Blazeixrick_h: did you see this go by? http://javascriptjabber.com/004-jsj-backbone-js-with-jeremy-ashkenas/00:19
Blazeixknow you're not 100% in the backbone camp, but there are some neat topics00:19
rick_hBlazeix: I saw someone reference the podcast, but hadn't looked at the topics/etc00:20
* rick_h adds it to give a listen00:20
rick_hthat good eh?00:43
jcastrorick_h: I trolled you in my latest blog01:01
rick_hjcastro: hah! /me runs to look01:11
rick_hjcastro: oh boo. You don't have to learn vim (but you should) it's the cmd line I don't think everyone should be excused from :001:14
jcastroBut I do know vim!01:14
jcastroall the antipatterns anyway01:14
brouschvim is awesome01:49
brouschi am addicted01:49
rick_hbrousch: :)01:50
brouschnow i feel crippled when another editor pops up01:59
snap-ljcastro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sK_iIPly3mM&feature=relmfu03:02
brouschis evernote broken?03:41
snap-lDon't use it, so not sure.03:43
rick_hmorning party people12:13
brouschin the place to be12:13
brouschcar shopping today. wife decided subaru impreza, legacy, outback, or forester12:13
rick_houtback ftw12:14
brouschwell the only outback in our price range is a 200412:15
brouschand it's out in grand haven, about 45mins away12:15
brouschi should say in our price and mileage range12:15
snap-lHaf of me wants to sell him every OMC episode for 1 billion dollars each12:17
rick_hbooo, always do upgrades in a screen session :/12:22
snap-lrick_h: Session tanked overnight?12:22
rick_hdid an upgrade, left it alone, couldn't get the display back up at all12:22
rick_hso rebooted, only now things are hosed and won't boot12:23
rick_hyep, guessing the upgrade stalled and asked for something and I rebooted with it incomplete12:23
brouschrick_h: what blew up?12:39
rick_hbrousch: my precise desktop12:39
brouschdogfood not so good :(12:47
rick_hnaw, it's just a result of the desktop not getting love nad being stacked over on synergy12:47
rick_hand I ran the update without following it until the next day12:47
rick_hmeh, not totally surprised I guess. I even thought about ssh'ing into the machine when the screen didn't come back. I shold have killed the update and restarted it from the ssh term but didn't12:48
rick_hmoron move on my end12:48
rick_hfortunately it wasn't doing anything except acting as another screen to run browsers on12:48
rick_hthe stupid is high today12:50
tjagodaI live for facebook updates about the strange things brousch's son says.12:59
rick_hfacebook? that thing's still around? :P12:59
brouschtjagoda: apparently he has a following at my wife's work too13:00
tjagodaWithout facebook how would I be kept in the loop about George's antics?13:00
brouschrick_h: it's where you go to argue about evolution and post funny quotes from your kids13:00
tjagodaSurely nobody else has cracked this social technology?!13:01
rick_htjagoda: haven't you need the meme? You're supposed to publish videos on a blog named "sh!t my son says"13:01
rick_hor a twitter account like darth vader :)13:01
brouschhm, a fake rick_h twitter account13:02
tjagoda"@rick__H: I love quiet keyboards!"13:03
tjagoda"@rick__H: I do all my coding in OpenOffice writer!"13:03
rick_hheh, I answered that reddit already today :P13:03
brouschIf you can hear the rap music over the sound of your typing, you need new springs on your keyboard13:04
tjagodawtf, seriously?  OO.o coding?13:04
tjagodaThe original question is not as stupid as I was hoping it would be.13:05
tjagodaIs Launchpad done primarily in Python?13:08
brouschrick_h: do you use gunicorn on bookie?13:08
snap-lGOod morning again from the other side of the screen. :)13:09
rick_hbrousch: the dev server when you run " make run_dev" uses it13:09
rick_hbrousch: but bmark.us is deployed with uwsgi + nginx13:09
brouschgunicorn worked easily on heroku13:09
tjagodaNo wonder its so damn slow! =P13:09
rick_hbrousch: cool13:10
rick_hI'd have figured they'd run your wsgi app itself vs proxying but ok13:10
brouschheh sqlalchemy insertion guy is doing it on windows13:12
brouschfound your bottleneck!13:12
rick_hnaw, but writing out an answer about how transations work and all that will be too much work13:14
rick_hand the answer should be "use your damn db import mechanism"13:14
snap-lrick_h: Oh God yes13:17
snap-lWhat do you want to bet he / she is using SQLite as well. :)13:18
tjagodaHave not heard anything from Geek.net yet13:19
tjagoda /sadtrombone13:19
brouschsnap-l: i think i saw a My in there, so probably mysql13:33
snap-ltjagoda: It may take some time13:35
snap-lbrousch: That's not much of an improvement. :)13:36
tjagodasnap-l: Are you inferring that the universe does not revolve around me personally?13:37
tjagodaIf you are, I am not a fan of this inference. =(13:37
snap-ltjagoda: Hate to break it to you, but you're just an extra in my play.13:37
snap-lRocking the morning with Mc 900ft Jesus - Truth is out of style.13:40
tjagodaI was reading the Geek.net financial statements sunday14:01
tjagodaShit hit the fan for them in 201014:01
tjagodaNo wonder that they restructured14:01
snap-lOh yeah14:10
snap-lI'm not mad at them for laying me off14:10
tjagodaWould it be acceptable to wallpaper this as a mural in my office?15:11
rick_hthink you're going to want a larger res image15:12
rick_hand you can forget picking up any ladies from the office I think :)15:12
tjagodaOr only the RIGHT ladies.15:12
tjagodaI love that my Boss believes he is an awesome communicator15:15
tjagodawhen in reality he is terrible15:15
tjagodaReason #467 which makes this a stress-free workplace!15:16
snap-ltjagoda: Oh, he's no Winston Churchill?15:30
tjagodaThe opposite of Winston Churchill15:48
tjagodaImpossible to tell when he's angry because his voice does not change, takes 20 minutes to say something that should be 5 words, forgets to tell me when meeting times change15:48
tjagodaAlso bad at the hearing part of listening15:49
tjagoda"This will take four months."15:49
tjagoda"So are we looking at 2 or 3 months?"15:49
tjagoda"...This will take four months."15:49
rick_hthat's just the manager in him.15:50
rick_h"ok, so what you mean is that if I manage you well it can be half that. Nothing can possibly take 4 months to do"15:50
tjagodaThats actually step two15:51
tjagodaStep one is just getting him to hear the same words you said15:51
tjagodaStep two is him then doing the manager =(15:51
snap-l"Claim your 300% Euro today - offer expires at midnight."15:51
tjagodaIts like double-manager psychology15:52
snap-lWhat's the exchange rate on 300% nowadays?15:52
snap-ltjagoda: Doing the manager?15:52
snap-lIs that a dance move, or an aspiration? :)15:52
tjagodaI found on ebay last night that my Lego Millennium Falcon increased in value by 125%15:52
tjagodaThus marking my first awesome purchase ever15:53
snap-ltjagoda: Completed auctions, or buy it now shennanigans?15:53
tjagodaCompleted auctions15:53
tjagodaPeople bidding in 4-digit sums, ridiculous15:53
snap-lTried to convince JoDee that a Lego Tie Fighter was a reasonable purchase15:54
snap-lI don't think she bought it15:54
tjagodaI promise you I paid nowhere near that sum15:54
snap-lAmazon is ridiculous for OOP stuff15:54
tjagodaThe Ebay prices are a bit lower15:54
tjagodain the 1200-1400 range15:54
snap-lsomeone marks something as a collectible, and pretty soon it's going for 500% above retail15:54
jrwrenwhy didn't anyone tell me that pypy is so awesome?15:55
rick_hjrwren: because we didn't know you had cpu bound python2 problems?15:56
snap-lHonestly, if Amazon doesn't ship it from their warehouse, I'm more reluctant to purchase it15:56
rick_hsnap-l: +115:56
snap-lWhich is humorous because I sell stuff on Amazon all the time. :)15:57
jrwrenyou do?15:57
snap-ljrwren: Yeah, mostly used books and shit15:57
* snap-l is a long-time ebayer too, but don't sell there anymore15:58
snap-lThey kept jerking around sellers15:58
snap-lLast straw was witholding payments if you didn't do X number of transactions per month or something15:58
tjagodaI like to think that people named "Regan" were named in some kind of honorary tribute to the former President Ronald Reagan.15:59
snap-lI don't remember what it was offhand, but it essentially meant they'd keep the money for a while if you weren't blowing out massive amounts of transactions per month15:59
tjagodaOr as you may have heard him colloquially referred to within the Republican party, "Jesus."15:59
snap-lwhich is anathema to someone who sells maybe 2 items per month online16:00
snap-ltjagoda: I love how Regan is revered in the Republican partyh.16:00
tjagodaLike an elevation to Sainthood16:01
rick_hjrwren: what are you doing with pypy?16:01
snap-ltjagoda: Pretty much16:03
tjagodaI think16:03
tjagodathat it is taco bell o-clock.16:04
tjagodaafk lunch16:04
jrwrenbut i just finally heard a desc of pypy more than just "python in python"16:13
jrwreni had no idea there was a native machine jitter16:13
rick_hjrwren: yea, it's pretty cool if you've got some cpu heavy stuff16:14
jrwrenit sounds awesome.16:15
jrwrenand has stackless options.16:15
rick_hit's done wonders for the native python implementation of libraries16:16
jrwrenmakes me want to try out a stackless greenlet-per-request server on it.16:16
jrwrenwell, ctypes are awesome.16:16
rick_hanyone tried https://github.com/scrooloose/syntastic16:36
snap-lrick_h: Not yet, but looks pretty interesting.16:41
tjagodaI like how terrified users get when I access the windows share and they realize I can inspect their entire PC at any time16:45
rick_hI used to get that when I took over their terminal server sessions16:46
rick_hnothing like taking over their mouse and clicking wherever the #@$#@ you feel like in front of them, especially when they're remote16:46
tjagodaAs if Republicans weren't unlikely enough to win already16:51
jrwrenwtf do people think when they are on a corporate networK?16:54
snap-lAnd this is why I use SSH tunnels whenever possible16:54
jrwreni used to remove domain admins from my local administrator group to try to prevent some of that, but I know as an AD joined machine, they can apply a GPO at any time to add it back.16:54
tjagodaWhen they're on a corporate network on corporate machines16:55
jrwrenwhat I'm not sure about is if GPO can be applied without a reboot or relogin16:55
snap-lIt's not that I do things that I think need to be private, it's because I don't like to broadcast what I'm doing.16:55
snap-lPretty broad strokes, but mirrors some of my experience.16:59
snap-lThat said, we did get some very bright folks over at Chrysler.17:00
jrwrenits a b.s. difference between "programmers" and "coders"17:09
jrwrenIME there is no difference.17:09
jrwrenthe premise on which his post is written is a falacy17:09
jrwrenthat said, I completely understand what he is saying :)17:09
snap-lYeah, the terminology is a bit wonky17:10
snap-lIt's a little disturbing that the term Coder is somehow the more derogatory form of programmer17:12
jrwrenits not in my book.17:12
snap-lI think it is up to us to rectify that and come  up with more derogatory terms17:12
snap-lkeyboard jockey, perhaps?17:13
jrwrena top knoch coder is worth a ton17:13
jrwrenbut IME great coders are also architects.17:13
snap-ljcastro: Your post on "Your search sucks" is getting attention17:14
jcastrosnap-l: it's on the reddit front page!17:21
jcastrogood way to test me new blog, heh17:21
rick_hjcastro: do you have any stats on the new blog?17:22
rick_hjust setup GA on it or something?17:22
jcastroI do17:22
jcastroin realtime. :)17:22
jcastro75 people on right now17:22
rick_hok dammit, I can't get that syntastic to do auto checking, but runs manuall17:22
jcastroI either have realtime or from yesterday, not today as a while17:23
jrwrenhow did you do that?17:24
jrwrenbuild on GAE or something?17:24
jcastrojust using normal google analytics17:24
rick_hGA has realtime beta stats now17:24
jcastrothe realtime is beta17:24
jcastroit's pretty awesome17:24
jrwrenah, i see17:24
snap-lIT's not so awesome when you don't have people on your site. :)17:28
jcastrowell, I certainly wasn't expecting a redditing17:28
snap-ljcastro: It's part of the Ubuntu Conspiracy17:29
jcastroS3 delivers!17:29
jcastrooh wait ... so much for being cheaper17:29
snap-lSee, you moved to the cloud stuff and THEN posted your most throught-provoking post yet.17:29
jcastroget redditted the first day out the door17:29
snap-ljcastro: Well, at least you're not trying to scale Tumblr17:30
snap-land releasing the tumblebeasts17:30
snap-lApparently 1.4G takes a while to import into a MySQL database. ;)18:43
rick_hsnap-l: did you turn off logging first?18:43
snap-lno, because I'm an idiot.18:48
snap-lActually, it's not turned on by default in 5.118:49
snap-lI think they wised up18:49
rick_hah, yea should be able to turn off loggin, transactions, and crank an import pretty quick18:49
snap-lUnfortunately  I'm an hour into this18:54
snap-lso I'm loathe to stop it on the off-chance that it's 90% done18:55
snap-lAnd now that i look at how  it's handling this (ls -al), I'm going to cut bait.18:56
jrwrensnap-l: we have a problem.19:29
jrwreni'm going to be out of state weekend of global bug jam.19:29
jrwrenunless i have wrong day.19:29
snap-lMarch 3-5?19:33
snap-ljrwren: ^^19:33
jrwreni'm pinging coworkers to see if someone can facilitate19:35
jrwreni can't beleive i messed this up19:35
jrwrenwe were looking at saturday noon to 5p, right?19:36
snap-ljrwren: Yeah19:36
snap-lDon't be hard on yourself. :)19:36
jrwrengmail or decafbad ?19:38
snap-ldecafbad, please19:49
jrwrendamn, used gmail19:49
jrwrenerr... no... was waiting to hear back before I hit send.19:50
jrwrencraig@ right?19:50
snap-lThat's OK, though - gmail forwards to decafb19:52
snap-lbah, decafbad19:53
snap-ljrwren: Did you send something to gmail? I've not received it19:56
jrwrennah, had your email in the email to my coworkers in case they want to contact you19:56
snap-lOK, no worries.20:02
snap-lThank you. :)20:02
jrwrenno LVM option in the default installer :(20:31
jrwrenI didn't realize this.20:31
jrwreni'm nub20:31
snap-lYeah, you'll be better off using  the alternate installer20:32
jrwreni'll testdrive that next :)20:42
brousch2009 subaru forester22:29
jrwrensounds expensive22:31
tjagodaSounds Asian!22:32
* tjagoda has fierce Chrysler loyalty =(22:32
jrwrenalways or just since they are italian?22:33
tjagodaHey, man, its only 51%. ='(22:36
rick_hbrousch: coolness22:39
jcastrorick_h: 6 cents22:51
jcastrothat's what my blog has cost me after reddit today22:51
Blazeixsend them a bill22:54
rick_hjcastro: :022:54
brouschjcastro: only $14,00023:15

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