerns are fixed or not, my translation concerns are done11:59
dyamstsdgeos: ok11:59
dyamstsdgeos: i can't find a reliable way to fix the altF1 toggle focus issue12:18
tsdgeoshmm, i don't think we can merge it with that problem12:19
dyamstsdgeos: found the solution12:22
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Kaleotsdgeos: I don't get it12:24
Kaleotsdgeos: in the Qt bug report there was a workaround12:24
Kaleotsdgeos: that did not involve duplicating all the strings12:24
Kaleotsdgeos: why not using that one?12:24
tsdgeosKaleo: oh, tbh i did not look at the Qt bug12:24
Kaleodyams: ^12:24
Kaleodyams must have12:25
tsdgeosi just assumed it could not be done12:25
tsdgeossorry bout that12:25
dyamsKaleo: one sec12:25
gotwigmhall119: hey12:32
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Kaleodyams: so, no I am not happy with the rest12:36
Kaleodyams: there are still lots of differences with the mockups12:36
gotwigmhall119: do you have a real example for me, a lens and scop thats made with singlet 0.2?12:37
tsdgeosnerochiaro: ping12:42
nerochiarotsdgeos: hi12:43
tsdgeosnerochiaro: regarding https://code.launchpad.net/~unity-2d-team/unity-2d/shell-move-graphicsitems did this work for you? it leaves horrible graphics corruption on the secondary screen when moving it back to the primary12:43
nerochiarotsdgeos: for me it does the opposite. on the first screen i always see the image of the dash even if its moved ot the secondary12:44
tsdgeosok, so it wasn't a finished thing more a investagion12:45
nerochiarotsdgeos: it wasn't meant to be the finished thing, just showing that the idea would work and allow florian to test performance12:45
tsdgeosnerochiaro: oki12:45
nerochiaroso yeah, you need to poke at it some more :)12:45
tsdgeosnerochiaro: was wondering why you made Unity2DDeclarativeView be a QGraphicsView instead of a QDeclarativeView12:46
nerochiarotsdgeos: because declview creates its own QML engine and context, and we need to have just one shared between the two views instead, or we can't move stuff around12:46
tsdgeosok, i see12:47
nerochiarotsdgeos: qdeclarativeview is basically a qgraphicsview with built-in creation of qml engine and context12:47
dyamsKaleo: I am failing to understand how that workaround in the bug report is better than our current workaround12:47
gotwigdoes anyone hee use singlet for lens/scope development?12:50
mhall119gotwig: the community-lens and locoteams-scope are written using Singlet 0.212:55
Kaleodyams: not duplicating the strings?12:57
gotwigmhall119: hey, you're there :P12:58
gotwigmhall119: do you got a link for me?12:59
mhall119gotwig: http://mhall119.com/2012/01/singlet-part-0-2/ describes how they work, links at the bottom to the bzr branches and ppa13:14
gotwigmhall119: I already know this site, thanks13:19
mhall119gotwig: that's the best I have in terms of documentation right now13:21
gotwigmhall119: buuh :P13:22
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mhall119yeah, it's on my list13:24
mhall119Cimi: ping again13:43
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ahasenackhi guys, seems something is going on with keyboard shortcuts in a recent precise update, I counted 4 bugs that look alike, and I was hit by it too13:46
ahasenackhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/compiz/+bug/931960 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/931927 https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/unity/+bug/931698   https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/console-setup/+bug/93168813:48
tsdgeosnerochiaro: if you have 1 min, can you pull from bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-2d-team/unity-2d/shell-move-graphicsitems/ and see if the change i introduced fixes the graphical glitch you experienced?13:50
Cimimhall119, pong13:51
mhall119Cimi: I was hoping you could tell me the current status of ayatana-scrollbars in libreoffice and chromium13:54
Cimimhall119, 013:54
nerochiarotsdgeos: in the middle of something right now, but will look14:04
mhall119didrocks: do you expect to have time to make a quickly template for me this week?  If not, I may try and start on one on my own14:06
didrocksmhall119: I hope that tomorrow and Friday will be quiet enough (don't count on Thursday ;))14:07
mmrazik back14:16
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Saviqgreyback, do you think it would be possible / desirable to show which test suite is being run?14:35
Saviqright now if we go ./ruby run_tests.rb we need to wait for the whole thing to finish to get results14:35
SaviqI would see two possible solutions to that: a) show which suite is being run before starting it14:35
Saviqb) display failures upon ctrl+c14:36
gotwigSaviq: +114:36
Saviqb) looks more difficult14:38
gotwigSaviq: why14:38
gotwigSaviq: just show the strerr output14:38
Saviqgotwig, I'm talking about the unity-2d test testability-based suite14:42
gotwigmerging unity-2d and 3d would be good..14:44
Saviqgotwig, rrrright14:45
gotwigSaviq: I know, it does sound easy xD14:45
gotwigscopes and lenses work for both, right?14:45
mhall119gotwig: right14:46
mhall119since scopes and lenses communicate with eachother and with the Dash over dbus14:47
mhall119they don't care if it's the 3d or 2d dash14:47
gotwigmhall119: but I think, in future they will merge..14:50
gotwigmhall119: 2d and 3d shell14:51
gotwigI hope so14:51
gotwigwhen i would be a n00b ( maybe I am still a noob), I wouldnt understand the difference14:51
mhall119gotwig: different underlying rendering technologies14:53
greybackSaviq: possible & desirable, yeah14:55
gotwigmhall119: I know14:56
gotwigcompiz VS metacity14:56
gotwigand other things with qt, etc.14:56
gotwigwhy not mutter...14:56
gotwigonly with mutter you can have apps with different styles, right?14:57
gotwige.g dark totem14:57
gotwigwith the standard theme from gnome14:57
gotwigmhall119: do you have a branch URL for me, for the community lens? I cant find it14:59
gotwigmhall119: that one thats made with singlet 0.214:59
mhall119gotwig: lp:~mhall119/onehundredscopes/unity-community-lens15:02
Saviqgreyback, what would you like me to do for the HUD?15:02
greybackSaviq: give me 5 mins, I'll write up a sketchpad doc15:02
Saviqgreyback, sure15:02
gotwigmhall119: thanks15:04
mhall119is anyone else having issues with super+ bindings not working?15:04
mhall119super+tab, super+D, don't work15:04
mhall119super+s does, super+a does15:05
mhall119it's strange15:05
ryemhall119, ctrl+alt+d ?15:05
gotwigsuper+d doesnt work15:05
mhall119rye: I have minimize all windows bound to super+d15:05
ryemhall119, does unity popup list super+D shortcut for you?15:05
mhall119popup list?15:05
ryemhall119, unity help popup, long press of super15:06
mhall119oh, the hint overlay?  Yes, it says super+D still15:06
gotwig_I also have problems with super +d not working15:07
ryemhall119, but somebody here complained about custom shortcuts not working - bug #93192715:07
mhall119super+F1-F6, which I have bound to switch workspaces, also does not work15:07
Saviqmhall119, someone reported it here before15:08
gotwig_mhall119: I think its becouse an upgrade15:08
mhall119Saviq: ok, so it's not just me15:08
mhall119it seems to be all non-Unity plugin shortcuts?15:09
mfischmhall119: am I right that the scope and the lens are required to be useful?15:09
mfischmhall119: wrt community lens + loco scope15:09
mhall119mfisch: you mean required together?  Yes15:10
mhall119there are 2 scopes for the community lens, locoteams-scope and planetubuntu-scope15:11
mhall119you'll need at least one15:11
mfischmhall119: I was wondering if we should package them all together so that the user has something functional "out of box"15:12
mfischmhall119: or at least package the locoteams-scope15:12
mfischmhall119: and I can help do either15:12
mhall119mfisch: that would be practical, but I made them separate specifically to test how distributing lenses and scopes separetely will work15:13
mhall119since that is the ecosystem we want to build around developing for the Dash15:13
mfischmhall119: I get the theory, but wont that be confusing for a user?15:14
mhall119for the community lens perhaps15:14
mhall119again, I made it more as an experiment in Singlet and the distribution process15:15
mhall119mfisch: we could always make it depend on one of the 2 scopes15:15
mfischmhall119: I guess I had some frustrations because I wanted to recreate your demo from the blog post15:15
mhall119IIRC, the package can Depends: unity-locoteam-scope | unity-planetubuntu-scope15:16
mfischmhall119: can we start by packaging the locoteam-scope and then perhaps add that rule?15:16
mhall119mfisch: if I have time today I'll work on that15:16
mfischmhall119: I don't mind doing it either15:17
mhall119I think the locoteams-scope package files haven't been updated to use /opt like the lens has15:17
mhall119so you'd need to start with that15:17
mhall119davidcalle: ping15:17
mfischmhall119: yep15:17
mfischmhall119: I'll get back to you later today15:17
mhall119mfisch: awesome, thanks for all your work on this BTW15:18
davidcallemhall119, pong15:18
mfischmhall119: semi-related question.  can I use singlet to do a scope without a lens?15:19
mfischscope that only pushes global results I mean15:19
mhall119davidcalle: were you able to make that generic package branch for lenses/scopes going to the ARB?15:19
mhall119mfisch: I think they still need a lens, but you can make a lens that doesn't show in the dash.  davidcalle can tell you more about doing that15:20
mfischmhall119: I'm not quite there yet, but I'll bug davidcalle when I am ;)15:21
davidcallemfisch, lens.props.visible = False15:23
davidcallemfisch, it hides the lens icon15:24
nerochiarotsdgeos: what was the branch you wanted me to test ?15:24
mfischdavidcalle: merci15:24
tsdgeosnerochiaro: the same you used for the tests, i just commited there15:24
nerochiarotsdgeos: ok15:24
tsdgeosnerochiaro:  bzr+ssh://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-2d-team/unity-2d/shell-move-graphicsitems/15:24
mhall119Saviq: can the importance of bug 931927 be raised to a higher priority?15:25
davidcallemhall119, nope. There is this : https://code.launchpad.net/~davidc3/onehundredscopes/utilties-calculator-cities-ARB , the actual package used by the ARB, but it has one lens and two external scopes in the same source. Maybe not suited for a "template".15:25
mhr3davidcalle, ping15:25
mhall119davidcalle: ok15:25
davidcallemhr3, pong15:26
mhr3didn't even notice you wrote something right before me :P15:27
Saviqmhall119, I'm on the unity-qt team, know nothing about Unity15:30
nerochiarotsdgeos: the issue is fixed with the changes you made. good job15:31
tsdgeosnerochiaro: well, i'd call it "Qt bug"15:31
tsdgeosnerochiaro: have a look at the changes :D15:31
mhall119thumper: can the importance of bug 931927 be raised to a higher priority?15:31
nerochiarotsdgeos: yeah, i see what you mean. it's not pretty but I don't think it will cause major perf issues15:33
mhall119anyone seen this before? http://ubuntuone.com/0yAsloPfJshUS9glS26Wpt15:37
mhall119just happened to me after a dist-upgrade and reboot15:37
mhall119maximizing, then unmaximizing the window made it go away15:37
mhall119but it was perfectly transparent in parts15:38
gotwigmhall119: hey15:48
gotwigmhall119: who did the svg for your community lens?15:48
mhall119gotwig: the design team15:57
gotwigmhall119: I want one , two :-)15:58
mhall119gotwig: I took the orange SVG they made, and just turned it white15:58
mhall119they didn't make it specifically for me :)15:59
gotwigmhall119: is there one for cooking :D15:59
gotwigmhall119: maybe I should just take that one with the cooky from gourmet15:59
mhall119gotwig: you'll have to look: http://design.ubuntu.com/assets/pictograms16:00
tsdgeosnerochiaro: do you have a second for me?16:14
nerochiarotsdgeos: i'm in a meeting, should be over in 15 minutes16:15
nerochiarotsdgeos: then sure16:15
gotwigmhall119: I dont find a pictogram for my lens :(16:18
davidcallegotwig, what lens is it? :)16:18
gotwigdavidcalle: cooking lens16:18
mhall119gotwig: /join #ubuntu-design and ask if anybody is willing to make one for you16:18
davidcallegotwig, nice!16:19
mhall119doctormo is a good community artist who might have some time16:19
tsdgeosnerochiaro: unping16:32
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nerochiarotsdgeos: ok, what's up ?16:33
tsdgeosnerochiaro: nothing, i already found the answer to my question :-)16:33
nerochiarotsdgeos: oh well :)16:34
g0twigmhall119: hey, I have a question, how can I add the option, to filter the results?17:14
g0twigmhall119: like in the youtube scope / video lens17:15
davidcalleg0twig, http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity-lens-sample/python-5.0/files17:16
davidcalleg0twig, look in the lens daemon, you have every type of filters listed17:17
g0twigis that made with singlet?17:19
davidcalleg0twig, oh no, sorry :)17:20
g0twigdavidcalle:  so :X ?17:20
davidcalleg0twig, I wasn't aware you were doing it with singlet. I don't know how it handles filters.17:20
g0twigdavidcalle: kay17:22
g0twigare you all ubuntu members :X ?17:24
davidcalleg0twig, I'm not17:25
g0twigdavidcalle: which lenses have you developed?17:25
davidcalleg0twig, https://code.launchpad.net/onehundredscopes  (the ones with davidc3 in front of them)17:26
davidcalleg0twig, I have to go. I don't have a lot of experience with singlet, but I've started a lens with it. We will discover it together :-)17:29
cjohnstoncould someone please look at comment #3 on bug #914759 and comment on the usability problems created by this bug?17:45
g0twigmy scopes do not work17:46
g0twigdo you have the same problem?17:47
g0twige.g the cities scope, the calculator scope, etc.17:47
g0twiganyone here?17:55
g0twigdo scopes work for you?18:19
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g0twighey again19:24
g0twigdo you know if there's a '    RadioOptionCompact ' available?19:25
g0twigdavidcalle_: hey19:32
g0twigdavidcalle_: do you know if there's a '    RadioOptionCompact ' available?19:32
g0twigloicm: welcome19:36
g0twiglamalex: hey19:43
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davidcalle_g0twig, no there isn't :(19:54
davidcalle_I've filed a bug about it.19:54
g0twigdavidcalle_: g00d!19:55
g0twigdavidcalle_: got a link?19:55
davidcalle_g0twig, https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/92310819:55
g0twigdavidcalle_: someone from -offtopic says that lenses, somehow, suck19:57
davidcalle_g0twig, some people need time to understand their awesomeness. ;)19:57
mhall119g0twig: some people just think everything sucks20:06
g0twigmhall119: for long timee, I did not understand why ubuntu created unity20:07
g0twigmhall119: now I see tons of advantages20:07
g0twigbut some people still think very conservative20:07
* g0twig is not a native english speaker20:08
mhall119you are making perfect sense to me20:10
g0twigmhall119: do you also thinked the way I thought?20:12
g0twig v  vvb vvvvvvn v20:12
mhall119g0twig: at first yeah, I had planned on switching to Xfce, to be honest20:12
mhall119but I made myself give Unity a fair chance, and it totally won me over20:13
g0twigmhall119: I switched to linux mint20:13
g0twigI also developed for the elementary project20:13
g0twigbut I now see that all this duplicate work helps no one...20:13
g0twig"now I see"20:13
mhall119duplication for the sake of duplication doesn't help20:14
mhall119duplication to try out new things does, IMO20:14
g0twigmhall119: linux mint did the first20:15
mhall119that's the problem with making something new, with the goal of being just like something old20:15
g0twigand today people often say that linux mint  is more popular than ubuntu20:15
mhall119depends on their meaning of 'popular'20:16
g0twigmhall119: cut20:17
g0twigmhall119: ehm,I have a question singlet20:17
g0twigmhall119: how can I include this filter menu.20:17
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g0twigmhall119: there?20:20
mhall119g0twig: yeah, looking at the sample lens code20:21
g0twigmhall119: ok, I only have to apply that code?20:22
mhall119g0twig: since I don't have a Singlet wrapper around Filters like I do Categories, you'll have to inclode all the gi.repository imports (top of that file)20:22
g0twigmhall119: ok20:22
mhall119then, if my code is working properly, you should just be able to define local variable using Unity.WhateverFilter in the class20:23
mhall119similar to how you do Categories20:23
g0twigmhall119: ehm, needs a website realy needs an api , to filter results clearly?20:23
mhall119g0twig: you can do the filtering in the scope, it just means you'll be pulling in data that will eventually be discarded20:24
g0twigmhall119: so it may load slower20:24
mhall119g0twig: the Singlet code will look for local variables that are a subclass of Unity.Filter, and add it to the list of filters20:25
mhall119but I've never tested it, so I'm not sure if it's working properly or not20:26
g0twigmhall119: I dont realy know for what I should do a scop20:27
g0twigmhall119: I know a good community for recipes, but they dont have an api, and I know search engines, for that you have to request the api20:28
mhall119g0twig: yeah, getting good API access can be tricky sometimes20:28
g0twigmhall119: why dont they have one..20:29
g0twigI requested the api for that site, and for an other, the other site I think just ignored me20:37
g0twigmhall119: do you know, why I cant search for my movies directly trough unity dash?20:38
g0twigmhall119: for music it works20:38
g0twigmhall119: ^20:46
mhall119because you don't have a movie lens ;)20:54
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AyaneForeverI made a bit of a mock up of Unity in PS. I'm not a programmer so I don't know how to make it happen. If I wanted to submit it to canonical for either inspiration or to use it how could I do that?22:11
AyaneForeverI really like Unity there are just some things I want to tweak / add to the dash interface22:11
sbteandyrock, I have no clue what should be changed to use smart pointers :P22:42
sbtedo you have an example?22:42
andyrocksbte... something like that...22:46
andyrockstd::map<..., std::unique_ptr<...>>22:48
andyrockwhen you call map.erase22:48
andyrockthe dtor of the std::unique_ptr will be called22:48
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andyrockno need to manually delete it22:49
andyrockbut i'm not sure if we can use c++11 in nux22:49
andyrockand you cannot use std::auto_ptr in a stl_container22:49
sbteandyrock, nux seems to use nullptr, so I guess you can use unique_ptr too22:53
andyrockno you cannot...22:53
andyrocki've just asked22:53
andyrockit should not use nullptr too... :/22:53
andyrockbecause we're trying to make it Windows "buildable" (does this word really exists? :) )22:54
andyrock"windows buildable"22:54
andyrocksbte, but you can use boost :)22:55
DaekdroomWell, either exist. It's a matter of UK and USA, I think.22:56
sbteandyrock, oh, I also found a unique_ptr somewhere22:57
sbteanyhow, I don't have time to fix it to use boost atm22:57
andyrockDaekdroom, I love English :)22:57
andyrocksbte, ok but use ++it al least22:58
sbtemaybe in a few days22:58
hubuntuhi. I am running through the tests on 5.4 and I met a very annoying bug22:58
sbteandyrock, yes, I copy pasted that from the cppreference22:58
sbteshouldn't have done that...22:58
hubuntuWhen I click on the xchat panel icon (yes I am on xchat right now) it starts a new xchat22:58
andyrockwhat do you mean for panel?23:03
andyrockthe top bar23:03
andyrockor the launcehr?23:03
DaekdroomIs the top panel meant to have a shadow over maximized windows when I have a restored window focused?23:04
andyrockDaekdroom, yep23:05
DaekdroomThat kinda breaks the looks of apps that have black top bars (like Firefox and Thunderbird), unfortunately.23:05
DaekdroomBecause the panel and the top bar blend into a single thing, or something.23:06
andyrockDaekdroom, no problem for me... i prefer radiance23:07
DaekdroomLet me check how it looks with Radiance23:08
DaekdroomSlightly better.23:08
DaekdroomWell, it's kind of a great hint to know which window is focused, so I can't complain.23:09
hubuntuandyrock, I mean the launcher (no the left, not the panel above, sorry)23:19
hubuntu*on the left*23:19
andyrockif you mean23:19
andyrockopen xchat23:20
andyrockminimize to tray23:20
andyrockclick on the xchat icon on the launceher23:20
andyrock(of course the icon should be pinned)23:21
andyrockyes! it's a known problem23:21
huayraOk then. It happens when I am moving from any aplication and back to xchat23:22
huayraor when I try to maximize it from the launcher (after having minimazed it before)23:22
DaekdroomI think a temporary fix is not using xchat tray icon.23:22
huayraI normally use Alt+Tab but since I am testing unity 5.4  now... I thought I should let you know23:23
huayrathanks Daekdroom and andyrock23:44

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