nhainesIt's very windy outside, but not raining at all.00:09
philipballewits even raining in san diego00:17
erichammondWhenever it rains in LA, the news media makes a big deal out of it (StormWatch 2011) and I get a call from my mother in law asking if we are ok.00:34
Faqtotumit should rain there more often00:35
Faqtotumi didn't much like the drought in sf (1985-1991) and can't understand how other people prefer it00:36
broderi am pro-rain so long as i don't have to go outside during it00:38
pleia2erichammond: my family just laughs at me (my mother is in Maine and I have a sister in Alberta)00:40
pleia2the gym I go to is about a mile from home, beautiful walk during nice weather, I don't bother when it rains00:41
jbermudesThe reason why rain is such a big problem in LA is because it happens so infrequently that most drivers don't seem to get enough practice and thus freak out00:42
nhainesjbermudes: no excuse, though.  Our winter is a rainy season.00:43
nhainesAll you have to do anyway is slow down to the posted speed limit and leave just a tad more space between cars.00:44
Faqtotumwhen it rains, it's better to be driving than walking00:44
jbermudesnhaines: But that would be logical!00:44
pleia2drainage is pretty lousy here, there are a couple of spots on highways that get really bad with rain00:44
Faqtotumlike the 101/280 interchange00:45
nhainespleia2: Do you want to ford the river or caulk the wagon and float across?00:45
Faqtotumi nearly became the 4th car in a 3-car collision there when it rained00:45
pleia2it turns into a lake and they put up a little sign that tells you there might be flooding :)00:45
Faqtotumfortunately, a router i had in the car flew forward as i hit the water and hit the shifter into neutral at the exact right moment00:46
Faqtotumi had already accepted by then that i was going to die00:46
Faqtotuminstead, the car ended up basically skiing to safety and i just drove on00:48
Faqtotumthis was a few years ago00:48
nhainesFaqtotum: that's pretty awesome.00:49
philipballewWhat would be a reason ubuntu livecd cant see a mandrake harddrive00:53
nhainesphilipballew: the harddrive has failed and is currently on fire.00:54
philipballewthats what i am thinking. thats why i run ubuntu. its a fireproof distro nhaines00:55
philipballew2.6.11 kernal this box has00:55
nhainesWhy do you believe the live CD can't see the hard drive?00:56
philipballewfdisk -l does not show it nhaines00:57
philipballewmight be some crazy hd thing like master and slave00:58
philipballewif thats not pc, sorry. I dont know what else to call it00:58
nhainesThat's what it's called.00:58
akkmaster/slave/cable select was definitely an issue with IDE. Have you checked that?00:59
nhainesIs the drive an IDE or a SATA drive?00:59
broder...fdisk -l? does that print anything if you don't already have a device node to give t?00:59
nhainesbroder: nope.00:59
broderso that means the *drive* is there00:59
nhainesphilipballew: what does 'ls /dev/disk/by-id' say?00:59
nhainesbroder: it means the drive status is indeterminate.00:59
philipballewi can reinsert the cable again01:00
* philipballew powers off server01:00
* philipballew open case01:00
nhainesphilipballew: Is the drive an IDE or a SATA drive?01:00
akkCheck the jumpers (assuming it is indeed IDE) while you're in there.01:00
* philipballew puts on static bracelet01:00
philipballewyeah, the jumper is in slave and its the only one there...01:01
akkMaybe put it in master, if it's the only one?01:01
nhainesphilipballew: that's why.01:01
nhainesnhaines: jumper the drive for "Master (single)" and then make sure it's on the center position of the cable.01:01
philipballewdone and its booting up01:02
philipballewthis install still has talnet...01:02
philipballewgonna need to fix that when i install ubuntu over mandrake01:03
akkI miss telnet sometimes.01:03
* nhaines never misses telnet.01:03
akkJust because it was so much faster than ssh.01:04
philipballewif im running fdisk -l from  my live usb is the internal hd gonna be sda or sdb?01:04
nhainesProbably sdb.01:05
jtatumi heard telnet was really bad or something so now i only run rlogin01:05
akkmount will tell you where the current filesystem is mounted (whether it's sda)01:05
akkI didn't think rlogin was much more secure than telnet. (Miss that too, it was also fast.)01:06
jtatumone could argue it's less secure since it had that concept of trusted hosts01:06
nhainesI don't think rlogin is any more secure at all.01:06
akkThe trusted hosts thing seemed to be mostly what people objected to.01:08
* akk used rlogin for a long time, though only behind our firewall01:08
philipballewthats sudo fdisk -l and i think its sda probably01:11
philipballewthis is a old hd01:11
nhainesphilipballew: your internal drive is /dev/sda.  You can verify this by running 'mount'01:12
nhainesIn addition, /dev/sda1 is cylinder-aligned and /dev/sda1 is 1MB-aligned.  No OS before Windows Vista would partition that way.01:13
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philipballewinteresting nhaines . I think im gonna take this hd and use ubuntu instead. at least ssh01:20
philipballewgotta dd now. thanks!!!01:20
nhainesI hope he hates storing data, because Ubuntu will take at *least* 3.6GB aside from the 520MB of swap space on that 4GB drive.01:23
philipballewbkerensa, what made you get 600? :)05:41
iBkerensaphilipballew, i have. no idea05:48
iBkerensai only asked for 3005:48
philipballewyou asked for your global jam? they probably had a lot05:50
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bkerensaMarkDude: I ran into the Tripwire lady who was at the Nebula Party08:46
bkerensaMarkDude: We chatted up about VMWare and Xen08:46
MarkDudeRight on bkerensa08:58
bkerensaMarkDude: I think we will see her again at OSCON this year09:06
MarkDudeNice person09:10
Faqtotumsome internet connections are fail14:27
philipballewbkerensa_, cool with the cd's for the jam though17:51
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raevoli guess i'll just live without being able to install packages until i reformat in april :(18:51
pleia2raevol: how much is in your /var/cache/apt/archives/ ?18:52
pleia2you can clear that out with "sudo apt-get clean" and that may free up enough space18:52
pleia2also uninstalling old kernels will help18:52
raevolthere's an empty partial folder18:52
raevoland a 0 byte lock file18:53
raevoli have 500 free megs now, there's something else going on18:53
raevoland i can't pipe terminal output to a file for some reason18:53
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raevolalso my terminal is clearing my scrollback for some reason :(19:01
pleia2is your home partition full?19:01
raevolno, have 12 free gigs19:01
raevol(of 16)19:03
nhainesraevol: might be a good idea to restart if your /var or /tmp filesystems ran out of space.  Linux goes a bit spacey when that happens.19:18
raevolnhaines: i've restarted several times, to no effect19:18
nhainesraevol: thanks to massive netsplits I didn't really catch much of the troubleshooting.19:20
raevolnhaines: most of it was in #ubuntu, i didn't really get any help here19:20
raevolbasically my big problem is that i can't use > to output to a file, and my terminal won't save scrollback, so i can't pastebin anything that's going on19:21
nhainesLooked like a space issue from the scrollback here in channel.19:22
nhainesWell, best bet is to back up your home partition and then reinstall Ubuntu in place.19:23
raevolright, but i can't troubleshoot the issue because i can't pastebin any of the errors :)19:23
nhainesThis is also an excellent reason to have an entire drive dedicated to your home partition.  (I fought that for a long time but love it.)19:23
raevolyes, my /home is on a separate drive19:24
nhainesIf redirection worked (you pipe between processes, not to files), you could generate a list of packages and make a reinstall *really* easy.19:26
nhainesBut since it doesn't, there's no reason not to reinstall now or on the weekend.19:26
nhainesIt can even be good practice for a fresh install in April when 12.04 comes out.  :)19:26
raevolyea, i've been doing a fresh install every release for the past few years19:27
raevoli'm at work right now, and i only really use this netbook for irc, so i'll just deal with it until april19:27
raevolor if i get sick of having to close update manager because they removed notification-area integration, i'll format19:28
nhainesraevol: in that case it might be fun to test 12.04 on the netbook.19:28
nhainesUnity is very, very responsive now.19:28
raevolno thanks, i run xubuntu19:29
nhainesWell, no one's perfect.  :)19:29
Darkwing? No ones perfect?19:36
raevolsup Darkwing19:43
DarkwingNot much.19:50
DarkwingBrushing up on my PHP for tomorrow phone interview.19:50
raevolnice nice19:50
DarkwingA guy I met at SCALE.19:50
raevoli had an interview yesterday, fingers crossed, should hear back next week19:50
Darkwing:) Looks like that trip will pay off in more then one way.19:50
DarkwingGood luck19:51
raevolhaha yea :D19:51
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